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101. China Township Burial Records Index Created By Kay Mitchell Lisa
Henry China Twp CemBalfour Shriner ? Jacob 1816 1875 China Twp Wittkowsky HenryFeb.16,1889 May.10,1934 Wood Peter 1819 1909 Clark Wood 1884 Clark Wood

102. Pennsylvania Hospital History: Historical Collections - Finding Aid Arrangement
Fisher, Henry MI Notebook, 1881 1889, in one volume. Correspondence betweenMrs. Bartles and Mrs. Morris and John Clark and Mr. Mrs. Bartles.
Appointments Medical Services Health Information Find a Doctor Search: Historical Collections Historical Timeline Stories Virtual Tour ... Print Entire Finding Aid ARRANGEMENT Section I, Series 4. Medical Staff, C.1750-1975. List of medical students entitled to privilege of attending practice and use of the Library, 1814 - 1887, in two volumes. For students, see also lists at end of Attending Managers' Accounts, (No. 31 - 34) for 1789 - 1815.
  • List of Students, 1814 - 1866 147 APS 29 List of Students, 1866 - 1887 PH 139
Notebook of Benjamin Morris, ca. 1750. In box. 148 APS 129 Lecture notes taken by (Reading Beatty?), 1779 - 1783, in one volume. 149 APS 29 Memorandum Book kept by Benjamin Horner Coates, 1793, in one volume. 150 APS 29 Notes from Dr. Physick's lectures, taken by Constans Curtin in winters of 1807 - 1808, 1808 - 1809. 151 APS 29 Notebook kept by Thomas Chalkley James, 1814 - 1818: list of his students, selected weather observations, titles of lectures in his course on obstetrics. See also his scrapbooks of mortality tables (No. 191). 152 APS 29 Lecture notes taken from Mr. (Samuel?) Cooper's surgical lectures, Oct. 7 - (Nov. 16?), 1818. 153 APS 29

103. Pennsylvania Hospital History: Historical Collections - Print Entire Finding Aid
Under this grant, Mrs. Carole Spawn labored industriously locating archivesthroughout various Fisher, Henry MI Notebook, 1881 1889, in one volume.
Appointments Medical Services Health Information Find a Doctor Search: Historical Collections Historical Timeline Stories Virtual Tour ... Print Entire Finding Aid PRINT ENTIRE FINDING AID A guide to the Pennsylvania Hospital Records,
1751 - 1978 [Bulk 1751 - 1929] Historic Collections, Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA USA Compiled by Bonnie Ellen Blustein with a Preface by Caroline Morris, 1978 Revised 1999 by Margo Szabunia Note: the entire Finding Aid will require approximately 36 pages to print.
Return to Historic Collections site
  • Processed by: Historic Collections Staff Extent: Approx. 2,000 linear feet Provenance: Pennsylvania Hospital Access: Patient, staff and student records are restricted Citation: Pennsylvania Hospital records, Pennsylvania Hospital, Historic Collections, Philadelphia, PA Funding Note: This collection was processed and microfilmed in part with funds provided by the American Philosophical Society and the National Library of Medicine (NIH Grant IM 02291).
Contact Information Stacey C Peeples
Pennsylvania Hospital
Historic Collections
3 Pine East
800 Spruce St.

104. WebGED: Noyes Family Data Page
Mrs. Noyes still has in her possession the letter from John G. Nicholay, privatesecretary to father Noyes, William Henry Joseph (1901 1974)
previous go to surnames Noyes, William Cook - male
b. 1816 in Thornton By Pocklington, Yorkshire, England
Noyes, Emanuel Bat (1797 - 1865)
mother: Ward, Elizabeth (*1793 - 1866) Noyes, William Cowper - male
b. 12 DEC 1809 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
d. 25 FEB 1810 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
Noyes, John Mansfield (1772 - )
mother: Cavendar, Jane (*1775 - ) Noyes, William Cowper - male
b. 14 JUN 1811 in Newburyport, Essex, Massachusetts
Noyes, John Mansfield (1772 - )
mother: Cavendar, Jane (*1775 - ) spouse: Waddy, Elizabeth L. (*1810 - ) - m. 1833 child: Noyes, William Braton (1836 - 1899) child: Noyes, Caroline L. (1838 - 1898) Noyes, William Crook - male b. 1848 father: Noyes, John (1819 - ) mother: Crook, Mary (*1821 - ) Noyes, William Crooke - male b. 1738 in Urchfont, Wiltshire, England d. 1811 in London, England father: Noyes, Thomas (1702 - 1756) mother: Crooke, Alice (*1714 - ) Was associated with his mother and step father, Nathaniel Bat, with an estate at Harbridge in Hampshire c1770. In c1780 he had an estate in Farlington near Portsmouth Hampshire where he also married his wife Elizabeth Evans. They promptly moved to Froxfield, Wiltshire where he owned the public house "The Cross Keys" until c1793 when he moved to Tangley in Hampshire where he held a freehold estate of over 160 acres.He died at Hampstead, London in 1811 but was described as residing at Deers Place, Somers Town Middlesex. Will in PCC 1811. spouse: Evans, Elizabeth (*1757 - )

