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  1. The Book of Lasts: The Stories Behind the Endings That Changed the World (Book Of... (Cassell Illustrated)) by Ian Harrison, 2008-05-06
  2. Last Man on the Moon 5cpp by Gene Cernan, Don Davis, 1999-03

41. Gene Cernan Book Signing Fee - Showmasters
I just this evening confirmed with gene cernan that he will be charging for signing his book. The fee will be the same as per a photo.

42. Hour 25 - Previous Shows - January 2004
On Sunday January 25th, 2004 - our guest was astronaut gene cernan. In 1972 gene cernan commanded the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon and became,
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  • Gene Cernan Listen to this show
    On Sunday - January 25 th - our guest was astronaut Gene Cernan.
    In 1972 Gene Cernan commanded the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon and became, as he hates to say, "The Last Man on the Moon". No one expected that more than thirty years later he would still have that title. In 1999 he used that phrase as the title for his autobiography. We had the opportunity to interview him at that time while he was on tour promoting his book. Suzanne suggested that we re-air that interview from 1999 today, since it is even more timely now than it was back then.
    The Last Man on the Moon is Gene Cernan's frank and honest autobiography. In it he tells not just the story of his life as an astronaut, but gives you insights into the choices he made in his life. He isn't afraid to tell about times when he screwed up and made mistakes, like we all do. But what impressed me most about his stories was that he never made excuses for himself and always took responsibility for his actions.
    Like the time he was 'hot dogging' in a helicopter and crashed while the decision about who was going to command the Apollo 17 mission was still up in the air. In the post-crash debriefing Deke Slayton offered him an easy way out from this embarrassment. "So, exactly when did the engine quit on you?" asked Deke. "It didn't. I just screwed up", was Gene's answer. The two men went over this issue several times, but Gene never waivered. He knew what he did and knew he had to be responsible for his actions. In the end the honest story about what happened was the one that was reported and Gene Cernan went on to get command of the last mission to the Moon.

    43. BBC Interview Gene Cernan Last Man On The Moon - TrekUnited Forum
    BBC interview gene cernan Last Man on the Moon Great interview . THE SKY AT NIGHT WATCH ONLINE December s Episode Last Man on the Moon

    44. EBooks - The Last Man On The Moon By Eugene Cernan, Don Davis -
    gene cernan chronicles his involvement in man s reach for the Moon with an intensity that matches the incredible excitement of that remarkable time.

    45. Doug's Home Page
    Doug s Home Page Some facts about gene cernan.
    The Forgotten Last Man on the Moon
    Everyone knows that Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon . Most people, however, cannot remember who the last man on the moon was - it was Gene Cernan. It appears that almost all recollection of Cernan has been erased from the collective American memory. For instance, most Americans can remember the infamous "One Small Step ..." comment that Neil Armstrong made when he stepped onto the moon, but who can remember what Cernan said as man left the moon for the last time " we leave the Moon at Taurus Littrow, we leave as we came and, God willing, as we shall return, with peace and hope for all mankind. Godspeed the crew of Apollo 17." As a favor to Gene, I have listed some snippets about him:
    • Both Armstrong and Cernan have something in common besides being astronauts - both graduated from the same school - Purdue University . Purdue can therefore lay claim to the fact that both the first man and the last man on the moon graduated from Purdue. Other famous graduates from Purdue include Orville Redenbacher and

    46. NAHF
    Eugene A. cernan, one of this nation’s most experienced astronauts, flew onboard the Gemini 9, Apollo 10, and Apollo 17 gene cernan s Official Website

    47. Famous People - C
    Cerdan, Marcel, cernan, gene, Cerusico, Enzo, Cezanne, Paul, ChabanDelmas, Jacques. Chabod, Federico, Chabrier, Emmanuel, Chabrun, Jean-Francois
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    48. CNN - Last Man On The Moon Spins Tale Of Guts, Glory And Loss - July 14, 1999
    But, fortunately, gene cernan has not closed the door on his memories of that amazing time. His book, written in collaboration with journalist and author

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    Moon's last visitor spins tale of guts, glory and loss
    From top: Cernan reflects on the lunar mission; Cernan salutes the U.S. flag on the lunar surface; a view of Earth from the Apollo 17 spacecraft; Cernan drives the lunar rover
    CNN In-Depth Specials - Apollo 11 at 30
    July 14, 1999

    Web posted at: 10:18 a.m. EDT (1418 GMT)
    e-mail: HOUSTON (CNN) The last man on the moon prefers not to be introduced that way. "That's a very disappointing handle that people put on me," says Gene Cernan. Nearly 27 years after he scaled the LM ladder, looked below at his boot-prints etched in the lunar dust, and above, at our stunning blue planet suspended in the "three dimensional" blackness, Cernan wants to be remembered as someone who was there at the start of something bold and audacious not the end an glorious era.

