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  1. Copy of a letter written from Buffalo, state of N. Y., December 21st, 1860. To the Honorable Abraham Lincoln, president elect, of the United States of North America by Frederick] [Hasted b. 1793 African American Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) DLC Lincoln Abraham 1809-1865, 1863-12-31
  2. Selections from Washington, Lincoln and Bryant by Harry Thomas Nightingale 1871- ed Bryant William Cullen 1794-1878 Lincoln Abraham 1809-1865 Washington George 1732-1799, 1898-12-31
  3. Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865; Chronology, Documents, Bibliographical AIDS (Oceana Presidential Chronology Series) by I. Elliot, 1970-06
  4. Following Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865 by Bernhardt Wall, 1943
  5. Speeches & Letters of Abraham Lincoln, 1809-1865 by Abraham Lincoln, 2010-03-01
  6. Abraham Lincoln's World: 1809-1865 by Genevieve Foster, 1946
  7. ABRAHAM LINCOLN. 1809 - 1858. In Two Volumes. by Abraham. 1809 - 1865]. Beveridge, Albert J. [Lincoln, 1928-01-01
  8. Abraham Lincoln Chronology 1809-1865 by Harry E. Pratt, 1953
  9. Political speeches and debates of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, 1854-1861 .. by Abraham, 1809-1865 Lincoln, 2009-10-26
  10. Annual message to the Congress, December 6, 1864 Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Abraham Lincoln. by Abraham 1809-1865 Lincoln, 1959-01-01

1. LINCOLN, Abraham - Biographical Information
LINCOLN, Abraham, (1809 1865) Library of Congress

2. Abraham Lincoln Online Your Source For Lincoln News
This Week in History Aug. 1, 1843 Robert Todd Lincoln is born to Abraham and Mary Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois.

3. Lincoln Papers Mr. Lincoln's Virtual Library
of Congress that illuminate the life of Abraham Lincoln (18091865), the sixteenth president of the United States. The Abraham Lincoln Papers

4. Abraham Lincoln Quotes - The Quotations Page
Abraham Lincoln (1809 1865) 16th president of US more author details Showing quotations 1 to 30 of 31 total Next Page -

5. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
Abraham Lincoln (18091865)

6. From Revolution To Reconstruction Presidents Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln (18091865)

7. Read Abraham Lincoln Books Online - The Literature Page
Abraham Lincoln (1809 1865)

8. Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln Born 2/12/1809 Birthplace Larue County, Ky. Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin

9. The Papers Of Abraham Lincoln
in electronic form and selectively in printed volumes, all documents written by or to Abraham Lincoln during his entire lifetime (18091865).

10. Creative Quotations From Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
Creative Quotations from . . . Abraham Lincoln 18091865) born on Feb 12. US "president, lawyer".

11. LII - Results For "lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865"
Results for Lincoln, Abraham, 18091865 1 to 5 of 5 http// Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Presidents United States;query=Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865;s

12. LII - Results For "lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Chronology"
Results for Lincoln, Abraham, 18091865 chronology 1 of 1. The Papers of AbrahamLincoln The Lincoln Log. This daily chronology of the life of Abraham;query=Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 C

13. LINCOLN, Abraham (1809-1865) Guide To Research Papers
Lincoln, Abraham, 18091865 In part photocopies or facsimiles of Lincolncorrespondence. Card index in library. Duke University Library Durham, NC

14. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Presidents: Abraham Lincoln
USAproject, presidents-area, information regarding the 16th president of theUnited States, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
FRtR Presidents Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
16th president of the United States: 1861-1865
Abraham Lincoln

15. Quotes - Abraham Lincoln , Abraham Lincoln Quotations, Abraham Lincoln Sayings -
Abraham Lincoln (18091865) Address at Gettysburg, Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865).I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.
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Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) That some should be rich shows that others may become rich, and hence is just encouragement to industry and enterprise.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) Whatever you are, be a good one.

