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         Henderson Biff:     more detail
  1. Biff Norris and the Clue of the Disappearing Wolf by John Runyan, 1967

61. Letterman And Biff Henderson - Home Theater Forum
Anyone know if biff has had more health problems lately? I remember he had some a few years back as chronicled on the show, but they seem to be using.
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Here s the stuff we found when you searched for biff henderson ; biff Grandé_root (category) If you Log in you could create a biff henderson node. Henderson

63. - Biff - 34 - Male - HENDERSON, KENTUCKY -
MySpace profile for biff with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.

64. BIFF HENDERSON AT BALL STATE HOMECOMING - Free Video 'Biff Henderson At Ball Sta
The David Letterman Show segment featuring biff henderson at Ball State s Homecoming. Duration 643 minutos Date Mié 1810-06 1509......
Emule Videos "ball > Biff Henderson at Ball State Homecoming Video: Biff Henderson at Ball State Homecoming Author: Description: The David Letterman Show segment featuring Biff Henderson at Ball State's Homecoming. Duration: 6:43 minutos
Date: Mi© 18-10-06 15:09 Rated: Played: Tags: "ball state" football homecoming ... Download video 10 comments from YouTube > yomislih said on at biff fucking owns > chowner said on at Yep for sure was pretty awesome seeing that huge crowd walking down bethel towards the duck pond > BobGunderson said on at This was the game where we tore down the goal posts. Ah, good times. > nekoexcel said on at Ahhh... just a few years before I got there. Isn't that always the case? lol > chowner said on at It was 2001 > nekoexcel said on at What year was this? I wish they had done something for BSU homecoming this year.... They need to put a few Miss Ball States on the show. lol GO DAVE! We love him. > nekoexcel said on at Hahah I think the woman who says "no I never went out with him (would you like to?) No." Is one of the dance professors at BSU. I didn't think ANYTHING would ever make me miss BSU. > dirtius said on at yeh ! GO KARTS!

65. Arts Management Program :: University At Buffalo
Photo credit biff henderson/Keystone Productions. Workshop space in the UB Anderson Gallery. Photo credit biff Henrich/Keystone Productions.
Exterior of the UB Anderson Art Gallery.
Photo credit: Biff Henderson/Keystone Productions. Workshop space in the UB Anderson Gallery.
Photo credit: Biff Henrich/Keystone Productions. Photo credit: Biff Henderson/Keystone Productions. The former Public School 83 building prior to renovation.
Photo credit: Biff Henrich/Keystone Productions.
Arts Management Program
Featured Events
A Masters of
Business Art?
out now

News Lying Abroad: A Critical Study of Cultural Diplomacy out now
The Arts Management Program uses the Martha Jackson and the UB Anderson Gallery for the teaching of many of its classes:
The UB Anderson Gallery is one of two art galleries owned and managed by the University at Buffalo, which received the generous gift of the Anderson Gallery from David K. Anderson , son of the native Buffalonian and New-York City gallerist Martha Jackson Martha Jackson was a passionate collector and champion of Abstract Expressionists and 20th century American artists. Her groundbreaking and continuous contributions to the field of collecting were based on a primary commitment to sharing the vision of contemporary artists with the public. Woman series. Instrumental in bringing women artists including Barbara Hepworth, Grace Hartigan, and Louise Nevelson to the fore when it was difficult for women to find representation in the art world. Pioneering exhibits that included:

66. Biff Henderson At Ball State Homecoming Video - Download YouTube V
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Biff Henderson at Ball State Homecoming
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The David Letterman Show segment featuring Biff Henderson at Ball State's Homecoming.
Ball State football ... Letterman
What does do for me? is an excellent website that allows you to view saved videos on their servers. Unfortuneatly YouTube doesn't allow you to download these videos. allows you to save YouTube videos and download YouTube videos easily using only your IE or firefox browser. August 6, 2007

67. Biff Henderson - Television Dictionary And Research Guide
biff henderson James biff Jackson henderson Jr. (Born October 3, 1946 in Durham, North Carolina, USA) is an Amer.
Television Dictionary and Research Guide Provided by
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Biff Henderson
James "Biff" Jackson Henderson Jr. (Born: October 3, 1946 in Durham, North Carolina, USA) is an American television personality who is best known for his work on The Late Show with David Letterman as a stage manager.
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68. Biff Henderson - LocateTV
biff henderson showings on TV, online and on DVD. Find out when next on at"Landing+Page";hbx.mlc="People/Biff+Henderson+-+238578";
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Biff Henderson
Biff Henderson is associated with the following TV . Click any title for more information. Television Cosby
Season 2 Episode 17: Fifteen Minutes of Fame
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69. Are You Serious?: Reader Comment From Biff Henderson - CNET
reader comment from biff henderson. Posted on February 11, 2005, 112 PM PST. Story Hands off our WiFi network! I have a feeling you don t live in Philly

