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         Unknown:     more books (101)
  1. A Galaxy Unknown by Thomas DePrima, 2010-08-10
  2. Valor At Vauzlee (A Galaxy Unknown - Book 2) by Thomas DePrima, 2010-08-05
  3. Cure Unknown: Inside the Lyme Epidemic by Pamela Weintraub, 2009-10-13
  4. Paranormal State: My Journey into the Unknown by Ryan Buell, Stefan Petrucha, 2010-10-01
  5. Identity: Unknown (Tall, Dark & Dangerous, Book 8) by Suzanne Brockmann, 1999-12-01
  6. Atlas of Unknowns (Vintage Contemporaries) by Tania James, 2010-04-20
  7. Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal by Ayn Rand, Nathaniel Branden, et all 1986-07-15
  8. Mao: The Unknown Story by Jung Chang, Jon Halliday, 2006-11-14
  9. Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity by David Whyte, 2002-04-02
  10. Unknown Man #89 by Elmore Leonard, 2002-06-01
  11. Down the Great Unknown: John Wesley Powell's 1869 Journey of Discovery and Tragedy Through the Grand Canyon by Edward Dolnick, 2002-09-01
  12. Address Unknown by Kathrine Kressmann Taylor, 2001-04-01
  13. To a God Unknown (Penguin Classics) by John Steinbeck, 1995-08-01
  14. Portrait of an Unknown Woman: A Novel by Vanora Bennett, 2008-04-01

1. Unknown News  |  "The News You Need, Whether You Know It Or Not."  |  Frida
News of interest to the interested The good news along with the bad, and especially the ugly.
Freedom is
the fundamental
human right.
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This week's
... stuff Our regular features A Radical's Right Infobabble
Mental Health Moment
Yomama's Corner

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THE WEEK BEFORE Friday, Sept. 9, 2005 THE WEEK AFTER You can help ... At least killed in Afghanistan and Iraq Get e-mail alerts Thank you! , William S., Heather G., Michael D., Gina D., Dennis M., Anonymous in Novato ( meow ), and more ...
and arghh, please drop us a line.
FRIDAY, SEPT. 9 EARLIER Canadian search-and-rescue team ... Republicans plan Katrina probe
Both Bush and his Republican hacks vow to begin whitewash "investigation" immediately, even if it means more time and resources taken away from actually keeping people alive. =Madeline Zane=
LINK Infectious disease research in and around New Orleans Summary: At the very least, there are two Level-3 biolabs in New Orleans and a cluster of three in nearby Covington. They have been working with anthrax, mousepox, HIV, plague, etc. There are surely other labs in the city. Old-line families plot New Orleans' future The rich are our moral inferiors.

2. Unknown Armies
Collaborative resource page with new NPCs, avatars, rituals, artifacts, rumors and scenarios. Official site maintained by John Tynes.
WELCOME GUEST login register adepts avatars ... ua-ml NEWEST SUBMISSIONS The Thief, version 2.0 Flying Blind (Magik and Consequence) Nisse Lätts Eye Doug "The_Eagle" Eagleton
News From The Occult Underground
Otherworld Excursions
Unknown Armies co-creator John Tynes and canon GMC Ken Hite are both working with a new group called Otherworld Excursions to offer unique travel/gaming events. If you just thought, "Huh?" well, you're not alone! Here's the info:

John Tynes
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Unknown Armies Site Fundraising Complete!
In less than 48 hours, we raised the $95 needed to renew the site hosting for another year. Thanks to everyone who contributed! This is a great shared resource and I'm so pleased with your support.
John Tynes
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Help Keep Us Online
It's time for our annual renewal of the web site hosting service. Each year I ask you to contribute to the hosting fees, as this site is not paid for by Atlas Games, but by myself and by you, the Unknown Armies community.

3. Futurism: Manifestos And Other Resources
The definitive site on the Futurist art movement of the early 20th Century, featuring most of the original manifestos of the members, and an extensive list
Too bad they were all Fascists.

