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         Barbour James:     more books (100)
  1. Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting Information in Relation to Routes for a National Road from Washington City to Buffalo ... (19th Congress, Second Session: Document Number 15) by James; Macomb, Alexander Barbour, 1826-01-01
  2. Court-Martial--Colonel Chambers. Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, in compliance with a resolution of the House of Representatives of the 6th instant, a Copy of the Proceedings of a Court Martial for the Trial of Col. Talbot Chambers, etc. May 12, 1826. Read, and referred to the Committee on Military Affairs. by Dept. of War. Barbour, James. United States. Congress. House of Representatives, 1826
  3. Letter from the Secretary of War, Accompanied By a Report of the Chief Engineer, in Relation to the Survey, Location, and Progress, of the Road From the Right Bank of the Ohio ... (19th Congress, First Session: Document Number 51) by James; United States. Congress. House of Representatives. War Departmen Barbour, 1826-01-01
  4. American Literary Realism 1870 - 1910. Volume 25. 1992-93. Complete Three Issues by James Barbour & Robert E. Fleming (eds) University of New Mexico English Department., 1993
  5. Letter from the Secretary of War, to the Hon. Samuel Smith, Chairman of the Committee on Finance, in relation to the Expenses of Visiters to the Military Academy at West Point. / March 10, 1828. Printed by order of the Senate of the United States. by James; Macomb, Alex'r. Barbour, 1828
  6. Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting The information required by a Resolution of the House of Representatives of the United States, of the 29th ultimo, in Relation to the Expenditures at the Military Academy at West Point, from its Organization in 1802, to the Present Time. / March 13, 1828. Read, and laid upon the table. by James; Lee, William; Hagner, Peter Barbour, 1828
  7. Human Sexuality 80/81 by James R (editor) Barbour, 1980-01-01
  8. Letter from the Secretary of War, Transmitting Information Respecting the Surveys of Roads and Canals, and of Their... by James; United States Congress Barbour, 1827-01-01
  9. Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting the information Required by a resolution of the House of Representatives, of the 14th instant, in relation to Coal and Gunstocks, purchased since 1st January, 1820, for the use of said armory. / January 22, 1828. Read, and laid upon the table. by James; Lee, William Barbour, 1828
  10. Letter from The Secretary of War, transmitting An Abstract of the General Annual Returns of the Militia of the United States, Their Arms, Accoutrements, and Ammunition, by States and Territories, from the latest returns / February 8, 1828. Read, and referred to the Committee on the Militia. by James Barbour, 1828
  11. Letter from the Secretary of War ... in Relation to the Deaths of Officers of the Army, on the Gulf Frontier ... by James] United States. House of Representatives [Barbour, 1828-01-01
  12. Romanticism: Critical Essays by James, and Quirk, Tom, and Quick, Thomas Barbour, 1985-01-01
  13. Venecia's Earthling by James L. Barbour, 2006-07-28
  14. Focus: Human Sexuality 77/78 Annual Editions by James R. Barbour, 1977-01-01

61. American Indian Collections At The APS
barbour, james. Circular letter requesting that Indian languages be recorded and sent to the War Department May 15, 1828. L. 1p.
Your browser does not support script American Philosophical Society Library LAGUNA (Keresan) 1957. BOAS, FRANZ. Keresan vocabulary, notes, and text ·[n.d.; ca. 1921]. D. 4i. Contains (1) Laguna text, published with changed phonetic symbols as Boas (1925b) pt. 2:200-202 [cf. No. 1961]. (2) Kinship terms in unidentified language with discussion in German. (3) Laguna paradigms, 41 forms in 11 groups, each group identified by an English word or phrase. 1958. BOAS, FRANZ. Laguna lexicon [1919-1921]. D. 100 slips. Based on field notebooks. 1959. BOAS, FRANZ. Laguna lexicon [n.d.; ca.1925]. D. ca.100slips. References to Laguna materials. Co-author not named. 1960. BOAS, FRANZ. Laguna word lists, paradigms, and texts [1919-1922]. D. 24 notebooks. Original field notes, some in shorthand. 1961. BOAS, FRANZ. Laguna word lists and texts [n.d.; 1919-1925?]. Typed D. and A.D. 389L. 13 folders of materials, Keresan, Laguna, and Cochiti word lists, grammatical notes, and texts.
Cf. Boas (1925b) for printing of some texts. LENCA (Unclassified) 1962. SCHULLER, RUDOLF.

62. American Literature 1800-1900 Selected Bibliography
barbour, james, and Tom Quirk. Biographies of Books The Compositional Histories of Notable American Writings. Columbia University of Missouri Press, 1995.
Literary Movements Timeline American Authors Nineteenth-Century American Literature: Brief Selected Bibliography Note: In addition to this very brief list of general works, please consult the bibliographies for individual movements and authors
Ammons, Elizabeth, and Annette White-Parks, eds. Tricksterism in Turn-of-the-Century American Literature. Hanover, NH: University Press of New England, 1994. Ammons, Elizabeth. Conflicting Stories: American Women Writers at the Turn into the Twentieth Century. New York: Oxford Press, 1991 Andrews, William L, ed. African American Autobiography: A Collection of Critical Essays. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1993. Andrews, William L. To Tell a Free Story: The First Century of Afro-American Autobiography, 1760-1865. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1986. Barbour, James, and Tom Quirk, eds. Writing the American Classics. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1990. Barbour, James, and Tom Quirk. Biographies of Books: The Compositional Histories of Notable American Writings. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, 1995.

