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         Beatty Ned:     more detail
  1. America From 500 Feet! by Bill Fortney, Ned Beatty, et all 2001-09-01
  2. Ned Beatty
  3. People From Tulare County, California: Bob Mathias, Allen Allensworth, Ned Beatty, Ernest L. Martin, Bruce Mcabee, Robben Ford, Mike Morgan
  4. Naissance à Louisville (Kentucky): Mohamed Ali, Louis Brandeis, Tod Browning, Irene Dunne, Don Rosa, Billy Gilbert, William Conrad, Ned Beatty (French Edition)
  5. Spring Forward by Ned Ddmgm1003663 Beatty, 2002-01
  6. American Film - Magazine of the Film and Television Arts - December 1980 by Hollis/Popeye, Les Blank, Buck Henry, Ned Beatty Alpert (Editor), 1980
  7. La mordacidad altmaniana.(reseña de película)(TT: Mordacity of Altman.)(TA: movie review)(Reseña): An article from: Siempre! by Tomás Pérez Turrent, 1999-11-04
  8. Cookie's Fortune.(TT: Cookie's Fortune.)(Reseña): An article from: Epoca by Pedro Crespo, 1999-05-10

61. Results For Superman Page 3
beatty, Scott, 1969, J 741.5 SU763B beatty, ned, AV 791.4372 SU763 VIDEO beatty, ned, AV 791.4372 SU763TW VIDEO superman&pag

62. Real Groovy - Music, Movies, Games And Books
Search for beatty, ned 6 Available Items Life and Times Of Judge Roy Bean ~ (Actor) beatty, ned. DVD. NZ$39.95. In Stock NZ.

63. Read About Arts, Performing Arts, Acting, Actors And Actresses, B, Beatty, Ned F
Internet Movie Database ned beatty Contains filmography, biography and awards. Movies ned beatty Contains biography, filmography and awards.

64. Beatty, Ned
ned beatty (SUPERMAN) stars in the classic comedy about a modernday Robin Hood and his partner in Scotland. Clad as clowns, the two men steal from tourists
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Beatty, Ned
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Ned Beatty

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Deliverance (1972) Anniversary Edition - DVD

Based on James Dickey's novel, this harrowing film tells the story of an ill-fated canoe trip in deep backwoods America, where some of the natives are as scary as the country is beautiful. The film spawned ... [ ... more

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65. Ned Beatty -
Born on July 6, 1937 in Louisville, Kentucky, ned beatty would become a man with a personal love life as loaded as his professional resume.
Ned Beatty - Great Movie Actors at
Ned Beatty in BACK TO SCHOOL Ned Beatty Born on July 6, 1937 in Louisville, Kentucky, Ned Beatty would become a man with a personal love life as loaded as his professional resume. Rumored to have married four times throughout his lifetime, his first marriage resulted in the first four of what would become eight children. Though her name remains unknown, she was the first of four wives, followed by Belinda Beatty and Dorothy "Tinker" Lindsey with whom Beatty had two kids each. His current marriage to Sandra Johnson began in 1999. The two have plans to build a home near Sandra's family in Minnesota. Professionally, however, Ned Beatty was infamous for his role as the stocky, genial-looking actor who has mastered the art of the supporting role. Throughout his career Beatty has continued to display his versatility as an actor. His first film cast him alongside Burt Reynolds in the 1972's suspenseful DELIVERANCE. Developing an integral relationship with his co-star, Burt has personally cast Beatty alongside himself in future films such as 1973's WHITE LIGHTNING, W.W. AND THE DIXIE DANCEKINGS (1975), and 1983's STROKER ACE.

66. Classic TV & Movie Hits - Ned Beatty
Biography ned Thomas beatty (born Louisville, Kentucky July 6, 1937) is an American character actor, who has appeared in over 100 films.

