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         Crumb Robert:     more books (100)
  1. Robert Crumb - 2003 publication by D.K.Holm, 2003
  2. Ein Heldenleben Von Robert Crumb by R., Rowohlt, Harry Crumb, 1992
  3. Kafka by David Zane Mairowitz, Robert Crumb, 1996-01-01
  4. Artistic Comics by Robert (R) Crumb, 1973
  5. Robert Crumb by Robert Crumb, 1982
  6. Robert Crumbs Genesis by Robert Crumb,
  7. R Crumb's Devil Girl Choco-Bar Box by Robert (R) Crumb, 1994
  8. Robert Crumb - The Pocket Essential Guide by D. K. Holm, 2005-02-01
  9. R. Crumb's Comics and stories; April 1964, No. 1. by Robert Crumb, 1969-01-01
  10. Mister Nostalgia by Robert Crumb, 2002-10-01
  11. Self Loathing Comics #1 by Robert Crumb, 1998
  12. Crumb by Robert Crumb, 2006-06-01
  13. R. Crumb Comics by Robert Crumb, 1999-01
  14. R Crumbs America Uk by Robert Crumb, 1994-06-23

61. The Return Of Robert Crumb - TIME
After three years, robert crumb has finally returned to comix. No other artist so dominates any medium as does crumb, whose black and white,,9565,339112,00.html
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    The Return of Robert Crumb
    Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2002 By ANDREW D. ARNOLD Article Tools Print Email Reprints [an error occurred while processing this directive]
    More TIME.comix
    The End
    The last installment of TIME.comix
    All You Need Is...
    TIME.comix on Aline Kominsky Crumb's New Memoir
    The Best Comics of 2006
    TIME.comix annual top ten
    Horror Tales from the Far East
    TIME.comix on three scary books from Japan tiiQuigoWriteAd(755769, 1290761, 180, 200, -1); The teen-age Crumb says hello to a pair of "stunningly beautiful 1950s American highschool girls" in "Mystic Funnies" #3
    The supporting stories have a much sharper bite, including a return to his painfully confessional autobiographical style. A classic example appears in the latest "Complete Crumb." "Footsy," rendered in a dramatic chiaroscuro, tells of his teenage encounters with the feet of various "lusty creatures" at school. For the new story, "Don't Tempt Fate," Crumb has abandoned the rich blacks that characterized this part of his career in favor of a crosshatching technique that captures every ripple of flesh and clothing. "Fate" tells the story of how a playmate accidentally smashed Crumb's mouth, leaving him with an absurd, gap-toothed grin all through adolescence. Not so funny? Wait till you see. Crumb's willingness to show himself in the most unflattering way turns the pain into humor. By sampling each of Robert Crumb's most famous styles, "Mystic Funnies" #3 works as a less expensive version of the "Complete Crumb" series. Both newcomers and long-time fans should be pleased.

62. Robert Crumb Limited Edition Prints - Hypergallery
robert crumb Limited Edition Prints. Purchase Album Artwork online.
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    • Foyer Storm and Hipgnosis The American Artists ... Various Artists The American Artists R. Crumb (born August 30, 1943, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) is a U.S. artist and illustrator recognised for the distinctive style of his drawings and his critical, satirical, subversive view of the American mainstream. He currently lives in France. Crumb was a founder of the underground comix movement and is regarded as its most prominent figure. In the pages of the many comix and counterculture publications, Crumb created characters that became counterculture icons. The best known of these, are Mr. Natural and Fritz the Cat. Crumb's work was suddenly in great demand, and Crumb himself became an anti-establishment icon, a figure that genuinely resisted "selling out." This introduction is taken from Robert Crumb’s entry on Wikipedia where detailed information about his career, influence and broad creative output can be found.
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63. Automatic Daddy: Robert Crumb's Weirdo Covers.
There is a robert crumb show coming to the Frye museum in Seattle this month. Information about the show and the museum can be found here.
Automatic Daddy
Wednesday, January 09, 2008
Robert Crumb's Weirdo Covers.
Just because they're beautiful.

There is a Robert Crumb show coming to the Frye museum in Seattle this month. Information about the show and the museum can be found here. Posted by Tom Dougherty at 6:16 PM Labels: Robert Crumb weirdo
Melinda said...
Didn't you find some ancient blotter sheets in an old R. Crumb book once? 7:15 AM
Tom Dougherty said...
John D. did once, in an old book of drug-related ephemera. There was quite a bit of it in there too. 12:56 PM
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64. R. Crumb
Celebrity cartoonist, reluctant movie star and now expatriate resident of France, robert crumb almost singlehandedly instigated the undrgtound comix
R. CRUMB Weirdo , prints, card sets and record covers, most notably for the first Janis Joplin album. There are many hard and soft-cover collections of his works currently in print. Several biographies have been published and an award-winning film about his life and art, Crumb , was released in 1995. The work printed in Rosebud 18 is excerpted from Mystic Funnies , Crumb's first all-color comic book, published in 1997, and colored by Graphic Classics publisher Tom Pomplun. It features the revival of two of his most familiar characters, Flakey Foont and Mr. Natural. Crumb returns to Rosebud in Issue 23 with a fascinating look at author Philip K. Dick and the curious series of events that defined his later life. This story originally appeared in Weirdo magazine in 1993. It was based on Philip K. Dick: The Last Testament , a book by Dick biographer Gregg Rickman, who offers a new memoir in Rosebud 23 Rosebud 18
136 pages, Rosebud 23
136 pages,
Crumb's childhood reminiscence Treasure Island Days is reprinted in Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson , with an introduction and new illustration by Robert's brother Maxon.

