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1. Shelley Buffit - Care2 Members Who Love This Music
Shelley Buffit Care2 Members who love this Music. Buffit
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2. NSync A Mei A Tribe Called Quest A*Teens A-axis A-bomb A-frame A
Luna Barbara Moore Barbara Niven Barbara Shelley Barbara Simons Barbara Shelley Shelley buffit shelley Duvall Shelley Hack Shelley Long Shelley

3. Celebrites Et Stars: Trouvez Tout! 8000 Celebrites 40 000 Photos, Sites, Discuss
buffit shelley Buffy Sarah Michelle Gellar Bug Bugnet Hervé Buju Banton Bullfight Bullock Sandra Bullshit Bullshit Inc. Bumblefoot
Recherche de sites de célébrités par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... BLOG S Forum Photos et Videos de Stars Adresses de Célébrités Recherche ... Posters et Affiches de Stars , vente Web Célébrités Recherche de Célébrités par nom ou nom de scène: B B 52's B*Witched B*witched B. Smith Hillary ... Behr Ira Steven Behr Jason Belafonte, Harry Bélanger, Guy Bélibaste Bell Catherine ... analyse mesure frequentation internet par

4. /Arts/Celebrities/B/Buffit,Shelley/ - - Web Web Directory /Arts/Celebrities/B/buffit,shelley/$/Arts/Celebrities/B/Buffit,Shelley/

5. CD Baby: SHELLEY BUFFITT: Beyond This Woman
shelley buffit is Living her Lifes Purpose through her Words and Music. I highly recommend this Cd as it will lead you on a Journey into your own Heart.
Shelley Buffitt
Beyond This Woman
© 2005 SNR Music
CD price: $12.97
CD IN STOCK. ORDER NOW. Will ship immediately. SPECIAL: 10% discount if you buy more than one copy of it today!
Rock,Country,Pop, Folk,Gospel,and a little Controversy, Shelley Buffitt is definitely an original...past,present and beyond.
Ask Me to Dance Goodbye to Knights May December Romance Wishing I was Her ... Bring Elvis Back
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Shelley Buffitt has touched upon many styles in the music industry. Her newest CD entitled "Beyond This Woman" infuses her artistry in the edgy brilliance that music lover's have come to know and love. One listen to this 18 song CD and you are "Buffitized".
written by: Wes A. Keller, Journalist for "The Citizen".
Shelley Buffitt has released her third CD album, Beyond This Woman, as Jan. 2005. Although she was absent from the CD retail markets and Canadian radio for a couple of years, this multi-talented and compassionate singer/songwriter/composer has not been forgotten. Shelley Buffitt continues to chart world-wide with her music.

6. Photo Gallery
country artists shelley buffitt who then guided Judy to record producer, Randy Moore of Ranmor Productions studios (shelley buffit, Jimmy Lee Jordan).
IndieWorld Artist Photo-Bio Gallery
Judy Kanyo
From Beeton Ontario Canada, born in Brantford, Ontario, the eldest of five sisters and one brother, Judy first began singing at the age of four. It all began with school concerts and family entertainment, launching Judy on her path to becoming a recording artist. In the summer of 2004 while participating in Toronto's 95.3 FM Country Superstar Singing Contest, Judy was introduced to one of Canada's most notable country artists Shelley Buffitt who then guided Judy to record producer, Randy Moore of Ranmor Productions studios (Shelley Buffit, Jimmy Lee Jordan). After listening to her demo CD, Randy encouraged Judy to record her debut 14 song CD 'Inside Out'. Being a big Patsy Cline fan, Judy decided to stick to the more traditional country sound but decided to include a couple of style surprises in her project. Five songwriters from diverse backgrounds and locations have contributed to the project and many of Canada's top musicians were recruited for their skills and creativity including Steve Ashley on back-up vocals and instrumental (Adam Gregory/Suzie Quatro/E.L.O./Thin Lizzy)

