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  1. Canadians of Vietnamese Descent: Vietnamese Canadians, Jade Chung, Carol Huynh, Kristine Sa, Christy Chung, Mervin Tran, Minh Le
  2. People From Brossard, Quebec: Stéphanie Lapointe, Patrice Bernier, Christy Chung, Félix Brillant, Basil Parasiris, Cynthia Phaneuf
  3. Université Du Québec à Montréal Alumni: Maxime Bernier, Peter Julian, Louise Lanctôt, Christy Chung, Julien Vallée, Jacques Cossette-Trudel
  4. Feel by Christy Chung, 2001-01-01
  5. Chan (Chinese Zen): Abstract of Chan Meditation Lecture by Shih Jian-Liao, 2005

1. Christy Chung - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Christy Chung ( J ng Laitài Pinyin Zh ng Lìtí Vietnamese Chung L , born September 19, 1970) born in Montreal to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese
Christy Chung
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Christy Chung JÅ«ng Lait i Pinyin Zhōng L¬t­ Vietnamese Chung Lệ Đề , born September 19 ) born in Montreal to a Chinese father and a Vietnamese mother. She grew up in Brossard, Quebec , a suburb of Montreal , with French and Vietnamese as mother-tongues. She later learned English Mandarin and Cantonese While studying for a career in the tourism industry at the Universit© du Qu©bec   Montr©al (UQAM), she entered and won the "Miss Chinese Montreal" contest in . She then went to Hong Kong , in her first trip away from home, to participate in the Miss Chinese International pageant in January , in which she won despite not knowing a single Chinese word. This opened doors for her to launch her acting career there, despite not speaking a word of Cantonese at the time, and despite her extremely limited acting experience (an uncredited ten-second non-speaking role as a gum-chewing prostitute in Denys Arcand 's Love and Human Remains ). She had to choose between acting in Hong Kong and becoming the weather-forecast presenter at Soci©t© Radio-Canada , the French-language government television network in Canada A role in The Bride with White Hair 2 brought her instant recognition, and she became a well-known star in Chinese-language popular culture, acting in a large number of films including some films starring

2. - Christy Chung
Christy Chung movie pictures and streaming videos.
Christy Chung
All Celebrity Gallery PREVIOUS NEXT (c) 2001 Fandango
Christy Chung as Pema in Samsara
(c) 2001 Fandango
Christy Chung as Pema in Samsara
(c) 2001 Fandango
Christy Chung as Pema in Samsara
(c) 2001 Fandango
Christy Chung as Pema in Samsara
(c) 2001 Fandango
Christy Chung as Pema in Samsara (c) 2001 Fandango Christy Chung as Pema in Samsara (c) 2001 Applause Pictures Christy Chung as Khun Bunlueang in Jan Dara (c) 2001 Applause Pictures Christy Chung as Khun Bunlueang in Jan Dara Asking Jan why he keeps on looking at her as she's in the bathroom when Jan passes (c) 2001 Applause Pictures Christy Chung as Khun Bunlueang in Jan Dara (c) 2001 Applause Pictures Christy Chung as Khun Bunlueang in Jan Dara PREVIOUS NEXT Christy Chung Filmography Samsara (2001) as Pema The Medallion (2003) as Charlotte Watson Jan Dara (2001) as Khun Bunlueang Christy Chung Sites Who`s dating Christy Chung? In Hollywood, it seems Everyone's dated Everyone More Christy Chung Sites Webmasters, add your website here!! (c)

