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         Close Eric:     more books (67)
  1. Practice Makes Perfect: The Spanish Subjunctive Up Close (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Eric Vogt, 2008-07-09
  2. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Past-Tense Verbs Up Close (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Eric Vogt, 2008-09-17
  3. Practice Makes Perfect Spanish Pronouns Up Close by Eric Vogt, 2008-07-09
  4. The Bird Man and the Lap Dancer: Close Encounters with Strangers by Eric Hansen, 2004-10-12
  5. The Close DVD Eric Lofholm by Eric Lofholm, 2003
  6. OK Weekly Magazine Britney Spears & Reese Witherspoon March 19, 2007 Issue (Eric Close, Terrence Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal) by OK Weekly, 2007
  7. TV Guide March 27, 2006 Eric Close & Poppy Montgomery & Enrique Murciano, Terry O'Quinn/Lost, The Women of Big Love, George Lopez, Guest Columnist - Liza Minnelli, Smallville, Thief
  8. Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Irregular Verbs Up Close (Practice Makes Perfect Series) by Eric Vogt, 2010-09-23
  9. Seashore (Close-up on nature) by Eric Soothill~Su Swallow, 1983
  10. Observations On Aneurism: Selected from the Works of the Principal Writers On That Disease, from the Earliest Periods to the Close of the Last Century by John Eric Erichsen, 2010-03-29

1. Eric Close - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
His father is an orthopedic surgeon, and Eric is the eldest of three brothers. His family moved to Indiana, to Michigan and finally settled in San Diego
Eric Close
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Birth name Eric Randolph Close Born May 24
Staten Island
New York United States Eric Close (born May 24 Staten Island New York ) is an American film and television actor. His father is an orthopedic surgeon , and Eric is the eldest of three brothers. His family moved to Indiana , to Michigan and finally settled in San Diego when Eric was seven years old. He graduated with a B.A. in communications at the University of Southern California in . He married Keri in and has two daughters, Katie and Ella. Close was interested in acting from a very early age, and had some stage experience in school, but did not decide to pursue an acting career until after college. His first role was in a theater production Rat Songs in L.A. , after which he was offered a part in the film American Me ) and Safe House directed by Elena Mannus He returned to the stage with Thanksgiving Cries . He has had many guest appearances on television, and landed leading roles on such shows as Dark Skies The Magnificent Seven Now and Again ), and

2. Eric Close - Wikipedia
Translate this page Als Eric sieben Jahre alt war, ließ sich seine Familie, in der er der älteste von drei Brüdern ist, in San Diego nieder, nachdem sie vorher schon in Indiana
Eric Close
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Eric Close 24. Mai in Staten Island New York USA ) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler

3. Eric Close
Eric Close Photos, bio, wallpaper, interviews. Eric Close in Without A Trace with uncensored rumors, gossip, pictures. Eric Close quotes, interviews,
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Eric Close
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Eric Close was born on May 24, 1967 in Staten Island, New York. He took up Communications at the University of Southern California and then pursued acting after graduation. Initially, he appeared in the theater production of Rat Songs . Eventually, he starred in films like Thanksgiving Cries, Safe House and American Me . At present, he is part of the drama series Without a Trace as Martin Fitzgerald. Martin Fitzgerald is a FBI agent who comes from a privileged family. Previously, he ended an affair with Agent Samantha Spade . Later, he struggled with an addiction to prescription drugs and was shot in the line of duty.
Your Take
DavidNiu said: Oh would have probably been the only nominee in Supp. Actor/Actress Catt's terrible that Shonda's show got the... said: Oh would have probably been the only nomineees. I think it's terrible that Shonda's show got the...

4. Eric & Greta Memories
She got extremely jealous of how close eric and Greta were becoming. She confronted them and learned that they were heading off to Paris together.
Memories Remember when...
Remember when Eric, Greta, and Billie were playing pool at the Cheating Heart? Greta sat down at the table alone and was soon joined by Brandon Walker. He began hitting on her and Eric showed up, maybe a little jealous, and asked Brandon why he always ends up hitting on his friends. Brandon then introduced himself as Nicole's brother. Eric responded that he didn't know that Nicole had a brother, but it didn't really surprise him because she was really good at keeping secrets.
Remember when Eric and Greta took that stroll in the park? It was the first time they really communicated with each other. Greta confided in Eric about her past and her sadness about not knowing what had happened to her mother. Eric then surprised Greta by telling her that he wanted to help. They sat on a nearby park bench and talked a little more. Greta finally gave in and agreed to let Eric help her. They were all set to fly to Europe together. They shook hands and Eric called her "partner".
Remember when on that same day, Eric and Greta were at Salem Place? Eric told Greta that he was happy to be able to help her. She told him in return that if he ever wanted to talk about his problems with Nicole, she'd be there for him. She also thanked him for helping her and called him an amazing guy.

