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         Baum L Frank:     more books (100)
  1. The Enchanted Island of Yew by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2010-07-06
  2. The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2010-07-12
  3. Mary Louise by L. Frank Baum, 2010-03-07
  4. The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum, 2010-03-07
  5. Glinda of Oz by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2010-07-06
  6. Aunt Jane's Nieces out West by L. Frank (Lyman) Baum, 2009-10-04
  7. A Kidnapped Santa Claus by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2010-07-06
  8. The Complete Book of Oz by L. Frank Baum, 2006-02-23
  9. The Road to Oz by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2009-10-04
  10. Ozma of Oz by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2010-07-06
  11. Little Wizard Stories of Oz by L. Frank Baum, 2010-03-25
  12. The Lost Princess of Oz by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2009-10-04
  13. The Complete Oz, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) by L. Frank Baum, 2008-12-02
  14. The Emerald City of Oz by L. Frank (Lyman Frank) Baum, 2009-10-04

1. BAUM L FRANK OZ HUNDREDTH ANNIV ED Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops
baum l frank OZ HUNDREDTH ANNIV ED. by baum l frank Hardcover List Price $24.95 Schwartz Price $9.99 You save 60%

2. The Man Behind The Curtain: L. Frank Baum And The Wizard Of Oz LiteraryTraveler.
An article about L. frank baum from Literary Traveler.
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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by L. Frank Baum
The Man Behind the Curtain: L. Frank Baum and the Wizard of Oz
This article was written by Linda McGovern L. Frank Baum Chances are you have seen the 1939 MGM movie, The Wizard of Oz at one point or another in your lifetime. But the chances maybe even greater that you do not associate it with L. Frank Baum, the author of the book on which the film was based. In fact, most people have probably never heard of him at all unless they have read his work or were born around the time when he was popular. Whether it is shown on television annually or rented at the local video store, The Wizard of Oz has become a staple of American popular culture. Young or old, we know where the famous, unforgettable lines originate; we know the characters by heart: Dorothy, Toto, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion, as well as the munchkins. Oz is as familiar as our own backyards. Advertisement:
Although the movie and the book differ in minor ways, the premise is similar and so are most of the characters. The only significant difference, that might matter to a child and possibly to an adult, is that in the movie, Dorothy's journey to Oz is only a dream, purely imaginary, in other words, not real. In the book, however, there is no such rationale. Instead it invites the child to use his or her imagination as a creative, transforming force and to accept the journey, and Oz as a real place full of hope over the rainbow, where the child could escape ordinary life. Baum believed in the power of the imagination in the child. Oz really existed if only we believed it did.

3. L. Frank Baum - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
A profile of the author who wrote The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and thirteen other novels based on the land of Oz.
L. Frank Baum
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Please help improve this article by adding reliable references . Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (December 2007) Lyman Frank Baum
L. Frank Baum circa 1901 Born May 15
Chittenango, New York
Died May 6
Hollywood, California

Occupation Author Newspaper Editor Actor ... Film Producer Spouse Maud Gage Children Frank Joslyn Baum
Robert Stanton Baum
Harry Neal Baum
Kenneth Gage Baum
Lyman Frank Baum May 15 May 6 ) was an American author actor , and independent filmmaker best known as the creator, along with illustrator W. W. Denslow , of one of the most popular books in American children's literature The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , better known today as simply The Wizard of Oz . He wrote thirteen sequels, nine other fantasy novels, and a plethora of other works (55 novels in total, 82 short stories, over 200 poems, an unknown number of scripts, and many miscellaneous writings), and made numerous attempts to bring his works to the stage and screen.

