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  1. Yancy Butler
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1. Yancy Butler - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Yancy Victoria Butler (born July 2, 1970 in Greenwich Village, New York City) is an American television and movie actress. She is the daughter of Joe Butler
Yancy Butler
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Yancy Victoria Butler (born July 2 in Greenwich Village New York City ) is an American television and movie actress . She is the daughter of Joe Butler , drummer for the sixties rock group The Lovin' Spoonful
edit Career
edit Beginnings
After growing up in Greenwich Village New York City , she went on to study at Sarah Lawrence College in , where she majored in liberal arts . Butler's first major role was in the television series in , in which she played an android police officer partnered with a human. The series was set in Los Angeles in the near future. The series was co-created by Dick Wolf of fame. A year later, she starred in her second series, also for Dick Wolf. In South Beach , she played a con artist and thief who made a deal with the federal government: in exchange for their wiping of her criminal record, she performs certain tasks for them. Only six episodes were produced. In , she starred as Corinne the dancer in the film Let It Be Me , followed by the television program Brooklyn South which ran for a full season in Her first film appearance was in John Woo 's Hard Target featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme followed by Drop Zone featuring Wesley Snipes
edit The Witchblade controversy
Butler's first series to survive more than one season was the television adaptation of the comic book Witchblade . Although having a cult following, its cancellation was announced after the second season in September 2002

2. YANCY BUTLER - Screenshots And Info For Actress Yancy Butler
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3. Yancy Butler - Pictures, News, Video Clips, Layouts, Wallpapers & Fan Club - Fli
Yancy Butler Actor Profile Fan Club, Pictures Posters, News, Video Clips Layouts.
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4. Yancy Butler Photos, Biography, Quotes And Trivia. Yancy Butler Celebrity Pictur
Yancy Butler at Yancy Butler photos, biography, quotes and trivia. The largest collection of Yancy Butler photos. butler/
Yancy Butler celebrity info, quotes and trivia
Information Biography Photos ( ... News (
Name: Yancy Butler Nickname: Bitch Blade Birth name: Unknown ( Birth place: Unknown ( Birthday: Unknown ( Weight: Unknown ( Height: Unknown ( Natural hair color: Unknown ( Eyes color: Unknown ( Education: Unknown ( Residence: Unknown ( Nationality: Unknown ( Ethnicity: Unknown (
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5. Yancy Butler
Witchblade Doro - Terrorvision - Yancy Butler Doro - Terrorvision. Yancy Butler Dedication Storyboard - A timeline of the beautiful and talented actor
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Yancy Butler
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Striking Range Trailer Bloodlines") starring Lou Diamond Phillips, Y... Witchblade - Doro - Descent Yancy Butler...Yancy Butler Doro Sony Striking Range - Counterstrike Film? he gets pistol-whipped by a terrorist)....striking... Witchblade - Doro - Terrorvision Yancy Butler Doro - Terrorvision...Yb Doro Witchblade - Sanctuary White Rabbit...Yancy Butler Sanctuary Witchblade - Lose Control Evanescence...Yancy Butler Kim De Lury witchblade

6. Yancy Butler Movies, Yancy Butler Pictures, Yancy Butler Filmography, Yancy Butl
Yancy Butler movies and Yancy Butler pictures with a complete filmography and Yancy Butler biography.
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Yancy Butler
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7.  Butler Yancy On MovieGoods
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9. Yancy Butler
Yancy Butler AKA Yancy Victoria Butler. Born 2Jul-1970 Birthplace New York City. Gender Female Race or Ethnicity White Occupation Actor
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Yancy Butler AKA Yancy Victoria Butler Born: 2-Jul
Birthplace: New York City
Gender: Female
Race or Ethnicity: White
Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Witchblade Father: Joe Butler (drummer for The Lovin' Spoonful
University: BA, Sarah Lawrence College (1991)
unknown detox facility
CA 2002
unknown detox facility
unknown detox facility
The Renaissance Institute, Boca Raton, FL Nov-2003
Alcoholics Anonymous
Contempt of Court Harassment Drunk in Public Sentenced to substance-abuse treatment, Nov-2003 Assault Hauppauge, NY 2-Jan-2003 Risk Factors: Alcoholism Smoking TELEVISION Witchblade Sara Pezzini (2001-02) Brooklyn South Officer Anne-Marie Kersey (1997-98) Sgt. Eve Edison (1992) FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR The Last Letter (2004) Thin Air (12-Sep-2000) Witchblade (27-Aug-2000) Doomsday Man (1999) ... Savage Weekend (1979) Do you know something we don't? Submit a correction or make a comment about this profile