    49. IOWA WOMEN'S ARCHIVES - Dora Jane Hamblin Papers
    cernan, gene. Charlesworth, Cliff. Collins, Mike (2 folders). Conrad, Charles (Pete). Cooper, Gordon. Cunningham, Walt. Duke, Charlie. Box 6. Eisele, Donn
    IOWA WOMEN’S ARCHIVES UNIVERSITY OF IOWA LIBRARIES IOWA CITY, IOWA TITLE:» DORA JANE HAMBLIN (1920-1993) SUBTITLE:» PAPERS, DATES:» QUANTITY:» 5.8 linear feet and audiovisual material ACQUISITION: The papers (donor no. 144) were donated by Mary Ovrom in 1993. ACCESS: The papers are open for research. AUDIOVISUAL: One videocassette shelved in videocassette collection (V27). PHOTOGRAPHS: In box 14 PROCESSED BY: Your name, year» George Mullally, 1994.
    Biography Begin text here:» Dora Jane Hamblin was born June 15, 1920 in Bedford, Iowa. Her father was the editor and publisher of the Bedford Times-Press and Dora"Dodie" to her friendswas encouraged by her parents and her teachers at Bedford High School to write. She attended Coe College in Cedar Rapids where she became editor of the Coe College Cosmos and a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority. She graduated "magna cum laude" in 1941 and then attended Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where she earned a master's degree from the university's Medill School of Journalism in 1942. For the next two years she was employed as a reporter and photographer for the Cedar Rapids Gazette In June of 1944 she resigned from the paper, joined the American Red Cross and served in Australia, the Phillippines, the Southwest Pacific, Japan, and Europe.

    50. National Aviation Hall Of Fame Members - Table - MSN Encarta
    cernan, gene, 2000. Cessna, Clyde Vernon, 1978. Chamberlin, Clarence Duncan, 1976. Chanute, Octave, 1963. Chennault, Claire Lee, 1972
    var s_account="msnportalencarta"; MSN home Mail My MSN Sign in ... more Hotmail Messenger My MSN MSN Directory Air Tickets/Travel Autos City Guides Election 2008 ... More Additional Reference Materials Thesaurus Translations Multimedia Other Resources Education Resources Math Help Foreign Language Help Project Planner ... Appears in Table from Encarta
    National Aviation Hall of Fame Members
    The National Aviation Hall of Fame was established in Dayton, Ohio, in 1962. It is dedicated to honoring the outstanding pioneers of air and space. Pioneer Year of induction Aldrin, Edwin Eugene, Jr. (Buzz) Alison, John R. Allen, William Mcpherson Anders, William A. Andrews, Frank Maxwell Armstrong, Harry George Armstrong, Neil Alden Arnold, Henry Harley Atwood, John Leland Balchen, Bernt Baldwin, Thomas Scott Beachey, Lincoln Beech, Olive Ann Beech, Walter Herschel Bell, Alexander Graham Bell, Lawrence Dale Bellanca, Giuseppe Mario Bendix, Vincent Hugo Boeing, William Edward

    51. Vertical File Index, C - Texas State Library
    cernan, gene. see. N. A. S. A. CHADWICK, T. C.. Chaffee, Adna R. see. BIOGRAPHY geneRAL, C. CHAMIZAL. Champion Trees. see. HISTORIC TREES
    Areas of General Interest About Texas
    Vertical File Index C
    A B C D ... How do I find it?
    C. A. M. P. see ST. EDWARD'S UNIVERSITY C. U. R. E. see PRISONS (I) Cabell, William L. see BIOGRAPHY - GENERAL, C Cabeza de Vaca see NUNEZ CABEZA DE VACA, ALVAR CADDO INDIANS see also ARCHAEOLOGY CADDO LAKE see also PARKS - GENERAL, C Caddo Lake State Scenic Park see CADDO LAKE Caddo Lake State Scenic Park see PARKS - GENERAL, C CADDO NATIONAL GRASSLANDS Caddoan Mounds see CADDO INDIANS Caddoan Mounds see PARKS - GENERAL, C Cadillac Ranch see MARSH, STANLEY B. CAGE, BEN JACK Cain City, TX see GHOST TOWNS CAJUNS IN TEXAS CAL FARLEY'S BOYS RANCH Calaveras (Newspaper) see NEWSPAPERS CALDWELL COUNTY, TX CALDWELL, NEIL CALVERT, TX CAMELS see also CANYONS (PRISON CANYON) Camera Safari see ZOOS Cameron, TX see HISTORIC BUILDINGS - GENERAL, C Camino del Rio see ROADS Camp Mabry see NATIONAL GUARD Campbell, Duward see ARTISTS - GENERAL, C CAMPBELL, EARL Campbell, Robert see PHYSICIANS CAMPBELL, THOMAS M. Campbell, Walter Clarence see BIOGRAPHY - GENERAL, C Campion, John

