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         Astor Mary:     more books (62)
  1. A Life on Film by Mary Astor, 1971
  2. My story: An autobiography by Mary Astor, 1959
  3. Mary Astor My Story by Mary Astor, 1960
  4. The Image Of Kate by Mary Astor, 1966
  5. The incredible Charlie Carewe by Mary Astor, 1960
  6. A life on film by Mary Astor, 1972
  7. Mary Astor: A Life on Film by Mary Astor, 1972
  8. Mary Astor My Story Dell Printing 1960 by Mary Astor, 1960
  9. MARY ASTOR My Story [ First Dell printing, Feb. 1960 ] An autobiography (she was a farm girl from the middle west... and then suddenly, at twenty, she was a star- the pampered, glamorous movie queen known to the world as Mary Astor...) by Mary Astor, 1960
  10. People From Quincy, Illinois: Gary Forrester, Mary Astor, Krystle Russin, Rick Reuschel, Michael Swango, James Scott, John W. Henry
  11. Article: Nine to Remember - from Pola Negri, Mary Astor, & Other Living Legends, a Splendid Legacy of the Movie Past This is not a book but an article, ad or vintage paper item by Jim Watters, 1980
  12. Wampas Baby Stars: Joan Crawford, Loretta Young, Jean Arthur, Ginger Rogers, Mary Astor, Lois Wilson, Dorothy Mackaill, Joan Blondell, Fay Wray (French Edition)
  13. Biography - Astor, Mary (1906-1987): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  14. LIFEMagazine-February, 1980 - Cover: Mary Astor

1. Mary Astor - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Director Lindsay Anderson said of her that when two or three who love the cinema are gathered together, the name of Mary Astor always comes up,
Mary Astor
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Mary Astor
from the trailer for The Great Lie Birth name Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke Born May 3
Illinois U.S. Died September 25
Woodland Hills
California U.S. Years active Spouse(s) Kenneth Hawks (1928-1930)
Franklin Thorpe (1931-1936)
Manuel del Campo (1936-1941)
Thomas Gordon Wheelock (1945-1955) Awards Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress
The Great Lie
Mary Astor May 3 September 25 ) was an Academy Award -winning American actress . Most famous for her role as Brigid O'Shaughnessy in The Maltese Falcon ) opposite Humphrey Bogart , Astor began her long motion picture career as a teenager in the silent movies of the early She eventually made a successful transition to talkies , but almost saw her career destroyed due to public scandal in the mid- . She was sued for support by her parents and was later branded an adulterous wife by her ex-husband during a custody fight over her daughter. Overcoming these stumbling blocks in her private life, Astor went on to even greater success on the screen, eventually winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Sandra Kovak in The Great Lie ). Director

2. Mary Astor --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Mary Astor American motionpicture and stage actress noted for her delicate, classic beauty and a renowned
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Mary Astor
Page 1 of 1 born May 3, 1906, Quincy, Ill., U.S.
died September 25, 1987, Woodland Hills, Calif. Mary Astor. Mary Astor. original name Lucille Vasconcellos Langhanke Astor, Mary... (75 of 438 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Mary Astor Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Mary Astor , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our

3. Mary Astor - Pictures, News, Video Clips, Layouts, Wallpapers & Fan Club - Flixs
Mary Astor Actor Profile Fan Club, Pictures Posters, News, Video Clips Layouts.
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4. SEARCH SILO Locator [AUTHOR Astor Mary]
SEARCH SILO Locator AUTHOR astor mary. 44 records matched your query Astor, Mary, .19061987 Bacall, Lauren, .1924- Hawks, Howard, .1896-