63. Excite España - Arts - Performing Arts - Acting - Actors And Actresses - B - Ba
Internet Movie Database james barbour Guarder james barbour Official Web Page Guarder Biography, upcoming events and production photographs.
Excite Mail MIX Excite A-Z all channels Directorio Horoscopo Hoy Info Juegos MIX Postales Rutas Sitemap Tiempo Traducir Viajes Web Web Noticias Noticias Directorio en toda la Red powered by et("sr1","1"); Directorio Arts Performing Arts Acting ... B Barbour, James 2 sitios web en Barbour, James
Internet Movie Database: James Barbour
Guarder Includes filmography, biography, image gallery and news. James Barbour Official Web Page Guarder Biography, upcoming events and production photographs. Arts: Animation: Movies: Titles: 8 Crazy Nights
Arts: Movies: Titles: H: Houdini - 1998

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... Excite USA

64. - Index : Arts : Performing Arts : Acting : Actors And Actre
Actor james barbour was arrested in Los Angeles under sex abuse and sodomy charges filed in New York An Interview with james barbour

65. Globe Of Blogs
james barbour james barbour (http// james barbour s blog thoughts from the world of public affairs

66. Barbour Family Genealogy Forum
Re Charles barbour in Pittsburgh, PA in 1910 james barbour 1/03/05 . Doctor William james barbour - Richard barbour 3/17/03
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67. Name
Barber, james W. barbour, james W. Pvt, Pvt, A. barbour, J. P., Barber, J.B.; Barber, J.P., unk, unk, D. barbour, M.L., Barber, M.L., Sgt, 2Lt, D
rd Alabama Infantry Regiment A - B Name Variations on Name Enlist. Rank Final Rank Co. Ap Addenda Aaron, Wm. P. Pvt Pvt K Abbott, Elias Pvt Pvt H Abernathy, Burwell G. Abernathy, B.G. Pvt Pvt A Abrahams, J.L. Asg Asg F, G Abrahams, Wm. T. Sgt Sgt unk Adams, Quintius S. Adams, A.S.; Adams, J.S. Pvt Cpt A Adams, W.S. unk Adkins, E. L. Adkins, E.F. Pvt Pvt F Agee, Zachariah D. Cpl Cpl B Aibridge, James Aidridge, James Pvt Pvt K Aidridge, Milton Aidridge, M. Pvt Pvt H Aidridge, Richard Pvt Pvt H Aidridge, William P. Aldridge, W.P. Pvt Pvt H Alford, J.W. Pvt Pvt G Allen, Elisha A. Allen, E.N.; Allen, L.A. Pvt Pvt H Allen, John T. Cpl Cpl I Allen, Josiah H. Allen, J.R. Pvt Pvt I, E Allen, Nathaniel F. Pvt Pvt I Allen, Richard P. Allen, A.P. Pvt Cpl A Allender, Bivin Allinder, Benjamin Pvt Pvt G Allender, Jasper Pvt Pvt C Alley, W. F. Pvt Pvt C Allman, William N. Allen, W. Pvt Cpl K, C Alvis, Ashley N. Pvt Pvt B Anderson, Andrew Pvt Pvt I Anderson, Samuel C. Pvt Pvt D Andrews, D. B. Anders, D.B. Pvt Pvt D Apperson, George W. Aperson, C.W.; Apparson, C.W. Mus Pvt B Armstrong, W. Pvt Pvt C Atkins, Alex

68. Forms For Making A Concrete Step Support - Patent 2833020
barbour, james W. Publication Date. 05/06/1958. View Patent Images. Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs, Login or Create Account
Login or Create Free Account Search Go to Advanced Search Home Search Patents Data Services ... Help Title: Forms for making a concrete step support Document Type and Number: United States Patent 2833020 Link to this page: Inventors: Barbour, James W.
Publication Date: View Patent Images: Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs, Login or Create Account (Free!) Referenced by: View patents that cite this patent Export Citation: Click for automatic bibliography generation Assignee: Barbour, James W.
Primary Class: Other Classes: International Classes: US Patent References: Molding apparatus Step construction Mold for concrete steps Stairs Mold for making concrete steps
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69. CIPO - Patent - 2004464
(71) Applicants (Country), barbour. R. james (Canada) DANYLEWYCHMAY, LUDMILA L. (Canada) SUTCLIFFE, ROGER (Canada). (74) Agent, FETHERSTONHAUGH CO.

70. DOI 10.1378/chest.129.5.1367 2006;129;1367-1374 Chest Krista A
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