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         Wood Henry:     more books (53)
  1. Mrs. Halliburton's troubles Volume 2
  2. Mrs. Halliburton's troubles Volume 3
  3. Mrs. Halliburton's troubles Volume 1
  4. Dene Hollow: A Novel
  5. Oswald Cray Volume 1
  6. v by Henry, Mrs. , 1814-1887. Wood, 1871
  7. The house of Halliwell: a novel Volume 3
  8. A life's secret Volume 2
  9. Orville college: a story Volume 2
  10. The house of Halliwell: a novel Volume 1
  11. Bessy Rane: A Novel
  12. Johnny Ludlow Volume 3
  13. The shadow of Ashlydyat Volume 2
  14. East Lynne Volume 1

81. Fantastic Victoriana: O
Mrs. Henry Wood, née Ellen Price (18141887), was the creator of Johnny Ludlow,and I cover her there. “A Mysterious Visitor” was, I’m certain,
Fantastic Victoriana: O
'Halloran, Jack. Jack O'Halloran is the narrator of Tom Greer's A Modern Daedalus (1887). Greer (1846-1904) was an Irish writer and surgeon who lived in England from about 1880. The novel is set in 1887 and is...well, marred, from beginning to end; O'Halloran writes that he doesn't want to be accused of "unpardonable egotism and wearisome prolixity," but that is an adequate description of both the narrator and the book, which is a tedious attempt at singing the ills of British treatment of Irish. Which is not a simple matter by any means, and the British were and are not innocent of wrong-doing in Irelandfar from itbut Greer loads the deck with his portrayal of egotistical, evil Brits and good, brave, noble Irish. O'Halloran is obsessed with flight, even as a child; after graduating from college he returns to Ireland to build a flying device. After much experimentation he discovers a means of unaided unpowered flight. The specifics are never detailed, although he talks about wearing a pair of six-foot-long wings and flying with them. Nor are his means of propulsion detailed; the reader is left with the implication that O'Halloran flaps like a bird to propel himself. There are some obvious logical difficulties with this, especially since he routinely hits speeds of 100 mph. Jack is rescued by his brother, who he teaches to fly. They escape together to Ireland and Jack, now forgiven by his brother and hailed by the common people as a hero, trains a brigade of fliers. They drop bombs on a British brigade and sink a few British ironclads, and while Jack hypocritically mews about how what he is doing makes him sick he continues onward and helps kill hundreds more soldiers. They destroy the English forces in Ireland, England submits to Irish independence, and the Irish continue to build a flying force, which at novel's end is a thousand strong.

82. Rare Book Collection-Civil War Literature
Wood, Henry, Mrs., 18141887; East Lynne, or, The Earl s Daughter. RichmondWest Johnston, 1864. 224 p. Call Number 3116 Conf
Title (omit initial article) Author (last name, first name) Keyword (use and, or, not) LC Subject MeSH Subject LC/NLM Call Number Local/Dewey Call Number Gov Docs Call Number Series ISBN/ISSN Number WorldCat OCLC Number Art Biology Carolina Pop. Center Chemistry Davis (Main) Geological Sciences GIS Government Information GrantSource Health Sciences Highway Safety Journalism Law Manuscripts Department Maps Collection Marine Sciences Math/Physics Media Resources Center Microforms Collection Music North Carolina Collection NCC Gallery Odum Institute Photographic Archives Planning Rare Book Collection School of Govt. Southern Historical Coll. Southern Folklife Coll. Stone Center Library Undergraduate University Archives UCIS K-12 Wilson How Do I...? Hours Catalog Article Databases ...
Rare Book Collection
The Civil WarLiterature

83. Wood - Open Dictionary
Wood, Mrs. Henry Wood, Ellen Price Wood (English writer of novels about murdersand thefts and forgeries (18141887)). 6. Wood, Grant Wood (United
Open Dictionary
Word Or Phrase:
From - the free dictionary Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 English
1.1 Homophones

