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         Houdini Harry:     more books (100)
  1. Who Was Harry Houdini? (Who Was...?) by Tui Sutherland, 2002-07-22
  2. The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero by William Kalush, Larry Sloman, 2007-10-02
  3. Harry Houdini (DK Biography) by Vicki Cobb, 2005-08-01
  4. A Picture Book of Harry Houdini (Picture Book Biography) by David A. Adler, Michael S. Adler, 2010-07
  5. Harry Houdini (Campfire Graphic Novels) by CEL Welsh, 2010-07-27
  6. Houdini on Magic by Harry Houdini, 1953-06-01
  7. Harry Houdini: Master Of Magic by Robert Kraske, 1989-05-01
  8. The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick, 2008-10-07
  9. Harry Houdini for Kids: His Life and Adventures with 21 Magic Tricks and Illusions (For Kids series) by Laurie Carlson, 2009-02-01
  10. Harry Houdini (Kids Can Read) by Elizabeth MacLeod, 2009-08-01
  11. Harry Houdini by Jane Piehl, 2009
  12. The Secrets of Houdini by J. C. Cannell, 1973-06-01
  13. The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini by Ruth Brandon, 2003-10-21
  14. Harry Houdini : Young Magician by Kathryn Kilby Borland, Helen Ross Speicher, 1991-04-30

1. Harry Houdini - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Harry Houdini (March 24, 1874 – October 31, 1926) whose birth name was Ehrich Weisz (which was changed to Erich Weiss when he immigrated to America),
Harry Houdini
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search "Houdini" redirects here. For other uses, see Houdini (disambiguation) Erich Weiss(Harry Houdini)
Harry Houdini became world-renowned for his stunts and feats of escapology even more than for his magical illusions. Born March 24
Hungary Died October 31
Michigan U.S.
Occupation magician escapologist stunt performer actor ... pilot , and paranormal investigator Harry Houdini March 24 October 31 ) whose birth name was Ehrich Weisz (which was changed to Erich Weiss when he immigrated to the United States), was a Hungarian American magician escapologist (widely regarded as one of the greatest ever), stunt performer , as well as a skeptic and investigator of spiritualists film producer , and actor

2. Harry Houdini
Born Ehrich Weiss, Harry Houdini was a master of illusion. Houdini earned an international reputation as an escape artist who dramatically freed himself
Harry Houdini
Houdini at work
Born: March 24, 1874, Budapest, Hungary
(Some believe he was born April 6 or 8, 1874 in Appleton, Wisconsin)
Died: October 31, 1926, Detroit, Michigan Born Ehrich Weiss, Harry Houdini was a master of illusion. Houdini earned an international reputation as an escape artist who dramatically freed himself from ropes, shackles, and handcuffs. He was married to Wilhelmina Rahner, who, as Beatrice Houdini, was his stage assistant. He performed on vaudeville and was also in many motion pictures.
The Start of a Magical Career
Scaring the Ghosts
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Harry Houdini
A Man in a Milk Can

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3. Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini s birthdate, birth name, Tarot card, Rune, and Numerology!
Harry Houdini
Nickname: Harry Birth Name: Ehrich Weiss Birthdate:
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Tarot Card
(Equivalent of "3/24/1874") Wheel of Fortune
: The path of destiny. Karma on a grand scale. An unexpected turn of good fortune. A link in the chain of events. Success, luck, and happiness.
(Equivalent of "Ehrich Weiss") Eoh
refers to the Yew tree. The Yew does not go dormant and therefore represents endurance. Even the wood of the tree is strong, resilient, and pliable - the Yew bends, but does not break. The evergreen nature of the Yew is present even in the rune itself, as it cannot be changed even by reversal. This rune is historically symbolic of death, but, as in the Tarot and as suggested by the nature of the Yew tree itself, death is seen only as a transmutation of something eternal and unchanging - the spirit. Birth Mates
(Equivalents of "3/24/1874")
Alan Moore Barack Obama Charisma Carpenter Colin Powell ... W. C. Fields Public Role (Equivalents of "Harry Houdini") Words that embody your presence are "Communication".

