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  1. Bubba Ho-Tep by Joe R. Lansdale, Don Coscarelli, 2005-11-08
  2. Libyan People by Ethnic or National Origin: Libyans of Italian Descent, Italian Settlers in Libya, Claudio Gentile, Don Coscarelli
  3. Biography - Coscarelli, Don (1954-): An article from: Contemporary Authors Online by Gale Reference Team, 2005-01-01
  4. Naissance à Tripoli: José Todaro, Herbert Pagani, Claudio Gentile, Moussa Koussa, Seif El Islam Kadhafi, Tarik El Taib, Don Coscarelli (French Edition)
  5. Libyans of Italian Descent: Italian Settlers in Libya, Claudio Gentile, Don Coscarelli, Franco Califano, Rossana Podestà, Mario Schifano
  6. Bubba Ho-Tep by Directed By Don Coscarelli, 2004
  7. FEAR - The World of Fantasy and Horror - Number 5 - March April 1989: Hooks; Ancient Images; Batman; The Mirror Crack'd; Land of Laughs; Taboo; Graham Masterton - Interview; Something Wicked; Janny Wurts; Toward Critique; Jack the Ripper Movie Special by John (editor) (Steve Rasnic Tem; Ramsey Campbell; Tim Burton; Stephen R. Donaldson; Jonathan Carroll; Steve Bissette; Graham Masterton; Ray Bradbury; Janny Wurts; Douglas E. Winter; Don Coscarelli) Gilbert, 1989
  8. The Complete Drive-In by Joe R. Lansdale, 2010-04-27
  9. Phantasm - The Novel By Kate Coscarelli Based On The Original Screenplay By Don Coscarelli by Kate Coscarelli, Don Coscarelli, 2002

21. Don Coscarelli Videos - Don Coscarelli Video Clips
Watch don coscarelli videos and use the video search engine to search for video clips.
Don Coscarelli Videos
  • Phantasm II trailer 1 Jan 09, 2008 Twitch Player san ku kai from Belgium:trailer for Don Coscarelli's sci fi horror sequel Phantasm III Jan 09, 2008 Twitch Player san ku kai from Belgium:trailer for Don Coscarelli's sci fi horror sequel Phantasm II trailer 2 Jan 09, 2008 Twitch Player san ku kai from Belgium:trailer for Don Coscarelli's sci fi horror classic Masters Of Horror: Directors Workshop, Don Coscarelli Dec 02, 2007 Showtime View now as Don Coscarelli Director of the Masters of Horror Movie, Incident On And Off A Mountain Road, dives into creating horror, childhood scares, breakthroughs, using humore and true screamers! Phantasm's Don Coscarelli Sep 07, 2007 BlipTV Show: Count Gore's Creature Feature Count Gore De Vol interviews the writer and director of the Phantasm series, Don Coscarelli Phantasm Ii trailer Jun 24, 2007 You Tube The trailer for Don Coscarelli's Phantasm II 1988 . Duration: 01:18 Beastmaster, The Special Edition Jun 12, 2007 BitTorrent Admit it: You love THE BEASTMASTER. No matter how many times you've seen it, you can't get enough of its sword and sorcery, witches and wenches, hot bodies and outrageous action. Now experience it all like never before in this new DiviMax!" Special Edition! Marc Singer stars as Dar, the mighty ...

22. Bubba Ho-Tep Review (2002) Bruce Campbell - Qwipster's Movie Reviews
Bubba Hotep is directed by a man that knows all about how to make cult films, don coscarelli. don s crafted a few of his own already in the Phantasm flicks
Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) / Comedy-Horror
MPAA Rated: R for language, sexual content and scary images
Running Time: 92 min.
Cast: Bruce Campbell, Ossie Davis, Ella Joyce, Heidi Marnhout, Bob Ivey
Director: Don Coscarelli
Screenplay: Don Coscarelli (based on the short story by Joe R. Lansdale)
Bruce Campbell ( Serving Sara Sky High ) stars as an aging Elvis Presley, or an Elvis impersonator named Sebastian Huff depends what you believe. He spends his days bedridden in a convalescent home in Texas with other eccentric characters, including a man that claims to be John F. Kennedy trapped in a Black man's body (Davis, She Hate Me ). Trouble begins when residents of the home start dying in mysterious ways, and soon Elvis and JFK become convinced that an ancient and powerful being has been feeding off of the souls of their fellow patients and they may be next! While it is an amusing movie, Bubba Ho-tep is much funnier to actually talk about having seen than it is to actually view. The mention of Bruce Campbell starring is enough to bring a smile to the faces of cult films everywhere. Those smiles broaden as they hear he is playing Elvis. They start to giggle when hearing that JFK is an old Black guy now. They positively cackle with delight when they learn that this odd couple join forces to take down a powerful soul-sucking mummy. It's so crazy, it just might work! Bubba Ho-tep is directed by a man that knows all about how to make cult films, Don Coscarelli. Don's crafted a few of his own already in the

23. Flipside Movie Emporium: Q&A With Bruce Campbell & Don Coscarelli
Q A with Bruce Campbell and don coscarelli regarding the acclaimed indepependent film Bubba Hotep.

