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61. Introduction To Philosophy
cheong, angie Choung, Gina U. Coburn, Avi L. . Cohen, Jason M Cohen, Jonathan Cohen, Leigh E. Davis, Amanda E. Davis, Margot W.
Fall 2003
Philosophy 1A
Introduction to Philosophy
Prof. Teuber
Section Leader: Benjamin Bolger

The course meets on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:40 PM to Noon, in OLIN-SANG Room . A detailed account of the COURSE REQUIREMENTS is ONLINE . ONLINE.
Contact Info
The course is taught by ANDREAS TEUBER . You may wish to take a look at the SHORT BIOGRAPHY and the CV which are online to glean some idea of who the instructor is. During the Fall semester you can reach Prof. Teuber as follows:
Office: Rabb
Office hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00-4:15 PM
and by appointment. Office Phone: 736-2787
Feel free to drop in for any reason any time during my office hours. (If I'm already speaking with someone, let me know that you're waiting.) I am happy to talk about paper ideas, continue class discussion, and so on. If these hours are inconvenient, we can arrange to meet by appointment. Or you can email me. I read my email several times each day and usually respond right away.
The teaching fellows for the course are

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  • Love Never Fails.
    Alvin Ding Andrea Yong Angie Yong Anna Yong Celyn Ng Chang Yu Ling Cheong Wai Kit Chew Sue Zanne Chin Choa Choong Jee Yann Chong Su Ann Deidre Yap Felicia Soo Fione Lim Jason Ong Jeannie Tai Joanne Teh Joseph Lum Kan Mei Yan Keng Lik Kingsley Sia 2 days ago in Love Never Fails. Authority: 10
    Expression Driven With Love
    Blogroll Adeline Tan Anna Banana Benjamin Tay Christopher Choong Clarence Choong Clarence Choong Clarence Choong Gadiy Lim Henry Goh Jason Kam Jee Yan Joanlynn Jonathan Woo Joyce Ng June Chee KarMen KennySia Sarah Ng Tze Yang Beaver 12 days ago in Expression Driven With Love Authority: No authority yet
    AGC youths Alvin Ding Andrea Yong Angie Yong Anna Yong Bridget Yap Deidre Yap Jason Ong Jee Yann Joanne Teh John Kit Joseph Lum Joy Choong Keng Lik Michelle Low Ooi Tong Su Ann Teo Xianjin Wai Kit Wong Kok Jen Yi Sung Yvonne Teh 19 days ago in agc.youth
  • 63. Stareastnet
    Translate this page cheong, angie . , Cheung, Cecilia . , Cheung, Maggie . , Cheung, Maggie . , Cheung, Nicola . , Cheung, Pinky
    ¡E anya ¦w¶® ¡E Au Yeung, Christine ¼Ú¶§§®ªÛ ¡E Au, Cindy ¼Ú­Å©É ¡E ¡E Chan, Alice ³¯Þm ¡E Chan, Bo Bo ³¯¤å´D ¡E Chan, Bo Chu ³¯Ä_¯] ¡E Chan, Flora ³¯¼z¬À ¡E Chan, Joyce ³¯«Û¦æ ¡E Chan, June ³¯µX ¡E Chan, Kit ³¯¼ä»ö ¡E Chan, Mariane ³¯§®·ë ¡E Chan, Monica ³¯ªk»T ¡E Chan, Nnadia ³¯ªQ§D ¡E Chan, Sheila ³¯²QÄõ ¡E Chan,Wing Tsz ³¯¿oªÛ ¡E Chang, A-mei ±i´f©f ¡E Che, Stephine ¨®°û°û ¡E Chen, Cheer ³¯ºö­s ¡E Chen, Kelly ³¯¼zµY ¡E Chen, Zhijing ³¯ªéµ× ¡E Cheng, Do Do ¾G¸Î¬Â ¡E Cheng, Sammi ¾G¨q¤å ¡E Cheong, Angie ±i¼z»ö ¡E Cheung, Cecilia ±i¬fªÛ ¡E Cheung, Maggie ±i°Ò¥É ¡E Cheung, Maggie ±i¥iÀ[ ¡E Cheung, Nicola ±iêP®® ¡E Cheung, Pinky ±i¤å·O ¡E Cheung, Shirley ±i¥É¬À ¡E Cheung, Yennis ±i¯ô ¡E Chie, Iris »ôËTº½ ¡E Chiu, Angie »¯¶®ªÛ ¡E Chiu, Bondy »¯¾Ç¦Ó ¡E Chiu, Vicki »¯Á¨ ¡E Choi Wai Man ½²¼z±Ó ¡E Choi, Ada ½²¤Öªâ ¡E Chow, Kathy ©P®ü´A ¡E Chow, Valerie ©P¹Å¬Â ¡E Chu, Athena ¦¶¯ô ¡E Chue, Donna ¦¶¼ä»ö ¡E ¡E Chung, Margaret ÁéÄR²N ¡E Elle ¤p³· ¡E Fan, Mavis ­S¾å¸© ¡E Fu, Rachel ³Å¤Ñ¿o ¡E Gong, Li ¾d²ú ¡E Han, Junting Áú§g´@ ¡E Hieng, Anne ¦V®ü´P ¡E Ho, Denise ¦óý¸Ö ¡E Ho, Josie ¦ó¶W»ö ¡E Ho, Lillian ¦ó¹Å²ú ¡E Hung, Cathine ¬xªY

