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         Chung Margaret:     more detail
  1. Doctor Mom Chung of the Fair-Haired Bastards: The Life of a Wartime Celebrity by Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, 2005-02-28
  2. INTRODUCTION TO KOREAN FOLK DRAMA by Woo-sung; Kim, Se-chung; Margaret M. Moore (translated by) Sim, 1970
  3. Monitoring sustainable human development in Fiji by Margaret Chung, 1995
  4. Population and sustainable development in Pacific Island countries by Margaret Chung, 1993
  5. Lung Chung: the diplomacy of a pekingese by Margaret IRONSIDE, 1946-01-01
  6. Lung Chung: The Diplomacy of a Pekingese (Ashford Animal Classics) by Margaret Ironside, 1989-07
  7. Exploring Music 2: California State Series (4520854, Volume 2) by Paul Kapp, Henry Carey, et all 1967
  8. Traditions for Living: A Booklet of Chinese Customs and Folk Practices in Hawaii [2 vols]. by May Lee, Dorothy Jim Luke and Margaret Leong Lau. Chung, 1989-01-01
  9. Traditions for Living: A Booklet of Chinese Customs and Folk Practices in Hawaii (Volume Two)
  10. LUNG CHUNG by Margaret. Illustrated by Ronald Ferns. Ironside, 1946
  11. Twenty years medical work in mission countries by Margaret Lamont, 1918

61. Constrained Multiple Sequence Alignment Tool Development And Its Application To
margaret DahTsyr Chang. Ruay Shiung Chang. Kun-Mao Chao. Wen-Huei Chen. Yen Hung Chen. Yunn Yen Chen. Yu-Han Chiou. Wei-I Chou. Yun Sheng chung

62. Doctor Mom Chung Of The Fair-Haired Bastards
This is the first biography to explore margaret chung s remarkable and complex life. It brings alive the bohemian and queer social milieus of Hollywood and
Subjects: Anthropology Art Film Classical Studies Global Issues History Literature/Poetry Music Natural Sciences Religion Sociology DISTRIBUTED TITLES: British Film Institute Sierra Club Huntington Library

Autobiographies and Biographies

Judy Tzu-Chun Wu
Doctor Mom Chung of the Fair-Haired Bastards
The Life of a Wartime Celebrity
$60.00, £35.00 hardcover
In stockships in 2-3 days $22.95, £13.50 paperback
In stockships in 2-3 days 282 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 24 b/w photographs
Published February 2005 Available worldwide Categories: History Autobiographies and Biographies Asian American Studies History of Medicine ... Related Books Downloadable eBook version available: Adobe E-Reader at, $15.95 Explore full text using Google Book Search "The most socially conscious, rigorously researched celebrity biography to be published by a university press in a long while. Wu's book transcends the university-syllabi pigeonhole because her scholarship equals the task of essaying its broader topic: the culture of celebrity."A full-length article/interview with Wu about her research and her book., East Bay Express DESCRIPTION (back to top) During World War II, Mom Chung's was

63. Welcome To The Pan-Asian Dance Troupe
Dancers margaret Breitton, Jen Chang, Grace Chien, Tiffany Choi, Anca chung, Helen Cline, Lulu Liu, Ruby Wang, Annie Yu, Shelley Zhang
View by year:
Thousand Buddha
The Dunhuang caves were a place where Buddhist monks stored scriptures, written documents, silk paintings, and musical instruments used in Buddhist ceremonies. They sealed the caves with mud walls and painted murals on them. These murals run thousands of square meters and were painted over a span of 11 dynasties and over more than 1,000 years. This Thousand Buddha Dance depicts the many images of buddha in these Dunhuang cave murals.
Choreographer: Helen Cline
Dancers: Margaret Breitton, Jen Chang, Grace Chien, Tiffany Choi, Anca Chung, Helen Cline, Lulu Liu, Ruby Wang, Annie Yu, Shelley Zhang
A Hula Hoop is Round (Modern)
Choreographer: Anca Chung
Dancers: Margaret Breitton, Anca Chung, Helen Cline, Cindy Hwang, Olivia Yu, Jen Chang, Edy Yang, Annie Yu
Bollywood Stars (South Asian)
A South Asian piece that tells of a love triangle during British rule in India. This dance will feature both western classical and Indian film dance, as well as a more modern style through ballet. The title is "o Rey Chhori", from the Oscar-nominated film, Lagaan.

