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         James William:     more books (100)
  1. The Correspondence of William James: William and Henry 1897-1910 by William James, 1994-07-01
  2. The Divided Self of William James by Richard M. Gale, 2007-07-23
  3. William and Henry James: Selected Letters, Ignas K Skrupskelis and Elizabeth M Berkeley eds.Introduction by John J McDermott by William James, 1997-04-01
  4. Genuine Reality: A Life of William James by Linda Simon, 1999-05-15
  5. The Cambridge Companion to William James (Cambridge Companions to Philosophy)
  6. The Philosophy of William James: An Introduction by Richard M. Gale, 2004-10-04
  7. William James at the Boundaries: Philosophy, Science, and the Geography of Knowledge by Francesca Bordogna, 2008-12-01
  8. William James and John Dewey by Gordon Haddon Clark, 2000-07
  9. William James and a Science of Religions: Reexperiencing The Varieties of Religious Experience (Columbia Series in Science and Religion)
  10. Exploring Unseen Worlds: William James and the Philosophy of Mysticism by G. William Barnard, 1997-03-06
  11. William James On Radical Empiricism and Religion (Toronto Studies in Philosophy) by Hunter Brown, 2000-05-26
  12. William James on the Courage to Believe. (American Philosophy Series) by Robert O'Connell, 1997-01-01
  13. William James on Exceptional Mental States by Eugene Taylor, 1984-09
  14. Becoming William James by Howard M. Feinstein, 2000-07

41. Human Intelligence: William James
The biographical profile of William James, focusing on his/her contributions tothe development of (18421910) Psychologist and Philosopher.

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William James

Psychologist and Philosopher.
Influences Education
  • Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard, studied anatomy, chemistry and physiology, 1863.
  • MD Harvard Medical School 1869.
  • 1872 Teacher at Harvard.
  • 1879 Opened the first psychology laboratory in the United States.
  • 1885 Professor of Philosophy, Harvard
  • 1889 Professor of Psychology, Harvard
Major Contributions
  • Gifford Lectures on 'National Religion' delivered at Edinburgh University, 1901-2
  • 'Pragmatism' given at the Lowell Institute, Boston in 1906.
Greatly honored in his time, known by many as a profound and original thinker and considered to be by many in his time the most widely known of American scholars. Publications
  • Principles of Psychology, 1890. Establish psychology as a separate science.
  • Collected Essays and Reviews (1892);
  • The Will to Believe and Other Essays (1897);

42. William James (1842-1909)
The William James Society The purpose of the William James Society is to and communication about, the life and work of William James (18421910) and
William James (1842-1909)
James, William
from Emory University, includes major texts such as The Varieties of Religious Experience and The Will to Believe An excellent resource.
William James
an entry from the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The William James Society
"The purpose of the William James Society is to encourage study of, and communication about, the life and work of William James (1842-1910) and his ongoing influence in the many fields to which he contributed."
William James
from Garth Kemerling's site
William James
from Michael E Nielsen's Psychology of Religion site
The Varieties of Religious Experience
an electronic version of James' classic text (but overrated in importance?)
The Principles of Psychology
an e-text of James
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43. Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia Of Western Theology: William James
William James (18421910). Dennis Ford, Boston University, 2001 William Jameswas the first child, born in 1842 (the year of the elder William’s death),
The Boston Collaborative Encyclopedia of Modern Western Theology Index of Articles
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James, William
Contents William James (1842-1910) Dennis Ford, 2001
William James (1842-1910)
Dennis Ford, Boston Uni versity, 2001
Brief Biography
The grandfather of William James (who was also named William) was a Calvinist from Ireland who came to the U.S. in 1789 and was quite successful in business, becoming a millionaire. He was also attracted to the utopian socialism of the Frenchman Charles Fourier. Henry James had five children and was keen to bequeath to them his interest in intellectual pursuits. The fifth child, Alice, was known for her diary which recounted her experiences of suffering from terminal cancer. The children were given a cosmopolitan upbringing, spending much time in Europe learning the languages and literature. While William James had the talent to succeed in several fields, his early life included a number of unsuccessful attempts at choosing a career. At one point he studied painting, but his zeal for that subsided and so he began to study science at Harvard in 1861.

44. Serendip Search
of the American philosopherpsychologist, William James (1842-1910). William James fell heir to this Swedenborgian and transcendentalist literary
2. Biological Consciousness and the Experience of the Transcendent: William James and American Functional Psychology
Eugene Taylor
Harvard University Medical School
Reproduced by permission of the Author. All trends pertaining to the mind/body problem in the late 19th century, from both popular and high culture, seem now in retrospect to culminate in the functionalism of the American philosopher-psychologist, William James (1842-1910). Born in a New York hotel in 1842, eldest son of the eccentric religious philosopher, Henry James Sr. and older brother of Henry James, the novelist, William James received his early education in Europe and America at the hands of a polyglot assortment of private tutors, temporary school masters, and painting teachers, until he embarked upon regular instruction at Harvard in 1861 by joining the Lawrence Scientific School. He transferred to medicine in 1864 and was graduated with the M.D. in 1869. He then proceeded to make his career in psychology and philosophy over the next forty years.
James [see figure 50] was, first of all heir to the older moral philosophy. The great Concord sage, Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) had been his god-father and a close friend of Henry James Sr. (1811-1882). In

