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  1. Personal Water Craft: Waverunner, Sea-Doo Gtx, Clayton Jacobson Ii, Yamaha Superjet, Yamaha Wave Blaster, Kawasaki Js550, Wetbike, Hydrospace
  2. Railroaded.(LETTERS)(Letter to the editor): An article from: Washington Monthly by Lewis Jacobson, James H.H. Lampert, et all 2009-03-01

1. Jacobson Clayton L Ins
Detail information for jacobson clayton L Ins. jacobson clayton L Ins. 7125 E Furnace Branch Rd Glen Burnie, MD 21060 Clayton L Ins.327671.4764768.home
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Jacobson Clayton L Ins
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Jacobson Clayton L Ins
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2. Kenny Stella Papamichael Despite A Light Splattering Of Sewage
Shane Jacobson shines in this witty portrait of a plumber. 25 Kenny Clayton Jacobson Shane Jacobson Ronald Jacobson Jesse jacobson clayton Jacobson
images/kenny_2007_review_small.jpg images/kenny_2007_review_middle.jpg images/kenny_2007_review_top.jpg images/kenny_2007_review_bottom.jpg Kenny September September September comedy September Australia Contains strong language Few could fail to love Kenny, a blue-collar hero who keeps smiling even whilst up to his neck in the brown stuff. Of course, a mockumentary about the daily exploits of a portaloo plumber mightn't sound like a great accompaniment to a bucket of popcorn, but Aussie writer/director Clayton Jacobson unearths plenty of comedy diamonds from the muck. His brother Shane Jacobson is simply brilliant in the title role, liberally spouting hilarious one-liners like a goose spouts poop. Despite the subject matter - that is to say, faecal matter - this isn't a simple gross-out comedy. The gags are more carefully considered, with Kenny musing on his place in the world, ie, "If you're a fireman, all the kids wanna jump on the back of the truck... There's gonna be no kids willing to do that with me." Kenny is especially eager to get the approval of his son (Jesse Jacobson) and clean-freak dad (Ronald Jacobson), who makes him strip before allowing him in the house. "FULL OF BEANS"