4. - The Online Literature Library
Provides complete online texts for all of baum s 14 novels about the world of Oz.
L Frank Baum
The Oz Series
Little Wizard Stories of Oz The Online Literature Library is sponsored by Knowledge Matters Ltd.
Last updated Monday, 23-May-2005 15:56:05 GMT

5. L. Frank Baum
baum, frank J. and Russell P. McFall. To Please a Child A Biography of L. frank baum Royal Historian of Oz. Chicago Reilly and Lee, 1961.
L. Frank Baum
Royal Historian of Oz
Lyman Frank Baum is born on 15 May in Chittennango, NY (near Syracuse). His father is a barrel maker, who subsequently goes into the oil business and becomes wealthy. As a young boy and then teenager he starts up several newspapers and a magazine. In his late teens he becomes interested in the theater, and his father gives him a number of theaters and operas in New York and Pennsylvania to manage. Writes and publishes a successful musical play, "The Maid of Arran". Marries Maud Gage. Her mother is a leading figure in the Women's Rights Movement of the time, and a close associate of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Baum's father dies and the family fortunes wane. A number of Maud's family have moved to the Dakota Territory, so Frank, Maud, and children join them in Aberdeen (South Dakota). For several years he operates a store, "Baum's Bazaar." It falls victim to hard times in 1890, so he turns to running the local weekly newspaper, "The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer." When the newspaper fails, Frank and family move to Chicago where he takes a job as a reporter for the "Evening Post." To make ends meet he also works as a traveling salesman for a china company. He develops characters and situation outlines while on these trips to help him with story telling to his children when back at home.

6. L. Frank Baum
Provides a short introduction to baum s life and works.
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for Books and Writers
by Bamber Gascoigne
L(yman) Frank Baum (1856-1919) American journalist and writer, whose best-known book is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). Baum's stories about the imaginary Land of Oz belong to the classics of fantasy literature. The Oz series was long shunned by librarians, and neglected by scholars of children's literature. Baum has often been compared to Lewis Carroll they both had a girl as the protagonist in their most famous works, but Baum's Dorothy is a sugarized version of the sceptic and cynical Alice. "Yet the old-time fairy tale, having served for generations, may now be classed as 'historical' in the children's library; for the time has come for a series of newer 'wonder tales' in which the stereotyped genie, dwarf, and fairy are eliminated, together with all the horrible and blood-curling incident devised by their authors to point a fearsome moral to each tale. Modern education includes morality; therefore the modern child seeks only entertainment in its wonder-tales and gladly dispenses with all disagreeable incident." (Baum in the introduction to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Lyman Frank Baum was born in Chittenango, New York. His father was the oil magnate Benjamin Ward Baum and mother Cynthia (Stanton) Baum, a women's rights activist. Baum grew up with his seven brothers and sisters on a large estate just north of Syracuse. "The cool but sun-kissed mansion . . . was built in a quaint yet pretty fashion, with many wings and gables and broad verandas on every side," Baum later wrote in

7. L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) : Teacher Resource File
Biography, etexts, criticism, lesson plans on L. frank baum, children s author.
L. Frank Baum (1856-1919)
Teacher Resource Page
Welcome to the Internet School Library Media Center L. Frank Baum page. You'll find biographical information, lesson plans, bibliographies, the movie and other information. For other authors, visit . The ISLMC is a meta-site for librarians, teachers, parents and students. You can search this site, use an index or sitemap . Revised 7/5/00
Oz The Movie Lesson Plans ... ERIC Resources
Piglet Press. L. Frank Baum, Royal Historian of Oz
Biography; Timeline of Baum's life
L. Frank Baum
Biography and criticism. From The Literary Traveler
Classic Authors: L. Frank Baum
Biography by Susan Jensen. From Suite 101
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Lesson Plans
Wizard of Oz Lesson Plan Suggestions Wizard of Oz Literature Guide From Nancy Polette.

