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  1. 21st-Century Actors: Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Corey Feldman, Jon Stewart, T.i., Anne Hathaway, Naomi Campbell
  2. Films Directed by Dennis Hopper (Study Guide): Easy Rider, the Hot Spot, the Last Movie, Colors, Catchfire, Out of the Blue, Chasers
  3. Hollywood Hellraisers: The Wild Lives and Fast Times of Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, Warren Beatty, and Jack Nicholson [Hardcover] by Robert Sellers (Author), 2010
  4. Fotokünstler: Man Ray, Dennis Hopper, Frida Kahlo, Wim Wenders, Jacob Wothly, Robert Häusser, Cindy Sherman, Jörg Boström, Lee Miller (German Edition)
  5. 20th-Century Actors: Gary Coleman, Dennis Hopper, Sandra Bullock, Rob Reiner, Corey Feldman, Kathryn Grayson, Anne Hathaway, Naomi Campbell
  7. Film Heritage Vol. 5 #1 (Fall 1969) Dennis Hopper Interview by F. Anthony (Editor), Film Heritage, and University of Dayton Macklin, 1969
  8. Spreading Ground~Dennis Hopper~Frederic Forrest~DVD by Frederic Forrest, Leslie Hope, Dennis Hopper, 2001
  9. Hustler Magazine December 2010 (1-186, Dennis Hopper life of a legend! Exclusive Pics, Star Warz Burlesque! Bonus 4hr DVD!)
  10. Dennis Hopper by Not Available, 1999-01-01
  11. Dennis Hopper: Actors Studio, James Dean, Rebel Without a Cause, Giant (film), Easy Rider, Cannes Film Festival, Academy Award for Best Writing (Original Screenplay), Rumble Fish, Speed, Academy Award
  12. LIFEMagazine- June 19, 1970- Graduation 1970 & Dennis Hopper by Life Magazine, 1970-06-19
  13. Super Mario Bros. (Film): Mario, Bob Hoskins, Luigi, John Leguizamo, Bowser, Dennis Hopper, Saturn Award
  14. Hustler Magazine December 2010 (BRAND NEW) (DENNIS HOPPER life of a legend)

61. Dennis Hopper | Interview | Find Articles At
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Dennis Hopper
Interview May, 2000 by Jeff Koons IMPOSTERS BEWARE: THIS ALL-AROUND ARTIST IS THE REAL THING JEFF KOONS: So, Dennis, have you ever used any animals in your artworks? DENNIS HOPPER: There's one of my early photographs, when I was in my Cartier-Bresson period. I was finding people on the streets, and shooting them without their knowledge. There was a man standing in New York with three dogs on a leash, sort of a funny picture. But otherwise I didn't go out of my way to photograph animals. JK: In your TV-western days, did you ever break a horse or go in for macho cowboy stuff?

62. The Weird World Of 70s Cinema * Dennis Hopper
One only needs to follow dennis hopper s career to see just how far things got in the 70 s. As the 60 s rolled along, hopper was known as a rebellious minor

Dennis Hopper
madman of the decade
One only needs to follow Dennis Hopper's career to see just how far things got in the 70's As the 60's rolled along, Hopper was known as a rebellious minor star in the old Hollywood system. When the counterculture sprang up, he joined Peter Fonda, Dean Stockwell, Bruce Dern and Jack Nicholson as a young actor who saw the new potentials of cinema. He appeared in Hollywoods first psychedelic epic THE TRIP 1967. Full of flashforwards, strobic cuts, swirling colors, mythic images, and blissed out dialogue, it was the big carnival ride of LSD on the silver screen. Hopper's roll was as a hippie acid veteran who swings around in a room of memories and inner landscapes helping to guide Peter Fonda through his first trip. Hopper next appeared in THE GLORY STOMPERS a typical example of the biker genre. EASY RIDER was an altogether different biker film. Hopper co-wrote, directed and starred in the surprise hit, the quintessential sixties movie. Suddenly he's on top of the Hollywood game, he captured the elusive youth market and the big studios wanted him to do it again. But what they got was more then they could deal with, much less comprehend. THE LAST MOVIE 1971 was his follow-up to the hugely successful RIDER, but it's core was much more elusive and abstract, dealing with the nature of film reality and reality it's self. The editing was loose, the story half told. Hopper shot tons of footage in Peru and brought it back to his home in Taos, New Mexico. He seemed lost in this editing process and the studio was getting upset. For a while Alexandro Jodorowsky, who's

