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         Cuccione Michael:     more detail
  1. There Are Survivors: The Michael Cuccione Story by Michael Cuccione, Jane Macsporran, 1998-12
  2. 2Gether MTV Boy Band DOUG Doll

61. Find A Grave - Burnaby
cuccione, michael b. January 5, 1985 d. January 13, 2001 Actor. He played Jason Q.T. McKnight in the boyband parody group, 2Ge+her.

62. - The Michael Cuccione Foundation - 20 - Female - British Columbia -
MySpace profile for The michael cuccione Foundation with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.
Advertiser.SDC.DisplayedFriendEUD = "::0:0:N2QxNGVkZTNjZGE5MDRiY6tkuevvQhFN8a5Y9q8fPYwFUS9B0WwKJMzi-vRjDu4f16ooMhv_kO4kmUOqYZshmwDTbJflv0Lxke4knF_hZ9A_EFIeX_cRxxPptsRglddD"; sdc_wrapper("tkn_leaderboard", "/UserView/UserViewProfile,11013005", "Frame1"); User Shortcuts: Send Message Forward to Friend Add to Friends Add to Favorites Block User Add to Group Rank User Instant Message People MySpace Web Music Video Home Browse Search Invite ... Classifieds The Michael Cuccione Foundation
"tell a friend!"
20 years old
British Columbia
Last Login: 10/24/2007
Mood: thankful View My: Pics Videos
Contacting The Michael Cuccione Foundation
MySpace URL:
siteURL = "" The Michael Cuccione Foundation's Interests General highlightInterests("ProfileGeneral"); Music highlightInterests("ProfileMusic"); Books highlightInterests("ProfileBooks"); Heroes Anyone who knows what it's like to have obstacles in life, but eventually overcome them in one way or another. highlightInterests("ProfileHeroes");

63. Mad 72 Hour Film Festival
Notre Dame Regional Secondary School, in collaboration with the michael cuccione Foundation, would like to present the First Annual “Making A Difference” 72
Mad 72 Hour Film Festival for Students NOTRE DAME REGIONAL SECONDARY SCHOOL
NOTRE DAME HIGH SCHOOL Michael was a former student at Notre Dame and was very involved in the performing arts; therefore, this festival is an opportunity for the younger generation, who remember Michael, to get involved in the fight for cancer in his honor, and to increase the awareness of the importance of finding a cure while keeping his spirit and love of acting alive. The M.A.D. Film Festival is an extreme film-making challenge where teams of adventurous film makers have only 72 hours to complete a 5-7 minute film. Participants are required to follow a particular guideline with specific elements; they must use their own equipment, and must be original and creative in their concepts. Daniel Domachowski
Carlo Defazio
Simon Isherwood
Directors of the M.A.D. Film Festival

64. Lawyers Say Press Reports Could Contaminate Puffy's Potential Jurors | Cindy Cra
Plus, 2gether s michael cuccione dies at 16, Jodie Foster will lead Cannes DEATH Sixteen year old michael cuccione, the youngest member of the MTV spoof,,95547,00.html
var s_account="timeew"; var ewHeaderMagicNumberObj = new ewMagicNumberObject(150,59,93233812) EW .com American Idol Sundance Film Festival 2008 Grammys 2008 Oscars ... The A-List

65. Directory: Reference|Biography|C | Oklop Directory | The World's Largest Web Dir
Cruzatte, Pierre@; Csokas, Marton@; Csonka, Larry@; Cubitt, Sir William@; Cubitt, Thomas@; cuccione, michael@; Cucinotta, Maria Grazia@; Cuddy, Jim@

66. BCSD - Birthdays
michael James cuccione was born on January 5, 1985 in Burnaby, British Colombia. He was raised in Coquitlam, a community near Vancouver on Canada s west
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January Birthdays

Benedict Philipp

Ben joined Libera in early 2006 shortly after his 10th birthday. Since then, he has been featured as a main member of Libera and appears alongside soloists Tom Cully Michael Horncastle , etc. In February 2007, Ben got his very first solo, Lacrymosa . He also sang with Joshua Madine and Tom Cully Going Home in the Angel Voices-Libera in Concert DVD.
Jongenskoor Rijnmond

Rochester Boys Choir

The Rochester Boys Choir is an independent and community-based family of choirs for boys with unchanged voices in grades two and up. Boys are drawn from throughout the greater metropolitan area of Rochester, New York.
1 January Thomas Meddings [Thomas Edward Meddings]
2 January John Bruell
2 January Antonio José
The second place winner of the Junior Eurovision 2005 competition from Palma del Río in the province of Córdoba combines flamenco with Latin rhythm. 5 January Ansgar Pfeiffer 5 January Michael Cuccione 7 January Roger Drabble Roger Drabble was born on 7 January 1983 in Exeter, the youngest of four children in a musically involved West Devon family. His vocal talent was first spotted by staff at St Rumon¹s Infant School, Tavistock. In 1990, at the age of seven, he was admitted to Exeter Cathedral Choir as a Probationer, ultimately becoming Head Chorister there five years later under the direction of Lucian Nethsingha.

