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  1. People From Aurora, Colorado: John Kerry, Najibullah Zazi, Brian Givens, Mike Coffman, Jennie Ketcham, Tiffany Vise, Tia Fuller, Gil Christner

61. Scripts, Writers, Producers -
gil christner. This is the third short I have sold through your site and two . gil christner. This is the best site I have ever used. Demond Wright
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Writer Endorsements I love; it's full of information and looks after its writers.
Paula Sanders
Max Whilom
Joseph Tidwell
I've been a member for about 2 years now, and it is just fantastic - not only as a means by which to reach producers and have your work accessible to them, but also as a way to gauge what's going on in the marketplace and follow purchasing trends. Keep up the good work!
Nicole Jones I am hooked on checking several times a day to see who has been viewing loglines, synopses and scripts. It is a new simple pleasure in my day. And I thought after the first month of averaging 6 hits a day would wind down, but the next month rose to 8 a day. I can't say enough good things about you all to people in the industry. Christopher Canole I just want to say that I am very appreciative of your services and helpfulness. InkTip is a wonderful resource, the website is very clear and informative, and I'm really enjoying seeing the companies who've checked out my synopses. Jane Shepard I wanted to let you know that I've removed my script, "A Means to an End", from InkTip today with good reason. Damon Chang of Subtitled Films has optioned it. I couldn't be happier! Thanks for providing a wonderful site that actually, with a little patience and perseverance, makes things happen.

62. Complete Actor List -
gil christner, 5.15, Resident, I Was Made to Love You. Jason Christopher, 4.01, Nonserious Guy, The Freshman. Kevin Christy, 7.04, Josh, Help Buffy Buffy DVDs Buffy autographs ... Buffy collectibles
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Complete through #7ABB05, " Selfless
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Actor First Ep# Character Episodes :: A :: Alan Abelew Brian Kirsh School Hard Ian Abercrombie Germans' boss Homecoming Faith S. Abrahams Peaches Real Me Amy Adams Tara's Cousin Beth Family April Adams Nurse Lampkin Listening to Fear Bernard K. Addison Cop #1 Dead Things David Adefeso Paramedic #2 Villains Barbara C. Adside Creature Listening to Fear Mueen J. Ahmad Doctor Villains Jennifer S. Albright Date Who Are You Keith Allan Skinny Mental Patient Listening to Fear Elizabeth Anne Allen Amy Madison The Witch Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered Gingerbread Something Blue ... Doublemeat Palace Enrique Almeida Marco Life Serial Carlos Amezcua Newscaster Hush Nathan Anderson John Lee The Wish Timothy Anderson Henchman Once More, With Feeling

63. Dark Horse Entertainment > Mystery Men
gil christner Suit Carl Strand Suit John Brantley Cole Sushi Robert Chow Sushi Steven Jang Sushi Sung Kang Sushi Jody Watley Disco Girl

64. Pray Silence For Our Rockall Times Contributors [The Rockall Times]
gil christner US Court of Appeals declares swearing unconstitutional; Martin Cocking Canadian clubbing season sparks London protests
Monday 3rd February 2003 Information Powered by Yeast Logic Front page Society Sex The Arts Science Politics Sport World News Yeast Logic
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Merchandise PDA Version Rockall Ho! Information Rockall Policy
Pray silence for our Rockall Times contributors
Unsung heroes of satire by De Management Were it not for this scratch force of impoverished hacks who, foresaking family and friends, hearth and home, expose themselves to the chill wind of reality with little more than quill and parchment for protection, there would likely be no Rockall Times at all. Indeed, the world would be a poorer place without the top-quality satire they profer without complaint or thought of personal gain. Ladies and gentlemen, all rise for our magnificent contributors:

65. Anthony DiMARIA: ZoomInfo Business People Information
E.G. Daily Richard Coca Amanda Anka Anthony DiMaria Bill Farmer gil christner Bob McLean close window close window. Not who you were looking for?
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Anthony DiMARIA This is Me
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New York Circle Repertory Theater
Please Note: This profile was automatically generated using 1 reference found on the Internet. This information has not been verified. Learn more...
Board Membership and Affiliations
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  • 1. Anthony DiMaria [Cached] Published on: 4/19/1999 Last Visited: 9/3/2000 Anthony DiMaria
    ANTHONY DiMARIA (Tommy) carries a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts from USC and has worked for the past ten years on stage, television, and film in both Los Angeles and New York. He Anthony had recurring roles on NASTY BOYS with Dennis Franz, and the soaps ONE LIFE TO LIVE and GUIDING LIGHT. Currently Anthony is a member of the New York Circle Repertory Theater. His recent film credits have included FROST BITE which premiered at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, and the starring role in THE PIGEON EGG STRATEGY, which was an official Frontier selection at Sundance 98.
    Anthony DiMaria
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    66. San Francisco's Comedy Day - Past Comedians
    gil christner Carla Clay Al Clethen Marty Cohen Chris Collins Comedy Underground Brian Copeland Sean Corvelle Jim Cranna Ed Crasnick Culture Clash
    About Event Info
    Who We Are

    Travel Info


    Comedy Day - Past Performers Where it all began...
    Thank you, Susan Cerce and John Cantu. Please visit for more fun stuff! Here's a partial list of just a few of the comedians who've appeared at Comedy Day since 1981. We know, we REALLY needs an update. Stay tuned! Milt Abel
    Kip Adotta
    Carlos Alazraqui
    John Alston
    Amazing Jonathan Tom Ammiano Diane Amos Dave Attell Kevin Avery Stephen B Karin Babbitt Arj Barker Steve Barkley Timothy Barron Bob Barry Todd Barry Bruce "Babyman" Baum Ngaio Bealum Rob Becker Tim Bedore Greg Behrendt Alex Bennett Doug Benson Buzz Belmondo Danny Bevins Mike Birbiglia Geoff Bolt Michael Booker Rey Booker Boomtime Michael Bossier Joshua Raoul Brody A. Whitney Brown

    67. - Gil Christner
    Translate this page 2006 01 22 - I emailed gil christner { } on 1-7-06 and recieved a personalized signed picture on 1-14-06. Return Address Mr. gil christner
    Google Custom Search: More...
    Gil Christner
    電子メール: Xnerg at
    Gil Christner
    c/o Hervey-Grimes Agency
    10561 Missouri Avenue, Suite 2
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
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    68. The Buffy And Angel Trivia Guide // 515b
    Resident gil christner Teenager - Kelly Felix Friend - Paul Walia. Suggested by Jess. Episodes. Episode Details. Categories. Added 16th April 2007

    69. BFI | Sight & Sound | Mystery Men (1999)
    Robert Barnett aka TMo Willie Knighton Jr aka Khujo Thomas Burton aka Cee-Lo Cameron Gipp aka Gipp rappers; Michael Chieffo gil christner Carl
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    Mystery Men
    USA 1999 Reviewed by Jonathan Romney
    Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists. Champion City, USA. Irascible Roy and his friends Eddie and Jeffrey are aspiring superheroes, fighting crime under the guises of The Furious, The Shoveller and the fork-throwing Blue Raja. But their efforts are eclipsed by the sponsorship-conscious Captain Amazing. Worried about his declining profile, Captain Amazing engineers the release from prison of mad criminal Casanova Frankenstein, only to be captured by him. The trio recruit equally inept sidekicks - the flatulent Spleen, the all-too visible Invisible Boy - and finally become a team with the addition of The Bowler, who carries her father's skull in a bowling ball. They also find a mentor, the enigma-spouting Sphinx. In a rescue attempt, Captain Amazing is accidentally killed by the team; but they eventually defeat Frankenstein with the aid of eccentric weapons expert Doctor Heller.
    Despite looking from the artwork and the casting to be a more appealing proposition than the usual run of comic-book spin-offs

