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         Henderson Biff:     more detail
  1. Biff Norris and the Clue of the Disappearing Wolf by John Runyan, 1967

21. Letterman - Questions, Answers, Fun Facts, Information
biff henderson. biff has been a great sport over the years and has been sent to many events, such as the Super Bowl and the World Series, to interview
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Interesting Questions, Facts and Information
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Interesting Questions, Facts, and Information
    Who was the producer of Dave's show when it moved from NBC to CBS? David Letterman ( jaxneises

      Robert Morton . 'Morty' often had to answer Dave's questions on-air and participated in his share of comedy sketches.
    Who was the director of Dave's show when it moved from NBC to CBS? David Letterman ( jaxneises

      Hal Gurnee . Dave often talked to Hal during the show. Hal used to participate in many of the comedy sketches.
    Who stood up during an interview and kicked toward Dave's head, freaking Dave out and ending the interview? David Letterman ( jaxneises

      Crispin Glover . Definitely one of the stranger events in Dave's history. Glover appeared to be seriously disturbed during the interview.
    Who is the drummer in the CBS Orchestra led by Paul Shaffer?

22. Late Show Experiences
Also, while I was hanging around, I managed to get photos taken with Paul Shaffer and biff henderson. biff was also a nice guy, but I must say that Paul had
This is a compilations of experiences from fans that have had a memorable experience pertaining to the Late Show. Attending the Late Show is a great experience, and even better if you meet the man (Dave that is). Enjoy these great stories. They're all great. Don't forget if you have a story to share please e-mail it to me and I'll be sure to add it.
Please share with me your stories so I can make this the best page on the Web, or email me if you have any questions. Enjoy!
This is a great story, and that's why I put it first. He spontaneously went on to see Dave, cause his woman was on, Cindy Crawford.
She met Dave in Indianapolis and ended up having lunch with him. As Martin Short was singing, he walked by him and shook his hand. She nearly cried when she met her favorite person Mujibur. ... All the way from Michigan to see the Late Show. Met Rupert, Paul and got cozy with Mujibur.
Other Stories
two awesome stories about running into Dave.
recalls her amazing trip to NY to see the Late Show and ended by getting a picture with Dave.

23. Biff Henderson's Fun With A Stopwatch - AOL Video creates a picture of biff henderson on the Lat. The Late Show s David Letterman and biff henderson had a little fun with Vice
document.domain=""; var sitedomain="";var siteState="http%3a%2f%2fvideo%2eaol%2ecom%2fvideo%2ddetail%2fbiff%2dhendersons%2dfun%2dwith%2da%2dstopwatch%2f638193636"; var pagehostUrl="";var vid_playerURL="";var MTeens=1; Search Hot Searches: 'American Gladiators' Tom Cruise 'Rambo' Paris Hilton ... See More query_value=0;vid_location="";vid_pageUrl=""+window.location;vid_pmms=0;

24. Web Search: Biff
Search biff. Web Directory Categories (15 of 5). Arts People H henderson, biff Sports Golf Community and Clubs (1 match)

25. Stix Blog: 24
biff henderson Jack s Nemesis Christopher henderson, named for David Florence henderson - biff henderson s wife, after the mom on the Brady
Stix Blog
Posts categorized "24"
January 14, 2008
Dammit I forgot about Talk Like Jack Bauer day
Damnit, it is Talk Like Jack Bauer Day and I totally forgot. Here is a handy FAQ to get you through the day. Dammit! Stix on January 14, 2008 at 03:09 PM in Permalink TrackBack (0) Technorati Tags Talk Like Jack Bauer day ... Save to
May 30, 2007
Miss Blogs4Bauer winner
We have a winner in the contest. The tallies are in and the winner is : Here is the complete bracket: Stix on May 30, 2007 at 03:26 PM in Permalink Comments (0) TrackBack (0) Technorati Tags ... Save to
May 22, 2007
The Last 2 hours
Was it me or did this season suck? I know it is better than most other boring tv shows. Hell, the only 2 shows I watch are 24 and Sopranos, and Rome when it was on, and Deadwood. But the last 2 hours were sort of blah. I mean Jack got to kill a few bad guuysm but this year's Bauer Family Reunion was not that good. Oh well. It is better than watchind Deal or No Deal. I wonder if Jack jumps off the cliff at the end and Ricky Stratton will take over? Oh well, now I will be playing golf on Monday nights.