67. Minutes - 12th Meeting Of The Institute Advisory Board - CIHR
Carrie Young from the Board of Directors thanked the IAB Members for the opportunity to make a presentation on the michael cuccione Foundation created by
Contact Us Help Search Canada Site ... Advisory Board
Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)
Minutes - 12th Meeting of the Institute Advisory Board
April 5-6, 2004
Meeting Participants
Advisory Board Members:
  • Neil Berman Heather Bryant (Chair) Sharon Buehler Carol Cass Gerald Johnston Anne Leis Neil MacDonald William Mackillop Joseph Pater Diane Proulx-Guerrera Ian Smith James Till (Vice-Chair) James Woodgett
  • Guests:
  • Gloria and Domenic Cuccione, Carrie and Richard Young (The Michael Cuccione Foundation) Stuart Edmonds ( NCIC Acting Director, Research Programs) Diane Finegood ( CIHR INMD Scientific Director) Victor Ling ( CIHR Governing Council Member) Anne Martin-Matthews ( CIHR IA Scientific Director) Simon Sutcliffe ( BC CEO and Chair of CSCC
  • CIHR and ICR Staff:
  • Philip Branton (Scientific Director) Judy Bray (Assistant Director, Special Projects) Patrick Haag (Project and Communications Officer) Mohammed Hannan (Deputee Director, Knowledge Creation Programs, Research Portfolio) Linda McKenzie (Program Delivery Officer, IG ICR Claudia Mongeon (Accounting Clerk) Diana Sarai (Administrator)
  • Regrets :
  • Angela Brooks-Wilson ( IAB Member) Roy Cameron ( IAB Member) Joan Loveridge ( IAB Member) Michael Wosnick ( NCIC Executive Director)
  • Monday, April 5

    68. Po Prostu Tancz Reference Biography C
    Cruzatte, Pierre Csokas, Marton Csonka, Larry Cubitt, Sir William Cubitt, Thomas cuccione, michael Cucinotta, Maria Grazia Cuddy, Jim

    69. Fucko Speaks!
    Fucko the Clown, Director of Public Relations What about michael cuccione from the boy Band 2gether. I mean you have Joe C in the list for last year.
    Toldja He'd Show Up
    Hey, kids, what time is it? It's Fucko time! Yep, the world's crankiest clown is back in the fold once again, and that means more crud for you to read. Crack open a cold one and clean your contacts, Fucko the Clown is at the keyboard. Oh, sure, we've had our share of, shall we say, ups and downs with ol' Fucko, but heck, he's been with us (on and off) for a coupla years now. And, he's on the ball and in top form as of December 8th , which means ... well, you know. FUCK now ?! Yeah, maybe fuckin' so, but who the FUCK ASKED YOU ANYWAY, FUCK-FUCK HOLY LIVING FUCK , what a waste!!! -Fucko the Clown, Director of Public Relations What's the origin of the term "ready for Freddy?" A friend asked me. He thought it was a jazz expression. I told him I thought I remembered my father using it in the late 1940's to mean, "are you ready for the undertaker?" The theme of your website seems consistent with this interpretation. -T. Gartland T.- The theme of my ASSHOLE seems consistent with your empty HEAD, motherfucker! The Freddy in question has nothing to do with any undertaker, jizz-boy, but it doesn't surprise me that one of your daddies used to say it all the time. One of the biggest stars in Hollywood back in the '30s was Fred MacMurray, who got famous later doing My Three Sons (that's right