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Bubba Ho-tep in Hollywood
Introduction and transcription by Rob Vaux Don Coscarelli is a respected cult director whose works include the four Phantasm films and The Beastmaster . Actor Bruce Campbell is a legend in the B-movie world, best known for playing the Deadite-slaying nitwit Ash in the Evil Dead films, but he's also made appearances in more mainstream fare like Spider-Man and The Majestic . On February 27 the two hosted a screening of their latest venture, Bubba Ho-tep (written and directed by Coscarelli and starring Campbell), at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood; they took questions from the audience on Bubba Ho-tep and other projects following the film. Bruce Campbell: I think I can speak for Don here, thank you all for supporting independent movies. Personally, I feel that it's a word that's way overused. If there's a Fortune 500 company associated with it, it's not an independent movie. Like it or not, this one is. If it bombs, Don is screwed. Question: Don, how did you come to find out about this short story [the Joe R. Lansdale work on which the film is based] and how much of it did you have to enhance make it into a feature film?

24. Phantasm (Limited Edition) (Collector's Box Set) : Read Reviews And Compare Pric
Horror Director don coscarelli - Original Language English . Special Features Audio Commentary With Director don coscarelli And Stars Michael
Enter your search term in All categories Cameras Cars Computers DVDs Electronics Entertainment Family Fashion Finance Games Household Appliances Internet Music Office Equipment Shopping Software Telecommunications Travel Ciao lists Home DVDs Horror Phantasm (Limited Edition) (Collector's Box Set) DVD Details
Phantasm (Limited Edition) (Collector's Box Set)
Horror - Director: Don Coscarelli - Original Language: English - Classification: 18 years and over 3 offers from to 1 review Write a review Four features. In 'Phantasm' after their friend is murdered, two brothers begin a hunt in search of the killer. Their investigation leads them to the discovery of a startling and...
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25. Don Coscarelli - Torrent Search Results On BitTorrent
Download thousands of movies, tv shows, music, and games from BitTorrent. Coscarelli&csrc=i-d_l

26. Don Coscarelli - QDOS Profile
don coscarelli. Q3885. Actors. don coscarelli s QDOS breakdown. popularity Have we missed something? How does don coscarelli compare to others?
Name (Postcode Don Coscarelli Actors Don Coscarelli's QDOS breakdown popularity impact activity individuality Where is Don Coscarelli on the internet? IMDB Wikipedia page Have we missed something? How does Don Coscarelli compare to others? Compare Don Coscarelli to: All Actors Arsenal Football Players Artists Arts Athletics Atlanta Thrashers Authors Big Brother Contestants Bloggers Bodybuilders Boxers Bundesliga Football Players Business and Technology Casualty TV Stars Celebrity Chefs Celtic Football Players Chelsea Football Players Comedians Coronation Street TV Stars Dancers Eastenders TV Stars Emmerdale TV Stars Fashion Film Directors Hollyoaks TV Stars Home and Away Stars I'm a celebrity… TV Stars La Liga Football Players Legal Professionals Liverpool Football Players Man. City Football Players Man. United players Miss Universe Contestants Miss World Contestants Musicians Neighbours TV Stars Newcastle Football Players Nobel Prize Winners Other Celebrities Photographers Politicians Premier League Football Rangers Football Players Religious Royalty Scientists Scots Premier League Football Serie A Football Players Soap TV Stars Sportspeople TV and Media Tottenham Football Players Venture Capitalists WAGs Wales Rugby Players X-Factor Contestants Total: 51 Bridget Marquardt Liam McGough Hiromi Oshima Katie Lohmann ... Jennifer J. Lavoie