26. Biff Henderson Says:
biff henderson says. what time do you want it to be, darling. kayczesucksatlife. says .. why would you want your name to be biff henderson
Biff Henderson says: Weeping Willows. kayczesucksatlife. says: and who is this? Biff Henderson says: My name is Ed. Biff Henderson says: What is your name? Biff Henderson says: I like your profile picture. You're very pretty. kayczesucksatlife. says: you added me, i assumed you knew me Biff Henderson says: I'd like to know you. Biff Henderson says: ....... okay, sorry, this is boring Biff Henderson says: hi kayce kayczesucksatlife. says: gonna tell me who you are now? kayczesucksatlife. says: Biff Henderson says: give ya 3 guesses. you won't get it right kayczesucksatlife. says: no i dont like this game! Biff Henderson says: tough luck kayczesucksatlife. says: boo! Biff Henderson says: guess already, geez kayczesucksatlife. says: NO GUESSING kayczesucksatlife. says: im assuming you saw me post my name on that bloggie Biff Henderson says: i don't know what that means Biff Henderson says: i'm bored of this too kayczesucksatlife. says: ahhhhhhhhhh kayczesucksatlife. says: STOP BORING YOURSELF AND/OR ME kayczesucksatlife. says: waah Biff Henderson says: i DO like your display picture though. i wasn't lying about that

27. Arts People H Henderson,_Biff - ODP / Directory / Search Engine -
. See also......Arts People H henderson,_biff category, ODP Search Engine portal. Top Arts People H henderson, biff (0).,_Biff/

28. Wiki Biff Henderson
One segment henderson performed in was a takeoff of the MTV show Punk d called biff d . The segment resembled Candid Camera. In the segment henderson
Wiki: Biff Henderson Monetize Your Timeshare/campground! (Ad) James Jackson Henderson Jr. (born October 3 in Durham, North Carolina U.S. ) is an American television personality who is best known for his work on The Late Show with David Letterman as a stage manager . He acquired the nickname " Biff " from his mother when her friend had a dream involving a boy named "Biff". He graduated from Hampton Institute in Virginia with a degree in business administration . He also served in the United States Army during the Vietnam War . As a youth, he played a tennis tournament against Randy Newman . He also worked as a stage manager on the version of To Tell the Truth then began his most famous work with David Letterman on The David Letterman Show Late Night with David Letterman then the current Late Show with David Letterman . Henderson frequently participates in the on-screen antics and sometimes is the star of short segments recounting his humorous adventures in New York. Henderson's "theme" on the show is " Milestones " by

29. Marg Meikle
Describe biff henderson. biff is the stage manager chubby, balding, black man who wears glasses. The group was amazed at the seemingly useless knowledge
About Marg For Sale Projects Links ... Contact This is in chronological order, bits and pieces of things I have done ...scroll on! I am attempting to make this readable.
Georgia Straight
Best of Vancouver By Marg MeIkle September 20, 2007 'page printer friendly version At shops-anchoring Dunbar Theatre (4555 Dunbar Street), a staff member introduces the movies. Fiona Garden photo. Sleepy Dunbar still has much going for it. There's a lot to be said for a quiet, safe, and maybe a tad dull place to live. If that's what you crave, Dunbar was made to order. Fifteen minutes to downtown and 10 to UBC, flower-filled, with wonderful old trees creating arbours, it is an urban oasis. A seriously family-oriented neighbourhood that boasts record turnouts for soccer matches, a theatre (the Dunbar) where a staff member always introduces the movies, and a library branch with a great children's librarian, this is a nice place to grow up. Point Grey was very orderly in its planning and in 1922 enacted Canada's first zoning bylaw: it wanted residences only, thus beginning the NIMBY tradition that carries on today. In 1926, the Point Grey Town planning commission (and Dunbar was still part of this) had this vision: "a city in which the best type of home could not only be built, but also adequately safeguarded from the encroachments of undesirable types of development". Long story short: zoning and planning and community visioning are horribly time-consuming and a little like watching paint dry, so the members of the residents' association who are monitoring the implementation of the City of Vancouver's community-vision process are saints for doing it, but they had high stakes. Way back in 1997, Dunbar bought into densification (now Mayor Sullivan's EcoDensity): along the commercial pathway there will be mixed-use buildings, as in most communities. But now residents say city hall is unilaterally increasing the scope of densification throughout their neighbourhood, and they're upset.

