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         Jerome Jerome K:     more books (53)
  1. Woodbarrow farm; play in three acts by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-06-26
  2. Idle thoughts of an idle fellow; Stage-land by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-02
  3. The observations of Henry by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-09-04
  4. The observations of Henry by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-16
  5. Second thoughts of an idle fellow by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-09-09
  6. Stage-land: curious habits and customs of its inhabitants by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-09
  7. Novel notes by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-09-04
  8. Three men in a boat (to say nothing of the dog) by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-26
  9. The idle thoughts of an idle fellow a book for an idle holiday by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-09-07
  10. Three men in a boat: (to say nothing of the dog) by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-25
  11. Novel notes by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-20
  12. Second thoughts of an idle fellow by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-08-29
  13. On the stage--and off ; the brief career of a would-be actor by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, Benno Loewy, 2010-08-02
  14. The idle thoughts of an idle fellow by Jerome K. 1859-1927 Jerome, 2010-09-07

21. Jerome, Jerome K. Famous Quotes
Famous Quotes By Jerome, Jerome K. 18591927 British Humorous Writer NovelistPlaywright. It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty
Famous Quotes By: Jerome, Jerome K. 1859-1927 British Humorous Writer Novelist Playwright
It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do.
Jerome, Jerome K.

We are so bound together that no man can labor for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mold the universe.
Jerome, Jerome K.

Some people are under the impression that all that is required to make a good fisherman is the ability to tell lies easily and without blushing; but this is a mistake. Mere bald fabrication is useless; the veriest tyro can manage that. It is in the circumstantial detail, the embellishing touches of probability, the general air of scrupulous almost of pedantic veracity, that the experienced angler is seen.
Jerome, Jerome K.

It is in our faults and failings, not in our virtues, that we touch each other, and find sympathy. It is in our follies that we are one. Jerome, Jerome K. Fallibility I want a house that has got over all its troubles; I don't want to spend the rest of my life bringing up a young and inexperienced house. Jerome, Jerome K.

22. Jerome K. Jerome
Jerome K. Jerome. Life (18591927). Titles. All Roads Lead to Calvary The Angeland the Author and Others Clocks The Cost of Kindness
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23. Victorian And Edwardian Collection
Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 18591927. Tommy and Co. London Hutchinson,1904. Jerrold, Douglas. Mrs. Caudle s curtain lectures ; Mrs. Bib s baby.


Launceston Reference Library
Victorian and Edwardian Collection

24. Jerome, Jerome Klapka (1859-1927) - MavicaNET
Creative Quotations from Jerome K. Jerome (18591927) - English URLhttp// Jerome K. Jerome in quotations to inspire
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Sister categories ... Aldrich, Thomas (1836-1907) Arnold, Matthew (1822-1888) Austen, Jane (1775-1817) Averchenko, Arkady (1881-1925) Barnes, William (1801-1886) Bierce, Ambrose (1842-1914) Blake, William (1757-1827) Bronte, Charlotte (1816-1855) Bronte, Emily Jane (1818-1848) Brontë, Anne (1820-1849) Browning, Elisabeth Barrett (1... Browning, Robert (1812-1889) Bulwer-Lytton, Edward George (... Butler, Samuel (1612-1680) Butler, Samuel (1835-1902) Byron, lord George Gordon (178... Capek, Karel (1890-1938)

25. K. Jerome Jerome
K. Jerome Jerome biography the life of K. Jerome Jerome. K. Jerome Jerome.(1859-1927). English Author. Jerome Klapka Jerome, son of Jerome Clapp
Theme Search Advanced Search The Ebookstore is a trademark of Unitel Inc K. Jerome Jerome English Author Jerome Klapka Jerome, son of Jerome Clapp Jerome, began his working life as a railway clerk at the age of fourteen. Successively assistant schoolmaster, clerk, actor and journalist, his first novel, On Stage and Off, was published in 1888, followed by The Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow in 1889, his first literary success. That same year, he published his most famous novel: Three Men In A Boat He was a playwright too: in 1886, his play Barbara, performed at the Globe Theatre, London, was a great success. This Author's titles If you wish further information about this author, please enter English Authors: Anonymous Austen Bronte Chaucer ... Wilde Other Authors of Adventure genre:
Cooper Defoe Dumas ... Wells Other Authors of Fiction genre:
Austen Balzac Bronte ... Zola Since 1889, Three Men In A Boat has never been out of print in the UK. In America one million copies were sold in " pirated " editions.