    70. 2gether - Free Music Downloads, Videos, Lyrics, CDs, MP3s, Bio, Merchandise And
    michael cuccione, who played Jason Q.T. Knight, passed away from natural causes January 13, 2001, just days after turning 16. A month prior, cuccione had,,1043006,00.html
    //oas sty = styEscape('Rock' ); aname = valEscape( '2gether' ); var OAS_sitepage = '' + sty + '/' + aname; var OAS_query = ''; var OAS_target = '_top'; NAD_listpos.push( n_top, n_bottom, n_tower, n_mrect ); NAD_listpos.push( n_bottomrect ); //xe NAD_xevals.push( 'Genre=' + sty ); NAD_xevals.push( 'Page_category=artist' ); NAD_xevals.push( 'Page_sub=bio' ); NAD_xevals.push( 'Artist_name=' + aname ); NAD_xevals.push( 'Artist_ID=1043006' ); NAD_xevals.push( 'Content_ID=1043006' ); OAS_AD('Top');
    Artist Album Song Tickets/Tours Movie Title Movie Cast/Crew Web document.write(_ad_MonthNames[_ad_month]+" "+_ad_day+", "+_ad_currentyear); home newsletter RSS UBL ... Rock Browse artists: A B C D ... more rock Fluffy teen pop could no longer be dismissed in early 2000, for 'N Sync wholly characterized such pandemonium when they beat out Backstreet Boys in selling nearly two-and-a-half million copies of their second album, No Strings Attached, during its first week of release. This was a heavy, pinch-hitting double take in the face of angst-ridden rock as .. more you might also like
    Take That
    Backstreet Boys Spice Girls *NSYNC ... Britney Spears

    71. The Giovanni Bastone Foundation :: Childhood Cancer Information
    michael cuccione was an amazing young man. Diagnosed with Hodgkin s Lymphoma at the age of 9, michael fought his cancer and won.
    Hodgkins Disease/Lymphoma Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma Michael Cuccione was an amazing young man. Diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma at the age of 9, Michael fought his cancer and won. Unfortunately, in 2001, Michael died of respiratory complications as a result of his numerous treatments. He was 16. From the time that Michael was diagnosed to the day he passed away, he worked tirelessly to eradicate cancer. He established the foundation that bears his name, made appearances worldwide to raise awareness and funds for cancer research, and inspired everyone he met to want to make a difference. To date, the MCF has raised over $3 million for cancer research. Michael's belief was that one person can only do so much but together we can make a difference. The partnership between the Giovanni Bastone Foundation and the Michael Cuccione Foundation is testament to Michael's belief.

    72. Samantha-King
    All proceeds from the sale of the Faith, Hope, Love CD benefit the michael cuccione Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research.
    CD's On Sale ONLY ONLINE at or call Listen to a Sample of 'A Hometown Christmas' by Samantha King A 6-Song CD featuring songs like; PERSONALIZED CORPORATE CHRISTMAS GIFT CARDS To purchase contact or call If corporate order, please send jpg of logo to For Example: Westburne Electric Presents with Samantha King Logo and Name of Company will be placed directly onto CD label Corporate Orders:
    • 100 cards to 500 = $8.00 each plus shipping and handling 500 and over $6.00 each plus shipping and handling
    Christmas cards are limited so buy NOW! For more information contact Samantha King's Debut CD "This Is Forever" Listen to a Sample Is now available at HMV or on-line at $20.00 (includes shipping and handling) Artist: Samantha King Title: Faith, Hope, Love
  • I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye (written by Michael Cuccione) Never Give Up (written by Michael Cuccione) Precious Time (written by Samantha King/ Gord Mathews)
  • The CD sells for $10.00.

    73. Hunky Male Celebs: Evan Farmer
    He is actively involved in many charities, most notably Susan G. Komen for the Cure, The michael cuccione Foundation (,
    Only the highest quality pictures of Evan Farmer Evan Farmer Profile
    • Birth Date: July 28, 1972 Birth Place: Asmara, Ethiopia Birth Name: Evan Ragland Farmer Jr. Height: 5'10"
    Related Links Biography Evan Ragland Farmer Jr. (born July 28, 1972 in Asmara, Ethiopia) is an American actor, musician, and television personality. Farmer grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He is a cum laude graduate of Tulane University, where he studied architecture for four semesters and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications in 1995.
    He is best known for his role in MTV's Film and Series 2ge+her, a stint on the U.S. soap opera Guiding Light, and for his three and a half seasons as host of While You Were Out on The Learning Channel. In 2002, he and Architect Tom Granthem started Renovolution which renovates single-family homes and puts his strong interest and background in carpentry to good use. He has also hosted several television shows on cable networks such as TLC, HGTV and VH1. Currently, he is the host of HGTV's Freestyle.
    In 2000, he was an opening musical act on Britney Spears's summer tour. He has also appeared in minor roles in movies such as Shaft, Austin Powers in Goldmember (he portrayed the teenage version of Robert Wagner's "Number Two" character) and as a guest star on television shows including JAG, DAG and as fill in Host on TRL. He also provided voice-overs for various projects, including the MTV series Daria and Celebrity Deathmatch. He also recently starred on Celebrity Paranormal Project.