4. The My Hero Project - Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini is my hero because he was an awesome magician. Houdini could escape from anything that you put in front of him.

5. Harry Houdini - Wikiquote
Harry Houdini (24 March 1874 – 31 October 1926) Hungarianborn American stage magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, film producer and investigator
Harry Houdini
From Wikiquote
Jump to: navigation search Houdini in a scene from The Man From Beyond Harry Houdini 24 March 31 October ) Hungarian-born American stage magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, film producer and investigator of spiritualist claims; born Weisz Erik he used the name Ehrich Weiss until legally changing his name to "Harry Houdini" in 1913.
edit Sourced
  • Rosabelle - answer - tell - pray, answer - look - tell - answer, answer- tell.
    • The secret message devised with his wife to test spiritualist s©ances should he or she die. In their secret stage-code it spells out the word: "BELIEVE". I'm tired of fighting.
      • Last words (31 October 1926)
      edit Unsourced
      • I make the most money, I think, in Russia and Paris, for the people of those countries are so willing to be amused, so eager to see something new and out of the ordinary I think my escape from the Siberian Transport was my most difficult performance. I was placed in the great vault usually assigned to political prisoners, and when the great door was shut, I had the hardest time of my life, perhaps, in releasing myself. But nevertheless, it took me 18 minutes to walk out, and face the dazed officials. I think that in a year I may retire. I cannot take my money with me when I die and I wish to enjoy it, with my family, while I live. I should prefer living in Germany to any other country, though I am an American, and am loyal to my country.

6. Harry Houdini - Wikipedia
Harry Houdini (ovdal. Ehrich Weiss, r. njuk amánu 24., 1874, Budapest – j. golggotmánu 31., 1926). Vi ojuvvon ujuhusas http//
Harry Houdini
Njuike: navigaÅ¡uvdna oza Harry Houdini Harry Houdini (ovdal. Ehrich Weiss , r. njukčam¡nu 24. Budapest – j. golggotm¡nu 31. Viččojuvvon čujuhusas Pl¡Ä‘emat PersovnnalaÅ¡ gaskaoamit NavigaÅ¡uvdna Oza Neavvobumb¡ Ear¡ gielaide

7. Harry Houdini - Tag Story Index -
The family of Harry Houdini s widow wants to block a plan to exhume the escape artist s remains, saying a disinterment to determine whether he was murdered Houdini

8. Houdini Harry
Most people know Harry Houdini as a master magician, but most people don’t know that he was a psychic investigator, too! Harry Houdini was born on April 6,
Harry Houdini He called himself Harry Houdini because of a famous French magician, Jean Houdini.
In the year 1926 Harry Houdini (Eric Weiss) died of a ruptured appendix. For ten years after his death his wife, Bess, presided over annual Back to "History of Ghosts and Spirits"
Back to "Index"

