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  1. Moral emblems & other poems written and illustrated with woodcuts by Robert Louis Stevenson 1850-1894 Osbourne Lloyd 1868-1947, 1921-12-31
  2. Wild Justice; Stories Of The South Seas by Osbourne Lloyd 1868-1947, 2010-09-29
  3. Love, the fiddler by Lloyd, 1868-1947 Osbourne, 2009-10-26
  4. Three speeds forward; an automobile love story with one reverse by Lloyd, 1868-1947 Osbourne, 2009-10-26
  5. Infatuation by Lloyd, 1868-1947 Osbourne, 2009-10-26
  6. A letter to Mr. Stevenson's friends by Lloyd, 1868-1947 Osbourne, 2009-10-26

81. Barry Cassidy Rare Books - Western Americana
In the first letter, Mrs. London writes that a mutual friend, Lloyd Osborne (18681947)the stepson of Robert Louis Stevenson, has brought her attention to A

82. Vitanet - Biblioteca Virtual Y Centro Tecnológico
Translate this page Título The Motormaniacs. Autor Osbourne, Lloyd, 1868 - 1947. Recursos Archivotexto. Archivo comprimido Requiere programa WinZip (1.23 MB), bájelo aquí.

83. Search Results For Treasure - Encyclopædia Britannica
Imhotep, a master builder, erected Zoser s tomb, the step pyramid of Saqqara,on high Osbourne, Lloyd (1868–1947). A stepson

84. I9016 Mary ? (1793 - 1868)
Milburn Lloyd FINCHER. m 1932 Ronnie Howard OSBORNE _ _Ruby 1990) _Luticia ROLLINS (1868 1947) Mary Jane

85. I7384 Catherine ? (abt 1811 - )
James Alexander OSBORNE. _ _Gerald Lloyd ROBERTS _ 1900 1990) _Luticia ROLLINS (1868 - 1947) Grace STARNES

86. History Makers Of Hawaii
Maria (17921874) Philadelphia MS OLMSTED Francis Allyn (1819-1844) NC OSBOURNELloyd (1868-1947) San Francisco CA PARIS John Davis (1809-1892) Staunton
Souther Family Association
History Makers of Hawai`i
This page was last updated on January 19, 2005
Compiled by Richard Dennis Souther Below is a list of about 250 men and women who moved from the continental United States to the Kingdom of Hawai`i and became prominent citizens and in many cases considered to be "History Makers". Many of them were New England Missionaries. Almost half of the people listed are from New England, 57 from Massachusetts, 16 from Vermont, 13 from New Hampshire and 9 from Maine. There are also 41 from New York. Perhaps you can find a missing link from your family tree among these "History Makers". For more biographical information on each of these people, please contact:
Richard Dennis Souther
History Makers in Hawai`i from the Continental United States
Richard Dennis Souther
Souther Family Association
For ease of maintenance of this website and to help reduce "SPAM", contact information will now only be available on the [ Souther Family Association Home Page
Sorry for the inconvenience Souther Family Association Home Page
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May 1867 5m 23d Glinkman Anna Osborne 1889 1948 JB 1858 1908 Little Mattie L. 18681947 Little Vernon McNeil Laura (Rowland) 1869 1910 McNeil Lloyd Raymond 16

88. People With Literary Connections With The West Midlands Of England
Larkin, Philip Arthur (19221985); Lawrence, DH (1885-1930); Lloyd, Osborne,John (1929-1994); Overbury, Thomas (1581-1613); Owen, Wilfred (1893-1918)
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with literary connections with the West Midlands of England
The following is a full list of pages within this website providing information about people with literary connections with places within the West Midlands region of England. Scroll down the list or use the A to Z index, then click on the hyperlink on a name. These links will take you to the appropriate point in the list of people below A B C D ... Z
Authors, poets,illustrators and others represented

89. Lawyers And Poetry
John Osborne Sargent (18111891) George Herbert Sass (1845-1908) William CollettTichenor (1868-1947) Stephen Tilden (1687-1770)
Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry
Alphabetical List
Edwin Milton Abbott
Howard S. Abbott

Charles Laban Abernethy, Jr.