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  • Limerence(Christy Chung)
  • An Evening with Christy Chung
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    5. Christy Chung Photos, Biography, Quotes And Trivia. Christy Chung Celebrity Pict
    Christy Chung at Christy Chung photos, biography, quotes and trivia. The largest collection of Christy Chung photos. chung/
    Christy Chung celebrity info, quotes and trivia
    Information Biography Photos ( ... News (
    Name: Christy Chung Nickname: Unknown ( Birth name: Unknown ( Birth place: Unknown ( Birthday: Unknown ( Weight: Unknown ( Height: Unknown ( Natural hair color: Unknown ( Eyes color: Unknown ( Education: Unknown ( Residence: Unknown ( Nationality: Unknown ( Ethnicity: Unknown (
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    6. Jongo Search - Jongo: The World's Portal For China
    Hong Kong actress chung christy, famous for her sexiness. zho ng lì tí n. See all 65 matching results for Christy Chung from News Chung

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    8. AsianPopcorn, Asian Movie News, Videos, Bios
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    9. Christy Chung - The (Hong Kong) Celebrity* Gallery
    The Hong Kong Celebrity Gallery. Exclusive photos and wallpapers of Christy Chung, most extensive celebrity Christy Chung photo gallery in Hong Kong. Chung

    10. Chung Christy's Photo Galleries At
    chung christy profile guestbook all galleries recent, tree view thumbnails. christy christy . click on thumbnails for full image.
    profile guestbook recent tree view
    :: christy ::
    click on thumbnails for full image

    11. Chung, Christy
    Christy Chung Feel the boredom This was a very boring film of Christy on various model Cabanne, Christy Chang chung christy Christy Hemme Christy Love
    Web Growing Entertainment
    Chung, Christy
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    Feel... Christy Chung

    Feel...the boredom This was a very boring film of Christy on various model shoots. That's it! Less exciting than a SI Swimsuit video, little nudity other than the occasional bare behind, and it just seemed tedious. Strictly for ... [ ... more

    Bai fa mo nu zhuan II

    A lovers' reunion you won't want to miss The Bride With White Hair 2 followed quickly upon the success of the original movie, taking up the tragic story of Cho Yi-Hang (Leslie Cheung) and his ... [ ... more
    The Bride With White Hair 2 A lovers' reunion you won't want to miss The Bride With White Hair 2 followed quickly upon the success of the original movie, taking up the tragic story of Cho Yi-Hang (Leslie Cheung) and his ... [ ... more 97 Aces Go Places The popular ACES GO PLACES saga returns in this delightful action comedy! When a reluctant gangster's son (Alan Tam) is summoned home to avenge his father's death, he enlists his always-drunk bodyguard ( ... [ ... more

    12. Christy Chung - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
    A biography and related information about Christy Chung.
    //for google ads google_hints = "Christy Chung"; //> @import url(; Movies All NYT Monday, January 28, 2008
    Search Movies, People and Showtimes by ZIP Code Top-Rated in Theaters Select a Movie Title The Business of Being Born Persepolis Nanking The Diving Bell and the Bu... 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Da... Juno Starting Out in the Evenin... The Water Horse: Legend of... The Great Debaters Enchanted More Movies... More in Movies »
    Christy Chung
    Box Office Top 5
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  • Rambo Meet the Spartans 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days There Will Be Blood ... What's This? Actor
    Christy Chung
    Filmography: Has Worked With: See Complete Filmography » ...
    Jackie Chan Presents: Metal Mayhem
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    ARTS AND LEISURE DESK THE OSCARS; Exploiting Sound, Exploring Silence
  • 13. Christy Chung - Torrent Search Results On BitTorrent
    o fight off jealous suitors to win the heart of a beautiful revolutionary (Christy Chung). Directed by Yuen Woo Ping (KILL BILL, DRUNKEN MASTER . Chung

    14. Christy Chung DVDs - Compare Best Prices & Reviews At PriceRunner US
    PriceRunner US read reviews and compare prices on Christy Chung DVDs to find the best deals on DVDs from offline and online stores. Chung

