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         Jackson Peter:     more books (99)
  1. Understanding Intelligence in the Twenty-First Century: Journeys in Shadows (Studies in Intelligence)
  2. Faces, Voices and Dreams: A Celebration of the Centennial of the Sheldon Jackson Museum Sitka, Alaska 1888-1988 by Lydia Black, 1987
  3. The Jacksons: Family Affair by Weisner Demann Entertainment and Joe Jackson, 1975
  4. AsiaPacifiQueer: Rethinking Genders and Sexualities
  5. The Seventh Crusade, 12441254 (Crusade Texts in Translation) by Peter Jackson, 2009-07-01
  6. The History of London in Maps by Felix Barker, Peter Jackson, 1993-02
  7. Mr Jackson's Elizabethan theatre by Peter JACKSON, 1996-01-01
  8. William Henry Jackson (Masters of Photography) by Peter Bacon Hales, 1985-04
  9. The Jacksons from Bermuda: John Richard Jackson Branch by Peter M. Renaldo, 1992-12
  10. Scoop: The life and politics of Henry M. Jackson by Peter J Ognibene, 1975
  11. Surrealism Usa by Scott Rothkopf, Robert Lubar, et all 2005-03-15
  12. Public Sector Economics by C. V. Brown, Peter Jackson, 1991-01-16
  13. Natural Language Processing for Online Applications: Text retrieval, extraction and categorization - Second revised edition (Natural Language Processing) by Peter Jackson, Isabelle Moulinier, 2007-06-05
  14. The Frighteners: A Novel by Fran Walsh, Peter Jackson, 1996-07-01

October 23, 2007 THOSE old creative differences are to blame for director peter jackson s firing of Ryan Gosling from Lovely Bones.
Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Last Update: 08:50 AM EST NYC Weather:
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October 23, 2007 THOSE old "creative differences" are to blame for director Peter Jackson Ryan Gosling from "Lovely Bones." "Peter couldn't stand Ryan," said one source. Though Variety reported that Gosling had "stepped down" and was replaced by Mark Wahlberg , our source said, "Ryan cut his own hair, and was fighting with wardrobe. He was so demanding . . . Peter booted him two days before filming started." The flick is based on the best-selling novel by Alice Sebold . A rep for Gosling did not return calls. next item ... J.lo Late Paying For Limos

42. Peter Jackson To Lord Over 'Rings' Prequels | The Register
Lord of the Rings helmsman peter jackson will produce a twofilm adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien s The Hobbit - but he will not write or direct.
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    The Register Odds and Sods Entertainment
    Peter Jackson to lord over 'Rings' prequels
    More than one way to skin a Hobbit
    By Cade Metz in San Francisco More by this author Published Tuesday 18th December 2007 21:18 GMT Green Computing - Where do you stand?

    43. Peter Jackson's Bio
    peter jackson is the New Zealand director of films like splatter classics BRAINDEAD (aka Dead/Alive in the US) and BAD TASTE, the drama/thriller HEAVENLY
    Peter Jackson is the New Zealand director of films like splatter classics BRAINDEAD (aka Dead/Alive in the US) and BAD TASTE, the drama/thriller HEAVENLY CREATURES (starring Kate Winslet and Melanie Lynskey) and the horror / comedy THE FRIGHTENERS (starring Michael J.Fox) and the upcoming LORD OF THE RINGS. Peter Jackson was born in New Zealand on Halloween 1961. He was raised in Pukerua Bay, a little town west of Wellington by his parents Bill and Joan Jackson. Being the only child, Peter was forced to come up with games, ideas and things to keep himself occupied. On Christmas 1969, Peter's parents got an 8mm camera and his life was forever changed. It didn't take long for Peter to get his hands on the camera. A director is born!!! In 1973, along with several of his friends, Peter began to make movies. They dug holes in the garden and made a film on the Second World War. It was at this time that Peter began to develop his knack for special effects. His first effect was stimulating gunfire by punching holes in the celluliod. It was this early training that would later pay off for Peter when it came time to make his first feature film. Peter continiued making short films with his friends and after getting a job at The Evening Post, he was finally able to afford the purchase of a Bolex 16mm film camera. It was very easy to handle and the necessary equipment if he was really serious about making feature films. In 1983, Peter immediately started filming. That same year, he started on a 10 minute short film called "Roast Of The Day". But just as when he was young, Peter had a million ideas and before he knew it, his 10 minute short was quickly becoming a full length feature film.