    64. Phim Han Quoc Korean Series Dai Han Drama Movies Bo Le DVD VCD 13
    angie cheong, Tình C m, L ng Ti ng. Ð i Hi p Tiên Chiêu Cat and Mouse 1 DVD (DVDRetail). L u Ð c Hòa Tr ng Bá Chi. Hài H c, L ng
    Phim Tàu !!!! Phim Tàu !!!! Phim Tàu !!!! Phim Tàu !!!! Phim Tàu !!!! Phim Tàu !!!! http:// Contact: Index Search Incoming ... VN Phim Hình
    Running on Karma
    2 VCDs (DVD-Ripped) Andy Lau
    Cecilia Cheung Võ
    Plain Love
    7 DVDs(26eps)
    La Gia Luong Tình
    Twin of Brothers
    28 Compressed VCDs
    (DVD-Ripped) (42eps) 4 DVDs Raymond Lam Ron Ng Tavia Yeung Leila Tong Nancy Wu Li Qian Christine Ng The Runner 1 DVD Wong Hop Hi Waise Lee Angie Cheong Tình Cat and Mouse 1 DVD (DVD-Retail) The Rise of Great Wall The First Emperor Qin Shi-Huang 31 Compressed VCDs (DVD-Ripped) (40eps) 6 DVDs Luu Tung Nhan Vuong Vi II 36Compressed VCDs (DVD-Ripped) (54eps) 5 DVDs Zheng Cheng Gong 12 DVDs...(TVB) DVD-Retail Ngu Nhuan Tuyen Lu Luong Vi Huy My Chan The National Hero 18 VCDs 5 DVDs... Kenny Ho Lee Ying Misleading Track 15 Compressed VCDs 4 DVDs...(30eps) Bowie Lam Louisa So Deric Wan Tình Struggle For Supremacy 1 DVD Xã Ðông Cung Quý Phi Love Is Beautiful 12 DVDs (23eps) Phim Legendary Swordman 30 VCDs Steven Ma Jing Tao 8 DVDs.....(ATV)

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    Gary Cao Chan Kong Choy Chan Seng Khai Chan Chong Ming Cheah Soon Kit Jeffrey Cheah William Cheng cheong Choong Kong angie Cheung
    Category:Chinese Malaysians
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    66. All Starring Selections In Foreign DVDs & Videos At BizRate
    Angelica Aragon Angelica Chain Angelica Domrose Angelica Maria Angelica Soler Angelica Wang Angelika Nevolina angie Cepeda angie cheong
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    67. Employee List
    angie cheong Managing Director. angie obtained her qualification in the area of Human Resource Management from the E-mail
    Career Vision NZ Limited Total Human Resources Solution Our Senior Consultants Angie Cheong- Managing Director Angie obtained her qualification in the area of Human Resource Management from the United Kingdom and her Master of Business Administration from Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand. She is also the founder of Career Vision Management Consultants in Malaysia and co-founder of CV International in Melbourne which commenced operations since 1994. She has a specific focus on supporting the growth of emerging businesses in South East Asia and the Asia Pacific Regions. Her specialty lies in the area of executive recruitment which she has achieved high success rates meeting both clients’ and candidates’ expectations. With more than 20 years in HR management, Angie is highly sought after for her professionalism and customer service and she heads the company’s recruitment division. E-mail: CV Alan Woolston - Training Director Alan has wide experience in both Local and National Government in New Zealand for more than 30 years and has held numerous training positions. Among his many skills is instructional design. He has designed and delivered innumerable training packages on a diverse range of topics. His areas of specialization are: Compliance and regulatory Supervisory skills development Team building skills Information Technology Instructional Design He has written a comprehensive history book on The City of Auckland Traffic Department 1894-1994 entitled “Equal to the Task”. He was also instrumental in conceiving, formulating and designing a national training certificate for Local Authorities in New Zealand.