Robert David Abrahams
Micajah Autry
(ca. 1794-1836)
Frederick Fanning Ayer

Clifford Warren Axtell
William H. Babcock
Chambers Baird
Amos Bixby
(early 19th century) Charles L. Black James Buckley Black James De Ruyter Blackwell, Sr Logan E. Bleckley ... Jacob Wardwell Browne H enry Howard Brownell Philip Alexander Bruce Jesse F. Brumbaugh Daniel Bryan ... Thomas Burke (c.1747-1783) Lettie Lavilla Burlingame Robert H. Burns Armistead Burt William H. Bushnell ... Gilbert L. Eberhart ( ? mid-19th century - ?) Murrell Edmunds John Truman Edson Charles Edwards H.M. Edwards ... Calvin Hardin (c.1908-2000) John Milburn Harding Stephen Selwyn Harding James F. Harney William Wallace Harney ... Lemuel Augustus Smith III (1878-1950) Richard Penn Smith Rollin Leonard Smith Seba Smith William A. Smith

90. Index-Chronological
John Osborne Sargent (18111891) Horace Peters Biddle (1811-1900) William CollettTichenor (1868-1947) Lindley Grant Long (1868-1949)
Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry Lawyers, the Law Trained, and Their Poetry
Chronological Index
Thomas Morton John Saffin
Francis Daniel Pastorius

Samuel Sewall
Thomas Burke
Jonathan Mitchell Sewall

Hugh Henry Brackenridge

John Trumbull

St. George Tucker
Micajah Autry
(ca. 1794-1836)
Nathaniel Peabody Rogers
William Cullen Bryant Henry Denison Cyrus Wadsworth Hart ... Adele Ida Storck (ca. 1874-1960) James Naumburg Rosenberg H. Gerald Chapin Daniel Maurice Robins Bartlett Brooks ... Lemuel Augustus Smith III (1878-1950) Robert Sparks Walker Lee Wilson Dodd James Owen Tryon Wallace Stevens ... Calvin Hardin (c.1908-2000) Irving Wilner Luis Kutner Raymond McCarty Rufus Lisle ... Martín Espada Strangers to Us All: Navigational Links Alphabetical Index State Index Contempoparry Lawyer Poets: A-K Contemporary Lawyer Poets: M-Z ... Strangers to Us AllHomepage

91. Author Pseudonyms
Maggie Osborne Stillman, Ron unidentified Stimson, Frederic Jesup JS of Dale Sullivan, Edward Alan (18681947) Sinclair Maurray Sullivan, Reese
S., E.W.
E.W. Sherman

S., K.M.
Kurt M. Stein

S., S.
Mary Ann Maze Kilner

S., S.H.
Siegfried Sassoon

S., S.O.
Edward Alexander Crowley

Sabe, Quien Harry Bates N.C. Hero Sabin, Mark Norman A(rnold) Fox Sabina, Marianne Marianne Willman Sabrau, Jean [Bernard Deleuze] Sabre, Dirk John Laffin Adolfo Bioy Casares Sackerman, Henry H.S. Kahn Sackville-West, Victoria Mary [Vita Sackville-West] Sackville-West, Vita Victoria Mary Sackville-West Sadler, Jeff [Wes Calhoun] Sadler, Mark Dennis Lynds Sagara, Michelle [Michelle Sagara West] Sage, Juniper Margaret Wise Brown Sailland, Maurice Edmond [Curnonsky] Saint, Dora Jesse [Miss Read] Saint-Moore, Adam Jacques Douyau Saki H(ector) H(ugh) Munro Salisbury, Carola Michael Butterworth Salisbury, John David Caute Salmon, Annie Elizabeth [Elizabeth Asheley] Salmon, Geraldine Gordon [J.G. Sarasin] Salomon, Georges [Georges Dolley] Salop, Lynne Lynne Salop Hawes Salsitz, Rhondi A. Vilott [Emily Drake, Elizabeth Forrest, Charles Ingrid, Rhondi Vilott] Salt, Waldo

92. Prehistoric Fiction : Index By Name
1996 Sunset of the Sabertooth j Osborne, Richard N. (illustrator) 1972 Stonehenge Where Atlantis Died Sullivan, (Edward) Alan 18681947
Home Main List Title Index Chronological Index Author Index Bulletin Board
Index of authors, illustrators, et al.
A A B C D ... Z
Abadi, Aharon
Ga Eino Yare

Abadia, Guy
Le monde du fleuve
Abbott, Charles T., M.D.
The Cliff Dweller's Daughter; or, How He Loved Her. An Indian Romance of Prehistoric Times