    70. The Actor's Other Career Book, 1-58115-453-4
    The Good Guy gil christner Chapter 8 the communications connection The Voice Master Bob Bergen Inspired Interpretation Laura Giannelli

    71. American Graffiti Cast Curtis Henderson (Richard Dreyfuss) Debbie
    gil christner . Ed. Don Coughlin . Cop 2. Mark Courtney . Kevin Bolander. Michael Courtney (I) . Teddy Bolander. Denny Delk .
    American Graffiti Cast Curtis Henderson
    (Richard Dreyfuss) Debbie Medway
    (Candy Clark) Terrence Fields
    (Charles Martin Smith) Steve Bolander
    (Ron Howard) John Milner
    (Paul LeMat) Carol Morrison
    (Mackenzie Phillips) Laurie Henderson
    (Cindy Williams) Wolfman Jack
    (himself) And...
    Bo Hopkins .... Joe Manuel Padilla Jr. .... Carlos Beau Gentry .... Ants Harrison Ford .... Bob Falfa Jim Bohan .... Holstein Jana Bellan .... Budda Deby Celiz .... Wendy Lynne Marie Stewart .... Bobbie Terence McGovern .... Mr. Wolfe Kathleen Quinlan .... Peg Tim Crowley .... Eddie Scott Beach .... Mr. Gordon John Brent .... Car Salesman Gordon Analla .... Bozo John Bracci .... Station Attendant Jody Carlson .... Girl in Studebaker Del Close .... Man at Bar (Guy) Charles Dorsett .... Man at Accident Stephen Knox .... Kid at Accident Joe Miksak .... Man at Liquor Store George Meyer .... Bum at Liquor Store James Cranna .... Thief Johnny Weissmuller Jr. .... Badass #1 William Niven .... Clerk at Liquor Store Al Nalbandian .... Hank Bob Pasaak .... Dale

    72. News Release 04-19-2002
    In the 70s and 80s, the Holy City Zoo house improv troupe, Papaya Juice produced Robin Williams, Barry Sobel, Buzz Belmondo, gil christner, and other improv
    Comedy Humor Skills for Stage and Platform
    N ews R elease N ews R elease Provides Instruction for Professional and Wanna Be Comedians with tips, techniques, and principles for the effective creation and delivery of humor and jokes. At , comedy veterans, John Cantu and Susan Cerce are archiving the wisdom of their more than 50 years of combined experience. Their knowledge is gleaned from having produced over 1000 comedy club shows in the San Francisco Bay Area with lineups that have included such performers as Robin Williams, Margaret Cho, Dana Carvey, Nora Dunn, Jerry Seinfeld, Rob Schneider, Paula Poundstone, Larry Hovis, Will Durst, and literally hundreds more performers now appearing in clubs, on television, and in movies.
    Contact information
    Mission Statement

    What People have said

    Photo Gallery 300 dpi
    For Immediate Release:
    Holy City Zoo Comedy Club History Repeat?
    San Francisco, CA April 19, 2002 - On Sunday May 5, 2002 San Francisco Comedy College latest comedians' class will have their graduation performance and the improv group Too Many Larrys! also make their public debut.
    In the 70s and 80s, under the direction of producer John Cantu, the San Francisco comedy club, Holy City Zoo, produced some of the nation's top comedians Dana Carvey, Kevin Meany, Paula Poundstone, Bobby Slayton, Rob "Defending the Caveman" Becker, Nora Dunn, Will Durst and literally hundreds more.

    73. Featured Actor: Taylor Bright, Spencer Beglarian, Jill Barber, Van Neal, JeanPie
    home scripts writers new projects resources featured actor news mission search contact T A Y L O R B R I G H T
    home scripts writers new projects home scripts writers new projects ...
    M A R A M A R I N I

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