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         Corbin Virginia Lee:     more detail

41. Spotsylvania (Combats At Laurel Hill And Corbin’s Bridge (May 8); Ni River
Also known as, Combats at Laurel Hill and corbin’s Bridge (May 8); Ni River (May After fighting lee and the Army of Northern virginia to a draw at the

42. Greg Corbin — Melanie Corbin : ZoomInfo Business People Information
corbin, J. West virginia School for the Deaf, J. D. corbin, Principal West virginia School .. corbin, lee, Oregon Cascades West Council of Governments
var biz_data = "";
ZoomSearchBox.init(1, ''); Welcome, Guest Register Sign in Help Welcome to the ZoomInfo People Directory Find the person you're searching for in the list below and click on their name for more detailed information. Or use the search box above to explore our entire directory of over 30 million business professionals. Can't find yourself in ZoomInfo? Create your own profile now. var biz_data = ""; Corbin, Greg Acton Toyota Greg Corbin Corbin, Greg Atomik Pictures In 2003, Greg Corbin joined Atomik Pictures as a partner to spearhead the features division. Corbin, Greg HOYLE STONE ONLINE Greg Corbin General Manager, Eastern Division Corbin, Greg Lincoln Greg Corbin , acting ... of Lincoln's Student Government Association Corbin, Greg Nevada State Railroad Museum Museum Director Greg Corbin will answer questions and update those attending on the progress of the museum. - Call the ... Corbin, Greg Greg Corbin focuses his practice on fish and wildlife, water, and forest products matters. Corbin, Greg

43. Virginia Corbin Actor Cine Pelicula Biografia Informacion Fotos Videos Imágenes
Translate this page Clark Gable - Con Ken Maynard, virginia lee corbin, Stuart Holmes, Harold Austin, William Riley, Jerry Mandy, Marty Faust, Jack Fowler, Syd Crossley.

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Turismo ... Universidades Recomendados Casa Roja Producciones. Anuncie su empresa Veamonos Alborada Carmesi ... Jorge Baron Usted viene de: Principal Artes Cine Actrices y actores ... Actrices y actores C Corbin Virginia Corbin Virginia

44. Miles Files 4.0 - Person Page 112
She was the daughter of Leander T. lee Davis and Lizzie Trader. . Children of Louis corbin Taylor and virginia S. Jennie Barnes Joseph C. Taylor b.
Miles Files 4.0
Person Page 112 Main Page Master Index Surname Index
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Roland Trader (M)
b. circa 1897
Pop-up Pedigree
Roland died at youth. Roland was born circa 1897 at Accomack Co, VA. He was the son of William Henry Trader and Virginia E. Marshall
  • ] Ruth Powell Long.
    Dolly Virginia Trader (F)
    b. 10 January 1882
    Pop-up Pedigree
    Dolly was born on 10 January 1882 at Accomack Co, VA. She was the daughter of William Henry Trader and Virginia E. Marshall . She was listed as a resident in the census report in 1900 at Accomack Co, VA. She married George Riley McCready Jr. on 1 December 1901 at Somerset Co, MD.
    Child of Dolly Virginia Trader and George Riley McCready Jr.
    Emma ... McCready b. c 1903, d. Jan 1922
  • ] Virginia Accomack County, Birth Register(s), 1853-1896.
  • 1900 Accomack Co, VA, Census.
  • ] Comp Ruth T. Dryden, Lower Eastern Shore Maryland Marriages (including the counties of Somerset, Worcester, Wicomico) 1865-1906.
    Ruth Trader (F)
    b. 18 May 1879 Pop-up Pedigree Ruth died at youth. Ruth was born on 18 May 1879 at Accomack Co, VA. She was the daughter of William Henry Trader and Virginia E.
  • 45. Braff's Personality Index
    Another lee Aaker article appeared in Classic Images 222 on page 5 without illustrations. . corbin, virginia, 174C12i. CORDAY, Mara, 212-63i; 247-C10i index/c.shtml

