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  1. Aggression: Individual Differences, Alcohol And Benzodiazepines (Maudsley Series) by Alyson Bond, Malcolm Lader, et all 1997-08-01
  2. The Birth of a World: The Books of Augustus: Book I by Jose Da Silveira, 2007-02-19
  3. Catalogo do epistolario familiar do Arquivo Brum da Silveira-Jose do Canto e catalogo do Arquivo Antonio do Canto Brum (Portuguese Edition) by Arquivo Brum da Silveira-Jose do Canto, 1999
  4. Educacao especial no Brasil: Historia e politicas publicas (Portuguese Edition) by Marcos Jose da Silveira Mazzotta, 1995
  5. Trabalho docente e formacao de professores de educacao especial (Temas basicos de educacao e ensino) (Portuguese Edition) by Marcos Jose da Silveira Mazzotta, 1993
  7. As missoes orientaes e seus antigos dominios by Hemetrio José Velloso da. Silveira, 1909-01-01
  8. Afro-A'sia, 21-22, 1998-1999, Centro De Estudos Afro-Orientais - FFCH/UFBA by Editores Joao Jose Reis e Renato da Silveira, 1999
  9. Maximas, Pendamentos e Reflexoes do Marques de Marica. Edicao dirigida e anotada por Sousa da Silveira. by Mariano Jose Pereira da Fonseca. Marica, 1958
  11. Mouzinho da Silveira: Liberalismo e administracao publica (Coleccao Horizonte historico) (Portuguese Edition) by Antonio Pedro Manique, 1989
  12. Concerto barroco as operas do judeu, ou, O bifrontismo de Jano: Uma no cravo, outra na ferradura (Colecao Estudos) (Portuguese Edition) by Francisco Maciel Silveira, 1992

1. Da Silveira Jose | Low Cost Bookstore
Silveira Jos Da, da silveira jose The Birth of a World The Books of Augustus Book I. Publishamerica, 2007 Quality paperback, 226 pages. Our price €17.28
Jose Da Silveira
Jose Da Silveira
Institute Of Psychiatry
Silveira Jos Da, Da Silveira Jose:
The Birth of a World: The Books of Augustus: Book I
Publishamerica, 2007
Quality paperback, 226 pages Click here for more information Usually ships within 1 week. Will be shipped from: United Kingdom Add to Shopping Basket
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2. Da Silveira Jose Franco
Jose R Coura Jose Franco da Silveira Laura Robertson Hean Koo Jennifer Wortman Pauline N Ward AnhNhi Tran Atashi Anupama Eithon Cadag Carole Branche,da Silveira,Jose Franco.html
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3. The Birth Of A World: The Books Of Augustus: Book I By Jose Da Silveira
da silveira jose, a writer, poet, screenplaywrighter, and painter was born . José Da Silveira has been called one of the last masters of the art world.
The Birth of A World: The Books of Augustus: Book I by Jose Da Silveira
The Birth of A World: the Books of Augustus: Book I by Jose Da Silveira
The Birth of a World: The Books of Augustus-Book I , is already released online at:


Where it can already be purchased. Its official in Store release will be Monday, 4/23/2007
This new novel The Birth of a world: The Books of Augustus – Book I is the first chapter of a saga, which will encompass nine books and spam over 13,000 years
Saga Synopsis
Ancient History/ Philosophy/Romance/Science Fiction
3 books told by Ziusudra THE CREATOR
3 books told by Julia AUGUSTUS’ MORTAL LOVE The Book Of Augustus (Book I) The Birth of a World The book begins in the year 2003, with Augustus on death row. This is his story of how and when he was created and made immortal by Ziusudra in Rome 68 AD, while Nero led the Roman Empire and 200 years before the Coliseum was built. Augustus’ story takes place all over the universe, all over time. And at this moment we find him telling his tale to a pair of Hollywood moguls, unafraid of his pending “death by execution” as he knows he’ll be back again.