30. Biff Gaut Consulting - The Name
1993 Present (CBS) When David Letterman moved to CBS, he introduced a new stage manager, biff henderson. A rare positive role model for the name,



Case Studies


The Name When I first decided to launch Biff Gaut Consulting, many people advised me to choose a different company name, one that tended to evoke fewer snickers. In spite of this well-intended and probably quite correct advice, I decided to keep the name Biff Gaut Consulting. The name "Biff" has a colorful history in American culture, and although it may not inspire the same reverence as other obscure names in fiction, such as "Rhett", or "Holden", it nonetheless is a part of our heritage and I decided to wear it with pride to help rid it of any remaining stigma it might hold. Here is an partial history of the the proud name "Biff" in American culture: Death of a Salesman 1949 Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman was probably America's introduction to the name; it is one of the earliest known references to the name Biff. As the disillusioned son who disappoints his father, this character certainly doesn't give a good first impression. Batman 1966 In 1966, the original Batman television series premiered and garnered new publicity for the name Biff. In the opening credits, amidst sound effect balloons such as "SOCK" and "POW", "BIFF" rolled across viewers screens every week. As an added bonus, the "BIFF" would reappear in a sound effect balloon during several of fight scenes during the show. The series lasted for 3 years, but lived much longer in syndication.

31. Details Of Over 6 Hours Of Late Show With David Letterman Highlights : TV Shows
biff henderson Looks For Celebrities 2 (rmr).rm (9.86 megabyte) biff henderson s Tour of Eagle Base in Bosnia (rmr).rm (13.98 megabyte)
Location: Mininova Categories TV Shows David Letterman ... Report a problem
Details of Over 6 hours of Late Show with David Letterman Highlights
Download this torrent Filename: Late Show with David Letterman Highlights.torrent Info hash: Added on: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 18:33:30 +0100 Last updated: Sat, 14 Apr 2007 10:01:09 +0200 Total size: 1.21 gigabyte in 156 files Tracker announce: Tracker scrape:
Contents of download:
  • The Late Show with David Letterman
    • ''Good Cop, Good Cop'' (rmr).rm (1.15 megabyte) ''Guadalajara Guido'' Music Video (rmr).rm (10.89 megabyte) ''Hello Deli'' Commercial (rmr).rm (2.37 megabyte) ''Late Show Of Passion'' (rmr).rm (3.58 megabyte) ''Late Show'' - The Game (rmr).rm (2.71 megabyte) ''Late Show'' Audience Orientation Video (rmr).rm (3.95 megabyte) ''Late Show'' On Tour (rmr).rm (2.32 megabyte) ''Late Show'' Video Library (rmr).rm (20.34 megabyte) ''Next Time Bring Your Sister_'' (rmr).rm (1.26 megabyte) ''Star Wars'' Sneak Preview (rmr).rm

32. VIEW THE CLIP: Biff Features Ball State On Letterman's Show
biff henderson, stage manager for the Late Show with David Letterman and a regular oncamera personality on the show attended Ball State homecoming,1370,-1019-4298,00.html
Alumnus Magazine Ball State Sports Faculty/Staff Newspaper Radio and TV ... Services for Media University Marketing and Communications
AC Building, Room 224