    Compiled by Richard E. Braff and
    the staff of Classic Images.
    (Key to index: Example: (AAKER, Lee, 220-10i; 222-5) A Lee Aaker article appeared in Classic Images #220, beginning on page 10 with illustrations (i). Another Lee Aaker article appeared in Classic Images #222 on page 5 without illustrations.) Price and availability of back issues. C CABANNE, Wm. Christy, 183-C8i
    CACTUS Mack, 211-30i
    CAGNEY, James, 43-X5; 74-23i; 96-45; 102-31i; 218-C6i; 263-28i
    CAIN, James M., 210-46i
    CAINE, Michael, 205-26i
    CALHERN, Louis, 316-68i
    CALHOUN, Alice, 50-X14; 111-26i; 151-C8
    CALHOUN, Rory, 213-112i; 214-20i
    CALLEIA, Joseph, 119-56i CALVERT, John, 277-30i CALVERT, Phyllis, 323-13i CAMERON, Rod, 133-21i; 246-35 CANUTT, Yakima, 18-1, 13; 93-53; 112-51; 133-9i; 142-56; 143-22i; 247-C8 CANTOR, Eddie, 97-65 CAPRA, Frank, 55-36i, 69-54; 78-3; 92-68; 102-67; 140-56i; 194-61i CAPRICE, June, 147-52i CAPTAIN Z-RO, 390-73i CARD, James, 297-15i CAREY, Harry, 13-14; 96-6; 112-16; 161-46i CAREY, Harry, Jr., 194-C11i; 196-15i; 229-C19i; 242-46i;

    46. The Winchester Star
    Charles lee corbin Sr., 57, of Stephenson, died Monday, Jan. . 11, 1944, in West virginia, the son of Lester Garnett and Ethel Marie Holcomb Weese.

    47. Edward F.Arthur Camp 1783 Sons Of Confederate Veterans. Corbin, KY.
    He fought in the battles of Marion and Wythville, virginia., and surrendered on April 25, 1865, . lee/Jackson Kentucky Secession dinner 20 Jan 2007
    Pvt. Edward F.Arthur Camp #1783
    Sons of Confederate Veterans.
    Southeastern KY.
    Why We Remember
    The citizen soldiers who fought for the Confederacy best personified the qualities of America. The preservation of Liberty and freedom was the motivating factor in the South's decision to fight the second American Revolution. The tenacity with which Confederate soldiers fought underscored their belief in the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. These attributes are the underpinning of our Democratic society and represent the foundation on which this nation was built.
    The Pvt. E.F. Arthur camp is very active in all areas regarding the positive memory of our Confederate ancestors. Please view our page and you will see that we try to be good Southern American men who will never forget the sacrifices that our forefathers made for us. May God Bless America and may God Bless Dixie.
    If you are looking for a hate, or racial discrimination organization, you should look somewhere else!
    Heritage Not Hate!
    Pvt. Edward F. Arthur
    Who was Edward Arthur Edward F. Arthur was a Kentuckian distinguished by his high character as well as by his notable acheivements. Born In

    48. FYI: Women's History Month: Four Women Of Local Fame
    Louise Belote Dawe and Sandra Gioia Treadway, Hannah lee corbin The Forgotten lee, virginia Cavalcade, XXIX, 2 (1979), 7077 A Moncure Education.

    49. Descendants Of John Beaty And Margaret Montgomery - Pafg405 - Generated By Perso
    F, iii, Lizzie Taylor was born on 16 Jul 1896 in Rose Hill,lee Co.,virginia. She died on 25 Jan 1985 in corbin,Knox Co.,Kentucky.
    Selected Families and Individuals
    John Wesley Taylor [ Parents was born on 8 Jun 1871 in Ewing,Lee Co.,Virginia. He died on 14 Jul 1917 in Pineville,Bell Co.,Kentucky. He married Sarah Nancy Lucy Ann Saylor on 27 Oct 1893. [Notes] Sarah Nancy Lucy Ann Saylor [ Parents was born on 2 Jun 1877 in Cubbage,Bell Co.,Kentucky. She died on 1 Dec 1963 in Pineville,Bell Co.,Kentucky. She married John Wesley Taylor on 27 Oct 1893. Other marriages:
    Miracle, Andrew J.