63. AdFreak: Trust Dennis Hopper With Your Retirement
The Onion has posted an amusing pisstake opinion piece about Saatchi’s Ameriprise ad campaign with dennis hopper. A couple of excerpts “Retirement
hostName = ''; var CM8Server = ""; var CM8Cat = "vnu_mma_aw.AdFreak";
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Trust Dennis Hopper with your retirement
The Onion has posted an amusing piss-take opinion piece about Saatchi’s Ameriprise ad campaign with Dennis Hopper. A couple of excerpts: “Retirement planning means a lot of decision making, and thank God I have the soothing presence of that amyl nitrate–huffing, obscenity-screaming, psychosexual lunatic from Blue Velvet to guide me through it.” “When I hear him in those commercials, it’s the familiar voice of a coke-dealing, LSD-fueled hippie cowboy biker putting me at ease.” “Dennis Hopper is more than just the one-eyed, filthy megalomaniac villain from Waterworld : He’s a symbol of smart, responsible preparation for one’s golden years.” See a couple of Hopper’s Ameriprise spots here and here —Posted by Tim Nudd Permalink
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64. About Dennis Hopper - Desktop Wallpapers, Photos, And Information!
Find anything about dennis hopper! AllMoviePortal features photos, posters, movies, desktop wallpapers, biography and gossips.
home poster celebrity movie still ... email us MOVIE A B C D ... Z CELEB: PHOTO RUMOR ABSOLUTELY.NET ABOUT MOVIE PHOTO LINK Name: Dennis Hopper Height: Sex: M Nationality: American Date of Birth: May 17, 1936 Place of Birth: Dodge City, Kansas, USA Occupation: actor Fan Mail
Write to Dennis Hopper!
We have an affiliation with Contact Any Celebrity which is located in the heart of historic Hollywood, Contact Any Celebrity maintains the largest online database of over 45,000 accurate celebrity contacts.
Contact Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper Movies
Rebel Without a Cause (1955)

In one of the most influential performances in movie history, James Dean plays the new kid in town whose loneliness, frustration and anger mirrored those of postwar teens - and still reverberate 50 years later. Natalie Wood and Sal Mineo were Academy Award nominees* for their achingly true performances. Director Nicholas Ray was also an Oscar nominee for this landmark chosen as one of the all-time Top 100 American Film by the American Film Institute.
True Grit (1969)

In celebration of John Wayne’s 100th birthday, Paramount Home Entertainment releases the role that won the Duke his only Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the age of 63. The classic cinematic masterpiece features Wayne in his larger-than-life performance as the drunken, uncouth and totally fearless one-eyed U.S. Marshall, Rooster Cogburn. The cantankerous Rooster is hired by a headstrong young girl (Kim Darby) to find the man who murdered her father and fled with the family savings. When Cogburn's employer insists on accompanying the old gunfighter, sparks fly. And the situation goes from troubled to disastrous when an inexperienced but enthusiastic Texas Ranger (Glen Campbell) joins the party. Laughter and tears punctuate the wild action in this extraordinary Western which features performances by Robert Duvall and Strother Martin.