70. Biff Henderson
You can catch the biff henderson segment with the Brockton Rox at the Rox website

71. Nathan Sawaya | The Art Of The Brick™ | The Late Show With David Letterman
PLUS The Late Show Week in Review; Will It Float; a Top Ten List; and a LEGO Expert Creates a Portrait of biff henderson Using LEGOs.
The Late Show with David Letterman February 2005
Show #2327
by Michael Z. McIntee
News From The Late Show Home Office Ricky Gervais; and Rachael Ray. PLUS: The Late Show Week in Review; Will It Float; a Top Ten List; and a LEGO Expert Creates a Portrait of Biff Henderson Using LEGOs. On the show tonight is LEGO Master Builder Nathan Sawaya who will build a mosaic portrait of Biff Henderson using nothing but LEGOs. Some of Nathan’s past accomplishments with LEGOs was his creation of a life-size tyrannosaurus Rex, and a 7-foot replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. Tonight he will attempt to do a Biff Henderson portrait using over 2,000 LEGO pieces. Other Biff images created on the show were: the Biff ice sculpture a few weeks ago and the guy who had a Biff tattoo etched into his thigh. LATE SHOW WEEK IN REVIEW
- The NBA All-Star game was held last Sunday. An unusual message has been airing in New York City all week. Announcer: “Congratulations to the following members of the New York Knicks who were named NBA All-Stars of 2005. . . . . . . . . . (no names appear) . . . . Congratulations! And good luck the rest of the season.!” - George W. Bush, Leader of the Free World, tries to pronounce ‘nuclear.’ We run a montage of shots of our leader trying to master the difficult word.

72. Around This Corner
SARAH HARMER From her new CD, You Were Here, Sarah sang Don t Get Your Back Up. Before the song, Dave announced it was our stage manager biff henderson s
Around This Corner
A Sarah Harmer Fansite
Welcome to "Around This Corner".... It's my little site dedicated to the amazingly talented Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Harmer. The sites not all that much, but I do have more plans to work on it when I get some time. A friend of mine took me to a Sarah concert in Peterborough in February/01, and I totally fell in love with her!!! If you haven't heard her music, go out and buy her album!! Sounds Charts Links Updates ... E-mail Me You are visitor # since May 6/01
Recent News (May 11, 2005) - (Older News Items May 11, 2005: Long time, no update! A lot has happened in the 1.5 years since I've updated the site! Sarah's album "All of Our Names" has been released, went gold in Canada (50,000 copies), and won a Juno award! "Almost" became a big radio hit, getting lots of airplay!
All of Sarah's solo music is available in record stores, or online at the iTunes online music store. Check it out!
I will try to be better with updating the site, but be sure to check out the official site

73. Marshall Sylver - Learn About Marshall Sylver!
biff henderson, the cherubically pudgy and balding stage manager often exploited in Late Show skits, is induced to perform an alarming Madonna impersonation
NEW Marshall Sylver
TV Appearances
Coming Soon!
Excerpt from
Rolling Stone Magazine
"Dave vs. Dave"
by Fred Schruer
...On a Friday evening in early April, as the Late Show is about to segue from what's called Act 1 (comprising the monologue and a comedy bit) to Act 2 (the Top 10 list, followed by the first guest), some marvelous grotesquerie is about to erupt on the set. In a taped segment, hypnotist Marshall Sylver puts various staffers under.
Biff Henderson, the cherubically pudgy and balding stage manager often exploited in Late Show skits, is induced to perform an alarming Madonna impersonation, complete with bleeped-out profanities, then is coached in the absurdity of Dave's big paycheck. Asked if Dave is worth the money, Biff snorts and tee-hees helplessly. This has all been seen on videotape, but now onstage, Letterman, reminded that Biff can be put under with one command, can't resist dimming Biff's lights just before reading the Top 10 list. "Sleeeeep," says Dave, and Biff lists sideways, jarring the camera. When Dave repeats it, Biff steps up ("like a punch-drunk boxer," Burnett will note) and slumps into the first guest's chair in a trancelike sleep. Either that, we can see the suddenly-not-chuckling Letterman thinking, or he's dead.
As Letterman says later, "I thought, 'Oh, well, you're screwing around, his liver has exploded, and you're looking at a dead man here.'" Upstairs in the seventh-floor offices, a staffer vaults into the room saying, "Biff's really out! And Dave's really scared!" In the editing room, images from several cameras bounce around amid near-panicky chatter: "Add a minute twenty to the break!...Are we gonna can the top 10?... Get Sylver on the phone in Vegas!" Letterman, staring out toward Burnett at the producer's podium, looks thoroughly rattled as he takes Biff's pulse. "People will look at it," Letterman says now, "and say, 'Was he kidding? Was he pretending to be out? But I'm telling you, during the commercial that we extended, it must have been like five minutes, he didn't move nothin'. Didn't blink, didn't breathe hard nothing," Letterman's all-pro sang-froid coming out of the break is as startling as what went before.