9. Harry Houdini - Wikipedija
Harry Houdini (24. ožujka 1874., Budimpešta, Ma arska 31. listopada 1926, Detroit, Michigan, SAD) je ameri ki iluzionist. Ro en pod imenom Erik Weisz.
Harry Houdini
Izvor: Wikipedija
Skoči na: orijentacija traži Harry Houdini 24. ožujka Budimpešta Mađarska 31. listopada ... SAD ) je američki iluzionist . Rođen pod imenom Erik Weisz. Najpoznatiji po svojim trikovima oslobađanja iz nemogučih situacija poput zatvorenih spremnika ispunjenih vodom dok su mu svi udovi zavezani lancima. Jedan od najpoznatijih iluzionista u povijesti čiji život i smrt i danas budi mnoge nedoumice.
  • Biografija
    uredi Biografija
    uredi Rani život
    Za života, a i mnogo godina nakon, biografi su se sporili oko datuma, pa i mjesta njegova rođenja. On je tvrdio da je rođen u Americi, u Appletonu , gradu u državi Wisconsin , no pokazalo se da to nije točno. Tek je poslije pronađen rodni list iz kojeg se vidi daje rođen 24. ožujka 1874. u Budimpešti te da mu je pravo ime Erik Weisz (po nekim izvorima može se pisati i Erich Weiss). Njegovi roditelji, mađarski Židovi , emigrirali su u Ameriku 3. srpnja 1878., kad su njihovom sinu bile četiri godine. U useljeničkim knjigama njegovo je ime zapisano kao Erich Weiss. Uz dotadašnji nadimak Ehrie, obitelj ga je počela zvati i amerikaniziranim imenom Harry. Budući slavni magičar bio je jedan od šestero djece rabina Mayera Samuela Weisza i Cecilije Steiner, koji su osim njega imali i sinove Theodora, Leopolda, Nathana i Williama te kćer. Roditelji su se često svađali pa su djeca trpjela. Nije ni čudno što je Harry, najosjetljiviji među njima, kao tinejdžer nekoliko puta bježao od kuće, zabrinutoj majci slao razglednice koje je potpisivao s "tvoj sin bjegunac" i opet se vraćao kući.

10. Harry Houdini - Vicipéid
Doilfeoir, draíodóir, éachtóir agus éalúeolaí ab ea é Harry Houdini. Rugadh faoin ainm Ehrich Weisz (leagan eile Erich Weiss) é i mBudapest san Ungáir ar
Harry Houdini
“n Vicip©id, an chiclip©id shaor.
Jump to: navigation search Harry Houdini (1899) Doilfeoir, dra­od³ir, ©acht³ir agus ©alº-eola­ ab ea © Harry Houdini . Rugadh faoin ainm Ehrich Weisz (leagan eile: Erich Weiss ) © i m Budapest san Ung¡ir ar an 24 M¡rta , agus d'©ag s© ar an 31 Deireadh F³mhair Giºdach Ung¡ireach ab ea © Ehrich Weisz, agus chuaigh s© ar imirce go Meirice¡ in ©ineacht lena thuismitheoir­ agus lena chuid dearth¡racha nuair a bh­ s© ceithre bliana d'aois. Shocraigh an teaghlach s­os in Appleton i st¡t Wisconsin , ¡it a raibh a athair ag obair ina raib­. B'©igean don teaghlach aistriº go Nua-Eabhrac nuair a bh­ Ehrich ina dh©ag³ir. Bh­ Ehrich ag cleachtadh eala­ona ©agsºla sorcais ³ bh­ s© ³g, agus sa bhliain 1893, chuir s© suim sa doilfeoireacht agus sa dra­od³ireacht. B'ansin a thosaigh s© ag tabhairt Harry Houdini air f©in. Bh­ a chuid cairde ag tabhairt "Harry" air le fada - bh­ s© n­ b'fhusa le fuaimniº n¡ "Ehrie" - agus fuair s© an sloinne ³ Jean Eug¨ne Robert-Houdin, doilfeoir Francach a mhair sa naoº haois d©ag. Ar dtºs, bh­ s© ag cleachtadh cleasanna c¡rta­ den chine¡l thraidisiºnta, ach n­ raibh m³r¡n ratha air san obair sin. Nuair a chuaigh s© le h©alº-eola­ocht, ¡fach, d'©irigh leis go gleoite. Sa bhliain 1893, casadh bean ³g, Bess Rahmer, air i g

11. Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini was a skilled escape artist. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24, 1874. His family came to America and settled in Appleton,
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LYCOS RETRIEVER Retriever Home What is Lycos Retriever? Harry Houdini built 140 days ago Retriever Arts Magic Magicians
Harry Houdini was a skilled escape artist. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24, 1874. His family came to America and settled in Appleton, Wisconsin. His real name was Ehrich Weiss. He had three sisters and three brothers. Source: Daily Express - THE BODY of escape artist Harry Houdini may be ex humed to find out whether he was poisoned. His family believe that he was murdered by spiritualists after debunking claims that they could contact the dead. Houdini, 52, died on Halloween 1926, three Canada East - The unparalleled performer died on Halloween 1926, at age 52, taking with him many of his trade secrets. The rumours that he was murdered... soon took on a life of their own. TORONTO (CP) - The so-called green movement that has swept most of Washington Post - A doctor in a Detroit hospital tried injecting him with an experimental serum, but he died on Halloween, at the age of 52. But authors Kulash and Sloman maintain that Houdini was the victim of a thuggish cabal of psychics. Source:

12. Harry Houdini
Harry Houdini. Harry Houdini AKA Ehrich Weisz. Born 24Mar-1874 Birthplace Budapest, Hungary Wife Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner Houdini (m. 1893)
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Harry Houdini AKA Ehrich Weisz Born: 24-Mar
Birthplace: Budapest, Hungary
Died: 31-Oct
Location of death: Detroit, MI
Cause of death: Appendicitis
Remains: Buried, Machpelah Cemetery, Queens, NY
Gender: Male
Religion: Jewish
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Magician Nationality: United States Executive summary: Best-known magician and debunker [1] Grace Hospital, Detroit, MI. Father: Mayer Samuel Weiss (d. 5-Oct-1892) Mother: Cecilia Steiner Weiss Brother: Theodore Hardeen, (b. 4-Mar-1876 as Ferencz Deszo Weisz) Wife: Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner Houdini (m. 1893) Freemasonry St. Cecile Lodge #568 (17-Jul-1923) Shriners Mecca Shrine, New York City (Oct-1926) Hollywood Walk of Fame 7001 Hollywood Blvd Rotten Library Page: Houdini Do you know something we don't? Submit a correction or make a comment about this profile

13. And Now... Houdini ! Houdini Biography And Information |- MagicTricks.Com: Magic
Little known facts about the life of magician harry houdini. Rare photos, posters. Hear him speak, see him perform. Online anniversary seance.
Master Magician Harry Houdini
Search for: Ordering Info/Help Order online Order by phone Order by mail ... Trade links with us! The life and times of America's greatest magician Houdini! Research, read and learn about the most famous magician in history. Find out about Houdini's life, discover what is fact and what is (surprisingly) fiction, brush up on Houdini trivia. View rare photos of this master magician, hear Houdini's voice, even watch him perform! See Houdini's most famous posters or turn yourself into a magician
Houdini's Biography
The true story behind America's most famous magician Houdini Trivia
Do you know these fascinating facts about Houdini? Houdini's Halloween Connection
The eerie connection revealed Houdini Odditorium
Hear Houdini speak, see Houdini perform The Houdini Séances
Houdini's promise to return after death Photo Gallery
Rare photos of the master magician Poster Gallery
Reproductions of Houdini's most famous posters Commemorative Postage Stamp
Image and information about the U.S. commemorative stamp

14. SPECTRUM Biographies - Harry Houdini
The world s most famous magician, harry houdini was born as Ehrich Weisz in Budapest, Hungary on March 24, 1874. His father, Mayer Samuel Weisz,
Harry Houdini Researcher: Rachel Sahlman Artist: Dick Strandberg
The world's most famous magician, Harry Houdini was born as Ehrich Weisz in Budapest, Hungary on March 24, 1874. His father, Mayer Samuel Weisz, was a religious scholar and teacher, who moved his family to Appleton, Wisconsin when Houdini was two years old. Times were difficult for the Weisz family, and they were required to move many times to avoid the bill collectors. Because of the family's financial situation, all of the children began to work at an early age. When Houdini was eight years old, he sold newspapers and worked as a bootblack. However after his father took him to see Dr. Lynn, a traveling magician, Houdini's interest in performing soon consumed him. At the age of 12, Houdini ran away from home and ended up in Kansas City. He was gone for approximately one year, but then rejoined his family in their new home in New York City. In New York, Houdini held various jobs to support his family. He spent his free time studying magic and competing in various athletic events, including swimming and track. During this time, Houdini happened upon a book entitled "The Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, Ambassador, Author, and Conjuror, Written by Himself." The book changed his life. Houdini added an "i" to his idol's name and assumed the name that would go down in history.

