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         Cassavetes John:     more books (60)
  1. Gloria - Sharon Stone / based on a story by John Cassavetes - 5/31/96 by Steven and Cassavetes, John Antin, 1996
  2. Personnalité Americaine D'origine Grecque: Frank Zappa, John Cassavetes, Jeff Buckley, David Bautista, Tommy Lee, Alexi Lalas, Jennifer Aniston (French Edition)
  3. Film Réalisé par John Cassavetes: Too Late Blues, Shadows (Film, 1961), Un Enfant Attend, Faces, Husbands, Gloria (Film, 1980) (French Edition)
  4. Minnie and Moskowitz by John Cassavetes, 1975-09-19
  5. SHE'S SO LOVELY. Original 106-Page Screenplay (From a Production Crew Member). Dated May 16, 1996. by John) (Cassavetes, 1996
  6. Minnie and Moskowitz by John (1929-1989) Cassavetes, 1973
  7. Minnie & Moskowitz. by John. CASSAVETES, 1973-01-01
  8. Brilliant But Cancelled: Crime Dramas. DVD by John, Judd Hirsch, Louis Gossett, Jr. Cassavetes, 2006-01-01
  9. American Film - Magazine of the Film and Television Arts - January-February 1980 by Hollis/"The Illusions of Nicolas Roeg"/"John Cassavetes: Film's Bad Boy"/Bernardo Bertolucci/"The Strange Films of Joseph Cornell"/"From France: A Women's Wave" Alpert (Editor), 1980-01-01
  10. A Woman Under the Influence
  11. Life Magazine May 9, 1969 -- Cover: Peter Falk, Ben Gazzara, John Cassavetes
  12. Films Directed by Nick Cassavetes (Study Guide): John Q, Alpha Dog, the Notebook, She's So Lovely, Unhook the Stars
  13. John Cassavetes: Diractor [sic] (German Edition)
  14. John Cassavetes in Person

41. John Cassavetes TV Listings - Find John Cassavetes On TV |
Find john cassavetes TV Listings, Bio and more from
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Buy John Cassavetes - Five Films (Shadows / Faces / A Woman Under the Influence / The Killing of a Chinese Bookie / Opening Night ) - Criterion Collection from
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42. TSPDT - John Cassavetes
Actordirector john cassavetes is remembered as the godfather of American independent film-makers. Although Shadows (1959), his breakthrough film,
They Shoot Pictures, Don't They? Web TSPDT Home Directors A-L Directors M-Z 1,000 Greatest Films ... aStore John Cassavetes TOP 100 Oddities and One-Shots The 14th Most Influential Director of All Time (2002 MovieMaker ... 501 Movie Directors: A Comprehensive Guide to the Greatest Filmmakers See Also Robert Altman Ingmar Bergman Spike Lee Elaine May ... Martin Scorsese Director / Screenwriter / Actor Born December 9, New York, New York, USA Key Production Country: USA Key Genres Drama, Psychological Drama, Ensemble Film Key Collaborators Gena Rowlands (Leading Player), Seymour Cassel (Character Player), Fred Draper (Character Player), Al Ruban (Producer/Cinematographer/Editor), Peter Falk (Leading Character Player), Bo Harwood (Composer), Phedon Papamichael (Production Designer), Ben Gazzara (Leading Player), Tom Cornwall (Editor), Val Avery (Leading Character Player) Highly Recommended Shadows (1959), Husbands (1970), A Woman Under the Influence (1974), Love Streams (1984)

43. DVD Verdict Review - John Cassavetes: Five Films: Criterion Collection
The degree to which the Criterion Collection has exceeded Judge Dan Mancini s expectations with this release almost left him speechless, but he s managed to
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Case Number 05534
John Cassavetes: Five Films: Criterion Collection
1959 // 81 Minutes // Not Rated
1968 // 130 Minutes // Rated R
A Woman Under The Influence
1974 // 147 Minutes // Rated R
The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie
1976 // 135 Minutes // Rated R
Opening Night 1977 // 144 Minutes // Not Rated A Constant Forge: The Life And Art Of John Cassavetes 2000 // 200 Minutes // Not Rated Released by Criterion Reviewed by Appellate Judge Dan Mancini (Retired) // November 8th, 2004 The degree to which the Criterion Collection has exceeded Judge Dan Mancini's expectations with this release almost left him speechless, but he's managed to muster a few words about this eight-disc box set devoted to the father of America's independent film movement. post to post to digg
The Charge
"I've never seen an exploding helicopter. I've never seen anybody go and blow somebody's head off. So why should I make films about them? But I have seen people destroy themselves in the smallest way. I've seen people withdraw. I've seen people hide behind political ideas, behind dope, behind the sexual revolution, behind fascism, behind hypocrisy, and I've myself done all these things. So I can understand them. What we are saying is so gentle. It's gentleness. We have problems, terrible problems, but our problems are human problems."—John Cassavetes
Opening Statement