3. Clayton Jacobson - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
A biography and related information about Clayton Jacobson.
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Clayton Jacobson
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    Clayton Jacobson
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    Alan Dale
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  • 4. Bottineau County, ND 1930 Census Index, Surnames Jacobain
    6 Jacobson Agnes 1401b 68 Jacobson Anna 14-01b 67 Jacobson Christina 31-01b 76 jacobson clayton 31-01b 77 Jacobson Elfrieda A. 31-02a 16 Jacobson Elva
    Bottineau County, ND 1930 Census Index, Surnames Jacobain - Larshus transcribed by CIJ and JLR, Willow City, ND *************************************************************************** USGENWEB ARCHIVES NOTICE: These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit or presentation by any other organization or persons. Persons or organizations desiring to use this material, must obtain the written consent of the contributor, or the legal representative of the submitter, and contact the listed USGenWeb archivist with proof of this consent. *************************************************************************** (C) 2004 by CIJ and JLR Last Name Given Name File # Line # - Jacobain Adine 25-03a 6 Jacobson Agnes 14-01b 68 Jacobson Anna 14-01b 67 Jacobson Christina 31-01b 76 Jacobson Clayton 31-01b 77 Jacobson Elfrieda A. 31-02a 16 Jacobson Elva J. 31-02a 17 Jacobson George 27-01b 96 Jacobson Helen 46-01b 63 Jacobson Hilda 42-01b 61 Jacobson Jacob 14-01b 66 Jacobson Jacob 31-02a 15 Jacobson James O. 42-01b 60 Jacobson Jennie 48-02a 46 Jacobson June E. 31-02a 18 Jacobson Knute 31-01b 75 Jacobson Melvin 27-01b 98 Jacobson Minda 27-01b 97 Jacobson Norman O. 55-02a 23 Jacobson Sigrid M. 06-02b 78 Jacobson Sigrud J. 55-02a 21 Jacobson Sophia R. 55-02a 22 Jacobson Tillman 31-01b 78 Jacobson Vernon 27-01b 99 Jacobson Violet E. 55-02a 24 Jacoby August 17-01a 32 Jacoby Bertha 58-03a 5 Jacoby Maria 17-01a 33 Jacoby William 58-03a 4 Jacques Alvina 57-01b 64 Jacques Clifton 57-01b 65 Jacques Elmer P. 57-01b 63 Jacques Philip L. 57-01b 61 Jacques Regina E. 57-01b 62 Jaleb Walter 51-01b 59 Jameson Arlena 46-01b 90 Jameson John R. 46-01b 89 Jamison Charles 04-01b 90 Jamison Frank E. 04-01b 88 Jamison Joseph 04-01b 91 Jamison Mabel 04-01b 92 Jamison Marie 04-01b 89 Jasperson Elsie 52-01b 92 Jasperson Morton 52-01b 93 Jasperson Mulke 52-01b 91 Ja*** D. ***** 07-02b 56 Ja*** Margaret L. 07-02b 57 Jeffries Frank 51-01a 47 Jelleberg Clara 57-03b 81 Jelleberg Elvina 57-03b 82 Jelleberg Ernest 57-03a 21 Jelleberg Everett 57-03a 23 Jelleberg George 57-03b 80 Jelleberg Harold 57-03a 22 Jelleberg Irene 57-03a 18 Jelleberg Julia 57-03a 17 Jelleberg Lewis 57-03a 16 Jelleberg Loyd 57-03a 20 Jelleberg Ole 57-03b 79 Jelleberg Omer 57-03a 19 Jelleberg Rena 06-10b 94 Jenkins Benjamin 27-01a 7 Jenkins Della 27-01a 8 Jenkins Hazel 27-01a 9 Jenkins Oran 27-01a 10 Jenner Carrie L. 55-01b 54 Jenner Dorothy B. 55-01b 55 Jenner Douglas H. 55-01b 61 Jenner George H. 55-01b 53 Jenner Harold L. 55-01b 59 Jenner Mae M. 55-01b 58 Jenner Orville R. 55-01b 60 Jenner Verli* G. 55-01b 56 Jenner Willard G. 55-01b 57 Jenners Aden 55-01b 63 Jensen Alice J. 06-05b 94 Jensen Anton W. 45-03b 88 Jensen Arthur 06-05b 96 Jensen Arthur M. 54-04b 54 Jensen Arlene B. 57-03b 89 Jensen Beck S. 30-01b 68 Jensen Casper 54-03b 63 Jensen Chris 46-03b 52 Jensen Christ 40-01b 77 Jensen Christ 45-03b 84 Jensen Clara 13-01a 13 Jensen Clarise 47-02a 15 Jensen Cleo R. 13-01a 14 Jensen Dagmer 54-04b 53 Jensen Edward 54-01b 58 Jensen Edward B. 54-01b 60 Jensen Einer H. 45-03b 86 Jensen Elda 46-03b 53 Jensen Elmer 57-03b 86 Jensen Elna M. 45-03b 89 Jensen Emma 46-01b 78 Jensen Erma 54-01b 59 Jensen Erwin 54-03b 66 Jensen Esther 06-05b 95 Jensen Ethel 54-05b 54 Jensen Francis 46-03b 85 Jensen George 46-01b 77 Jensen Gladys 54-03b 73 Jensen Hans 30-01a 49 Jensen Harold 54-03b 71 Jensen Harriet 06-05b 98 Jensen Harvey 54-03b 72 Jensen Helen 06-05b 97 Jensen Henry 54-05b 53 Jensen Henry L. 13-01a 12 Jensen Herald O. 57-03b 91 Jensen Inger 47-02a 14 Jensen Irene 54-03b 70 Jensen James 06-12a 42 Jensen Jens 47-02a 13 Jensen Jens C. 54-04b 51 Jensen Jens J. 30-02a 9 Jensen Jens W. 45-03b 87 Jensen John 46-03b 83 Jensen John 46-03b 86 Jensen Kertis 46-03b 68 Jensen Kristine 54-01a 3 Jensen Landis 13-01a 15 Jensen Lily A. 45-03b 90 Jensen Loraine J. 57-03b 90 Jensen Louise 46-01b 80 Jensen Lyle 27-02a 30 Jensen Mabel 54-03b 67 Jensen Marie 54-04b 52 Jensen Marie 54-01b 61 Jensen Martha 27-02a 29 Jensen Milfred E. 57-03b 88 Jensen Minnie 57-03b 87 Jensen Neil P. 06-05b 93 Jensen Oren 54-03b 65 Jensen Pearl 46-01b 79 Jensen Rosaline 54-03b 68 Jensen Shirley 46-03b 54 Jensen Thomas 47-02a 16 Jensen Thora 54-03b 64 Jensen Valborg 45-03b 85 Jensen Viola 54-03b 69 Jensen Vivian 46-03b 84 Jensen William 27-02a 28 Jenson Alice 25-01b 97 Jenson Jens 25-01b 96 Jesme Elmer 45-04a 9 Jesme Gustava 45-04a 10 Jesme Palmer 45-04a 11 Jesperson Emil 41-03b 72 Jesperson Frode 41-03b 74 Jesperson Triskence 41-03b 73 Jevne Brith 51-01b 55 Jevne Esther 51-01b 58 Jevne Hannah 51-01b 56 Jevne Peter E. 51-01b 54 Jevne Sigrid 51-01b 57 Jimmerman Alice M. 40-01a 41 Jimmerman Bertha 40-01a 37 Jimmerman Clarence C. 40-01a 38 Jimmerman Edgar E. 40-01a 42 Jimmerman Henry R. 40-01a 36 Jimmerman Laura E. 40-01a 40 Jimmerman Willard 40-01a 39 Joern Edwin W. 51-02a 38 Joern Elmer J. 51-03a 50 Joern Helen E. 51-03a 14 Joern John A. 51-02a 37 Joern John A. 51-03a 48 Joern Lenard E. 51-03a 15 Joern Louie H. 51-03a 13 Joern Martha M. 51-03a 49 Joern Mildred M. 51-03b 51 Joern Norman C 51-03b 53 Joern Peaarl E. 51-03a 16 Joern Selma R. 51-03b 52 Johannson Frank G. 06-09a 28 Johannson Ina 06-09a 29 John Betty 52-02b 61 John Jennie 52-02b 62 John Walter 52-02b 60 Johnsen Glen 28-01a 8 Johnsen Henry M. 28-01a 44 Johnsen John 28-01a 5 Johnsen Lauretta 28-01a 9 Johnsen Maurice 28-01a 7 Johnsen Norman 28-01a 17 Johnsen Stella 28-01a 6 Johnson Abert B. 49-03a 28 Johnson Adeline 06-08a 23 Johnson Adeline 10-03a 35 Johnson Adene 25-01b 86 Johnson Adolph G. 32-01a 22 Johnson Agnes G. 53-02a 2 Johnson Albert 46-02a 50 Johnson Albert C. 08-02b 75 Johnson Albert G. 14-02a 28 Johnson Aldora N. 21-01a 12 Johnson Alf*** C. 07-03a 24 Johnson Alice C. 29-01a 34 Johnson Alice R. 08-03a 14 Johnson Alise 58-06b 77 Johnson Allie R. 05-03a 16 Johnson Alma 54-05b 77 Johnson Alma D. 11-03a 17 Johnson Alton 58-02a 22 Johnson Alvin 58-04a 31 Johnson Alvin C. 31-01b 67 Johnson Alvin P. 08-01b 77 Johnson Alvina J. 08-02b 72 Johnson Andrew 38-02a 21 Johnson Andy L. 53-02a 6 Johnson Andy O. 06-04b 86 Johnson Anna 09-02b 83 Johnson Anna 18-03b 80 Johnson Anna 46-01a 28 Johnson Anna 49-01a 11 Johnson Anna 58-03a 34 Johnson Anna M. 12-02a 25 Johnson Anna S. 05-03a 17 Johnson Anne 36-02b 55 Johnson Anne 42-04b 90 Johnson Annie 21-02a 36 Johnson Anton 06-08a 43 Johnson Anton 36-02b 53 Johnson Anton C. 44-01b 100 Johnson Arlene W. 49-03a 27 Johnson Arnold M. 48-02a 8 Johnson Aron 02-03b 32 Johnson Arthur 03-02a 13 Johnson Arthur 42-03b 94 Johnson Arthur 58-04a 29 Johnson Arthur Bennie 26-02b 74 Johnson Augaust 42-03b 95 Johnson August 39-03b 69 Johnson August 58-04a 8 Johnson Ava 31-01b 69 Johnson Aveda 49-01b 63 Johnson Bennie H. 14-02a 34 Johnson Bernice 49-01b 62 Johnson Bertha 49-01a 5 Johnson Bertha 49-02a 14 Johnson Bertha N. 49-02a 38 Johnson Beryl M. 58-02a 21 Johnson Betty Ann 08-01b 79 Johnson Betty M. 06-08a 45 Johnson Blain L. 29-01a 30 Johnson Carl 53-01b 100 Johnson Carl 55-02a 48 Johnson Carl 59-01b 83 Johnson Carl E. 37-01b 83 Johnson Carl H. 12-02a 22 Johnson Carl O. 27-02b 60 Johnson Catherine * 07-02b 59 Johnson Cathleen L. 08-02b 87 Johnson Charles A. 23-02b 58 Johnson Christ 45-02a 15 Johnson Clara 06-11a 35 Johnson Clara 10-03a 31 Johnson Clara D. 29-01a 29 Johnson Clara H. 37-01b 84 Johnson Clarence 10-03a 16 Johnson Clarence 26-02b 76 Johnson Clarence 44-02a 3 Johnson Clifford 06-08a 21 Johnson Clifford 16-01a 19 Johnson Clifford 36-02b 56 Johnson Cora A. 08-02b 82 Johnson Delbert 54-05b 81 Johnson Delbert O. 31-01a 13 Johnson Delmar O. 29-01a 33 Johnson Delores I. 05-01b 88 Johnson Devane 54-05b 82 Johnson Donald L. 31-02a 29 Johnson Eddie A. 21-02b 56 Johnson Edward 53-01b 83 Johnson Edwin H. 31-01a 10 Johnson Eileen R. 08-03a 17 Johnson Eldred 58-02a 23 Johnson Elinore 03-02a 43 Johnson Ella 08-02b 70 Johnson Ella 49-01b 65 Johnson Ella M. 16-03a 18 Johnson Elmer 08-02a 49 Johnson Elmer 58-04a 28 Johnson Elmer M. 14-02a 31 Johnson Elva H. 06-08a 44 Johnson Emma D. 08-01b 54 Johnson Emma T. 37-01b 86 Johnson Erick T. 21-01a 41 Johnson Erma 42-03b 97 Johnson Ernest 29-02b 64 Johnson Ester 05-01b 85 Johnson Ester M. 30-01b 70 Johnson Esther 54-05b 78 Johnson Esther L. 45-01a 11 Johnson Esther M. 12-02a 12 Johnson Ethel E. 06-04b 87 Johnson Ethel M. 49-03a 25 Johnson Eugene D. 30-01b 72 Johnson Eunice M. 48-01b 70 Johnson Everitt 06-08a 25 Johnson Ferdinand 44-02a 5 Johnson Flora A. 23-02b 55 Johnson Flora M. 45-01a 10 Johnson Francis 58-06b 72 Johnson Franklin 49-01a 7 Johnson Fred 12-02a 21 Johnson Fred A. 38-02a 23 Johnson Genes 36-02b 54 Johnson George F. 22-02b 60 Johnson George J. 48-02a 7 Johnson George T. 30-01b 69 Johnson Gertie M. 31-02a 26 Johnson Gertrude 22-02b 59 Johnson Gertrude 44-02a 1 Johnson Gladys 54-04b 70 Johnson Gladys J. 53-02a 3 Johnson Gladys L. 08-02b 74 Johnson Gladys L. 31-02a 30 Johnson Gladyson 22-02b 77 Johnson Gotfrid 06-11a 31 Johnson Grace H. 27-02b 63 Johnson Grace O. 31-02a 28 Johnson Gunda 26-02b 72 Johnson Gunnal 10-03a 40 Johnson Gustaf 18-03a 43 Johnson Gwendolyn 16-03a 21 Johnson Gyle 58-02a 20 Johnson Harold C. 06-04b 88 Johnson Harriet M. 05-01b 87 Johnson Harry 54-04b 69 Johnson Hattie R. 43-01b 94 Johnson Helen L. 08-01b 52 Johnson Helen M. 07-02b 60 Johnson Helga M. 38-02a 22 Johnson Hellen K. 30-01b 73 Johnson Helman 44-01b 64 Johnson Helmer 18-04a 11 Johnson Henry 25-01b 85 Johnson Henry 44-02a 2 Johnson Henry 48-03a 39 Johnson Herald 03-02a 42 Johnson Hilda 58-04a 27 Johnson Ida G. 53-02a 1 Johnson Ina E. 21-02a 37 Johnson Inga 08-03a 12 Johnson Ira 09-02b 86 Johnson Ira R. 09-02b 82 Johnson Irene B. 37-02a 13 Johnson Isabel 54-04b 71 Johnson Isabel 54-05b 80 Johnson Ivan M. 44-02a 4 Johnson James 12-03a 42 Johnson James Alvin 26-02b 73 Johnson James O. 08-02b 73 Johnson James S. 21-02a 35 Johnson Jennie 46-01a 29 Johnson Jessie 09-02b 84 Johnson Johanne M. 27-02b 62 Johnson John 03-02a 40 Johnson John 58-03a 20 Johnson John 58-06b 73 Johnson John A. 24-01b 81 Johnson John A. 48-02a 5 Johnson John C. 12-02a 11 Johnson John E. 43-01b 93 Johnson John J. 06-11a 34 Johnson John J. 45-02a 14 Johnson Joseph 27-02a 21 Johnson Josephine 31-01b 71 Johnson Joyce 16-03a 22 Johnson Joyce L. 06-08a 46 Johnson Julia R. 08-01b 53 Johnson Julius 27-02b 57 Johnson Julius A. 06-08a 8 Johnson Juno E. 29-01a 32 Johnson Karen 10-03a 17 Johnson Kenneth E. 08-02b 88 Johnson Kenny 58-03a 35 Johnson Kilmen 58-03a 37 Johnson Lars 08-02b 76 Johnson Laurel 10-03a 36 Johnson Leatha 10-03a 34 Johnson Leo 49-01a 10 Johnson Leon E. 08-02b 85 Johnson Leonard J. 08-02b 81 Johnson Leroy E. 22-02b 76 Johnson Lester J. 21-02a 39 Johnson Levi 42-03b 96 Johnson Lillian M. 29-01a 31 Johnson Lily 58-03a 36 Johnson Lloyd O. 08-03a 13 Johnson Lola A. 06-08a 47 Johnson Loretta 23-02b 59 Johnson Loretta A. 37-01b 85 Johnson Lorraine 31-01b 70 Johnson Louis L. 08-02b 83 Johnson Loyd 49-01b 64 Johnson Luella L. 06-03b 75 Johnson Lyle G. 08-02b 71 Johnson Mabel 06-08a 22 Johnson Mabel 54-05b 79 Johnson Mabel 58-04a 30 Johnson Malvine S. 37-02a 14 Johnson Margaret 03-02a 41 Johnson Margie E. 05-01b 86 Johnson Maria 58-04a 9 Johnson Marian P. 53-02a 4 Johnson Marie 06-11a 32 Johnson Marie 44-04a 32 Johnson Marie C. 48-02a 6 Johnson Marion 03-02a 44 Johnson Marion 09-02b 85 Johnson Marnel J. 37-01a 5 Johnson Martha 14-02a 29 Johnson Martha 58-02a 18 Johnson Martha 58-06b 75 Johnson Martin 22-02b 92 Johnson Marvin O. 31-02a 27 Johnson Mary 08-01a 50 Johnson Mary 18-02a 5 Johnson Mary 49-01b 60 Johnson Mary A. 27-02b 58 Johnson Mary C. 23-02b 56 Johnson Mathilda 31-01a 11 Johnson Matt 06-07b 61 Johnson Mattie 15-02b 59 Johnson Maurice O. 21-02a 38 Johnson May 58-06b 76 Johnson Melvin Garfeils 26-02b 77 Johnson Melvin O. 49-03a 24 Johnson Michael 54-05b 76 Johnson Mildred 17-01b 54 Johnson Mildred 49-01b 61 Johnson Mildred E. 27-02b 61 Johnson Mildred E. 31-01a 12 Johnson Milford K. 12-02a 13 Johnson Milton 49-03a 26 Johnson Myrtle M. 08-03a 16 Johnson Norine J. 53-02a 5 Johnson Norman 10-03a 33 Johnson Norman R. 49-02a 39 Johnson Olaf 46-01a 26 Johnson Ole 08-02b 69 Johnson Ole 49-01a 4 Johnson Ole E. 29-01a 28 Johnson Ole M 11-01a 33 Johnson Olivia 23-02b 54 Johnson Olla Mae 16-03a 20 Johnson Orville 06-08a 24 Johnson Oscar 03-02a 12 Johnson Oscar 12-02a 24 Johnson Oscar C. 31-02a 25 Johnson Oscar E. 53-01b 82 Johnson Ovida Pauline 26-02b 75 Johnson Pandi 46-01a 27 Johnson Paul 58-02a 19 Johnson Pearl K. 31-01a 15 Johnson Perry A. 27-02b 59 Johnson Pete 26-01a 46 Johnson Peter L. 08-03a 11 Johnson Peter M. 45-02b 65 Johnson Peter M. 58-02a 17 Johnson Phoebe 12-03a 41 Johnson Radinal 26-02b 68 Johnson Ralph J. 05-03a 18 Johnson Raymond 16-03a 19 Johnson Raymond 39-02b 69 Johnson Raymond F. 07-02b 58 Johnson Raymond G. 08-01b 55 Johnson Raymond G. 30-01b 71 Johnson Raymond J. 07-01b 64 Johnson Raymond T. 21-01a 9 Johnson Reuben 39-02b 70 Johnson Reuben T. 21-01a 10 Johnson Robert 37-02a 12 Johnson Ronald 44-01b 66 Johnson Rose 08-02b 80 Johnson Rose 31-01b 68 Johnson Rosetta M. 23-02b 57 Johnson Rosgaard 49-01b 59 Johnson Roy 04-01a 34 Johnson Roy 49-02a 37 Johnson Roy W. 14-02a 30 Johnson Ruby 06-12b 63 Johnson Rueben C. 08-01b 51 Johnson Ruth 06-08a 5 Johnson Ruth 44-01b 65 Johnson Ruth A. 06-08a 9 Johnson Ruth L. 08-01b 56 Johnson Ruth L. 08-03a 15 Johnson Sam 26-02b 67 Johnson Samuel A. 23-02b 53 Johnson Sander O. 21-02b 57 Johnson Sarah 58-06b 74 Johnson Selma C. 12-02a 23 Johnson Sylvia E. 08-02b 86 Johnson Sylvia L. 21-02a 40 Johnson Sylvia V. 37-02a 15 Johnson Thea F. 08-02b 84 Johnson Theodor 21-01a 7 Johnson Thomas 12-03a 40 Johnson Thorvald 08-02b 79 Johnson Valborg 21-01a 8 Johnson Vera C. 37-01a 6 Johnson Vera M. 08-01b 78 Johnson Vernon M. 31-01a 14 Johnson Victor 49-01a 8 Johnson Victor 10-03a 30 Johnson Viola 10-03a 32 Johnson Violet 06-11a 33 Johnson Vivian G. 21-01a 11 Johnson Wallace 42-03b 98 Johnson William 42-04b 89 Johnson Winfred 49-01a 6 Johnson ****** 22-02b 61 Johnston Beryl 25-03a 36 Johnston Delia S. 25-01b 51 Johnston Dorothy 25-01b 52 Johnston Edna M. 35-01a 3 Johnston Ella H. 25-01b 67 Johnston Etta 25-01b 58 Johnston Florence B. 35-01a 2 Johnston Hildur 25-03a 37 Johnston Ira 25-01b 66 Johnston Ivar 25-03a 38 Johnston Leon 25-01b 57 Johnston Neva M. 35-01a 4 Johnston Richard 25-01b 59 Johnston Thomas 35-01a 1 Johnston Thomas E. 35-01a 5 Johnston Ward 25-01a 50 Jokumson Lena 42-01b 62 Jones Albert A. 40-02a 24 Jones Angeline 25-03a 4 Jones Carl S. 40-02a 23 Jones Carol 19-01b 84 Jones Catherine A. 40-02a 25 Jones David A. 39-01a 39 Jones Elizabeth 58-03a 27 Jones Francis 26-01b 80 Jones John B. 40-02a 27 Jones LeRoy W. 08-02a 33 Jones Lorraine R. 08-02a 32 Jones Martha 40-02a 22 Jones Mary C. 40-02a 26 Jones Mathilda C. 08-02a 31 Jones Robert 25-03a 5 Jones Roy 08-02a 30 Jones Thomas H. 40-02a 21 Jones Virginia 19-01b 71 Jones Wiley 58-03a 26 Jordan Leandear 02-03a 90 Jordan Loyd 02-02a 43 Jordan Mike 19-01a 44 Jordan Ruby 02-02a 44 Jordan Stella 02-03a 91 Jordheim Dagmar 58-04b 77 Jordheim Edna V. 35-02a 23 Jorgy James 15-02b 81 Jormstad Ellen 44-01b 78 Jormstad Everina 44-01b 76 Jormstad Kenneth 44-01b 80 Jormstad Lars 44-01b 75 Jormstad Lawald 44-01b 77 Jormstad Stella 44-01b 79 Jorskowis Audrey M. 48-02a 1 Jorskowis Charles 48-01b 99 Jorskowis George F. 48-01b 100 Jorskowis Joeph C. 48-01b 97 Jorskowis Ma**ie 48-01b 98 Jostad Arline C. 21-01b 72 Jostad Eleanor 06-08b 65 Jostad Emma 21-01b 71 Jostad Leo M. 01-02a 48 Juneau Arthur 10-01a 20 Juneau Doris 10-01a 23 Juneau Esmine 10-01a 21 Juneau John 54-02b 53 Juneau Ralph 10-01a 22 Justinson Milton 14-01b 69 Juve Ada B. 45-01a 33 Juve Alice J. 45-01a 48 Juve Clayton B. 45-01a 47 Juve Hilda L. 45-01a 31 Juve Orlanda L. 45-01a 32 Juve Selmer T. 45-01a 30 Kadaun Beatrice 10-01a 46 Kadaun Raymond 10-01a 45 Kaeding Anna H. 50-01a 20 Kaeding Charlotte 50-02b 78 Kaeding Delma A. 50-01a 21 Kaeding Ethel F. 50-01a 23 Kaeding Herman 50-02b 77 Kaeding Julius 50-01a 19 Kaeding Melvin E. 50-01a 24 Kaeding Verna L. 50-01a 22 Kaiser Fred O. 06-02b 67 Kaiser Frederick E 06-02b 69 Kaiser Lillian L. 06-02b 68 Kalleback Ole 58-07a 7 Kalstad Donald 26-02a 35 Kalstad Graci 26-02a 37 Kamrud Alma H. 42-02a 1 Kamrud Doris M. 42-02a 5 Kamrud Enga R. 42-01b 96 Kamrud Ida R. 42-02a 2 Kamrud Irven E. 42-02a 4 Kamrud Iver 42-01b 94 Kamrud Mable C. 42-01b 100 Kamrud Rangenhold 42-01b 95 Kamrud Reuben I. 42-01b 98 Kamrud Ruth O. 42-01b 99 Kamrud Thelma R. 42-02a 3 Kamrud Tina J. 42-01b 97 Kapell Ida 27-01b 94 Kapell William 27-01b 93 Kapell Woodrow 27-01b 95 Karding Arvella M. 23-02a 25 Karding Elda E. 23-02a 24 Karding Ivan D. 23-02a 26 Karding Louis M. 23-02a 23 Karding Lourain 23-02a 27 Kaste Ellwood G. 21-04a 15 Kavanaugh Emma 44-01a 22 Kavanaugh John 44-01a 26 Kavanugh Margaret C. 44-02a 18 Kavanugh Marie 44-02a 13 Kavanugh Marie K. 44-02a 14 Kavanugh Mathilda F. 44-02a 17 Kavanugh Paul W. 44-02a 16 Kavanugh Peter J. 44-02a 15 Kavanaugh Tatrice J. 44-01a 23 Kavanaugh William 06-03b 82 Kavlie Bernhard C. 21-01b 86 Kavlie Bernhard M. 21-01b 82 Kavlie Caroline C. 21-01b 83 Kavlie Dagny V. 21-01b 90 Kavlie Elvin O. 21-01b 84 Kavlie Ernest W. 21-01b 87 Kavlie Hampton E. 21-01b 91 Kavlie Howard E. 21-01b 88 Kavlie Leonard M. 21-01b 89 Kavlie Pearl E. 21-01b 85 Kavlie Symor M. 21-01b 65 Keat Charley B. 02-03b 24 Keefe Alice M. 05-02a 50 Keefe Bernard T. 05-02a 46 Keefe Catherine E 05-02a 49 Keefe Doris F. 30-01a 35 Keefe Edward 25-02a 13 Keefe Etta M. 05-02a 44 Keefe Francis 05-02a 45 Keefe Herbert J. 05-02a 47 Keefe Josephine 30-01a 34 Keefe Lucy 25-02a 14 Keefe Michael J. 30-01a 33 Keefe Sylvester J 05-02a 48 Keefe Thomas F. 05-02a 43 Keefe William M. 05-02b 51 Keel Arlene 20-01a 40 Keel Clara A. 20-01a 38 Keel Clarence E. 20-01a 37 Keel Clarise 20-01a 41 Keel Lillian 20-01a 39 Kefse*y Lawrence 49-01b 98 Keith Frances 20-01b 61 Keith Harold 20-01b 63 Keith Levan 20-01b 64 Keith Lovell 20-01b 59 Keith Oren 20-01b 65 Keith Selma 20-01b 60 Keith Viola 20-01b 62 Kelene Alfred 18-01a 19 Keller John H. 15-01b 71 Keller Katherine 15-01b 72 Kelley Clark 55-01a 2 Kelley Peter 27-02a 47 Kelly Adelia 06-02a 39 Kelly Arlene M. 07-02b 87 Kelly Dona 54-01a 42 Kelly Ellwood G. 06-10a 2 Kelly Frank 16-02b 75 Kelly Frannie M. 07-02b 84 Kelly Harry G. 06-09b 100 Kelly Hazel L. 07-02b 86 Kelly Ida M. 06-10a 1 Kelly Joe 07-02b 91 Kelly Julia 54-01a 40 Kelly Lois M. 07-02b 85 Kelly Minnie G. 07-02b 83 Kelly Mittie 07-02b 90 Kelly Mrs. Effie 54-01a 39 Kelly Ruth 54-01a 41 Kelly Stanley S. 07-02b 82 Kelly William F. 06-02a 38 Kelly ****ian I. 07-02b 88 Kelsey Mary L. 06-05a 21 Kemp Estelle 19-01b 86 Kemp Frances W. 19-01a 46 Kemp Lambert E. 19-01a 45 Kemp Vern A. 19-01b 85 Kennedy Audrey L. 38-01a 12 Kennedy Cadet 04-01b 96 Kennedy Dorothy I. 38-01a 10 Kennedy Elizabeth J. 38-01a 9 Kennedy Emma 04-01b 97 Kennedy Jennie H. 38-01a 7 Kennedy Lloyd M. 38-01a 11 Kennedy Olston 04-01b 98 Kennedy Percy H. 38-01a 6 Kennedy Preston E. 38-01a 8 Kennel Alice I. 11-01b 71 Kennel Arthur 11-01b 69 Kennel Arthur Jr. 11-01b 74 Kennel Mary L. 11-01b 72 Kennel Mayme H. 11-01b 70 Kennel Ruth H. 11-01b 73 Kent Catherine E. 40-01b 62 Kent Cecile E. 40-01b 66 Kent Edith M. 40-01b 61 Kent Elsie N. 40-01b 64 Kent Evelyn A. 40-01b 65 Kent Florence R. 40-01b 63 Kent Warren C. 40-01b 60 Kenyon Jennie 57-02a 5 Kersten Arvil H. 51-01b 84 Kersten August H. 51-01b 76 Kersten Bradley J. 51-01b 79 Kersten Carl T. 51-01b 83 Kersten Emma V. 51-01b 82 Kersten Fern N. 51-01b 81 Kersten Herman M. 22-02a 28 Kersten Ida M. 51-01b 77 Kersten Kenneth L. 51-01b 85 Kersten Oliver M. 51-01b 80 Kersten Rodger A. 51-01b 78 Keyes Earl 54-02a 31 Keyes Mabel 54-02a 32 Keyes Patricia J. 54-02a 33 Kidd Irene 41-03b 63 Kieffer Kenneth E. 23-01a 9 Kieffer Leonard F. 23-01a 10 Kiesow Arleigh F. 50-02b 98 Kiesow Arthur W. 50-01b 57 Kiesow Clara A. 50-02b 95 Kiesow Emma A. 50-01b 56 Kiesow Grace V. 50-02b 96 Kiesow John E. F. 50-01b 55 Kiesow