    68. Rent Body Weapon DVD - Cafe DVD - Online DVD Movie Rental
    From the team that brought you the femme fatale classic Naked Killer comes this intense, erotic action thriller starring hot newcomer angie cheong!
    Help Search Title Director Cast Synopsis Genres: Action Independent Animation Music ... Easter
    Body Weapon (1999) Rating: Starring:
    Angie Cheong Vincent Zhao Wen-Zhou Stephen Au Joe Ma ... Elvis Tsui Director:
    Aman Chang Category: Action / Adventure Avant Garde Foreign Studio: Tai Seng Subtitles: English Length: 97 mins Want to buy?
    Chat Support

    Her body is her most dangerous weapon.
    From the team that brought you the femme fatale classic Naked Killer The Blade and Once Upon a Time in China IV and V ) to solve her case, however, Ling chooses to use her own body as the weapon to take revenge on her violators.
    A tale of butchery, bosoms, and ballistic firepower, Body Weapon is an armory of suspense, intrigue, and over-the-top action, with a truly surprise ending. example1('302487', '9KZdHXj9', '',this); Contact Us About Us Press Room Investor Relations Affiliate Program

    69. Publishing Web For Students' Final Papers TOC
    Another Look At Rationality Angela cheong 13 Dec 1996 Approach An Interactive Model Challenged By American Cultural Diversity angie Burkett 14 Dec 1996
    Note: you may need to reload this page to see the most recent additions. See newest postings at the BOTTOM of this page.
    Diversity Issues in Developmental Psychology, Fall 1996, UCSC
    Refuting the Myths of Affirmative Action Julie Sheehan 13 Dec 1996 The Sociocultural Aspect of Mental Processing Angelina Murzi 19 Dec 1996 What May Seem As Irrational Is Rational May Sarmac 13 Dec 1996 Another Look At Rationality Angela Cheong 13 Dec 1996 Peer Relationships in Middle Childhood Blanca Navarro 13 Dec 1996 The Battle for Diversity in Education, Ideology, and Politics Nili Kirschner 13 Dec 1996 The Reggio Emilia Approach: An Interactive Model Challenged By American Cultural Diversity Angie Burkett 14 Dec 1996 Cultural and Learning Mismatches between Students and Schools Melanie, Meyer 14 Dec 1996 Diverse styles of teaching and learning Marni Williamson 13 Jan 1997 Diversity in the Classroom Wishard, Alison 13 Dec 1996 Embracing Diverse Students Annie McDevitt 13 Dec 1996 Diversity in Education Pamela, Geisler 13 Dec 1996

    70. Angie Cheung
    Chinese Zodiac ~ Ox Weight ~ 100 lbs Height ~ 5 4 Occupation ~ Actress Most Memorable Serie ~ My Date with a Vampire II. angie Cheung Land angie Universe
    Angie Cheung Cantonese Name Cheung Wai Yee
    Mandarin Name Zhang Hui Yi
    Vietnamese Name Truong Tue Nghi
    Date of Birth November 4, 1973
    Place of Birth Hong Kong
    Horoscope Scropio
    Chinese Zodiac Ox
    Weight 100 lbs
    Occupation Actress
    Most Memorable Serie My Date with a Vampire II Angie Cheung Land Angie Universe Angie Cheong Angie's World ... The Lovely Angie Cheong Profile Pictures: Click HERE to add your site on this individual star. (The website must be about this individual star, otherwise it won't be add)