74. BIFF - What Does BIFF Stand For? Acronyms And Abbreviations By The Free Online D
What does biff stand for? Definition of biff in the list of acronyms and abbreviations biff Ellison biff Enterprises biff Fowler biff henderson
Domain='' word='BIFF' Printer Friendly 764,305,012 visitors served. TheFreeDictionary Google Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text subscription: Dictionary/
dictionary Legal
dictionary Financial
dictionary Acronyms
Idioms Encyclopedia Wikipedia
Hutchinson ...
Also found in: Dictionary/thesaurus Encyclopedia Wikipedia Hutchinson 0.01 sec. write_ads(AdsNum, 0) Acronym Definition BIFF Backhoe Induced Fiber Failure :-) BIFF Bahamas International Film Festival BIFF Battlefield Identification Friend or Foe BIFF Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival (Bergen International Film Festival) BIFF Berlin International Film Festival BIFF Big Improvements For Free (Dilbert) BIFF Binary Interchange File Format BIFF Boulder International Film Festival (Boulder, Colorado)
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Email Feedback Charity('US') Your Ad Here Acronyms browser Full browser BIFADEC BIFAS BIFC BIFD ... BIFET BIFF BIFFEX BIFFF BIFFL BIFFO ... BIFET BIFF Biff (computing) Biff (computing) Biff (disambiguation) Biff (name) ... Biff Slamkovich TheFreeDictionary Google Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text Free Tools: For surfers: Browser extension Word of the Day Help For webmasters: Free content NEW!

75. Bi-Page36: Click Here To Learn More About Bi-Page36 From
biff Ellison, View Interesting Sites. biff Enterprises, View Interesting Sites. biff Fowler, View Interesting Sites. biff henderson, View Interesting Sites
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    Keywords Interesting Sites Biff Ellison View Interesting Sites Biff Enterprises View Interesting Sites Biff Fowler View Interesting Sites Biff Henderson View Interesting Sites Biff Hooper View Interesting Sites Biff Jones View Interesting Sites Biff loman View Interesting Sites Biff Malibu View Interesting Sites Biff McGuire View Interesting Sites Biff Mitchell View Interesting Sites Biff naked View Interesting Sites Biff Pocoroba View Interesting Sites Biff rose View Interesting Sites Biff Slamkovich View Interesting Sites Biff Slamkovich (Alexei Zalazof) View Interesting Sites Biff Slamkovich (Alexei Zalazof).gif
  • 76. Opening Ceremony "Battle In Seattle" From Stuart Townsend With Martin Henderson
    Opening Ceremony Battle in Seattle from Stuart Townsend with Martin henderson Naomie Harris The team from I m through with White Girls winners of biff
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    77. Biff - Definition Of Biff By The Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus And Encyclope
    Definition of biff in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of biff. Information about biff in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia.
    Domain='' word='biff' Printer Friendly 764,305,085 visitors served. TheFreeDictionary Google Word / Article Starts with Ends with Text subscription: Dictionary/
    thesaurus Medical
    dictionary Legal
    dictionary Financial
    dictionary Acronyms
    Idioms Encyclopedia Wikipedia
    Hutchinson ...
    Also found in: Acronyms Encyclopedia Wikipedia Hutchinson 0.04 sec. write_ads(AdsNum, 0) biff (b f) Informal tr.v. biffed biff·ing biffs To strike or punch. n. A blow or punch. [From English biff interjection probably of imitative origin Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Noun biff - (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose" punch lick clout poke ... counter - a return punch (especially by a boxer) knockout punch KO punch Sunday punch haymaker - a hard punch that renders the opponent unable to continue boxing hook - a short swinging punch delivered from the side with the elbow bent jab - a quick short straight punch rabbit punch - a short chopping blow to the back of the neck sucker punch - an unexpected punch boxing pugilism fisticuffs - fighting with the fists blow - a powerful stroke with the fist or a weapon; "a blow on the head"

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