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         Bronson Charles:     more books (100)
  1. Bronson by Charles Bronson, 2009-05-01
  2. Charles Bronson by David Downing, 1983-08
  3. Bronson! by W.A. Harbinson, 1976-04-05
  4. Charles Bronson: The 95 Films and the 156 Television Appearances by Michael R. Pitts, 2004-03
  5. Loonyology by Charles Bronson, Charlie Richardson, et all 2008-06-06
  6. Solitary Fitness by Charles Bronson, 2002-10-14
  7. The Films of Charles Bronson by Jerry Vermilye, 1981-09
  8. Bronson 2: More Porridge than Goldilocks by Charles Bronson, 2010-02-01
  9. Death Wish, Starring Charles Bronson Architect by Rob Kovitz, 2001-12-01
  10. The Charles Bronson Book of Poems (Ng) (Bk. 1) by Charles Bronson, 1999-05
  11. Charles Bronson (Coronet Books) by Steven Whitney, 1980-03-01
  12. Diaries from Hell - My Prison Diaries by Charles Bronson, 2009-05-01
  13. Bare-Knuckle Boxing: Bare-Knuckle Boxers, Victor Mclaglen, James Burke, Simon Byrne, Lenny Mclean, Charles Bronson, William Thompson, Roy Shaw
  14. Insanity: My Mad Life by Charlie Bronson, 2003-01-01

1. Charles Bronson - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
282 The Old Man and the Key , the Simpsons visit Bronson, Missouri. A town where all inhabitants look and sound like Charles Bronson.
Charles Bronson
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson (1973) Birth name Charles Dennis Buchinsky Born November 3
Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania
Died August 30
Brownsville, Vermont Spouse(s) Harriet Tendler (1949-1967)
Jill Ireland (1968-1990)
Kim Weeks (1998-2003) For other persons named Charles Bronson, see Charles Bronson (disambiguation) Charles Bronson (born Charles Dennis Buchinsky Lithuanian name Karolis Bučinskis November 3 August 30 ) was an American actor of "tough guy", or "macho" roles. In most of his roles, he played a police detective, western gunfighter vigilante boxer or Mafia hitman.
edit Biography
edit Early life and World War II service
Bronson was born in the notorious Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania coal-mining neighborhood of Scooptown in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area. He was the 11th of 15 children born to a Lithuanian Tatar immigrant father and a Lithuanian-American mother. His father was from the Lithuanian town of Druskininkai Bronson's father died when he was only 10, and he went to work in the coal mines like his older brothers until he was drafted for

2. Bronson Charles 2k - Cached - Similar pages Charles BronsonA serial hostage taker serving life imprisonment, in solitary confinement for 23 out of 27 years behind bars. Life story, current location, photographs and

3. Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson (November 3, 1921 August 30, 2003) was an American actor of tough guy roles. In most of his roles he starred as a brutal police
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Charles Bronson
Actor Charles Bronson (November 3, 1921 - August 30, 2003) was an American actor of "tough guy" roles. In most of his roles he starred as a brutal police detective, a western gunfighter, or a Mafia hitman. He was blunt, physically powerful, and had a look of danger that fit such roles. He was born as Charles Dennis Buchinski in the notorious Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania neighborhood of Scooptown, the 11th of 15 children of Lithuanian immigrants. His family was so poor that at one time he was forced to wear his sister's dress to school because he had no other clothes. in Texas Want to adopt? Pregnant? ... click here In 1943, Bronson was drafted into the Air Force and served as a tail gunner onboard B29 bombers. After the war, he decided to pursue the profession of acting, not from any love of the subject, but rather because he was impressed with the amount of money that he could potentially make in the business. During the McCarthy hearings he changed his last name to Bronson as Slavic names were suspect. One of his earliest screen appearances under his new name was as Vincent Price's henchman in 1953 horror classic

4. Charles Bronson --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Charles Bronson American motionpicture and television actor who was best known for his portrayal of tough guys.
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Charles Bronson
Page 1 of 1 born November 3, 1922, Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, U.S.
died August 30, 2003, Los Angeles, California original name Charles Buchinsky American motion-picture and television actor who was best known for his portrayal of tough guys. Bronson, Charles... (75 of 329 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Charles Bronson Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Charles Bronson , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our

