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         Bava Mario:     more books (24)
  1. Mario Bava: All the Colors of the Dark by Tim Lucas, 2007-07
  2. The Haunted World of Mario Bava (Directors) by Troy Howarth, 2003-06
  3. Mario Bava "Il Maestro Italiano" (Horror Pictures Collection)
  4. Mario Bava (Filmo) (French Edition) by Pascal Martinet, 1984
  5. Films Directed by Mario Bava (Study Guide): Black Sunday, Twitch of the Death Nerve, Planet of the Vampires, Blood and Black Lace
  6. Video Watchdog # 50 - Mario Bava; Dario Argento by Video Watchdog, 1999
  7. Film Réalisé par Mario Bava: La Planète Des Vampires, Hercule Contre Les Vampires, Danger : Diabolik !, Six Femmes Pour L'assassin (French Edition)
  8. Directeur de La Photographie Italien: Giuseppe Rotunno, Tonino Delli Colli, Mario Bava, Carlo Di Palma, Mario Montuori, Ennio Guarnieri (French Edition)
  9. Naissance Dans La Province D'imperia: Luciano Berio, Claudio Scajola, Edmondo de Amicis, Mario Bava, Léonard de Port-Maurice, Fabio Fognini (French Edition)
  10. People From the Province of Imperia: Luciano Berio, Carlo Amoretti, Mario Bava, Giovanni Domenico Cassini, Pasquale Anfossi, Claudio Scajola
  11. Kidnapped (1998) by Anchor Bay;DirectorMario Bava, 2007
  12. Video Watchdog #45 1998
  13. Hatchet for the Honeymoon (1971)
  14. Mario Bava (Il castoro cinema) (Italian Edition) by Alberto Pezzotta, 1995

1. Mario Bava - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Mario Bava (July 30, 1914 April 25, 1980) was an Italian director and cinematographer remembered as one of the greatest names from the golden age of
Mario Bava
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Mario Bava Born July 30
Liguria Italy Died April 25 heart attack
Rome, Italy
Mario Bava July 30 April 25 ) was an Italian director and cinematographer remembered as one of the greatest names from the golden age of Italian horror films
edit Biography
Mario Bava was born in Sanremo Liguria . The son of Eugenio Bava, a sculptor who became a pioneer of special effects photography and subsequently one of the great cameramen of Italian silent pictures, Mario's first ambition was to become a painter. Unable to turn out paintings at a profitable rate, he went indirectly into his father's business, working as an assistant to other Italian cinematographers like Massimo Terzano, while also offering assistance to his father, who headed the special effects department at Mussolini's film factory, the Instituto LUCE. Bava became a cinematographer in his own right in 1939, filming two shorts for Roberto Rossellini . He made his feature debut in the early 1940s, just as the second World War broke out, stopping Italian film production in its tracks. The Italian cinema only began to recover its former health after the war, when America began to produce films such as

2. Bava Mario
Translate this page Mario Bava (1914 - 1980). Mario Bava Mario Bava. Riccardo Freda parla di Mario Bava Mario Bava nel ricordo di Riccardo Freda. Alcuni filmati


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Mario Bava (1914 - 1980) Biografia Alcune immagini tratte dai suoi film Dal film
"La maschera del demonio"

Dal film

"I tre volti della paura"
Mario Bava nel ricordo di Riccardo Freda

Alcuni filmati

3. Mario Bava
Mario Bava directed (or codirected) twenty-four features during an eighteen year period, 1960 to 1978. His œuvre consists entirely of the formula films

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... search Mario Bava
b. July 31, 1914, San Remo, Italy
d. April 25, 1980, Rome, Italy by Sam Ishii-Gonzales Sam Ishii-Gonzales lectures on film history and aesthetics at New York University and the Film/Media Department at Hunter College. He is the co-editor of two volumes on Hitchcock: Centenary Essays (BFI, 1999) and Hitchcock, Past and Future filmography articles in Senses web resources
filone filone . Bava is best known for his horror films and giallo thrillers (to which I will turn shortly), but he worked in all of the popular genres of his day: spaghetti westerns, peplum /sword-and-sandal epics, Bond-style spy thrillers, even soft-porn Mondo Cane World by Night Quo Vadis (Enrico Guazzoni, 1913) and Cenere (1916) with Eleanora Duse. He also worked with Segundo de Chomon on the special effects for Pastrone's Cabiria (1914) and later became the head of the optical effects department at the government-sponsored (i.e. Fascist-sponsored) Instituto LUCE. Mario Bava, after serving as an assistant to his father, became a camera operator and cinematographer. Among his earliest works as Director of Photography (DP) were two shorts by Roberto Rossellini: Il tacchino prepotente and La vispa Teresa (both 1940). Bava spent the next twenty years refining his craft, serving as a cinematographer on nearly thirty features before directing his first film