4. Jose Da Silveira -- Genealogy & Family Tree | Famous Roots
Jose Da Silveira. Born 14May-1965 Place of Birth (not available) Gender M (not available). (not available). (not available). da silveira jose
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Jose Da Silveira
Born: 14-May-1965
Place of Birth: (not available)
Gender: M
Father: (not available)
Mother: (not available)
Family Tree
(not available) (not available) (not available) DA SILVEIRA
Jose (not available) (not available) (not available) Do you have information about this family tree? You may report errors and omissions on this page to the Famous Roots staff, who will review them for possible inclusion in future updates. References No printed materials referenced. (last revision to this profile: 24-Jan-2007) Home Page
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5. >> Artist Directory >> Jose Da Silveira
Jose Da Silveira Online Studio click to visit website, Jose Da Silveira Online Studio by Jose Da Silveira The official Da Silveira web site, where you can

6. Internet ArtResources - Complimentary Listing - Jose Da Silveira
Jose Da Silveira. USA. eMail. Protected Email Address. Jose Da Silveira has a Web site located at http//

7. Jose Da Silveira: Blogs, Photos, Videos And More On Technorati
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8. Index
Online gallery of paintings and news on the artist. Also includes links to further information relating to the artist.
Discovered at the age sixteen by the the celebrated critic Miguel Nuno, Da Silveira has studied and worked with the greatest painters of the last fifty years. He is considered one of the last masters. Born in Mozambique in 1965, he moved from country to country before settling in Provence, France. By the age of 25 he was already one of the most celebrated painters of the century. He created the formist school of painting which is now followed by numerous artists.
Da Silveira was seen at the Playboy Mansion for their annual Halloween Party. We hear that the grotto is his favorite hang doubt he is further studying the female form for his next work of art...The latest rumor, as some of you may have seen in the various Da Silveira guest books, is that he was seen leaving the party with a beauty wearing an american flag bandana. THIS IS A FAN SITE EXCLUSIVE: The woman was LA Model Kate Hoth...We don't know where they were going?;-) more info welcome - email us! Care of his Management Company:
Da Silveira Creations

9. Sequential Tart: Formism, Feeling, And Jose Da Silveira's Muse (vol IV/iss 5/May
Formism, Feeling, and jose da silveira s Muse. By Tracy Paddock.
Formism, Feeling,
by Tracy Paddock and Laura DePuy
Jose Da Silveira has been called one of the last masters of the art world. Da Silveira was discovered by a noted art critic at the youthful age of 16, and his work as been widely celebrated, particularly in Europe. In part, this title may be due to decades of study with influential artists of our time, during which Jose honed a style one reporter dubbed Formism . Formism is a sort of surrealism (Formism is also known as Naïve Surrealism physical Sequential Tart: What at such a young age influenced you to become an artist? Jose Da Silveira: I come from a family where art is quite important. My grand aunt was fiancée to the sculptor Cesar and won first place at the Beaux Art when he won second place. She then died from appendicitis. Art, after her death, became a very important part of our life. ST: When you paint, what do you consider the most central information to transfer from yourself onto the canvas? JDS: Feelings. I want to make people feel in a world where it is more and more difficult to let go. ST: Do you feel that painting is somehow a very physical undertaking, or that you're capturing something physical and putting it on the canvas, in that you're putting all of this kinesthetic information into the work?

This site is a testimony of my love and respect for the great painter, writer jose da silveira and his visual poetry that embraces the inherent beauty of



All material on these pages was taken from a variety of print and broadcast media! We are just fans, and have no personal contact with Jose or any of his friends, neighbors, old girlfriends, band friends or farm animals (and if we did we wouldn't tell you anyway!). We get no money from this whatsoever, although if you want to send us your life savings, we won't stop you. It's not our intention to do anything that could land us in jail or cause anyone to dislike us. However, if you are an important person or company and you see something here that might make you want to sue us, just let us know and we'll remove it immediately. To the best of our knowledge, everything in these pages is true. But if you spot any errors, please let us know. We are open to suggestions, comments.