8. L. Frank Baum - Free Online Library
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L. Frank Baum
Lyman Frank Baum was born in Chittenango, New York. His father was the oil magnate Benjamin Ward Baum and his mother, Cynthia (Stanton) Baum, was a women's rights activist. Baum grew up with his seven brothers and sisters on a large estate just north of Syracuse. “The cool but sun-kissed mansion... was built in a quaint yet pretty fashion, with many wings and gables and broad verandas on every side," Baum later wrote in Dot and Tot in Fairyland Until the age of twelve, Baum was privately tutored at home. In the late 1860’s he spent two years at Peekskill Military Academy, where he learned to loathe rigid discipline. In 1873 Baum became a reporter on the New York World . Two years later he founded the New Era Weekly in Pennsylvania. He was a poultry farmer with B.W. Baum and Son, edited Poultry Record , and wrote columns for New York Farmer and Dairyman . Baum's father owned a string of theatres, and Baum left journalism to become an actor. In New York he acted as George Brooks with May Roberts and the Sterling Comedy in plays that Baum, himself, had written. He owned an opera house in 1882-83 and toured with his own repertory company. In 1882 he married Maud Gage; they had four sons.

9. L. Frank Baum Biography And Literary Works
L. frank baum was born in Chittenango, New York, as the son of the oil magnate Benjamin Ward baum and Cynthia (Stanton) baum, a women s rights activist.

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L. Frank Baum
Titles in Young Readers category:
  • Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz The train from 'Frisco was very late. It should have arrived at Hugson's Siding at midnight, but it was already five o'clock and the gray dawn was breaking in the east when the little train slowly rumbled up to the open shed that served for the station-house. As it came to a stop the conducto ... Emerald City of Oz, The The Nome King was in an angry mood, and at such times he was very disagreeable. Every one kept away from him, even his Chief Steward Kaliko. Enchanted Island of Yew, The I am going to tell a story, one of those tales of astonishing adventures that happened years and years and years ago. Perhaps you wonder why it is that so many stories are told of "once on a time", and so few of these days in which we live; but that is easily explained. Glinda of Oz Glinda, the good Sorceress of Oz, sat in the grand court of her palace, surrounded by her maids of honor a hundred of the most beautiful girls of the Fairyland of Oz. The palace court was built of rare marbles, exquisitely polished. Fountains tinkled musically here and there; the vast colonn ... Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, The

10. L. Frank Baum - MSN Encarta
baum, L(yman) frank (18561919), American writer. Lyman frank baum was born in Chittenango, New York. From 1880 to 1902 he was a newspaperman and
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L. Frank Baum
Encyclopedia Article Find Print E-mail Blog It Multimedia 2 items L. Frank Baum (1856-1919), American writer. Lyman Frank Baum was born in Chittenango, New York. From 1880 to 1902 he was a newspaperman and began a series of books in which he created an original fairyland, the land of Oz, a world of fantastic characters and lighthearted adventure. The most famous of these books was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). In 1901 Baum adapted it as a musical extravaganza entitled The Wizard of Oz, and before his death Baum wrote 13 more books about Oz. After his death various writers continued the series, producing scores of volumes. A musical film, The Wizard of Oz (1939), based on the original books by Baum, has become a classic.

11. L. Frank Baum - Biography And Works
L. frank baum. Biography of L. frank baum and a searchable collection of works.
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    L. Frank Baum (1856-1919) children's author, playwright and journalist wrote the American classic The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Lyman Frank Baum was born 15 May, 1856 in Chittenango, New York. His father was Benjamin Ward Baum, who would make a fortune in Pennsylvania Oil, and his mother Cynthia Stanton. Frank, as he preferred to be called, was born with a weak heart so wasn't a boisterous child, but timid and shy. He was home schooled and having few playmates, he also spent hours reading in his father's library. He developed an aversion to the usual scary creatures and violence of folklore and popular children's fairytales of the time and would end up creating his own adaptations of them in order to give other children, later including his own, delight in stories rather than grim and frightful moral lessons. Baum's childhood and home life with nine siblings was happy and no doubt set the tone for his future Oz series.