44. The Religion Of Director John Cassavetes
The religious affiliation (religion) of john cassavetes, a Greek American from a Greek Orthodox background, and the director of Faces and other classic's Guide to Movies
Religion of the 25 Most Influential Film Directors

Famous Eastern Orthodox
The Religious Affiliation of Director
John Cassavetes
John Cassavetes was raised in an ardently Greek family. His parents were Greek Orthodox, although in some ways John Cassavetes' father may have been more partial to classic ancient Greek culture and ideals than contemporary Greek Orthodoxy. John Cassavetes' father personally campaigned against a move by the local Greek Orthodox archbishop to replace Greek with English as the language in church services. John Cassavetes' father actively wrote, discussed and published about his beliefs that America needed to hold on to traditional moral values. John Cassavetes' father collected Greek art and Greek Orthodox religious icons. John Cassavetes retained a strong sense of Greek identity throughout his life, but John Cassavetes does not appear to have been active in the Greek Orthodox church as an adult. Although John Cassavetes was seen as an iconoclastic, highly individualistic outsider in his artistic and professional life, he was exceptionally traditional with regard to his famous devotion to his wife and family. He married actress Gena Rowlands and worked with her professionally throughout most of his career. Although they were both highly demonstrative and passionate on the sets of their many film productions and theatrical together, and certainly seemed to have a "stormy" relationship, they had a strong marriage. They remained married from 9 April 1954 until John Cassavetes' death on 3 February 1989. John Cassavetes was committed not only to his own marriage and family, but also to the idea of marriage and family in general. He frequently spoke about family relationships and relationships with friends as being of utmost importance in life.

45. Optimum Releasing: John Cassavetes Collection, The
Often hailed as the father of independent film, john cassavetes’ maverick approach to filmmaking captured some of the most honest and genuinely moving

46. KAMERA.CO.UK BLOG Watch John Cassavetes
Watch john cassavetes. There’s no such thing as a “good actor.” What it is, you know, is an extension of life. How you’re capable of performing in your

47. John Cassavetes DVD Movies And Videos
john cassavetes DVD movies and videos including Kelly s Heroes/The Dirty Dozen at CD Universe, Great service secure ordering and fast shipping at everyday

48. John Cassavetes - Moviefone
All about john cassavetes and john cassavetes facts.
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John Cassavetes
Main Bio Filmography
Name: John Cassavetes
Birth Date:
Death Date: Bio: Perhaps better known to the general public as an actor, John Cassavetes ' true artistic legacy derives from his work behind the camera; arguably, he ...
Read Full Biography
John Cassavetes Year Title Avg. User Rating Trailer Get It A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies Rent / Buy Hollywood Mavericks Big Trouble ... Shop for John Cassavetes DVDs
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49. Siffblog: Funny, But True - Individual
john cassavetes grabbed my attention when I was about fourteen. One Saturday afternoon while channel surfing, I landed on this outrageous story about a girl
Siffblog About Us Events Gossip ... Main
May 24, 2006
Funny, But True
Kathy Fennessy Love Streams
(John Cassavetes, US, 1984, 141 mins.) With press screenings in full effect and the official opening on Thursday, it's easy
to overlook the non-SIFF films playing in town. That said, you've got one day left
to catch John Cassavetes' penultimate feature at the Northwest Film Forum. If you have any interest in his work, or that of the many directors he's influenced, like Steve Buscemi ( Trees Lounge ) and Vincent Gallo ( Buffalo 66 , which features Cassavetes great Ben Gazzara), Love Streams is a must-see. Granted, Cassavetes isn't for everybody or, to quote Le Tigre, "Misogynist? Genius? / Alcoholic! Messiah!" ("What's Yr Take on Cassavetes?"). The answer is: All of the above. Personally, I find his work both irresistibly compelling (the emotional rawness)
and discomfortingly off-putting (the, uh, emotional rawness). But mostly the former. Of the films I've seen, black and white jazz-inflected debut Shadows (1959) and Gazzara tour de force The Killing of a Chinese Bookie (1976) are my favorites.