45. William James
James, William (18421910) (The Hutchinson Encyclopedia). Search HighBeam Researchfor. Additional search results provided by HighBeam Research, LLC.
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
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Sep 10, 2005

46. Content Pages Of The Encyclopedia Of Religion And Social Science
James, William. (18421910) Psychologist and philosopher; considered by somethe father of American psychology and also of American pragmatism.
Encyclopedia of Religion
and Society
William H. Swatos, Jr. Editor Table of Contents Cover Page Editors Contributors ... Web Version JAMES, WILLIAM
Psychologist and philosopher; considered by some the "father" of American psychology and also of American pragmatism. Born in New York City, the son of theologian Henry James, Sr. (1811-1882), William James had a wideranging education that began with home schooling by his unconventional father and included studies in England, France, Switzerland, and Germany between 1855-1860 (often with his younger brother, Henry, the novelist). After trying his hand as a painter, James studied chemistry, anatomy and physiology, and psychology at Harvard University, where he received his medical degree in 1869. His medical education included a nine-month expedition in Brazil with zoologist Louis Agassiz in 1865-1866. Such a vast array of experience, according to Ralph Barton Perry (1948:71), stimulated and revealed in James "a mind as energetic and acquisitive as it was voracious and incorrigibly vagrant." James attained considerable notoriety with the publication, in 1890, of

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James, William,18421910. Japan. JapanCommercePhilippinesMathematicalmodels. JapanEconomic conditions1945-1989Mathematical models.
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James, William,1842-1910.

JapanCommercePhilippinesMathematical models.

JapanEconomic conditions1945-1989Mathematical models.

48. James, William, 1842-1910. Papers: Guide.
No Frames Version.

49. James, W. (1842-1910)
James, W. (18421910). William James What Pragmatism means (1906). ( James The will to believe (1897)
James, W. (1842-1910)
  • William James: What Pragmatism means (1906) ( William James: The will to believe (1897) (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy) William James: Die Realität des Unsichtbaren William James: Der Strom des Bewußtseins William James: Denkendes Erfassen Mauthner-Gesellschaft - Verein der Sprachkritiker ... William James (Vlorbik) James (Garth Kemerling, Philosophical Dictionary) Williams James (Russell Goodman, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy) William James (Frank Pajares)
  • 50. William James (1842-1910), Professor Of Philosophy
    National Portrait Gallery, list of portraits for William James including HenryJames; William James by Marie Leon,

    51. MSN Encarta - William James
    I. Introduction. James, William (18421910), American philosopher and psychologist,who developed the philosophy of pragmatism.
    Web Search: Encarta Home ... Upgrade your Encarta Experience Search Encarta
    Subscription Article MSN Encarta Premium: Get this article, plus 60,000 other articles, an interactive atlas, dictionaries, thesaurus, articles from 100 leading magazines, homework tools, daily math help and more for $4.95/month or $29.95/year (plus applicable taxes.) Learn more. This article is exclusively available for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers. Already a subscriber? Sign in above. James, William I. Introduction James, William (1842-1910), American philosopher and psychologist, who developed the philosophy of pragmatism. II. Psychology III. Pragmatism Related Items Pragmatism significance in the context of western philosophy 63 items Multimedia Selected Web Links William James [private] William James [Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy] 2 items Sidebars SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES
    The Problem of Consciousness 3 items Quotations Action: A strictly voluntary act has to be guided by… 36 items Want more Encarta?

    52. ATRIUM: James William (1842-1910)
    Translate this page Atrium propose une série de dossiers sur des sujets divers Histoire, Philosophie,Psychologie, Culture générale Mais aussi des notes de cours,
    Sites Atrium Psychologie James William M édecin, psychologue et philosophe américain Frère de l’écrivain Henri James , William James est l’un des fondateurs de la psychologie scientifique américaine (il crée à Harvard l’un des premiers laboratoires de psychologie, dont il se désintéressera pourtant très vite). La qualité du style autant que la finesse des analyses psychologiques qu’il y expose font de ses " Principes de psychologie " (1890) l’un des plus importants "best-seller" de toute l’histoire de cette science. Ses analyses des faits mentaux le conduisent au concept de " flux de conscience " qui préfigure les idées sur la durée de