26. Hyland Language Centre
by Jerome K. Jerome (18591927) Jerome K Jerome and friends About the authorJerome Klapka Jerome, best known as the author of Three Men in a Boat ,
Three Men in a Boat
by Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927)
About the author
Jerome Klapka Jerome, best known as the author of 'Three Men in a Boat' , one of the great comic masterpieces of modern times, was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, on 2nd May 1859, the youngest of four children.
His father, who had interests in the local coal and iron industries and was a prominant non-conformist preacher, had moved to the town in 1855 and installed the family in a fashionable middle class house in Bradford Street where they lived in comparative comfort until 1861. Following the collapse of the family business, the Jeromes moved first to Stourbridge and thence to Poplar in the East End of London where he was brought up in relative poverty.
Jerome left school at fourteen and variously worked as a clerk, a hack journalist, an actor ('I have played every part in Hamlet except Ophelin') and a schoolmaster. His first book 'On the Stage and Off' was published in 1885 and this was followed by numerous plays, books and magazine articles.
In 1927, one year after writing his autobiography

27. Michigan State University Department Of Theatre - Jerome K. Jerome
Portrait, from McGrawHill Encyclopedia. Jerome K. Jerome. (1859-1927).Home Dramatists Michigan State University - College Of Arts And Letters
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    28. Jerome Klapka Jerome (1859-1927), Writer; Author Of 'Three Men In A Boat'
    Jerome Klapka Jerome (18591927), Writer; author of Three Men in a Boat Sitterin 6 portraits Jerome K Jerome Birthplace Museum, Walsall

    29. Jackman, William James, 1850- 1003943 Flying Machines
    Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 18591927, 1004007. All Roads Lead To Calvary.http//, txt,htm-eng
    Jackman, William James, 1850- Flying Machines: construction and operation; a practical book which shows, in illustrations, working plans and text, how to build and navigate the modern a txt,htm-eng Jackson, Helen Hunt Ramona (1921) msr,plm,htm-eng Jackson, Helen Hunt, 1830-1885 Ramona txt,htm-eng Jacobs, William Wyman. The Monkey's Paw. (1902) msr,plm,htm-eng Jaloux, Edmond, 1878-1949 L'Escalier d'Or txt,htm-fre James, G. P. R. (George Payne Rainsford), 1801?-1860 King's Highway, The txt,htm-eng James, George Wharton, 1858-1923 Grand Canyon Of Arizona, The; how to see it txt,htm-eng James, Henry Washington Square msr,pdf-fre James, Henry Confidence (1879) msr,plm,htm-eng James, Henry Daisy Miller: A Study (1879) msr,plm,htm-eng James, Henry The Altar of the Dead (1909)

    30. Humorous Quotes Of Jerome K Jerome - Jest For Pun
    Humorous Quotes attributed to Jerome K Jerome 18591927, English Essayist,Humorist, Novelist Jean Kerr, Jerome K Jerome, Jerry Seinfeld, Jimmy Durante
    Humorous Quotes attributed to Jerome K Jerome
    1859-1927, English Essayist, Humorist, Novelist
    Jest a Quote
    Jest for Pun
    Jest in Literature (A)
    More details? HERE! Great Public Speaking Tips
    and on using Humor in your presentations!
    I highly recommend Tom Antion's newsletter. With over 115,000 subscribers and fantastic fee structure (It's free) don't you think it's worth a try?

    31. Jerome K Jerome
    18591927. I did not intend to write a funny book This author wrote thefunniest book I ve ever read - Three Men in a Boat - more than a century ago.
    "I did not intend to write a funny book..." This author wrote the funniest book I've ever read - Three Men in a Boat - more than a century ago. I've put some extracts below for you to enjoy. You can also read an online version here. Tinned Pineapple It cast a gloom over the boat, there being no mustard. We ate our beef in silence. Existence seemed hollow and uninteresting. We thought of the happy days of childhood, and sighed. We brightened up a bit, however, over the appletart, and, when George drew out a tin of pineapple from the bottom of the hamper, and rolled it into the middle of the boat, we felt that life was worth living after all. We are very fond of pineapple, all three of us. We looked at the picture on the tin; we thought of the juice. We smiled at one another, and Harris got a spoon ready. Then we looked for the knife to open the tin with. We turned out everything in the hamper. We turned out the bags. We pulled up the boards at the bottom of the boat. We took everything out on to the bank and shook it. There was no tin-opener to be found. Then Harris tried to open the tin with a pocket-knife, and broke the knife and cut himself badly; and George tried a pair of scissors, and the scissors flew up, and nearly put his eye out. While they were dressing their wounds, I tried to make a hole in the thing with the spiky end of the hitcher, and the hitcher slipped and jerked me out between the boat and the bank into two feet of muddy water, and the tin rolled over, uninjured, and broke a teacup.

    32. Three Men In A Boat - Jerome K. Jerome - Printed Books Shopping At
    Jerome K. Jerome (18591927) was a prolific novelist and playwright, but now heis generally remembered for merely one title. ‘Three Men in a Boat’,
    Home Books and Magazines Printed Books Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K. Jerome
    Three Men in a Boat - Jerome K. Jerome
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    33. Shepherds Bookbinders
    Jerome, Jerome K. Three Men in a Boat Three Men In A Boat established Jerome K.Jerome (18591927) as the quintessential English humorist.