Muriel V. 50-02b 97 Kiesow William A. 50-02b 94 Kifoid Clara L. 06-08a 3 Kiloshy Glenalle** 06-08a 42 Kiloshy Lucile N. 06-08a 41 Kimble Doris M. 54-05b 71 Kimble Harry 54-05b 69 Kimble Myrtle 54-05b 70 King Adell 54-05a 42 King Earl 54-05a 44 King Ervin E. 22-01a 43 King Ina 22-01a 41 King Lillian E. 22-01a 42 King Lloyd 54-05a 43 King Lynn 54-05a 45 King Philip 54-05a 41 King Raymond E. 22-01a 40 Kingsbury Minnie C. 06-09b 56 Kingstad Carl R. 45-01b 64 Kingstad Einer S. 45-01b 62 Kingstad Georgene 45-01b 63 Kingstad Kirstine K. 45-01b 61 Kingstad Sven J. 45-01b 60 Kinitzer Albert E. 23-02b 60 Kinitzer Alvina 23-02b 61 Kinley Alma O. 24-01b 70 Kinley Earle F. 24-01b 71 Kinley Lillian C. 24-01b 72 Kinney Annie 58-01a 12 Kinney Ed 58-01a 11 Kinney Lucile 58-01a 13 Kipp Mabel 02-04a 7 Kippen Alexander B. 59-02b 79 Kippen Angus 59-02b 81 Kippen Carlyle H. 01-01a 50 Kippen Charles R. 59-02b 84 Kippen Christee 35-02a 22 Kippen Ellen 59-02b 82 Kippen Hazel 01-01a 49 Kippen John 01-01a 48 Kippen Joy E. 59-02b 83 Kippen Mae O. 48-01b 73 Kippen Margaret 59-02b 80 Kippen Minnie 48-01b 72 Kippen Norina J. 01-01b 51 Kippen Ole K. 48-01b 71 Kippen Robert R. 01-01b 52 Kippen Ruth C. 35-02b 66 Kippen Sinclair 35-02b 65 Kippen Thomas H. 35-02b 67 Kirby Allen 46-01b 84 Kirby Allen P. 40-01b 98 Kirby Dolly 40-01b 99 Kirby Earl 46-01b 86 Kirby Ellen 46-01b 85 Kirby Fern 46-01b 87 Kirby Gertie V. 40-02a 2 Kirby Grant C. 40-02a 1 Kirby Herman L. 40-01b 100 Kirby Jesse G. 40-02a 49 Kirby Kenneth 46-01b 88 Kirby Mabel J. 40-02a 50 Kirby Sam 07-02b 89 Kircheval Mary B. 57-01b 69 Kirk Albert 54-03a 43 Kirk Cecil C. 06-04b 74 Kirk Ethel 06-04b 72 Kirk John H. 06-04b 71 Kirk Kenneth R. 06-04b 73 Kirk Margaret 06-06b 75 Kirkeby Bernard 06-14a 1 Kirkeby Bernard 06-14a 4 Kirkeby Betsy 06-14a 2 Kirkeby Carl B. 06-05a 27 Kirkeby Carle 06-14a 7 Kirkeby George 06-14a 5 Kirkeby Lewis 06-14a 6 Kirkeby Lillian 06-05a 28 Kirkeby Luella 06-14a 8 Kirkeby Marvin H. 23-02a 28 Kirkeby Mary 23-02a 29 Kirkeby Morris 06-14a 3 Kir* John C. 04-02a 3 Kir* Lottie 04-02a 5 Kir* Mary 04-02a 4 Kisener Hellen 02-02b 66 Kisener Vern 02-02b 65 Kisener Vern L. 02-02b 67 Kisner Albert 03-01b 97 Kisner Berta 03-01b 98 Kisner Bud 03-01b 99 Kisner Mertle 03-01b 100 Kissner Henry 54-02a 18 Kittelson Aasne 42-03a 7 Kittelson Albert 42-02b 92 Kittelson Andrew 42-02b 91 Kittelson Corine 21-01b 97 Kittelson Edwin H. 21-01b 93 Kittleson Gordon 57-03b 75 Kittelson Hans I. 42-04b 78 Kittelson Hazel O. 42-03a 8 Kittelson Hellen M. 42-03a 10 Kittleson Henry 12-02b 75 Kittelson Inga A. 42-04b 80 Kittelson James 21-01b 98 Kittleson Jane 57-03b 74 Kittelson Kenneth 21-01b 96 Kittelson Lewis 42-03a 6 Kittleson Lorraine 57-03b 76 Kittelson Luelle A. 42-03a 9 Kittleson Mabel 57-03b 73 Kittelson Mable C. 21-01b 94 Kittelson Margaret E. 21-01b 95 Kittelson Marieanne 42-04b 79 Kittelson Martin 42-02b 89 Kittelson Mary 42-02b 90 Kittleson Miland 57-03b 77 Kittleson Nora 06-08a 6 Kittleson Ole K. 06-08b 93 Kittelson Olga 23-01b 60 Kittleson Theodore O. 57-03b 72 Kitzman Albert 09-01a 1 Kitzman Albina 09-01a 2 Kitzman Anna 36-01b 91 Kitzman Blanch A. 30-02a 7 Kitzman Clarence 09-01a 3 Kitzman Grace 36-01b 96 Kitzman John A. 30-02a 10 Kitzman Lawrence 36-01b 92 Kitzman Martin 36-01b 93 Kitzman Maxine B. 30-02a 8 Kitzman Michael S. 30-02a 6 Kitzman Minnie 30-02a 11 Kitzman Walter 36-01b 94 Kitzman William 36-01b 90 Kitzman Wilmar 36-01b 95 Kitzman Wm 58-04a 11 Ki*** Evalyn N. 07-02b 70 Ki*** Lyman R. 07-02b 68 Ki*** Mable E. 07-02b 67 Ki*** Margaret L. 07-02b 69 Ki*** Neil 07-02b 66 Ki*** William L. 07-02b 71 Kjanagr Edna F. 09-01a 33 Kjanagr Elaine T. 09-01a 34 Kjanagr Hattis 09-01a 29 Kjanagr Ida 09-01a 28 Kjanagr Jane 09-01a 31 Kjanagr Ole 09-01a 27 Kjanagr Ooner 09-01a 30 Kjanagr N. F. 09-01a 32 Kjars Alice 27-01a 38 Kjars Arlene 27-01a 39 Kjars Esther 27-01a 37 Kjars Florence 27-01a 36 Kjars George 27-01a 41 Kjars Kenneth 27-01a 44 Kjars Melvin 27-01a 40 Kjars Ole 27-01a 34 Kjars Robert 27-01a 43 Kjars Sherman 27-01a 42 Kjars Thora 27-01a 35 Kjelshus Carl 44-02a 36 Kjelshus Henry 44-02a 38 Kjelshus Ida 44-02a 35 Kjelshus Karoline 44-02a 33 Kjelshus Ole H. 44-02a 32 Kjelshus Marvin 44-02a 37 Kjelshus Sigurd 44-02a 34 Kjelstrom Carl 49-03a 40 Kjelsus Edward 48-02a 44 Kjelsus Gladys 48-02a 47 Kjelsus Hannah 48-02a 45 Kjelsus Howard 48-02a 48 Kjema Henry R. 11-03a 16 Kjema Jena 11-03a 15 Kjeseth Clarence 03-02b 60 Kjonaas Al* ** O. 09-02a 11 Kjonaas Carl W. 09-02a 16 Kjonaas Christ 09-02a 44 Kjonaas Crystal 09-02a 47 Kjonaas Emma 09-02a 45 Kjonaas George 09-02a 9 Kjonaas Glen 09-02a 18 Kjonaas Helen 09-02a 17 Kjonaas Helga 09-02a 48 Kjonaas Inez 09-02a 10 Kjonaas Kermit 09-02a 46 Kjonaas Lesely 09-02a 20 Kjonaas Mavis H. 09-02a 13 Kjonaas Ralph 09-02a 12 Kjonaas Robert 09-02a 19 Kjos Burnen L. 20-02a 13 Kjos Clayton P. 20-02a 12 Kjos Lillian 20-02a 11 Kjos Lois P. 20-02a 14 Kjos Paul C. 20-02a 10 Klebe Albert 50-01b 58 Klebe Alice 06-06b 58 Klebe Alvin L. 53-01b 63 Klebe Arne 46-02a 5 Klebe Arthur T. 53-01b 62 Klebe Bergal 46-02a 8 Klebe Clara H. 53-01b 61 Klebe Deverne D. 50-01b 60 Klebe Edmund G. 50-02a 39 Klebe Egon J. 21-01a 4 Klebe Emma 46-02a 6 Klebe Erick 16-03a 23 Klebe Frances 46-02a 10 Klebe George 46-02a 7 Klebe Glen D. 16-03a 25 Klebe Henry 21-01a 2 Klebe Ida A. 50-02a 40 Klebe John 21-01a 5 Klebe Lizzie 50-01b 59 Klebe Lydia M. 21-01a 3 Klebe Martha M. 16-03a 24 Klebe Theodore E. 53-01b 60 Klebe Walter 46-02a 9 Kleinert Emma 54-02b 100 Kleng Eugenie 10-02a 37 Kleppe Ella S. 06-08a 18 Kleppe Lucille M. 06-08a 19 Kleppe Rasmus O. 06-08a 17 Klespie Blansbay 04-02a 14 Kleven Anna O. 21-01a 16 Kleven Arnt H. 21-01a 15 Kleven Bjarne 06-09a 39 Kleven Hilda R. 21-01a 14 Kleven Martin H. 21-01a 13 Kleven Olga R. 21-01a 17 Kleven Oscar M. 21-01a 18 Klimacksby Alfred 50-01b 80 Klimacksby Minnie A. 50-01b 81 Klimacksby Valerie A. 50-01b 82 Klimacksby Vernon J. 50-01b 83 Klimaschesky Herbert H. 43-01a 4 Klimaschesky Laura E. 43-01a 5 Klimaschesky Norma L. 43-01a 7 Klimaschesky Richard H. 43-01a 6 Kline Adam 02-02a 29 Kline Alvina 02-02a 30 Kline Bernice 02-02a 35 Kline Harry 02-02a 31 Kline Lawrence 02-02a 33 Kline Victor 02-02a 32 Kline Wallace 02-02a 34 Klingbeil Albert 06-08b 86 Klingbeil Arthur 06-08b 83 Klingbeil Clara 06-08b 84 Klingbeil Florence 06-08b 85 Klingbeil Howard 06-08b 87 Klingenberg Alfred M. 42-01a 20 Klingenberg Carl C. 42-01b 74 Klingenberg Christoffer 42-01b 76 Klingenberg Gena P. 42-01a 21 Klingenberg Karen M. 42-01b 77 Klingenberg Marie H. 42-01b 75 Klingenberg Ruth 42-01b 78 Klingman Esther 41-02b 53 Klingman Mabel 41-02b 52 Klingman Ruby 41-02b 54 Klingman William 41-02b 51 Klipp Emma M. 34-01a 50 Kli***fele Mona 25-02a 9 Klokstad Bert O. 45-01b 52 Klokstad Ellen V. 44-01a 28 Klokstad Evlyn H. 44-01a 29 Klokstad Fo * 44-01a 27 Klokstad Harold 45-01b 54 Klokstad Helen B. 45-01b 59 Klokstad Hilda 45-01b 56 Klokstad Marie 45-01b 53 Klokstad Marit 44-01a 42 Klokstad Ole 45-01b 55 Klokstad Olga M. 45-01b 57 Klokstad Oscar 45-01b 58 Klunest Albert A. 02-03b 25 Knapp Edwin 53-01a 14 Knight Frank 25-01b 72 Knight Hilda 25-01b 69 Knight James 25-01b 68 Knight John 25-01b 71 Knight Margaret 25-01b 70 Knight Mildred 25-01b 73 Knoack Arlo D. 05-02b 62 Knoack Boyd W. 05-02b 63 Knoack Henry F. 05-02b 57 Knoack Raymond W. 05-02b 61 Knoack Ruby E. 05-02b 59 Knoack Selma I. 05-02b 58 Knoack Wayne L. 05-02b 60 Knoepfle Adam 34-02b 79 Knoepfle Anna M. 34-02b 80 Knoepfle Arthur 34-02b 99 Knoepfle Bennie 34-02b 98 Knoepfle Clara J. 34-02b 95 Knoepfle Evangeline M. 34-02b 83 Knoepfle Howard H. 34-02b 81 Knoepfle Jacob 34-02b 97 Knoepfle Johanna 34-02b 96 Knoepfle Katherine 34-02b 94 Knoepfle Lyle L. 34-02b 82 Knoke Alma A. 59-02a 41 Knoke Baby 59-01b 60 Knoke Barbara A. 59-02a 42 Knoke Beth 59-01b 58 Knoke Clifford A. 59-01b 57 Knoke Delia M. 59-01b 62 Knoke Edna I. 59-01a 30 Knoke Fred A. 59-01b 61 Knoke Kenneth F. 59-01b 63 Knoke Marion D. 59-01b 59 Knoke Otto 59-01a 29 Knoke William C. 59-02a 40 Knopfle Carol 59-02a 15 Knopfle Chris 59-02a 11 Knopfle Elener 34-01a 31 Knopfle Kathleen 59-02a 13 Knopfle Leroy 59-02a 14 Knopfle Richard 34-01a 30 Knopfle Ruby E. 59-02a 12 Knopfle Vivian A. 34-01a 32 Knox Mary L. 02-03b 41 Knudsen Browyne 05-01a 47 Knudsen Charles 05-01a 46 Knudsen Charlotte 05-01a 48 Knudsen Geanne 05-01a 49 Knudson Arthur S. 57-01a 10 Knudson Chris H. 26-02b 88 Knudson Donn C. 23-02b 70 Knudson Ella Bergene 26-02b 89 Knudson Ernest O. 23-02b 71 Knudson Eunice 57-01a 13 Knudson Gail 57-01a 12 Knudson Harry R. 23-02b 67 Knudson John D. 23-02b 69 Knudson Lila M. 37-01a 35 Knudson Mable 57-01a 11 Knudson Rudolph 37-01a 34 Knudson Ruth M. 23-02b 68 Knudson Vivian 26-02b 90 Knutson Arthur 21-02b 53 Knutson Clause 44-04a 31 Knutson Emil J. 49-03a 35 Knutson Engvald 29-02b 60 Knutson Girtie 21-02b 55 Knutson Katheryn 29-02b 62 Knutson Kenneth 29-02b 63 Knutson Sara 29-02b 61 Knutson Selma 21-02b 54 Koalstead Alice 02-02a 22 Koalstead Anton 02-02a 20 Koalstead Flowrense 02-02a 25 Koalstead Ida 02-02a 21 Koalstead Mary 02-02a 23 Koalstead Stanely 02-02a 24 Kobbervig Henry 57-03b 97 Kobbervig Ole 57-03b 98 Kochel Berton 15-02a 3 Kochel Edna 15-02a 4 Kochel Erma V. 15-02a 6 Kochel Evelin 15-02a 5 Kochel Kathrin 15-02a 7 Kochnlein Albert 17-01b 89 Kochnlein Henry 17-01b 91 Kochnlein Mathilda 17-01b 90 Kochstad Arnt P. 11-02b 76 Kochstad Arthur S. 11-02b 78 Kochstad Irena E. 11-02b 79 Kochstad May 11-02b 77 Koehler Berniese 09-01a 50 Koehler Bertha 27-02a 42 Koehler Berthaid 27-02a 39 Koehler Charls 09-01a 47 Koehler Edith K. 27-02a 38 Koehler Edwin W. 27-02a 41 Koehler Eleanor M. 27-02a 40 Koehler Fred 27-02a 37 Koehler George 27-02a 43 Koehler Hattie 09-01a 48 Koehler Hellen 09-01a 49 Koelher Irene E. 43-01a 44 Koehmstedt Donald O. 37-01a 11 Koehmstedt Lee E. 37-01a 7 Koehmstedt Lloyd L. 37-01a 9 Koehmstedt M. Lida 37-01a 8 Koehmstedt Thomas L. 37-01a 10 Koesterman Ernest H. 06-13b 86 Koesterman Ewald W. 06-13b 87 Koesterman Lena E. 06-13b 85 Kofoid Albert 57-02b 88 Kofoid Amilie M. 57-04a 13 Kofoid Arthur 57-04a 14 Kofoid Charles 57-04a 17 Kofoid Edna 57-02b 89 Kofoid Ella 57-02b 85 Kofoid Elmer 57-01a 21 Kofoid Emma 10-02b 100 Kofoid Frank 57-02b 86 Kofoid Fred 57-04a 16 Kofoid Hans D. 57-02b 83 Kofoid Henry 57-04a 15 Kofoid Herald R. 10-02b 98 Kofoid Hilda 57-02b 84 Kofoid John 34-02a 7 Kofoid Lillian 57-04a 18 Kofoid Mable 57-01a 14 Kofoid Oscar O. 10-03a 2 Kofoid Otto E. 57-04a 12 Kofoid Robert C. 10-03a 1 Kofoid Viola 57-02b 87 Kofoid Walter C. 10-02b 99 Kolberg Charles 12-01b 76 Kolberg Inga 12-01b 74 Kolberg Sivert 12-01b 73 Kolberg Wilbur 12-01b 75 Kolby Olaf 06-02b 98 Kone Elizabeth M. 51-04a 26 Kone Jesse G. 51-04a 25 Kongslie Anita 51-03b 74 Kongslie George L. 51-03b 73 Konoke Henry 58-04b 78 Konoke Ida 58-04b 79 Koons Dorothy 04-01b 55 Koons Edith 04-01b 54 Koons Edith 04-01b 82 Koons Ellen 04-01b 53 Koons Geo. 04-01b 51 Koons Madeline 04-01b 52 Korbel Christina 23-02a 6 Korman Adele M. 49-02a 11 Korman Agnes 48-01a 11 Korman Albert 46-01b 61 Korman Annie 04-01a 11 Korman Aurther R. 31-01a 38 Korman Chris 31-01a 36 Korman Clyde 41-02b 91 Korman Dorothy 41-02b 93 Korman Edwin R. 49-02a 9 Korman Florence 04-01a 12 Korman Gene 41-02b 92 Korman Gertrude 04-01a 13 Korman Gottlieb 04-01a 10 Korman Herbert R. 49-01b 80 Korman Hilda 46-01b 62 Korman Iva J. 31-01a 39 Korman John 41-01a 21 Korman Julia T. 49-01b 81 Korman Mabel 49-02a 10 Korman Mamie 41-02b 87 Korman Mary 31-01a 37 Korman Mata 04-01a 29 Korman Maxine 41-01a 23 Korman Milton 04-01a 15 Korman Minnie 18-02a 42 Korman Ollie 41-02b 89 Korman Opal 41-02b 90 Korman Orval 41-02b 88 Korman Roy 04-01a 28 Korman Salma 41-01a 22 Korman Venson 46-01b 64 Korman Walter 41-02b 86 Korman Wesley 04-01a 14 Kornkven Ada H. 18-03a 37 Kornkven Annie 18-03a 34 Kornkven Anton 12-01b 71 Kornkven Arthur 18-03a 36 Kornkven Bernice 18-03a 40 Kornkven Bette 48-02b 79 Kornkven Blanche 18-03a 35 Kornkven Gilbert R. 18-03a 32 Kornkven Gust 12-01a 24 Kornkven Hannah 18-03a 31 Kornkven Hudrun 06-06b 89 Kornkven Ingles 12-01b 72 Kornkven Iver 18-03a 30 Kornkven Kermit 18-03a 41 Kornkven Nels P. 18-03a 33 Kornkven Raymond 18-03a 39 Kornkven Ruth 18-03a 38 Korte Arthur 26-01a 22 Korte Delian 26-01a 23 Korte Edward A. 26-01a 20 Korte Evelyn Marie 26-01a 21 Korte Jerry 26-01a 24 Kortgaard Selma 12-01a 45 Kortgard Llyde I. 12-01a 20 Kortgard Melvin R. 12-01a 21 Kovarik Agnes J. 14-02a 5 Kovarik Clifford V. 14-02a 6 Kovarik Frank F. 14-01a 5 Kovarik James 14-01b 97 Kovarik Joseph Jr. 14-02a 4 Kovarik Joseph Sr. 14-01b 95 Kovarik Lucy L. 14-01a 6 Kovarik Margeret B. 14-01b 96 Kovarik Ralph M. 14-02a 7 Kraff Lena 54-04a 29 Kraft Alonzo 12-03a 28 Kraft Carrie 12-03a 27 Kraft Goldie 12-03a 32 Kraft Harold 12-03a 31 Kraft Homer 12-03a 29 Kraft Inez 12-03a 33 Kraft James 12-03a 26 Kraft Virgil 12-03a 30 Kranz Edna 56-01a 23 Kratt William 54-04a 28 Kraus Glen J. 35-02a 30 Kraus Harold W. 35-02a 31 Kraus Herman G. 35-02a 28 Kraus Marie B. 35-02a 29 Kreng Edgard A. 49-01a 22 Krengs Arthur F. 51-01b 91 Krenz Arval E. 22-02a 27 Krenz Bernadine B. 23-01a 38 Krenz Bernhardt 23-01a 36 Krenz Daisy M. 22-02a 26 Krenz Edna C. 49-02a 4 Krenz Gust F. 22-02a 25 Krenz Marceline M. 23-01a 39 Krenz Regina V. 23-01a 37 Kretschmar Alma M. 16-01b 68 Kretschmar Anna 23-01b 62 Kretschmar Arma M. 16-01b 71 Kretschmar Bertha 23-02a 45 Kretschmar Bruno 16-02a 11 Kretschmar C. J. 23-02a 44 Kretschmar Hilda E. 16-01b 72 Kretschmar Leonard K. 23-02a 47 Kretschmar Margaret 16-01b 67 Kretschmar Oscar F. 16-01b 70 Kretschmar Otto 16-01b 66 Kretschmar Paul A. 16-01b 69 Kretschmar Theodore D. 23-02a 46 Kreuz Amanda 23-02a 7 Kreuz Carl 23-02a 8 Kroeplin Carl 34-02a 10 Kroeplin Carlena E. 34-02a 9 Kroeplin Donald F. 34-02a 20 Kroeplin Edwin E. 34-02a 13 Kroeplin Erwin C. 34-02a 14 Kroeplin Floris L. 34-02a 18 Kroeplin Gilbert M. 34-02a 15 Kroeplin Henry 34-02a 8 Kroeplin Henry W. 34-02a 12 Kroeplin Luella 34-02a 17 Kroeplin Melvin A. 34-02a 19 Kroeplin Robert H. 34-02a 11 Kroeplin Viola A. 34-02a 16 Krogen Anna P. 06-06b 81 Krogen Clarice L. 06-03b 77 Krogen Johanas P. 06-04a 19 Krogen Julius J. 06-06b 80 Krogen Maria 06-04a 20 Krogen Ole 46-02b 92 Krogon Ingabor 46-02b 93 Krogen Margaret 57-03b 93 Krogon Minnie 46-02b 96 Krogon Oscar 46-02b 94 Krogon Selmer 46-02b 95 Kromsdahl Ole 22-02a 24 Kromsey Ardith M. 50-02b 85 Kromsey Daniel D. 50-02b 83 Kromsey Edward M. 50-02b 81 Kromsey Emma H. 50-02b 82 Kromsey Mona C. 50-02b 84 Kron Alvarina 07-01b 95 Kron Lyman M. 07-01b 94 Kruger August 02-04a 3 Kruger Blanch 02-04a 4 Kruger Louis S. 51-03a 27 Kruta Elizabeth B. 43-01b 79 Kruta Lester M. 43-01b 80 Kruta Miles 43-01b 78 Kruta Robert G. 43-01b 81 Kuebler Anna 49-02a 7 Kuebler Gust A. 49-02a 6 Kuebler Violet 49-02a 8 Kuhl Adolph H. 11-02a 33 Kuhl Adolph S. 11-02a 30 Kuhl Emma D. 11-02a 31 Kuhl Henry A. 11-02a 32 Kuhn Adeline 50-01b 94 Kuhn Aleda 50-01b 90 Kuhn Emma 50-01b 88 Kuhn Emma J. 33-02a 4 Kuhn Herman 50-01b 86 Kuhn Herman 50-01b 91 Kuhn Leroy 50-01b 93 Kuhn Lillian 50-01b 89 Kuhn Sophia 50-01b 87 Kuhn Walter 50-01b 92 Kuhnle Ella E. 35-02b 52 Kuhnle John 35-02b 51 Kuick Agnes 04-01a 36 Kuick John 04-01a 35 Kurth Adelia F. 17-02a 19 Kurth Alfred E. 37-01b 79 Kurth Henrietta 17-02a 17 Kurth Jean L. 37-01b 81 Kurth Lois J. 37-01b 80 Kurth Lorenz W. 17-02a 18 Kurth William F. 17-02a 16 Kvalheim Andrew 22-02a 11 Kvalheim Bertha 22-02a 13 Kvalheim Lina S. 22-02a 12 Kvalheim Severt 22-02a 14 Kvalvik Conard 02-03a 92 Kvalvik Deloras 02-03a 94 Kvalvik Keneth 02-03a 95 Kvalvik Winnefred 02-03a 93 Kveum Alf 45-01b 79 Kveum Anton 45-01b 71 Kveum Clifford N 45-01b 73 Kveum Geneva A. 45-01b 75 Kveum Gordon 45-01b 76 Kveum Marie 45-01b 72 Kveum Melvin A. 45-01b 77 Kveum Rudolph A. 45-01b 78 Kveum Ruth H. 45-01b 80 Kveum Stella M. 45-01b 74 Kyle Ada A. 06-12b 65 Kyle Ada E. 57-01a 5 Kyle Arthur N. 06-10a 3 Kyle Dave 46-02b 100 Kyle Delbert 16-02b 64 Kyle Delbert 39-01b 61 Kyle Elwood T. 57-01a 16 Kyle Laverna 34-02a 21 Kyle Mabel C. 06-10a 4 Kyle Robert A. 06-10a 5 Kylokken Mary B. 18-01a 44 Kylokken Mar*** 18-01a 46 Kylokken Thorwald 18-01a 45 Ky** Tom 07-02a 12 K*lly Isobelle G. 04-02a 17 K*lly John 04-02a 16 K*lly William 04-02a 18 Laabs D*ka F. 51-01a 50 Laabs Otto E. 51-01a 48 LaBarre Francis R. 55-02b 72 LaBarre Imogene C. 55-02b 73 LaBarre Maryline I. 55-02b 74 Labrud Halvor 08-01b 99 Lac Adelina M. 07-02a 21 Lac Gladys M. 07-02a 23 Lac Kenneth O. 07-02a 22 Lac Lawrence M. 07-02a 24 Lac Lydia 07-02a 20 La Caille Albert 06-02b 62 La Caille Alma 06-02b 61 La Caille Georgina 06-02b 60 Ladd Gillian E. 31-01b 57 Ladd John H. 31-01b 56 Ladd William H. 31-01b 58 Ladoueur Leo 58-02a 6 Ladoueur Sabrinieu 58-02a 3 Ladoueur Sylvia 58-02a 5 Ladoueur Victor 58-02a 4 Ladoux Alphie 41-02a 33 Ladoux Cecelia 41-02a 32 Ladoux Elizabeth 41-02a 29 Ladoux Henry 41-02a 30 Ladoux Laura 41-02a 31 Ladoux Victorine 41-02a 28 Ladoux Vildere 41-02a 27 Ladsen Anna 52-02b 68 Ladsen Arthur 52-02b 67 Ladsen Clarence 52-02b 65 Ladsen Matt 52-02b 63 Ladsen Nellie 52-02b 64 Ladsen Oscar 52-02b 66 Ladston Eden 40-02b 58 Lafance Joseph 13-01a 39 LaFlemme Delima 06-09b 75 LaFlemme Peter 06-09b 74 Lafortune Daniel 25-04b 52 Lafortune Flora 25-04b 53 LaFrance Albina M. 38-02a 4 Lafromboise Edna H. 42-01b 54 Lafromboise Mary I. 42-01b 55 Lafromboise Napolin 42-01b 53 Lagerquist Eugene V. 35-01a 35 Lagerquist Fern E. 35-01a 31 Lagerquist Goldia L. 35-01a 33 Lagerquist Irene J. 35-01a 32 Lagerquist Lester D. 35-01a 36 Lagerquist Ruby F. 35-01a 34 Lagerquist Ruth 35-01a 37 Lagerquist Victor 35-01a 30 Lahesia Laura 58-06b 71 Lahey Ellen T. 05-02a 27 Lahey Ethel P. 05-02a 26 Lahey Harriet I. 05-02a 28 Lahey Julia C. 05-02a 29 Lahey Micheal E. 05-02a 25 Laird Roy 29-02b 84 LaLac Olaf T. 07-02a 19 Lambe Catherine 04-01a 19 Lambe Dennis 04-01a 16 Lambe Elizabeth 54-02b 97 Lambe Genivieve 54-02b 99 Lambe Helen 54-02b 98 Lambe James F. 54-02b 96 Lambe Margaret 04-01a 17 Lambe Margaret 04-01a 18 Lambe Thomas 04-01a 20 Lambert Alvin R. 07-01b 59 Lambert Margaret E. 07-01b 63 Lambert Margaret S. 07-01b 60 Lambert Mildred F. 07-01b 61 Lambert Shirley A. 07-01b 62 Lamourent Alice E. 22-01a 24 Lamourent Alina 22-01a 19 Lamourent Cecilia 22-01a 20 Lamourent Celina 22-01a 22 Lamourent Ernest 22-01a 23 Lamourent Eva P. 22-01a 29 Lamourent Helen J. 22-01a 28 Lamourent Irene E. 22-01a 25 Lamourent Jennette E. 22-01a 27 Lamourent Joseph 22-01a 18 Lamourent Joseph A. 22-01a 26 Lamourent Laurence D. 22-01a 30 Lamourent Mary A. 22-01a 21 Lamport Deloss A. 06-09b 86 Lamport Harold D. 06-07a 36 Lamport Mary A. 06-09b 87 Landa Anna 45-04a 2 Landa Cora 45-03b 100 Landa Daniel D. 45-04a 14 Landa Raechel 45-04a 15 Landa Theodore 45-03b 99 Landa Thomas 45-04a 1 Landsverk Borghild G. 21-03a 12 Landsverk Gunder 21-03a 9 Landsverk Gunder E. Jr. 21-03a 14 Landsverk Olga J. 21-03a 10 Landsverk Oswall H. 21-03a 13 Landsverk Rolf G. 21-03a 11 Landsverk Thelma M. 21-03a 15 Langehaug Halvor 42-04b 81 Langehaug Martin 06-13b 99 Langehaug Sivert 06-13b 100 Langley Albert 25-01a 30 Langley Eleanor 25-01a 32 Langley Julia 25-01a 31 Langlois George H. 08-02b 89 Langlois Helen G. 08-02b 93 Langlois Helen J. 08-02b 90 Langlois James P. 08-02b 91 Langlois Joanne M. 08-02b 92 Langness Dene 24-02a 31 Langness Severt A. 24-02a 30 Langsand Oscar A. 50-02a 22 Laporte Ellvena M. 06-14b 62 Laporte Leo F. 06-14b 63 LaPorte Duane E. 51-01a 7 LaPorte Eugene C. 51-01a 8 LaPorte Joseph K. 51-02a 29 LaPorte Sherman J. 51-02a 30 LaPorte Ursula L. 06-03b 74 Larin Barbara 06-12a 8 Larin David 06-12a 5 Larin Gertrude M. 06-12a 6 Larin Lenore 06-12a 7 Larkin Clara A. 31-02a 36 Larkin Floyd D. 31-02a 38 Larkin Harold J. 31-02a 35 Larkin Ina A. 31-02a 37 Larock Joseph 28-02a 33 LaRock Albert 06-12b 96 LaRock Aldrick 06-12b 90 LaRock Betty J. 06-12b 93 LaRock Cecil M. 06-12b 95 LaRock Dorthy A. 06-12b 94 LaRock Jennie 06-12b 91 LaRock Leo 06-12b 92 Larsen Anyton L. 05-01b 61 Larsen Clarissa L. 05-01b 55 Larsen Elida B. 05-01b 59 Larsen Elvin W. 05-01b 57 Larsen Laurense 20-01b 85 Larsen Lewis B. 05-01b 56 Larsen Norman C. 05-01b 58 Larsen Olaf 18-01a 12 Larsen Philip M. 05-01b 60 Larsen Reidar 18-01a 11 Larsen Tobias 05-01b 54 Larshus Albert 10-03a 14 Larshus Dorthy 10-03b 58 Larshus Henry 10-03b 52 Larshus Lloyd 10-03b 56 Larshus Lorraine E. 10-02b 53 Larshus Lydia 10-02b 52 Larshus Marvel 10-03b 57 Larshus Melva 10-02b 55 Larshus Nettir 10-03b 53 Larshus Norman 10-03b 54 Larshus Ole H. 10-03a 12 Larshus Oscar R. 10-02b 51 Larshus Regena 10-03a 13 Larshus Rena 10-03b 55 Larshus Ruth 10-02b 54