27. DVD Review: Masters Of Horror - Don Coscarelli - Incident On And Off A Mountain
DVD Review Masters of Horror don coscarelli - Incident on and off a Mountain Road - DVD Reviews.
Monsters and Critics
DVD Reviews
DVD Review: Masters of Horror - Don Coscarelli - Incident on and off a Mountain Road
By Jeff Swindoll May 10, 2006, 14:19 GMT “Hell of a night” Anchor Bay Entertainment continues its Masters of Horror series with Incident - Don Coscarelli’s contribution to the collection. The film’s plot revolves around a girl and the horror that she encounters on and off of a mountain road. If you’re not aware Masters of Horror is a Showtime series from producer/director Mick Garris that gives hand picked genre filmmakers the opportunity to make an hour long film. They’re given a ten day shooting schedule(!) to produce their film. So far John Carpenter and Stuart Gordon’s contributions have been put on DVD by Anchor Bay. Since this format is almost like a TV series, it’s disappointing that a series set was not produced, but some will enjoy the single disc releasing schedule since it allows them to pick and choose which Masters they want to purchase.
Ellen (Bree Turner) is driving one night when she has an accident involving an abandoned car. She is knocked unconscious by the accident and has a flashback to when she met her survivalist husband (Ethan Embry). She comes back to consciousness and inspects the other car and finds lots of blood inside. She follows a trail of blood and finds the occupant of the other car.

28. Don Coscarelli - Biography - Moviefone
Read don coscarelli s biography online at Moviefone.
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Don Coscarelli Biography
Main Bio Filmography Songs/Videos
Angus Scrimm Reggie Bannister ), an ideal nemesis for the dimension-hopping baddie. And though Coscarelli had never intended the film to spark a sequel not to mention a modern cinematic mythology the door had been opened to a new world of horror in which anything was possible. The director next stepped behind the camera for a fantasy adventure film about a hero with an ability to communicate with animals, and The Beastmaster proved a remarkably entertaining entry into the sword and sandal genre. Following a successful run at the box office, the movie found an even wider exposure on cable TV. As with Phantasm, The Beastmaster spawned a series of sequels and a loyal following of fantasy enthusiasts. It would even be adapted into a popular TV series in the late '90s (although Coscarelli was not involved). Following the Deliverance-throwback Survival Quest in 1989, the filmmaker spent the '90s expanding on the Phantasm myth with the sequels

29. Masters Of Horror: Don Coscarelli: Incident On And Off A Mountain Road (2005) «
Based on a short story by Joe Lansdale, this harrowing volume of Showtime’s “Masters of Horror” series comes from director don coscarelli (Phantasm).
Netflix Cinemajig: Movie Reviews
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Masters of Horror: Don Coscarelli: Incident On and Off A Mountain Road (2005)
Incident on and Off a Mountain Road NETFLIX SYNOPSIS:  After a serial killer called Moonface kidnaps the seemingly vulnerable Ellen ( Bree Turner Angus Scrimm Don Coscarelli (Phantasm). 4 stars
HAWK ~ by kymberg on November 9, 2007. Comments are closed.
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30. Don Coscarelli - Masters Of Horror
While best known for his four Phantasm films, don coscarelli s film career, which has been going strong since the seventies, has not been confined to a
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31. Don Coscarelli - Filmography -
don coscarelli s Filmography From Kenny Co. to Masters of Horror don coscarelli Incident on and off a Mountain Road.
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Don Coscarelli Filmography
Masters of Horror - Don Coscarelli: Incident on and off a Mountain Road - (2005) - Director
Bubba Ho-Tep
- (2003) - Director, Screenwriter, Producer
Phantasm IV: Oblivion
- (1999) - Director, Screenwriter
Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead
- (1994) - Director
Survival Quest
- (1989) - Director
Phantasm 2
- (1988) - Director
The Beastmaster
- (1982) - Director
- (1978) - Director, Screenplay, Producer
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32. MySpaceTV Videos: Don Coscarelli And Bruce Campbell QA At BUBBA HO-TEP MM 2002 B
don coscarelli and Bruce Campbell QA at BUBBA HOTEP MM 2002 by Midnight Madness - The Toronto Int 39;l Film Fest Watch it on MySpace Videos.

33. Don Coscarelli « Rightwing Film Geek
BUBBA HOTEP (don coscarelli, USA). Here’s the pitch Elvis and JFK are both alive, in an East Texas nursing home. The other residents are having their
Rightwing Film Geek
BUBBA HO-TEP (Don Coscarelli, USA)
February 6, 2004
Posted by vjmorton 2003 Top 10 Don Coscarelli No Comments
Reviews and thoughts about the films of the cinema from an American conservative whose favorite Austrian film artist is Michael Haneke rather than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

34. DMOZ : Arts : People : C : Coscarelli, Don
2 pages found in coscarelli, don. IMDb don coscarelli Filmography, trivia, photographs and links. http//,_Don