10. Yancy Butler
Yancy Butler Witchblade is the story of a strong yet vulnerable woman, Sara Pezzini, who works for the NYPD homicide department. Latest News Commentary Letters to the Editor ... Atlanta SF Calendar Institutional Member of SFWA All original content is John C. Snider unless otherwise indicated. No duplication without express written permission. June 2002 Interview: Yancy Butler ( Witchblade 's Sara Pezzini) - Part One Courtesy TNT Question: How would you describe Witchblade to someone who has never seen it?
Yancy Butler: Witchblade is the story of a strong yet vulnerable woman, Sara Pezzini, who works for the NYPD homicide department. She finds herself in a quandary when she realizes that she is destined to wield the Witchblade, a gauntlet that has been passed down through the ages that gives its possessor superhuman powers. The show is a crime drama but also about mythology. The Witchblade gives her insights into crimes and into her own self.
Q: Tell us a little about Sara Pezzini.
YB: Sara has lost almost everyone she loves, including her father, so she's built this wall around her, and she puts everything into her job. It doesn't leave room for much else. What makes her very human and what makes her glow - and certainly what makes her interesting to play - is this fine line between how vulnerable she is and how powerfully complex she can be.
Q: What kind of powers does the Witchblade have?

11. Yancy Butler - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
A biography and related information about Yancy Butler.
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Yancy Butler
Alternate Name: Yancy Victoria Butler
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    babe du jour with subsequent starring roles in Drop Zone (1994) opposite Wesley Snipes and B-actioner Fast Money (1995). Breaking away from the genre, Butler joined the cast of the ill-received ballroom dance comedy Let It Be Me (1995) and played the titular psycho in B-thriller The Ex (1997). Butler got a potentially major career break when she was cast in distinguished TV producer Steven Bochco's 1997 TV police drama Brooklyn South, but the series failed to catch on with viewers; Butler returned to B-movies, including the thriller Witness Files (1998). Her father is Lovin' Spoonful drummer Joe Butler. ~ Lucia Bozzola, All Movie Guide
  • 12. Yancy Butler - SCIFIPEDIA
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    Discussion Edit History ... View RSS feed of New Pages Yancy Butler
    <span class="SFPTagline"> From SCIFIPEDIA </span> Yancy Victoria Butler (b. July 2 in New York City New York ) is an American actress born to musician Joe Butler. Butler may be best known for her role in the TV series Witchblade She grew up in Greenwich Village in a family devoted to theater. At thirteen, Butler began studying at HB Studios and later attended Sarah Lawrence College . She made her film debut in the horror film Savage Weekend and landed her first regular TV role in the short-lived series . She followed up with yet another short-lived series South Beach and several movies. In , she became a regular on the series Brooklyn South playing police officer Anne Marie Kersey. She played another officer in Witchblade Sarah Pezzini . Other notable roles include Doomsday Man , the Sci Fi Channel movie, Basilisk: The Serpent King and a recurring role on the soap opera As the World Turns Butler suffered from alcohol-related problems following the cancellation of Witchblade . Following an arrest for disorderly conduct in , she entered an alcohol treatment program and later returned to acting.