65. Dennis Hopper Quotes
3 quotes and quotations by dennis hopper. dennis hopper To make a documentary is one thing, to make a feature film is quite another. dennis hopper

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Date of Birth:
May 17
Nationality: American Find on Amazon: Dennis Hopper Related Authors: Will Rogers Jack Nicholson Orson Welles Richard Pryor ... David Cross Independent films in this country are in the same position. Miramax and Fine Line are not independent - they're with Disney! Come on. Or they're with Warner Brothers. They're all with somebody. Dennis Hopper To make a documentary is one thing, to make a feature film is quite another. Dennis Hopper You know, the history of California art doesn't start until about 1961, and that's when these photographs start. I mean, we have no history out here. Dennis Hopper Quotes RSS Feeds About Us Inquire Privacy Terms

66. Dennis Is A Space Hopper | The Sun |HomePage|Showbiz|TV
EASY RIDER star dennis hopper is set to rev across the galaxy ? with a role in Doctor Who.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
masthead-search-location The Sun The Web Discussions Blogs Skip Left Hand Navigation Click here for content Dennis the menace ... Hopper set to play a baddie, who may look something like this
John is King of BB: CH
Dennis is a space Hopper
Published: 05 Jul 2007 EASY RIDER star Dennis Hopper is set to rev across the galaxy ? with a role in Doctor Who. The Hollywood legend, 71, is in talks with bosses of the cult TV show about a guest role. If he signs up, he is expected to play a baddie in the fourth series which starts filming in Cardiff later this month. An insider said: “Dennis is a big fan of the show and bosses are really keen to get him on board. “Discussions have been going on for some time but his diary is proving a nightmare to work around.

67. Dennis Hopper In FanUnity's Celebopedia®
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Dennis Hopper
Having led an impressive career that has spanned more than five decades, Dennis Hopper is widely regarded as one of the most talented and unconventional actors and directors of all time. Some of Hopper's most notable film credits include "Easy Rider", "Rebel Without a Cause", "Apocalypse Now", "True Romance", "Land of the Dead", and "Blue Velvet". Full Biography Of Dennis Hopper
Top Dennis Hopper Headlines document.title=document.title+ " "; Pirates of Sundance document.getElementById('a_479f0117cb8be').href='#';
Slate - Most people are too busy trying to get into parties to bother uploading stuff on BitTorrent. Upstanding citizens are the norm. About the closest thing I ran into resembling a pirate was a white-haired Dennis Hopper, back to play in one last ...
Publ.Date : Mon, 28 Jan 2008 19:00:00 GMT

68. Dennis Hopper Pictures, Dennis Hopper Photos, Dennis Hopper News
dennis hopper Had dinner at the Newsroom cafe in Beverly Hills! You are currently browsing the archives for the dennis hopper category.

69. Floridian: '24' Gets Help From Hopper's Evil Ways
dennis hopper can t really remember the first time he played a villain on TV or in a movie. But he remembers the first guy who told him he d spend much of
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'24' gets help from Hopper's evil ways
The actor lends his considerable talent to play bad guys to the groundbreaking series as it winds its way toward a still-secret season finale.
By ERIC DEGGANS, Times TV Critic published April 16, 2002 [Photo: Fox] Dennis Hopper can't really remember the first time he played a villain on TV or in a movie. But he remembers the first guy who told him he'd spend much of his career doing it. "When I was in my 20s, I remember Vincent Price telling me, "You should play bad guys. You're going to make a great bad guy,"' said Hopper, now 65. "And I thought, "Boy is he crazy. Just because he plays bad guys, he thinks I'm going to be playing bad guys.' But he was right. I make a pretty good living playing the bad guy." The list of classic Hopper villains is nearly as long as the list of movies he's done, from the young tough opposite James Dean in the '50s film classic Rebel Without a Cause, to infamous roles as sadistic bad guys in Blue Velvet, Speed, Waterworld and HBO's Paris Trout.