    53. William James -- Facts, Info, And Encyclopedia Article
    William James was born in New York, son of (Click link for more info and facts about (18421910)) William James - British naval commander (1720-1783)
    William James
    [Categories: Pragmatists, U.S. philosophers, Social philosophy, Psychologists, 20th Century philosophers, 1910 deaths, 1842 births]
    William James (January 11, 1842, (A Mid-Atlantic state; one of the original 13 colonies) New York - August 26, 1910, Chocorua, (A state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies) New Hampshire ). William James was born in New York, son of (Click link for more info and facts about Henry James, Sr.) Henry James, Sr. , an independently wealthy and notoriously eccentric (Click link for more info and facts about Swedenborgian) Swedenborgian (Someone who is learned in theology or who speculates about theology (especially Christian theology)) theologian well acquainted with the literary and intellectual elites of his day. The intellectual brilliance of the James family milieu and the remarkable epistolary talents of several of its members have, since the 1930s, made it a subject of continuing interest to historians, biographers, and critics.
    Early years
    William James (like his younger brother

    54. Biography: William James
    William James (18421910). William James was born in 1842 in New York City, thefirst child of five to the affluent and deeply religious Henry James and
    Back to Major Contributors Influences on The Major Theorists William James (1842-1910)
    William James
    James published a twelve-hundred page masterwork, The Principles of Psychology in 1890. In this work, he spends some time discussing the individual's sense of self and being comprised of both the " I " or the knower, and the " Me " or the self-as-known. Additionally, he is one of the first writers to use the term "self-esteem" as a feeling the self has dependent upon what one wishes to be and to accomplish. If one succeeds in their endeavors, their self-esteem raises, and if one fails it lowers. William James is also often recognized as the father of American pragmatism , as it became one of the prevailing philosophical movements of the 20th century under his leadership. Over the course of his career, William James fathers five children and loses one of them to pneumonia. He proves to be a prolific writer and widely respected philosopher. He is one of three famous children to originate from Henry James and Mary Walsh James, his brother Henry James grew to be the famed novelist, and his sister Alice also grew to be well regarded in literary circles after the posthumous publication of her diaries. In 1910, William James dies of heart failure at his summer home in New Hampshire. Some of His Major Works:
    The Principles of Psychology

    55. Wittgenstein And William James - Cambridge University Press
    Wittgenstein, Ludwig,18891951; James, William,1842-1910. Library of CongressRecord Books on Wittgenstein and William James tend to sell well

    56. Conciencia Biológica Y Experiencia De Lo Trascendente: William James Y La Psico
    el funcionalismo del filósofo y picólogo americano William James (18421910) . William James fue heredero de este swedemborgiano y de la psicología
    por EugeneTaylor Harvard University Medical School Representative Men: Seven Lectures The Secret of Swedenborg Literary Remains of the Late Henry James Principles of Psychology Principles Exceptional Mental States , que permanecieron Entretanto, en 1902, James hizo avanzar un paso adelante sus ideas sobre el problema mente/cuerpo: en sus Varieties of Religious Experience Principles Does consciousness exist? Philosophical Conceptions and Practical Results , dirigido en 1898 a la Berkeley Union, y nuevamente en sus conferencias Lowell de 1906, publicadas en 1907 como Pragmatism, A New Name for Some Old Ways of Thinking

    57. Selected Twentieth Century Works: J
    James, William, 18421910. A pluralistic universe; Hibbert lectures at Manchester James, William, 1842-1910. The will to believe, and other essays in
    Books and Manuscripts
    Selected Twentieth Century Works: J
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    Jacobson, Edmund, Progressive relaxation: a physiological and clinical investigation of muscular states and their significance in psychology and medical practice, by Edmund Jacobson. 2d ed. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, c1938. xvii, 493, [1] p. illus., diagrs. 23.2 cm. Provenance: Owner signature, "P. A. Anderson, 1948". Jacoby, George W xxii, 612 p. illus., diagrs. 23.8 cm. James, William, A pluralistic universe; Hibbert lectures at Manchester College on the present situation in philosophy, by William James. New impression. New York, Longmans, Green, 1928, c1909. v, [1], 404, [1] p. 21.7 cm. James, William, The will to believe, and other essays in popular philosophy, by William James. New ed. London, New York, Longmans, Green, 1937. xvii, 333 p. 19.4 cm. Jameson, Catherine. An introduction to electro-therapy for the use of students, by Catherine Jameson. London, H.K. Lewis, 1923. xii, 196 p. illus., diagrs. 19 cm. Provenance: Owner signature, "M. Joan Martin".

    58. James - - American Heritage Dictionary
    James, William 18421910. American psychologist and philosopher. A founder ofpragmatism and functionalism, he developed an approach to intellectual issues
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    Search: Normal Definitions Short defs (Pronunciation Key) James William
    American psychologist and philosopher. A founder of pragmatism and functionalism, he developed an approach to intellectual issues that greatly influenced American thought. His works include The Principles of Psychology (1890) and The Varieties of Religious Experience
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    The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

    59. James, William - MavicaNET
    James, William 18421910, American philosopher and psychologist; bNYC; son ofthe theologian Henry James and brother of the novelist Henry James.
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    60. Great Books And Classics - William James
    Great Books and Classics William James (1842-1910) This is the name of asection in Chapter XII of James book Psychology , as well as the name of a

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