12. L. Frank Baum
Writer The Wizard of Oz. L. frank baum became a succes with his 1883 production of _The Maid of Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions, Bio,
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L. Frank Baum
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Date of Birth: 15 May Chittenango, New York, USA more Date of Death: 6 May , Hollywood, California, USA (stroke) more Mini Biography: more Trivia: Fantasy - not science-fiction - writer whose main claim to fame is the... more Alternate Names: Floyd Akers / Anonymous / Laura Bancroft / Frank Baum / Louis F. Baum / George Brooks / John Estes Cooke / Captain Hugh Fitzgerald / Suzanne Metcalf / Schuyler Staunton / Edith Van Dyne

13. Classic Authors: L. Frank Baum
A brief biography of L. frank baum, author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
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Classic Authors: L. Frank Baum
Articles in this Topic Discussions in this Topic Feb 22, 2000
Lyman Frank Baum was born to Benjamin and Cynthia Ann Stanton Baum on May 15, 1856 in Chittenango, New York. He took his place as the seventh of nine children born to his parents. Only five of those children lived to be adults. At the time of Frank's birth, Benjamin Baum worked as a cooper, a manufacturer of barrels. However, when gold was discovered nearby, he quickly learned the oil business, in which he proceeded to make his fortune. Cynthia, a devout Episcopalian of Scotch-Irish descent, schooled her children in observance of the Sabbath and devotion to God. The family enjoyed a happy existence which revolved around friends, family and church. Since birth, Frank suffered from heart trouble. Frail and sickly, he stayed close to home, receiving his education from a private tutor. Once he learned to read, he could be found in his father's study, devouring volumes by Dickens and Thackeray. He also enjoyed fairy tales, although he found that he didn't enjoy the presence of witches and other frightful creatures that often popped up in the stories. He vowed that someday he would write fairy tales that would not frighten young readers.

14. Jim's L.Frank Baum Page
The history of Oz began at the end of the 19th century, when L.frank baum and illustrator, W.W.Denslow, collaborated to produce the children s classic,

Angelica Shirley Carpenter / Jean Shirley OZ AND BEYOND :

Michael O. Riley

Katharine M. Rogers Also, check out this terrific sites about L. Frank Baum:
  • "The Man Behind the Curtain: L. Frank Baum and the Wizard of Oz" by Linda McGovern
  • When many people think about The Wizard of Oz they immediately mention MGM's 1939 classic film. But, the history of Oz is much older and richer than that. The history of Oz began at the end of the 19th century, when L.Frank Baum and illustrator, W.W.Denslow, collaborated to produce the children's classic, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz . Baum, and his successors, went on to write many other tales about the Land of Oz Click here to read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz on-line. I encourage you to read the 40 books that make up the "Official Oz Canon" . I also recommend that you read and learn more about L.Frank Baum. He was an incredible person to say the least; a man not without his share of hardships and struggles. So, out of my appreciation for Baum's having created The World of Oz , this page is devoted to him. For the sake of brevity, I am only listing some of the significant aspects of L.Frank Baum's life. You can find out much more about him by reading the books listed at the end of this page.

15. American Fairy Tales By L. Frank Baum - Project Gutenberg
Download the free eBook American Fairy Tales by L. frank baum.
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American Fairy Tales by L. Frank Baum
Help Read online Bibliographic Record Creator Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919 Title American Fairy Tales Contents The box of robbers The glass dog The Queen of Quok The girl who owned a bear The enchanted types The laughing hippopotamus The magic bon bons The capture of father time The wonderful pump The dummy that lived The king of the polar bears The mandarin and the butterfly. Language English LoC Class PS: Language and Literatures: American literature LoC Class PZ: Language and Literatures: Juvenile belles lettres Subject Fairy tales United States Subject Short stories Subject Fairy tales Subject Children's stories, American EText-No. Release Date
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16. The Wizard Of Oz: An American Fairytale (Library Of Congress Exhibition)
Since its publication in September 1900, L. frank baum s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has become America s greatest and bestloved homegrown fairytale.