    74. Forever Fourteen
    michael cuccione. January 5, 1985January 13, 2001. michael cuccione. michael s filmography click here. video captures of michael from Baywatch .
    Forever Fourteen
    Brad Renfro July 25, 1982-January 15, 2008 Brad's filmography click here Pablo Santos January 9, 1987-September 15, 2006 Pablo's filmography click here Jonathan Brandis April 13, 1976-November 12, 2003 Jonathan's filmography click here My Pictoral Tribute to Jonathan Brandis Jonathan Michael Cuccione January 5, 1985-January 13, 2001 Michael's filmography click here video captures of Michael from "Baywatch"... Myles Steven Ferguson January 3, 1981-September 29, 2000 Myles' filmography click here A tribute site for Myles... click here Christopher Pettiet February 12, 1976-April 12, 2000 (24) Christopher's filmography click here My tribute to Chris... click here Artists Management Network Memorial Page Jaundiced Eye Memorial Page for Chris Shawn Michael Phelan January 7, 1975-September 27, 1998 (23) Shawn's filmography... Telling Secrets (1993) (TV) .... Daniel Kelsey Miles from Nowhere (1992) (TV) .... Emmett Reilly Breaking the Rules (1992) .... Young Phil Toy Soldiers (1991) .... Derek Caroline (1990) (TV) .... Winston Shawn's website River Jude Phoenix August 23, 1970-October 31, 1993 (23)

    75. Life Of Miss Sunshade - The Vancouver SuperDALE: My Christmas Eve
    His name was michael cuccione. He was diagnosed at the age of 9 with Hodgkin It was because of him the michael cuccione Foundation for Childhood Cancer
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    Sunday, December 24, 2006
    My Christmas Eve
    We've had pouring rain + wind all day today, so other than deepening two of my holes and starting a new little one, mum and I spent our day home. I really don't mind the rain at all as it makes the dirt that much more aromatic. I also prefer the look that comes with digging in wet earth. However, mum seems to think differently for some reason.
    Mum slept a lot today because she's been so tired from work. I didn't mind as I had fun deepening my holes, and when I finally decided it was time to come inside, I used my boootifully, mud decorated paws to knock on the door. I'm sure that got me lots of points from Santa as I was polite - I knocked, instead of shouted like I usually do. Mum heard the knock, she came to the door, took one look at me through the glass door, and headed straight to the bathroom. It wasn't the first time she's done that, so I wasn't offended. She came out of the bathroom with the dreaded bucket of water. Yup, I had to step in the bucket, all four feet. One bucket wasn't enough, we repeated the process three times before you could actually see the bottom of the bucket. Yes, I'm a powerful digger, and my curls love the dirt. My nose had crusty brown earth on it, so I had to get a nose wash too. I quite like getting my nose washed because I get to dive for ROCKIES!!
    Anyway, in the evening, mum's orphaned friends (families over seas) came over and they decided they were going to Stanley Park to see the Bright Lights and take the X-mas Light Train around the park.

    76. Remembering
    On January 13th 2001, michael cuccione of 2Gether passed away. I was humongous fan of 2Gether and always will be. I wanted to always remember him so I made
    Free Web Hosting Provider Web Hosting E-commerce High Speed Internet ... Free Web Page Search the Web
    Dream Street
    .::*Michael Cuccione*::.
    An angel of God. . .
    On January 13th 2001, Michael Cuccione of 2Gether passed away. I was humongous fan of 2Gether and always will be. I wanted to always remember him so I made this page. I know it has nothing to do with Dream Street, but still check it out.
    An angel from heaven
    With beautiful eyes
    His glorious face
    It's not a disguise
    He's gone from this world
    But not from my heart
    He's now in heaven A brand new start. .::Song::. Greatest Reward-Celine Dion + so suddenly so strange + life wakes you up + things change + I've done my best + I've served my call + I thought I had it all + So suddenly + so strong + my prejudice + was gone + you needed me + i found my place + I'm different now + these days + now the greatest reward + is the light in your eyes + the sound of your voice + and the touch of your hand + you made me who I am + you trusted me to grow + i gave my heart + to show + there's nothing else + i cherish more + I stand by you + for sure + now the greatest reward + is the light in your eyes + the sound of your voice + and the touch of your hand + you made me who I am + so suddenly it's clear to me + things change + our future lies here and now + we made it through somehow + January 14th 2001-The day after *Earth is missing an angel because heaven wanted him back* God Bless if(window.OAS_AD) OAS_AD('Bottom');

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