    5. Jacobson Clayton L Ins, Glen Burnie, MD 21060
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    Apartments Attorneys Auto Dealers Auto Parts ... York, PA FIND: Enter name or type of business NEAR: Enter , or ZIP City Guide Glen Burnie, MD featured_adfeed = "yahoo";
    Jacobson Clayton L Ins
    7125 E Furnace Branch Rd
    Glen Burnie, MD 21060
    Contact Jacobson Clayton L Ins Phone: Business Profile for Jacobson Clayton L Ins Services:
    In the Neighborhood
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    Clayton Jacobson Video Clips
    Kenny Premiere Watch This Video! the premiere of Kenny took place on wednesday 24th september in london. a surprisingly small turn out saw Kenny (shane Jacobsen), Clayton Jacobsen and family, kimberley stewart and... Related: Kenny London Premiere Shane ... Jacobsen
    Kenny: Trailer
    Watch This Video! From the biggest festival to the smallest church social, Kenny Smyth delivers porta-loos to them all. Ignored and unappreciated, he is one of the cogs in society's machinery; a kni... Related: Kenny Clayton Jacobson filmswelike ... port-a-loo
    Kenny London Premiere
    Watch This Video! London: Sep 26, 2007. Kenny made the fans glow on this freezing Wednesday. Hats, gloves and steaming breath were all on view. Shane Jacobson is Kenny, the genial star of this char... Related: Kimbeley Stewart Kenny Shane ... Clayton
    First Baptist Church Wes...