64. Hillary Rodham Clinton News - The New York Times - Narrowed By 'WILLIAMS, MARGAR
Hillary Rodham Clinton says her top aide, margaret A Williams, should not have accepted $50000 campaign check at White House from Johnny chung,

65. Beauty In Mahogany: Kimora Lee Simmons
Avon CEO Andrea Jung can be counted in one hand Connie chung, margaret Cho, Lucy Liu, Lisa Ling, and .uh .if you think of another, let me know.
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Beauty in Mahogany
I'm a thirtysomething Filipina writer with an obsession with all things beautiful, whether it's about skincare, makeup, fashion, fragrance, art, and music. Beauty in Mahogany refers to my proud identity as a Woman of Color, one who appreciates and revels in the honey-golden beauty of Asian women.
Monday, October 29, 2007
Kimora Lee Simmons
God, I totally heart this woman. I've watched every episode of her Style/E! reality series, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane , and my husband knows not to interrupt me even with the promise of food, or even books! when I've parked my fabulous butt in front of the telly to ogle my new heroine.
Yes, I know, she's loud and frequently obnoxious and can be very imperial towards her hapless staff. When interviewed by the media, she can come across as being utterly self-absorbed. (In last night's episode, in the middle of lecturing her children about making noise by the pool during her chat with the European press in Cannes, she interrupts herself and asks one daughter, "What do you think of my ring? It's emerald!!")
On the other hand, she's also very strong-willed, fiercely intelligent, financially and sartorially savvy, and knows how to work a room. People (like myself) gravitate towards her because of that magnetic charisma that brought her model superstardom and a marriage to one of the wealthiest impresarios in music. Above all, she knows what she wants and is not afraid to get it. That's something that can be said of many, many ambitious women who've "made it," but how many do you know who've made it looking as fabulous as she does? And really, how many of them are Asian-American?

66. Connie Chung
Five of William and margaret chung s children died in infancy and their parents decided to move to the United States to save the rest of their children.
World Changers
Maya Angelou
Emily Bronte Rachel Carson Cleopatra ... Malcom X
Other Cool Places

CONNIE CHUNG Connie Chung at CBS in New York
Connie started her career as a secretary for a local Washington TV station, with hopes of becoming a newswriter. Whenever a new story came into the station, Connie volunteered to cover it. She gained valuable experience and was soon sent to cover major stories, like the 1972 Nixon-McGovern presidential campaign and the Watergate hearings. After that, she became one of the most successful journalists in broadcasting. She was involved with several television projects at one time. In addition to anchoring the CBS nightly news, she also hosted her own prime-time TV shows and special reports. The topics of her shows ranged from interviewing celebrities to reporting current findings on stress and aging. In 1987, Connie visited China for the first time. She met her relatives and visited her grandparents' graves. She talked with her relatives about how World War II and China's Cultural Revolution affected their family. It was an emotional experience for her. Connie Chung is an example of an outstanding woman anchor. Her hard work, intelligence, and honesty are just a few reasons that she has become one of the nation's leading television journalists. Connie Chung has changed the world we live in, where a lot of minority people can't have an equal opportunity just because they are not white. Her success shows us that if people try their best, anyone can be at the top of their field.