    They had the following children: F i Mary Taylor F ii Living M iii George Buchanon , Sr. Taylor F iv Living M v Robert Oscar , Sr. Taylor M vi John C. Taylor F vii Beatrice " Bea" Taylor F viii Living M ix Living Frank Taylor [ Parents was born in 1872 in Rosehill,Lee Co.,Virginia. He married Mary A. Lee. Other marriages:

    Mary A. Lee [ Parents was born on 24 May 1858 in Harlan County,Kentucky. She died about 1929 in Rose Hill,Lee Co.,Virginia. She married Frank Taylor. Other marriages:
    Saylor, Simeon W.

    They had the following children: M i Living F ii Living Frank Taylor [ Parents was born in 1872 in Rosehill,Lee Co.,Virginia. He married Living about 1930.

    50. Kromo Gravure Leading Moving Picture Stars
    virginia lee corbin Jane Cowl Grace Cunard Pauline Curley Dorothy Dalton Viola Dana Mildred Davis Florence Deshon William Desmond Dorothy Devore
    Kromo Gravure Leading Moving Picture Stars
    Issuing Company: Kromo Gravure Photo Co. - Detroit, Michigan
    Country of Issue: USA
    Year of Issue: 1917
    Number of Cards in Set: Issued in boxed sets of 50 (unnumbered)
    Card Size: 1 15/16" x 3 5/16"
    Issued as insert with what product: Sold as a set in a box for 10 cents. Notes: Checklists incomplete. The Kromo Gravure sets are a bit complicated to checklist, so I would appreciate any information that can be provided by others, especially checklists for sets still in their original boxes. Kromo Gravure issued at least 5 boxed sets of cards in the late 1910s and also provided their cards to many other companies for their movie trading card promotions. The basic design of a Kromo Gravure card shows a black and white photo of a movie star on the front, with the name of the star either printed or in script. Backs are blank for cards issued directly by Kromo Gravure, but contain printing for companies that used these cards for their trading card promotions. Kromo Gravure cards were issued in boxed sets of 50 cards. The Kromo Gravure name and the set title of "Leading Moving Picture Stars" are both printed on the boxes, but neither is printed on the cards themselves. Collectors without knowledge of Kromo Gravure cards often have great difficulty identifying Kromo Gravure cards that are found without their boxes.

    51. KHHA Adjoining State Member Providers
    (virginia) lee Licensed Home Health Agency. PROFESSIONAL HOME HEALTH CARE AGENCY Doctor s Park, Mitchell Avenue, Suite F1 corbin, Kentucky 40701
    Kentucky Home Health Association
    Adjoining State
    Member Providers
    Virginia ...
    West Virginia
    Click above to make a selection.
    Indiana Clark Crawford Floyd Gibson ...

    Clark Top of Page
    VNA NAZARETH HOME CARE 101 West Chestnut Street
    Louisville, Kentucky 40202-1805
    TELEPHONE: (502) 584-2456
    FAX: (502) 581-8682
    COUNTIES: Breckinridge, Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson, Larue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Washington
    (INDIANA) Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Jefferson, Jennings, Scott, Washington Licensed Home Health Agency Crawford Top of Page VNA NAZARETH HOME CARE 101 West Chestnut Street Louisville, Kentucky 40202-1805 TELEPHONE: (502) 584-2456 FAX: (502) 581-8682 COUNTIES: Breckinridge, Bullitt, Hardin, Jefferson, Larue, Marion, Meade, Nelson, Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, Washington