    7. Gleebooks DVDs Opening Hours 9.00am-9.00pm GMT+1000 7 Days
    jacobson clayton, Kenny DVD. JAMISON JERRY, Raise The Titanic DVD. JAMISON JUDITH, Tribute To Alvin Ailey DVD Region 1

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NY USA Attending Douglass Cheri TX USA Supporting Douglass Sara NSW AUSTRALIA Day Dowler Frank FL USA Attending Dowling Terence NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Doyle Frances MA USA Supporting Doyle Aidan NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Drakeford Sue VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Drawdy Michael FL USA Attending Drennan Kathryn CA USA Attending Drexler Marc A MD USA Supporting Dritsas Bill VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Drummond Douglas IL USA Attending Drysdale David Kennedy UK Attending Duarte Fred TX USA Supporting Duck Darien ONT CANADA Attending Duff John MD USA Supporting Duff Lynn Ellen MD USA Supporting Dugan Grace QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Duncan Simon Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Duncanson Paul Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Dundas Edna P ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Dunn Linda IN USA Supporting Dunn Greg IN USA Supporting Durgin Nancy A CA USA Supporting Duval Chris E. CA USA Attending Duval Kathryn S. CA USA Attending Duval Yossi CA USA Infant Duvic Patrice FRance Attending Dyar Allyson M W WA USA Supporting Dyar Dafydd Neal WA USA Supporting Dyer Andrew R CA USA Supporting Dynon Andrew VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Dziadosz Christine IL USA Attending Earnshaw Roger Middx UK Supporting Easterbrook Martin UK Supporting Easterbrook Ken ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Ebenhoe Theresa CT USA Attending Edge Martin SA AUSTRALIA Attending Edge Julie SA AUSTRALIA Attending Edlund Laurie A. USA Attending Edmonds Leigh Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Edward James Berks UK Attending Edwards Chris Logan PA USA Supporting Edwards Lilian UK Attending Eggins David QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Eggleston Rod CA USA Attending Eggleston Shari CA USA Attending Eggleton Mariane RI USA Supporting Ehrlich Talia CA USA Attending Eisen Janice M WI USA Supporting Eisenberg Lise T NY USA Attending Ek Adam MA USA Supporting Elephant Obi-Wan Ken Elephant AUSTRALIA Infant Elliman Jennifer QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Ellington Michele TX USA Attending Elliott Russell WA USA Attending Elliott Briana VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ellis Bronya WA AUSTRALIA Attending Elms Alan CA USA Attending Eltham Kate QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Eltham Kate QLD AUSTRALIA voided Ely Ginnie MA USA Attending Endacott Sarah Day Eney Dick MD USA Supporting English Miriam Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Enstice Andrew VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Epstein Louis NY USA Supporting Eraclides George Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Ernoehazy Bill S. FL USA Supporting Erwin Gaye NSW AUSTRALIA Day Eslinger Joan CA USA Supporting Essers Guido BELGIUM Attending Estes Wilma G MS USA Supporting Evans Andrea L. GEELONG VICTORIA AUSTRALIA Attending Evans David J. GEELONG VICTORIA AUSTRALIA Attending Evans Richard Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Everling Michael CA USA Supporting Ewell David IL USA Attending Ewins Paul VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Exline Darrel L CA USA Supporting Eyeions Juliet UK Attending Ezzy John NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Fadgen Elinor WA USA Supporting Fairgrove Rowan CA USA Supporting Falk Ed CA USA Supporting Faller Nick MI USA Attending Falley Paul MN USA Supporting Falley Meredith MN USA Supporting Faries Jennie J. NC USA Attending Farina Bill WI USA Attending Farinelli Cindy IN USA Supporting Farinelli Mike IN USA Supporting Farmer Dale A MA USA Supporting Farmer David C. MD USA Attending Farr M. Bruce AZ USA Supporting Farr Lea C. AZ USA Supporting Farr Russell WA AUSTRALIA Attending Faulder Richard NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Faulkes Zen VIC AUSTRALIA Day Faunt Doug CA USA Attending Fawcett Bill IL USA Attending Feder Moshe NY USA Attending Feehan Gerard VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Feld Lisa MA USA Supporting Feldbaum Gary Keith PA USA Attending Feldhusen Michael MA USA Supporting Feldhusen Allison MA USA Supporting Feller Tom TN USA Supporting Fellows Amanda NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Fenech Patricia NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Ferer Susan CA USA Supporting Fergin James Vic AUSTRALIA Day Ferguson David NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Ferguson Roy VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ferrara Daniella NSW AUSTRALIA Supporting Feruglio Dal Dan Anna ITALY Supporting Fiddyment Chris SA AUSTRALIA Attending Field Rosa MA USA Attending Fields Carl C. SC USA Supporting Finch Andrew TAS AUSTRALIA Attending Finck Nikkii Vic AUSTRALIA Day finder jan howard NY USA Attending Finemore Jane NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Finkelstein Ed CA USA Supporting Finkelstein Kim ONTARIO CANADA Supporting Firmin Robert QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Fisher Melanie A CA USA Supporting Fisher Naomi C AL USA Attending Fisher Hugh ACT AUSTRALIA Day Fitch Don CA USA Attending Fitches David Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Fitzsimmons Catherine IL usa Supporting Flack Lloyd NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Flack John Vic AUSTRALIA Day Flanagan Sally DC USA Supporting Flander Terry Victoria AUSTRALIA Attending Flatt Brian Kent UK Attending Fleming Hugh Vic AUSTRALIA Day Flentke George WI USA Attending Fletcher Jo UK Attending Fletcher Judy NEW ZEALAND Attending Fletcher Jo London uk Attending Fletcher Malcolm NEW ZEALAND Attending Flinder Max Vic AUSTRALIA Day/child Flinthart Dirk QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Flood Patricia CA USA Supporting Floyd Sarah New Zealand Attending Flynn George MA USA Attending Flynn John L MD USA Supporting Flynn Peter K. CA USA Supporting Flynn Christopher QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Foglio Phil WA USA Attending Foglio Kaja WA USA Attending Fong Kandy AZ USA Attending Forbes Christine VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ford Mike LEEDS UK Attending Ford Pete Vic AUSTRALIA Day Forsyth Kristina G. MA USA Attending Forsyth Kate NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Foss Janice CA USA Supporting Foss Rick CA USA Supporting Foster Adrienne CA USA Attending Foster Sue Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Foster Sue C. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Fowler Chris UK Supporting Fowler Iestyn VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Fowler Karen Joy CA USA Attending Fox Crickett CA USA Supporting Fox John NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Fox Diane NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Fox Teresa B. TX USA Supporting Fox Roberta MA USA Attending Foyster John SA AUSTRALIA Attending Frahm Leanne QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Frame-Gray Nola CA USA Attending Frampton Keith VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Francis Steve KY USA Attending Francis Sue KY USA Attending Francisco Anthony X. WA USA Attending Frank Jane VA USA Supporting Frankel-Lieven Robin ONT CANADA Supporting Franson Donald CA USA Supporting Frants Marina NY USA Attending Fraser Cameron J. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Freas Frank CA USA Supporting Freas Laura CA USA Supporting Frech James R MO USA Supporting Freckelton Andrew WA AUSTRALIA Attending Freckelton Grant NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Freedman Avi PA USA Attending Freeland Richard Vic AUSTRALIA Day Freeman Barry C NJ USA Attending Freeman H Denise CA USA Supporting Freeman Pamela NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Freeman Paula CA usa Attending Freidin J A VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Freitag Lisa MN USA Attending Fremon Pam MA USA Attending Freundel Mark CA USA Attending Freyer John PA USA Attending Friauf Douglas MN USA Supporting Friedman Mitchell GA USA Supporting Friend Peter NEW ZEALAND Attending Frisbee Robert OR USA Attending Frost Terry VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Fulton Kathy CA USA Supporting Fulton Kathy CA USA Supporting Funnell Jason WA AUSTRALIA Attending Funnell Linda NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Fye Larry CA USA Supporting Gaffney Jason QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Gahlon Dean MN USA Attending Gaillard Edward NY USA Supporting Galaxy Bookshop NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Galaxy Bookshop NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Gallagher David W CA USA Attending Galt John David CA USA Supporting Gamache Jason WA USA Supporting Garnholz Maury CA USA Supporting Garvin Paul VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Gaspar Carson NY USA Attending Gavelis Maria IL USA Supporting Gbala Helen IL USA Attending Geary Mark A. OH USA Supporting Gelb Janice CA USA Attending Gelderbloem Jane Leeds UK Attending Gentili Karl S. NY USA Attending George Blade WA AUSTRALIA Attending German Mark A. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Gerry Stephen QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Gerstein Linda NY USA Supporting Gibbins John VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Gibbons John K TX USA Supporting Giese Tom MI USA Attending Giguere Paul T. NM USA Attending Giguere Paul J. MA USA Supporting Gilio Liz IL USA Supporting Gillespie Bruce VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Gillet Marilyn TX USA Attending Gilliam Richard WI USA Supporting Gimblet J. R. TX USA Supporting Ginter Erica V. D. MD USA Attending Ginter Karl MD USA Attending Gintilas George VIC AUSTRALIA Day Gioumousis George CA USA Supporting Gittus Grant VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Gjovaag Laura WA USA Supporting Gjovaag Eric WA USA Supporting Glass Inge GERMANY Attending Glass Steven M. MA USA Supporting Glassner Marsha CA USA Attending Glazar Mary Anne CA USA Attending Gleeson Ray NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Gleeson Stephen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Glicksohn Mike ONT CANADA Supporting Glover Don A. WA USA Supporting Glyer Mike CA USA Supporting Goddard Georgina WA AUSTRALIA Attending Goddin Jean AZ USA Attending Goh David VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Gold Barry CA USA Supporting Gold Lee CA USA Supporting Gold Lynn CA USA Attending Gold Steven T FL USA Attending Goldberg Seth CA USA Supporting Goldfein Jeanne CA USA Supporting Goldsworth Julie CA USA Supporting Gomez Larry AZ USA Attending Gomez Lagerlof Carolina SWEDEN Attending Gomoll Jeanne WI USA Supporting Gonsalves Cynthia CA USA Supporting Goodhand Gail MI USA Attending Goodin Melinda Rose VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Goodman Sarah E CA USA Supporting Goodman Judi FL USA Attending Goodman Alison M Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Goodwin Carol Vic AUSTRALIA Day Goonewardene Devika A. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Gooswin Cathy Lynn NSW AUSTRALIA Day Gordon Joan NY USA Attending Gordon Seth MA USA Supporting Gordon Marc E. DC USA Attending Gordon Adam Vic AUSTRALIA Day Gosden Matthew Hamp uk Attending Gosling Julia WA AUSTRALIA Attending Gotlib Richard M. ONTARIO CANADA Supporting Goto Miki OKINAWA JAPAN Attending Goto Naeko OKINAWA JAPAN Attending Gott Adelia M. TX usa Day Gott Jr. Robert A. TX USA Attending Grace Peter MA USA Supporting Grace Joyce Carrole MA USA Supporting Grady Daphne G LA USA Supporting Graham Virginia S VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Graham Sandy A VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Graham Susan Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Grant Mary C. CA USA Supporting Grasso Elyse M CO USA Supporting Grasso Jason Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Gray Louis Elver W CA USA Attending Gray Rosemary UK Attending Green Eleanor PA USA Attending Green Jon B TX USA Attending Green Terence M. ONT CANADA Supporting Green Michael VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Green Bernard David Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Green Jr Ralph TX USA Attending Greene Robert CA USA Attending Greene Edith CA USA Attending Greene Lisa CA USA Attending Greer Mike NEW ZEALAND Attending Gregory Hugh Sinclair BC CANADA Attending Gregory Ellen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending "Grenzke, Jr." Norman F. MI USA Attending Gresham David CA USA Attending Griesel Ann CA usa Supporting Grieve Robyn ACT AUSTRALIA Supporting Griffith Brooks TX USA Supporting Griffiths Don Western Australia AUSTRALIA Attending Grigg David Vic AUSTRALIA Day Grimm David L. VA USA Attending Griswold Gail VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Groat Jim WI USA Attending Groell Anne New York USA Attending Groot Harold CA USA Supporting Grosko Stephen J. IL USA Attending Gross Elizabeth OH USA Attending Gross Merryl MA USA Attending Grossman Laura MA USA Attending Gum Justin C SA AUSTRALIA Attending Gunnarsson Urban SWEDEN Attending Guy Jacqui QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Haar Christine NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Haber-Silverberg Karen CA USA Attending Hackett Jan Vic AUSTRALIA Day Hackney Glenn WA USA Supporting Haddad Trey CA USA Attending Hagan Dolores NT AUSTRALIA Attending Hager Jerry J. NY USA Attending Hager Dana TN USA Attending Haggerty Paul MD USA Attending Haight Cindy FL USA Attending Hail Guy WA USA Attending Hail Elizabeth WA USA Attending Hailman Delight WI USA Child in tow Haldeman Gay FL USA Attending Haldeman Joe FL USA Attending Haliday Paul NSW AUSTRALIA P1 Hall Kirsty UK Attending Hall Melinda C. OH USA Attending Hall Gary R. OH USA Attending Hall Andrew Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Hall Marjorie Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Hall Stewart Thomas Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Hallett Michelle NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Halsey Wayne NE USA Attending Halualani Roger M. CA USA Attending Hamadock Bec MD USA Attending Hamilton Nora ONT CANADA Supporting Hamilton Denise AZ USA Attending Hamilton Annie QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Hamilton Adina VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Hamilton Peter F NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Hamilton Tracy Vic Day Hammond Jenny NEW ZEALAND Attending Hampsey Mark NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Hancock D. Larry ONT CANADA Attending Hancock Jody M. ONT CANADA Attending Hancox Kay Surrey UK Attending Handfield Carey VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Handfield Joanna Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Handfield Phillip Victoria AUSTRALIA Child in tow Handfield Breanna Victoria AUSTRALIA Child in tow Handfield Breanna AUSTRALIA Day/child Handrich William C. OR USA Attending Handzel Cathy CA USA Supporting Handzel Jim CA USA Supporting Hansen Marcie NV USA Supporting Hario Pat WI USA Attending Harland Richard NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Harmon Kathy OH USA Attending Harold John BERKS UK Supporting Harold John Slough ENGLAND Attending Harold Bob B. MD USA Supporting Harper James S MA USA Supporting Harrigan Lisa Deutsch CA USA Attending Harrigan Harold CA USA Attending Harrigan III Harold CA USA Attending Harris Clay MN USA Attending Harris Jonathan FL USA Attending Harris George E. IL USA Attending Harris Arlene C. CA USA Attending Harris Alan CA USA Attending Harris Jeff SA AUSTRALIA Attending Harris Narelle VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Harris Alys QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Harrison Leif E. WA USA Supporting Harrison Irene R. CT USA Attending Harrison Keith NEW ZEALAND Attending Harrison Robin A Vic AUSTRALIA Day Hartley James A. UK Attending Hartshorne Steven Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Hartwell David G. NY USA Attending Hartwell Geoffrey S. NY USA Attending Harvey John Herts UK Attending Harvey Eve Herts UK Attending Harvey Edwina NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Harvia Teddy TX USA Attending Hasegawa Shoji Tokyo JAPAN Attending Hasegawa Ikuko Tokyo JAPAN Attending Hastie David J VA USA Attending Hatcher Matthew CA USA Attending Hatfield Shelley R. TX USA Attending Hattori Helen UK Attending Hattori Paul UK Attending Haugen David N WA usa Supporting Haugen Terri L WA usa Supporting Hauptmann Rick NM USA Attending Hauptmann Janet NM USA Attending Havighurst Thomas WI USA Attending Haviland Mark VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Hawkes Dr Emma WA AUSTRALIA Attending Hawkes Stephanie WA AUSTRALIA Attending Hay James H. CA USA Attending Hayashi Joji Kanagawa Prefecture JAPAN Attending Hayashida Shigeru Tokyo JAPAN Attending Hayes Lisa OR USA Supporting Heagy Troy L. MD USA Supporting Heap Danny Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Hech Peter J. MD USA Supporting Heenan Donna VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Heidemann Martin germany Attending Heise Gregory J. VA USA Attending Heiskanen Jussi-Ville FINLAND Supporting Hejna Kristine CA USA Attending Hellinger Stuart C NY USA Supporting Henderson Arthur L VA USA Attending Henderson Rebecca R VA USA Supporting Henderson Lea A. NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Henderson Fiona NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Henderson Iain WA AUSTRALIA Attending Henderson Sarah WA AUSTRALIA Child in tow Hendrick Lyndia CA USA Attending Hendrick Woody CA USA Attending Heneghan Jack CO USA Attending Hennebry Michael J. ND USA Attending Hennessy Wayne Wellington NEW ZEALAND Attending Henry Tracy L MD USA Attending Henson Nancy L. MO USA Attending Hepperle Robert NJ USA Attending Hepworth Anna WA AUSTRALIA Attending Hepworth Isaac AUSTRALIA Infant Herink Curtis GA USA Supporting Herkes Karen ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Herkes Joanne QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Herman Jack R. NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Herring Robert Vic AUSTRALIA Day Herriot Mandy VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Herriot Ware Jonathan VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Herrup Mark IL USA Attending Hertel Elisa MA USA Supporting Hertel Mark MA USA Supporting Hertz John CA USA Supporting Herz Melanie FL USA Attending Heuer Alan CA USA Supporting Hevelin Rusty OH USA Attending Hewitt Marylouise NY USA Attending Hickman Carolyn OH USA Attending Hide Andrew NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Higashi Michael CA USA Supporting Higgins William S IL USA Supporting Higgins Stephen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Higson Steven R. Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Hilk Greg Vic AUSTRALIA Day Hill Betsy NC USA Attending Hill Wesley NC USA Attending Hilliard Margaret NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Hillis Robert L OH USA Attending Hilton Craig QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Hilton Julia QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Hina Holly TN USA Supporting Hina Holly A. TN USA Attending Hinchliffe Julie A QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Hines Robin L. CA USA Attending Hinkle Jessie A. MD USA Supporting Hinz Colin ONT CANADA Supporting Hipp Scott CA USA Attending Hirai Hirohide Osaka JAPAN Attending Hirotaka Kihara JAPAN Supporting Hirsh Irwin Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Hirshman Bret NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Hirzel David WA USA Attending Hisayo Ushioda JAPAN Attending Hisle Debra M KY USA Attending Hisle Christopher KY USA Child in tow Hisle Timothy KY USA Child in tow Hisle Jr. James M. KY USA Attending Hitchcock Charles MA USA Attending Ho Grace SINGAPORE Attending Hoad Bradley VIC AUSTRALIA Day Hoare Martin BERKS UK Attending Hoare Jean BERKS UK Attending Hobbs Steven VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Hobson Samantha NSW AUSTRALIA Day Hoeke Carol AUSTRALIA Day Hoey Dan DC USA Attending Hoff Gary WA AUSTRALIA Attending Hoffman Joan NY USA Attending Hofmann Matthias germany Supporting Hofstetter Joan TX USA Supporting Hoge Robert QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Hoie Tore Audon NORWAY Attending Hoka c/o E Litt Sherlock NY USA Supporting Holcomb Frank OR USA Supporting Holinbaugh Amy OH USA Attending Holmes Jon VIC AUSTRALIA Supporting Holmes Wendy VIC AUSTRALIA Day Holt Melissa TN USA Supporting Honeck Butch MI USA Attending Honeck Susan MI USA Attending Hood Robert NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Hope Beverley VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Hope Liam VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Hopfner John MI USA Supporting Horncy Janet Wellington NEW ZEALAND Attending Horne Lynnette New Zealand Attending Horton Richard R MO USA Supporting Horvath Gillian CA USA Supporting Horwood Sharman SOUTH KOREA Attending Hosoi Etsuko Tokyo JAPAN Attending Hosth Andrea NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Houseman Doug MI USA Supporting Hovenga-Wauchope Gindi VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Hovenga-Wauchope Tamaly VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Hovenga-Wauchope Zyl VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Howard Geri CA USA Supporting Howard Dennis MI USA Attending Howell John Wellington new zealand Attending Howell Lynelle Wellington new zealand Attending Howell Dave WA USA Attending Howlett Craige K CA USA Attending Hryckiewicz Richard VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Hubbard Roxanne IL USA Supporting Huckle Cynthia A. ONT CANADA Attending Hudson Jim WI USA Supporting Hull Elizabeth IL USA Supporting Hunger Jamie R OR USA Supporting Huntzinger Lucy CA USA Supporting Hurley Brian NJ USA Supporting Hurst Ashley VIC AUSTRALIA Day Hutchinson Stephen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Hyman Sara CA USA Supporting Hypes James NT AUSTRALIA Attending Hypes Arion NT AUSTRALIA Attending Illingworth Tim SURREY UK Attending Illingworth Marcia Kelly TN USA Attending Ilylien Mark VIC AUSTRALIA Day In't Veld Robert NETHERLANDS Supporting Indin Richard MD USA Supporting Irvine Ian NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Irvine Chris WA AUSTRALIA Attending Irvine Margaret R Vic AUSTRALIA Day Irwin Mark IL USA Supporting Ishii Hiroshi Meguo-ku JAPAN Attending Isle Sue WA AUSTRALIA Attending Isozaki Kayoko SHIGA JAPAN Attending Ivanoff George Vic AUSTRALIA Day Jablon Marianne WA AUSTRALIA Attending Jackman Tracy A. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Jackowski AnnMarie CT USA Supporting Jackowski Walter CT USA Supporting Jacks Aaron P WA AUSTRALIA Attending Jackson Aleta CA USA Supporting Jackson Michael WA USA Supporting Jackson Sonja VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Jackson Tom OK USA Supporting Jacobsen Vanessa ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Jacobson Clayton Vic AUSTRALIA Day Jacoby Kate VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Jaffe Saul NJ USA Attending Jaffit Morgan VIC AUSTRALIA Attending James Patricia TN USA Attending James Michael WA USA Supporting James William C. CO USA Supporting James Alexander SA AUSTRALIA Attending Jamison Paul E KS USA Attending Jan Robert Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Jarrell Ronald A. VA USA Supporting Jarvi Aino L. CO USA Attending Jarvis Peter ONT CANADA Attending Jarvis Athena ONT CANADA Attending Jeffrey Guy NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Jemison Frankie CA USA Supporting Jencevice Linda IL USA Supporting Jencevice Michael IL USA Supporting Jensen Bill MD USA Attending Jensen Rebekah CA USA Supporting Jeude Samanda GA USA Supporting Jewell Jane NY USA Supporting Johns James H. AL USA Supporting Johnson Julie Serena MN USA Attending Johnson Robin TAS AUSTRALIA Attending Johnson Tom CO USA Attending Johnson David W. CA USA Supporting Johnson Sally A. CA USA Supporting Johnson Karen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Johnson Keith WA USA Supporting Johnson Coralie VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Johnson Heather VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Johnson Erica VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Johnson Katherine Auckland NEW ZEALAND Attending Johnson Helen NSW AUSTRALIA Day Johnson Andrew NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Johnson-Haddad Barbara CA USA Attending Joiner Mark Vic AUSTRALIA Day Jones Lenore Jean NJ USA Attending Jones Wayne H NJ USA Supporting Jones Angela WA USA Supporting Jones Bonnie IL USA Attending Jones Marsha NJ USA Supporting Jones Tim NEW ZEALAND Supporting Jones Kerrin new zealand Attending Jones Dallas NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Jordan Robert NY USA Attending Jordan Michael VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Jordan Linda FL USA Attending Jordan Peter Vic AUSTRALIA Day Josserand Earl T. TX USA Supporting Judd Struan NEW ZEALAND Attending Juozenas Joan IL USA Attending Jurgens Leanne Deborah VIC AUSTRALIA Day Justusson Elizabeth NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Justusson Gary Neil NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Justusson Deirdre NSW AUSTRALIA Child in tow Justusson Christopher NSW AUSTRALIA Child in tow Kabel Andres VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Kabutogi Reigo Chiba-Ken Japan Attending Kaden Cris Palomo TX USA Attending Kaden Neil E TX USA Attending Kafka Anita MS USA Supporting Kahn Walter MA USA Supporting Kakris Christos AUSTRALIA Attending Kalisz Millie IN USA Attending Kalisz Frank IN USA Attending Kapko Alex VIC AUSTRALIA Supporting Kappesser Peter J NY USA Supporting Kare Jordin CA USA Supporting Kare Mary Kay CA USA Supporting Karpfen Elenore ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Karpierz Joe IL USA Supporting Karpierz Sharon IL USA Supporting Kasten-Lowerre Lorinda CA usa Attending Katic Jim CA USA Supporting Kato Keith G. CA USA Attending Katze Rick MA USA Supporting Kaumeyer Erika WA USA Supporting Kawai Yasuo Japan Attending Kawai Sayuri Japan Attending Kawulok Marion E. AZ USA Attending Kaylor Cheryl Lynn CA USA Attending Keaton William J. VA USA Attending Keesan Morris M. MA USA Attending Keifer Margaret A. TX USA Attending Keith Greg FL USA Supporting Keith Lorna FL USA Supporting Kelly Mark R. CA USA Attending Kelso Sylvia QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Kemp Robert VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Kemp Elaine WA AUSTRALIA Attending Kemp Daniel Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Kemper Bart LA USA Supporting Kemper Rayma LA USA Supporting Kendell William NSW AUSTRALIA Attending "Kennedy, Jr." Robert CA USA Supporting Kennett Rick VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Kent Allan MA USA Supporting Keough Elizabeth CA USA Supporting Ketter Greg MN USA Attending Ketter William Infant Kewley Julian J. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Kidd Paul WA AUSTRALIA Attending Kiefer Hope WI USA Attending Kienle Susan A. CA USA Supporting Kimmel Leigh IL USA Supporting Kimmel Daniel M. MA USA Supporting Kincaid Paul Kent UK Attending Kindell Judith E VA USA Attending King Deborah A MA USA Attending Kingsley Michael A. TN USA Supporting Kirby Regina J. GA USA Supporting Kitay Michele A. NY USA Attending Klages Sally OH USA Supporting Klages Jack OH USA Supporting Klages Spencer A Co USA Supporting Klages Mary CO USA Supporting Klaudt James ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Klein Robert SAK CANADA Supporting Kliman Lincoln W NY USA Supporting Klover Kristoph CA USA Supporting Knabbe Ken MA USA Attending Knabe Susan NSW AUSTRALIA Day Knauer Michael PA USA Attending Knowles Martha TN USA Supporting Kobayashi Yoshio JAPAN Attending Kobayashi Japan Day Kobee Sally A OH USA Attending Kocsis Robert NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Kodai Aki Hyogo Pref. JAPAN Attending Koenig Tanya D. MD USA Supporting Koh Jason NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Kohler Alice Essex uk Attending Koivunen Diana M. CA USA Attending Kolke Rika Niigata japan Day Koman Victor CA USA Supporting Konkin III Samuel E. CA USA Attending Konkol Kenneth R MN USA Attending Konoya Hiroshi NJ USA Supporting Korn Daniel MD USA Attending Korn Zachary MD usa Infant Korra'ti R'ykandar WA USA Supporting Kosick Melanie WA AUSTRALIA Attending Kovalcik Rick MA USA Attending Kozlowski Anna VIC AUSTRALIA Day Kral Douglas NY USA Attending Kranzer Ellen D. MA USA Supporting Krause Dina S. IL USA Supporting Krehbiel Melvin OR USA Attending Krelle Andrew VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Krentz Laura MN USA Attending Kreutzman Kris CA USA Attending Kriesch Arawa QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Krolak Jack P WA USA Attending Kruger Cera CA USA Supporting Kucera Tommy MB CANADA Supporting Kuch Lutz GERMANY Supporting Kuhn Olav Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Kumming Waldemar GERMANY Attending Kuns Kirsten TAS AUSTRALIA Attending Kunsman Tom OH USA Attending Kurilecz Diane M NC USA Attending Kusayanagi Daisuke Chiba JAPAN Attending Kyle Dave NY USA Attending Labonville Suzanne N MA USA Attending Lacey Erika Maria QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Lacey Christine NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Laczko Valerie OH USA Supporting Ladue Ruth Anne CA USA Attending Lagergren Lisa VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Lai Aaron NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Lakh Stefan QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Lambert Marcia OR USA Supporting Lambert Kim ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Lampen Dave Southhampton UK Attending Lampen Linda Southhampton UK Attending Landis James M. MI USA Attending Lang David AC USA Supporting Lang Dianna ACT AUSTRALIA Day Langford Dave Berks UK Attending Langford Kate WA AUSTRALIA Attending Langsam Devra M NY USA Attending Lantz Sarah Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Larbalestier Justine NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Larsen Conrad WA USA Supporting Larsen Jane WA USA Supporting Larsen Vic Evening Larson Ronald A. CA USA Attending Larson Bob CA USA Attending Larson Eric C. CA USA Supporting Larue Candace CO USA Supporting Larue Stephen M CO USA Supporting Larue Justin CO USA Supporting LaRue Keith D. Mb. CANADA Attending Laskowski George MI USA Supporting Last Mathew ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Latham Johanna E. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Latzko Alex NJ USA Attending Lau Simon C. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Lavender Roy CA USA Supporting Lawrence Matt TX USA Attending Lawrence Pat CA USA Supporting Lawson Chris VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Lawson Sarah VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Lay Toni NY USA Supporting Lay Ross Vic AUSTRALIA Day Layton Alexis MA USA Supporting Lazar Judith T. CA USA Attending Lazzaro Cynthia MA USA Attending Lazzaro Joesrph MA USA Attending Le Lievre Kerrie SA AUSTRALIA Attending Leavell Jane A. OH USA Attending Leblond Roch ONT CANADA Supporting Leditschke Bethany ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Lee Peta NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Lee Jeremy QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Lee John VIC AUSTRALIA Day Leedberg Margaret OR USA Supporting Leeper Evelyn NJ USA Attending Leeper Mark NJ USA Attending Lehew Laura CA USA Attending Leibig Ruth CA USA Attending Leibowitz Hope ONT CANADA Attending Len Vanessa Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Lennon Ben J. VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Leona Elena Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Lerner Fred VT USA Attending Leszczynski Alex NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Letteney Gerry Attending Letters Maria QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Levick Greg ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Levine Rennie NY USA Supporting Leviston Conrad VIC AUSTRALIA Day Leviston Cathy A. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Levitt Stephen Ganteng south africa Attending Lewer Nicolette Auckland NEW ZEALAND Attending Lewis Alice MA USA Supporting Lewis Suford MA USA Supporting Lewis Tony MA USA Supporting Lewis Richard new zealand Attending Lewis Michelle Vic AUSTRALIA Day Liang Kuo-Yu NY USA Attending Lie Kristian WA AUSTRALIA Attending Lie Sven WA AUSTRALIA Attending Lieberman Danny NY USA Attending Lieberman Paula MA USA Supporting Liebmann Michael GA USA Supporting Lien Anton NORWAY Attending Lieven Andre ONT CANADA Supporting Lillian III Guy H LA USA Supporting Lim Marie CA USA Supporting Lim Keith CC singapore Attending Lindquist Rowena Cory QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Lindquist Daryl AUSTRALIA Supporting Lindsay Tamar MD USA Supporting Lindsay Eric QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Linneman Mark A OH USA Attending Lion Little Yellow nz Infant Liptak Rob OH USA Supporting Lister Mark CO USA Supporting Litchen John QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Litchen Monica QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Litt Elan Jane NY USA Supporting Litten Simon NEW ZEALAND Attending Livings Anita VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Livings Earl Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Lo Rosso Angela VIc AUSTRALIA Attending Lockhart Kelly TN USA Supporting Logan Myrna MN USA Supporting Lonehawk Brendan IL USA Supporting Lonehawk Patti IL USA Supporting Loney Mark ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Longbottom Darren WA AUSTRALIA Attending Lord Maree T. NSW AUSTRALIA Day Lorentz John OR USA Supporting Lorrah Jean KY USA Supporting Losin Adrienne VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Lotz Annette M. BC CANADA Supporting Louch Cheryl Vic AUSTRALIA Day Louden Mike MN USA Attending Louie Gary CA USA Attending Love J. Spencer MA USA Attending Love April M. CA USA Supporting Love Rosaleen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Love Penny VIC AUSTRALIA Day LoveFrancisco Valerie M. WA USA Attending Lovett Gayle ACT AUSTRALIA Supporting Low Robin Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Low Danny CA USA Supporting Lowe Vincent D. MI USA Supporting Lowerre Jim CA usa Attending Luckett Dave WA AUSTRALIA Attending Lucyshyn P. Alex GA USA Supporting Ludenia Ray Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Ludwig Gaye A. CA USA Attending Ludwig Michaela Renee CA USA Child in tow Luk Jimmy Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Lum Trent BC CANADA Supporting Lundsten Betsy MN USA Attending Lunquist Tracy IL USA Attending Luoma Robert J. MA USA Attending Lurie Perrianne PA USA Attending Luuk Stella ON CANADA Attending Lyau Bradford CA USA Attending Lyman David FL USA Supporting Lyman Deanna FL USA Supporting Lyn-Waitsman Shaina IL USA Attending Lyn-Waitsman Barry P. IL USA Attending Lyn-Waitsman Marcy H. IL USA Attending Lyn-Waitsman Paul IL USA Attending LynC VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Lynch Richard MD USA Attending Lynch Keith F VA USA Attending Lynch Nicki MD USA Attending Lyons Peter WA AUSTRALIA Attending Lysaught Joan CA USA Supporting Macbride Craig VIC AUSTRALIA Attending MacDermott Dana CA USA Attending MacDermott Bruce R. CA USA Attending MacFarlane Ben CA USA Attending MacFarlane Tish CA USA Attending MacGregor Duncan A. BC CANADA Supporting MacIntosh Robert J VA USA Attending MacIntyre F. Gwynplaine NY USA Attending MacKinlay Daniel ACT AUSTRALIA Attending MacLachlan Natalie NEW ZEALAND Attending MacLachlan Murray NEW ZEALAND Attending MacLaney Thomas MI USA Attending Maclean Kevin NEW ZEALAND Attending Maclean Caspian NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Macrae Andrew Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Madden J R LA USA Supporting Madden Michael M. VA USA Day Madden Helen E. H. VA USA Day Maddock Ross Warren VIC AUSTRALIA Day Madle Robert A. MD USA Supporting Magee Damian WA AUSTRALIA Attending Magee Heather WA AUSTRALIA Attending Maher Richard A. CA USA Attending Maher Kathy A. CA USA Attending Maher Mark TX USA Supporting Maher Lynette NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Mahoney Cassandra R. NY USA Attending Mailander Mary Jane CA USA Attending Mainhardt Ricia NY USA Supporting Maizels John NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Maizels Monty Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Maizels Frances Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Majerus Laura CA USA Attending Major Joseph KY USA Supporting Makita Kazuhiko Chiba JAPAN Attending Malartre Elisabeth Ca USA Attending Malinowycz Marci Wa USA Attending Malmberg Norwin MD USA Attending Mami Elaine NJ USA Attending Mami Carl NJ USA Attending Mangan Lois H MA USA Supporting Mann Jim PA USA Supporting Mann David Vic AUSTRALIA Day Mann Emma Vic AUSTRALIA Day Manning Sandra CO USA Supporting Mannion Robert CA USA Supporting Mansfield John MB canada Supporting Mantzioros Marie Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Marble Beth CA USA Attending Marble Chris CA USA Attending March Russell Berkshire UK Attending Margaret Susan WA AUSTRALIA Supporting Margaret Susan WA AUSTRALIA Attending Marie Nina CA USA Attending Marier Shawn WA USA Supporting Marikar Yasmin FL USA Attending Marillier Juliet WA AUSTRALIA Attending marion anderson Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Marks Kimberlee CA USA Supporting Marland Sarah VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Marmor Mark NY USA Attending Marr Leon CT USA Attending Marsh Naomi VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Marston Bonnie Alexandra WA USA Attending Marston Karen R Vic AUSTRALIA Day Martin George E NM USA Attending Martin George R R NM USA Attending Martin Liz NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Martin Greg QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Martin Emily V. Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Martin Diane WI usa Supporting Martyn Shona NSW AUSTRALIA Day Marwede Thomas Vic AUSTRALIA Day Mason Michael CA USA Supporting Mason Anne NEW ZEALAND Attending Mason Tom NEW ZEALAND Attending Mason Rika Vic AUSTRALIA Day Mason Tony Vic AUSTRALIA Day Massoglia Alice CA USA Supporting Massoglia Marty CA USA Supporting Massoglia Benjamin CA USA Supporting Massoglia Mariel CA USA Supporting Masson Sophie NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Masters Rob WA AUSTRALIA Attending Mathews Race VIC AUSTRALIA Day Matthews Robert MD USA Attending Matthews Susan R. WA USA Attending Matthews Robbie ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Matthews Dea ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Matthews Jr Winton E DC USA Attending Maughan Ian W. SUSSEX UK Attending Maullin Paul Vic AUSTRALIA Day Maxey Joyce CA USA Attending Maxwell Katherine VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Maxwell Darren Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Mayer Sally MA USA Attending Maynard Jeffrey D. CA USA Attending Mazurak Roman VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McArdle Edward Vic AUSTRALIA Attending McArthur Maxine ACT AUSTRALIA Attending McAuley Paul J. UK Attending McAuliffe Patrick NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McBride Gary TX USA Attending McBride Marc NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McCarthy Dan NEW ZEALAND Attending McCaw Ken WA AUSTRALIA Attending McCaw Kevin WA AUSTRALIA Attending McCaw Shelley WA AUSTRALIA Attending McCaw Adam WA AUSTRALIA Child in tow McCloud Timothy John NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McColl Andrew WA AUSTRALIA Attending McCombs Cheryl CA USA Attending McConchie Lyn NEW ZEALAND Attending McConnell Michael E. PA USA Supporting McCooke Alexander Vic AUSTRALIA Attending McCurry Sharane NY USA Supporting McDaniel Timothy A. TX USA Attending McDermott Kirstyn Victoria Day McDonnell David Vic AUSTRALIA Attending McDonnell Catherine NSW AUSTRALIA Day McDonough Christopher QLD AUSTRALIA Attending McDougal Harriet SC USA Attending McEwan Robert Nova Scotia canada Day McFarlane Anna NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McGann Mike NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McGary Richard CA USA Supporting McGaw Allison Qld AUSTRALIA Attending McGee Tom TN USA Supporting McGee Caroline TN USA Supporting McGee Andrew M. Vic AUSTRALIA Day McGee Ryan Vic AUSTRALIA Day/child McGillis Jack CO USA Supporting McGrain Tim FL USA Supporting McGrath Paula VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McGregor Alayne ON CANADA Supporting McGuinness Rose Victoria AUSTRALIA Day McGuire LeAnna CA USA Attending McGuire Patrick L. MD USA Attending McHarg Fraser VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McHarg Claudia VIC AUSTRALIA Infant McIntosh Greg CA USA Attending McKay Peter NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McKellar Ian WA AUSTRALIA Attending McKenna Marjorie ONT CANADA Supporting McKenna Karen WA AUSTRALIA Attending McKenna Claire VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McKenzie Peter VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McKenzie Chuck NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McKinlay Tricia QLD AUSTRALIA Supporting McLaughlin Nina OH USA Supporting McLean Reece Day McLeay Emilly VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McLeay Tristan VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McLeod Rod NSW AUSTRALIA Attending McMahon Chris QLD AUSTRALIA Day McMenamin Mark IL USA Supporting McMullen Sean VIC AUSTRALIA Attending McMurray Pat Kent UK Attending McMurrian Althea NJ USA Attending McNamara Patrick SA AUSTRALIA Attending McNamara Peter T. SA AUSTRALIA Day McNary Lucinda MO USA Attending McNary Mark MO USA Attending Meades Rob Essex uk Attending Meades Hazel Essex uk Infant Mealy Jeanne MN USA Attending Mega Ian QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Meier Wes CA USA Attending Meier Wilma CA USA Attending Melder A Zane LA USA Attending Mellott Connie OH USA Attending Meltzer Lori MA USA Attending Mendes Karen ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Mendlesohn Farah Berks UK Attending Menz Wiliam SA AUSTRALIA Attending Meredith Timothy A. GA USA Supporting Merrick Helen WA AUSTRALIA Attending Merrifield Deborah A. VIC AUSTRALIA Supporting Merrifield Deb A. Vic AUSTRALIA Day Merrifield Steve J. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Meschke Karen TX USA Supporting Meserole Thomas A. NH USA Supporting Meskys Edmund R NH USA Supporting Meskys Sandra NH USA Supporting Meskys Stanley NH USA Supporting Metz Paul CA USA Attending Metz Stephanie CA USA Attending Metzger Steve IL USA Supporting Meyer Kathleen IL usa Supporting Middlemiss Perry VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Middlemiss Catherine Vic AUSTRALIA Child in tow Middlemiss Brian SA AUSTRALIA Attending Middlemiss Tineke SA AUSTRALIA Attending Middlemiss William VIC AUSTRALIA Infant Mildebrandt Nancy E WI USA Attending Miller Alan F NY USA Supporting Miller Ben W CO USA Supporting Miller Sasha (Georgia) CO USA Supporting Miller Claire CA USA Attending Miller Diane IL USA Supporting Miller Audrey IL USA Supporting Miller Keith IL USA Supporting Miller Theodore NY USA Attending Miller Arthur NJ USA Attending Miller Tara IL USA Attending Miller Dorothy CA USA Supporting Miller Karen NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Miller Katharine Vic AUSTRALIA Day Mills Robyn VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Mills Paul VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Mills Anne-Marie NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Milner Andrew VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Milsztein Gail J. PA USA Attending Minneman Lynn I MD USA Attending Minz James F. NY USA Attending MiÒambres Teresa C NY USA Supporting Mironov Alexandru Romania Attending Mitchell Linda QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Mitchell Rose VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Mitchell Anthony Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Mitchell Ross NSW AUSTRALIA Day Mitchell Karen Vic AUSTRALIA Day Mix Marilyn J. MD USA Attending Miyakawa Tetsuya Ibaraki-Ken JAPAN Attending Miyashiro Randall CA USA Supporting Modell Howard WA USA Supporting Modell Celia WA USA Supporting Modell Celia WA USA Supporting Modell Howard S. WA USA Supporting Modell Elizabeth May WA USA Supporting Moen Rick CA USA Supporting Moffatt June CA USA Supporting Moffatt Len CA USA Supporting Mohan Kim WA USA Attending Moir Debby SURREY UK Attending Moir Mike SURREY UK Attending Moir Lillian E. Quebec CANADA Supporting Mole Matthew Auckland New Zealand Attending Molloy G Patrick AL USA Attending Monagin John MI USA Supporting Monagin Michelle M. MI USA Supporting Mond Ian VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Montador Paul Lothian scotland Attending Moon Elizabeth TX USA Supporting Moore Perry Glen TN USA Supporting Mór Caiseal NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Morby Robert Uk Supporting Morgan Cheryl VA USA Attending Morgan Carolyn M. GA USA Supporting Morgan Brian CA USA Attending Morgan John Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Morgan Charles VIC AUSTRALIA Evening Morley Lewis NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Morman Brian CO USA Supporting Morman Mary CO USA Attending Morman Melissa CO USA Supporting Morningstar Chip CA USA Supporting Morningstar Janice CA USA Supporting Morris Hilarie A. VA USA Attending Morris Phillip L. VA USA Attending Morris Terry VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Moscoe Michael L. WA USA Supporting Moseley Sharon Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Moss Miriam UK Attending Moulton Fred C. CA USA Attending Moursund "Beth ""Bethmo""" WA USA Attending Mowbray Christopher NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Moylan Ken ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Mozzicato Susan E MA USA Attending Muijsert Michelle VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Mullan Caroline UK Attending Mulligan Rikk VA USA Supporting Mumaw Donnalyn OH USA Supporting Mumaw Lorraine A OH USA Attending Murphy Jeena NEW ZEALAND Attending Murphy Pat CA usa Supporting Murphy Peter Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Murphy Andrew Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Murphy Cleo Infant Murray Janice WA USA Attending Murray Neil VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Murray James J. MO USA Supporting Murray Paula Helm MO USA Supporting Murray Peter C. Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Murray-White Sarah NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Myers Robert QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Myers Galina NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Nachman Heather VA USA Supporting Nagle Mathew NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Nakashima Lex CA USA Attending Namura Noriko Osaka City japan Attending Natalier Matthew QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Nattrass D. Scot CA USA Attending Ndalianis Angela Vic AUSTRALIA Day Neale Vanessa NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Nebel Sharon Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Nelson Michael R VA USA Attending Nelson Lisa CA usa Attending Nelson Chris TAS AUSTRALIA Day Nelson Chris TAS AUSTRALIA Day Nelson Jem WA AUSTRALIA Attending Nero Marko NSW AUSTRALIA Attending NESFA MA USA Supporting Newall Clive VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Newall Estelle Vic AUSTRALIA Child in tow Newall Roger VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Newman John Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Newrock Bruce NJ USA Supporting Newrock Flo NJ USA Supporting Newton Barry MD USA Attending Newton Judy MD USA Attending Newton Meridel MD USA Attending Ney Richard CA USA Supporting Ng Simon VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ng Rodney AUSTRALIA Day Nicholas B L VA USA Attending Nicholls Peter VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Nicholls Christine NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Nicholls Warren NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Nicholls Luke VIC AUSTRALIA Day Nicholls Jack VIC AUSTRALIA Day Nicholls Luke Day/child Nichols Ian WA AUSTRALIA Supporting Nichols Ian WA AUSTRALIA Attending Nickerson Kevin MI USA Attending Nicolau Viurel Romania Attending Niezink Jan Willem NETHERLANDS Attending Nikkec Katherine K. CO USA Supporting Nikkec Shelagh CO USA Supporting Niven Marilyn CA USA Attending Niven Larry CA USA Attending Nix Garth NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Nomarhas Carole ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Nordley Gerald D. CA USA Attending Noritake Wendy WA USA Attending Norman Eva SWEDEN Attending Norman Sandra WA AUSTRALIA Attending Normandy Elaine CO USA Attending Norwood Rick TN USA Supporting Novak John J MO USA Supporting Nowakowska Maggie M. WA USA Supporting Nyder Katrina E. WA USA Supporting Nye Jody Lynn IL USA Attending O'Brien Ulrika CA USA Supporting O'Brien Kevin S. PA USA Attending O'Brien Terry IN USA Attending O’Brien John E. VIC AUSTRALIA Day O'Cain Iain AB CANADA Attending O’Callaghan Brett M Vic AUSTRALIA Attending O'Connell Ann Marie MI USA Supporting O'Conner Dea FL USA Supporting O'Dell Tom AZ USA Attending O'Donnell Jonathan VIC AUSTRALIA Attending O'Halloran Christina CA USA Attending O'Halloran John F. CA USA Attending O'Hanlon Roderick IRELAND Attending O'Neale Dave WV USA Supporting O’Neale Sian Vic AUSTRALIA Attending O'Rorke Andrew VIC AUSTRALIA Attending O’Shannassy Luke VIC AUSTRALIA Attending O'Shea Richard Y. WA USA Supporting O'Shea II Christopher LONDON UK Attending Oakes Deborah A. OH USA Attending Oakes Ronald B. IL USA Attending Oates Marianne VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Oberg Michael UT USA Supporting Oberg Gerda K. D.F. MEXICO Attending Oberhofer Mark CA USA Supporting Oberndorf Charles OH USA Attending Obst Patricia L QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Odom Jr. James Carl AL USA Supporting Okada Yasushi JAPAN Attending Okada Yutaka Japan Attending Olanich Raymond Cathy PA USA Attending Oldham Barbara OR USA Attending Oliver-Weymouth Merrian VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Olmsted Gene PA USA Supporting Olson Priscilla MA USA Attending Olson Mark MA USA Attending Olson Loretta M. MI USA Supporting Oltion Kathy OR USA Attending Oltion Jerry OR USA Attending Olynyk Frank OH USA Attending Ong Marisa CA USA Attending Ong S. Fern SINGAPORE Attending Ong Alistar Vic AUSTRALIA Day Ontell Ron CA USA Attending Ontell Val CA USA Attending Orazanski Roman SA AUSTRALIA Attending Orlandella Antony M. MA USA Attending Orman Katherine NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Ortiz Mariela C. NY USA Supporting Ortlieb Cath VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ortlieb Marc VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ortlieb Michael VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Ortlieb Natalie VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Osako Masamichi Osaka Pref. JAPAN Attending Osako Michiko Osaka Pref. JAPAN Attending Osterman Laila SWEDEN Supporting Osterman Per SWEDEN Supporting Ostwald Tricia NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Ott Tara ACT AUSTRALIA Infant Overton Kathi D. VA USA Attending Owen Melinne NM USA Attending Owens Bea MO USA Supporting Oxwell Simon WA AUSTRALIA Attending Pack Denis WA AUSTRALIA Attending Paddon Michael VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Paddon Linda VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Palma Fernando Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Palmatier Susan NH USA Attending Palmer C. CA USA Supporting Palmer Martha VA USA Attending Paltin Josephine A NJ USA Attending Paolucci Carol MA USA Supporting Papworth Frances VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Paraskevas Colin VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Parcel Jan CA USA Supporting Paris Sam IL USA Attending Parker Tony E NC USA Attending Parker Carole CA USA Supporting Parker Rembert N. IN USA Attending Parker Beverly J. IN USA Attending Parker Steve Ontario CANADA Attending Parker Helen M. IL USA Supporting Parker Alan NEW ZEALAND Attending Parker Jeremy VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Parker Dan E. Brisbane AUSTRALIA Day Parris NM USA Attending Parsons Spike CA USA Attending Partridge Jim CA USA Supporting Partridge Mark E. NY USA Supporting Paterson Cate NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Patrice Helen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Patten Frederick CA USA Attending Patterson Scott TX USA Supporting Patterson Dawn TX USA Supporting Patton Andrew ENGLAND UK Attending Paul Sara PA USA Supporting Paulk Mark PA USA Attending Paulsen Joanne C. CA USA Supporting Paulsen Steven Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Pavlac Ross IL USA Supporting Pavlat Peggy Rae MD USA Attending Pawtowski Daniel P. WA USA Supporting Payne Michael H CA USA Supporting Payne Dave Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Payne Kathryn CA usa Supporting Payne Robert CA usa Supporting "Pearce, Jr." Joseph O. CA USA Attending Pearlman Eileen D. TX USA Attending Pearson Wendy NSW AUSTRALIA Day Peart James A. Count Dublin IRELAND Attending Pease Wanda OR USA Attending Peel Susan MI USA Supporting Peirce Douchka AZ USA Supporting Peirce Hayford AZ USA Attending Pekar Bonnie V PA USA Supporting Pelz Bruce E CA USA Attending Pelz Elayne F CA USA Attending Pemberton S. VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pen Robin WA AUSTRALIA Attending Pender-Gunn Karen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Penney Richard TX USA Supporting Penney Lloyd ON Canada Supporting Penney Yvonne ON Canada Supporting Perelgut Mary E. IL USA Supporting "Perez, Jr." Carlos CA USA Attending Perkins Gerald R. CA USA Supporting "Perkins, Jr." Frank MI USA Supporting Person Lawrence TX USA Supporting Peshek Jo LA USA Attending Peters Kate QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Peterson Amy CO USA Attending Peterson Jean IL USA Supporting Peterson John D. NJ USA Attending Peterson Jesper VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pett Adrian VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pettersen Les ACT AUSTRALIA Day Pettinger Sandra G NE USA Supporting Pettinger Jr Pierre E NE USA Supporting Pettis Jr Roy C VA USA Attending Phillips Daryl L IL USA Supporting Phillips Karen CA USA Supporting Phillips Susan GA USA Attending Phillips Mark NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Phillips Stephen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pickett Deborah VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pierce Samuel C VA USA Supporting Pierce Sharon GA USA Attending Pillay Prabha Vic AUSTRALIA Day Pilvinis James MA USA Supporting Pimmel David A. WI USA Supporting Pinner Andrew TAS AUSTRALIA Attending Pirinen Pekka UK Attending Pirinen Anetta UK Attending Plumlee Gary L IN USA Attending Plummer Mark Surrey UK Attending Plumridge-Eggleton Mariane RI USA Supporting Pohl Erik Tas AUSTRALIA Attending Pohl Mary Tas AUSTRALIA Attending Pol Harry NSW AUSTRALIA Supporting Pomeranz John VA USA Attending Pomeranz Hal CA USA Attending Ponnusamy Ravidran Selangor MALAYSIA Attending Poore Ann VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Porter Andrew NY USA Attending Porter Ken CA USA Supporting Porter Pat WA USA Attending Porter Julie S. CA USA Attending Porter Mutsumi WA USA Supporting Porter Marianne PA USA Supporting Potanin Robin Qld AUSTRALIA Attending Pott Katherine B. MA USA Supporting Potter D CA USA Supporting Poulier Lisa Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Power David S. Surrey UK Attending Powers Calvin NC USA Attending Poyner Julie VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pratchett Terry Wilts UK Attending Prather Joseph Y. WA USA Attending Preisig Kylie QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Preston Janice VA USA Attending Preston Richard VA USA Attending Price Allan ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Price George W. IL USA Supporting Price Nick VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pride Marilyn NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Prior Micheal VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Proctor Brian WI USA Attending Prohm Kristi NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Prohm Philip NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Proks Peter uk Attending Proni Amy MI USA Supporting Proni Tullio MI USA Supporting Prophet Fred MI USA Attending Pruitt Timothy A NY USA Supporting Pulido Cristina Walstad NORWAY Attending Pulla Stefanie GERMANY Supporting Puller Martin TX USA Supporting Purdon David VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Purdy Chris VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Pyter Thomas C. MI USA voided Quinton Linda NY USA Attending Rabenn Andrew J. WI USA Supporting Raboczi Simon QLD AUSTRALIA Day Rafalovitch Alexandre NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Ramey Laurie MD USA Attending Ramey Timothy B. MD USA Attending Ramey Miranda MD USA Child in tow Randle Cath UK Attending Ranne Sterling TX USA Attending Ranson Peggy LA USA Supporting Ratter Wendy E. Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Ratti David FL USA Attending Raymond Eric S. PA USA Attending Rayner Roberts Tansy TAS AUSTRALIA Attending Reddan Tim ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Reddan Tracy ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Reddan Madeleine ACT AUSTRALIA Child in tow Reddan Patrick ACT AUSTRALIA Child in tow Reddan Nathaniel ACT AUSTRALIA Infant Redding Marjorie MA USA Attending Reeb Kaylynn CA USA Attending Reeb Kaylynn CA usa Attending Reed Virginia R. IL USA Attending Reed April CA usa Supporting Rees Les FL USA Attending Reese Mifany VIC AUSTRALIA Day Rehl J B NC USA Attending Reich Ariel CA USA Supporting Reichert Jim DE USA Supporting Reid Darren VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Reid Karen NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Reilly Helen P SA AUSTRALIA Attending Reisler Kurt VA USA Supporting Reiss Phillip VA USA Attending Reitz Susan NV USA Supporting Relling Mark A. Canterbury new zealand Day Renaldo Party Sheep VIC AUSTRALIA Infant Renn Aaron IL USA Supporting Renton Jr Neil H PA USA Supporting Repin Ivan NSW AUSTRALIA Day Resnick Carol OH USA Attending Resnick Mike OH USA Attending Reuel Jamie VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Reutersward Anders SWEDEN Supporting Reynolds James W. CN USA Attending "Rhode, Jr." James F. WA USA Attending Rice Stephen D. Surrey UK Attending Rice Pamela CA USA Supporting Richards Mark MN USA Supporting Richards Andy Surrey UK Attending Richards Tim VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Richardson Kathy A TX USA Supporting Richerson Carrie TX USA Supporting Rickards Gregory NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Riel Roberta T IL USA Supporting Riel Rob NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Riley Connie L CA USA Attending Riley Mark VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ripley Paul S. CA USA Supporting Ritch Bill GA USA Attending Ritter Bruce WA USA Attending Rivers David Manitoba Canada Attending Roach Russell IN USA Attending Roache Ed J QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Robbie Melissa Jane VIC AUSTRALIA Day Robe Gary R. TN USA Supporting Robe Corlis F. TN USA Supporting Roberts Carol MD USA Attending Roberts John P MD USA Attending Roberts Alan E. OR USA Supporting Roberts Mike Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Roberts Binns Helena VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Robertson Susan CA USA Supporting Robertson Brendan Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Robinett Linda Louise CA USA Attending Robinson Ian VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Roche CMS Lothian scotland Attending Rodriguez Maria E. CA USA Supporting Roeder Larry W. VA USA Attending Roeder Nicholas VA USA Child in tow Roehm Bob KY USA Supporting Roepke Richard MD USA Attending Rogers Keith W. TX USA Supporting Rogers Geoff WA AUSTRALIA Attending Rogerson Melissa VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Rogow Roberta NJ USA Attending Rolfe Tracey VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Roper Gretchen H. IL USA Supporting Roper Bill IL USA Supporting Rose Thomas J. NY USA Supporting Rose Shawn NY USA Supporting Rosenbaum Arwen ON CANADA Supporting Rosenberg Robert NY USA Supporting Rosenburg Diane MA USA Attending Rosenthal Alan WA USA Attending Ross-Mansfield Linda MB CANADA Supporting Roth Stefan GA USA Supporting Rotstein Rachel NY USA Supporting Rousseau Yvonne SA AUSTRALIA Attending Routley Jane DENMARK Attending Routt Darren Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Rowley John VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Rowley Cedric QLD AUSTRALIA Day Roy Eileen CA USA Supporting Roy Kenneth TN USA Supporting Roylance Stephen Victoria AUSTRALIA Attending Rubinstein Peter MA USA Attending Ruffini Antonio south africa Attending Ruh Larry MD USA Attending Ruhle Kristen CA USA Attending Rule Trina Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Russell Richard S WI USA Attending Russell David L. VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Russell-Clarke Jaynee East Sussex uk Attending Ruwoldt Margaret L. VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Ruzek Paula Vic AUSTRALIA Day Ryan Elizabeth CT USA Attending Ryan Charles C. MA USA Attending Ryan Guest of Charles C. MA USA Supporting Sachter Ruth L OR USA Supporting Sacks Robert E NY USA Attending Sadler Jeremy VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Sakers Don MD USA Supporting Salive Harold T NEW ZEALAND Attending Salo Paula CA USA Supporting Salter David Ian CA USA Attending Salverda Deborah M. Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Samuel John WA AUSTRALIA Attending Sander Tony NSW AUSTRALIA Day Sanderson Sue PA USA Attending Sandler Richard FL USA Attending Sanmiguel Juan J. FL USA Attending Santoso Widya ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Sanusi Akhramsyah M.U. Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Sapienza Jr John T MD USA Attending Sapotsnkov Grigori RUSSIA Attending Sargent Gene TX USA Attending Satterfield Dale CA USA Supporting Saul Jon VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Saunders Gordon CA USA Supporting Saunders Damien VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Savchenko Yuri RUSSIA Attending Savitzky Colleen CA USA Supporting Savitzky Kathryn CA USA Supporting Savitzky Stephen CA USA Supporting Sawyer Robert J. ONT CANADA Attending Sawyer Alan B. ONT CANADA Supporting Sayle Adrian Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Schaefer Kate WA USA Supporting Schaffer Karen CA USA Attending Scharadin Mary Ellen VA USA Attending Schild Jon J. UT USA Supporting Schilling Ben WI USA Attending Schimel Lawrence D. NY USA Attending Schleifer Colette H. MD USA Supporting Schleifer Mark A. MD USA Supporting Schlofner Mike CA USA Supporting Schmeidler Lucy Cohen NY USA Attending Schmidt Stanley NY USA Attending Schmidt Joyce NY USA Attending Schneider Gene CA USA Attending Schneider Marlys AK USA Attending Schneider Jim AK USA Attending Schneider Peter NY usa Day Schoenhuth Spring WA USA Attending Schott Susan SA AUSTRALIA Day Schultz Colleen NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Schutzman David L. PA USA Supporting Schweppe Jane NY USA Supporting Schwepple Jane NY USA Attending Score David AZ USA Attending Scott Eric P. CA USA Attending Scott C. T. OK USA Supporting Scott Anne NEW ZEALAND Attending Scott Jill NEW ZEALAND Attending Scott Lewis VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Scott Cindy CA USA Supporting Scott Gavin CA USA Supporting Scounds Paul L. SA AUSTRALIA Day Screen Derek Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Scribner Edwin NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Scrivner Joyce K MN USA Attending Seabrook Laura Anne NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Seamon Ken Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Sears Teri FL USA Attending Seawright Caroline Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Sedwick Kathy CA USA Supporting Sefcovic Fabian IL USA Supporting Sejavka Sam Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Sekeris Andreas Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Semmel Justin VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Senchy Andrea NJ USA Attending Seney William Alberta CANADA Attending Senft Christopher R. CA USA Supporting Serdiuk Ron QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Sero Zev NY USA Supporting Serr Dr. Cheryl TX USA Attending Serr Don TX USA Attending Sessoms Lee S. GA USA Attending Shallcross David F. NJ USA Attending Shandley Lynne Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Shannon Marcia SC USA Supporting Shapland Ron ONTARIO CANADA Attending Sharpe Colin WA AUSTRALIA Attending Shaw Nancy Tucker MI USA Attending Shawcross William E. MA USA Attending Sheep Silly L. Infant Sheffield Vivian MI USA Attending Shellenbarger Shane AZ USA Supporting Shellenbarger Lauren AZ USA Supporting Shellenbarger Shane AZ USA Attending Shellenbarger Laurie AZ USA Attending Shellens Jim NSW AUSTRALIA Day Shelton Gregory Mark TX USA Supporting Shelton Gary W. MS USA Supporting Shepherd Randall L. TX USA Attending Shepherd Joel WA AUSTRALIA Attending Sheppard Sue Vic AUSTRALIA Day Shere Howard MS USA Attending Sherman Keith MA USA Supporting Sherman Delia MA USA Attending Sheward Jean Essex UK Attending Shibley James AZ USA Supporting Shifrin Ori Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Shilcock David WA AUSTRALIA Attending Shimada Yooichi Saitama JAPAN Attending Shimada Kimiko Saitama JAPAN Attending Shipman Linda WA USA Supporting Shor Mark Vic AUSTRALIA Day Short K Michiko TX USA Attending Shuman David MI USA Attending Shuman Heather MI USA Attending Siclari Joe FL USA Attending Siders Ellen CA USA Supporting Sieber Renee NJ USA Attending Siegel Kurt NY USA Supporting Siegel Jeffrey A. TX USA Supporting Sieler Stan CA USA Supporting Sieler Stan CA USA Supporting Siladi Michael CA USA Supporting Silber Rachel MD USA Attending Silver Steven IL USA Supporting Silverberg Robert CA USA Attending Silverstein Roger MI USA Supporting Simons Kay White IN USA Attending Simons Fred IN USA Attending Simons Kate Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Simpson Neil CO. ANTRIM NORTHERN IRELAND Supporting Simpson Collen VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Sims Pat OH USA Attending Sims Roger OH USA Attending Sinclair Andrew WA AUSTRALIA Attending Sinda Petri I. VIC AUSTRALIA Day Sintome Marcus A. SA AUSTRALIA Day Sioukas Michael 3185 Day Siros Nina TX USA Supporting Siros Willie TX USA Supporting Skelsey Dan VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Skip Morris Guest of NH USA Attending Skran Jr Dale L NJ USA Attending Slater Joe VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Sloan John CO USA Attending Sloan Kathleen A CO USA Attending Sly Paul Arthur VIC AUSTRALIA Day Smirnov Valeri V. RUSSIA Attending Smith Theresa Renner MD USA Attending Smith Laurence C OH USA Attending Smith Dennis Lee MD USA Attending Smith Randy CA USA Supporting Smith Rodford KY USA Supporting Smith Sean M CA USA Supporting Smith Susan M. WI USA Attending Smith Timothy L NY USA Supporting Smith Vicki CA USA Supporting Smith Victoria A VA USA Attending Smith Gerald NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Smith Tara WA AUSTRALIA Supporting Smith Alicia WA AUSTRALIA Attending Smith Missouri MO USA Attending Smith Sam AL USA Attending Smith Ralph OH USA Attending Smith Bruce CA USA Attending Smith Denise CA USA Attending Smith Hank PA USA Supporting Smith Rosie VA USA Attending Smith Stephen Vic AUSTRALIA Attending Smith Christopher R. NBruns canada Day Smith Mark VIC AUSTRALIA Day Smith Nick CA usa Supporting Smith Craig Vic AUSTRALIA Day Smithers Jane UK Supporting Smoire Lee WA AUSTRALIA Supporting Smookler Kenneth M. ONT CANADA Attending Smullen Russell E. MD USA Attending Smyth Trish VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Smyth-McMullen Catherine VIC AUSTRALIA Child in tow Smythe Deb Victoria AUSTRALIA Day Snow Scot WA AUSTRALIA Attending Snyder Deborah M MA USA Attending Snyder Sallijan CA USA Supporting Soh Kam-Hung VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Soh Raphael VIC AUSTRALIA Infant Sokola Joseph A CO USA Supporting Soley Barton Catherine Freda Hertfordshire UK Supporting Solomon Michele Jaye IL USA Attending Solomon Rory CA USA Attending Solomon Vicki CA USA Attending Solomon Jamie CA USA Child in tow Solomon Terry CA USA Child in tow Solomon Jessica D. IL USA Attending Solomon Heather-Rose IL USA Child in tow Solomon Faithrowena FL USA Attending Solomon Jacob IL USA Child in tow Sorensen Christine QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Sossinka Dan NSW AUSTRALIA Day Soukup Martha CA USA Supporting Sparks Catriona NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Spears Charmaine NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Speer Jack NM USA Supporting Speer John NM USA Attending Speller Maureen Kent UK Attending Spelman Richard C FL USA Attending Spencer Henry ONT CANADA Supporting Spencer Vaughan J. OH USA Supporting Spencer Tasha CO USA Supporting Sperling Allan IL USA Attending Spike AUSTRALIA Infant Spitzer Sheldon IL USA Supporting St. John Aileen MI USA Supporting Staffan Lorie WI USA Attending Stage Jesper SWEDEN Attending Stair Steve TX USA Attending Standlee Kevin CA USA Attending Standley Diane CA USA Attending Stanfield Gregory Phillip VIC AUSTRALIA Day Stanley John MN USA Attending Starke Marcia CA USA Supporting Starr Paul QLD AUSTRALIA Attending Stathopoulos Nick NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Stearns Freda E GA USA Attending Stearns Robert E GA USA Attending Steel Colin ACT AUSTRALIA Attending Steele Mariann S SC USA Supporting Steele Linda F. MA USA Supporting Steele Allen M. MA USA Supporting Stein Michael P VA USA Supporting Stein Dave MI USA Attending Stein Diana MI USA Attending Stein Jeff CA USA Attending Steinhoff Katie CA USA Supporting Stephan Alan R. FL USA Supporting Stephenson Robert N. SA AUSTRALIA Attending Stern Edie FL USA Attending Stern Tom CA USA Attending Sterns Aaron VIC AUSTRALIA Day Stevens Milt CA USA Attending Stevenson Keith VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Stewart Alan VIC AUSTRALIA Attending Stewart Larry ONT CANADA Supporting Stewart Sandy MD USA Attending Stewart Risa MD USA Attending Stewart John Surrey UK Attending Stewart Barbara Surrey UK Attending Stigter David NSW AUSTRALIA Attending Stockdale Ian CA USA Attending Stoddart Richard VA USA Attending Stohlmann Nathan MN USA Attending Stokes Keith W. 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    10. Tropfest Videos, Podcasts And Video Blogs About Tropfest - Tag On
    Directed by Clayton Jacobson. Tags comedy toy adult vibrator sex finalist shop nervous 2001 horn jacobson clayton tropfest add a tag
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    Nokia Tropfest NYC 2007

