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  1. Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations (of a Crazy World) by Ingrid Schaffner, Donna Ghelerter (contributor), et all 2010-04-22
  2. The Various Haunts of Men (Simon Serrailler Mystery) by Susan Hill, 2008-04-01
  3. Various Positions: A Life of Leonard Cohen (Jewish History, Life, and Culture) by Ira B. Nadel, 2007-10-01
  4. The Various Flavors of Coffee: A Novel by Anthony Capella, 2009-08-25
  5. Poems on various subjects, religious and moral by Phillis Wheatley, 2010-07-06
  6. Kierkegaard's Writings, XV: Upbuilding Discourses in Various Spirits by Soren Kierkegaard, 2009-07-06
  7. Various Flavors of Coffee by Anthony Capella, 2009-03-27
  8. The Bible in the Churches: How Various Christians Interpret the Scriptures (Marquette Studies in Theology, Vol 4)
  9. Anon, and various time machine poems, by Dick Allen, 1971
  10. So Vast and Various: Interpreting Canada's Regions in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Carleton Library)
  11. The Catchings And Holliday Families: And Various Related Families, In Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi And Other Southern States (1921)
  12. Understanding the Hand & Wrist chart by Various, 2010-03-16
  13. Understanding the Spine chart by Various, 2010-03-16
  14. The London-Bawd: With Her Character and Life Discovering the Various and Subtle Intrigues of Lewd Women by Anonymous, 2006-11-03

This site includes Various freeware designed and published by GASoftware, among other things. Includes text encryption and system utilities.

2. Earliest Uses Of Various Mathematical Symbols
Discusses first known appearances of common expressions, such as operations, variables and trigonometric functions.
Earliest Uses of Various Mathematical Symbols
These pages show the names of the individuals who first used various common mathematical symbols, and the dates the symbols first appeared. The most important written source is the definitive A History of Mathematical Notations by Florian Cajori. Please see also Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics and Images of Mathematicians on Postage Stamps Jeff Miller , a teacher at Gulf High School in New Port Richey, Florida.

3. Glass Attic
Information and instruction on techniques, as well as Various lesson pages, a listing of supply sources, information on tools, and problem solving. Also contains illustrated examples and tips on photographing works.
Click here for noframes content

4. Intel Corporation - Welcome To
Designs, manufactures and markets microcomputer components and related products at Various levels of integration. Principal components consist of

Figurative works, and functional design; Various styles of Shabat and Chanuka candlesticks.

The online arts and culture magazine, with regular features on or by Various literary luminaries.

7. Calories In Various Foods
Calories in Various Foods. Alcohol Arby s Beverages Bread Burger King Candy Cereal Cookies Crackers Dairy Dessert Domino s Pizza
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Calories in Various Foods
By John Walker

Official site that includes information on Various characters, games, buzz, and a forum/chat area.

9. Various Licenses And Comments About Them - GNU Project - Free Software Foundatio
Various licenses and comments about them.
Translations of this page
Various Licenses and Comments about Them
Table of Contents
  • Introduction Software Licenses
    We classify a license according to certain key questions:
    • Whether it qualifies as a free software license. Whether it is a copyleft license. Whether it is compatible with the GNU GPL . (This means you can combine a module which was released under that license with a GPL-covered module to make one larger program.) Whether it causes any particular practical problems.
    If you want help choosing a license, evaluating a license, or have any other questions about licenses, you can email us at If you are contemplating writing a new license, please contact the FSF by writing to . The proliferation of different free software licenses means increased work for users in understanding the licenses; we may be able to help you find an existing Free Software license that meets your needs. If that isn't possible, if you really need a new license, with our help you can ensure that the license really is a Free Software license and avoid various practical problems.