7. Country Special
shelley buffit ** Darling it’s over star 37. Troy Cook JR. ** Plain and simple country 36. Derrick Mehaffey ** Wild side of me.
Uitzending: vrijdagmiddag van 14:00 uur tot 16:00 uur Country Special is: Country Special is het wekelijkse country programma dat wordt uitgezonden op Radio Beverwijk. Al 10 jaar is de presentatie en samenstelling in handen van George Backer.
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laatste berichten: * THE TOP 50 2000/2004
Archief: mei 2005
april 2005

maart 2005

februari 2005
... januari 2005 16 januari 2005 THE TOP 50 2000/2004 TOP 50 OF THE YEAR 2004 COUNTRY SPECIAL RADIO BEVERWIJK Airplay on January 1st. 2005 13.00 hours – 16.00 hours PM Presentation: George Backer 50 Jesse Dayton** Tall walkin’Texas trash 49 Bobby Cash**Man out on the road 48 Clelia Adams**Bring it on 46 Ken Frans** You’ve been hit by love 45 Aimee Pettersen**Now that’s over 44 Tamalyn**Hello sad song 43 Lex Koopman**Dial love 42 Roy Lee Scott**Look where she is today 41 Boris McCutcheon**Beautiful prison 40 Kristin Hart** They never made it to Memphis 39 Stop the Truck**Jak Daniels 37 Allison Moorer**Baby dreamer 36 Red Shots**Big black train 35 Tanya Dennis**Breakin’ it 34 The Tuesday Blue Express**Sixteen chicks 33 Springfield Exit**A wound time can’t erase 32 Mark Jackson**Both kinds of music 31 Junior Brown**Little Rive Airhead 30 Roger Williams**Clinker Bill 29 Lindsay Thomas Morgan**If wishes were horses 27 Claude Diamond**North of exit ten 26 Rob Wilson**Rough around the edges 25 Tift Merritt**Still pretending 24 Slaid Cleaves**Hearts break 23 Gene Watson**Long enough to care 22 Laura Gauthier**I’m late

8. Country Music Northern Ontario
shelley buffit s Bad Side Of Town is doing real well. Darcy Rowan is keeping the radio hot. Jack Bolduc s This Old Guitar is still going strong.
Country Music Northern Ontario Happenings CMNO has it's own mp3 local artists Radio Station. Jamie Organ has released a hot album "The First Time" Diane Chase is enjoying much success on CMT. Hank Engel and the Hoosier Daddies latest hot CD is "Barrel Of Fun" Shelley Buffit's "Bad Side Of Town" is doing real well. Darcy Rowan is keeping the radio hot. Jack Bolduc's This Old Guitar is still going strong. Gil Grand is up there with the stars in Nashville. Joanne Landry has released a mini album, very well received. Cheryl Cerri has crossed over to country.
European response has been fantastic. Larry Berrio is doing well with his album "Living my dreams". The Sweetheart Sisters album is highly successful.
Congratulations Lucie Lamothe,
Diane Venne and Evelyn Lefebvre.
Chuck Labelle, the french cowboy from Azilda
is charting in Europe .
River Roads mini album is still a hot item. Shania's album "Come on Over" has sold zillion copies. Shania's "The woman in me" album has also sold zillion copies.

9. - Shelley Kuhn - Photographer - Buffalo, US
Jimmy buffit MM 407152 Alexander J Thomson MM 362313 Hey shelley, just stopped by to say hello and check for any new work you may have up.

10. Shelley Winters Unofficial Site - Bio Pictures Photos Movie Film
Easton Sheeri Rappaport shelby lynne Shelby Starner shelley buffit shelley Winters Movies @ Filmbug filmbug guide to movie stars, movie stars shelley
Home Sign Up Log In A social network for pranksters. Now Open. New and Future DVDs Available THE MOVIE MUSIC AND MORE DIRECTORY
Shelley Winters
Films Posters CD DVD ... Edit This Page
Born on Aug 18, 1922
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11. Shelley K's Photosets On Flickr
Search. Everyone s Photos Groups Flickr Members For a Location · shelley K s Photos Jimmy buffit. 23 photos. Sabrina Johnson
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12. BandWiki - More_Biographies
shelley Jacobson? Search. Shelly buffit? Search Shelly Legros Search. Simon Barsinister? Search Simon Baxter Search. Simon Head?

13. CatsAsk Music Entertainment
November 2005. Sub Level 03, , Anna Dagmar, -, Wayne Hsu, -, Jose Duque s ZUMBATRES, -, Maurice Richard aka Whiteboy Slim. October 2005. shelley buffit*session*id*key*=*session*id*val*

shelley Kuhn. Ray Sopczuk. WhitneyLee Jimmy buffit, 10/01/07 846pm. heading to the library for a long fuckin nite. it sux so bad. how come u didnt hang