70. Larry Keenan - Beat Generation, Counteculture & Bob Dylan Photographs For Sale
dennis hopper shot the poster photograph. Conner went into the gym ëBruce Conner s Physical Services and demanded they take down their sign because he was
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71. MTV Movies Blog » Dennis Hopper Rides Again For Tarantino
“I am doing a motorcycle movie this year that Quentin Tarantino is producing,” dennis hopper told us this week, confirming rumors that he’d been cast in the"blog/mtvmoviesblog/atf");,90,"adj","mtv");//leaderboard About this Blog Welcome to the MTV Movies Blog, updated throughout the day with exclusive movie news, trailers, interviews and more. Our team of film experts joins with celebrity contributors - from Eli Roth to Judd Apatow - to ensure that when it comes to the hottest flicks, you'll hear it first.
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72. Dennis Hopper Biography -
Learn about the life of dennis hopper at Read Biographies, watch interviews and videos.

73. - Dennis Hopper Choppers - - Rockabilly / Garage / Punk - Www.myspac
MySpace music profile for dennis hopper choppers with tour dates, songs, videos, pictures, blogs, band information, downloads and more.
Advertiser.SDC.DisplayedFriendEUD = "::0:0:MTg5N2VkN2Y3Y2FlM2Q3MrtA7pXNnKNau_DqzhDuJb8tMJT6vNTQMU2OuBMxp-Eeoa7z6Ko1m3So3oNQ-_amkkkqI8qqFM2_zyMHwK-b9sdtMx7BRpFOLQ7ExXfxbYKC"; sdc_wrapper("tkn_leaderboardband", "/Music/UserBandProfile,11021002", "Frame1"); User Shortcuts: Send Message Forward to Friend Add to Friends Add to Favorites Block User Add to Group Rank User Instant Message People MySpace Web Music Video Home Browse Search Invite ... Artist Signup
dennis hopper choppers
Rockabilly / Garage / Punk
"dennis hopper choppers"
United Kingdom
Profile Views: 15218
Last Login: 1/29/2008
View My: Pics Videos
Contacting dennis hopper choppers
MySpace URL:
dennis hopper choppers: General Info Member Since Band Website Band Members benjamin nicholls- playing pretty much everything himself, all at the same time. Occasionally assisted by Simon Lea (St. Etienne, The Four Tops)-drums, John Greswell (Menlo Park, Ralfe Band, High Class Family Butchers)-viola and Pete Wareham (Acoustic Ladyland, Polar Bear)-baritone saxophone Influences For live bookings contact Sinan

74. NEWSMEAT ▷ Dennis Hopper's Federal Campaign Contribution Report
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Result* Amount Date FEC Filing Hopper, Dennis Mr. Venice, CA Self/Actor STRAIGHT TALK AMERICA primary Hopper, Dennis Mr.

75. Dennis Hopper Photos
Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato flank narrator dennis hopper Inside Deep Throat (2005) Academy Award winning producer Brian Grazer and dennis hopper,
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Dennis Hopper photos
Right: Dennis Hopper as Matello in 10th and Wolf
Behind the Scenes with Dennis Hopper
Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato flank narrator Dennis Hopper
Academy Award - winning producer Brian Grazer and Dennis Hopper , producer and narrator
Director Alison MacLean, Billy Crudup and Dennis Hopper in Lions Gate's Jesus' Son Dennis Hopper in New Line's Knockaround Guys Dennis Hopper as Warden in Unspeakable Dennis Hopper in a scene from the film Dennis Hopper plays Warden in MGM's Unspeakable Comments on Dennis Hopper Comments to date: 1. Page 1 of 1. Rating: WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM HIM AS OUR GRANDMOTHERS, LAURA BELL ELIJAH AND ELIZABETH BELL HOPPER WERE SISTERS. YOU CAN REACH ME AT JUDY KIGER RENSELAER,IN. 9:56am on Wednesday, December 26th, 2007 Submit your comment for this celebrity: Your Name: Your Location: Rating: Choose 5 - Excellent 4 - Good 3 - Fair 2 - Poor 1 - Dreadful Your Comments: Security check * Contact Site Map