4. Parts Unknown Review
Review and description. Robust systems and solid gameplay.
Parts Unknown
From: Cheapass Games Cost: Players Playing Time: 90-120 minutes Type of game : Family Strategy Skill level Complexity Reviewed by : Peter Sarrett, Issue 6.1 (21), Summer 1999
Like many of you, I’ve become leery of the Cheapass brand. Their hit-or-miss catalog has been far more of the latter for me. What’s most disturbing is that these titles often have good ideas or neat mechanisms in them and yet don’t hang together as a game. They feel somehow half cooked, served up just a bit too early from the development oven. But the graphics are professional, they’re usually good for a few laughs, and the price is right. A shame about the actual games, though. But there are signs of change. Cheapass is slowing down, releasing fewer games than before. The latest batch of products aren’t just playable, fully-formed games for your shekels- they are, as a group, markedly stronger designs than their predecessors. Standing tall among them is Parts Unknown As with all Cheapass games, Parts Unknown comes in a white envelope and requires you to provide your own pawns and counters. Your five bucks gets you a deck of cards, rules, and a four-piece cardstock game board. The game occurs in a town full of mad scientists in constant need of body parts for their experiments. Players assume the roles of shopkeepers eager to supply their demand. I didn’t choose those words lightly. Above all else, Parts Unknown is a superb economic model (says someone whose knowledge of the field extends no further than Econ 101) in which supply neatly influences demand. More strikingly, the game effectively simulates the cutthroat world of retailing with deep discounting, undercutting, and price fixing. There aren‘t any rules governing such tactics per se- they simply arise naturally from the simple, elastic system.

5. Seekers Of The Unknown - Supernatural, Preternatural, Demonology, Exorcism, UFOs
Seekers of the Unknown is dedicated to investigating all aspects of the paranormal including ghosts, hauntings, demons, ufos, aliens, cryptozoology,
@import url(; Results of May Paranormal Poll: (Question posed - Do you believe in the existence of Heaven and Hell?
41% - When we die that's it
27% - Yes based on what I've read in the bible
12% - Other
6% - Yes based on what I've heard
6% - No, it's just a story to scare people into behaving
5% - Likely but not certain
4% - Doubtful
submit your own paranormal experiences
, and our personal investigations will be posted as well. By joining our mailing list (see below), you will receive our free e-newsletter around the first of each month which will provide exclusive information pertaining to our organization, site updates, and short paranormal stories as well. Feel free to speak with us via our forums Contact us if you need help with a haunting or other supernatural occurrence.
Visitors since 10/1/00:
JUNE PARANORMAL TIDBIT OF THE MONTH Do you believe that demonic possession can occur? Yes but only if you invite them in Yes and it is totally out of our control No, it is only mental illness

6. The Unknown Armies Novel Project
The first Unknown Armies novel, being done as a collaborative effort between the game's creators, industry professionals who have written for the system, and players from the UA mailing list. Once finished, it should clock in at about 400 pages.
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream."
Edgar Allen Poe

Last Update

June 18th, 2003

Novel Project has been completed
Welcome to the hub of the first Unknown Armies serial novel. Here's a bit of history on the effort that went into this endeavor: This all began several years ago, in the December of 1999. I posted an idea to the UA mailing list for a collaborative novel, done in a serial fashion with each of a group of writers taking a chapter, and building upon what came before them. Over twenty writers were signed up for work on it. Greg Stolze provided the core story that would run through all the others, and the first chapter. And we were off. The work hit a snag in the spring of 2001, when I took an unannounced absence. I had been running the posting and assignment of chapters up to that point, and when I disappeared the forward progress stopped. It would remain that way for nearly two years. In October 2002, I found my way back to the various UA lists. A lot had changed in my time away. Most of those originally slated for the remaining chapters were gone. Out of the few still able to be contacted, I found some still up for finishing what we had begun. We pushed forward, this time on a new site.

Free online Roget's Thesaurus of the English Language.