11. Untitled
Here is what she has to say I thought I d share with you the fact that jose da silveira is a genuine sweetheart in person. I met him in Carmel.
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TO MY DEAREST JOSE DA SILVEIRA Home Page Favorite Links Guest Book Page Whats New Page

Jose, in your eyes all the stars shine.
On this night, love is nothing but right. In the dark now, all my
tears fall to snow and glitter, in your light they show.
Pain turning to vale, i'm screaming , calling your name.
Once, will you hold my hand?
And I'll know love'll never end.
Ah Jose...Yes I have met him. He looks so good, you just don't know what you're missing. He really has the eyes of an Angel sent from God. When I met him, being in the same room with the Angel of colors was beyond a cheap thrill. I was paralyzed in love for the entire hour he was there. Ania, A friend of mine wen to his last exhibition in Carmel. She met him, even spent time with him. Here is what she has to say:" I thought I'd share with you the fact that Jose Da Silveira is a genuine sweetheart in person. I met him in Carmel. I actually got to hug him....a true thrill! He was so polite and courteous to all of his fans! I was a big fan before that, now after seeing how wonderful he truly is, I'm a forever fan! Thanks Jose for the great memories! Your paintings touched my soul
WHO IS JOSE Jose Da Silveira was born in a tiny jungle village in Mozambique to a Portuguese bullfighter, and the daughter of one of the leaders of the French Resistance. He was delivered by an African Shaman. Jose spent the first years of his life shuttling between Africa and France, then Portugal and France, ultimately settling with his mother in Marseilles after his parents divorced.

12. Articles By Author: Da Silveira, Jose Alexandre Medicis - Free Online Library
Free Online Library Articles by da silveira, jose Alexandre Medicis. Silveira, Jose Alexandre Medicis-a183
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13. Jose Da Silveira - Biography
jose da silveira on IMDb Movies, TV, Celebs, and more
Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP JOSE DA... DVD VHS CD IMDb ... Jose Da Silveira Biography Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes by genre by keyword power search credited with biography publicity contact Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
Biography for
Jose Da Silveira
advertisement photos board add contact details Date of Birth 14 May Nampula, Mozambique Mini Biography Jose Da Silveira, like many other celebrated painters before him such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, and Chagall, has been undeniably marked by the magical lights and colors of his French Provence.
Da Silveira's gift for art, discovered at an early age, gave him the opportunity to study with some of Provence's greatest masters, including Maurois and Ambrogiani. He began showing his work professionally at age 16. His work is both forceful and unique, with a mastery of color and pigment technique that earned him a dedicated following. As his style matured and evolved, art critics and connoisseurs coined it Formism, and a new school of art was born. 20 years later Formist painting continues to inspire a new generation of artists.
Da Silveira's style combines contemporary technique and form with explosive color and powerful imagery.

14. Ghettogloss™ | Exhibitions
May 06, 2006 June 06, 2006. New works by jose da silveira. jose da silveira. Ghettogloss Gallery presents jose da silveira Saturday, May 6, 2006 7-11 pm
@import "../docs/gg.css"; Exhibitions
January 17, 2008 - February 12, 2008 Girls, Girls, Girls, an all female group show Group Show view press release December 01, 2007 - January 10, 2008 In the Mix Group Show Curated By LC of Cannibal Flower Pop Surrealism is defined as: the next generation of the lowbrow art movement, technical craftsmanship combined with creativity,and the attack of illustration and graffiti on fine art. view press release October 26, 2007 - November 26, 2007 Scarlett Alphabet Bill Haveron An exhibition of drawing, painting, and sculpture view press release September 27, 2007 - October 19, 2007 Blood, Sweat and Fears Joshua Roman "This show is all about human nature and how varied the human experience can be. I wanted to explore everything from searching for love to heartache, from birth, to death, sexuality, drug use, suicide, self image, insecurities, fears, hopes, and dreams. This is the most figurative and personal show I have done. I have used images of people I know, personal experiences and even myself to try and portray all these aspects." Joshua Roman, Artist view press release August 25, 2007 - September 25, 2007