5. Charles Bronson - Wikipedia
Translate this page Hierbij werd Bronson vaak geholpen door zijn uiterlijk met zijn gerimpelde, doorgroefde gezicht en zijn kleine oogjes was hij geknipt voor het spelen van
Charles Bronson
Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie
Ga naar: navigatie zoeken Charles Bronson 3 november 30 augustus ) was een Amerikaanse film acteur , geboren onder de naam Charles Buchinsky Bronson was een specialist in het spelen van ruige, mysterieuze en tragische personages die veelal voorkwamen in keiharde en gewelddadige actiefilms en westerns . Hierbij werd Bronson vaak geholpen door zijn uiterlijk: met zijn gerimpelde, doorgroefde gezicht en zijn kleine oogjes was hij geknipt voor het spelen van dat soort rollen. Zijn bijnaam was dan ook Leatherface
bewerk Jeugd
Charles Buchinsky werd in 1921 in Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania , geboren als zoon van Litouwse immigranten. Zijn familie behoorde tot een zeldzame bevolkingsgroep van Litouwse mensen waarvan de voorouders afkomstig waren uit Mongoli« Buchinsky ging al op 8-jarige leeftijd, net als de rest van zijn 11 broers en zussen, werken in een steenkolenmijn. De omstandigheden waren zwaar en 4 broers en 3 zussen overleden al voor hun 12e levensjaar. De familie leefde in enorme armoede en op een dag moest hij zelfs in de jurk van zijn zusje over straat omdat er geen geld was voor kleren. Toen Buchinsky 18 jaar was, moest hij in militaire dienst. Buchinsky ging bij de luchtmacht en werd staartschutter van B-29 bommenwerper. Met dit vliegtuig nam hij deel aan bombardementen boven Japan , tijdens de tweede wereldoorlog.

6. Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson Movies, Videos and DVD listed in order of kills with star ratings for Charles Bronson Movies.
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Charles Bronson
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7. Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson. Charles Bronson AKA Charles Dennis Buchinsky. Born 3Nov-1921 Birthplace Ehrenfeld, PA Daughter Katrina Holden Bronson (adopted)
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Charles Bronson AKA Charles Dennis Buchinsky Born: 3-Nov
Birthplace: Ehrenfeld, PA
Died: 30-Aug
Location of death: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA
Cause of death: Pneumonia
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States
Executive summary: Death Wish Military service: US Army (1943-46) Father: (coal miner)
Mother: (d. 1934) Wife: Harriet Tendler (m. 1949, div. 1965) Wife: Jill Ireland (actress, m. 4-Oct-1968, d. 18-May-1990 breast cancer) Wife: Kim Weeks (m. 22-Dec-1998) Son: Tony Daughter: Suzanne Son: Jason McCallum (stepson, d. Nov-1989, heroin overdose) Daughter: Zuleika Daughter: Katrina Holden Bronson (adopted) Son: Valentine McCallum (stepson, b. 1962, with Ireland, d.) Son: Paul McCallum (stepson, b. 1963, with Ireland) High School: South Fork High School, Ehrenfeld, PA (1939) Lithuanian Ancestry Russian Ancestry Paternal side Risk Factors: Alzheimer's FILMOGRAPHY AS ACTOR Family of Cops III: Under Suspicion (12-Jan-1999) Family of Cops (26-Nov-1995) Death Wish V: The Face of Death (14-Jan-1994) Donato and Daughter (21-Sep-1993) ... Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus (8-Dec-1991)