    44. Bad Taste.
    peter jackson also constructed his own counterweighted steadycam device for peter jackson went on to make the equally gory Braindead and Meet the
    Tag line : One thing the aliens hadn't counted on was Derek, and Derek's don't run. A surprising cult hit this one by Pre-"Lord of the Rings" director Peter Jackson. Filmed originally as a pet project on a shoestring budget, the film is set in a small coastal town in Jackson's native New Zealand, where a specialist government group called AIDS (oooerrrrrr!!!!!) have been called in to investigate the disappearance of all the towns folk, following a UFO sighting. They soon discover the town has been taken over by aliens, who have killed the population, and turned them into their own favourite brand of fast food. What starts as a routine investigation, ends up in a massive gun fight as they discover the alien's space ship, cunningly disguised as a nearby building, and a massive battle erupts. The amount of blood and gore in this film is quite phenomenal, even by Clive Barkers, or George Romero's standards. But, it's presented in such a way that it just makes you laugh hysterically. There's vomit eating, brain eating, cannibalism, exploding heads, EXPLODING SHEEP !!!!!!! Terrific stuff. This one went down a storm when it got entered into the Cannes film festival, which took the cast and crew by complete surprise as Peter Jackson never intended this for general release. Whilst the acting and special effects aren't quite on the same par with mainstream Hollywood blockbusters, this film is an absolute scream and if you haven't seen it already, do so at once. I cannot recommend it enough. Prepare to be grossed out like never before.

    45. Peter Jackson Vs. Ralph Bakshi --The Lord Of The Rings -Part 2. --Hollywood Jesu
    Visual analysis of the 1978 animated adaption of the Lord of the rings compared to the 2001 feature.
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    Peter Jackson vs. Ralph Bakshi
    In 1978, I went to Bakshi's movie with an open mind. It was well that I did, and also well that my mind, at that age, was still mostly empty...
    Analysis by Greg Wright
    MONTHLY FEATURE: AUGUST 2002 Peter Jackson vs. Ralph Bakshi This page was created on August 8, 2002 This page was last updated on May 31, 2005 Peter Jackson vs. Ralph Bakshi The Blessing...
    1978 was a most excellent year in Seattle. The Seahawks, new to the NFL in 1976, were one of the most exciting teams in football, the Sonics were well on the way to becoming a championship caliber team under the coaching of Lenny Wilkins, I was entering my final year of High School, and I had fully immersed myself in Middle-earth. I think it's safe to say that, by the time I was 14 or 15, I was a bona-fide Tolkien fanatic. It still being the pre-internet years, I was definitely not as well-informed as the average fan is today; in fact, even while in college at the University of Washington from 1979-1984, I don't think I ran into anyone who was more "into" Tolkien than I was. And I was an English Lit AND Computer Science major! But by modern standards, my fandom was pretty infantile. Still, the announcement that my final year of adolescent "youth" would be graced by the release of an animated treatment of

    46. Peter Jackson Talks About His Crowning Achievement
    When New Zealand directorwriter-producer peter jackson (Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners) first took on the daunting task of making a film of JRR
    Feature Peter Jackson Talks About His Crowning Achievement
    Iain Blair
    Page 1 of 3
    When New Zealand director-writer-producer Peter Jackson ( Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners ) first took on the daunting task of making a film of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy The Lord of the Rings , he says he tried to keep a simple vision foremost in his mind — “to make a film I’d enjoy seeing myself.”
    The result is not only the biggest (three films shot back-to-back in New Zealand over 18 months, with another three years spent on post), the longest (each is some three hours long), and the most expensive (around $300 million) fantasy-adventure project ever created, but a triumphant adaptation of The Lord of the Rings
    Here, Jackson talks about making the trilogy, working with DP Andrew Lesnie, and some of the groundbreaking effects in the final film in the trilogy, The Return of the King
    We also talked with producer Barrie Osborne and Richard Taylor of Weta Digital, the New Zealand-based visual effects house that created some 1500 digital shots for the final film.
    How did making this film compare with making the first two?