5. Mary Astor
Mary Astor (1906 1987) Mrs. Kenneth Hawks (director) (widowed) Former sister-in-law of Howard Hawks. The World Changes (1933) Virginia Ginny Claflin
Mary Astor
Mrs. Kenneth Hawks (director) (widowed)
Former sister-in-law of Howard Hawks The World Changes
Virginia 'Ginny' Claflin Nordholm ]: Dies of a stroke. (She was made up to look older than she actually was at this point in the movie.)
Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Impossible Dream Grace Dolan ]: Killed by Franchot Tone (though I don't know the details).
Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Cross of Iron What Ever Happened to Cousin Charlotte? Mrs. Jewel Mayhew ]: Dies (off-screen) of a stroke, after hearing the news of Olivia de Havilland 's death; we learn of her death afterwards when Ellen Corby , Helen Kleeb and Marianne Stewart are gossiping about it outside Bette Davis ' house. ( Thanks to Mac Back to A Index Back to Main Index

6. Astor Mary
Mary Astor, Actors. Abstract Mary Astor 1906 Quincy, Illinois, USA. Objects related with this person The Defenders (1961) Dr. Kildare (1961),Astor,Mary.html
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Mary Astor Quincy, Illinois, USA Objects related with this person
"The Defenders" (1961)

"Dr. Kildare" (1961)

"Alfred Hitchcock Presents" (1955)

"Playhouse 90" (1956)
Success (1923)
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7. Mary Astor - Wikipedia
Translate this page Für viele bedeutete die Einführung des Tonfilms das Ende der Karriere, doch Mary Astor überzeugte nicht nur durch ihre außerordentliche Leinwandpräsenz,
Mary Astor
aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklop¤die
Wechseln zu: Navigation Suche Mary Astor (eigentlich: Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke 3. Mai in Quincy Illinois 25. September in Woodland Hills Kalifornien ) war eine US-amerikanische Schauspielerin.
Bearbeiten Karriere
Sie wurde als als Tochter des deutschen Einwanderers Otto Ludwig Langhanke geboren. Besonders ihr Vater f¶rderte die Tochter und Mary Astor gewann schon als Kind zahlreiche Sch¶nheitswettbewerbe. Bereits mit 15 Jahren unterschrieben ihre Eltern f¼r sie einen Filmvertrag in Hollywood . Ihr Durchbruch erfolgte nach 1924 mit dem Film Beau Brummel an der Seite von John Barrymore . Schon damals war Astor bekannt f¼r ihr turbulentes Privatleben und sie begann w¤hrend der Dreharbeiten eine heftige Aff¤re mit Barrymore, die viele Schlagzeilen nach sich zog. Mary Astor schaffte den Sprung zum Tonfilm relativ gut und spielte eine Vielzahl von Nebenrollen und bekam gelegentlichen auch die weibliche Hauptrollen. Meist beschr¤nkte sich ihre Mitwirkung jedoch auf Auftritte in B-Filmen. Zu den wenigen Ausnahmen geh¶rte die Rolle der sympathischen Freundin des Helden in Dodsworth unter der Regie von William Wyler Erst mit dem Wechsel zu Warner Brothers Anfang der 1940er erhielt ihre Karriere Auftrieb.

8. Astor Mary (1906-1987) · Les Légendes Du Cinéma
Translate this page Mary Astor trouve cependant l énergie pour ne pas interrompre son travail. Après avoir interprété les rôles d ingénues en détresse, elle incarnait la femme
Les légendes du cinéma
Bienvenue sur mon blog
Astor Mary (1906-1987)
Elle débute aussitôt à Hollywood et devient, une actrice de premier plan, jouant son premier grand rôle dans "Beau Brummell" avec John Barrymore dont elle devient la maîtresse. ll la délaisse et elle se console auprès du réalisateur Kenneth Hawks (1898-1930). Mary Astor trouve cependant l'énergie pour ne pas interrompre son travail. Après avoir interprété les rôles d'ingénues en détresse, elle incarnait la femme d'âge mûr, cultivée et ambitieuse, intelligente avec une pointe de perversité dans "Le Faucon Maltais" avec Humphrey Bogart. Sans jamais devenir une vedette, elle fut toujours une actrice de grand talent, s'acquittant avec la même justesse d'un rôle ingrat dans l'épouse hypocrite de "La Belle De Saigon" (1932) avec Jean Harlow et Clark Gable et d'un rôle sympathique dans Dodsworth (1936) où elle irradie le charme et la sérénité. Les années n'entament en rien ses possibilités. Elle est une inoubliable dans le rôle de Brigid 0'Shaughnessy, pleine de duplicité, névrosée et ravageuse, dans "Le Faucon Maltais" (1941). Dans le Grand Mensonge (1941) qui lui vaut un Oscar où elle tient bravement tête à Bette Davis.