50. John
cassavetes,+john. Accessed 11/8/03. Various authors. john cassavetes Wikipedia. http// Accessed 11/8/03.

51. John Cassavetes / The Raw, Challenging Films Of One Of America's Indie Pioneers
1995/04/09 The raw, challenging films of one of America s indie pioneers are finally becoming available on video. - john cassavetes.
Login Register January 28, 2008 ABOUT CONTACT NEWSLETTER Advertisement
John Cassavetes
The raw, challenging films of one of America's indie pioneers are finally becoming available on video
by Rustin Thompson Sight and Sound Exactly who, then, did Cassavetes make films for? Beginning with Shadows in 1957, through Love Streams in 1984, the maverick director usually worked so far outside even the Hollywood fringe that his films were barely seen, and most are just now coming out on video. His two early groundbreaking experiments, Shadows (1960) and Faces (1968), are only available through a Japanese distributor. Cassavetes, who died in 1989 at the age of 59, wouldn't have given a damn. Cassavetes directed the studio-backed movies ( Too Late Blues A Child Is Waiting Gloria ) without final cut, and acted in others ( The Dirty Dozen Rosemary's Baby I'm Almost Not Crazy , which was made during the shooting of his last film, Love Streams Cassavetes, the screenwriter, refused to spoon-feed happy endings to the viewer. There was never a third act that dovetailed into a climax, or a conflict that was neatly resolved. Instead, his movies are pure conflict: drinkers and dreamers, losers and near-winners, in a tug-of-war with themselves. Cassavetes demanded that his audience ask questions of themselves. The Kenyon Review once called him "the Jackson Pollack of cinema", and the description fits. His movies are splattered with messy, spontaneous bursts of emotion that feel like real life, with embarrassment, tedium, pain and humiliation right alongside exhilaration.

52. John Cassavetes Films On DVD - Movie Mail UK
john cassavetes is the director of many films on DVD including Faces, Gloria, Shadows, The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie, Opening Night, A Woman Under The
Empty Home Film Catalogue Region 1 Recommended ... Top 30
John Cassavetes films
Browse Catalogue Show: All Genres World Cinema Classic Film Contemporary Film Silent Film Television Documentary Animation Theatre and Dance Blockbusters Directors Actors Countries All Films Pages: Sort Films by Year A-Z A Woman Under The Influence Falk and Rowlands play a married couple who are very much in love but with communication problems that lead to madness. "An astonishing, compulsive film" Time Out. Our Price: Big Trouble An insurance salesman devises an elaborate fraud to raise the necessary funds to send his three sons to Yale University. His plan involves collecting on an 'accidental' death policy. A series of unforeseen snags however turn the plot into a riotous ... Our Price: Cassavetes Box Set Features two versions of The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie (the original 1976 version and the shorter 1978 version), Faces, Opening Night, A Woman Under The Influence and Shadows. Our Price: Gloria An ex-gun moll and show girl is suddenly forced to protect a child from the mob. Gena Rowlands won a Golden Lion at Venice and was nominated best actress for her plucky, brazen, inspired performance in Gloria which remains one of the most powerful, ... Our Price: Opening Night An actress nears an emotional breakdown. An exploration of the personal needs of those who lead a public life.

53. Buy John Cassavetes: Five Films DVD And VHS – Movie Quotes And Pictures Fr
Buy john cassavetes Five Films on DVD today from Turner Classic Movies. The greatest films ever made are available at discount prices.

54. Idolator, All About The Music... If Only It Were
In this installment, he listens to the music behind john cassavetes 1968 expression of horror at our society in general Faces.

55. Cassavetes, John Posters At
cassavetes, john Posters at Choose from over 300000 posters and prints. Professional custom framing available.
var isLoaded = true; Top Movie Movies by Director C Browse C: Coppola, Francis Ford Coen Brothers Cooper, Merian C.
Caan, Scott Cabanne, Christy Cadiff, Andy Caesar, David Cahn, Edward L. Cain, Christopher Cameron, James Campbell, Colin Campbell, Martin Campion, Jane Camus, Marcel Cannon, Danny Cantet, Laurent Capra, Bernt Amadeus Capra, Frank Carion, Christian Carnahan, Joe Caro, Niki Caron, Glenn Gordon Carpenter, John Carpenter, Stephen Carr, Steve Carr, Thomas Carroll, Robert Martin Carroll, Willard Carter, Thomas Caruso, D.J. Cassavetes, John Cassavetes, Nick Castle, William Caton-Jones, Michael Cerchio, Fernando Ceylan, Nuri Bilge Chaffey, Don Champion, Gregg Chan, Fruit Chan, Peter Chandrasekhar, Jay Chang, Mei Chung Chaplin, Charlie Chapman, Gary Chapman, Michael Charbanic, Joe Charles, Christian Charles, Larry Chaudhri, Amin Q. Chechik, Jeremiah S. Chelsom, Peter Chen, Kaige Cherry III, John R. Chick, Austin Chiodo, Stephen Cholodenko, Lisa Chopra, Yash Christian, Roger Chubbuck, Lyndon Chun, Oxide Pang Chung, Peter Cimino, Michael Clair, Rene Clark, Bob

