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         Thomson James:     more books (100)
  1. The Seasons: And the Castle of Indolence by James Thomson, 2010-04-03
  2. James Thomson: Anglo-Scot by Mary Jane W. Scott, 1988-01
  3. James Thomson [ 1898 ] by William Bayne, 2009-08-10
  4. The Works of James Thomson: A Play of Old New York by William Oscar Bates, 2009-04-27
  5. The City of Dreadful Night (Volume 2); And Other Poems by James Thomson, 2010-10-14
  6. At the Paris Peace Conference, by James Thomson Shotwell, 1937
  7. James Thomson BV Beyond the City by William D Schaefer, 1965-01-01
  8. The Poetical Works Of James Thomson V1 (1860) by James Thomson, 2008-06-02
  9. George Meredith by James Thomson, 1909
  10. James Thomson (B.V.), a Critical Study (B.V., a Critical Study) by Imogene B. Walker, 1970-10-14
  11. Poems on several occasions. By James Thomson. by James Thomson, 2010-05-28
  12. Proclaiming Revolution: Bolivia in Comparative Perspective (David Rockefeller Center Series on Latin American Studies, Harvard University, 10)
  13. The Natural History of Bumblebees: A Sourcebook for Investigations by Carol Ann Kearns, James Thomson, 2001-09
  14. The seasons: containing Spring. Summer. Autumn. Winter. By James Thomson. With the life of the author, by Dr. Samuel Johnson. by James Thomson, 2010-06-10

1. James Thomson - Kalliope
Værker, digttitler, førstelinier fra digte, søgning, populære digte, portrætter, biografi og samtid.

2. James Thomson
James Thomson (18341882). Two Sonnets; A Recusant. return to sonnet central return to the Victorian Era. Two Sonnets. 1. Why are your songs all wild and
James Thomson (1834-1882)
Two Sonnets
"Why are your songs all wild and bitter sad
As funeral dirges with the orphans' cries?
Each night since first the world was made hath had
A sequent day to laugh it down the skies.
Chant us a glee to make our hearts rejoice,
Or seal in silence this unmanly moan."
My friend, I have no power to rule my voice
A spirit lifts me where I lie alone,
And thrills me into song by its own laws;
That which I feel, but seldom know, indeed
Tempering the melody it could not cause.
The bleeding heart cannot forever bleed
Inwardly solely; on the wan lips, too,
Dark blood will bubble ghastly into view.
Striving to sing glad songs, I but attain
Wild discords sadder than Grief's saddest tune;
As if an owl with his harsh screech should strain
To over-gratulate a thrush of June.
The nightingale upon its thorny spray
Finds inspiration in the sullen dark;
The kindling dawn, the world-wide joyous day
Are inspiration to the soaring lark;
The seas are silent in the sunny calm,
Their anthem surges in the tempest boom;
The skies outroll no solemn thunder psalm
Till they have clothed themselves with clouds of gloom.

3. Thomson, James (1700-48). Poet.
James Thomson. James Thomson, author of "The Seasons" and "Rule Britannia", was born on 11 September 1700 at Ednam (Roxburghshire), where his father

4. Embryonic Stem Cell Research At UW-Madison
News and background information detailing embryonic stem cell research at the University of WisconsinMadison, the site where professor James Thomson

5. Thomson, James, 1700-1748, Scottish Poet. The Columbia
Thomson, James, 17001748, Scottish poet. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05

6. James Thomson
James Thomson's web page the home of DragThing and other fine TLA Systems productions. That's me up there. You can email me at this address

7. The Official DragThing Home Page
The new official DragThing home page. You can get the most upto-date DragThing news and information here, and download the latest version.