    52. F.W. Randolph: Virginia Report: Vote On Virginia Resolutions
    On a motion made by General lee, seconded by Mr. Bolling, ordered, Godwin, Young, Richard corbin, Thomas Lewis, Turner, Wallace, Pollard, Gregory,
    Mr. John Taylor's resolutions, as amended, agreed to by the Committee, and reported to the House (ante , p. 149-50), being read the second time, a motion was made, and the question being put, to amend the same by expunging from them the fourth clause in the following words: " That the General Assembly doth also express its deep regret, that a spirit has in sundry instances been manifested by the Federal Government to enlarge its powers by forced constructions of the constitutional charter which defines them; and that indications have appeared of a design to expound certain general phrases (which having been copied from the very limited grant of powers in the former articles of confederation, were the less liable to be misconstrued) so as to destroy the meaning and effect of the particular enumeration, which necessarily explains and limits the general phrases, and so as to consolidate the states, by degrees, into one sovereignty, the obvious tendency and inevitable result of which would be to transform the present republican system of the United States into an absolute, or at best a mixed monarchy." On a motion made by General Lee , seconded by Mr.

    In 1772 she married John corbin a virginia farmer. and other wounded soldiers were parolled and ferried across the Hudson to Fort lee, New Jersey.
    by James Renner
    Fort Tryon Park owes a debt of gratitude to a heroine of the American Revolution. This young lady was Margaret Cochran Corbin who is commemorated by several bronze plaques within Fort Tryon Park as well as within the community. Margaret was born on November 12, 1751 near Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. As a
    result of an Indian raid in 1756 Margaret's Father was killed and her Mother was taken captive. Fortunately Margaret and her brother escaped the fate of her parents while they were visiting their Uncle who had adopted and raised them. In 1772 she married John Corbin a Virginia farmer. Three years later John enlisted in the First Company of the Pennsylvania Artillery under the command of Captain Thomas Proctor. Margaret who refused to be left at home rolled up her belongings in a blanket and followed him. Margaret's devotion to the American Cause allowed her to become a camp follower. In this position, like many other wives who came along, she was needed for cooking, washing laundry, nursed wounded soldiers and lived with the problems that had arisen in military camp life. Margaret was given the nickname Captain Molly as was the title for other wives
    who were camp followers and shared similar duties. She was occasionally confused with Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig Hays) who was at the Battle of Monmouth in 1778.

    54. The Diary, Correspondence, And Papers Of Robert "King" Carter Of Virginia, 1701-
    Robert Carter was a member of the Council of virginia, acting governor, .. brotherin-law), and corbin s nephew Thomas lee was appointed Jening s deputy.
    Transcribed and Edited by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.
    This site includes transcriptions of the diary, correspondence, and papers of the richest and most important man of his day in Virginia, who owned at his death at least 300,000 acres containing many farms and plantations that produced tobacco and other crops for sale, some 1,000 slaves to work those plantations, and large sums of money invested in Virginia and in England. Robert Carter was a member of the Council of Virginia, acting governor, a political power in the colony, and acquired land at a notable rate even in a time when such greedy acquisiton was common among his class. He had received a classical education in England, and corresponded widely both within the colony and with merchants in England.
    • This site includes (as of January 16, 2007) transcripts of all the extant Robert Carter texts of which I am presently aware other than the inventory of his estate on which I am working. Because of the length of that document, I shall add new sections of it to the site from time to time. I am unable to respond to genealogical inquiries about Robert Carter.

    55. PUBLIC -//New York Public LibraryBilly Rose Theatre Division
    Signed caricature of Dulcie Cooper by Alex Gard 1 36 Caricature / virginia lee corbin . Signed caricature of virginia lee corbin by Alex Gard 2 1 Caricature
    PUBLIC "-//New York Public Library::Billy Rose Theatre Division//TEXT (US::NN::*T-VIM 1979-005::Sardi's Caricatures)//EN" "sardis.xml" Inventory of the Sardi's Caricatures, ca. 1925-1952 Processed by Rick Hunter Machine-readable finding aid generated from Archival Database, 1998 version. Description is in English. October 16, 2006 EAD v1.0 finding aid converted to EAD 2002 using UC Berkeley's perl script. Inventory of the Sardi's Caricatures, *T-VIM 1979-005 Billy Rose Theatre Division The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts New York, New York The Billy Rose Theatre Division. New York Public Library. 40 Lincoln Center Plaza New York, NY 10023-7498 Processed by: Rick Hunter Date Completed: June 1999 Encoded by: Mary Ellen Rogan Encoding of the finding aid sponsored by grant funding from The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation. Descriptive Summary Sardi's Caricatures, ca. 1925-1952 *T-VIM 1979-005 Sardi's (New York, N.Y.) 227 caricatures (8 boxes The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

