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  1. The Defence of Hong Kong: Collected Essays on the Hong Kong-Kowloon Brigade of the East River Column
  2. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Alumni: Anthony Wong Chau Sang, Gigi Lai, Sunny Chan, Power Chan, Wong Cho Lam, Athena Chu, Jim Chim
  3. Beyond the Dance: A Ballerina's Life by Chan Hon Goh, Cary Fagan, 2002-09-15
  4. Sources of Chinese Tradition: Volume I (Unesco Collection of Representative Works. Chinese Series)

41. Filmography « Gallen Harbour
Ada Choi, Flora chan, Kenix Kwok. At The Threshold Of An Era 2. 2000. TVB. sunny chan, Roger Kwok. Seven Sisters. 2001. TVB. Charmaine Sheh, Kong Wah
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Gallen Harbour
Where Hearts meet Talent: Dedicated to Gallen Lo Ka Leung 罗嘉良
Television Title Year Studio Co-stars City Stories TVB Deric Wan, Sheren Tang, Roger Kwok Seasons TVB Kwok Fung Battle In The Royal Court TVB Margie Tsang The Legend Of Master Chan TVB Deric Wan, Margie Tsang, Kathy Chow The Final Verdict TVB Adam Cheng Rain in the Heart TVB Roger Kwok, Lam Ka Wah Mystery Of The Parchment TVB Kitty Lai, Canti Lau Silken Hands TVB Amy Chan, Maggie Siu Police On The Road TVB Lam Ka Wah The Survivor TVB Maggie Siu Yanky Boy TVB Leon Lai, Kitty Lai TVB Canti Lau, Vivian Chow Bet On Fate TVB David Siu Golden Snake Sword TVB Ekin Cheng, Jacqueline Law, Angela Pang Rage And Passion TVB Ekin Cheng, Eddie Kwan, Vivian Chow Vengeance TVB Irene Wan, Deric Wan Ambition TVB Amy Kwok, Vivian Leung The Hero From Shanghai TVB Maggie Siu, Eddie Cheung TVB Maggie Siu The Last Conquest TVB Loretta Lee, Wayne Lai The Knight And The Concubine (Telemovie) TVB Irene Wan The Legend Of The Condor Heroes 94 TVB Julian Cheung, Athena Chu

42. CJO - Abstract - Prevalence Of Very Mild And Mild Dementia In Community-dwelling
Linda CW Lam, Cindy WC Tam, Victor WC Lui, WC chan, Sandra SM chan, sunny Wong, Ada Wong, MK Tham, KS Ho, WM chan, Helen FK Chiu
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Cambridge Journals Online
Skip to content International Psychogeriatrics (2008), 20: 135-148 Cambridge University Press doi:10.1017/S1041610207006199 Published online by Cambridge University Press 25Sep2007 Copy and paste this link: International Psychogeriatrics (2008), :135-148 Cambridge University Press doi:10.1017/S1041610207006199 Research Article
Prevalence of very mild and mild dementia in community-dwelling older Chinese people in Hong Kong
Linda C. W. Lam Cindy W. C. Tam Victor W. C. Lui

43. 'Kung Fu Hustle' Defies Description - Movie News Story | MTV Movie News
In reality, while both are ingenious filmmakers, the two men are as dissimilar as, say, Spielberg and Scorsese chan s sunny charisma and almost
siteVersion = "HTML"; legacyFBMLPopup = "false"; adCall.writeCall('728x90'); Apr 11 2005 8:10 AM EDT
'I don't know what the hell I just saw in there,' one filmgoer admitted. 'But I loved it.'
By Ben Cosgrove is. Or James Cagney and Roger Rabbit dancing a tango right through the heart of "Gangs of New York." Or the Three Stooges and Lucy Liu producing a reality show for the Sci-Fi Channel, with the ghost of Groucho Marx acting as host. No matter how it's described, something about the movie is appealing to moviegoers; in limited release this past weekend, "Kung Fu Hustle" earned an average of more than $40,000 per cinema. (By comparison, the weekend box office winner, "Sahara," earned about $5,800 per cinema, while "Fever Pitch" earned around $4,000 per. In other words, by one measure, at least, "Kung Fu Hustle" absolutely killed at the box office. It expands to nationwide release on April 22.) Ultimately, though, Chow's work defies analysis, and that's probably its greatest strength. At one of the few movie theaters in the country where "Kung Fu Hustle" played last weekend, the moviegoers who showed up appeared far less interested in dissecting the director's influences or his intentions than they were in just enjoying the show. Cheryl-Anne Cummings, an NYU student who had never heard of Stephen Chow before her boyfriend dragged her to the theater on a picture-perfect spring afternoon, seemed a bit stunned by it all. When asked what she thought of the experience, Cummings thought for a while, shaking her head.