    71. Angie Cheung
    Actress Yuen chi mo hei. Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions, Bio, News, Awards, Agent, Fan Sites.
    Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP ANGIE CHEUNG DVD VHS CD IMDb Angie Cheung Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with biography contact Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
    Angie Cheung
    advertisement photos board add contact details Photos Add photo(s) and resume with IMDb Resume Services
    Date of Birth: 4 November Ipoh, Malaysia more Alternate Names: Wei Yee Cheong / Wai-Yi Cheung / Angie Cheung Wai-Yee / Cheung Wai Yee
  • Cheng chong chui lui chai
    ... aka Infernal Unfairs (International: English title)
    ... aka Love Is a Many Stupid Thing (International: English title) Yau ching yam shui baau
    ... aka Love Me, Love My Money (Hong Kong: English title)
    ... aka You qing yin shui bao (Hong Kong: Mandarin title) Troublesome Night 12 (2001) (as Angie Cheung Wai-Yee) .... Sun
  • 72. Cheung Videos, Podcasts And Video Blogs About Cheung - Tag On Mefeedia
    angie Cheung from recent posts (beta) on January 05, 2008 1 views. angie Cheung http//
    Add a feed Sign in or join us! (5 second free signup) Your Friends. Your Media. Your Network.
    Channels Shows Playlists ... Meeps Tags
    Cheung Videos
    18 videos / cheung video widgets / media rss:
    What is cheung? - Edit Wiki
    Items 1 to 18 of 18
    kung-fu gothic [Maggie Cheung, Assayas, Irma Vep]

    from YouTube :: Videos by irinashamiladze on January 12, 2008
    8 views A movie inside a movie - Ren© Vidal (Jean-Pierre L©aud) shows to Maggie Cheung a fragment from a kung-fu movie and explains why he wants her to play "Irma Vep"... The segment is from "Heroic Trio", a 1993 Hong Kong action film directed by Johnny To. "Irma Vep" is a french film directed by Olivier Assayas. Irma Vep IMDB link: Heroic Trio IMDB link: Author: IrinaShamiladze Keywords: irma vep olivier assayas maggie cheung jean-pierre l©aud kung-fu vampire gothic avantgarde Added: January 12, 2008 also in: vampire avantgarde gothic maggie ...
    Cecilia Cheung

    from recent posts - (beta) on January 05, 2008
    3 views Cecilia Cheung :

    73. NUS Business School Alumni Roll

    74. CitizenConnect
    On 25 Oct 05, angie Lim, CitizenConnect officer assisted Mr Chong in processing a business registration renewal online. However, Mr Chong could not recall
    Contact Info Feedback Sitemap Home ... A-Z Government List Your one-stop centre for easy and convenient access to government services online Introduction Locations Communications Materials Compliments and Experiences What Our Customers Say "Comfortable to communicate, make you feel at ease."
    - Ms Roziah Abdul Latip, 39, Assistant Mgr Finance "Very good. Fast and convenient"
    - Ms Kang Peng Cheong, 47, Senior Mechanic "Keep up the good work!"
    "Immediately, I will know whether my submission is successful."
    - Mr Koh Boo Chiat, 40, Assistant Engineer "Very helpful and friendly."
    - Ms Seah Choon Hee, 55, Housewife "Very excellent service provided"
    - Ms Manimaran S, 36, Financial Planner Experiences at the CitizenConnect Centres Experience 1 On 25 Oct 05, Angie Lim, CitizenConnect officer assisted Mr Chong in processing a business registration renewal online. However, Mr Chong could not recall his business registration number. Angie swiftly conducted a search on the ACRA website to locate the business registration number. Eventually, Mr Chong made the online payment through his credit card for the online renewal and completed the business registration renewal smoothly. Mr Chong visited the CitizenConnect Centre on 26 Oct again as he realised from the renewal receipt print-out that the record still showed his previous business address. Angie, the CitizenConnect officer once again assisted him with the business particulars update. Mr Chong was impressed with the level of service and facilities available at the CitizenConnect Centre.