10. Scott's Movie-Land And Mega Links!
Alphabetized collection of links to the author's reviews in Various online locales.
Scott's MovieLand
Mega-Links! "Dedicated solely to the art of recommending the right movie while making you laugh."
You want some entertaining movie reviews with an attitude? You looking for the best collection of Movie Links and all around cinema-related mayhem? Welcome to your new home! Reviews
Welcome! These reviews are published regularly on HBS and , in addition to my weekly columns and reviews at Independent Film Magazine and . You can also see my reviews and articles at CHUD's Creature Corner ... Sain Unlimited , Filmink Magazine, Rotten Tomatoes , the IMDb , and Braisco's Humor Corner. I'll be adding lots of new stuff all the time, so check back. Reviews are accessible alphabetically, or you can choose to see this years releases only. Films of 2000 A B C D E F G H I ... V W X Y Z Links While my reviews are easily entertaining enough to warrant your visit (ha), I thought I would go ahead and start working on the all-time BEST movie links pages. Take a look and you'll probably agree. General Movie Links DVD Site Links Movie Studio Links Movie Review Site Links ... Movie Magazine Links Several of my reviews, in addition to numerous other topics can be seen at

11. - Genealogy And Family History Records
Subscription based resource of worldwide census, marriage, newspaper and Various other records. Includes some free searchable databases, columns and

1997 psychology research project by Alyson L. Hill at Stephen F. Austin State University. Participants scanned simulated websites for a target word;
Readability Of Websites With Various Foreground/Background Color Combinations, Font Types And Word Styles
Alyson L. Hill
Department of Psychology
Stephen F. Austin State University
P. O. Box 13046, Nacogdoches, TX 75962
Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Lauren F. V. Scharff
Figure 1 ). A control experiment (N=21) using black text on shades of gray (to increase generalizablity to Internet browser settings), also found significant main effects for background gray level and style, and several interactions ( Figure 2 ). In general these results suggest that there is no one foreground/background combination, font, or word style which leads to the fastest RT (i.e. best readability), but rather a designer must consider how each variable affects the other(s). To see results of other studies in our lab investigating readability of GUIs, please click here (This work was completed in 1997.) Legibility, and in turn readability, of the VDT is very important for efficient communication. Legibility depends on many factors: color combinations, background texture, font, font size, word style (bold, italicized, etc.), computer pixel size, along with many others. There are plenty of opinions, preferences, observations, and even proposed algorithms related to legibility, but very little published, objective data that directly relates to webpage style screen displays. Despite the small amount of objective data, several legibility factors are acknowledged by books discussing on-screen displays. Unfortunately there is often little, if any, agreement across different publications. For example, although many of the design books do agree in their recommendations for "high contrast," there is very little agreement regarding other variables that influence good screen design.

13. Study Guides For Various Works
Index to the study guides to Various literary and philosophical works prepared by Paul Brians, Professor of English at Washington State University.
Course Materials, Including Study Guides to Various Works
Grouped here are study guides prepared by Professor Paul Brians of Washington State University for the use of students in his classes. Nonprofit users are welcome to use and reproduce them for educational purposes so long as full credit is given to the author and the URL of the original is included, though online "mirrors" are not allowed. Please link to these pages rather than cloning them on your own site. Feel free to make corrections and/or additions by writing Prof. Brians at
Take a course from Professor Brians online.
  • World Civilizations (General Education 110 and 111)
  • Science Fiction (English 333) ...
  • Science Fiction Film Bibliography (searchable version: limit 10 users)
  • Science Fiction Film Bibliography (text version; use when the preceding is busy)
  • 18th and 19th Century European Classics (Humanities 303)
  • Other materials
  • Love in the Arts ...
  • World Literature in English of India, Africa, and the Caribbean (English 222)
  • 14. RF Cafe - Homepage
    An extensive collection of links to Various application notes for different RF Vendors. A large number of links to , RF equations, technical data sheets, math notes, design ideas and useful RF design information.
    Your Onramp to the Information Superhighway
    About RF Cafe

    Visitors Since May 2000 Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Forums Search RF Cafe Home Site Map ...
    Many Translations Available RF Cafe Homepage September 12, 2005 On This Date: 1956: The first commercial coal pipeline was completed. 1958: Jack Kilby of TI invented the Integrated Circuit. 1959: The Soviet Union launched Luna 2, which on September 13 it became the first space probe to reach the moon. 1970: The Concorde SST lands for 1st time at Heathrow airport. 1992: Dr. Mae Carol Jemison became the first black woman in space as the payload specialist aboard the space shuttle Endeavor. 1995: Two Americans were killed when their hydrogen balloon was shot down by the Belarussian military during an international race. Advertise on RF Cafe Headline News Archive Zensys’ Z-Wave Home-Ccontrol Technology Featured in New Logitech Harmony Remotes Monster to Develop and Launch Line of Z-Wave Automation Products AWR Acquires European EDA Developer APLAC Solutions Oy ... Microsoft Developing Low-Cost Windows XP Software by RF Cafe Complete List RF Cascade Workbook
    RF System Analysis
    Now Includes Frequency
    RF Workbench Smith Chart™
    for Excel Smith Chart™
    for Visio
    for Word
    for Visio Your Host Kirt Blattenberger Carpe Diem!