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1.2.1 Derived terms
1.3.2 Translations
wood uncountable and countable
  • uncountable ) The substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree that can be used by humans to manufacture various items. countable ) A dense collection of trees covering a relatively small area; compare forest countable ) A type of golf club the head of which is frequently made of wood.
  • Derived terms
    • Breton: koad m -eier / -o¹ Catalan: fusta f (ca) Chinese: Dutch: hout n Esperanto: ligno Estonian: puit Finnish: puu French: bois m Frisian: hout n German: Holz n Greek: [[ ]] (xylo) Guarani : yvyra Hungarian: fa Indonesian: kayu Interlingua: ligno Italian: legno m Japanese: Latin: silva Polish: drewno n Portuguese: madeira f Romanian: lemn n Slovene: les m Spanish: madera f Swedish: tr¤ Tupinamb¡: ybyr¡ Turkish: odun Welsh: coed

    collection of trees
    • Breton: koad m -eier / -o¹ Catalan: bosc m (ca) Chinese: (lin) Dutch: bos n Esperanto: arbaro Estonian: mets Finnish: mets¤ French: bois m Frisian: bosk n , w¢ld n German: Wald m (de) Guarani : ka'aguy Hungarian: erdő, liget

    84. Forfatterleksikon 1850-1900. Skønlitteratur 1500-1908. Udenlandske Og Uidentifi
    Wood, Ellen (18141887). Wood, Henry St. Martins Aften, (sa) EMP1469 Wood, HenryLady Jesabel, Wood, Mrs. Henry Verners Stolthed, (1865) EMP1447
    Til hovedside for titeloversigt.
    Titler af forfatteren i perioden 1500-1908. Uprægnante titler og anonyme værker kan mangle. Året angiver seneste oplag.
    Originalsprog engelsk
    Denne forfatter har fået opført dramatik på danske teatre, klik for at se liste anonym: Lady Burton, (
    anonym: Postkarethen
    anonym: Komiske
    anonym: Store Belt, (
    anonym: Nautila
    anonym: En Digters Ungdomshistorie, (
    anonym: Elfenbeensgraverne i Sibirien, (
    anonym: Hendrik Maynard, (
    anonym: En Kones Historie, (
    anonym: Eleanor Raymond, ( anonym: Formeget af det Blaae, ( anonym: Historier fra Kattenes Verden, ( anonym: Abou-Cassems originaltitel: The History of Abou Casem, and His two remarkable Slippers, ca 1825 anonym: En engelsk Criminalhistorie, ( anonym: Den Ring og Guldringen, ( anonym: Hvad Fluen saae paa Dampskibet, ( anonym: Morderengelen anonym: anonym: En anonym: En Grille anonym: anonym: Tom King, ( anonym: anonym: Jack og John, ( anonym: Frimurerens Datter, ( anonym: Den lille anonym: Tante Margrethes Bekymringer, ( anonym: » Er anonym: Den Miss Hollingford, (

    85. Parrish Author Holdings
    Mrs. Henry Wood (18141887). She was a novelist (née Ellen Price) who lived abroadin France for many years before returning to London in 1856.
    Author Holdings
    There are approximately 27 authors represented in the Parrish Collection. A brief biographical note for each author follows, with references taken from The Oxford Companion to English Literature and/or The Concise Dictionary of National Biography series. The individual entries in this series also incorporate excerpts from the descriptive catalogue of the Parrish Collection, a twenty-year-plus project of Alexander D. Wainwright, which is currently scheduled to be published in two large volumes in the year 2001. The catalogue entries by author can be viewed online at the following URL (in PDF file format):
    William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882) Ainsworth wrote 39 novels, mostly utilizing historical settings, and edited periodicals including Bentley's Miscellany and Ainsworth's Magazine . The original Parrish collection contained only one Ainsworth letter. Excerpt from Parrish catalogue: Chetwynd Calverley (1876) and Beatrice Tyldesley (1878), and leaves of several other manuscripts. >>

    86. Theatre In Melbourne 1888
    East Lynne , an adaptation of Mrs. Henry Wood s (18141887) 1863 novel, openedon the 5th and ran just three performances before transferring to the
    Theatre in Melbourne 1888 The New Princess Theatre, Melbourne, 1888 " Dear Sir,
    'THE WORLD AGAINST HER' has brought such happiness to me that I trust all women who suffer or have suffered will, as you suggested in your advertisement, bring their Sweethearts, Husbands, Sons and Daughters to learn the lesson it teaches. Harry knows I am writing this and approves.
    Yours, gratefully, -"