8. Whitley Strieber S Unknown Country
Weekly updated website for a radio program that deals with the environment and anomalies.
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Whitley's Journal

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Monday Sep. 12, 2005
11-Sep-2005 Folding FEMA into Homeland Security may have made it inevitable that the same mistakes were made in both places, whether we are battling insurgents or the weather. Vice President Cheney's former corporation Halliburton has been put in charge of housing and feeding refugees from the storm, just as they feed and house US soldiers in Iraq. The private security company Blackwater, which has also worked in Iraq, has men patrolling the streets of New Orlenas openly carrying assault weapons. As they did in Iraq, the government is missing the chance to recruit loyal followers by giving these much-needed jobs to locals. Full Story Seven Huge Solar Flares in Seven Days 10-Sep-2005 X-17 flare The sun is extremely active right now. Between September 7 and September 10, there were no fewer than 7 X-class solar flares, including one monster, an X-17, which was the 8th largest ever recorded. The Space Weather Observatory estimates that there is a 75% chance of more X-class flares emerging from extremely active sunspot 798. Full Story Can Two Million Kids All be Sick?

9. Unknown News "The News You Need, Whether You Know It Or Not."
This week's Unknown News dialogue with our readers About us LAST WEEK's Unknown NEWS PREVIOUSLY in Unknown NEWS

10. Welcome To Unknown Galaxy
An Active Worlds based system where you can build structures, play games, or chat with friends. Also offers world hosting for a fee.
" The Best Virtual Chat On The Net " Home Our Galaxy Download Build ... World Hosting What's New? Unknown Galaxy is now open! Download our free browser and experience a virtual 3D environment that allows you to chat with your friends, and build 3 dimensional structures and objects online.. Some Info. Download the Free Software Unknown Galaxy is a chat server where people can come to communicate and build with each other. We promote a family rated atmosphere, where everyone can come to and relax. Hope to see you in ground zero. Attractions include online bingo, chess and checkers for your enjoyment. Galaxy staff has also been known to play thier favorite tunes on our ShoutCast server.
TECS Company Inc

11. PersonalPageBrowser - Browsing User Pages
** Under Construction **

12. MAN AND THE UNKNOWN: Paranormal Voices (sound Clips), New Age, Mysticism, Surviv
Original introductions to little known subjects ranging from paranormal voices (sound clips), New Age to modern Dutch art.
Nederlandse paginas
Hello, The following is a summary of various subjects of articles on this site. The object of these pages is a call for understanding of some little known spiritual and cultural aspects of life. By widening our horizon respect may grow for the multitude of facets of truth. The wider our frame of reference the more we may see that clinging to a onesided point of view will lead to fundamentalism and extremism, be it in religious belief or atheist scepticism. The subjects range from paranormal voices (with sound clips), Javanese mysticism, parapsychology to modern Dutch art. But foremost these original introductions deal with intriguing mysteries and the inner life of man. Please click on the various headings for full information.
I am confident that the attentive and open-minded reader will find somewhere hidden in these pages a key or link that may open up new vistas in his/her life. Students may find in them a starting point for a not so run-of-the-mill essay. This is a non-sponsored, independent, non-commercial website. You will not be besieged by nasty pop-up ads, nor spyware being installed behind your back.
The articles are revised and enlarged continuously, so keep returning to them! Over three million people of more than a hundred countries have already read one of the following articles.

13. Globetrotter Games - Sällskapsspel. Board Games. Jeux De Societé.
To reach the key counters as fast as possible wioth your expedition. When you have found two identical keys, you have to return to an optional starting square as soon as possible and point out two identical key counters.