    47. Deadline Hollywood Daily » URGENT! Peter Jackson And Bob Shaye Settle; Jackson
    But Shaye s image is tarnished forever by his LOTR legal debacle; his public badmouthing of peter jackson earned Shaye the nickname Lord Of The Rants .
    URGENT! Peter Jackson And Bob Shaye Settle; Jackson Will Exec Produce 'Hobbit'
    After nearly three years of legal battling and public bad-mouthing  and six months of settlement talks, it's all over. Even better, it's back to Middle Earth for all parties. Today's big news is that JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit and its sequel will finally be made back-to-back for New Line and MGM the way they should be under the Academy-Award-winning creative vision of Mr. Lord Of The Rings. But Jackson won't be directing this time out, because of his previous commitments to DreamWorks for The Lovely Bones and Tintin trilogy with Steven Spielberg. While that will disappoint his  LOTR fans, they'll be pleased to know that the famed director will be integrally involved as executive producera long with his partner Fran Walsh. I'm told Jackson will make all creative decisions in concert with New Line, which will manage the production of the films.  The two Hobbit films – The Hobbit and its sequel – have long been stalled. Now they are scheduled to be shot simultaneously, with pre-production beginning as soon as possible. Principal photography is tentatively set for a 2009 start, with the intention of releasing The Hobbit  in 2010 and its sequel the following year, in 2011.

    48. SCI FI Wire | The News Service Of The SCI FI Channel | SCIFI.COM
    I don t care about peter jackson anymore. He wants to have another $100 million or $50 million, whatever he s suing us for. He doesn t want to sit down and

    49. Peter Jackson Movie Box Office Results
    peter jackson box office breakdown and upcoming movies.

    50. The Hobbit Film - The Way It Was Meant To Be Or Not At All Petition
    The clear and obvious choice of a director and special effects studio to handle an adaptation of the Hobbit is peter jackson and WETA.
    The Hobbit Film - The way it was meant to be or not at all
    View Current Signatures Sign the Petition To: Fans of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy First off, let me state than I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan and was immensely excited by the possibility of a movie adaptation of the prequel to the trilogy, namely "The Hobbit." Recently, MGM Studios has decided to rush a movie version of the book for their 2008 schedule in order to revitalize their film division. However, both MGM and New Line Cinema own a piece of the film rights, making both studios inclusion necessary in getting the film off the ground.
    The clear and obvious choice of a director and special effects studio to handle an adaptation of the Hobbit is Peter Jackson and WETA. The involvement of the Oscar-winning director seemed assured until it was revealed that a lawsuit between Mr. Jackson and New Line over profits earned for Fellowship of the Ring was the single road block in getting the two sides to agree to make the film. New Line has decided to blackmail Jackson by forcing him to settle the lawsuit out of court as a prerequisite to making the movie.
    Now, fans want a "Hobbit" movie. But not a cold-blooded, rushed "Hobbit" movie spawned by greed and an unwillingness to cooperate for the good of the fans. We need to STOP "The Hobbit" movie from being made under these circumstances for the following reasons:

    51. Direct2Drive: Buy Peter Jackson's: King Kong (High-Res Edition) Download
    Get the peter jackson s King Kong (HighRes Edition) download here, We offer the full version as a digital download, Buy peter jackson s King Kong's:-King-Kong-(High-R Rotten Tomatoes GameSpy ... GameStats Welcome New User login my account
    : PC Game Downloads Peter Jackson's: King Kong (High-Res Edition)
    GetProductRating(321, 'RET');
    var PID; PID="321"; Screenshots
    Peter Jackson's: King Kong (High-Res Edition) download
    This title is available for purchase in the US, Canada, and Mexico only. This game will not activate outside the qualifying countries. The High Resolution edition contains enhanced graphics that use the latest 3D technology. Please see the system specifications below to ensure that you meet them before purchasing Live the epic action of Peter Jackson's movie King Kong. Play as Jack or Kong in unique, dual-style gameplay. Play in first-person Survival mode as Jack Driscoll: shoot, evade, fight using Skull Island's hostile environment to your advantage. Launch your destructive power as the iconic ape-monster Kong in third person, from the savage perils of Skull Island to the skyscrapers of New York. Eligibility: 13 years or above.

    52. Welcome ToolBookDevelopers!
    peter jackson s ToolBook Developer site provides native ToolBook, Neuron, and dhtml programming tips, Openscript Code, Actions Editor Code,
    Welcome ToolBookDevelopers!
    It's Sign up for our Newsletters View our past NEWSLETTERS FREE January Workshop Click here to learn more.
    G'Day from Downunder :-)
    Welcome to Peter Jackson's site for ToolBook Developers. Here you will find lots of Free Tools and Add-On Products that will enhance your ToolBook programs whilst making development easier. Upgrades for ToolBook 9.0
    ToolBook version 9.0 32 bit has recently been released! I am currently updating all of my products and FreeBees so that they are compatible with the newest version of ToolBook. Several products have already been updated. Look for the READY/UPGRADES logo for products that have been upgraded and are ready to be used with ToolBook 9.0. Click here for a product Summary. Click here for the upgrade policy. Take ToolBook Development and Deployment to a whole new level with Add-Ons Click here to download our latest brochure.

    53. Peter Jackson To Produce The Hobbit And Sequel! -
    peter jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as Executive Producers of two films based on The Hobbit. New Line will manage the production of the films,

    54. Meet The Feebles - Peter Jackson
    Meet The Feebles Hell Hath No Fury Like A Psycho Hippo With a Heavy Maching gun.
    Meet The Feebles, a puppet tragedy of gross proportion. ENTER SITE

    55. Dish Diva's Diary: Win Dish Diva's Stuff: A Phone Call With "King Kong"
    peter jackson is great. I wouldlove to speak with him to ask him a question. I want to talk with peter jackson for a lot of reasons.!5CC5E634036E2F2D!1132.entry
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          March 22
          Have you seen every “Lord of the Rings” episode ten times? Were you in line at midnight to go see “ King Kong ”? What would you do to win a phone call from Academy Award winning director, Peter Jackson? This week MSN Entertainment is pleased to present a very special “Win Dish Diva’s Stuff.” To celebrate the release of the “King Kong” DVD, one lucky fan will win a 15 minute phone call with Peter Jackson. How to enter: Send an email to Dish Diva and in 100 words or less tell us why you want to win this opportunity to chat with Peter Jackson. Please include “Peter Jackson” in the subject line. One winner will be chosen for this exclusive once in a lifetime opportunity to talk with this extraordinary director. Get a little inspiration before you send off your email. Watch Dish Diva's video interview with the cast of "King Kong" on

    56. GreenCine | Article
    jackson and Boyens discuss the changes, process, and difficulties adapting a popular book for the screen.

    57. Peter Jackson: Introduction To Expert Systems
    New Edition of peter jackson s Expert Systems Textbook.
    Introduction to Expert Systems, 3e Peter Jackson Harlow, England: Addison Wesley Longman, 1999 International Computer Science Series In December 1998, Addison Wesley Longman brought out the 3rd Edition of my expert systems text. This book has been rather a long time in the making, thanks to various relocations, career changes, health problems, and a great deal of goofing off on my part. After writing the 2nd Edition, I quit defense computing in 1992 and returned to academia to teach Expert Systems for the first time since leaving Edinburgh, as well as Artificial Intelligence, Numeric Computation, Symbolic Computation and Parallel Systems. I also taught classes on AI, Expert Systems, CLIPS and Scheme Programming at Singapore Polytechnic in the summer of 1994. These experiences allowed me to troubleshoot the 2nd Edition to some extent, and gave me ideas for improving the pedagogical aspects of the book next time around
    The 1st Edition, published in 1986, was arguably the first text written primarily for students, as opposed to researchers or the business world.