Ball State University
Muncie, IN 47306
Office Hours
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Eastern time, Monday-Friday
For after-hours calls, dial the number below and you will be directed to an on-call staff person.
Phone: (765) 285-1560
Fax: (765) 285-5442

Email a Friend Print Larger Smaller Biff Henderson is wheeled down Riverside Avenue in the annual Homecoming Bed Race. (Don Rogers photo) Biff Henderson, stage manager for the "Late Show with David Letterman" and a regular on-camera personality on the show attended Ball State homecoming festivities to film an edition of "Biff Henderson's America." The segment featuring Ball State President Blaine A. Brownell and many others on campus aired recently on the Late Show. Letterman is a 1969 graduate of Ball State, but as Brownell pointed out, he might not be the school's funniest graduate. View the segment.

33. Biff Videos, Podcasts And Video Blogs About Biff - Tag On Mefeedia
Tags sean paul late biff law hill david letterman faith rihanna alec barry sarah baldwin penn henderson sheridan desperate jude nicolette pushing silverman
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Biff Videos
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David Giancola, director of Anna Nicole Smith's last film 'Illegal Aliens - Exclusive Interview

from popular posts - (beta) on January 24, 2008
1 views The Bahamas Weekly brings you another exclusive interview from The Bahamas International Film Festival (BIFF) in December 2008. This time we present an insightful interview with director, David Giancola, the director of Anna Nicole's last film entitled, "Illegal Aliens", which was featured at BIFF '07. Here Giancola speaks about his friendship with Anna Nicole and her son, Daniel Wayne Smith; his experience working closely with both of them on set; and then speaks highly of The Bahamas as a backdrop for filmmaking; along with his comments on the Bahamas International Film Festival, that Anna Nicole Smith would have likely attended had she been alive.***image1***Watch the trailer for Illegal Aliens HERE also in: interview aliens festival biff ...
Episode 104.3: CES 2008 Day 3

34. PUBLIC LIVES; A Straight Man Who Won't Dwell On The Bad Stuff - New York Times
biff henderson crosses himself before eating, and it s a good thing, since what he s having for breakfast could kill him an egg and sausage sandwich.

35. Video: Biff Hangs With The American Chopper Guys - American Chopper
Dave sent late show stage manager biff henderson to visit the legendary Teutul family in 2005. Dave should have sent Big Red or went to the factory himself
Your browser does not support Javascript or your Javascript is turned off. Boxxet requires Javascript to work properly. Sorry, but Boxxet does not support your browser. Boxxet supports IE6+, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Welcome to Boxxet Boxxet Home Log in or Register
American Chopper ... Deals Subscribe Check out American Chopper Deals . Get a jump on your holiday shopping.
rate me Best click to like click: dislike rated Video: Biff Hangs With the American Chopper Guys Dave sent late show stage manager Biff Henderson to visit the legendary Teutul family in 2005. Dave should have sent Big Red or went to the factory himself since he is a huge fan of the show, but Biff did well and had a terrific time. Author: beppetse Keywords: Biff Henderson David Letterman Teutul American Chopper Added: August 26, 2007 Sun, Aug 26, found via YouTube Other Top American Chopper News Orange County takes on a new direction Source: Vancouver Sun Canada - Jan 23, 2008 The products of the New York-based custom motorcycle manufacturer, featured on popular reality TV show American Chopper, are set to create a lot of ... Published Wed, Jan 23, found via Google News

36. CBS | Late Show With David Letterman : Video
biff henderson At Yankees Spring Training 2007 ARod tans, biff does his best Bush impression and more from Tampa. Monologue Dave s Monologue
Biff Henderson At Yankees Spring Training 2007
A-Rod tans, Biff does his best Bush impression and more from Tampa. Monologue
Dave's Monologue
Watch now
Top Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying The Pope's Used Car
From the Home Office in Wahoo, Nebraska...
Watch now
adController.print(300, 60);

37. SNL Archives | Impression
ALL. FULL LIST IMPRESSIONS. biff henderson played by Tracy Morgan. APPEARANCES (1). 1. 11.08.97 The Late Show.