8. Charles Bronson - Wikipedia, Wolna Encyklopedia
Charles Bronson w 1973. Prawdziwe nazwisko, Charles Dennis Buchinsky Charles Bronson, w a c. Charles Dennis Buchinsky (ur.
Charles Bronson
Z Wikipedii
Skocz do: nawigacji szukaj Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson w 1973 Prawdziwe nazwisko Charles Dennis Buchinsky Data urodzenia 3 listopada Miejsce urodzenia Ehrenfeld k. Pittsburgh w stanie Pensylwania USA Data śmierci 30 sierpnia Miejsce śmierci Los Angeles w stanie Kalifornia USA Galeria zdjęć w Wikimedia Commons Strona IMDb Charles Bronson , właśc. Charles Dennis Buchinsky (ur. 3 listopada w osadzie Ehrenfeld k. Pittsburgha , zm. 30 sierpnia w Los Angeles amerykański aktor, z pochodzenia Tatar Lipkowski. W 1943 roku wstąpił do Korpusu Powietrznego Armii Stan³w Zjednoczonych i służył jako strzelec pokładowy na bombowcach B-29 . Imał się r³Å¼nych zawod³w, a karierę aktorską rozpoczął w roku. Początkowo były to drobne epizody, w kt³rych grał gangster³w. Popularność zdobył po występie w westernie Siedmiu wspaniałych ) oraz Wielkiej ucieczce ). Sukces odniosły też jego role w Parszywej dwunastce ) i Dawno temu na Dzikim Zachodzie ). W latach 70. wcielał się gł³wnie w postaci "twardych mężczyzn" (znany cykl Å»yczenie śmierci
edytuj Filmografia

9. Charles Bronson - News, Photos, Topics, And Quotes - Daylife
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10. Dead Or Alive? - Charles Bronson
Use this page to find out if Charles Bronson is dead or alive. Very user friendly navigation and includes a search function and interactive quizzes. Charles

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Charles Bronson
Field: Entertainment
Info: Tough guy movie actor, he appeared in "The Great Escape", "The Dirty Dozen", "The Magnificent Seven", "Death Wish" and other films
Date of Birth: Date of Death: Age at Death:
Cause of Death:

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11. Charles Bronson
Charles Bronson s birthdate, birth name, Tarot card, Rune, and Numerology!
Charles Bronson
Birth Name: Charles Dennis Buchinsky Birthdate:
Today's Biorhythm

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Tarot Card
(Equivalent of "11/3/1921") The Star
: New hopes and splendid revelations of the future. Insight, inspiration, courage and enlightenment of the spiritual self. Body and mind and converging towards the light at the end of a dark time. This particular birthdate indicates a very pure instance of this card.
(Equivalent of "Charles Dennis Buchinsky") Eoh
refers to the Yew tree. The Yew does not go dormant and therefore represents endurance. Even the wood of the tree is strong, resilient, and pliable - the Yew bends, but does not break. The evergreen nature of the Yew is present even in the rune itself, as it cannot be changed even by reversal. This rune is historically symbolic of death, but, as in the Tarot and as suggested by the nature of the Yew tree itself, death is seen only as a transmutation of something eternal and unchanging - the spirit. Birth Mates
(Equivalents of "11/3/1921")
Charles Bronson Charles Lindbergh Chuck Norris Frederick II ... Kurt Vonnegut Public Role (Equivalents of "Charles Bronson") Words that embody things that may be a part of you are "

12. Charles Bronson Photos - Charles Bronson News - Charles Bronson Information
Charles Bronson Information offers all of the latest Charles Bronson news as well as exclusive Charles Bronson photos.
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Charles Bronson Photos - Charles Bronson News - Charles Bronson Information
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Charles Bronson
Most Recent Role: Himself on Dinah
Alias Name(s): Charles Buchinski, Charles Buchinsky, Charles Buchinsky
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania USA
Birth Name: Charles Dennis Buchinsky
Date of Death:
Cause of Death: Los Angeles California USA (pneumonia and alzheimer's disease) Tough guy actor who was the son of a Lithuanian-born coal miner, American actor Charles Bronson claimed to have spoken no English at home during his childhood in Pennsylvania. Though he managed to complete high school, it was expected that Bronson would go into the mines like his father and many brothers. Experiencing the world outside Pennsylvania during World War II service, however, Bronson...
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13. Charles Bronson Movies
Charles Bronson / PG / 1976. Add to Cart DVD Widescreen Charles Bronson / R / 1987. Add to Cart DVD - Full Frame Bronson