56. John Cassavetes
Translate this page Après des études d anglais et des cours d art dramatique, c est en tant qu acteur que john cassavetes, fils d immigrés grecs, commence sa carrière
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John Cassavetes
Accueil Filmographie Bandes-annonces Galerie Photos Secrets de
tournage Sites officiels News Activités
annexes Forums Blogs Posters
© Corbis Sygma
Réalisateur, Acteur, Producteur, Scénariste, Monteur américain
Né le 9 Décembre 1929 à New-York (Etats-Unis)
Décédé le 3 Février 1989 à Los Angeles (Californie)
Actuellement au cinéma dans : She's so Lovely
3 vidéos disponibles
Mikey and Nicky - Bande-annonce 1 (Anglais sous-titré) Vue : 3 077 fois Gloria - Bande-annonce 2 (Anglais) She's so Lovely - Bande-annonce 1 (Français)
Galerie Photos
Voir les 46 photos...
Après des études d'anglais et des cours d'art dramatique, c'est en tant qu'acteur que John Cassavetes, fils d'immigrés grecs, commence sa carrière cinématographique. Il joue son premier rôle dans Fourteen hours (1951) mais n'est pas crédité au générique. Dans les années cinquante, il apparait dans un grand nombre de productions au cinéma, notamment Face au crime de Don Siegel , et à la télévision. En 1959, il est Johnny Staccato dans la série américaine du même nom.

57. John Cassavetes (various Quotes)
Various Quotes by john cassavetes. Click here for john cassavetes films, books, and soundtracks. I like to act in films, I like to shoot em,
The Director's Chair Interviews Various Quotes by John Cassavetes
Click here for John Cassavetes films, books, and soundtracks
"I like to act in films, I like to shoot 'em, I like to direct 'em, I like to be around 'em. I like the feel of it and it's something I respect. It doesn't make any difference whether it's a crappy film or a good film. Anyone who can make a film, I already love. But I feel sorry if they don't put any thought in it because then they missed the boat." "I've always been able to work with anybody that doesn't want success. Jazz musicians don't want success... They have these little tin weapons - they don't shoot. They don't go anywhere. The jazz musician doesn't deal with the structured life - he just wants that night , like a kid." "It's not really interesting to me, at least, to set up a camera angle. At some points in the filming you really want to take the camera and break it for no reason except that it's just an interference and you don't know what to do with it. It's like putting the top on a can that is bent. You can't really do anything with it. The most difficult part of working on a film like Husbands is that the opinions of the crew really affect the people in front of the screen, and sometimes they don't see anything happening. They get despondent. You can feel them loosen up. You can feel you're losing the thing." "Most people don't know what they want or feel. And for everyone, myself included, It's very difficult to say what you mean when what you mean is painful. The most difficult thing in the world is to reveal yourself, to express what you have to... As an artist, I feel that we must try many things - but above all, we must dare to fail. You must have the courage to be bad - to be willing to risk everything to really express it all."

58. Faces (1968) - John Cassavetes : Movies > Drama - Mininova
Faces (1968) john cassavetes.torrent. To start this P2P download, you have to install a BitTorrent client like µTorrent or Wyzo. Category Movies Drama
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Faces (1968) - John Cassavetes
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59. John Cassavetes - The Collection - DVD Reviews - Film - Entertainment
A very serviceable Christmas present for film buffs. Sydney Morning Herald Online.
@import url("/css/2005/smh-200511.css"); @import url("/css/2005/smh_ent-200511.css"); Welcome to The Sydney Morning Herald. Skip directly to: Search Box Section Navigation Content Text Version @import url(""); NEWS MYCAREER DOMAIN DRIVE ... FILM REVIEWS
John Cassavetes - The Collection
Jacqui Taffel, reviewer
December 10, 2007
A very serviceable Christmas present for film buffs. Lelia Goldoni and Anthony Ray in Shadows
Your browser does not support iframes. To visit the page follow this link
Run Time
945 minutes
United States
Year Director
John Cassavetes
DVD Release
19 November 2007
DVD Extras
Documentary, stills gallery.
Actor-director-writer John Cassavetes is best known for the gritty dramas he wrote and directed in the 1970s. A Woman Under The Influence, Opening Night and The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie (original release and director's cut) all appear in this new boxed set of Cassavetes films, as well as Shadows (1959) and Faces (1968). His work has been held up as an early crucible of the independent cinema scene in the US. A very serviceable Christmas present for film buffs.

60. John Cassavetes Biography -
Learn about the life of john cassavetes at Read Biographies, watch interviews and videos.

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