67. CD Baby: NED BEATTY: In The Beginning Was The Word
ned beatty was born in Louisville, Kentucky July 6th,1937. His mother Margaret Fortney beatty and Father, Charles William beatty had survived the flood that
Ned Beatty
In the Beginning was the Word
© 2006 Ned Beatty (634479262197)
CD price: $12.00
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Ned Beatty, an Actor for 50 years, starts a second career. singing the Gospel of his youth.
1 Have Thine own way Lord Wayfarin' Stranger 3 Just a Little Talk With Jesus 4 In the Garden 5 Jesus Built a Bridge to Heaven 6 Jesus Loves Me 7 Down by the Riverside Peace in the Valley Leanin' on the Everlasting Arms 10 Softly and Tenderly 11 On the Wings of a Dove 12 Amazing Grace
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Ned Beatty was born in Louisville, Kentucky July 6th,1937. His mother Margaret Fortney Beatty and Father, Charles William Beatty had survived the flood that Spring, which was and is the worst flood ever in Louisville. The family moved to higher ground when Ned was nearly 4. His mother told him years later that they had finally moved from the rented house they fixed up after the flood to the first home of their own , when their rent was raised 50 cents a month to nearly $30! So Ned was raised and went to school in St. Matthew's, Jefferson County KY. He was educated in the county school system. They did their best.
Singing was probably his favorite subject in school . He also sang at church, Weddings , in a quartet, ("we often sang for our supper"), the Louisville a cappella choir, and he received a scholarship to go to Transylvania University and sing in their excellent a cappella choir under the direction of Harvey Davis, a gifted musician and composer of modern Liturgical music. Ned loved to sing in that choir, but wasn't particularly interested in attending classes in other subjects. So, Transylvania did not extend his scholarship. By the way , if you find yourself thinking about Vampires, try thinking - First College west of the Appalachians (woods), instead.

68. MovieGoods - Expanded Search For "Ned Beatty" - Page 1
MovieGoods the web s largest selection of movie posters, lobby cards, half sheets, inserts, trailers, still photos and more. Beatty&opt1=NA&opt1=DR&showForm=N

69. College Football Forum: LSU Gets All Ned Beatty On Tosu's Ass
LSU Gets All ned beatty on Tosu s Ass. Sweet Jesus. I, uh yeah. Look, while I was rooting for you Buckeyes, I can t say I feel sorry for you.
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70. World's Greatest Critic... FOUND!
ned beatty s banker Harmo has a vault load of contempt for our heroes and Minister For their comparatively small parts, ned beatty , Jackie Cooper BEATty

71. SOS, Missouri - Wolfner Library: You Say It How?
beatty, John Lee (B T ) audio file. beatty, Melody (B T- ) audio file. beatty, Morgan (B T- ) audio file. beatty, ned (B T- ) audio file

72. Ned Beatty Information, Photos, And Trivia At MovieTome
All of the best ned beatty information, photos, and trivia at MovieTome. Join fellow ned beatty fans discussing their favorite actors.
GameSpot GameFAQs ...
Ned Beatty Information, Photos, and Trivia at MovieTome
E-mail: Password: Log In Sign Up Forgot Login Help ... Search ON BNET Track airfares in your web browser Birthplace: Louisville, Kentucky
Birthday: 7-6-1937
Birth Name: Ned Thomas Beatty
Ned Beatty doesn't have a biography yet. Be the first to submit one! Submit a Bio
film In the Electric Mist (TBA 2008) Add to Favorites film Shooter (2007) as Senator Charles F. Mechum Add to Favorites film Where the Red Fern Grows (2003) as Sheriff Add to Favorites film This Beautiful Life (2002) as Bum Add to Favorites film The Wilgus Stories (2000) as Fat Monroe Add to Favorites film Life (1999) as Dexter Wilkins Add to Favorites film Spring Forward (1999) as Murph Add to Favorites film Cookie's Fortune (1999) as Lester Boyle Add to Favorites There are currently no crew credits for Ned Beatty. Be first to submit crew credits for Ned Beatty! There are currently no other credits for Ned Beatty. Be first to submit other credits for Ned Beatty! Add/Edit This feature is coming soon. Please check back to update or edit this person's information.