9. Silent Era : People : Actresses : Mary Astor
Mary Astor wrote two autobiographical books My Story An Autobiography (1959) and A Life on Film (1971). Mary passed away in 1987 at the age of 81.

Silent Era Home Page
People Actresses
People active in the silent era and people who keep the silent era alive.
Mary Astor Born 3 May 1906 in Quincy, Illinois, USA, as Lucile Vasconcells Langhanke.
Died 25 September 1987 in Woodland Hills, California, USA, of a heart attack. Married to director Kenneth Hawks on 26 February 1928; Hawks killed in plane accident on 2 January 1930. Married doctor Franklyn Thorpe in June 1931. Lucile Vasconcells Langhanke , the beautiful young girl from Illinois came to the attention of film producers in 1920, at the age of 14, while participating in a beauty pageant. Accepting small film roles in 1921, Lucile was cut from her first film Sentimental Tommy (1921), a feature film for Famous Players-Lasky , ending up on the cutting room floor. But persistence paid off gradually as she continued working in low-budget short films and soon graduated to supporting roles in feature films. The striking actress was by then renamed Mary Astor. leading lady in Beau Brummel (1924) for Warner Brothers. It should be no surprise that the dashing Barrymore was attracted to his teenage costar and that she should be infatuated with the screen and stage legend, but their affair lasted only until he became amorously attached to Dolores Costello, whom he married in 1928. Regardless of their broken romance, Barrymore and Astor appeared together successfully in

10. Mary Astor
Mary Astor. Mary Astor AKA Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke. Born 3May-1906 Birthplace Quincy, IL Died 25-Sep-1987 Location of death Woodland Hills,
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Mary Astor AKA Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke Born: 3-May
Birthplace: Quincy, IL
Died: 25-Sep
Location of death: Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, CA
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Remains: Buried, Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, CA
Gender: Female
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor Nationality: United States Executive summary: The Maltese Falcon Father: Otto Ludwig Wilhelm Langhanke (d. 1943) Mother: Helen Vasconcellos Husband: Kenneth Hawks (m. 1928, d. 2-Jan-1930, mid-air plane crash) Husband: Franklyn Thorpe (m. 1931, div. 1936) Husband: Manuel del Campo (m. 1936, div 1941) Husband: Thomas Wheelock (m. 25-Dec-1945, div. 1955) Daughter: Marylyn Hauoli Thorpe (b. 16-Jun-1932, with Franklyn) Son: Anthony ("Tono", b. 1939) Boyfriend: John Barrymore (extramarital affair) Boyfriend: George S. Kaufman (extramarital affair, 1933) Alcoholics Anonymous Oscar for Best Supporting Actress 1942 for The Great Lie Hollywood Walk of Fame 6701 Hollywood Blvd.

11. Mary Astor (I)
Actress The Maltese Falcon. mary astor was born, Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke, on May 3, 1906 in Quincy Visit IMDb for Photos, Filmography, Discussions
Now Playing Movie/TV News My Movies DVD New Releases ... search All Titles TV Episodes My Movies Names Companies Keywords Characters Quotes Bios Plots more tips SHOP MARY ASTOR DVD VHS CD Not the ... IMDb Mary Astor Quicklinks categorized by type by year by ratings by votes by TV series awards titles for sale by genre by keyword power search credited with tv schedule biography other works publicity contact photo gallery news articles message board miscellaneous photographs Top Links biography by votes awards news articles ... message board Filmographies categorized by type by year by ratings ... tv schedule Biographical biography other works publicity contact ... message board External Links official sites miscellaneous photographs sound clips ... video clips
Mary Astor (I)
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Date of Birth: 3 May Quincy, Illinois, USA more Date of Death: 25 September , Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (heart attack) more Mini Biography: Her German immigrant father pushed her into a beauty contest at 14 and... more Trivia: Daughter, Marylyn Hauoli Thorpe, born 16 June 1932. Son, Anthony ("Tono")...