4. Mario Bava - Pictures, News, Video Clips, Layouts, Wallpapers & Fan Club - Flixs
Mario Bava Actor Profile Fan Club, Pictures Posters, News, Video Clips Layouts.
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5. Mario Bava - Wikipedia
Translate this page Nach einem gescheiterten Kunststudium assistiert Mario Bava seinem Vater bei Dreharbeiten. Schon bald ist Bava selbst etablierter Kameramann.
Mario Bava
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Mario Bava 31. Juli in San Remo 25. April in Rom ) war ein italienischer Filmregisseur Kameramann und Drehbuchautor
Bearbeiten Leben
Bava w¤chst von Kindesbeinen an mit Kunst und Kultur auf: Sein Vater Eugenio Bava gilt in den fr¼hesten Tagen des italienischen Kinos als verl¤sslicher Kameramann , nachdem er einige Jahre als Bildhauer und Maler gearbeitet hatte. Nach einem gescheiterten Kunststudium assistiert Mario Bava seinem Vater bei Dreharbeiten. Schon bald ist Bava selbst etablierter Kameramann . Sein visuelles Grundverst¤ndnis des Filmes erlaubt ihm dabei schon in fr¼hen Tagen den gezielten, k¼nstlerischen Umgang mit Ausleuchtung und Optik, was sp¤ter sein Markenzeichen werden wird. In Erinnerung bleibt Bava jedoch vor allem f¼r seine Regiearbeiten, in denen er seine unmittelbaren Erfahrungen am technischen Ger¤t voll einsetzen konnte. Dabei war diese Laufbahn keineswegs geplant: Als der italienische Filmregisseur Riccardo Freda sich noch am Set der Dreharbeiten zu dem Film I Vampiri mit dem Produzenten verkracht, wird Bava kurzerhand von der

6. Mario Bava Videos & Web - Vizhole
In tribute to Mario Bava, Black Sunday Films presents a suspenseful classic giallo thriller. When a high class call girl This film is provided by
Mario Bava Videos
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MARIO BAVA Videos.. 1. Shock - Part 10 - Part 10...shock mario bava
- Entertainment
2. Shock - Part 9 - Part 9...shock mario bava
- Entertainment
3. Shock - Part 8 - Part 8...shock mario bava
- Entertainment
4. Shock - Part 7 - Part 7...shock mario bava
- Entertainment
5. Shock - Part 6 - Part 6...shock mario bava
- Entertainment 6. Shock - Part 5 - Part 5...shock mario bava - Entertainment 7. Shock - Part 4 - Part 4...shock mario bava - Entertainment 8. Shock - Part 3 - Part 3...shock mario bava - Entertainment 9. Shock - Part 2 - Part 2...shock mario bava 1977 - Entertainment 10. Shock - Part 1 - Shock"-ing suspense film. The last feature film of Mario Bava before his untimely death. Stars Daria Niccolodi....shock mario bava 1977 - Entertainment 11. Guardie e Ladri - from the Italian comedy Guardie e Ladri with Toto and Aldo Fabrizi. Director of Photography: Mario Bava....Mario Bava Toto Aldo Fabrizi Guardie Ladri 12. My Slasher Films Part 3 The Italian Connection

7.  Bava Mario On MovieGoods
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8. Mario Bava - Wikipédia
Translate this page Mario Bava est un réalisateur, directeur de la photographie et scénariste italien, né le 31 juillet 1914 à Sanremo, et décédé d un infarctus du myocarde le
Mario Bava
Un article de Wikip©dia, l'encyclop©die libre.
Aller   : Navigation Rechercher Mario Bava Naissance 27 avril

Nationalit© Italienne Profession(s) R©alisateur sc©nariste Participations Le Masque du d©mon
Six femmes pour l'assassin

