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1. DotComGuy, Gone And Forgotten
He lived a dotcom existence for a year, promised six figures by a host of sponsors. The year ended on Sunday, and dotcomguy, derided by Net.,1284,40940,00.html
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DotComGuy, Gone and Forgotten
Michelle Delio Reader's advisory: Wired News has been unable to confirm some sources Geeks across the net are bidding DotComGuy a gleeful and sarcastic goodbye. The silicon shut-in walked out of his front door Monday after spending 365 days inside a house where he was monitored round-the-clock via a couple of dozen webcams that blasted the life and times of DotComGuy over the Internet. Visitors to the site could observe DotComGuy sitting, sneezing, shopping and sleeping. They could watch DotComDog chase a squeaky toy. But now, having completed what some are calling The Most Useless Achievement of Our Time , rumors are circulating that DotComGuy's sponsors pulled out months ago, and poor DotComGuy was left in the lurch without his promised $98,280 paycheck. E-mails to DotComGuy's media representatives return only an automated response, advising that they "may not be able to assist journalists on a tight deadline." But a

2. DotComGuy - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
dotcomguy was the name of a former computing systems manager who legally changed his name to dotcomguy from Mitch Maddox in 2000.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search DotComGuy was the name of a former computing systems manager who legally changed his name to DotComGuy from Mitch Maddox in 2000. His project was to live for one year (beginning on January 1, 2000) without leaving his house in Dallas Texas , ordering all food and necessities off the Internet and having them delivered. The house was monitored and several video feeds were streamed online. The project had a large number of sponsors including United Parcel Service Network Solutions Piper Jaffray Travelocity and Peapod It attracted a lot of attention in the media at first, but gradually public interest faded away. In the end of the project, DotComGuy legally changed his name back to Mitch Maddox and auctioned off . As of , the domain still exists and is in use by a domain parker Every year on 30 December DotComGuy joins his fans in a day long irc chat session at #DotComGuy Mitch Maddox now works in Dallas Texas for Riverstone Residential Group as the Director of Systems Integration.

3. #DotComGuy Fan Pictures And Channel Stats
While dotcomguy is always online to be viewed, he is not always online to chat with. The stats from this page are indeed the results of being always
Welcome to the DCG Fan Page Reunion Info
While DotComGuy is "always online" to be viewed, he is not always online to chat with. The stats from this page are indeed the results of being "always online" in the original DotComGuy chatroom on dalnet. To get into this chatroom you need to download mIRC and join #DotComGuy on For help connecting to irc go here. DotComGuy's year is over, but that does NOT mean chat is over! IRC Chat ( #DotComGuy) will be still be going for a LONG time. Also, the java chat room is still up. You can get to it by going to DotComGuy's New Web Site and clicking on Chat. To see the latest info on DotComGuy also check out his new web page. This web page will still continue to be u pdated with stats of the year 2001, and I am still taking additions to the fan section. =] If you were hiding all year, but still were a fan of the project or the guy, get yourself added. Also check out the DotComGuy CD where you can purchase yourself a copy of the entire year's worth of chat logs.

4. DotComGuy Quits 'internet Life'
News24 SciTech News dotcomguy quits internet life A man who has spent four years as dotcomguy is finally ready to leave the internet life behind.,,2-13-1443_1499137,00.html
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5. - Technology - DotComGuy Emerges Without $100,000 'bonus' - January 2, 2
Although dotcomguy officially emerged from his yearlong seclusion Monday, he won t be receiving the nearly $100000 he was promised at the onset of his
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Debate opens on making e-commerce law consistent


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DotComGuy emerges without $100,000 'bonus'
DotComGuy emerges on a motorized scooter after spending a year inside a house during his Internet venture January 2, 2001

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7. Digital Point Forums - View Profile: Dotcomguy
dominic067. Send a message via MSN to dotcomguy, dotcomguy is not a member of any public groups

8. Stockpickr! Dotcomguy Portfolio 1 Portfolio
dotcomguy Portfolio 1. 931 views. Rating B. Rate Now 1 2 3 4 Created by dotcomguy. DESCRIPTION. Date updated0924-2006
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My Stockpickr
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dotcomguy is a guy who decided to live off of the internet for one year starting on January 1, 2000. The rules are that he can t leave the perimeter of his

10. Dotcomguy ASP Scripts PHP Scripts Java JavaScripts Scripts Perl
dotcomguy Scripts list Scripts Programs Scripts Codes ASP Scripts asp codes dotcomguy scripts list asp scripts php javascrips cgi perl jsp

11. The Dot Com People Sponsor DotComGuy | Business Wire | Find Articles At
The dot com people Sponsor dotcomguy from Business Wire in Business provided free by Find Articles.
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The dot com people Sponsor DotComGuy
Business Wire Feb 3, 2000 Business Editors/High Tech Writers HERNDON, Va.(BUSINESS WIRE)Feb. 3, 2000 Network Solutions Supports Unique Promotion of Internet and E-commerce On the Internet, everyone has connections and DotComGuy has just connected with Network Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:NSOL), the dot com people(TM). Network Solutions, the world leader in domain name registrations, today announced its sponsorship of DotComGuy, a 26-year-old former systems manager who changed his legal name to DotComGuy and who will communicate through the Internet and live from items and services purchased solely online between January 1, 2000 and January 1, 2001.