12. Denny Jackson's Mary Astor Page
mary astor was born, Lucile Vascincellos Langhanke, on May 3, 1906 in Quincy, Illinois to German immigrant parents. Her parents were very ambitious for her
The Delicate, Velvet-voiced Actress!
Mary Astor was born, Lucile Vascincellos Langhanke, on May 3, 1906 in Quincy, Illinois to German immigrant parents. Her parents were very ambitious for her as they recognized Mary's beauty and knowing if they played their cards right, they could make her famous. They understood that they wanted something better for their daughter than they had, so they made it happen by pushing Mary into various beauty contests. Luck was with Mary and her parents because one contest came to the attention of Hollywood moguls who signed her at the age of 14. Her first movie was a bit part in SCARECROW in 1920. It wasn't much, but it was a start. Throughout 1921-1923 she continued her career with bit or minor roles in a number of motion pictures. In 1924, Mary landed a plum assignment with a role as Lady Margery Alvaney opposite the great John Barrymore in the film BEAU BRUMMEL. This launched her career to stardom as it did with a lively affair with Barrymore. However the affair ended before she could star with him again in the 1926 classic DON JUAN. Mary was, now, the new cinematic darling with each film packing the theaters. By the end of the twenties, the sound revolution had taken a strong hold on the industry and Mary was one of those lucky actresses who made the successful transition to "talkies" because of her voice and strong screen presence.

13. Mary Astor
During a conference with writer Louella Parsons and producer Walter Wanger, Jesse Lasky promptly renamed the girl mary astor. Her first appearance on screen
MARY ASTOR: Reluctant Legend
By Barrie Roberts Among the legendary names of Hollywoodâs Golden Age, Mary Astorâs star shines brightly. Strictly speaking, however, Mary was never a star in the accepted sense of her time, but a featured player. This was of her own choosing. Offered starring contracts at various times, she preferred not to shoulder the responsibility of having her name appear above the title of a film. This decision was due largely to a lack of confidence generated by a childhood dominated by demanding parents who looked upon her as a meal ticket. The public with whom she was very popular nevertheless regarded her as a star. Her career lasted an incredible 44 years, during which time she ran the gamut from limpid ingenue to forceful character player.
In 1919 Lucile submitted her photograph to a Fame and Fortune contest sponsored by Motion Picture magazine. She placed among the finalists. This was enough to convince her father to move his family to Chicago, where the magazine had offices. Deemed far too young, when seen in person, she was advised to try again when she was older. She did, and was again placed among the finalists. This time the judges named her runner up in the national contest.
It was 1920, and Langhanke felt encouraged to move his family once again, this time to New York to launch his daughterâs career. Once in Manhattan Lucileâs picture caught the eye of photographer Charles Albin, who shot a series of camera studies of the girl titled The Madonna Child. These photographs were seen in turn by Harry Durant of Jesse Laskyâs Famous Players company, and this led to a six-month contract for Lucile with Paramount in New York. During a conference with writer Louella Parsons and producer Walter Wanger, Jesse Lasky promptly renamed the girl Mary Astor.

14. Mary Astor Biography, Filmography, Trailers,
Born March 1906, May Pressured into an acting career by her ambitious parents, mary astor was a silent film star before she was 17 a tribute more to,_Mary/index.html
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Mary Astor
Born March 1906, May - Pressured into an acting career by her ambitious parents, Mary Astor was a silent film star before she was 17 a tribute more to her dazzling good looks than anything else. Debuting in The Beggar Maid (1921), Astor appeared opposite John Barrymore in 1923's Beau Brummell with whom she had a romantic relationship and later starred with in Don Juan... Continue Bio >>
Movie Trailers:
Meet Me In St. Louis
Thousands Cheer
Palm Beach Story, The Across The Pacific ... More Movie Trailers >> Filmography: Hush ... Hush, Sweet Charlotte Youngblood Hawke Return to Peyton Place A Stranger in My Arms ... More Credits >> Search Starpulse: Browse More Actresses A B C ... W X Y Z Hello Guest What do you think about Mary Astor?