    from Steve Garfield's Video Blog on October 30, 2007
    162 views Donna Suffling shows us the Nokia booth at Tropfest NYC 2007 and my featured video showing how to edit video on the Nokia Nseries. Thanks Nokia for bringing me to NYC for the film fest. I was inspired by the films and now want to make one for next years festival. Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), MP3 Audio (.mp3), MPEG-4 Video (.m4v), Flash Video (.flv) Tags: nokia, tropfest, n95, nseries, donnasuffling, stevegarfield also in: vlog comedy technology podcast ...
    How to Shoot, Edit and Post Video with the Nokia N95

    from Steve Garfield's Video Blog on September 06, 2007
    157 views In this video I give a quick overview of the video features of the Nokia N95. I cover resolution, 640x480 30 fps, image stabilization. Then show of the nice color the camera can shoot along with built in features of Sepiam Black and White, and Infared. Then I show how the N95 has a timeline based editor, and drop some clips to the timeline and add credits. Finally I use the inbuilt WiFi to upload and post the video to my VOX blog. This video was used for the Tribeca Film Festival Nokia Tropfest page. Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), iPod/iPhone (mpeg4/m4v). Tags: nokia, n95, stevegarfield, edit, shoot, upload, vox, video, howto, tropfest

    11. Clayton Jacobson - Pictures, News, Video Clips, Layouts, Wallpapers & Fan Club -
    Clayton Jacobson Actor Profile Fan Club, Pictures Posters, News, Video Clips Layouts.
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    12. Kenny - Clayton Jacobson, Shane Jacobson, Eve Von Bibra, Ronald Jacobson - CIA
    Film review of clayton jacobson s comedy documentary movie Kenny starring Shane jacobson, Eve Von Bibra, Ronald jacobson.
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    Kenny - Shane Jacobson, Eve Von Bibra, Ronald Jacobson, Clayton Jacobson
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    • Film Australia comedy documentary drama sanitation waste management sewage Nashville exposition
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    • Shane Jacobson .... Kenny Eve Von Bibra .... Jackie Ronald Jacobson .... Father Jesse Jacobson .... Son Chris Davis .... Pat Ian Dryden .... Sammy Morihiko Hasebe .... Sushi Cowboy Clayton Jacobson .... Screenwriter Shane Jacobson .... Screenwriter Clayton Jacobson .... Director
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    13. Clayton Jacobson
    Discuss this name with other users on IMDb message board for clayton jacobson. Find where clayton jacobson is credited alongside another name
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    Clayton Jacobson
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    Trivia: Brother of Shane Jacobson more Awards: more
    Jump to filmography as: Actor Director Editor Writer ... Self Actor: post-production .... Lunch Guest (feature The Water Diary)
    ... aka To Each His Cinema (International: English title) Kenny (2006) .... Brother The Water Diary (2006) .... Lunch Guest Blacktown (2005) .... Blind date
    ... aka Black Town (Australia: DVD title) The Illustrated Family Doctor (2005) .... Phil

    14. Kenny -  Shane Jacobson, Clayton Jacobson -  Variety Profiles
    Credits*. Director, clayton jacobson. Producer, clayton jacobson, Rohan Timlock. Actor, Role. Shane jacobson, Kenny Smyth. Eve Von Bibra, Jackie

    15. Kenny 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival Clayton
    DIRECTOR clayton jacobson Producer clayton jacobson, Rohan Timlock Editor clayton jacobson, Sean Lander Screenwriter Shane jacobson, clayton jacobson

    16. Kenny (2006 Film) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Director clayton jacobson describes Kenny as the DalaiLama of Waste Management, eternally optimistic and always ready to put others before himself.
    Kenny (2006 film)
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Further information might be found on the talk page or at requests for expansion (January 2007) Kenny Directed by Clayton Jacobson Clayton Jacobson
    Rohan Timlock
    Clayton Jacobson
    Shane Jacobson Starring Shane Jacobson
    Eve von Bibra

    Ronald Jacobson

    Ian Dryden
    ... August 17 Running time 104 minutes Language English IMDb profile Kenny is a Australian mockumentary film starring Shane Jacobson as Kenny, a Melbourne plumber who works for plumbing company Splashdown. The film is shot entirely on location in the western suburbs of Melbourne Sydney and Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America. In Australia, there has been high acclaim for the film which continues to receive excellent reviews with an average of four to four-and-a-half stars. The film was released in the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom on the 28th September Director Clayton Jacobson describes Kenny as "the Dalai-Lama of Waste Management, eternally optimistic and always ready to put others before himself. Kenny represents the humbling nature of common decency."

    17. 2006 February 16 At The Musings Of Chris Samuel
    The films creator, producer and director clayton jacobson (IMDB entry) was there to introduce the film and lead discussion and questions afterwards,
    The Musings of Chris Samuel
    The Thoughts and Feelings of a Melbourne Person

    18. Low-budget Local Hero Wipes The Competition - National -
    Director clayton jacobson called in his family for the fictionalised documentary when work began almost three years ago. It s a really tough industry for
    @import url("/css/2005/theage-200511.css"); Welcome to The Age. Skip directly to: Search Box Section Navigation Content Text Version @import url(""); NEWS MYCAREER DOMAIN DRIVE ... National
    Low-budget local hero wipes the competition
    On a roll: Shane Jacobson plays Kenny the Portaloo plumber in the film made by his brother, Clayton Jacobson.
    Photo: Jeff Dawson
    Latest related coverage
    Daniel Ziffer
    October 14, 2006
    A LOW-budget film about a plumber who specialises in poo, funded by a toilet company and starring the director's father, brother and son as key characters, is the unlikely king of Australian cinema. Melbourne-made Kenny is the little film that could. It has raked in $4.7 million at the local box office since it opened nine weeks ago, out-earning 2006 offerings from Hollywood stars including Steve Martin ( The Pink Panther ) Woody Allen ( Match Point ) and Harrison Ford ( Firewall "Most families, they really only get together to spend quality time at Christmas, for fleeting moments. But I've spent the last three years with Shane," he said. Clayton's brother Shane Jacobson plays Kenny Smyth, a knockabout plumber who delivers portable toilets everywhere from drag races to the Melbourne Cup. Clayton's 10-year-old son Jesse stars as Kenny's boy, and his father is played by patriarch Ronald Jacobson.

    19. Super Ventilator Jet Ski Engine Hood (boat) - Patent 4509926
    jacobson, clayton J. Primary Class. 440/88R. Other Classes. 440/88A, 440/77, 114/55.510, 114/361, 114/211. International Classes. B63B35/73; B63B17/00
    Login or Create Free Account Search Go to Advanced Search Home Search Patents Data Services ... Help Title: Super ventilator jet ski engine hood (boat) Document Type and Number: United States Patent 4509926 Link to this page: Abstract: An improved engine hood for jet ski type vehicles (boats). Air flow is greater and less water finds it's way into the engine compartment because of large ducts peripherally located, up and down in a horizontal plane around the interior of the hood, the down sections are water traps which drain outside and the previously horizontal ducts become snorkel type loops when the boat is capsized. The hood is removable and floats. The hood is characterized by a large rearwardly and forwardly louvered opening on the top, and a flexible exhaust conduit which appends the bottom extending down into the engine compartment. Inventors: Jacobson, Clayton J. (Box 5338, Parker, AZ, 85344)
    Application Number: Filing Date: Publication Date: View Patent Images: Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs

    20. Kenny Review: InTheNews Film Review, Shane Jacobson
    jacobson nails Kenny at every level even down to his seemingly innocuous speech impediment. Director, cowriter and real-life brother clayton jacobson also$1142627$1142627.htm
    Breaking News: Your source for news Web: Site: News Reference
    Film Review
    29 January 2008 14:07 BST
    Tuesday, 02 Oct 2007 08:55 Kenny: Shane Jacobson plumbs the depths Printer friendly version
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    Directed by Clayton Jacobson, out September 28th in cinemas, starring Shane Jacobson, Clayton Jacobson and Eve Von Bibra, running 100 mins In a nutshell Touching, hilarious, utterly charming, mockumentary-gold What’s it all about? Kenny Smyth (Shane Jacobson) works for portable toilet company Splashdown. His job is his life and he won't let people's opinions of his means of employment get him down. He goes about his day-to-day work with an unshakably optimistic attitude. He's never been out of Australia, is divorced from a woman who no longer loves him and has a son who won't stop swearing at his mother. But Kenny is a down-to-earth genuine bloke; a hard day's work is a hard day's work and as long as he has enough money in his pocket for a beer in the evening, he's more than happy. Through his life, not a lot of people and given him the time of day, if they had they'd find a truly warm-hearted and hilarious character.

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