    Jack Richardson, Marguerita Snow, virginia Kirtley, Sidney Drew, Johnny Hines, Douglas Fairbanks, Geraldine Farrar, virginia lee corbin,
    Silent Movie Magazines
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    next >> MOTION PICTURE STORY (Oct 1913) - Romaine Fielding (cover), Edith Storey, Charles H. West, G.M. Anderson, Alice Joyce, Edgena de Lespine, Ethel Grandin, Harry Carey, Mary Charleson, Francelia Billington, Peggy O'Neil, Robert Drouet, Yale Boss, Barry O'Moore, Charles Arling, Gwendoline Pates, Marc MacDermott, Ormi Hawley, Juanita Dalmorez, Courtenay Foote, Augustus Carney, Edgar Jones, Florence Lawrence, Violet Horner, Popular Player Poll Results. MORE PHOTOPLAY (Apr 1915) - Blanche Sweet (cover), Fay Tincher, Herbert Rawlinson, Beverly Bayne, Ben Wilson, Clara Kimball Young, House Peters, Ruth Roland, Jack Richardson, Marguerita Snow, Virginia Kirtley, Sidney Drew, Edith Johnson, Crane Wilbur, Irene Hunte, Marc MacDermott, Terrence Eugene Ramsaye, Anita Stewart, Mary Fuller, D. W. Griffith, Tyrone Power, Dick Travers, Texas Guinan, Captain Leslie Peacocke. MORE PHOTOPLAY (Jan 1916) - Pearl White (cover), May Allison, Tom Forman, Myrtle Gonzalez, Willam E. Shay, Mabel Trunnelle, William S. Hart, Mignon Anderson, Forest Stanley, Dorothy Gish, Mary Fuller, Romaine Fielding, Paul W. Santschi, Miriam Cooper, Rosemary Theby, Owen Moore, Cleo Madison, Mary Pickford, Dorothy Kelly, Clara Kimball Young, James Young, Hazel Dawn, Bessie Learn, Charles Ray, Earle Williams, Marjorie Daw, Maurice Tourneur, Myrtle Stedman. MORE PICTURE-PLAY (Apr 1916) MORE PHOTOPLAY (Sep 1916) - Edna Purviance (cover), Dorothy Kelly, Earle Foxe, Gerda Holmes, Beverly Bayne, Sidney Ainsworth, Norma Nichols, Bruce McRae, John Emerson, Mary Fuller, George LeGuere, Mary Charleson, C. Gardner Sullivan, Tom Mix, Thomas H. Ince, Alice Brady, Valkyrien, Channing Pollock, D. W. Griffith, Polly Moran, Francis William Sullivan, R. Van Buren.

    57. Virginia DEQ - Public Information - Biosolids Expert Panel
    Dr. W. lee Daniels, virginia Tech Department of Crop and Soil Jeff corbin, Office of the Secretary of Natural Resources, Assistant Secretary
    ? Error reading resource from path "/info/panelmembers.html_pageCss". ? Skip to Content Online Services Commonwealth Sites Help ... Governor Search
    Virginia DEQ
    Public Information Home :: Biosolids Expert Panel
    Main Menu
    Contact: Neil Zahradka
    Biosolids Expert Panel
    Participants and contact information
    Contact the panel via e-mail: Co-Chairs
    • The Honorable L. Preston Bryant, Jr. , Secretary of Natural Resources P.O. Box 1475
      Richmond, VA 23218 Phone: (804) 786-0044 E-mail:
      The Honorable Marilyn B. Tavenner , Secretary of Health and Human Resources
    • P.O. Box 1475
      Richmond, VA 23218 Phone: (804) 786-7765 E-mail:
    Panel Members
    • Dr. Ralph O. Allen , University of Virginia School of Medicine
      80 Apple Lane, Charlottesville, VA 22903 Phone: (434) 982-4913 E-mail: Russ Baxter , Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation
    203 Governor Street, Richmond, VA 23219-2094 Phone: (804) 786-4570 E-mail:

    58. New England Historic Genealogical Society
    Alexander Spotswood Anne Butler; Henry corbin Alice Eltonhead (parents of virginia; Sidney Smith lee, full brother of Robert Edward lee, 9 above,
    Login Site Search Help Printer Friendly Page ... Kids Corner Shortcut to: Home Contact NEHGS Renew Membership Support NEHGS Volunteer Visit NEHGS Research Main Databases Research Services Forums The Great Migration Reference Links Library Main Research Library Manuscripts Library Catalog Store Education Center Main Articles Calendar Getting Started Kids Corner Publications Main New England Ancestors The Register Membership Join NEHGS Renew your Membership Gift Membership Benefits of Membership Other NEHGS Websites The Online Genealogist About NEHGS Our History Staff/Contact Volunteers Council Annual Report Newbury Street Press
    Descendants of William Randolph and Henry Isham of Virginia, Page II by Gary Boyd Roberts
    Posted April 4, 2003
    The twenty-five major notable descendants of William Randolph and Mary Isham are as follows, with their lines from all immigrants of royal descent, arranged in this column’s usual format. Covered firstly are the sixteen figures I have treated already, at least partly. Readers should find the remaining nine “new,” to my printed corpus at least.
  • Thomas Jefferson , third U.S. president
  • 59. Henry CORBIN & Alice ELTONHEAD
    Children with Alice ELTONHEAD — born in Lancaster now Middlesex Co., VA. 1. Letitia / Lettice corbin, b. 1657; d. 6 Oct 1706; m. 1694, Col. Richard lee
    Henry CORBIN
    Alice ELTONHEAD PLEASE NOTE John CORBIN (c1600- ) of Dorset, England, alleged father of Clement CORBIN (1626-1696) of CT, and 2) John CORBIN (c1646-1696) , of Richmond, VA. Beyond the fact that neither claim has any documentation whatsoever to support it, both claims can be dismissed on the basis that Henry was simply too young to be their father. Even if one postulates an earlier marriage for Henry — for which there is no evidence — he cannot have married early enough to have fathered either of these John CORBINs. It is at least plausible that the John CORBIN (b. ca. 1646) is actually Alice's son, John BURNHAM-CORBIN (b. ca. 1646), by her prior marriage to Rowland BURNHAM, which would make John a stepson of Henry. There is underway a CORBIN Y-chromosome DNA surname project . Because of the interest in determing the origin of this CORBIN progenitor, not to mention proving his descendants, an offer to subsidize the testing of a patrilineal (direct male line) descendant of Henry has been made (by a generous donor — thank you!). Please contact the project administrator for details. We are also seeking a descendant of John, and if he doesn't match Henry, we should start looking for a descendant of Rowland BURNHAM to test.

    60. West Virginia Roots: Corbin W. Meadows - Obit
    He was born 3 Jun 1905 in Boone County, WV and passed away 24 Dec 1963 in Comfort, Boone County, West virginia. corbin married Ethel G. Atkins and had five
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    West Virginia Roots
    The West Virginia Roots blog contains family history research findings for the Asbury, Bobbitt, Meadows, Mason, Burgess, Beane, Patterson, Trump, Goff, Tate, Good, Keffer, Goodwin, Bailey, Harmon, Thomas, Stevenson, Haynes, Lacy, Winger, Hinecker, Horton, Thaxton, Young, Rust, Gibson, Best, Legg, Eads, and Snodgrass lines of Boone, Raleigh, Fayette and Kanawha counties of West Virginia. Click this link to contact me via email!
    Wednesday, December 26, 2007
    Corbin W. Meadows - obit
    Corbin W. Meadows was the oldest of William Frye and Lucindy Anne Burgess Meadows children. He was born 3 Jun 1905 in Boone County, WV and passed away 24 Dec 1963 in Comfort, Boone County, West Virginia. Corbin married Ethel G. Atkins and had five children. at Wednesday, December 26, 2007
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