    Correspondent to the Argus regarding the current hit play at the Alexander Theatre in November, 1888. A play that took Melbourne audiences by storm and one which ran for months and which the theatre advertising claimed had been seen by over 100,000 people.
    Click on a month and check what was happening in Melbourne theatres for the year 1888. All reviews are from 'Table Talk' unless otherwise stated. January February March April ... December JANUARY The ever popular pantomime 'Jack the Giant-Killer and Little Bo-Beep', by Alfred Maltby, continued its long run at the Theatre Royal . Reviewers said Emma Chambers, in the title role (

    87. Ellen Wood - Recent Reprints Of Wood's Novels & Stories
    Jannine Wheatley, Mrs. Henry Wood (1814 1887); An Analysis of the Influenceof her Early Life in Worcestershire on her Novels , (Unpublished BA
    East Lynne
    Broadview Press
    , 2000, ed. Andrew Maunder.
    The Shadow of Ashlydyat,
    Elibron Classics -
    This firm has recently reissued many of Wood's titles, often utilizing early editions. Several of these are exact replicas of the Tauchnitz editions, which usually appeared in the same year as the first UK book editions. These were normally issued in 2 volumes, which is why some of the following are available in this format.
    The titles reprinted include:
    East Lynne A Life's Secret The Shadow of Ashlydyat Trevlyn Hold (2 vols), Anne Hereford Bessy Rane (2 vols), George Canterbury's Will (2 vols), Dene Hollow (2 vols), Within the Maze (2 vols), The Master of Greylands (2 vols), Johnny Ludlow First Series (2 vols), [Volume 2 of the original 3 volume Johnny Ludlow: Third Series collection]. [Volume 2 of the original 3 volume Johny Ludlow: Second Series [Volume 3 of the original 3 volume Johny Ludlow: Second Series Court Netherleigh (2 vols), Danesbury House, Dene Hollow (2 vols), Edina (2 vols), Elster's Folly (2 vols)

    88. Mrs Henry Wood Bibliography
    A bibliography of Mrs Henry Wood s books and short stories, with book covers andlinks to related authors. Mrs Henry Wood (Ellen Wood) UK (1814 1887)
    Fantastic Fiction Authors W
    Mrs Henry Wood
    (Ellen Wood)
    Search Authors Search Books Novels Top
    Danesbury House
    East Lynne The Elchester College Boys ... The Castle's Heir
    aka Lady Adelaide's Oath The Foggy Night at Offord The Shadow of Ashlydyat Trevlyn Hold
    aka Squire Trevlyns's Heir Verner's Pride Lord Oakburn's Daughters Oswald Cray William Allair ... Reality Or Delusion?
    Collections Top
    Adam Grainger: And Other Stories
    Parkwater: And Other Stories Johnny Ludlow, Second Series ... Johnny Ludlow, Sixth Series
    Non fiction Top
    Our Children

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    89. Biographical List Of Names (WOO - WQZ) Compiled By GIGA
    Mrs. Henry (Ellen) Wood, English novelist (1814 1887) - READ QUOTES (1) CHECKREADING LIST (1) BUY AMAZON BOOK JT Wood, American song writer (fl.
    ON THE INTERNET Home Quotes Biographical Index Reading List ... Varying Hare Books TOPICS: A B C D ... Z
    PEOPLE: A B C D ... V W X Y Z
    ... Wo Woo Wr
    Anthony Wood, English antiquarian and writer (1632 - 1695) BUY AMAZON BOOK
    Clement Wood, American poet and miscellaneous writer (1888 - 1950) BUY AMAZON BOOK
    Mrs. Henry (Ellen) Wood, English novelist (1814 - 1887) READ QUOTES (1) CHECK READING LIST (1) BUY AMAZON BOOK
    J.T. Wood, American song writer (fl. 1881) BUY AMAZON BOOK
    George Edward Woodberry, American critic, editor and poet (1855 - 1930) READ QUOTES (6) BUY AMAZON BOOK Rev. Benjamin Woodbridge, English chaplain to Charles II (1622 - 1684) READ QUOTES (1) BUY AMAZON BOOK Frederick James Eugene Woodbridge, American educator (1867 - 1940) BUY AMAZON BOOK George Woodcock, Canadian writer (1912 - 1995) BUY AMAZON BOOK John Wooden, American college basketball coach (1910 - ) READ QUOTES (4) BUY AMAZON BOOK Henry Sampson Woodfall, English printer and journalist (1739 - 1805) BUY AMAZON BOOK Mrs. Cecil Woodham-Smith