    75. DBLP: Loong Cheong Tong
    Loong cheong Tong. List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography 1, Loong cheong Tong EnglishMalay Translation System a Laboratory Prototype.
    Loong Cheong Tong
    List of publications from the DBLP Bibliography Server FAQ Coauthor Index - Ask others: ACM DL Guide CiteSeer CSB ... Li Kwang Angela Wee , Loong Cheong Tong, Chew Lim Tan : Knowledge Representation Issues in Information Extraction. PRICAI 1998 Lean Suan Ong Barry Shepherd , Loong Cheong Tong, Francis Seow-Choen Yik Hong Ho Choong Leong Tang Yin Seong Ho ... Kelvin Tan : The Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Support (CARES) System. Artificial Intelligence in Medicine 11 EE Loong Cheong Tong: An Explanation Facility for a Grammar Writing System. COLING 1990 EE Loong Cheong Tong: A data-driven control strategy for grammar writing systems. Machine Translation 4 Loong Cheong Tong: English-Malay Translation System: a Laboratory Prototype. COLING 1986
    Coauthor Index
    Yik Hong Ho Yin Seong Ho Lean Suan Ong Francis Seow-Choen ... Colors in the list of coauthors DBLP: [ Home Author Title Conferences ... Michael Ley ( Fri Jan 25 16:42:33 2008

    76. CUHK :: Yasumoto Scholars Programme
    FUNG Shuk Chong, Angela, University of Texas at Austin, USA LEI Man cheong, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
    Home Yasumoto International Exchange Scholarship Scheme About Alex Yasumoto Yasumoto International Academic Park ...
    Yasumoto Exchange Scholars In the academic year 2006-07, there were more than 200 Yasumoto scholars. They had the opportunity to study abroad at over 108 renowned institutions in 24 countries around the world. Americas Austrasia Americas Student Name Host University Host Region AU Chi Kin American University  USA  CHAN Chip Yue The University of North Carolina at Greensboro  USA  CHAN Kwun Nam American University  USA  CHAN Tsz Him University of Waterloo  Canada  CHAN Yan Tat Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  USA  CHAN Ying Ying University of Alberta  Canada  CHENG Lai Ching University of Michigan USA  CHENG Sui In University of Miami  USA  CHENG Yuen Ting, Carol Simon Fraser University  Canada  CHEUNG Chui Shan, Phian University of Southern California USA  CHEUNG Hung Pan American University  USA  CHEUNG Kwok Ying Queen's University Canada  CHEUNG Sze Nga The University of British Columbia  Canada  CHEUNG Wai Lun Claremont McKenna College  USA  CHEUNG Yik Man Simon Fraser University  Canada  CHONG Siu Kwan University of California, Irvine

    77. Encyclopedia Asian Stars (English)
    M; Mac Hoi San Maggie Cheung (Man Yuk) Maggie Cheung (Ho Yee) Maggie Fu Maggie Ko Maggie Q Maggie Siu Maka, Karl MAKI MAKIYO

    78. You're @ GiE's - Gie's Blog
    August 28, 2007 Had a dream. I saw myself in a beautiful and luxurious hotel and I was there with some friends (but i don t remember their faces).
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    Gie's Blog
    My Dream... reality or fake? Aug 30, '07 2:17 AM
    for everyone August 28, 2007
    Had a dream. I saw myself in a beautiful and luxurious hotel and I was there with some friends (but i don't remember their faces). I was with a friend at that time, and I think its HF. We were like looking for J's room and somehow got lost in the hotel. Do you believe it... lost in a hotel.. this means the hotel is super HUGE!
    We were in the lif and we stop at 4th Floor, we walk out and we saw a receptionist (somehow we know the receptionist). We asked her for J's room number.
    After we got the number, we continue walking till I remember that my room was somewhere around this floor (room 4).
    Later on I saw my room number and I told HF, "Why not we stop by in my room to give a call to J to check see whether he's around or not?" But then suddenly the room key that I'm holding, the number disappeared and I sort of forgot the last 2 digits. Then we walked to a door which was open and we walked into that door, it’s like the balcony of the hotel. So we were walking alongside and we walked towards the end of the balcony. I saw the most amazing view of my life (words can’t seem to describe it). It’s as though we were at the highest level and looking down. I was enjoying the beautiful scenery and it’s like heaven… there’s beautiful forest (really green), mountains and clouds are like hovering the huge mountains, making it so colourful.

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