14. Charles Bronson - Information From
There are no dictionary entries for charles bronson, but charles is Charles Bronson (born 6 December 1952) is the adopted name of Michael Peterson, bronson
There are no dictionary entries for charles bronson , but charles is spelled correctly.
Web Results for: charles bronson
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features - one film... Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions, Death Wish (1974)
With Charles Bronson , Hope Lange, Vincent Gardenia. A New York City architect
becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks Charles Bronson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
282 "The Old Man and the Key", the Simpsons visit Bronson , Missouri. A town where
all inhabitants look and sound like Charles Bronson Charles Bronson (prisoner) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Charles Bronson (born 6 December 1952) is the adopted name of Michael Peterson,
a British criminal. Bronson was born in Aberystwyth, [1] in Wales, The Charles Bronson Homepage Charles Bronson - Charles Bronson dies at 81 - Sep. 1, 2003 Actor Charles Bronson , known for his roles in Westerns such as The Magnificent Seven, war movies such as The Great Escape and The Dirty Dozen

15. Charles
Charles Bronson is also the UK s most infamous prisoner, although he is not the same Charles Bronson as well, Charles Bronson. bronson

16. Charles Bronson
Actor C era una volta il West. The archetypal screen tough guy with weatherbeaten features one film Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions,
Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP CHARLES... DVD VHS CD All ... IMDb Charles Bronson Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes by TV series awards titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule biography other works publicity contact photo gallery news articles message board miscellaneous photographs Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
Charles Bronson
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Date of Birth: 3 November Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, USA more Date of Death: 30 August , Los Angeles, California, USA (pneumonia and Alzheimer's disease) more Mini Biography: The archetypal screen tough guy with weatherbeaten features - one film... more Trivia: In the latter part of his career, he worked predominantly with

17. The Charles Bronson Homepage
All the facts you ve always wanted to know about the famous action movie star charles bronson!!
web hosting domain names photo sharing document.write(''); Sign My Guestbook View My Guestbook Recent updates (01/09/03): - New Help Page which will show ads automatically
- Charles Bronson Action Chat New Charles Bronson book published (December 99)
I'm currently working on an extra page dealing with the book! Check out: Charles Bronson by Michael R. Pitts T I have been a big fan of him and his movies for about 5 years now and have seen 70 of his 93 movies including some of his TV work. And as there hasn't been a Charles Bronson Homepage yet that gives the fan the information he or she is looking for, I started creating this page about a year ago. And now I thought it would be time for a completely new version or this site which in my opinion has become much more structured and interactive. This also means for you that your browser should support Frames, Layers and Java to be able the enjoy all the pages how they were designed. If you have any questions, additions photos etc. please send your mails to the following address. I always try to answer your letters as quickly as I can but due to my limited time it's sometimes not possible.

18. Charles Bronson Picture, Profile, Gossip, And News At
Find anything about charles bronson! charles bronson Profile, Gossip, News, and Picture at
Charles Bronson Picture, Profile, Gossip, and News at New in Theaters Now Showing Rambo
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... Webmaster FACT! Charles Bronson's Trivia: Bronson‘s tiny hometown, the borough of 234, considers honoring him with a historical marker and a renamed street. (September 8, 2003) Charles Bronson's Quotation: I guess I look like a rock quarry that someone has dynamited. Charles Bronson's Award: Golden Globe Awards: World Film Favorites (1972) HOT LINK Charles Bronson at Celebrity A B C D ... Link to us Celebrity Birthday Birthday Search (jennifer lopez) VISIT OUR POSTER STORE THOUSANDS OF ... POSTERS Poster Search PROFILE Photo Video Poster Poll ... Movie Name: Charles Bronson Birth Name: Charles Dennis Buchinsky Height: Sex: M Nationality: American Birth Date: November 3, 1921 Birth Place: Ehrenfeld, Pennsylvania, USA Profession: Actor Place of Death: Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Death Date: August 30, 2003

19. Charles Bronson, 81, Dies; Muscular Movie Tough Guy - New York Times
charles bronson, a muscular coal miner from Pennsylvania who became an international film star and archetypal American tough guy, died Saturday at

20. Florida Department Of Agriculture And Consumer Services
Commissioner charles H. bronson bronson To Hold Press Conference Tuesday To Award bronson Announces Sweep Of Duval County Auto Repair Shops
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