    90. Elibron: Works By Author
    Mrs. Henry Wood. 1814 1887. 65 items. Books Papers. Mrs. Henry Wood. A Life sSecret. Elibron Classics. Paperback $18.95. Mrs. Henry Wood.

    91. Literary Encyclopedia: List People (W)
    1932 Present. Biography available, Wood, Mrs Henry (Wood, Ellen ). 1814 - 1887.We regret we have not completed our entry yet. Please come back another day.

    92. Birth And Death Dates Of Authors
    PRAED, Rosa Caroline Mackworth (Mrs Campbell) (1851 1935) PRESCOTT, 1797)Wood, Charles Erskine Scott (1852 - 1944) Wood, Henry (1814 - 1887) Wood,
    Project Gutenberg of Australia
    If your browser supported IFRAME you would see links to other pages at this site.
    List of birth and death dates The following list shows the birth and death dates of a number of authors. The dates shown may not be accurate, as the list has been compiled from existing sources on the internet, and dates have not been verified by Project Gutenberg of Australia. A comprehensive list of authors and translators, together with birth and death dates, is available from The New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors at the Kingkong web site. Other sites which may be of interest to Project Gutenberg volunteers are listed on the Links page. SURNAME, Christian Name(s) (Born - Died) Home Updated 30 Mar 05

    93. Microforms In Alexander Library
    Census. 1836. 1838. 1842. 1846. 1847. 1855. 1865. 1875 ALEXANDER DOC MFICHE CabWood, Henry Mrs. 1814-1887 (British Fiction Archive) ALEXANDER M/fiche 382
    19th Century Materials in Microform
    Addams, Jane. Jane Addams Papers 1860-1890 ALEXANDER M-FILM 2431 Afro-American History Series ALEXANDER M-FICH 374 ... ALEXANDER M/fiche 382 Last Updated 4/10/2002. Send comments or questions about this page to Stephanie Bartz (

    94. Wood, Mrs Henry - Hutchinson Encyclopedia Article About Wood, Mrs Henry
    Word Word. Wood, Mrs Henry (1814–1887). English novelist whowas a pioneer of the regional novel of realism., Mrs Henry
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    Wood, Mrs Henry
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    English novelist who was a pioneer of the regional novel of realism. Her works include the melodramatic East Lynne Argosy , in which she published her series of short stories, the Johnny Ludlow Papers Wood wrote nearly 40 novels, including the highly popular Mrs Halliburton's Troubles and The Channings , both published in 1862. Her plots frequently revolve around crimes, making her works forerunners of the modern detective novel, while their narrative tone is often moralizing. hut(1) Mentioned in References in classic literature No references found No references found Hutchinson browser Full browser Wood, Harland G(off)

    95. Oregon In 1847
    HILL, Henry Charles (18351919) m d 1889 KLINE, Jennie Mrs. Wood, Henry ( - )m d ,. Wood, John P. (1811-1892) m d WITT, Amy
    Emigrants To Oregon In 1847
    compiled by
    Stephenie Flora and Nancy Prevost
    The following lists are being updated constantly. If you have additions or corrections please contact me at the email address at the bottom of the page. If you have pictures of your ancestor that you are willing to share I would love to add them to the Photo Gallery.
    Note: Nancy Prevost with the aid of a grant from Northwest Foundation has undertaken the task of researching the 1847 migration in depth. If you have information regarding the families of this emigration you are encouraged to contact her at Nancy Prevost at
    Captains of 1847 1) Capt. John William Bewley: party consisted of 36 wagons when it started out. Left Independence, MO on May 7, 1847. Capt. Bewley was elected the permanent Captain after a shakedown period of several days. Included in the party were the Isaac Bewley family, the Prettymans, the Youngs, and the Victor Wallace family. Several days out of Independence they were joined by a train of 35 wagons from Oskaloosa and a party of American Fur Company trappers bound for the Lakes. Five months and three days after leaving Independence they had their first view of the Columbia. On Oct 10, 1847 they camped at the mouth of the Umatilla and the next morning the party began to separate and follow different paths. Some of the members of the train chose to go to the Whitman Mission where they became embroiled in the Whitman Massacre [follow the links under Missionaries to learn more about this event]