    34. Jerome Collection - Nalanda Digital Libray
    Jerome K. Jerome(18591927). Nalanda Digital Library , as a part of its E-textConversion Project (ECP), has converted some of his writings into pdf
    Jerome K. Jerome(1859-1927)
    Nalanda Digital Library , as a part of its E-text Conversion Project (ECP , has converted some of his writings into 'pdf' format for easy reading on the reading console. You can find the list here Profile:

    Novelist, essayist, humourist and playwright born was born at Belsize House on the corner of Bradford Street and Caldmore Road in Walsall, Staffordshire. His father, Jerome Clapp Jerome, an architect by profession, had married Marguerite Jones, the daughter of a Swansea solicitor. Their son's middle name was derived from George Klapka, an Hungarian exile and friend of the family. J.C. Jerome was renowned as a Non-conformist preacher and was Deacon at Bridge Street Congregational Church in Walsall. The family moved to Poplar, London, and Jerome senior set up an ironmongery. On leaving school at the age of fourteen, Jerome Klapka Jerome started out as a clerk at Euston Railway Station. He became an actor, but also tried his hand at teaching and journalism, his early humorous pieces becoming quite popular. His first books to be published were On the stage and off (1885) and Idle thoughts of an idle fellow (1886). Three years later his most famous work came with the story of a rowing holiday on the River Thames, Three men in a boat. From 1892 he edited and contributed to magazines such as The idler and a weekly magazine called To-day, but he was forced to sell his interests in 1897 following an expensive libel action. He now concentrated on the theatre and one of his best plays, modelled on J.M. Barrie, is The passing of the third floor back (1907).

    35. Fictionwise EBooks: Jerome K. Jerome
    Bio Jerome, Jerome K., 18591927, English humorist and playwright. His IdleThoughts of an Idle Fellow (1886) and Three Men in a Boat (1889) gave him his
    Title Author Key words
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    36. Picture Of 'Jerome K. Jerome' - British Library Images Online
    Jerome K(Lapka) Jerome (18591927). English writer, novelist and playwright. Jerome K. Jerome. Click on the image to enlarge further or add to your

    37. Three Men In A Boat
    A Review of Jerome K. Jerome s Three Men in a Boat In 1900, out of populardemand, Jerome K. Jerome (18591927) wrote Three Men on the Bummel,
    A Review of Jerome K. Jerome's
    Three Men in a Boat The subtitle to Three Men in a Boat is "To say nothing of the dog!" who goes along on a "hilarious misadventure" up the Thames River in England in an open boat. But the dog Montmorency doesn't find the trip hilarious, nor do the men, who spend a good deal of time arguing over whose turn it is to row or tow the boat. Usually they end up blaming their troubles on the dog, whose "...ambition in life is to get in the way and be sworn at." Jerome and his friends, Harris and George, are not boatmen so continuously suffer the mistakes and bad luck that amateurs might rightfully expect. Jerome becomes exasperated when his two friends avoid sharing duties on the boat, but willingly admits, "It always does seem to me that I am doing more work than I should do." But the trip is challenging. Getting comfortable and still being friendly under their canvas during a rainstorm is a challenge. Or digging to the bottom of their hamper to find what they'd forgotten. Or putting a sail on their boat upside-down. Even eating their own cooking becomes a challenge, causing Jerome to concede, "What the eye does not see, the stomach does not get upset about." Although the Three Men in a Boat was celebrated for its humor when it was published in 1889, the history of English towns and villages in this autobiographical journal become almost a travel guide of the Thames. Jerome pokes fun at many kings and queens of England's past, and in 1999 Jeremy Lewis added an introduction, as well as notes at the end, which explain many of the historic places and events the author refers to.

    38. PLCMC - Catalog - AudioTape Books
    Jerome, Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 18591927. Three Men On the Bummel. Jerome,Jerome K. (Jerome Klapka), 1859-1927. Three Men in a Boat

    39. Jerome K.Jerome - Author - Muzi Library - Muzi (English) Muzi Library Author Jerome K.Jerome. Classic Literature About Author. Jerome K. Jerome (18591927)
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  • 40. Jerome Family Crest
    View the Jerome family crest and history. Discover the Jerome family history for the Jerome Klapka Jerome (18591927) English original name of K Jerome
    Satisfaction Guaranteed What is the Jerome Family Crest ? Where did the name Jerome come from? When did the Jerome family first arrive in the United States? Where did the various branches of the Jerome family go?
    Family Crests
    > Jerome Family Crest
    Jerome Family Crest
    Origin Displayed: English Spelling variations include: Jerome, Jerrome, Jerram, Jeran, Jarrom, Jerrems, Gerome, Gerram and many more. First found in Shropshire, where they were seated from ancient times. Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: William Jerome, who sailed to New Orleans in 1820; William Jerroms and Joseph Jerome to New York in 1830; and R.L. Jerome to San Francisco in 1851.
    Suggested Readings for the name Jerome
    The Greer, Sabin, Elliott, and Jerome Ancestors by Olive Daniels.
    Some noteworthy people of the name Jerome
    • Jennie Jerome (1854-1951) American mother of Winston Churchill Jerome Klapka Jerome (1859-1927) English original name of K Jerome K Jerome (1859-1927) English humorist writer
    Tell Me More About Family Crests
    Family Crests: the Heraldic Artist
    We have researched the Jerome family crest in the most recognized sources. Before an artist or craftsman can render a family crest, it must exist. In other words the crest must have been designed and recorded by the heralds from time immemorial.

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