65. R. Crumb - Comics - Entertainment - News
And, click the link below and you will see this front cover of Boys and Girl s Grow Up (number 4) alongside R. crumb and robert Armstrong.
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News Entertainment Comics R. Crumb
R. Crumb
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Slog - 01/25/2008
Explore : Comics Entertainment I don't really like to flog shows here, but these are exceptions worth breaking the rule for. I saw them all yesterday, and they're all opening this weekend, so if you find yourself with any free time at all— Jean-Luc Mylayne at the Henry Dawn Cerny at the Henry R. Crumb at the Frye Vote!
Laughing Squid - 01/25/2008 Explore : Comics Entertainment Technology ... on February 4th. There are some really great entries, including a bunch from Ape Lad . In 1994 Robert Crumb created a fantastic Eustace Tilley Robert Crumb Related Posts The New Yorker Thanksgiving Covers by Chris Ware Maker Faire: King of Fling Catapult Contest 1 Year Birthday Contest The Six-Word Memoir... Vote!
R. Crumb's orginal art sells for over $100,000 at auction
Boing Boing - 01/25/2008
Explore : Boing Boing Comics Entertainment Gilbert ... Technology The original art for the over of Robert Crumb 's Mr.

66. | Biography: Robert Crumb
A biography of artist robert crumb at Bud Plant Comic Art

67. Paul Gravett: Article - Robert Crumb
In anticipation of the opening of robert crumb s exhibition in San Francisco at the YBCA Galleries on March 17, 2007, and the launch at the ICA in London of
"I CAME OUT FULLY DE-FORMED" In anticipation of the opening of Robert Crumb's exhibition in San Francisco at the YBCA Galleries on March 17, 2007, and the launch at the ICA in London of Aline Kominsky Crumb's new graphic memoir Need More Love The Confessions Of Robert Crumb , the BBC Arena documentary from 1987. The event was held on Wednesday 19 February 2003 at The Prince's Drawing School in East London. Robert Crumb rarely enjoys public appearances or opening himself up to audience questions, but on this occasion he was surprisingly relaxed and communicative, even if the questions were not always that pointed. After a day's life-drawing class with students, Robert Crumb was joined at a public evening by Robert McNab and Mary Dickinson, producer and director of The Confessions Of Robert Crumb , and by fellow American cartoonist Pete Poplaski , who went on gave a stirring lecture about his Zorro obsession, dressed in costume. This was followed by an screening of the Arena documentary. After this, McNab invited questions from the audience and Crumb came forward. Robert McNab:
You can ask Robert, he's had it easy , he's been quiet but I'm sure you want to ask him stuff, so... does anyone have a question in mind? Yes...

68. Last Gasp Books - Robert Crumb
Collecting the collaborations between Cleveland writer and cultural commentator Harvey Pekar and worldrenowned cartoonist robert crumb, this book covers Crumb/0/
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        Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar Out of Stock Collecting the collaborations between Cleveland writer and cultural commentator Harvey Pekar and world-renowned cartoonist Robert Crumb, this book covers over 10 years in the career of the two... ( more
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        Robert Crumb Out of Stock Robert Crumb's homage to those "art" magazines of the old days that were really just an excuse to show pictures of nekkid women. Lots and lots of gorgeous,... ( more
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        Robert Crumb Out of Stock Robert Crumb's homage to those "art" magazines of the old days that were really just an excuse to show pictures of nekkid women. Lots and lots of gorgeous,... ( more
        + to cart Robert Crumb Reprints from Whole Earth Review.
        + to cart Robert Crumb Drawn when Crumb was nineteen and still a virgin. Very cute. Shades of Bill Elder and Walt Kelly influences can be found in Crumb's charming color pencil drawings.

69. The Religious Experience Of Philip K. Dick
you will find that it raises more questions than it answers. Brought to you by R. crumb, Weirdo magazine and your friends at
Weirdo #17
The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb
This feature about Philip Dick's "Valis" experience was published in Weirdo comic #17 from summer, 1986. It is an interesting graphic interpretation of a series of events which happened to Dick in March of 1974. He spent the remaining years of his life trying to figure out what happened in those fateful months. You will find all 8 pages of this story here. The file sizes are rather large (120-140K each) so that the text was readable and the detail visible. Enjoy The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick . In typical Dick fashion, you will find that it raises more questions than it answers. Brought to you by R. Crumb, Weirdo magazine and your friends at
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70. R. Crumb's "Heroes Of The Blues"
1980 trading card set by R. crumb. Portrays 36 country blues guitarists and jug bands.
Heroes of the Blues by R. Crumb
Compiled by Glenn Weiser
I first saw illustrator R. Crumbs work in the late '60s, when I read the incomparable Zap Comics. Here are his portraits of the many extraordinary country blues artists whose work can be heard primarily on the Yazoo label. Based on photographs, they originally appeared in 1980 as a set of trading cards. To learn about these artists, see my Country Blues discography and also my Country Blues bibliography.
Buy these CDs and listen to this music!
For more R. Crumb, see his comic book biography of Charlie Patton here
Note - These scans, taken from the original cards, are provided for educational purposes only in order to promote awareness of country blues. And since I scanned them years ago, they have been reprinted in the book/CD package Heroes of Blues, Jazz, and Country. I highly recommend it.
. - G.W.
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    This site recommends Yazoo Records Charlie Patton by R. Crumb
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