73. AW Ned Beatty Facsimile
Autograph World leading supplier of guaranteed authentic autographs. We have thousands of celebrity autographs and photos for sale.

74. Ned Beatty Filming Locations
Film locations for ned beatty. ned beatty. The Worldwide Guide lists. ALL THE PRESIDENT S MEN DELIVERANCE EXORCIST II THE HERETIC THE FOURTH PROTOCOL
The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations: The Essential Travel Guide Book to Film Locations Ned Beatty The Worldwide Guide lists:



SUPERMAN II WISE BLOOD To report mistakes or to add further information: The Worldwide Guide To Movie Locations Designed by Tony Reeves document.write("This page was last updated on " +document.lastModified+ "")

75. Movie List
Gulliver s Travels, Danson, Ted; Steenburgen, Mary; Fox, James (I); beatty, ned; Fox, Edward; Hardy, Robert; Lyndhurst, Nicholas; Nicholls, Phoebe; Parsons,
Movie List Title Actor Genre Movie
Year "Aeon Flux" Denise Poirier; Will Barrett; Phillip Brotherton; Andrea Carvajal; Steffan Chirazi; Julia DeMita; Joseph Drelich; Jack Fletcher; John Rafter Lee; Mark Mars; John Rafter Lee Short "Aeon Flux" Mission Infinite Denise Poirier; Will Barrett; Phillip Brotherton; Andrea Carvajal; Steffan Chirazi; Julia DeMita; Joseph Drelich; Jack Fletcher; John Rafter Lee; Mark Mars; John Rafter Lee Short "Aeon Flux" Operative Terminus Denise Poirier; Will Barrett; Phillip Brotherton; Andrea Carvajal; Steffan Chirazi; Julia DeMita; Joseph Drelich; Jack Fletcher; John Rafter Lee; Mark Mars; John Rafter Lee Short About Last Night... Lowe, Rob; Moore, Demi; Belushi, James; Perkins, Elizabeth; DiCenzo, George; Alldredge, Michael; Thomas, Robin (I); Gibbons, Donna; Mullally, Megan; Duff, Patricia; Rob Lowe; Demi Moore; James Belushi; Elizabeth Perkins; George DiCenzo; Michael Alldredge; Robin Thomas; Donna Gibbons; Megan Mullally; Patricia Duff Comedy; Drama Abyss, The Harris, Ed; Mastrantonio, Mary Elizabeth; Biehn, Michael; Burmester, Leo; Graff, Todd; Bedford Lloyd, John; Quinn, J.C.; Scott, Kimberly; Brewer Jr., Captain Kidd; Klek, George Robert; Ed Harris; Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio; Michael Biehn; Leo Burmester; Todd Graff; John Bedford Lloyd; J.C. Quinn; Kimberly Scott; Captain Kidd Brewer Jr.; George Robert Klek Action; Adventure

76. (UK) - Free Delivery - DVD - Search Results: Ned Beatty
Searching for DVD titles starring ned beatty Results 1 20 21 - 40 41 - 60 61 - 80 81 - 100 101 - 102 Beatty&searchtype=r2