76. Dennis Hopper Soundboard
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77. The Dennis Hopper Picture Pages
High quality dennis hopper pictures featuring Victoria s Secret, XOXO, and lingerie pictures, dennis hopper s biography, interviews, her contact information
register forgot Dennis Hopper Home Picture 01 Picture 02 Picture 03 ... Contact
Dennis Hopper
Birth Place : Dodge City, Kansas, USA
Date of Birth : May 17, 1936
Heritage : American
Famous for : His role as Billy in 'Easy Rider' (1969)
Contact Dennis Hopper
Easy Rider Background:
"Like all artists I want to cheat death a little and contribute something to the next generation." Dennis Hopper.
Multi-talented and unconventional actor/director Dennis Hopper broke the movie scene with his feature directing and co-writing debut, the Oscar-nominated Easy Rider (1969), in which he also starred opposite Peter Fonda. The five-decade actor/director who was once blackballed from Hollywood roles for eight years received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for acting in Hoosiers (1986). He had acted in American Friend (1977), Blue Velvet (1986), Speed (1994) and Out of Season (2004). His directing works include Colors (1988), Catchfire (1990), The Hot Spot (1990) and Chasers (1994).
Hopper, one of Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" (October 1997), will star in the upcoming films: Hoboken Hollow, America, and Alpha Numeric. One of the top collectors of modern American art and a painter, Hopper belongs to the Top 100 collectors of modern art, which could collect millions at auction.

78. Almost Human Inc. Gallery - Heads And Bodies/Dennis Hopper Head - "Unspeakable"
Keywords, dennis hopper head. File Size, 19 KB. Date added, Jul 25, 2006. Dimensions, 320 x 400 pixels. Displayed, 5846 times

79. Guardian Unlimited: Arts Blog - Art: Dennis Hopper Profile
dennis hopper is one of Hollywood s most inconoclastic actors and directors. A onetime contemporary of James Dean, he scored a major hit with the hippie
Sign in Register Read today's paper Jobs Go to: Guardian Unlimited home UK news World news Comment is free blog Newsblog Sport blog Podcasts In pictures Archive search Arts and entertainment Books Business Environment Film Football Jobs Life and style Money Music The Observer Politics Science Shopping Sport Talk Technology Travel Been there Audio Email services Special reports The Guardian The northerner The wrap Advertising guide Crossword Events / offers Feedback Garden centre GNM press office Graduate GuardianFilms Headline service Help / contacts Information Living our values Newsroom Reader Offers Soulmates dating Style guide Syndication services Travel offers TV listings Weather Web guides Working for us Guardian Abroad Guardian Monthly Guardian Weekly Money Observer Public Learn Guardian back issues Observer back issues Guardian Professional
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper
Latest blog posts
Full profile
All Dennis Hopper articles ...
About Webfeeds
Dennis Hopper is one of Hollywood's most inconoclastic actors and directors. A one-time contemporary of James Dean, he scored a major hit with the hippie classic Easy Rider in 1968. He has also starred in such classic American films as Apocalypse Now, Rumble Fish and Blue Velvet.
The pearl of the Punjab
Chandigarh is one of Le Corbusier's greatest achievements. But does the north Indian city deserve World Heritage status?

80. FRESH YARN Presents I Blame Dennis Hopper... By Illeana Douglas
I blame dennis hopper. He s the reason we became poor. It was 1969 and the movie Easy Rider had come out. It was changing people s lives.
FRESH YARN PRESENTS: I Blame Dennis Hopper
By Illeana Douglas
I blame Dennis Hopper. He's the reason we became poor. It was 1969 and the movie Easy Rider had come out. It was changing people's lives. It certainly changed mine. My father had an epiphany while watching Easy Rider . He started coming home from work, and when I say work, I mean high paying, high level, white collar work, and saying things like, "He knows what it's all about, man," meaning Dennis Hopper, or, "We've become too materialistic, man!" My sole dreams as a child involved adding to my Madame Alexander doll collection, or getting an Easy Bake Oven. So when my father tore my brother's Hot Wheels set from his screaming hands and shouted, "We don't promote plastic in this house. Not anymore!" I was terrified.
"Mom, what does materialistic mean?" I asked, as I watched my father stuff orange Hot Wheels track in the garbage.

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