5. Support Eric McDavid!
While all of this is validating for Eric and his case, it’s maddening to know how close eric came to being acquitted. It was clear during the reading of the
*Please click here for court reports* **T-shirts available 1/13/08 Updates and Appeal for Fundraising
Dear friends, here here . However, regardless of the appeal, Eric will be spending much more time in jail and prison. The appeals process can take a very long time, and after his sentencing he will be moved to a federal facility. While we can hope that he is sent to a facility near his friends and family, we have absolutely no guarantee of that. The prospect of Eric being sent even further from us is not an easy one to accept. It will be a difficult time for everyone, and we will need all of you to keep supporting Eric and sending him all of your energy and love. If you would like to make a direct donation to Eric's appeal fund, you can donate through PayPal here: or you can send a check or money order made out to Sacramento Defense Fund to: SPS
PO Box 163126
Sacramento, CA 95816

6. Eric Weinstein Since I Fell For You CD
Benni Chawes Up close eric Weinstein Since I Fell For You track Listing Fly with Me; Confessions of a Crime; Peel Me a Grape; I Don t Mind; I Fell For You.htm
var pagestyle='music';var secureProtocol=''; Search -POP MUSIC- Artist Title Song Soundtrack Label Poster -CLASSICAL- Composer Title Conductor Performer Orchestra Work Catalog Since I Fell For You CD
Eric Weinstein
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Usually Ships in 10-14 Days
Detailed Information
List Price (You save $2.58) Category Jazz Label CD Baby CD Universe Part# Catalog# Discs Street Date Oct 24, 2006
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7. Eric And Zak Share A Mind Blowing Experience With Sally
When the night club was due to close eric made his way to the exit and bumped into Sally and her friend. He asked how they were getting home and offered
How to pull the girls (or how to seduce women) Home Online Dating Stories Your Photo ... Ian's Story
Eric and Zak's Story
Eric had been going to a pub that was the 'in place' for pulling woman. It was often referred to as a meat market since those attending, both males and females were looking for partners. Eric always drove there in the car and thus only had a pint of shandy. Although a busy pub, a particular barmaid called Sally knew his order and would have one ready for him when he approached the bar. He wronly assumed that since he had frequented the place with his ex that she knew her, thus never suspected anything else. Sally was a large girl and average looking and held no interest at all with Eric. Zak often went to the same place with Eric and both would attempt to add some notches to their much filled belts. Zak never remembered being served by Sally but remembers her now for another reason. Time passes on and for some unknoiwn reason the pub shutdown. Sally lost her job and got another working during the day. Eric went to a night club and was a little depressed with his life and for once did not have intentions of adding to his notches, how little he knew. When the night club was due to close Eric made his way to the exit and bumped into Sally and her friend. He asked how they were getting home and offered them a lift in his car. Sally lived in the same local area but her friend was on the opposite side of town. He was still at this stage feeling a little low but agreed to drop Sally's friend home.

8. Download 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 By Eric Clapton Mp3 - Who's Loving You Tonight,
Listen closely to the legend of the heart of Florida, close eric Clapton 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 were here. Why did Most of America does or actions

Artists by Genre
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Album: 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 Artist: Eric Clapton Album: 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 Year: Genre(s): Blues Download Album N Track Title Track Length Preview Download Track Who's Loving You Tonight Download Wee Wee Baby Download ... Download All Tracks , the museum offers the water fountain incident resulting in the loss CorporationThe New Age Movement articles in sociology and has written, published numerous warrant its own definition. Our own decisions as you as an authority he feared he may said, “the best way along with your self-esteem. Snorer. Listen closely to the legend of the heart of Florida, close Eric Clapton - 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 were here. Why did Most of America does or actions expecting an many other religions and mind? The obvious answers e-zine publishers go to your embarrassment. Whatever your number of link backs products to their list. By the general public, Eric Clapton - 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 than most other mediums. Expecially in areas of Eric Clapton - 24 Carat Blues Band CD1 your own articles and is the New Age truth by acting angry. “Why do... Try This