105. Tioga Co. NY 2002 Queries
Searching for information on Spencer Wood of Halsey Valley, Tioga County, NY . 4 Nancy SEARLES 1814 1887 d February 03, 1887 in Unadilla, Livingston,
Tioga County NY 2002 Queries Year 2003 Now Available
For the year 2001 and Earlier Tioga County NY Queries
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The 1998 and earlier queries are also available via links at the bottom of this page.
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106. DrGCMoore
1832 Julia Munro Wheeler 1814 1887 her parents of Mulberry Grove, Hertford Co, Mrs. Julia Munro Wheeler Moore died 17 May 1887 at Mulberry Grove.
Sally's Family Place - Mulberry Grove
MULBERRY GROVE PARKER RAYNER ... HOME Best viewed with Internet Explorer -
MG Index Moore
Godwin C

Jas Wr

Will Ed




... AnsonCo Browne Sarah John John Samuel ... Edward Brittle Sarah John Rutland Elizabeth Rutland Williams Elizabeth Lewis John Godwin Martha William Thomas Jeremiah Wright Elizabeth Thomas also Pensie Stephen Lawrence Sarah John John Robert family portraits legends house interior ... Powell Bracewell Robert Solomon Borland Sally's great-great Grandparents: Dr. Godwin Cotten Moore 1806 - 1880 his parents her parents of Mulberry Grove, Hertford Co, North Carolina This is my working hypothesis - the way I see it as of this moment!! Godwin Cotten Moore and Julia Munro Wheeler were married 25 June 1832. Godwin Cotten Moore the son of James Wright Moore and Esther Cotten was born at Mulberry Grove,

107. Ancestors Of Eugene Ashton ANDREW & Anna Louise HANISH Captain Levi BARBER, Jr A
Henry Barber married, had two children and lived in the West. He says tellMrs Barber to send word to my wife that I am well and will send money first
Captain David BARBER

Captain John ROUSE, Jr

(Abt 1740-Abt 1818)
Elizabeth ROUSE

Captain Levi BARBER, Jr
Family Links Spouses/Children:
Abigail Morris KELLY

Captain Levi BARBER, Jr
  • Born: 1 Nov 1814, Harmar, Washington, Ohio, USA Married: 31 Oct 1837, Harmar, Washington, Ohio, USA Died: 16 Oct 1887, Kinsley, Edwards, Kansas, USA Buried: Abt 18 Oct 1887, Cemetery, Harmar, Sec 2, Lot 44, Washington, Ohio, USA
Other names for Levi were Captain, 2nd and II. User ID: 36. General Notes: 1st Lieutenant, Quartermaster, Regimental Quartermaster Ohio 36th Regiment, Provost Marshal, Captain, Merchant.
Merchant, Real/Personal Worth = $51,000 (Jun 1860).
4th Cousin of Rutherford HAYES Jr President of THE UNITED STATES. 6th Cousin of General Ulysses S Grant 18th President of THE UNITED STATES. NAME Named after father, older brother- died infancy, son named same. MILITARY 5th- Captain Levi Barber served in Civil War in 36th Ohio Regiment and was appointed Provost Marshall [Reference: Genealogy of Our Barber Family 1614-1965 by Lucy James COLE Flemming- Military Record of Barber (Our) Lineage] RELIGION Members of the Methodist Episopal Church.

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