67. DBLP: Fa-Chung Fred Chen
1 EE, Fachung Fred Chen, margaret H. Dunham Common Subexpression Processing in Multiple-Query Processing. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 10(3) 493-499
Fa-Chung Fred Chen
List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL Guide CiteSeer CSB ... EE Fa-Chung Fred Chen, Margaret H. Dunham : Common Subexpression Processing in Multiple-Query Processing. IEEE Trans. Knowl. Data Eng. 10
Coauthor Index
Margaret H. Dunham (Margaret H. Eich) DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Michael Ley ( Fri Jan 25 16:42:33 2008

68. Margaret Chung
Welcome to chung s family site! Home About Us Franklin chung margaret chung Yat Kit (Michael)
Welcome to Chung's family site! Home About Us Franklin Chung Margaret Chung ... News About Us About Us is the page where you write in more detail about your company and business. Focus on your strongest points, whether history, licenses, or awards.
If you have a mission statement, place it here. This page should include information such as company history; certifications, licenses, insurance, and bonding; awards; the professional experience of the founders or key employees; and other important details not included on other pages. You may want to include a picture of yourself or your staff.
Company history Tell visitors about your company's history, including location, ownership, personal experiences, and other information that will help people remember you. Keep this information brief but informative. Customer testimonials What do your customers have to say? Consider using some space to tell the story of the business through your customers' voices. Their word is more powerful than anything you can say for yourself.

69. Internet Resources On Atwood And Her Works
New Volume of Atwood Juvenilia; Announcing a new book by margaret ATWOOD A QUIET GAME edited and illustrated by Sherrill Grace and Kathy chung published
Internet Resources on Margaret Atwood and Her Works
Atwood Works, Speeches, Audio and Print Interviews,Video and Other Internet Resources:
    1996 BBC Interviews with Atwood
  • Four audio clips of a series of interviews with Atwood, originally aired on BBC radio in the U.K. Atwood discusses realism in the novel, The Handmaid's Tale, Cat's Eye, and tragedy and comedy in modern society.
  • A web site of a U.K. band "Alias Grace"
  • Band member Peter Chilvers reports that he's long been a fan of Margaret Atwood's work and intends to send their album to Atwood one day. He says that "it seemed like a pretty good name for a band" and says that they hope Atwood doesn't mind their borrowing the title for their name.
  • Three Pieces by Atwood
  • Three short prose works by Atwood from Good Bones "Bad News," "There Was Once," and "Unpopular Gals" on the Mississippi Review site.
  • New Volume of Atwood Juvenilia
  • Announcing...a new book by MARGARET ATWOOD: A QUIET GAME edited and illustrated by Sherrill Grace and Kathy Chung published by the Juvenilia Press, 1997.

  • Now published for the first time, the works in this slender collection show Margaret Atwood as an apprentice writer, already developing what was to become "the most gifted voice of our generation."

70. Hongkong Post Stamps - Youth Corner
Champion, chung Hin Kuen Wa chung Chan Hin Fai, St. margaret s College, The Legend of Modern Heroes (Dr. Sun and The Chinese Revolution Heroes), 5
Home Youth Corner
8th Inter-School Stamp Exhibits Competition - Result Announcement
The competition was successfully held and winning entries of each group had been identified. Please refer to the Awards List. Awards List Class A - Students aged below 12 Award Exhibitor Name of School Title of Exhibit No. of frames Champion Yue Man Yin
Yue Man Him 1st Runner-up Lam Nok Sze
Tsang Shang Yan Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien Primary School Birds 2nd Runner-up Tse Wang Chi
Mak Wing Chung
Diu Wai Chun Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien Primary School Bamboo Merit Au Hoi Man
Chu Siu Zoen Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien Primary School Lakes Merit Cheng Sze Long
Kwok Yuen Ting
Wong Nok Kan
Lo Yeuk Lam Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien Primary School Children Stamp Merit Sin Ka Yiu
Leung Lok Yi
Tam Hiu Lam Kowloon City Baptist Church Hay Nien Primary School Trees Merit Ng Hay Yan Ng Hay Lok Pun U Association Wah Yan Primary School The Olden Days Merit To Sin Ying Chui Man Sze Ng Wun Man Leung Po Man Hong Kong Southern District Government Primary School The Angel in White - The Nurse Merit Alex Cho Diocesan Preparatory School A Harmonious Family, a Happy Life