    58. Profile
    Professor peter jackson received a B.A. in Economics with Mathematics in 1975 (University of Western Ontario), a M.Sc. in Statistics in 1978 (Stanford
    Skip to main content SEARCH CORNELL: Pages People more options School of Operations Research and Information Engineering
    Peter L. Jackson
    Information For:
    Select Prospective Students Current Students Faculty and Staff Business and Industry
    ORIE Faculty OR Ph.D. Field Faculty Staff Ph.D. Students ... Visitors and Postdocs
    Search ORIE:
    Supply Chain Management
    Office: 218 Rhodes Phone: Website: click here Fax: Professor Peter Jackson received a B.A. in Economics with Mathematics in 1975 (University of Western Ontario), a M.Sc. in Statistics in 1978 (Stanford University), and a Ph.D. in Operations Research in 1980 (Stanford University). He has been a member of the faculty of the School of Operations Research and Industrial Engineering since 1980. He is currently the Director of the Systems Engineering Program in the College of Engineering. His research interests include production planning and scheduling, inventory control, supply chain management, transportation planning and scheduling, integrated production and transportation planning, and graphical modeling systems. He has published in IIE Transactions Journal of Manufacturing and Operations Management Management Science Mathematical Programming Mathematics of Operations Research Naval Research Logistics Quarterly , and Operations Research . Professor Jackson has consulted with several companies in these areas, including Xelus, Clopay Building Products, General Motors, Aeroquip, and Quaker Oats.

    59. Peter Jackson's King Kong Demo - Reviews And Free Peter Jackson's King Kong Demo
    peter jackson s King Kong demo Experience the epic action of the big-budget movie as both Driscoll and the mighty Kong. - Review and free download at
    @import url(; @import url(; @import url(''); @import url(''); @import url(''); Log in Sign up Why join? Forgot password? Welcome log out View profile On TechRepublic: 10 embarrassing grammar mistakes
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    Peter Jackson's King Kong demo
    Download Now Tested spyware free
    • License: Free to try; $49.99 to buy Editor's Rating: Average User Rating: (out of 26 votes) Rate it! Downloads: Requirements: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 1GHz CPU, 256MB RAM, 32MB VRAM, 300MB disk space Limitations: Two missions Date Added: October 7, 2005 Find out if your computer can run this game.
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    Publisher's description of Peter Jackson's King Kong demo
    view larger From UbiSoft Entertainment CNET Trusts UbiSoft Entertainment

    60. Australian Funeral Directors Peter J Jackson, Caring Professional Funeral Servic
    Australian Funeral Directors peter J jackson, provide helpful information on funeral arranging, funeral poems and verse, how to write a eulogy and answers
    Quick Menu Record Search Home Contact Photo Gallery Search the site Sitemap First 24 hrs What do I do now Saying goodbye Dying at home Funeral arrangements Viewing Eulogy writing Funeral Poems paper notice examples Floral Catalogue Your arrangements senior next of kin support groups Online Cards After the funeral Clients page Monthly articles Coronial Inquires Cremation faq Sid's Info Other links Shire numbers Other Funeral Directors Monumental work Veteran Affairs Making a will Downloads Business directory Information index FUNERAL ARTICLES CLIENT COMMENTS CLIENT LOG IN
    The first 24 hours
    ... Glossary
    Welcome to Australian Funeral Directors, Peter J Jackson's information centre
    "Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names" - proverb
    Arranging a funeral is an emotional and daunting task and the last loving thing you can do for for the one who has died. We have tried to provide as much information to help make the journey a little easier. There are necessary choices to consider when making the funeral arrangements and there is some sound advice for after the funeral. In this website you will find out how to write a eulogy, find suitable funeral poems or memorial verse, learn how to write a death notice with our examples. What happens if somebody dies at home?

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