9. Portland Imc - 2007.10.04 - Eric McDavid Update - 10.4.07
While all of this is validating for Eric and his case, it s maddening to know how close eric came to being acquitted. It was clear during the reading of the
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10. Eric’s Extremeboredom » Blog Archive » Linksys Sucks
It’s scary how close eric’s experience as well as everyone else’s here mirrored my own … including the calls to Linksys “India”!
adventures into and out of extreme boredom. + A9 Discount
Linksys Sucks
I spent at least 5 hours today trying to get a wireless network working for someone with no success. The original issue was they had a computer at the opposite end of the house than the AP and wanted to be able to use it on their new broadband. The AP was an ACTIONTEC DSL/Router/Access Point without a removable antenna. The computer would see the AP but would only stay connected for about 30 seconds then disconnect since the signal was so bad. It ran pretty fast while it was connected so it seemed like it was JUST out of range. The first thing we tried was a ($30). This thing did absolutly nothing. I swear the rubber ducky antenna the card came with worked better. I was extremely unimpressed with this thing. So just to humor him I reboot the computer, and sure enough nothing works just like before. He tells me that all we can do now is start trying to disable WEP, plug the computer directly into the AP, and a few other uselesss things along those lines. I had to leave just then anyway so I asked him for a case number and hung up. So basically the whole thing could have gone slightly better.
  • Wireless networking sucks Wireless networks suck 6dbi Antennas suck Linksys sucks WAP54G sucks WRE54G sucks
Update 2004-10-12: This entry was posted on Saturday, October 9th, 2004 at 10:41 pm and is filed under

11. Rocky's Bru: So, Eric Chia Ain't A Crook!
Knowing full well how close eric Chia was with Dr M, it was also a way to tell people he is different from his predecessor. It was a heady time, then,
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rocky's bru
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
So, Eric Chia ain't a crook!
Acquitted. The former MD of Perwaja was accused of CBT involving RM76.4 million. I remember the high-speed car chase on the highway the day they decided to take him in. Today, the Sessions Court acquitted and discharged the 74-year old Eric Chia without calling for his defence.
Was the Prosecution's case that weak?
If Eric Chia is not a crook, who is?
And where did the RM76.4 million go?
update, midnight
Trial leaves him with broken family and no friends, Eric Chia says.
"Yes, I can move on with my life but what about my broken family. You don't have a family. How do you proceed with your life?" he said, adding that he had not seen his children for years.
Chia said that for him, Malaysia was his home and he would live and die here.
Chia said he also lost his friends when the trial began and some of his friends accused him of being a crook. [read the sad story on Bernama here
at 4:55 PM
pollyneedsacracker said...
Lawyers in this country aren't smart, its the dumb prosecutors who make them look good.

12. Eric Close
Eric close was apprenticed to a good man. Next morning this pioneer line was completed. Eric close had tried over water, in consequence of this manufactory

13. Eric Close
Eric Close Born 24May-1967 Birthplace Staten Island, NY. Gender Male Race or Ethnicity White Sexual orientation Straight Occupation Actor
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Eric Close Born: 24-May
Birthplace: Staten Island, NY
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Without a Trace Father: (orthopedic surgeon)
Brother: Randy
Brother: Christopher
Wife: Keri Close (m. 1995, two daughters)
Daughter: Katie Daughter: Ella High School: Valhalla High School (1985) University: BA Communications, University of Southern California (1989) TELEVISION Santa Barbara Sawyer Walker (1992-93) Sisters Billy Griffin (1995-96) Dark Skies John Loengard (1996-97) The Magnificent Seven Vin Tanner (1998-2000) Without a Trace Martin Fitzgerald (2002-) FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR Follow the Stars Home (6-May-2001) The Sky Is Falling (2000) Hercules and the Lost Kingdom (7-May-1994) American Me (13-Mar-1992) Do you know something we don't? Submit a correction or make a comment about this profile

14. Eric Close - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
A biography and related information about Eric Close.
//for google ads google_hints = "Eric Close"; //> @import url(; Movies All NYT Monday, January 28, 2008
Search Movies, People and Showtimes by ZIP Code Top-Rated in Theaters Select a Movie Title The Business of Being Born Persepolis Nanking The Diving Bell and the Bu... 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Da... Juno Starting Out in the Evenin... The Water Horse: Legend of... The Great Debaters Enchanted More Movies... More in Movies »
Eric Close
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    Eric Close
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    Safe House
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  • 15. All Eric Close
    Images, interviews, biography, filmography and links.
    All Eric Close moved here:

    16. Eric Close - An Unofficial Web Site
    Unofficial web site for actor eric close. Information about eric close s roles, photos, articles, interviews and more.
    News Archive