77. Ned Beatty - Filmography -
ned beatty s Filmography From Footsteps to The Walker.
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by TITLE Or select by TITLE SEARCH TITLES 4 Months, 3... Alice's House How She Move Lost in Beijing Meet the... Rambo Skid Marks The Air I... Trailer Park... Untraceable 27 Dresses Cloverfield Juno Mad Money Meet the... National... Rambo The Bucket List There Will Be... Untraceable ALL IN THEATERS SEARCH TITLES HOME THE BUZZ REVIEWS ON DVD ... PHOTOS
Ned Beatty Filmography
The Walker - (2007 ) - Actor
- (2007) - Actor
Charlie Wilson's War
- (2007) - Actor
Sweet Land
- (2006) - Actor
Homicide: Life on the Street - The Complete Season 5
- (2004) - Actor
The Wool Cap
- (2004) - Actor
Where The Red Fern Grows
- (2003) - Actor
Roughing It
- (2001) - Actor
Spring Forward
- (2000) - Actor Homicide - The Movie - (2000) - Actor Cookie's Fortune - (1999) - Actor Life - (1999) - Actor Outlaws: The Legend of O. B. Taggart - (1999) - Actor Homicide: Life on the Street - The Beginning - (1999) - Actor Homicide: Life on the Street - Subway/Anatomy Of A Homicide - (1999) - Actor Gulliver's Travels - (1996) - Actor Crazy Horse - (1996) - Actor The Affair - (1995) - Actor Streets of Laredo - (1995) - Actor Black Water - (1994) - Actor Replikator - Cloned to Kill - (1994) - Actor Radioland Murders - (1994) - Actor - (1993) - Actor Rudy - (1993) - Actor Captain America - (1992) - Actor Prelude to a Kiss - (1992) - Actor T Bone N Weasel - (1992) - Actor Going Under - (1991) - Actor Blind Vision - (1991) - Actor Hear My Song - (1991) - Actor Illusions - (1991) - Actor

78. Ned Beatty - Torrent Search Results On BitTorrent
Download thousands of movies, tv shows, music, and games from BitTorrent. Beatty&csrc=i-d_l

79. Ned Beatty | Shooter Movie – An Antoine Fuqua Film | Shooter (2007)
ned beatty; SHOOTER, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), opens in theaters March 16, 2007. This actionpacked thriller, staring Mark Wahlberg as Bob
To view this site please update your Flash plugin by clicking here. var shooter = new SWFObject("index.swf", "shooter", "100%", "100%", "7", "#000000"); shooter.addParam("scale", "noscale"); shooter.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "always"); shooter.write("flashcontent");
Ned Beatty
Home Page
Cast and Crew

Antoine Fuqua
- Director
Mark Wahlberg
- as Bob Lee Swagger
Michael Pena
- as Nick Memphis
Danny Glover
- as Colonel Isaac Fitzsimmons Johnson
Kate Mara
- as Sarah Fenn
Elias Koteas
- as Jack Payne
Rhona Mitra

Rade Sherbedgia
Ned Beatty Eric Howsam, Mark Johnson - Executive Producers Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ric Kidney - Producers Stephen Hunter Jonathan Lemkin - Screenplay Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services by

80. Ned Beatty - Moviefone
Bio Portly American character actor ned beatty originally planned to enter the clergy, but after appearing in a single highschool play, he changed his .
var activeNav=""; var bid=""; var setSpeedCookie = "1"; document.domain=''; rsiAdInit(20); var sitedomain="";var siteState="http%3a%2f%2fmovies%2eaol%2ecom%2fcelebrity%2fned%2dbeatty%2f4810%2fmain";
Ned Beatty
Main Bio Filmography Photos See Photos
Name: Ned Beatty
Birth Date: Bio: Portly American character actor Ned Beatty originally planned to enter the clergy, but after appearing in a single high-school play, he changed his ...
Read Full Biography
Year Award Category Movie Golden Globe Nominated - Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture Hear My Song
Ned Beatty Year Title Avg. User Rating Trailer Get It In the Electric Mist Charlie Wilson's War Watch The Walker ... Shop for Ned Beatty DVDs
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Matching Ned Beatty Sites from AOL Search Search Movies Search the Web GO More on Movies: Movies Upcoming Movies New Movie Releases New DVDs ... SAG Awards Hot Movies: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Spider-Man 4 Iron Man Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ... Horton Hears A Who!

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