16. Welcome To The American Presidency
Lincoln, Abraham (18091865), 16th president of the United States. Lincoln enteredoffice at a critical period in US history, just before the Civil War,

17. Manuscript Catalog - Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Manuscript Catalog Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 -Assassination - Sources.
Manuscript Catalog - Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 - Assassination - Sources

18. Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln. 18091865 Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 ina log cabin in Kentucky. His father was a farmer. When Abe was two years old
Abraham Lincoln
  • 16th United States President when the country was divided over the issue of equality for all people (Civil War) "Honest Abe" helped free African American slaves
Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a log cabin in Kentucky. His father was a farmer. When Abe was two years old, the family moved to a new farm and he attended school, walking two miles to the schoolhouse. Five years later, they moved again to the wilderness of Indiana. Lincoln's family lived in a three sided shelter warmed by a fire. They had to walk almost a mile for water. For food, they relied on wildlife that they could trap. In 1818, Lincoln's mother died. His older sister tried to take care of the household. The next year, Lincoln's father returned to Kentucky and brought back a second wife and her three children. More people started moving to the wilderness and Lincoln spent a lot of time at the general store owned by James Gentry. He and Gentry's son, Allen, took a flatboat down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans. This was the first time, Lincoln had been in a big city. Once again, Lincoln's father moved his family. This time they built a cabin in Illinois. When illness forced his father to move again, Lincoln stayed behind and took a load of produce downriver to New Orleans with two friends. The owner of the business was so impressed with Lincoln, he asked him to run his mill and store. Lincoln was a gifted storyteller and people came from all over to talk and trade with Lincoln. He enjoyed wrestling and debating. Lincoln became the captain of a band of volunteers during the Black Hawk War.

19. Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
Abraham Lincoln (18091865). Contributing Editor Elaine Sargent Apthorp.Classroom Issues and Strategies. Lincoln s words are familiar to students,
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)
Contributing Editor:
Elaine Sargent Apthorp
Classroom Issues and Strategies
To give the meanings back to the words, we need to (1) restore vividly the historical context in which these speeches were composed and to which they were addressed, and (2) read slowly and explicate together as we go. What precedents and values is he calling to his listeners' minds? What does he ask them to focus on? What doesn't he choose to talk about, refer to, or insinuate?
Major Themes, Historical Perspectives, and Personal Issues
I've tried to canvass these in the headnote. It's important that the students know, for example, that the battle of Gettysburg was in many respects the turning point in the Civil War. It was the farthest advance the Confederate forces were to make. In addition, it was the bloodiest and most costly battle (in sheer number of lives lost on both sides) in what was a devastatingly bloody war (over 600,000 battle casualties over four years, with another million and more dead from disease via infected wounds, malnutrition, inadequate medical attention). Students should know something of how Lincoln was perceived in the North and South during his presidency, the polarized forces with which he had to contend even among the nonseceding members of the Union, his concern for maintaining the loyalty of slave-holding border states and holding out hope for reunion with the Confederate states, in tension with the pressure he felt from the radical Republicans who urged the emancipation of slaves by executive proclamation, and so forth. This kind of information helps us to interpret both of the Lincoln documents in our selection.

20. Reader's Companion To American History - -LINCOLN, ABRAHAM
Lincoln, Abraham. (18091865), sixteenth president of the United States.Lincoln summarized his early life as the short and simple annals of the poor.
Entries Publication Data Advisory Board Contributors ... World Civilizations The Reader's Companion to American History
, sixteenth president of the United States. Lincoln summarized his early life as "the short and simple annals of the poor." He was born in a Kentucky log cabin, the son of a typical pioneer family. Never prosperous, the family moved several times, and he grew up in Kentucky and Indiana. He later reckoned that his total schooling did not exceed one year, but being unusually ambitious he pursued self-improvement through reading and longed for a better life. Lincoln's identification with the Whig party and its program to promote economic opportunity grew out of his hard lot as a youth. When he came of age, Lincoln moved to New Salem, Illinois, where he held a variety of jobs, served in the legislature, and studied law. After receiving his attorney's license, he moved to the new capital of Springfield. He retired from the legislature after four terms, served one term in Congress (1847-1849), and then devoted himself to his legal practice and became an important and prosperous attorney. The repeal of the Missouri Compromise in 1854 rekindled Lincoln's political ambition. He spoke eloquently against the expansion of slavery in the West, became a leader of the new Republican party, and gained national attention in 1858 from his debates with Stephen A. Douglas. In 1860, aided by the facts that he came from a doubtful state, had a reputation as a moderate on the slavery question, and was acceptable to both the Germans and the nativists, he won the Republican presidential nomination and was elected.

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