Danger Diabolique
Mario Bava est un r©alisateur, directeur de la photographie et sc©nariste italien, n© le 31 juillet Sanremo , et d©c©d© d'un infarctus du myocarde le 27 avril Rome Italie Il est consid©r© comme le ma®tre du cin©ma fantastique italien et le cr©ateur du genre dit giallo
modifier Biographie
Mario Bava a contract© le virus du cin©ma par son p¨re. Celui-ci, sculpteur, est entr© dans le monde du cin©ma en en r©alisant le portail d'un tombeau pour une production Path©. Il sera par la suite chef-op©rateur sur des productions italiennes. Cependant la premi¨re vocation de Mario Bava est la peinture qu'il apprend aux Beaux Arts. Mais en , il entre dans le cin©ma comme directeur de la photographie , puis comme chef op©rateur . Il devient rapidement, gr¢ce   la qualit© de ses ©clairages et la flamboyance de ses couleurs, l'un des chefs op©rateurs les plus convoit©s d'Italie. Il travaille, entre autres, aux cot©s de Pabst

9. Cinema Tv - The Incredible Melting Man - Liste Des Melting Vids
BAIE SANGLANTE (LA) Secam bava mario VF Ante fatto l ecologia del TROIS VISAGES DE LA PEUR (LES) Secam bava mario VF Tre volti della paura (I)
Le site
TITRE Format
(Pal, Secam, NTSC) / VO ou VF Autres titres et autres infos A B C D ... le reste The Incredible Melting Videos 101 DALMATIENS (LES) Secam REITHERMAN Wolfgang VF One hundred and one dalmatians 1961
13 FIANCEES DE FU MANCHU (LES) Secam SHARP Don VF Brides of Fu Manchu (The) 1966
2000 MANIACS Secam LEWIS Herschell Gordon VF HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS = Lewis H. Gordon / Mark Hansen / George Parades / Armand Pays / Sheldon Seymour / Sheldon S. Seymour / R.L. Smith / Gordon Weisenborn 1965
2001 L'ODYSSEE DE L'ESPACE Secam KUBRICK Stanley VOST 2001 a space odyssey 1968
2010 L'ANNEE DU PREMIER CONTACT Secam HYAMS Peter VF 2010 the year we made contact 1984
2O MILLION MILES TO EARTH NTSC JURAN Nathan VO A des millions de kilometres de la terre 1957
7 CITES D'ATLANTIS (LES) Secam CONNOR Kevin VF Warlords of Atlantis 1978
7 TEMERAIRES DE LA TOUR DE SHAOLIN (LES) Secam WEN SEN Chen VF 1984 976-EVIL 2 Secam WYNORSKI Jim VF 976-Evil 2 - the astral factor 1991 A LA RECHERCHE DE LA PANTHERE ROSE Secam EDWARDS Blake VF Trail of the Pink Panther 1982 A TOUTE EPREUVE Pal WOO John VF Hard boiled 1992 A TOUTE EPREUVE Pal WOO John VOST Hard boiled 1992 ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES (THE) Pal FUEST Robert VO Abominable docteur Phibes (L') 1971

10. Mario Bava - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Translate this page Mario Bava, director de cine italiano, nacido en San Remo, en 1914 y fallecido en 1980. Hijo del director de fotografía y escultor Eugenio Bava .
Mario Bava
De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Saltar a navegaci³n bºsqueda Mario Bava director de cine italiano , nacido en San Remo , en y fallecido en . Hijo del director de fotograf­a y escultor Eugenio Bava . Pese a que estudi³ bellas artes pronto se pas³ al mundo del cine, comenzando como c¡mara y m¡s tarde pasando a director de fotograf­a. Como director de fotograf­a trabajo a las ³rdenes de directores como Jacques Tourneur . Despu©s de dirigir algunos documentales musicales y algunas escenas de Caltiki, el monstruo inmortal o La batalla de Marathon , dirigi³ su primer film completo, La m¡scara del diablo , obra m­tica del cine de terror italiano. Despu©s de continuar en un par de films de terror con actores de la talla de Boris Karloff . Sus siguientes trabajos sirven para iniciar una nueva corriente cinematogr¡fica, el Giallo . Generalmente se considera a Seis mujeres para el Asesino la primera muestra de esta corriente. Mario Bava y Dario Argento son los directores m¡s represantativos de este g©nero. Otro de sus cl¡sicos es Bah­a de Sangre , que puso de moda el cine de psic³patas. En sus ºltimos a±os vuelve al cine de terror y fant¡stico. Su ºltima pel­cula fue

11. Gleebooks DVDs Opening Hours 9.00am-9.00pm GMT+1000 7 Days
bava mario, Mario Bava Collection, The 5disc Set DVD. BAYLDON GEOFFREY, Catweazle DVD. BBC, Barchester Chronicles DVD

12. Mario Bava Web Page
The first web site devoted entirely to mario bava, the extraordinary film director and cinematographer.