35. Phantasm Movie Remake - Don Coscarelli To Produce Phantasm Remake
New Line Cinema has struck a deal with filmmaker don coscarelli to bring a new version of his cult horror film Phantasm to the big screen.
zGCID=" test0" zGCID=" test0 test4" zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') You are here: About Entertainment Hollywood Movies Upcoming Movies ... Casting and Movie News Phantasm Movie Remake - Don Coscarelli to Produce Phantasm Remake Hollywood Movies Entertainment Hollywood Movies Essentials ... Submit to Digg Also of Interest Calendar of Upcoming Releases Movie Reviews Most Popular Batman Sequel News Jamie Lynn Spears Photo Channing Tatum Photo - Step Up Movie Ashley Tisdale Photo ... XXX Movie Video Clips - DVD Bonus Clips Vin Diesel Samuel L....
"Phantasm" Returns to the Big Screen
From Rebecca Murray
Your Guide to Hollywood Movies
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Don Coscarelli Will Produce the "Phantasm" Remake
March 10, 2005 – New Line Cinema and filmmaker Don Coscarelli have teamed up to deliver a brand new version of Coscarelli's classic horror film, "Phantasm." According to a press release issued by New Line, Coscarelli has agreed to produce the remake. The studio views this new "Phantasm" as a way to relaunch that particular film franchise. The new "Phantasm" movie will bring the story forward to 2006.

36. Don Coscarelli Address, Contact Don Coscarelli For Free Celebrity Fan Mail Autog
don coscarelli Address, Contact don coscarelli for free celebrity fan mail autographs by mail. Celebrity Addresses.
Don Coscarelli : Address Celebrity Claim to Fame:
Celebrity Addresses Celebrity Address Details
Don Coscarelli - Contact Addresses
Address 1:
Don Coscarelli
c/o Stairway International
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Los Angeles, CA
Address Updated on 12/29/2005
Address Summary:
Success Count: RTS Count: Expecting Count: Add Latest Mail Result: Posted by: Robyn on 12/20/2005 Result Date Sent Date Received SUCCESS Notes: recvd autograph phantasm movie poster inscribed to me by director and writer don coscarelli thanks don and movie eye Submit Your Mail Results Mail Results History (All community members benefit from your Mail Results!) Are you expecting a reply from this address? New: Report this address as outdated. - Links that were here were moved to the bottom under "Member Tools" Member Tools for this Celebrity Submit an address for Don Coscarelli Request an updated address for Don Coscarelli Chat about Don Coscarelli with members! Setup email alerts for Don Coscarelli. Members Helping Members - Please help other members!

37. Don Coscarelli-Spout
don coscarelli. Director (Feb 17, 1954) behind some very well-known films, don coscarelli remained a humble soul despite an enormous cult following.
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Don Coscarelli
Director (Feb 17, 1954-)
Popular Movies on Spout
Bubba Ho-Tep Phantasm The Beastmaster Masters of Horror: Incident on and off a Mountain Road ... Phantasm IV: Oblivion
Angus Scrimm . Although Coscarelli would score another hit that same year with the thoughtful and nostalgic comedy drama Kenny and Co., it was his next film that would find him entering the annals of cinema history. Plagued by nightmares in which he was pursued down unending marble hallways by a series of chrome spheres intent on penetrating his skull, Coscarelli began the process of transferring his own personal horrors to celluloid for all to see. Casting old friend Scrimm as the malevolent keeper of the fearsome spheres, the result was Phantasm (1979), a surreal, melancholy, and dark psychological horror film that took audiences by surprise and exhibited remarkable creativity despite its meager budget. Scrimm's gaunt, imposing Tall Man played a major role in the film's success. Unlike many over-the-top screen villains who can't help but make wisecracks as they carry out their horrific deeds, his character's chilling, low-key, all-business attitude proved to be a refreshingly serious change of pace that thoroughly frightened moviegoers who couldn't get enough of him. Tall Man's lack of humor was balanced by the antics of unlikely hero Reggie ( Reggie Bannister ), an ideal nemesis for the dimension-hopping baddie. And though Coscarelli had never intended the film to spark a sequel not to mention a modern cinematic mythology the door had been opened to a new world of horror in which anything was possible. The director next stepped behind the camera for a fantasy adventure film about a hero with an ability to communicate with animals, and

38. Phantasm's Don Coscarelli - AOL Video
Count Gore De Vol interviews the writer and director of the Phantasm series, don coscarelli.
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39. "Don Coscarelli" - Topic Profile :: BoardReader
Topic profile for don coscarelli by BoardReader. Coscarelli.html
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Topic profile for "Don Coscarelli"
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40. Movie Reviews For Don Coscarelli - - The Official Website Of
All movie reviews for movies featuring don coscarelli written by Eric D. Snider for The Daily Herald and his own personal website.
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Eric D. Snider
Movie Reviews for Don Coscarelli
Movie Title Rating Grade Date ... Bubba Ho-Tep R B- Come read about baseball and web development at

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