    13. Law & Order: Yancy Butler
    Yancy Butler has never been a detective on any of the Law Order shows. She did appear on Law Order once, in an episode called Misconceptions in 1991,
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    15. Yancy Butler - Latest News, Reviews And Pictures
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    16. Yancy Butler - Wikipedia
    Translate this page Butler wuchs in Greenwich Village auf, ihr Vater Joe Butler ist ein Musiker. Yancy Butler studierte in den New Yorker HB Studios und am Sarah Lawrence
    Yancy Butler
    aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
    Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Yancy Butler 2. Juli in New York City als Yancy Victoria Butler ) ist eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin
    Bearbeiten Leben und Leistungen
    Butler wuchs in Greenwich Village auf, ihr Vater Joe Butler ist ein Musiker. Yancy Butler studierte in den New Yorker HB Studios und am Sarah Lawrence College Butler spielte als Kind im Horrorfilm Der Killer hinter der Maske , ihre erste Rolle als Erwachsene erhielt sie 1991 in der Fernsehserie . 1992 trat sie in einer der Hauptrollen in der SF-Actionserie auf. Im Actionfilm Harte Ziele (1993) von John Woo spielte sie an der Seite von Jean-Claude Van Damme und Lance Henriksen . Im Actionfilm Drop Zone (1994) spielte sie neben Wesley Snipes und Gary Busey eine der gr¶Ÿeren Rollen. Im Actionfilm Zeugin auf der Flucht (1999) ¼bernahm sie die Hauptrolle. Butler spielte die Hauptrolle von Sara Pezzini im Fernsehfilm Witchblade – Die Waffe der G¶tter (2000) wie auch in der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie aus den Jahren 2001 bis 2002. F¼r die Rolle in der Serie gewann sie 2002 den Saturn Award
    Bearbeiten Filmografie (Auswahl)
    • 1979: Der Killer hinter der Maske (Savage Weekend) Harte Ziele (Hard Target) Drop Zone Let it be me 1998: Manche m¶gens anders (The Treat) 1999: Zeugin auf der Flucht (The Witness Files) 2000: Witchblade – Die Waffe der G¶tter (Witchblade) 2006: Bloodlines
    Bearbeiten Weblinks
    Personendaten NAME Butler, Yancy

    17. Yancy Butler
    Filmography for yancy butler from the Internet Movie Database.
    Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP YANCY BUTLER DVD VHS CD IMDb Yancy Butler Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes by TV series awards titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule biography other works publicity contact photo gallery news articles message board miscellaneous photographs Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
    Yancy Butler
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    Date of Birth: 2 July New York, New York, USA more Mini Biography: Yancy Butler was born and grew up in Greenwich Village, New York City... more Trivia: Ranked #61 in Stuff magazine's "102 Sexiest Women In The World" (2002) more Awards: 1 win more Alternate Names: Yancy Victoria Butler
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    18. Yancy Butler Picture, Profile, Gossip, And News At
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    ... Webmaster FACT! Yancy Butler's Trivia: Sometimes credited as: Yancy Victoria Butler Yancy Butler's Quotation: On shooting through a painful injury: "It was hard, but my attitude is, you're paying me I'm yours. I'll go till I drop. Yancy Butler's Award: HOT LINK Yancy Butler at Celebrity A B C D ... Link to us Celebrity Birthday Birthday Search (jennifer lopez) VISIT OUR POSTER STORE THOUSANDS OF ... POSTERS Poster Search PROFILE Photo Video Poster Poll ... Movie Name: Yancy Butler Birth Name: Yancy Victoria Butler Height: Sex: F Nationality: American Birth Date: July 2, 1970 Birth Place: New York, New York, USA Profession: Actress Education: HB Studios, New York Sarah Lawrence College (majored in Liberal Arts; graduated in 1991) Father: Joe Butler (actor, drummer of the folk rock band - The Lovin' Spoonful; born on January 19, 1943)

    19. Yancy Butler - The Unofficial Website
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    Top Celebrity Cards Aishwarya Rai Jon Bon Jovi Beatles Naomi Campbell ... Sania Mirza :: Cool Links :: Celebrity Gallery Celebrity Cards Celebrity Birthdays Greeting Cards ... Contact Us Profile Name : Yancy Butler Birth Name : Yancy Victoria Butler Profession : actress Date of Birth : July 2, 1970

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