15. Houdini | Harry Houdini
houdini photos (400+), houdini video clips, houdini s voice, houdini animations, houdini s biography and more honoring the life and death of the world s


click above contains 400+ Harry Houdini photos, audio of Harry Houdini's voice, Houdini video clips, Bess Houdini's voice, Harry Houdini animations, Harry Houdini's biography, multimedia of Harry Houdini and much more honoring the life and death of the world's most famous magician and illusionist, Harry Houdini.
Houdini was a masterful performer on a most unconventional world stage and a genius at media manipulation and self-promotion. He reached the public through a variety of means, including the circus; under-water packing crate escapes; prison breakouts; manacled bridge jumps; upside-down straitjacket escapes; newspapers, magazines, and books; radio; silent films; and as a magician at the bedside of hospitalized children. Omnipresent, he transcended the individual venues of his time. Houdini compelled an international audience to enter his performance; as he broke through one barrier after another he liberated their imaginations with his own. He knew he could make many people in an audience think and feel as he chose. He knew the power of his art and he knew its danger. Houdini Tribute highlights - Houdini, Harry Houdini, Houdini pictures, Houdini video, Houdini magic, Houdini's death, Houdini's voice, Bess Houdini, illusions, Houdini biography, metamorphosis illusion, Houdini Brothers, who fooled Houdini, The Houdinis, handcuffs, Houdini, Harry Houdini, Bess Houdini, Houdini, Hardeen, Dai Vernon, water torture cell, arsenic, exhume, exhumation, milk can, escape, Houdini, king of handcuffs, Harry Houdini, king of cards, Halloween, Houdini stamp, stamp, Houdini bust, bust

16. Harry Houdini - Biography
Throughout his life, harry houdini claimed that he was born April 6, 1874 in Appleton, Wisconsin. In fact, he was born with the name Ehrich Weisz on March
Harry Houdini
A biographical essay by staff
at the Appleton Public Library This essay is based primarily on material provided in the biography Harry Houdini by Adam Woog (Lucent Books, 1995). Early Life Professional Career Houdini the Man Houdini was able to perform his difficult feats by remaining in excellent physical and mental condition. He pushed himself relentlessly. To develop his capacity for holding his breath, Houdini installed an oversize bathtub in his house so that he could practice regularly. Through extensive training, he was able use his left hand nearly as well as his right. While casually chatting with friends, he would perform card and coin tricks without looking at his hands, or tie and untie knots in pieces of rope with his feet. Determined to stay on top of the entertainment field, Houdini refined techniques he had already mastered and continually developed new and more daring escapes. In 1909, just six years after the Wright brothers proved that human flight was possible, Houdini became fascinated with airplanes. He bought his own plane, and learned to drive a car solely in order to get to the airport faster. In 1910, he became the first to successfully fly a plane in Australia. After that flight, however, his interest ended and he never piloted a plane or drove a car again. Houdini was also a great collector, with extensive collections of locks, magic memorabilia, autographs, historical items and, especially, books. Houdini collected so many books that he hired a full-time librarian to care for them, and traveled with hundreds at a time.