15. Playlist - CMR 105,5
shelley buffit *** Lonely *** darkHorse Trad. Vegas *** Two tons of steel *** CDTex Rythm Train *** Night train to Memphis *** Turicaphon (CH)
Playlist - CMR 105,5
Follow Ups Post Followup Charts and Playlists FAQ Posted by Stig Tornqvist on July 04, 2005 at 16:31:58:
Playlist - 3 July 2005 DJ: Stig Tornqvist E-mail: Radio Station: CMR 105,5 (Country Music Radio 105,5) Sweden Program: Country Sunday - Extended Artist *** Title *** Label
Alabama *** I've loved a lot more than I've hurt *** RCA
Ann Brown *** If you've got to have it your way *** Own label
Billy McCoy *** This ring *** Tumalo Rec
Billy McCoy *** I did'nt know what love was *** Tumalo Rec
Laini Risto *** The family tree *** Comstock
Mike Lee *** The best *** Comstock
Cheryl K Warner *** It only hurts when I cry *** WHP/TKO
Perley Curtis *** Half of this, half of that *** WHP/TKO
Stevie Cee *** Piano man *** WHP/TKO Erin Hay *** False eyelashes *** WHP/TKO Robert Martin *** Call girl *** Comstock Tommy the U.K. Cowboy *** Hey senorita *** Own label Troy Olsen *** Making believe *** Honky Tonk Hacienda Rec Danny Mack *** Bitter half *** Hillcrest Wesley Ialacy *** Look at me *** Misty Rec Red Jenkins/Ann Kihlström *** A violin that never have been played *** Sonet (SWE) Mandy Strobel *** Margaritas in hell *** Songhousse (GER) Clint Moody *** Lonely door *** Cowboy Capital Rec Anita Perras *** I'll take care of you *** Comstock Jetsurfers *** Wake up and smell the diesel *** Comstock Borderline *** Temperature *** Northern Star (FIN) Shelley Buffit *** Lonely *** darkHorse Trad.

16. :: Public Whitney Lee Model Profile
shelley Kuhn ModelMayhem 522700 Ray Sopczuk ModelMayhem 555 Jimmy buffit ModelMayhem 407152 Sabrina Johnson ModelMayhem 504107

17. Country Sunday
shelley buffit *** Lovely *** darkHorse Jerry Hanlon *** Well of lonelyness *** UAR Jerry Hanlon *** The house where losers go *** UAR
Country Sunday
TwangTownUSA D.J.'s Playlist Posting Board FAQ Posted by Stig Tornqvist on May 15, 2005 at 14:30:58: Playlist - 15 May 2005 DJ: Stig Tornqvist E-mail: Radio Station: CMR 105,5 (Country Music Radio 105,5) Sweden Program: Country Sunday Artist *** Title *** Label
Grant Tingey *** Take this rose to mama *** darkHorse
Shelley Buffit *** Lovely *** darkHorse
Jerry Hanlon *** Well of lonelyness *** UAR
Jerry Hanlon *** The house where losers go *** UAR
Harold MacIntyre *** I still think of you *** darkHorse
Yodellin' Bob Evans *** Ragged, but I am right *** darkHorse
Beverly's Hillbilly Band *** Texas tonkin' *** darkHorse
Pat Payne *** Ain't gonna worry *** Own label
The Ugle Buggy Boys *** Smoke *** Magnet Rec (BE)
Delbert McClinton *** Heartbreak radio *** Raven Rec Jimmy Duvall *** Somebody save me *** Southern Sound Rec Shirley Frederickson *** Confederate gold *** Own label Scott Dawson *** Gone *** Own label Ryan James *** How long *** CD-Tex Big Al Downing *** Be bop cat *** Mega Int. The Renovators *** You must be over me *** Own label Tricia JoCora *** Paradise *** Comstock Doug Atkins *** Nice to be loved by you *** Own label Keith Bradford *** My Indiana home *** COM Rec Patsy McGlamry-Dean *** Come back angel *** McGlamty-Dean Rec Downings Plus *** The devil had me *** Comstock Amelia Short *** What a precious mother *** Glory Train Clint Miller *** Sing on to the Lord *** Clint Miller Music Gina White *** Covered by grace *** Circuit Rider Jennifer Norman *** Come on Mr. Lonely *** Own label

18. Whitney Lee -
shelley Kuhn Ray Sopczuk Second Glance Imagery Kristina Ramanayake Mez Media Group Models I ve worked With Rob Suto Miss Anastasia Jimmy buffit

19. CHSAA Championship - Boys
20 21 Conor shelley 11 Kellenberg 1357.68 21 22 Hugh Donaldson 12 St. . 10 Cardinal Hayes 1727.22 146 147 Steven buffit 12 Bishop Ford 1728.28 147
Click for Alumni Race Results

20. - Janalyn - 31 - Female - Nashville, Tennessee -
Selmer, Brisbyn, Otis and buffit are our dog s names. They are our world! shelley, Jan 1 2008 312 PM We had a blast last night!

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