Public Programs
Object List
Exhibition Credits
"To Please a Child:" L. Frank Baum

and the Land of Oz

To See the Wizard: Oz on Stage and Film

To Own the Wizard: Oz Artifacts
Since its publication in September 1900, L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has become America's greatest and best-loved homegrown fairytale. The first totally American fantasy for children, it is one of the most-read children's books. It has also engendered a long series of sequels, stage plays and musicals, movies and television shows, biographies of Baum, scholarly studies of the significance of the book and film, advertisements, and toys, games, and other Oz-related products. The Oz story has become a classic because it blends elements of traditional magic, such as witches, with ones from early twentieth-century American reality, such as a Kansas cyclone, a scarecrow, and a man made of tin. And, despite its many particularly American attributes, including a wizard from Omaha, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has universal appeal, demonstrated by numerous non-American translations and dramatizations. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of this timeless American classic, the Library of Congress has supplemented its unparalleled collections with costumes and other memorabilia borrowed from museums, other libraries, and private collectors.

17. L. Frank Baum --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on L. frank baum American writer known for his series of books for children about the imaginary land of Oz.
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L. Frank Baum
Page 1 of 1 born May 15, 1856, Chittenango, New York, U.S.
died May 6, 1919, Hollywood, California in full Lyman Frank Baum American writer known for his series of books for children about the imaginary land of Oz. Baum began his career as a journalist, initially in Aberdeen, South Dakota, and then in Chicago. His first book, Father Goose (1899), was a commercial success, and he followed it the next year with the even more popular Baum, L. Frank... (75 of 202 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial

18. More About L. Frank Baum
Read books by L. frank baum, FREE, online. This author and many more are available.
Read Books Online, for Free
L. Frank Baum
Other Authors

Books By Title

Books By Author
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

The fourth book in the series. Dorthy gets sucked to the center of the Earth and has to make her way back to OZ. The Emerald City of Oz
The evil Nome King tunnels under the Emerald City to destroy it. A Kidnapped Santa Claus
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Where did Santa Claus come from? How did he decide on his unique occupation? The Magic of Oz
The Marvelous Land of Oz

Ozma of Oz
The Road to Oz ... The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Who's On Your Reading List? Read Classic Books Online for Free at Page by Page Books. TM L. Frank Baum Home More Books About Us

19. Great Science-Fiction & Fantasy Works: L. Frank Baum
The speculativefiction work of L. frank baum evaluated as literature.

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Great Science-Fiction
a critical list with discussions
Science-Fiction and Fantasy Books by L. Frank Baum
This is a brief discussion of L. Frank Baum and, of course, of some books by L. Frank Baum
A Few Words About L. Frank Baum
Children are very fond of sweets, and will indiscriminately enjoy both thyme honey and treacle. But that children enjoy sweets indiscriminately does notor should notbar adults from also being able to enjoy sweets; it only means that we will, or should, discriminate in our choices. Too many "children's books" are goop: low-quality treacle, marketed for the child's supposedly equally indiscriminate literary sweet tooth (a phenomenon in whose existence I myself believe a great deal less than apparently do most publishers). On those precious few occasions when we find an author who is turning out the literary equivalent of thyme honey for children, we can and should freely please ourselves with the product.
The Oz Books
Oz! What can one say of Oz? A very great deal or a very little: those are the only two options. If I, or anyone, really knew what accounted for its excellence we'd be selling it in bottles in drugstores instead of writing web pages. Oz is magical, literallya place where pretty much anything can happen. And, generally speaking, anything and everything is what happens. In most hands, that would be a recipe for disaster; Baum somehow brings the thing off with nothing clearly visible up his sleeve.

20. L. Frank Baum
Etexts for the Wizard of Oz books. Presented with the aid of an applet which allows the choice of font size, spacing, and color.
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Classic Books Site Map Electronic Library
L. Frank Baum
Read some great literature free on Classic Bookshelf. Choose a book from this list or choose another author from the Electronic Library A Kidnapped Santa Claus
Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

Glinda of Oz
Tik-Tok of Oz

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