44. TVB Musings » The Seventh Day
(Louisa So, Krystal Tin, Leila Tong, sunny chan, etc.) I am interested in this series. I like the cast and it seems like a potentially intriguing and

Jon Seyfert, Lauren Brittay, Gabriela Mejia, Caitlin Harper, Mike Gorlewski, Randy chan, sunny Tsai, Jason Dehlinger, Emilia Klimiuk, Laura Smetana,
South High Art Department Faculty List Event
Curriculum ...
Friends of Fine Arts
Great Frame Up 2004
Pictured from left to right and from back to front: Matt McCarty, Brad Scelfo, Alexandra Coppage,
Jon Seyfert, Lauren Brittay, Gabriela Mejia, Caitlin Harper, Mike Gorlewski, Randy Chan, Sunny Tsai,
Jason Dehlinger, Emilia Klimiuk, Laura Smetana, Kailegh Bender, Jessica Hoekstra, Connie Farrow,
Maribel Chavez, Julie O'Brien
Susan Mills
Host and Owner of The Great Frame Up
Lauren Baker
Michelle Molloy, Emilia Klimiuk, Dave Eblin
Photo by Julie O'Brien Pastel (rt) by Emilia Klimiuk Painting by Jason Dellinger Michelle Molloy, Caitlin Harper, Jessica Hoekstra Dr. Mark McDonald Exhibitors (see above) Susan Mills Exhibitors (See Above) Maribel Chavez Sunny Tsai Mike Gorlewski Caitlin Harper Holly Deters Jason Dehlinger Gabriela Mejia Home Faculty List Event Calendar Curriculum ... Fine Arts Department © 2001 Community High School District 99, Downers Grove, Illinois Last Updated April 21, 2004 at 11:01 AM by

46. Sunny-Chan* And Sacora - Dollwizard
sunnychan* and Sacora By Invitation Only BIO for short ^_^

47. Moviepicks - Clean, Moral, And Uplifting Movies, TV Shows, And Films
Executive Producer(s) Charles chan, sunny Chen Producer Adam Abel, Ryan Little Production Studio Excel Entertainment Group, Go Films

48. Untitled Document
chan sunny, chansu@ecf, Zero Counterfeit Technology (ZCT), 3. Weng - Kevvy, weng@ecf, Zero Counterfeit Technology (ZCT), 3. Wu - Dennis
Beta Tutorial Group
Mondays 4-7pm
Name Email Team Name Module Paxton - Mark Christopher Villahermosa - Robert Christopher Vaez Ghasemi - Babak Terner - Elliott Mistry - Manesh Nae - Eugen-Calin
nae@ecf Vandalay Industries - Software Division Forsyth - John A
forsyth@ecf Vandalay Industries - Software Division Maciszewski - Bartosz Martin
macisze@ecf Vandalay Industries - Software Division Quero - Roger
quero@ecf Vandalay Industries - Software Division Mach - Lorne mach@ecf Vandalay Industries - Software Division Leung - Christer Chun Sing
leungch@ecf UC67 (UltraCode 67) Ho - Josephine Man Kiu hojo@ecf UC67 (UltraCode 67) To - Jacky Chun Kei tojacky@ecf UC67 (UltraCode 67) Tse - Kar Chi Daniel tsekar@ecf UC67 (UltraCode 67) Murray - Peter murray@ecf CESA Mondal - Somen mondal@ecf CESA Carating - Michael Albert caratin@ecf CESA Patel - Ronak patelro@ecf CESA Rutnam - Johann Devaraj rutnam@ecf Macrosoft Phung - Vi Diep phung@ecf Macrosoft Rahman - Sakina rahmans@ecf Macrosoft Drzadzewski - Grzegorz drzadzg@ecf Macrosoft Mehta - Deepika mehtad@ecf Asian Technologies Inc.