    15. Opensecrets.orgMoney In Politics Data
    Details information on PAC money which is contributed to the Various political candidates. Information can be sorted alphabetically or by industry.

    16. File Extensions, Formats, And Utilities
    Includes descriptions and suggestions for software (free and pay) that handle them on Windows and MacOS.
    Various File Formats
    and How to Deal With Them
    A B C D ... Z
    File Extension Format Description and Type How to deal with it Lotus 123 File Use Lotus123 or another spreadsheet with a conversion utility Use Lotus123 or another spreadsheet with a conversion utility. Use Lotus 123 or another spreadsheet with a conversion utility. Excel Viewer may also be able to open these files. .arc Macintosh Hierarchical Archive Download as MacBinary, and launch it. Self Extracting N/A Use Stuffit Expander for Windows .aiff .aiff a not-so-common sound format. Use Sound Player to play it Use Waveform Hold and Modify to play it Use Waveform Hold and Modify to play it .art May be an AOL compressed Image file . Try dragging this onto your browser and then save in .jpg or .bmp format. If you have AOL, you may be able to open it in AOL without logging on and save it as a .jpg file .art May be a Clip Art file. Use Adobe Photoshop Use Adobe Photoshop Use Adobe Photoshop .asp Probably an Active Server Page. This is a server side customized html page. View it in your browser View it in your browser View it in your browser .au .au is a once common sound format found on the web. Use Sound Player to play it Use Waveform Hold and Modify to play it Use Waveform Hold and Modify to play it .avi Audio Video Interleaved - Windows movie file Use Quicktime to play it Use Windows Media Player Use Windows Media Player .bat DOS batch file. A series of line commands, similar to a shell script. To run, simply name the file at the command line. AUTOEXEC.BAT runs when you boot your pre win2000 PC.

    17. Technical Figure Skating
    The technical aspects of figure skating, animated gifs to demonstrate Various jumps, and spins. Discussions on skating equipment, and commentary on technique by the author.

    18. Foreign Commonwealth Office Home
    Includes information for UK citizens travelling abroad and a regularly updated archive of speeches, press releases and background papers on Various

    19. Patricia's Various Basketball Stuff
    Includes news and links for the NBA and the Dallas Mavericks.
    Patricia's Various Basketball Stuff
    To the MAVS stuff
    To the non-bball stuff
    NBA Stuff
    Note: a couple of the links will take you off to where I have another account that has a ton of disc space (and I keep bumping against my limit) [the fines file, some of the older dailys, and the tabs files]

    20. GolfClubAtlas
    Features include interviews, opinions, art, photographs, descriptions, listings and a discussion group that is visited by professionals, masters and students from Various parts of the world.

    COURSES BY COUNTRY FEATURE INTERVIEW THE NEXT FIFTY ... CONTRIBUTIONS SITE SEARCH Welcome to presented by Ran Morrissett Southern Pines, NC, USA is presented to promote the frank commentary on the world's finest golf courses. Within this site, the subject of golf course architecture is discussed in several different sections, including:
    • course profiles that highlight the finer virtues of golf architecture found in over 140 courses world-wide. Please post any meaningful analysis you may have regarding each course at the end of its profile.
    • monthly Feature Interviews with a well known golf figure with past interviews archived for your perusal as well.
    • a Discussion Group limited to 1,500 people from around the world. Five new participants are brought on each month in lieu of five that are no longer active. If interested in participating, please email me.
    • an 'In My Opinion' column for you to submit detailed articles relating to the subject of golf architecture.
    • a 'My Home Course' section, where you may profile your home course and explain why it is enjoyable to play on a day to day basis.

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