    96. Elibron: Title Info Page
    Mrs. Henry Wood (1814 1887), list of works (pen-name of Ellen Wood) Mrs.Henry Wood. George Canterbury s Will. Volume 1. Elibron Classics.

    97. Research And Special Collections Available Locally (NI) - RASCAL Northern Irelan
    Siddons, Mrs Sidgwick, Henry (18381900), English philosopher Simmons, James Wood-Martin, William Gregory (1847-1917) Workers Educational Association

    98. MoorePortraits
    Julia M Wheeler (Mrs. GC Moore) 18141887. Julia-Wheeler.jpg (18643 bytes) The painting on right is on Wood and Aunt Bessie Pierce who was given it,
    Sally's Family Place - Mulberry Grove
    MULBERRY GROVE PARKER RAYNER ... HOME Best viewed with Internet Explorer -
    MG Index Moore
    Godwin C

    Jas Wr

    Will Ed




    ... AnsonCo Browne Sarah John John Samuel ... Edward Brittle Sarah John Rutland Elizabeth Rutland Williams Elizabeth Lewis John Godwin Martha William Thomas Jeremiah Wright Elizabeth Thomas also Pensie Stephen Lawrence Sarah John John Robert family portraits legends house interior ... Powell Bracewell Robert Solomon Borland Parlor Portraits When I was growing up at Maple Lawn my ancestors were a very real Presence. Most of these portraits had hung at Mulberry Grove the home of the Cottens and Dr Godwin Cotten Moore. They were brought to Maple Lawn after Uncle Will's family moved to Washington D C. Dr Godwin Cotten Moore Julia M Wheeler (Mrs. G C Moore) 1814-1887 Family tradition says that Julia's portrait left was painted by her sister in law Ellen Wheeler the daughter of Thomas Sulley. Uncle Jule said when looking at his mother's portrait at Maple Lawn "Mother had a long neck, but it was not that long" (photo by Cathy L Spruill.)

    99. OSB MSS FILE
    expand/contract this heading WARRINGTON, Henry BOOTH, 1ST EARL OF, 16521694 expand/contract this heading Wood, ELLEN (PRICE), 1814-1887
    OSBORN MANUSCRIPT FILES: "W" (#15569-16509)
    Click text below to navigate Finding Aid

    100. Durgan
    HILL, Henry Charles (18351919) m d 1889 KLINE, Jennie Mrs. Wood, Henry ( - )m d , Wood, John P. (1811-1892) m d WITT, Amy Wood, Joseph ( - ) m d ,
    Emigrants To Oregon In 1847 The year of grandfather Michael family compiled by Stephenie Flora and Nancy Prevost Wagons " Forward HO On to Oregon we go Note: Nancy Prevost with the aid of a grant from Northwest Foundation has undertaken the task of researching the 1847 migration in depth. If you have information regarding the families of this emigration you are encouraged to contact her at Abbreviations:
    *BR: Barlow Road
    *SR: Southern Route
    1847 was a big year for Emigrants to oregon as the trail was well established by earlier trains from the years before and some of them were on there 2nd time as they came out earlier and then returned to get there families but it was still very rough going.. and a lot of people died and were buried in unmarked graves in the desert.. they still came by the Thousands Captains of 1847 1) Capt. John William Bewley: party consisted of 36 wagons when it started out. Left Independence, MO on May 7, 1847. Capt. Bewley was elected the permanent Captain after a shakedown period of several days. Included in the party were the Isaac Bewley family, the Prettymans, the Youngs, and the Victor Wallace family. Several days out of Independence they were joined by a train of 35 wagons from Oskaloosa and a party of American Fur Company trappers bound for the Lakes. Five months and three days after leaving Independence they had their first view of the Columbia. On Oct 10, 1847

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