38. VIDEO HENDERSON - BUSCATUBE - Buscador De Videos, Youtube, Google Video, Dailymo
Descripción The David Letterman Show segment featuring biff henderson at Ball State s Homecoming. biff henderson at ball state homecoming biff henderson at
A±ade un buscador de videos en tu web Agregar BuscaTube a favoritos Buscar videos por Categorias ... Modificar mi Perfil Video: YouTube.COM Google.Video.COM MySpaceTV.COM Veoh.COM Soapbox.msn.COM Dailymotion.COM Metacafe.COM MySpace.COM Grouper.COM Blip.TV Vpod.TV Web Internet Seleccionar Todos Reproducir videos automaticamente A±adir a tu IE7 y Firefox2 [Seleccione supercategoria] [Seleccione categoria] [Seleccione subcategoria] Inicio henderson Los m¡s vistos
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Videos Recomendados

Avril lavigne


Soda Stereo
Daddy Yankee

Videos Relacionados YouTube.COM Google.Video.COM MySpaceTV.COM Veoh.COM Soapbox.msn.COM Dailymotion.COM Metacafe.COM MySpace.COM Grouper.COM Blip.TV Vpod.TV Web Internet
Mostrar en : YouTube GoogleVideo MySpace Soapbox ... Web 9004 videos encontrados SI Swimsuit model Julie Henderson joins USC for a very special marching band swimsuit shoot SI SWIMSUIT 2007 JULIE HENDERSON Tags: sports illustrated swimsuit model ... field 01:03 Min Vistos: 5038 Veces Autor: SIswimsuit Detalles del video Scott Henderson Guitar clinic in Korea SCOTT HENDERSON CLINIC Tags: guitar;

39. Candy Addict » The Late Show’s Biff Made Of Gum
If so, take a look at this portrait of biff henderson that was done on the show recently by gum artist Ben Harben. The portrait was created recently during
@import url( ); Widgets Candy Tshirts
All your favorite classic candies - Dubble Bubble, Runts, Crunch, Baby Ruth, Laffy Taffy, Nerds, and lots more! For men, women, and children.
View all candy tshirts

Tuesday, November 14, 2006 - written by Brian
Categories: Candy Candy News Gum Candy Art ... Candy Videos
Are you a huge David letterman fan looking for that one-of-a-kind something that shows your love for the Late Show? If so, take a look at this portrait of Biff Henderson that was done on the show recently by gum artist Ben Harben. The portrait was created recently during a taping of the Late Show and it is now on ebay. It was created using chewed up Bazooka bubblegum balls. written about gum artists before , and now is your chance to actually own one of these creations by Ben Harben. At the time of this writing, there are two days left in the auction and the high bid is currently at $405. If you missed the show, you can watch an edited version of that episode that focuses only on the gum art by clicking on the YouTube video below.
More candy articles about: candy sweets gum bubble gum ... Share This Related Articles:
  • diamondklp Says:
  • 40. Biff Henderson On Flickr - Photo Sharing!
    Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and
    YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, 'load', F._window_onload); YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, 'resize', F._window_onresize); YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, 'blur', F._window_onblur); YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, 'focus', F._window_onfocus); YAHOO.util.Event.addListener(window, 'unload', F._window_onunload); You aren't signed in Sign In Help
    Biff Henderson
    To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled browser and
    install the latest version of the Macromedia Flash Player

    F.decorate(_ge('button_bar'), F._photo_button_bar).bar_go_go_go(85342915, 0); F.decorate(_ge('photo_notes'), F._photo_notes).notes_go_go_go(85342915, '', '3.1444'); View whalt's map Taken in (See more photos here Brushes with fame from our 2002 trip to New York City.
    Fellowship of the Rich says:

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