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Updated Jan 12, 2007 (Image Gallery 1: new pics)

13. Mario Bava
Cinematographer Reazione a catena. The Italian director mario bava was born in 1914. His father, Eugenio bava Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography,
Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP MARIO BAVA DVD VHS CD IMDb Mario Bava Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes awards titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule biography other works publicity contact message board miscellaneous photographs video clips Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
Mario Bava
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Date of Birth: 31 July San Remo, Liguria, Italy more Date of Death: 27 April , Rome, Italy (heart attack) more Mini Biography: The Italian director Mario Bava was born in 1914. His father, Eugenio Bava... more Trivia: Father of director Lamberto Bava more Awards: 1 win more Alternate Names: John Foam / Marie Foam / John Hold / Mickey Lion / John M. Old

14. Images - Mario Bava
The unusual and disquieting visuals of mario bava s films seem rooted in a conception of life as an uncomfortable union of illusion and reality.
article by Alain Silver and James Ursini page 1 of 4
Barbara Steele in Black Sunday. What Man that see the ever-whirling wheel
Of Change, the which all mortall things doth sway
But that hereby doth find, and plainly feele,
How MUTABILITY on them doth play
Her cruell sports, to many mens decay? Edmund Spenser, The Faerie Queene, VII, I, 1-5
A carved sarcophagus reposes in a high-arched, tenebrous crypt. After a montage in which the corpse-woman within it has undergone a metamorphosis from the bony remains of necrosis to newly-moving flesh, the camera has pulled back to view the entire chamber. From this vantage, the viewer familiar with the vampire genre might anticipate a hand stretching out painfully from the enclosure in the manner of Dracula, Prince of Darkness . Instead the virulent energy which has reformed the ashes is suffused into the cinerary stone itself. There is a crack. Then an explosion. The granite fragments break away and crumble into heaps on the floor of the vault. The cloud of dust, disturbed after hundreds of years, settles again and reveals the body lying still unmoved on the catafalque.
The coffin explosion scene from Black Sunday View an animated GIF of this scene.

15. Mario Bava -- All The Colors Of The Dark By Tim Lucas, Published By Video Watchd
The Complete Story of mario bava s life and careers as director, cameraman and special effects artist; Interviews with more than 100 actors, coworkers,
Latest Info Bava Book blog!
Peek Inside!
Bava Book Arrival - First Peek Video!
Press Release!
Outside USA
(Includes Priority Mail shipping)
Introduction by Martin Scorsese!
Foreword by Italian Horror Pioneer Riccardo Freda!
  • The Complete Story of Mario Bava's life and careers as director, cameraman and special effects artist
  • Interviews with more than 100 actors, co-workers, friends and family members
  • The Definitive Study of each of his films: production histories, cast biographies, critical analysis, and video information
  • Never-before Published Photos including the only color shots taken on the set of BLACK SUNDAY
  • Original Mario Bava Storyboards - including the boards for the unfilmed project BABY KONG
  • Original Mario Bava Artwork - Some in Full Color!
  • Bava's Secret Filmography: His uncredited works as director, cameraman and special effects artist
  • Complete Videography and Discography
  • Eugenio Bava (Mario's father) Filmography
Book Specifications
Hardcover, clothbound, gold stamping on front and spine
Dimensions in inches: 10.85w x 11.87h x 2.63d