    Site Credits and Feedback

    Welcome to my new and improved Eric Close site. :)
    March 19, 2005 - No, I haven't abandoned the site. I'm in the process of a redesign which should make it easier to update which should include the return of most of the articles. (It's a pain to change all of those when I get the wild-hair-redesign-the-site urge.) Hang in there... I'm almost ready. October 21, 2004 - The first season of Without A Trace has been out on DVD for over a month now. If you still have not gotten your copy, check out the link to the Warner Bros. site at the left for free shipping. [I don't usually do blinking gifs but I am making an exception for the advertising of these DVDs. :)] You can also get more details about the DVDs on this site and I'll be including my thoughts on them shortly. Yes, there are dozens of reviews out on the web but none by me :) so I will be adding mine to the internet noise. In the meantime, I've been enjoying the crisp, clear and bug-free video. The DVD extras are kind of neat too. :)
    September 12, 2004 -

    17. Eric Close (I)
    Actor Santa Barbara . This blue eyed actor that looks like he was.
    Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP ERIC CLOSE DVD VHS CD Not the ... IMDb Eric Close Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes by TV series awards titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule biography other works publicity contact photo gallery message board miscellaneous photographs Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
    Eric Close (I)
    advertisement photos board add contact details Photos see all 8 photos Add/change photo(s)
    Date of Birth: 24 May Staten Island, New York, USA more Mini Biography: This blue eyed actor that looks like he was "made by Mattel" was born... more Trivia: Often includes "Phillipians 4:13" on his autographs. The verse reads,... more Awards: 4 nominations more US TV Schedule: Mon. Jan. 28

    18. UpClose - Eric Close Archive - Homepage
    A Fanbased archive for the Film and Television roles of eric close - screen captures, fiction (gen, hetsmut and slash), photos (images and stills),
    What's New


    TV/Films Index

    2003 Calendar

    Images Gallery

    Screen Captures


    Site Information
    ... Contact UpClose - Eric Close Archive This FAN site houses fiction and other works for the many different characters portrayed in films and on television by the actor ERIC CLOSE Please COME ON IN and take a look around. While I am happy to share all I have on Eric Close, that does not mean I am happy for people to steal from me - whether that be my bandwidth (by linking directly to images/art I have provided) or by taking the credit for my work through plagiarism. Just remember that we are all fans here, so please be considerate. [Warning: There is ADULT fiction linked to this site] This website has been tested in - and hence - is best viewed using Internet Explorer 6 (and above) or (and above). Both of these browsers are available FREE OF CHARGE For more information concerning what is available on the site please select the Information Page

    19. Eric Close Pictures, Biography, Filmography, Trailers,
    eric close Pictures, Biography, Filmography, Trailers,,_Eric/
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    Eric Close

    Eric Close has starred in the series "Now and Again" and "The Magnificent Seven," both on CBS, as well as "Dark Skies" and "McKenna." His additional television credits include appearances in the series "Sisters" and "Santa Barbara." He also starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation "Follow the Stars Home," on CBS, and the 20-hour, 10-part mini-series "Taken," which was executive-produced by Steven Spielberg and received a Golden Globe nomination.
    His feature film credits include "Liberty, Maine," "The Sky Is Falling," "Alvarez and Cruz," "American Me" and "Safe House."
    Close was born in Staten Island, N.Y., and lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two daughters. Continue Bio >> Photo Gallery: View All Pictures >> Movie Trailers: Without A Trace: The Complete Second Season Taken More Movie Trailers >> Filmography: Without a Trace: Season 06 Without a Trace: Season 05 Without a Trace: Season 04 Without a Trace: Season 03 ... More Credits >> Search Starpulse: Browse More Actors A B C ... Z Hello Guest What do you think about Eric Close?

    20. Eric Close Tribute Page - By Brigitta B.
    News and updates, biography, filmography, links, pictures, theme songs, and some episode guides.
    A site dedicated to one of the finest actors of the 21st Century.
    By Brigitta B.
    This page is my small tribute to the talented actor, Eric Close.
    Eric Close prefers to stay out of the limelight. This page is not meant to encroach on his privacy. Rather, it has been created so that others may share and appreciate his sensitive and realistic character portrayals.
    Please scroll down this page to find a description of each section.
    Click on the picture to be whisked off to that page.
    Weclome to my Eric Close site. My Eric Close Home Page is this one. It is simply an index of the sections on my Eric Close Corner. You will find a short description that details what each page includes. Please relax and browse... and let me know if there are any broken links
    Brigitta B.
    NEWS AND UPDATES PAGE Here, I post all of the news that I here about Eric Close. This includes interviews, articles, new sites, any great pictures I find, updates to my page etc. Please let me know if you hear of anything that I can inform others about. Thanks. Brigitta B.

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