49. Sunny Chan Poker Stats
Poker Statistics for each player and tournament in poker history.

50. Sunny Chan Kam-Hung
sunny chan KamHung . Cantonese chan Gam Hung. Mandarin Chen2 Jin3 Hong2 Comeuppance (2000) Michael. The Enemy (2001) chan Hung-Chun

51. Kam Hung YouTube Video. TVB Series Starring Sunny Chan Kam Hung Bernice Liu Ange
Kam Hung YouTube video. TVB series starring sunny chan Kam Hung Bernice Liu Angela Tong Charmaine Li Sze Yan
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TVB series starring Sunny Chan Kam Hung Bernice Liu Angela Tong Charmaine Li Sze Yan...
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52. Welcome To Chinese Business Chamber Of Canada
From left in the middle four the Hon Michael chan Minister of Revenue, Spencer Chen, Benson Wang, David chan, sunny Sheng, and Sean Hu.

53. Sunny Chan
English sunny chan. Cantonese chan KamHung. Mandarin CHEN Jin-Hong. Fung Wai - Hold You Tight Pronunciation Guide. Filmography
Sunny Chan English: Sunny CHAN Cantonese: CHAN Kam-Hung Mandarin: CHEN Jin-Hong "Fung Wai" Hold You Tight Pronunciation Guide Filmography Actor:
Her Fatal Ways (1990) Bride With White Hair 2, The (1993) Modern Love, The (1994) Ghost Story True Story (1995) Tri-Star (1996) Scorpio (1996) Jet Foil Robbery, The (1996) Troublesome Night (1997) Destination 9th Heaven (1997) Hold You Tight (1998) Cheap Killers (1998) Love and Sex of the Eastern Hollywood, The (1998) Fourteen Days Before Suicide (1999) Comeuppance (2000) Love Insurance (2001) HOME ABOUT THE REVIEWER BUYERS GUIDE DVD REVIEWS ... UPCOMING REVIEWS

54. Turbo Productions 2007 - Portfolio : Sunny Chan
My name is sunny chan, and I consider myself a designer across many visual mediums. I strive to output my best, and contribute my creative assets to those
Welcome to Turbo Productions 2007. My name is Sunny Chan, and I consider myself a designer across many visual mediums. I strive to output my best, and contribute my creative assets to those who share my vision. Efficiency is my proverb. Turbo Productions started as a Photoshop operation, but has since evolved over the years into a 3D, print, web, visual effects, and motion graphics coalition aimed to save the world from horrid design, one pixel at a time. Please, think of the pixels...
Folio Montage '07
[ 6.2 MB ] Please be patient. [ news updates ] 10.02.07 - Gotta step my game up...
Yea I know it's been a few months since I've done anything or added anything, some unexpected events came up over the summer / fall and well it has knocked me a little of course. The new improved site is coming soon, it's still in development, so this post will have to do for now. Stay tuned! 06.24.07 - A new site is coming soon!
A lot of people have been asking where my website went, well to answer your question, I was doing my summer internship and during that time I switched to mediatemple hosting and didn't have my files to upload from my laptop. I am working on a new website, so I'm just throwing this one up for now, check back soon! 05.23.07 - So damn busy...

55. Love Guaranteed NEW DVD~Sunny Chan~Melissa Ng: 8801923 MovieSville
Details Cantonese/Mandarin title Oi Ching Chyun Bou / Ai Qing Quan Bao English title Love Guaranteed Genre Episodes 20 Broadcast network TVB.
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Love Guaranteed NEW DVD~Sunny Chan~Melissa Ng
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Genre Number of discs Studio Label
: Bei Ying Records (China) Studio Part Num : N/A Rating: All prices in USD . Check for exchange rates. Price: Was $11.99 Save 16% While quantities last Quantity: email: Details Cantonese/Mandarin title: Oi Ching Chyun Bou / Ai Qing Quan Bao English title: Love Guaranteed Genre: Episodes: 20 Broadcast network: TVB Broadcast period: 2006-Jul-17 to 2006-Aug-11 Air time: Weekday, 21:30 to 22:30 Cast Sunny Chan as Ken Melissa Ng as Hazel Kenneth Ma as Tim Cherie Kong as Maggie Paul Chun Rain Lau Eileen Yeow Angela Tong Street Date Run Time (H/M/S): Audio/Dialogue: Chinese Mandarin (Pu Tong Hua) Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

56. Hong Kong Cinemagic - Sunny Chan Kam Hung
sunny chan has also been acting since the early 90’s, but it wasn’t until the 1998 exploitation film, Cheap Killers, that he really made an impact in film.