14. YaBB SE
A PHP/MySQL port of Yet another Bulletin Board (YaBB) 1 Gold (see above).

15. Unknown Quotes - The Quotations Page
Unknown; A wise man can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can Unknown; Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human
Quotation Search by keyword or author:
Read books online
at our other site:
The Literature Page
Quotations by Author
Quotations by unknown authors [more author details]
Showing quotations 1 to 30 of 55 total
A friend is someone who will help you move. A real friend is someone who will help you move a body.
A gentleman is a man who can play the accordion but doesn't.
A lifetime is more than sufficiently long for people to get what there is of it wrong.
A stitch in time would have confused Einstein.
A wise man can see more from the bottom of a well than a fool can from a mountain top .
Unknown - More quotations on: [ Wisdom
Accident, n.: A condition in which presence of mind is good, but absence of body is better.
Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.
Unknown - More quotations on: [ Advertising
After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done.
All power corrupts, but we need the electricity.

16. Letter From An Unknown Woman (1948)
Tim Dirks' review the classic romantic film a lush tearjerker par excellence . With detailed plot summary.
Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948)
Greatest Films and
With descriptive review commentaries and background history on many classic, landmark films in cinematic history, especially American/Hollywood films. Including posters, Academy Awards history, film genres, film terms, film history by decade, trivia, and lots of lists of 'best' films, stars, scenes, quotes, resources, etc. Buy This Film
Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948) is the classic romantic film - a lush tearjerker par excellence - of the bittersweet theme of unrequited, lost love (it's considered a quintessential "woman's picture"). Legendary European director Max Ophuls' deeply-moving, timeless film, considered his greatest and most successful American film but a film unlike most Hollywood films. [The director's name was given an alternate American spelling, OPULS, in the credits, as in his other American films of the 40s.] It demonstrates his lyrical, gliding camera movements, long tracking shots, atmospheric melancholy and romantic dialogue, the recreated flavor of turn-of-the century Vienna, and the exquisite acting talents of its delicate blonde heroine - portrayed by 31 year-old actress Joan Fontaine. The film's literate screenplay was written by previous Academy Award winner Howard Koch (screenwriter for Casablanca (1942) ), and adapted from a 1922 short story by Stefan Zweig. Fontaine's own production company produced the film. John Houseman, Orson Welles' former partner and the uncredited co-author of

17. Military District Of Washington - Fact Sheet Tomb Of The Unknowns
THE Unknown OF WORLD WAR I On Memorial Day, 1921, four Unknowns were exhumed from four World War I American cemeteries in France.

18. Unknown Brushes :: The Brush Directory
Unknown belongs to alyson b. costa. thieves will be fed to the giant poodle. *points accusingly*. Transparent PNG, New Staff

anime/manga cartoons games ... read the rules! Unknown belongs to alyson b. costa . thieves will be fed to the giant poodle. *points accusingly* Read the RULES in order to get the PASSWORD! Do NOT ask for it in a comment or e-mail!
PNG's and New Staff 3 new transparent png's have been added, by our new staff member, NinjaYuki. NinjaYuki can't currently login, due to a program with their computer, however, so I'm making an update for them :) Enjoy! Posted on 17 Aug 2005 by Alliey
Comments (2)

png I've created a png based on the series Chobits. Hope you enjoy! Posted on 12 Aug 2005 by michelle
Comments (6)

Transparent PNG's I have added in two new Final Fantasy X-2 transparent PNG's, featuring Rikku and Yuna. Both images were scanned by me. Enjoy! Posted on 10 Aug 2005 by Alliey
Comments (0)

Hacked! We have been hacked! Or, well, our host has. The only problem seems to be with the news program previous news posts have been deleted, but everything else seems to be working correctly. In other news, I have installed a new script and am going through the site and activating it. Through this script, I can now see how many times each brush and/or png has been downloaded, allowing me to work on the most peopular themes and/or shows. As always, requests are more than welcome :) Toodles! Posted on 08 Aug 2005 by Alliey
Comments (1)

Bugs Will Be Worked On!

19. UA The Unknown Armies Mailing List
This is the home page, including archives and other information, for the UA mailing list. Aside from Atlas Games, the list is the source for most UA material.

20. Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country
Homepage of author and radio host Whitley Strieber, covering alternative and mainstream science news and debates.

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