8. James Thomson: Definition And Much More From
Thomson , James 1700–1748. Scottishborn British poet whose works, most notably The Seasons (1726–1730) and The Castle of Indolence (1748), presaged.
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Dictionary Encyclopedia Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping James Thomson Dictionary Thomson James
Scottish-born British poet whose works, most notably The Seasons (1726–1730) and The Castle of Indolence (1748), presaged romanticism. Encyclopedia Thomson, James, 1700–1748, Scottish poet. Educated at Edinburgh, he went to London, took a post as tutor, and became acquainted with such literary celebrities as Gay, Arbuthnot, and Pope. His most famous poem, The Seasons, was published in four parts, beginning with “Winter” (1726), which achieved an immediate success. “Summer” (1727) was followed by “Spring” (1728) and then “Autumn” in the first collected edition (1730); a revised edition appeared in 1744. In The Seasons, Thomson's faithful, sensitive descriptions of external nature were a direct challenge to the urban and artificial school of Pope and influenced the forerunners of romanticism, such as Gray and Cowper. His other important poems are Liberty (1735–36), a tribute to Britain, and

9. James Thomson
James Thomson. James Thomson was born in Edinburgh on the 10th September 1763, the son of impoverished parents who found the prospect of raising him

10. Ex-HealthSouth Exec Gets Probation
HealthSouth executives who were indicted in the bribery scheme, Robert Thomson and James Reilly. Prosecutors claimed Thomson and Reilly agreed

This page is dedicated to the writings of Victorian poet James Thomson (B.V.).

12. James Thomson (1700-1748)
Part of the Penn State Archive for Samuel Johnson's Lives of the Poets, this page features an index of the works of James Thomson on line, a link to

13. James Thomson Quotes
8 quotes and quotations by James Thomson

14. The Literary Gothic | James Thomson
James Thomson page at The Literary Gothic, the web s premier guide to Gothic and supernaturalist literature written prior to 1950.
Thomson, James
11 September 1700 - 27 August 1748
Scottish poet and dramatist, and one of the best-known members of the Graveyard School William Collins and rather well-connected member of the early C18 London literati. Thomson's major, and hugely influential, work was the long poem The Seasons
Sites: Biographical essay [James Balakier, U South Dakota; Literary Encyclopedia] Biographical note [Alexander Crumey, Scottish Writers on the Internet] Brief biographical note [Scottish Libraries Across the Internet] Brief biographical note Focuses on Thomson as a writer of "natural history" in the (pre-)Romantic period and on his influence on early C19 poets. [Ashton Nichols, Dickinson College] Brief biographical note Columbia Encyclopedia , Bartleby] Thomson Hyper-Concordance Part of the The Victorian Literary Studies Archive, this concordance allows you to search the etext of City of Dreadful Night
Etexts: The Seasons "Winter" excerpt from The Seasons [U Toronto]
"Spring" [1728]
"Summer" [1727] excerpt [U Toronto]
[U Maribor]
"Autumn" [1730] excerpt [Republic of Pemberly]
"Winter: A Poem" [1726] This is not the final (1746) version from The Seasons , but the shorter version from the first edition (1726).

15. World Economic Forum Knowledge Navigator - Thomson James A.
Thomson James A. President and Chief Executive Officer, RAND Corporation, USA. RAND Corporation Nonprofit institution helping improve policy and James A.
Weblog Site map Contact us Search Thomson James A. President and Chief Executive Officer, RAND Corporation, USA RAND Corporation
Non-profit institution helping improve policy and decision-making through research and analysis. Personal Profile:
1967, BSc in Physics, University of New Hampshire; MSc and PhD degrees in Physics, Purdue University; 1972-74, experimental research in Nuclear Physics, University of Wisconsin. 1974-77, Analyst, Office of the Secretary of Defense; 1977-81, Member, National Security Council Staff, White House. Since 1981, with RAND: 1981-85, Director, RAND's Research Programme in National Security, Foreign Policy, Defense Policy, and Arms Control; 1984-88, Vice-President, Project Air Force Division; 1989, Executive Vice-President; since 1989, President and Chief Executive Officer. 1992, awarded Honorary Doctor of Science degree, Purdue University; 1996, awarded Honorary Doctor of Laws degree, Pepperdine University. Member: Council on Foreign Relations, New York; International Institute for Strategic Studies, London; Board, Los Angeles World Affairs Council. Director: AK Steel Corporation; Encysive Pharmaceuticals. Printer friendly version Send to a friend
Related sessions: Building a New Security Paradigm New Directions in US Foreign Policy Putting Transatlantic Relations on the Road to Recovery - Workshop
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16. Canadian Mining Hall Of Fame - James Edgar Thomson
James Edgar Thomson James Thomson embodied dedication to the mining industry throughout his 44year career with the Ontario Department of Mines (ODM),
James Edgar Thomson
James Thomson embodied dedication to the mining industry throughout his 44-year career with the Ontario Department of Mines (ODM), later the Ontario Geological Survey (OGS). He revived, enlarged and modernized ODM, transforming it into an increasingly important body recognized in Canada and internationally for its technical excellence.
Thomson was a talented geologist in his own right, known for his uncanny ability to recognize the mineral potential of a showing, property or region. He discovered and reported on the surface exposures of the copper-zinc orebodies that later became the Geco and Willroy mines and recommended the Hemlo area for prospecting, though he did not live to see the discovery and development of three gold mines in the region. His reports and research generated widespread interest and contributed not only to new discoveries, but to a better understanding of the province's major mining camps.
Thomson was born in Hensall, a small farming town in southwestern Ontario. He received a science degree from the University of Toronto in 1928 and earned his master's degree in 1929. He obtained his PhD at the University of Wisconsin in 1932.
While still in the classroom, Thomson demonstrated a remarkable ability to recognize areas with mineral potential. In 1931, while mapping in the Manitouwadge area, he discovered several gossans with sulphide mineralization. Twenty years later, a group of enterprising men read his report and staked showings that soon became the main Geco orebody. In 1970, Thomson reported that the mines of the Manitouwadge camp had produced metals valued at $558 million; the total cost of his field party was a mere $3,000.