15. Classic Movies
Classic Movies (1939 1969) SuperStars mary astor. All Nominations for mary astor. Movie Reviews. mary astor The Austin Chronicle mary astor
A painter paints, a musician plays, a writer writes
- but a movie actor waits. Mary Astor
Biography Filmography Encyclopedia Pages On The WEB Articles Awards Movie Reviews Quotes

16. Crooked Timber » » Why Is There A Mary Astor, Rather Than No Mary Astor?
I refer, of course, to the wretched, wretched mary astor. She was only 35 when the movie was made, but she looks much older. The character she plays,
Crooked Timber
One year old today Main I guess he thought he could have gone faster ...
Why Is There a Mary Astor, Rather Than No Mary Astor?
Posted by Belle Waring Pursuant to a discussion of the recently popular Teachout Cultural Concurrence Index, Will Baude makes the following remarks
The Maltese Falcon
, a movie which is marred by the single most egregious miscasting of all time. (Perhaps it is not the worst in absolute terms, but it is a hideous flaw in an otherwise brilliantly cast movie.) I refer, of course, to the wretched, wretched Mary Astor I asked my grandmother whether Mary Astor had ever Ladies Love Brutes . (Note that even in this film, at the alleged age of 24, she plays a striking .) OK, she had a sort of winsome charm in her early silents, and the shellacked hair suits her ( go see for yourself ). But, honestly, what were they thinking with The Maltese Falcon ? Just think how much better it could have been with Lauren Bacall . (OK, OK too young at 17. But still.) The Misfits , and the raddled (though in principle well-loved) Fred Astaire making time with a grateful(!) Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face Sabrina .) Thoughts?

17. Mary Astor
Silent Ladies photo gallery of silent film star mary astor.

A Quick Link to 188 Top Silent Star Galleries! On This Menu: May Allison Roscoe Arbuckle Richard Arlen Nils Asther Mary Astor Josephine Baker Vilma Banky Theda Bara John Barrymore Richard Barthelmess Warner Baxter Madge Bellamy Constance Bennett Monte Blue Eleanor Boardman John Boles Olive Borden Clara Bow Alice Brady Evelyn Brent Mary Brian Betty Bronson Clive Brook Louise Brooks Billie Burke Mae Busch Francis X. Bushman Harry Carey Sue Carol Nancy Carroll Lon Chaney Charlie Chaplin Syd Chaplin Charley Chase Mady Christians Marguerite Clark Ronald Colman Betty Compson Jackie Coogan Gary Cooper Joan Crawford Lily Damita Viola Dana Bebe Daniels Marion Davies Mildred Davis Priscilla Dean Cecil B. DeMille Carol Dempster Lya De Putti Dolores Del Rio Reginald Denny Marlene Dietrich Richard Dix Billie Dove Marie Dressler Julian Eltinge Anges Esterhazy Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Maria Falconetti Dustin Farnum William Farnum Geraldine Farrar Charles Farrell Mady Christians Julia Faye Elsie Ferguson W.C. Fields Pauline Frederick Greta Garbo Janet Gaynor Hoot Gibson John Gilbert Dorothy Gish Lillian Gish Corinne Griffith David Wark Griffith William Haines Georgia Hale Oliver Hardy Jean Harlow Mildred Harris Robert Harron William S. Hart

18. Mary Astor | Find Articles At
astor, mary Nationality American. Born Lucille Langhanke in Quincy, Illinois, 3 May 1906. Education Attended KenwoodLoring School for. Astor&qf=all

19. Classic Movie Musicals Actors A
mary astor (1906 1987). Given name Lucille Langehanke; born in Illinois. Actress; generally in leading roles. Played sexy bombshell types during the

20. Mary Astor —
The Maltese Falcon (1941) Starring Humprey Bogart, mary astor (fashion by mary Ann Restivo, Alice Blaine and Joan Barlow for Barlow astor,
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