57. Sunny-Chan SuNnYsMiLeZ321
sunnychan says. love is a mistake we are all willing to make (12 weeks ago) . Made By, sunny-chan. Activities, scream random obcenities and making

58. Text Box Official Website For The NSS Conservation Committee AGM
Tan Beng Chiak, Tan Choon Ming, Tan Hang Chong, Tan Peck chan, Tan Siew Kwang, Wing Cheong, Simon chan, sunny Yeo, Tang Peck chan, Sutari Supari,
AGM Report 2007 AGM Report 2006 Conservation Committee AGM Reports Date uploaded Conservation Committee AGM Report (June 2006 – May 2007) 20 May 2007 Conservation Committee AGM Report (June 2005 – May 2007) Click on Report to view it Conservation Documents Date uploaded Report on the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) Project at Mandai 4 Jan 2008 Appeal to save woodlands at Sg Ulu Pandan 28 Nov 2007 Feedback on PUB's ABC Waters Programme 22 May 2007 Feedback on the Gardens by the Bays Designs Appeal to save the Costal Forest at Sentosa Feedback to the Singapore Green Plan 2012 Click on Report (in MSWord) to download it This is a very busy year for the Conservation Committee. Among other things, six reports/feedbacks were formulated and submitted to the relevant authorities, which as usual generates a flurry of meetings, surveys and gathering of information with the assistance of the various special interest groups and other interested and concerned members of the Society. 1) The Gardens by the Marina Bay 3) Seletar Regional Air-Hub Project 4) Sg Buloh Wetland Reserve (SBWR) Master Plan 5) Sentosa Coastal Forest 6) Sg Ulu Pandan Woodland Marina South Marina East 8) PUB’s ABC Waters Programme 9) The Horseshoe Crab Project Acknowledgements: Ali Jaafar, Alfred Chia, Alan Owyong, Angie Ng, Ben Lee, Cheong Loong Fah, Ching Chabo, Cyril Ng, Geh Min, Goh Si Gium, Gloria Seow, Hsu Chia Chi, Jimmy Chew, Joseph Lai, Joseph Lim, Julia McLachlan, Kelvin Chen, Khoo Meng Kuan, Lam Hon Pui, Leong Kwok Peng, Leow Yoon Li, Lim Kim Seng, Lioe Kim Swee, Lye Lin Heng, Margie Hall, Richard Hale, R. Subaraj, Serene Tang, Shawn Lum, Simon Chan, Sutari Supari, Stephen Lau, Tan Beng Chiak, Tan Choon Ming, Tan Hang Chong, Tan Peck Chan, Tan Siew Kwang, Tang Hung Bun, Vilma D’Rozario, Vina Dharmarajah, Willie Foo, Yap Chung Kui, Yap Von Bing.

59. Sunny Chan - SPCNET.TV Forums
Old 0918-04, 0540 PM. realdeal. Senior Member. realdeal s Avatar. Join Date Jan 2004. Location U.S.. Posts 1189. Default sunny chan

60. BlackTrax Performance - Events
BlackTrax Members Involved In the Build Aki Maseba, Natalie Bressem, Jei chang, Dalton Nguyen, Alex chan, sunny Dhanota, Mike Ganter and Alvin Rideau
BlackTrax Built RSX-T Featured on Import Tuner Magazine November 2006 Issue
We had the opportunity to have Import Tuner feature our 600+hp RSX-T project, owned by Peter Radford. The November 2006 issues are now in newstands so grab yourself a copy! We would thank everyone who has made this project and this photo shoot possible. BlackTrax Members Involved In the Build: Aki Maseba, Natalie Bressem, Jei Chang, Dalton Nguyen, Alex Chan, Sunny Dhanota, Mike Ganter and Alvin Rideau Involved Parties: Doug MacMillan @ Hondata, Shawn Church @ Church Automotive, Ron Acevedo @ Intrinsic Performance, Jalal @ Andy's Auto Sport, Rishie Garg @ AutoRnD, Omar Lara @ XL Graphics. Photography: Steve aka Xerotalent

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