harry houdini is still considered today as one of the greatest illusionists and magicians in history. In addition to his fantastic escapes and stunts,
A Magician Among the Spirits Harry Houdini is still considered today as one of the greatest illusionists and magicians in history. In addition to his fantastic escapes and stunts, he was also well known in the 1920’s for his debunking of fraudulent Spiritualist mediums. In this, modern information about Houdini tends to be skewed. Today, many skeptic organizations have claimed Houdini as one of their own, but this is far from the truth. Unlike these groups, Houdini did not start out attacking fake mediums because he did not believe in the supernatural. In fact, he had gone to them in an attempt to try and contact his dead mother, but found that the mediums he met were often frauds. This was when he turned to exposing them, still searching for the truth. Before his death, Houdini stated that should it be possible to contact the living from the other side, he would do so. The question remains as to whether or not he actually succeeded. Houdini was born in Budapest, Hungary on March 24, 1874 but grew up as Erich Weiss in the small Wisconsin town of Appleton. Later, his father, Rabbi Meyer Samuel Weiss, moved the family to Milwaukee and he took over a Jewish congregation there. At about this same time, Erich became interested in magic and stage performing. Legend has it that he was apprenticed to a locksmith, where he learned to assemble and take apart locks with his eyes closed. If this part of the story is true, it was a skill that served him well later in life. Many aspects of Houdini's life remain a mystery today (which is likely how he wanted it) and he had been credited with the famous line about his biography that says "when the legend is greater than the truth print the legend!"

Beatrice and harry houdini celebrated their silver anniversary in 1919. One year later, Funk and Wagnall s dictionary turned their surname into a verb.
1878-1898: From Hungary To America, The First Stage
The future "Genius of Escape Who Will Startle and Amaze" ran away from home when he was twelve. A postcard from "Your truant son, Ehrich Weiss," to the mother he adored is the earliest example of Houdini's handwriting in the collections of the Library of Congress, relic of the early evasion by the young man who had been born Erik Weisz in Budapest, Hungary, on March 24, 1874. When this postcard was written, Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss was father and husband to the impoverished immigrant family struggling to become established in America while communicating primarily in German, Hungarian, and Yiddish. Their name had been changed from Weisz to Weiss by immigration officials upon their arrival in the United States c. 1878. Mayer Weiss was to serve as rabbi of the German-speaking Zion Reform Jewish Congregation in Appleton, Wisconsin. His tenure proved short, however, and after a life of hardship he died on October 5, 1892. Having lost his father at an early age, Houdini sustained an exceptionally strong relationship with his mother, Cecilia Steiner Weiss,

19. HOUDINI BIOGRAPHY: Harry Houdini Biography & Seance, Magician, Escape Artist, Lo
houdini BIOGRAPHY harry houdini biography, Magician, Escape Artist, Lock Picker.Seance information houdini magic museum, houdini magic show,
Houdini Biography: Harry Houdini Magician-Escape Artist
Harry Houdini Biography: The most famous magician of all time.
Houdini's actual name.
Houdini's actual name was Ehrich Weiss.
Houdini's actual birthplace and date.
The performer known world wide as Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest and died in Detroin in 1926. After his death his wife held seances as a test, to no avail. Although Houdini often claimed to be born in Appleton, Wisconsin, Houdini actually came to the United States when he was four years old. To this day many connected with the small town of Appleton still claim the untruth that Houdini was born there strictly to attract tourists. It is clear from copies of birth records and early family records on file at the Houdini Museum in Scranton, Pennsylvania in the Pocono region, that Houdini was in fact born in Budapest, on March 24, 1874. Historians are now finally agreed on this fact. In later years, in a magazine interview, Houdini said about Appleton, "the greatest escape I ever made was when I left Appleton, Wisconsin."
Houdini's early years.

20. Harry Houdini --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on harry houdini American magician noted for his sensational escape acts.
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Harry Houdini
Page 1 of 1 born March 24, 1874, Budapest [ see Researcher's Note
died Oct. 31, 1926, Detroit, Mich., U.S. Harry Houdini. Pictorial Parade original name Erik Weisz American magician noted for his sensational escape acts. Special Offer! Activate a FREE trial to Britannica Online , your complete (re)search engine for when you need to be right. Harry Houdini as Harvey Hanford in the film The Grim Game c. In his later years Houdini campaigned against mind readers, mediums, and others who claimed supernatural powers. He argued that they were charlatans who produced all of their effects through natural means and various tricks. He wrote Miracle Mongers and Their Methods (1920) and A Magician Among the Spirits (1924). Houdini and his wife, however, agreed to conduct an experiment in spiritualism: the first to die was to try to communicate with the survivor. His widow declared the experiment a failure before her death in 1943.

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