Let s just say that mario bava is one of the few geniuses that turned to gold almost mario bava told the the french review POSITIF in 1972 (n° 138,
MARIO BAVA IL PIU GRANDE MARIO BAVA ...those who know this name shiver with envy or fear...some others take a crucifix or rent Pauline Kael for the evening. The worst for an author is to leave everyone clueless. This is definitely not the case here. There's no use being overlong for an intro, many things having already been said about the Maestro. Let's just say that MARIO BAVA is one of the few geniuses that turned to gold almost everything he touched. He's also the father of LAMBERTO BAVA He's the son of a sculptor who suddendly revealed himself to the cinema in 1906. He collaborated by accident to a movie made by the Pathé-Cinema company hten became a director of photography. Mario Bava told the the french review POSITIF in 1972 (n° 138, may) that his father taught him everything he knew about cinematography. Mario Bava began his career in 1939 as director of photography of a short-feature film by Roberto Rossellini IL TACCHINO PREPOTENTE . He made the photography of numerous short-features til 1956 and even directed three of them. By 1943, he began shooting full-length features and worked with many great directos such as Dino risi, Mario Monicelli, Steno... he even went on working on Raoul Walsh'

17. Bava,Mario Vol. 2-Anthology Soundtrack CD Soundtrack
bava,mario Vol 2Anthology Soundtrack CD music CD Soundtrack album $43.35 in stock at CD Universe, Digitmovies proudly presents our second volume dedicated.,Mario Vol. 2-Anthol
var pagestyle='music';var secureProtocol=''; Search -POP MUSIC- Artist Title Song Soundtrack Label Poster -CLASSICAL- Composer Title Conductor Performer Orchestra Work Catalog Large Front Bava,Mario Vol. 2-Anthology - Import CD
Mario Bava
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List Price (You save $10.64) Category Soundtrack Label Pid CD Universe Part# Catalog# Discs Street Date Nov 15, 2005 Additional Info Soundtrack
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Song Title Windsor Concerto (Titoli) (DISC 01) Il Ritorno Di Kurt Windsor Concerto (Piano Solo) Un Ospite Sgradito Windsor Concerto (Sulla Spiaggia) Nella Notte E Uccisione Di Kurt Il Cadavere Di Kurt E Un' Antica Vendetta La Tomba Di Kurt E Angoscia Di Nevenka Windsor Concerto (Ricardo Di Kurt) Apparizone De Kurt E Incubo Nella Norte Le Impronte Erano Li E Nella Cappella Diabolica Presenza E Nevenka Nella Cripta Windsor Concerto (Il Fantasma Di Kurt) Il Cadavere Del Conte Menliff Terrore Nella Norte Nevenka, Sepolta Viva E Il Fantasma Di Kurt Apertura Della Bara Di Kurt E Una Lama Nel Buio Windsor Concerto (L'ultimo Incontro Di Kurt E Nevenka)) Windsor Concerto (Finale) Windsor Concerto (Versione Alternativa) Windsor Concerto (Versioni Singolo Medley) Atelier (Titoli) (DISC 02) Inseguimento E Morte Di Isabella Nascondendo Il Cadavere Atelier (Ripresa) Brutale Aggressione L'Indagine Continua Terrore Nella Casa Di Moda Sospetti Attesa Ossessiva Il Killer Colpisce Ancora Defile Assassino Nuovi Sospetti Attacco Notturno Verso La Vertia Il Voltro Dell'Assassino (Finale)

18. Mario Bava's Bloody Best
As a horror director, mario bava is notable for his use of eerie atmosphere for cinematic shocks. To best appreciate this, may we direct your attention to
As a horror director, Mario Bava is notable for his use of eerie atmosphere for cinematic shocks. To best appreciate this, may we direct your attention to two of... By Russ Pietrowski Italian film director Mario Bava leaves a big footprint in the foundations of classic cinematic horror. In particular, he directed two important pieces of work in the genre worthy to share a place with the best of filmed horror. The two Bava films are La Maschera del demonio Mask Of The Demon , 1960, released in the U.S. as Black Sunday and " I tre voltl della paura " ( The Three Faces of Fear , 1963, released in the U.S. as Black Sabbath Less so with Black Sunday , the film that would come to be known as Black Sabbath was a victim of import and production guidelines suited to the less sophisticated American audiences; hence footage and compelling content had to substituted and tempered to American tastes. To compare the two films, in lieu of the editorial compromises used to produce Black Sabbath , and without the original

19. Bava, Mario | International Dictionary Of Film And Filmmakers | Find Articles At
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Bava, Mario
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20. Bava, Mario - Film Talk
Of mario bava, the films I have seen are Blood and Black Lace Black Sunday Black Sabbath Kill Baby! Kill! Lisa and the Devil

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