Achermann, Franz Heinrich
Der Schass der Pfahlbauers

Kanibalen der Eiszeit

Der Totenrufer von Halodin
Acklom, Moreby The Red Gods: A Romance (translator) The secret of the sun-god's cave Adkin, James Harry Knight The Woman-Stealers: tales of the house of the otter Aidans, Edouard Tounga Aldiss, Brian Wilson Neanderthal Planet Allan, Margaret The Mammoth Stone Keeper of the Stone The Last Mammoth Spirits Walking Woman ... Sister of the Sky Allen, Roger MacBride Orphan of Creation: contact with the human past Almquist, Bertil The Stone Age Kids Discover America [j] Almqvist, Bertil [j] La Familia Milenios [j] [j] La Famille Mironton [j] Alyn (illustrator) The secret of the sun-god's cave Ambrus, Victor G. (illustrator) The Great Bow How the first letter was written [j] Ames, Gerald

93. Pine Grove Cemetery
FIELD, Lloyd S. 15 Jun 1896 12 Nov 1923. FIELD, Samuel J. 17 Mar 1860 - 27 Nov1938 HUBBERT, Phebe, 1868 - 1947. HUBBERT, Robert, 1860 - 1953
Pine Grove Cemetery
Sault Ste. Marie Township
A Surnames

B Surnames

C - D Surnames

E - H Surnames
T - Z Surnames

SURNAME DATE: Birth/Death EASTERDAY, Leona J. Tyson EASTERDAY, Mary L. Drohard EASTERDAY, REv. T.R. ELLIOT, Roy EMERY. Ingram ENGLAND, George D. ERICKSON, Catherine ERICKSON, Charles EVERETT, H.D. EVERETT, Mary A. FAGIN, James FAGIN, Marian E. 1859 - 1936 - Wife of J.F. FAUNT, Engrid D'Water 7 Feb 1906 - 3 Dec 1988 FAUNT, Nester 14 Feb 1903 - 5 Nov 1962 FAUNT, Selma Irene 15 Mar 1928 - 20 Feb 1929 FEGAN, Agnes All I can read is beloved wife of Edward FELDMAN, Kenneth FENTON, Gerald R. FENTON, Helen M. FIELD, Emily G. 2 Oct 1859 - 7 Feb 1934 FIELD, Eva W. 11 Jan 1854 - 21 Feb 1920 FIELD, Lloyd S. 15 Jun 1896 - 12 Nov 1923 FIELD, Samuel J. 17 Mar 1860 - 27 Nov 1938 FINLAYSON, Donald M. FINLAYSON, Elizabeth M. FINLAYSON, Margaret B. FINLAYSON, Mary FITZGERALD, Herald FITZGERALD, James FITZGERALD, Rosamond T. Died 10 Apr 1905 - Child of James and Minabud FLER, Elwood Died 16 Aug 1908 - Aged 2 - Son of Grace FLETCHER, Charles F. 17 Jan 1931 - MI PVT 76 Fld Arty FLETCHER, Joseph

94. Miami Cemetery, Roberts Co. Cemeteries Of TX, Gloria B. Mayfield
27, 1964, A0081 Eubanks, Lloyd C., Nov. Rees, Jane, 1859, 1957, A0260 Rees, Daniel,1868, 1947, A0260. Osborne, J. Polk Sr., 1890, 1954, A0713 Osborne, Everett
Miami Cemetery, Roberts Co., Miami, Texas In 1977 the following inscriptions were recorded for the DAR by Cindy Wheeler and Irene Coffee of Miami, Texas. The work was compiled by Virginia Whipple, Roberta Hand, Ernestine Lucas, and Juhree Carr of Canadian, Texas. Thanks goes to Juhree Carr for sending us these files to present them on this site. On this page you can use two listings, the first one below is a Cemetery Order Listing , a record of graves as they were found at the time of recording, and second is an Alphabetical Listing . I recommend always using the Alphabetical listing first, but it is wise to use the marker numbers to find neighboring plots that may be your family as well. These marker numbers are included only to mark their location in relationship to one another, but do not apply to the cemetery itself.
Memorial -
Erected by American Legion Post 106
In Memory of Flake Vernon McCormick born Nov. 11, 1919, Lost at sea May 28, 1942 in Battle of the Coral Sea.
Cemetery Order Listing Last Name, First / Middle, Birth, Death, Ephitat, Marker Number