17. James Bates Thomson
James Bates Thomson. THOMSON, James Bates, educator, born in Springfield, Vermont, 21 May, 1808; Start your search on James Bates Thomson.
You are in: Museum of History Hall of North and South Americans James Bates Thomson
Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography, edited by James Grant Wilson, John Fiske and Stanley L. Klos. Six volumes, New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1887-1889 and 1999. warns that these 19th Century biographies contain errors and bias. We rely on volunteers to edit the historic biographies on a continual basis. If you would like to edit this biography please submit a rewritten biography in text form . If acceptable, the new biography will be published above the 19th Century Appleton's Cyclopedia Biography citing the volunteer editor.
Virtual American Biographies
Over 30,000 personalities with thousands of 19th Century illustrations, signatures, and exceptional life stories. welcomes editing and additions to the biographies. To become this site's editor or a contributor Click Here or e-mail Virtualology here
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James Bates Thomson
Start your search on James Bates Thomson
Unauthorized Site: submission and's review.

18. F&P Thomson, James
Scotch literature Brief biography of Thomson James is available in Russian only.,mozilla,unix,engl
How pleasant it is to respect people! When I see books, I am not concerned with how the authors loved or played cards; I see only their marvelous works. - (unknown)
James Thomson
(Scotch Literature)
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Scotch Literature Historical overview Burns R. Campbell T. Macpherson J. ... Text w/Graphics Personalities

Thomson James A (RAND CORP). Council on Foreign Relations. Annual Report. 1988 (67, 105); Council on Foreign Relations. Membership Roster.
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20. J. Thomson
James was the son of James Thomson, of Butler s Farm. This farm straddled the Parish Boundary between Peldon and Abberton and James is included on the War
Up D.E. Bawtree D. H. Brooks L. A. Brooks ... O. Theobald [ J. Thomson ] B.Wendon G. Wright C.Wyncoll map THOMSON, James Private, G/48138 4th. Battalion, ROYAL FUSILIERS 9th Brigade, 3rd Division who died on Thursday, 28th March 1918. Aged 27 James was the son of James Thomson, of Butler's Farm. This farm straddled the Parish Boundary between Peldon and Abberton and James is included on the War Memorial tablet on the wall of the Church at Peldon. The Thomsons originally came from Scotland and left after the Wa r , when the farm was ultimately flooded when Abberton reservoir was created. James younger brother, David married Hilda Hayhoe in Saint Andrew's, Abberton 10th November 1937. At the time, he had taken over the farm as their father had died. David ultimately died from Wiel's disease. The 4th battalion were at Parkhurst on the Isle of Wight in August 1914 just before war broke out. They were part of 9th Brigade, 3rd Division. James enlisted at Warley near Brentwood. His medal entitlement does not show the date of entry into France but it can be inferred that it was probably 1916 at the earliest. James death coincides with the 1st Battle of Arras on the 28th March, when during the Kaiserschlact the 9th brigade including the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers were used to try and block the German advance.

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