12. DotComGuy = NotComGuy - Boing Boing
BoingBoing reader Alex says, The man who legally changed his name to dotcomguy changed it back Tuesday to Mitch Maddox. The trademark and domain name are
DotComGuy = NotComGuy
Posted by Xeni Jardin, July 16, 2004 9:08 AM permalink BoingBoing reader Alex says, "The man who legally changed his name to DotComGuy changed it back Tuesday - to Mitch Maddox. The trademark and domain name are up on eBay."
to auction, and link to news article. Older Cory off for the weekend Newer Web Zen: Found Zen
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13. DotCom Guy To Live Online For A Year - ZDNet UK
Man to change name to dotcomguy, spend the next 12 months getting food, entertainment, social interaction through Net.,1000000097,2076128,00.htm

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DotCom Guy to live online for a year
Jane Wakefield Published: 06 Jan 15:26 GMT One Net enthusiast is planning to welcome the new millennium by living online for the first year of the 21st century. Dallas computer systems manager Mitch Maddox is changing his name to DotComGuy and intends to spend the next 12 months relying on the Net for all his food and entertainment. He has moved into an empty house with just his pet cat for company and will rely on Net transactions and email to friends for all his needs. Microsoft's MSN organised a similar project last May when four UK volunteers were locked away for five days to fend for themselves online. What do you think? Tell the Mailroom . And read what others have said. Did you find this article useful?
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14. Welcome To E-Commerce Times
dotcomguy laughed and said, No, I don t have a girlfriend. We countered by asking if he would find one online, since he can have visitors.

15. YouTube - DotComGuy Fan Chat Reunion
Every year on Dec 30th we have a dotcomguy Fan Chat Reunion. dotcomguy was the first person ever to broadcast his entire life online for a year,

16. CNN Transcript - Saturday Morning News: "DotComGuy" Puts Real Life On The Intern
dotcomguy I ll need to order dishes and glasses, as well as I ll need to order food to fill this empty pantry, some mops, brooms, other cleaning supplies

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Saturday Morning News
"DotComGuy" Puts Real Life on the Internet
Aired January 8, 2000 - 9:25 a.m. ET THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED. KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Well, this past holiday season showed that a lot of people, when it came to shopping, they went online, they got about anything they wanted. MILES O'BRIEN, CNN ANCHOR: Well, it saved our Christmas in the household. PHILLIPS: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) you. O'BRIEN: And I can't go further, because there could be somebody watching which would hear the whole story and... Anyway, thank goodness for the Internet.

17. Web Host Directory - View Profile: Dotcomguy
dotcomguy dotcomguy is offline. Registered User dotcomguy has no contact information. dotcomguy is not a member of any public groups

18. Slashdot | DotComGuy Survives His Year
dotcomguy Survives His Year article related to It s funny. Laugh..
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DotComGuy Survives His Year
Posted by timothy on Tue Jan 02, 2001 04:32 AM
from the i-coulda-done-*that*! dept. blurzero writes: "Remember DotComGuy? The Texan who decided to prove that people could buy everything they needed through e-commerce by locking himself in his home for an entire year, and Webcasting the entire thing? Well, DCG made it through all 366 days! F* , however, is reporting that DCG's sponsors have all dried up, and he will be receiving none of the $100,000 he was supposed to be paid. There's no word on the DCG homepage This guy would have been a lot braver to try this 10 years ago. Seems like the only real problem for the modern online hermit expecting $100,000 is enough room to exercise.

19. DotComGuy Emerges From Confinement
dotcomguy emerges from confinement LM Otero, AP file The dotcomguy. DALLAS (AP) — dotcomguy, who legally changed his name to reflect his online life,
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01/02/01- Updated 04:14 PM ET
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DotComGuy emerges from confinement
LM Otero, AP file The DotComGuy.
His plans include changing his name back to Mitch Maddox.
The computer systems manager also intends to wed Crystalyn Anne Holubeck, whom he met in a chatroom on DotComGuy's Web site, Dallas television station KDFW reported. READ MORE (below)
On the Net Inside DotComGuy's daily life. No date has been set.
DotComGuy, who never ventured past his tiny backyard for a year, bought all his necessities online.
His daily life was recorded by 20 cameras that broadcast to the world at
DotComGuy said Monday he was bored at times, but that the year passed quickly as he answered e-mails and questions from reporters.
He moved into the then-empty house on Jan. 1, 2000. As the clock struck midnight Sunday, DotComGuy said goodbye to Web viewers, walked outside and drove away on a small motorized scooter. Front Page News ... About us Error processing SSI file

20. Ghost Sites/ Museum Of Interactive Failure/
Ghost Sites Museum of EFailure is an annotated screenshot gallery of departed Web Sites from the Dawn of the New Economy.
return to the museum of I-Failure return to ghost sites of the web go to the netslaves archive
On the Web, timing is everything, and the DotComGuy project's timing was miserable. In 1995, or even as late as 1998, the idea that a guy would legally change his name to "DotComGuy," lock himself in his apartment for a year and attempt to meet all his material needs via e-commerce would certainly have been considered innovative. But by 2000, when launced, the whole dotcom world was crashing, real people losing their jobs, livelihoods, and stock options, and peoples' tolerance for cute dotcom stunts had worn thin. If you have other information, including amplification and/or corrections concerning the demise of that you would like to see incorporated into this WebElegy, please send e-mail to Steve Baldwin and I will try to include it as time provides.
var site="sm3ghostsites"

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