    52. Astronaut Autographed Covers List
    cernan, gene. Roger Chaffee Memorial Service, 130-67, Grand Rapids MI - HC, RSC, $60.00. Cooper, Gordon. Cooper In NY Parade, 5-22-63, New Your NY - MC,
    Crew Autographed Covers
    STS-41D Landing, 9-5-84, Edwards - MC, RSC,
    STS-41D Landing, 9-5-84, Edwards AFB - HC, no cachet,
    STS-51A Launch, 11-8-84, KSC - HC, typed cachet
    autographed by Karol "Bo" Bobko, Jake Garn, Dave Griggs, Jeffrey Hoffman, Rhea Seddon,
    STS-51D Launch, 4-12-85, KSC - MC, RSC,
    STS-51D Launch, 4-12-85, KSC - MC, RSC,
    STS-51D Landing, 4-19-85, KSC - MC, RSC,
    STS-61C: STS-61C Launch, 1-12-86, KSC - MC, typed cachet, autographed by Robert L. Gibson, C.F. Bolden, Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, Steven A. Hawley, George D. Nelson, STS-61C Landing, 1-18-86, Edwards - MC, label cachet, autographed by Robert L. Gibson, C.F. Bolden, Franklin R. Chang-Diaz, Steven A. Hawley, George D. Nelson,
    Individual Astronaut Autographed Covers
    (Note: All Astronauts Listed Alphabeticaly) Al-Saud, Salman: Demating Of Shuttle Enterprise, 8-23-79, Edwards - MC, printed cachet Bluford, Guion S.: STS-8 Launch, 8-30-83, KSC - MC, printed emblem cachet Brand, Vance:

    53. Space Mission Patches - Apollo 17 Patch
    To see that on gene cernan s and Jack Schmitt s space suits when they were on the moon was such a privilege. By the way, gene cernan has all the sketches
    Eugene A. Cernan
    Ronald E. Evans
    Harrison H. "Jack" Schmitt
    7-19 December 1972 Artist:
    Robert McCall
    Apollo 17
    Eugene Cernan, commander of the Apollo 17 mission, commissioned eminent space artist Robert McCall to design the patch for his flight. McCall modeled his image of Apollo on the 7-foot marble sculpture on display in the Vatican Gallery in Rome. The most famous of the many Classical representations of the Greek god Apollo, it was discovered towards the end of the 15th century and regarded for centuries afterwards as one of the supreme masterpieces of world art. The statue is a marble copy from the Roman period of a Classical or Hellenistic Greek bronze. Leochares has been proposed as the sculptor of the lost original. In 1503 the newly-elected Pope, Julius II della Rovere, placed it in the internal courtyard of the Belvedere Palace. Gene Cernan later wrote his recollection of the patch: "... for a mission patch [we] turned our pen-scratched ideas and goals over to artist Robert T. McCall, who helped us come up with a wonderful design based on the theme of mankind, country and the future. The golden face of Apollo, Greek god of the Sun, was laid on top of a contemporary drawing of an American eagle. Red bars in the wings reflected our flag, and were topped by three white stars representing our crew. A deep blue background featured the Moon, Saturn and a spiral galaxy, with the eagle's wing just touching the Moon to suggest that this celestial body had been visited by man. Apollo gazes to the right toward the galaxy to imply further exploration, with the eagle leading mankind into the future."

    54. Apollo 17 Mission Last Man On The Moon - Full Screen QTVR Panorama From Panorama
    gene cernan has written a book about his Moon landing. is created by Hans Nyberg. The featured fullscreen panoramas are all copyright the
    read more NASA / Hans Nyberg QT_WriteOBJECT('', '100%', '82%', '', 'scale', 'tofit','controller', 'true', 'emb#bgcolor', 'black', 'align', 'middle'); Apollo 17 DRAG IMAGE - ZOOM=SHIFT/CTRL
    QuickTime Needed
    QT_WriteOBJECT('audio/', '44', '16', '', 'autoplay', 'true', 'loop', 'false', 'emb#bgcolor', 'black', 'align', 'middle'); Jack and Gene singing QT_WriteOBJECT('audio/', '44', '16', '', 'autoplay', 'false', 'loop', 'true', 'emb#bgcolor', 'black', 'align', 'left'); Sound clip from the minutes around this pan was made Panoramic Image QuickTime Needed NASA Panorama by Hans Nyberg hosted by VRWAY Apollo 17 the last mission Click here for the frontpage of the Apollo Panoramas where you can read more general information. Launched: 7 December 1972 UT 05:33:00 (12:33:00 a.m. EST)
    Landed on Moon: 11 December 1972 UT 19:54:57 (02:54:57 p.m. EST)
    Eugene A. Cernan, commander
    Ronald E. Evans, command module pilot
    Harrison H. Schmitt, lunar module pilot