71. TVBspace News Plus - News Roundup
Joey Leung s career has had an upward surge thanks to the popularity of Minutes to Fame and with a long term girlfriend in margaret chung, you d think he

main page
Queenie - Joey Scandal
Joey Leung 's career has had an upward surge thanks to the popularity of "Minutes to Fame" and with a long term girlfriend in Margaret Chung , you'd think he was the luckiest man in the world. However, news broke on the internet yesterday that he was photographed making out with last year's Miss Hong Kong runner up Queenie Chu in a car, so passionately that the car was shaking. Parked up in a quiet road in Chai Wan, the couple were captured on film in ten minutes of passion before Queenie was seen gently massaging a satisfied Joey. Faced with these allegations, Joey did not deny anything, but Queenie pleaded her innocence to the reporters as she wept: "He kissed me and then told me he had a girlfriend!"
In a radio interview later, Joey indicated that he knew that someone was filming them and that the most important thing was to explain himself to his girlfriend. He said that he knows the importance of his family and he seemed regretful of his actions. As for Queenie, she was spotted after filming for her daytime programme talking to a friend on the phone and saying: "I have only been on a few dates with him and when I asked if he had a girlfriend, he said he didn't. It was only after he had kissed me that he told me he had a girlfriend, who had been with him for a long time. It was then that I ended everything with him." Later she wailed: "I have been in the States for so long, how would I know. I don't want to be the third party in this..." Afterwards, she was caught by the press again, but she did not want to say any more, other than that they were friends and TVB had offered her some time off to let things blow over.

72. Margaret Atwood
margaret Atwood at margaret Atwood was born A Quiet Game And Other Early Works (edited and annotated by Kathy chung and

73. Chung,M
chung M (Magic), 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0. chung M (Manki), 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0. chung M (margaret), 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0. chung M (Marilyn), 0, 0, 0, 4, 0, 12,M
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recommending commenting favorite papers recom. cited Chung M (M) Chung M (Magic) Chung M (Manki) Chung M (Margaret) ... Chung M (Minjun) Latest Paper: Ann Oncol. 2007 Dec 13; : 18083691 Randomized phase II study of irinotecan, leucovorin and 5-fluorouracil (ILF) versus cisplatin plus ILF (PILF) combination chemotherapy for advanced gastric cancer. [My paper] S H Park E Nam J Park E K Cho ... S I Lee Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2007 Dec 3; : 18056270 [My paper] Krzysztof Sieradzki Marilyn Chung Alexander Tomasz Ocul Immunol Inflamm. ;15 (5):395-8 17972224 A 9 year-old girl with herpes simplex virus type 2 acute retinal necrosis treated with intravitreal foscarnet. [My paper] John King Mina Chung David A Diloreto Jr A 9-year-old girl presented with a 2-week history of redness in the left eye. Examination revealed vitritis, retinal whitening, vasculitis, and optic nerve head edema. Polymerase chain reaction testing of the aqueous fluid revealed herpes simplex virus type 2. The retinitis was controlled with intravenous acyclovir and intravitreal foscarnet. The clinical course was complicated by retinal neovascularization and vitreous hemorrhage, which was treated by pars plana vitrectomy and endolaser. While there are few case reports of herpes simplex virus type 2 retinitis in children, this one is unique for the following reasons: it is the first reported case of herpes simplex virus type 2 retinitis in a child less than 10 years old without a previous history of neonatal infection or central nervous system involvement; no other children have been reported to have been treated with intravitreal foscarnet; and retinal neovascularization complicated the recovery.

74. Blackwell Synergy - Cookie Absent
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