15. Dasilveirafans
GO TO ABSOLUTELY FOR MORE INFO ON jose da silveira . I am just a fan and I have e no contact with jose da silveira ( I wish.) Evertyhing here is true,
TARGET="_parent"> WEBRING HIS OFFICIAL WEBSITE GO TO ABSOLUTELY FOR MORE INFO ON JOSE DA SILVEIRA DA SILVEIRA WORLD Hello and welcome to Da Silveira world. My name is Cassie and I adore Jose Da Silveira. I assume you are here because you have some interest in him...perhaps even more. I was surfing the net when I stumbled on some kind of a treat. Although Jose is known for his incredible paintings, I found some poems..and in English.... I just added one poem:-) Please make yourself at home and enjoy Da Silveira world. PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE IN MY GUEST BOOK
immortality by Jose Da silveira I had seen the burning sun, and I had seen the day I had seen the dying stars and I had seen the night, but I was a blind man and blind men do not see.
I had felt warm blood trhough my veins I had felt the madness of its rush; but I was a dead man, and dead man do not feel.
I had lost my body in so many bodies and I had lost my heart and I had lost my soul. A thousand times I had lost myself, so many times that I could not find myself again. But I was a lost man and lost men do not find.

16. Jose Da Silveira's Content Producer Page - Associated Content
jose da silveira s Content Producer Page Associated Content.
Find Publish Community Join ... SUBSCRIBE Jose Da Silveira's Content Producer Page - Associated Content Submit your original video, text, audio and images to Associated Content to gain exposure and even earn cash. Get started. Digg Facebook Myspace Technorati StumbleUpon Slashdot Reddit Yahoo My Web var so = new SWFObject("share_cp.swf", "share_cp", "12", "12", "6", "#ffffff"); so.write("flashcontent"); PROMOTE CP ADD TO FAVORITES LEAVE A COMMENT
Jose Da Silveira
living in Campbell, CA TOTAL VIEWS: 65 PUBLISHED CONTENT: 4 FAVORITED BY: 1 CONTENT PRODUCER SINCE: 10/19/2006 Da Silveira's swirling shapes and colors are sometimes compared to the work of Picasso and Van Gogh. He is particularly known for his paintings of women; he also also writes poetry, plays, novels and screenplays. Education/Experience: Saint Mary's college of California, Associate producer Movie Fuel, Level MBA Interests: Novels Plays screenplays poetry Motto: Taking life as a gift URL Jose Da Silveira's Favorite Content Producers Jose Send Jose Da Silveira a Message More about Jose Da Silveira var last_item="publishedcontent";

17. BioMed Central | Author Index
da silveira, jose Franco Escola Paulista de Medicina, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil. Articles published by BioMed Central. Original research

18. Jose Da Silveira - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos
The selection committee for The Mindset of Innovation project was pleased to announce that jose da silveira has been selected as an Earth Shaking
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    Jose Da Silveira
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    Jose Da Silveira Biography
    Jose Da Silveira is a writer, poet, novelist, playwright, screenplay writer, and painter.
    He was born in 1965 in a tiny jungle village in Mozambique, on the vast and agitated African Continent to a celebrated Portuguese rejoneador (bullfighter), and the daughter of one of the leaders of the French Resistance in Provence.
    As his father was in Africa fighting in the Mozambican Liberation War, He spent the first years of his life shuttling between Africa and France, then Portugal and France, ultimately settling with his mother in Marseille.

19. Search For ' Jose Carlos C. Da Silveira ' In -
Results 11 of 1 matches for jose Carlos C. da silveira Books. Aggression (1 Release) Subtitle Individual Differences, Alcohol, and Benzodiazepines
Go back to home page Login Register SHOP FOR IN All Products Appliances Auto Parts Books Cameras Clothing Computers Electronics Furniture Indoor Living Magazines Movies Music Musical Instruments Office Outdoor Living Software Sporting Goods Toys Video Games SEARCH Results of matches for Jose Carlos C. Da Silveira Books
(1 Release)
Subtitle: Individual Differences, Alcohol, and Benzodiazepines
Author: Alyson J. Bond
Rating: Write a Review
Hardcover from
(5 Sellers)
Page: 1

20. WikiAnswers - Was Jose Da Silveira Dating Art Director Jennifer Lewicki
Was jose da silveira dating Art Director Jennifer Lewicki? Answer Was jose da silveira dating Art Director Jennifer Lewicki?
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