    15. Christy Chung - Feel DVD Hong Kong Movies Christy Chung
    Christy Chung Feel dvd Hong Kong Movies (2001) by Christy Chung , , , , Cantonese , English , Traditional Chinese subtitled release by StarEast.
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    SKU #: Title: Christy Chung - Feel Starring: Christy Chung Media Format: DVD - NTSC Region Code: All Regions Studio: StarEast Production: Price: US$16.50 Shipping Unit: Audio Spec: Dolby Digital Surround Dialogue: Cantonese Subtitles: English , Traditional Chinese
    Christy Chung is also in the following DVD: Astonishing ORDER Whatever You Want (Region 3) ORDER Conman In Tokyo ORDER Cold War ... Samsara (Region 3) ORDER Bride With White Hair 2 ORDER Spacked Out ... Medallion , The (Region 3) ORDER Set Up ORDER
    Click here to list more Christy Chung's DVD titles

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    16. Christy Chung Movies (Used, New, Hard-to-Find) - Alibris UK
    Alibris UK has new used movies starring Christy Chung, including DVD, VHS, and hardto-find video formats from sellers worldwide. Chung
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    Your search: Movies Actor: Christy Chung (4 matching movie titles) Narrow your results by: Narrow results by title Narrow results by director Narrow results by actor Narrow results by genre Narrow results by keyword Narrow results by studio Format DVD VHS Blu-Ray HD-DVD UMD Laserdisc Beta Film Reel Video CD Widescreen Full Screen DVD region A B C refine further Page of 1 sort by Top-Selling Price New Price Title Director Release Date The Bodyguard from Beijing more movies like this directed by Corey Yuen
    featuring Jet Li Christy Chung Kent Cheng Director and martial arts choreographer Corey Yuen Kwai adapts the 1991 American hit The Bodyguard into a kung-fu flick starring Jet Li. After spoiled debutante Michelle Yeung (Christy Chung) witnesses a powerful businessman committing homicide, she realizes that her life is in grave danger. Her boyfriend Leung (Kent Cheng Chuk-see) hires a crack ...

    17. Christy Chung
    Actress Samsara. Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions, Bio, News, Awards, Agent, Fan Sites.
    Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP CHRISTY... DVD VHS CD IMDb Christy Chung Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule biography other works contact miscellaneous photographs Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
    Christy Chung
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    Date of Birth: 19 September Montréal, Québec, Canada more Trivia: Christy Chung is half Chinese, half Vietnamese - with her father being... more Alternate Names: Lai-Tai Chung / Li Ti Zhong
    Jump to filmography as: Actress Self Actress:
  • Jing xin dong po (2004) .... Mandy
    ... aka Astonishing (International: English title) Gwai ma kwong seung kuk (2004) .... Jane Lam, aka Little Britney
  • 18. Christy Chung Filmography, Trailers,
    christy chung Filmography, Trailers, christy chung Movie Trailers comment, What do you think about christy chung?,_Christy/index.html
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    Christy Chung
    Movie Trailers: Medallion, The
    Jan Dara

    Tai Chi 2

    Man Wanted
    More Movie Trailers >>

    The Medallion Samsara Feel... Christy Chung Jan Dara ... More Credits >> Search Starpulse: Browse More Actresses A B C ... W X Y Z Hello Guest What do you think about Christy Chung? Make it count, Login or Register to comment Rate Make it count, Login or Register to rate var starpulseuserloggedin="no"; View ratings

    19. Christy Chung Pictures
    I won t even pretend that chung is a great actress, but her doe like eyes and intriguing yummy looks made her quite popular in HK for a few years.
    Christy Chung Pictures
    I won't even pretend that Chung is a great actress, but her doe like eyes and intriguing yummy looks made her quite popular in HK for a few years. Born in Canada, she got her break when she won the 1993 TVB Miss Chinese International Pageant. She took a hiatus from the movies after Aces go Places 97 to have a child and get married - but has now returned. To see other references for this actor on this site - simply enter the name below.
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    20. <----=== Welcome To CHRISTYLAND ===----> ÁéÄR½{
    Welcome to the magnificent land of christy chung. In this land, you will have the opportunity to explore the life of this beautiful actress and model.
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