    55. International Space Hall Of Fame :: New Mexico Museum Of Space History :: Induct
    gene cernan logged over 566 hours (23.58 days) in space in his three missions. In September 1973, he became the Special Assistant to the Program Manager of

    56. The Apollo Astronauts
    gene cernan As I step off at the surface at TaurusLittrow, I d like to dedicate the first step of Apollo 17 to all those who made it possible.
    The Apollo Astronauts
    *** Please turn on JavaScript and Style Sheets if your browser supports them. ***
    Who hasn't seen the pictures of the men on the moon?
    But if you didn't live at that time, then all you've probably ever seen is pictures of men in bulky space suits, with gold-plated visors over their helmets so you wouldn't even see their faces. A while ago, and prompted by the SpaceNight program on Bavarian Television (available in most of Europe via Astra satellite), I started wondering what those men really looked like. Thanks to NASA , whose Kennedy Space Center web site contains a wealth of resources about all their space programs, I found some pictures and decided to assemble a web site that would for once show the faces of the men who went to the moon (and a few who almost went there). All these pictures are publicity shots made for PR purposes prior to the flights. This quite obviously sets the tone for what you see here. Also bear in mind that most of the astronauts were Navy or Air Force soldiers, so you can expect a certain demeanor. Still, these publicity shots are so obviously unnatural that I find a great deal of the men's personalities shines through in their attempt to deal with this unfamiliar situation. I also chose to use the names by which they were known among themselves, not their full official names, and each entry contains the first words of the mission commander on the moon. For more information about active, retired and deceased astronauts, download the

    57. Gene Cernan Awarded Ambassador Of Exploration Honor. Industry & Business Article
    gene cernan Awarded Ambassador of Exploration Honor. Article, News, Research, Information, Industry Business News » View article excerpt
    We have detected that your web browser does not have JavaScript enabled. To view Goliath's company profiles, news and business information, please enable JavaScript now. About Us My Account View Cart Browse ...
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    Publication Date: 12-MAY-05
    Delivery: Immediate Online Access
    Article Excerpt
    WASHINGTON, May 12 /PRNewswire/ Apollo 17 Commander Eugene A. Cernan today received NASA's first Ambassador of Exploration Award during a special symposium at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Fla. The award will remain on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation. The Ambassador of Exploration Award was announced last July during the 35th anniversary celebration of the Apollo 11 lunar landing. It recognizes the sacrifices and dedication of the Apollo, Gemini and Mercury astronauts. Each astronaut or their surviving families will be presented a lunar sample, part of the 842 pounds of moon rocks and soil returned during the six lunar expeditions from 1969 to 1972. CBS journalist Walter Cronkite also is...

    58. Airport Journals
    However, in 1980, gene and Barbara cernan separated; they divorced the following . gene cernan and Jan Nanna met in 1984 and married three years later.

    59. NBAA Scholarship Update
    Eugene (gene cernan) is known for being the last astronaut to step foot on the Moon. Among other things, he’s an accomplished aviator and spokesman for
    Volume 5
    January 28, 2008 A Weekly Aviation Career
    Aviation Career Topics Announcing New Services Newsletters from Avjobs Get the Toolbar ... Video by
    NBAA Scholarship Update
    Update: A New Scholarship Opportunity NBAA Scholarship Update
    here NBAA offers several scholarships to promote professional development and business aviation careers. For more information, visit the NBAA web site at NBAA Scholarship Programs
    Avfuel Michigan Business Aviation Scholarship

    Baldwin Business Aviation Management Scholarship Application
    William M. Fanning Maintenance Scholarship
    A Few Words from A NBAA Veteran and Astronaut
    with him at a past show about the status and future of business aviation and aerospace. We invite you to join us for this historical interview with an aviation legend who offers his insight on the dynamic industry of business aviation and the opportunities within it.
    Search Jobs Post Jobs AVSchools ... Employer Services

    60. Bombardier Aerospace Félicite Eugene A. Cernan, Vainqueur Du Trophée 2007 Wrig
    Bombardier is proud of its association with gene cernan, said Pierre Beaudoin, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bombardier Aerospace.

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