95. Descendants Of DANIEL BYERS
Descendants of DANIEL BYERS Virginia Burke May Rhoades - genealogist 1 DANIEL BYERS 1756 - 1818 . +MARGARET 1760 - 1818 ...... 2 JEAN BYERS 1778 - 1809 .......... +ATHEL ANDERSON 1774 - ...... 2 THOMAS BYERS 1781 - 1855 .......... +SARAH BURTLES 1784 - 1848 .............. 3 JAMES BYERS 1811 - 1879 .................. +JANE ROGERS 1820 - 1853 ...................... 4 URIAH BYERS 1837 - 1921 .......................... +ELIZABETH JANE SKELTON 1843 - 1918 .............................. 5 MARY ANN BYERS 1860 - 1939 .................................. +LABAN MYLER M.D. JONES 1853 - 1938 ...................................... 6 TRAVIS ALDEN JONES 1880 - 1910 .......................................... +ZELMA NULL 1885 - 1963 ............................................... 7 LILLIE V. JONES ...................................... 6 EDWIN E. JONES 1882 - ...................................... 6 CECIL W. JONES 1884 - .............................. 5 JOHN WILLIAM BYERS 1862 - 1938 .................................. +MARY JANE "JENNY" WRIGHT 1868 - 1947 ...................................... 6 FRANK BYERS 1890 - 1960 .......................................... +LAURA MYRTLE GOWAN ...................................... 6 MATILDA "TILLIE" JANE BYERS 1891 -

96. IOOF Cemetery Pg 5
Robinson, Lorana 1901 1977 Buried beside Lloyd Robinson. Schwab, John F.1868 1947 Scott, Billy No Date 13 Feb 1909 Age 24 yrs. 10 mos. 13 days.
This is a "work in progress". It is NOT complete.
I.O.O.F. Cemetery
Buena Vista Road
San Benito County,
Q - T
I have tried very hard to copy exactly what is inscribed on the
markers / headstones- some of them have inscription errors -I have seen
death certificates that clearly have a diffrent date of death than the markers.
Listed below is what is inscribed on the markers. Thank you.....SueBdoo Use your "FIND" option Many women have their maiden names listed examples: Adelsperger, Ruth Beasley or Geyser, Katherine Palmtag A B C D ... Z Q R S Back to Top T Back to Top Sue Boyer / 14 July 2003 Return to San Benito County Go to the California State GenWeb Page US GenWeb Master State Page by Compuology . Although believed to be correct as presented, if you note any corrections

97. Wikipedia:People By Year/Reports/No Other Categories/2 - Wikipedia, The Free Enc
American_politician_stubs,; Marie Adelaide Belloc Lowndes (18681947), German_people_stubs,; Thomas Mott Osborne (1859-1926), People_stubs,
Wikipedia:People by year/Reports/No other categories/2
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Wikipedia:People by year Reports No other categories

98. WABASH, INDIANA Letters From Mission Bands. Jun 864 Letter To The
Wallace, (married to Osborne Wallace) 1909 Annual Board meeting. Nov 06239 WARREN, WILLIAM ROBINSON, 1868-1947 Executive meetings. Jan 17379
Letters from mission bands. Jun'86:4
Letter to the children. Jul'88:11
Letters from bands. Jul'89:13
Pledges to double their dues. Jan'98:222
Notes and news. Mar'99:321
Easter echoes. May'99:22
Notes and news. Jun'99:56
News notes from the Young People's Department.
Feb'00:328 Mar'00:361
100,000 women in 1900. Apr'00:394 Notes and news. Oct'02:179 Jan'05:348 Nov'06:226 Aug'03:114 Sep'05:151 New auxiliary program for March. Feb'08:398 Notes and news. Jan'09:393 Notes from our Young People's Department. Oct'09:197 News from auxiliary societies. May'10:18 The auxiliaries. Jun'11:57 Circle items. Jun'11:68 Wachtel, (Mrs. J. R.) School for missionaries. Jun'84:4 In memoriam. Oct'86:4 WACO, NEBRASKA Twenty hundred auxiliaries. Aug'01:117 WACO, TEXAS Notes and news. Mar'89:7 Mar'01:395 Jun'04:56 Mar'07:426 Jun'00:55 Sep'03:152 Feb'07:391 The auxiliaries. May'07:32 Notes and news. Jul'07:96 May'08:25 To be noted. Aug'08:126 Editorial notes. Jan'09:379 Living links. Nov'09:299 The auxiliaries. Dec'09:358 Gleanings and reports.

99. Hermosa Cemetery, Custer Co., SD This File Represents A Work In
Julius E 1919 4/5/47 Habig William C 1868 1947 Hall Henry 10/29/48 Olson Laura K1888 1/20/51 Osborn Stephen 1845 William 5/30/1895 639-18 Robinson Lloyd J 8

100. Johnston Co OK Condon Grove Cemetery LY Submitted By Mike
1979 Condon Grove McCracken, Lloyd Hamilton 1927 1982 Condon Grove McCracken, Margaret Josephine 1868 1947 Condon Grove Warden, MF 1861 1921 Condon

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