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61. David Blaine's $100,000 Challenge Solved
A Book of Magic by street magician david blaine, released October 29, 2002, containing his $100000 Challenge designed by “the son of John who nearly stepped
Mysterious Stranger : A Book of Magic by street magician David Blaine, released October 29, 2002, containing his $100,000 Challenge Sherri Skanes from Ventura, California. The Official Solution Deconstruction Deluxe Some folks went Just Blaine Crazy in pursuit of the prize. The Larry King Clue Outside of the Box The Big W Harry Green Shuffle ... Blaine Foolishness Chronology April 2001 April 2002 yesterday where the treasure will be buried, for every other part of the treasure hunt is built upon that foundation. September 4, 2002 October 29, 2002 : The book is published. While awaiting the placement of the treasure map and amulet, a laminated card is hidden at the treasure location. February 21, 2003

62. All 'david Blaine' Posts - New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer
david blaine tried to hypnotize some exotic dancers at Tens. Kelly Ripa ate on the Upper West Side without makeup. James Gandolfini honked at Secret Service blaine
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63. Point Spreads
News broke yesterday that world renound magician david blaine claims he will stay up for 11 1/2 days to beat the world record for sleep deprivation.
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Bettors believe David Blaine will break Sleep Deprivation World Record Written by Ezekiel Zane Wednesday, 12 December 2007 Super Bowl Bets Bet Patriots Bet Giants Bet NY vs NE ... Play Poker digg_url = "";

64. Vertigo Autographed Poster (Limited Edition) - David Blaine
The third and final poster produced to date for a david blaine stunt is also available in limited quantities. Created to promote and celebrate david


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Add to your Wishlist. Email this page to a friend! Ask us a question about this product. Vertigo Autographed Poster (Limited Edition) - David Blaine
The third and final poster produced to date for a David Blaine stunt is also available in limited quantities. Created to promote and celebrate David Blaine's daring thirty-six hour perch atop a narrow, ninety feet long pillar in New York's Bryant Park from May 21-22, 2002. The poster maintains the highest quality standards set forth by its predecessors: the finest quality inks digitally offset on heavy window card stock with a special durable matte finish. The poster's distinct, long panel-size dimensions illustrate the vertical nature of this fearless performance. The posters are individually numbered and are part of a 444-count print run. They are signed by David Blaine himself!

65. David Blaine | Allie Is Wired - The Entertainment Blog
Even hammered, david blaine is a whiz with a deck of cards. The magician was reportedly asked to leave a Hamptons nightclub after drunkenly downing drinks
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66. David Blaine -
The Backstreet Boys admit to chronic masturbation, rampant farting; david blaine exposed by a master. Plus Ellen DeGeneres lands a surprising role,
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Monday, Jan 28, 2008
  • Books Comics Community Life ... David Blaine (12 stories)
    David Blaine
    The Fix
    Blaine a man of science? Cruise not so popular, but more popular than Bush. Plus: Hanks in Guinness book! May 11, 2006
    No one is to Blaine
    All the David Blaine you'll ever need or want. K.L. May 9, 2006
    The Fix
    Cruise and Holmes headed for amicable separation? Scientologists snapping up "M:I 3" tix? Plus: Blaine's big finale goes bust. May 9, 2006
    The Fix
    David Blaine takes our questions. Plus: Katie Holmes' prenup may be bigger than "M:I 3" opening weekend take! May 8, 2006
    Just Blaine rude
    Celeb magician tells of racist N.Y. cabbies; Jolie speaks up for Burma; Brosnan recalls snogging glory; "Friends" fans descend on Rachel's hospital! By Amy Reiter May 22, 2002
    Men who hurt themselves for a living
    Whimpering existential wimp-thug David Blaine lays his cojones on the scales against cackling, criminally irreverent feces-diver Johnny Knoxville. Knoxville's have more heft. By Cintra Wilson May 21, 2002

67. David Blaine Videos - David Blaine Video Clips
Watch david blaine videos and use the video search engine to search for video clips.
David Blaine Videos
  • David Blaine Porody David Comes Back Again Jan 21, 2008 Video Clips Here's a funny parody of David Blaine's famous street magic. Watch as David sets his sights on these two idiots on the street. Magic Man King Richard Jan 09, 2008 David Blaine TV David Blaine transforms a homeless man's cup of coffee into a cup overflowing with change. Street Magic Quarter Bite Jan 09, 2008 David Blaine TV David Blaine astonishes onlookers in New York City as he bites through a quarter. Vertigo Shattered Glass Jan 09, 2008 David Blaine TV David Blaine holds hands with a group of dinner patrons and causes a wine glass to shatter. Drowned Alive Teeth Jan 09, 2008 David Blaine TV David Blaine removes a stunned woman's teeth at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Drowned Alive Stingrays Jan 09, 2008 David Blaine TV David Blaine walks on the ocean floor among a school of stingrays. Drowned Alive Eel Jan 09, 2008 David Blaine TV David Blaine prepares for Drowned Alive with an Eel and a Sting Ray. Magic Man Memphis Dancing Jan 09, 2008

68. Buzz & Viral Marketing Agency ★★★Vanksen|Culture-buzz
Once upon a time there was david blaine, the magician of the street , wellknown in the USA, the david Copperfield of a new generation, with his very own
David Blaine, magician of buzz
A new round of magic buzz on the web
Tuesday 27 November 2007 at 17h26 by Elise Madoz
Once upon a time there was David Blaine , the magician "of the street", well-known in the USA, the David Copperfield of a new generation, with his very own style and tricks which he played on the street and which always worked out…
And there was also David Blaine, the copy, alias Mitch Silpa, who together with two friends parodied the real magician. Extremely funny sketches, even more incredible magic, his way of staring into the camera… and a “street magic” video that has been viewed more than 11 million times on YouTube.
Now the trio buzzes for the multi-access download platform “ZaOza” by Vivendi. The launch of the platform is not before January 2008, but on the website you can already now get an impression of what it will offer. The first to subscribe to the service will become VIP members and test the beta version. ZaOza offers unlimited access to audio and video content which you can download onto your computer or mobile phone. A nice little buzz, with teasing videos, personalised with the names of the bloggers and journalists concerned.

69. David Blaine Biography (Magician) —
Biography of david blaine, The magician who was buried alive in New York City.
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    David Blaine
    Magician Born: 4 April 1973 Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York Best known as: The magician who was buried alive in New York City Showman David Blaine's original specialty was "street magic" close-up magic done for small groups on city streets. He became better known after starring in a series of TV specials in the late 1990s. (He also became known for his hipster style, uptown-casual clothes, and friendship with celebrities like actor Leonardo DiCaprio .) Over time Blaine moved from small-scale stunts to much-publicized set pieces that were as much endurance tests as feats of legerdemain. In 1999 Blaine was buried in a glass coffin for a week in a New York City stunt, and the next year he spent three days encased in a block of ice in Times Square. He attempted his next stunt in May of 2002, standing atop a 90-foot pillar in New York's Bryant Park for two days before falling into a cushion of cardboard boxes. In September 2003 he was suspended in a glass box near the Thames River in London for 44 days. In May of 2006 he spent seven days in a water-filled glass sphere outside New York's Lincoln Center in a stunt he called "Drowned Alive."

70. David Blaine : — American Idol 24/7
david blaine should get out his shackles by 2 AM Thursday, just in time for Target’s 2Day Sale. I was tempted to go out again and watch, but since it is

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