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         Hemphill Scott:     more detail
  1. Pi by Scott Hemphill, 2010-07-06
  2. The piracy paradox revisited.(response to article by C. Scott Hemphill and Jeannie Suk in this issue, p. 1147): An article from: Stanford Law Review by Kal Raustiala, Christopher Sprigman, 2009-03-01
  3. The law, culture, and economics of fashion.: An article from: Stanford Law Review by C. Scott Hemphill, Jeannie Suk, 2009-03-01
  4. Remix and cultural production.(response to article by Kal Raustiala and Christopher Sprigman in this issue, p. 1201): An article from: Stanford Law Review by C. Scott Hemphill, Jeannie Suk, 2009-03-01
  5. Perspectives on Tithing: Four Views
  6. The Geology of Hemphill County, Texas by G. Scott, 1932

61. Applegate Directory Ltd
Hemphill, John Managing Director SPC International Hemphill, John Managing Director SPC Hider, Scott Sales Manager Nationwide Exhibitions Ltd
Applegate Directory Ltd Last update: Friday, September 9, 2005 All Industry Electronics Catalog-on-line Business Services ... Stock-on-Line Promoting the best of Industry, Technology and Manufacturing in the UK and Ireland General Information Home Page About Applegate Add/Edit Information Add to Desktop ... Work for Us News Applegate News Industry News Trade Shows Indexes Company Products Who Sells Who Town/City ... Top Products Sections All Industry Business Services Construction Electronics ... Z Search Top People Index - H
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Top People
A B ... Z Haagensen, Allan: Proprietor: Adinnovation
Haase, Heide: Managing Director: Tele-Control Ltd
Habberley, Mark: Managing Director: Print Ltd
Habberley, Roy: Managing Director: Dial A Blind
Habeeb, David: Managing Director: Heat and Eat Ltd
Habens, Malcolm: Commercial Director: Datum Electronics Ltd
Habgood, Jason: Managing Director: QC Print Services Ltd
Habgood, Martin: Managing Director: Dowding and Mills Engineering Services Ltd
Habiak, EJ: Managing Director: Bowling Finishing Services Ltd Habib, Paul: Managing Director: Castletown Promotions Habibi, James: Managing Director:

62. Applegate Directory Ltd
Hemphill, John Managing Director SPC International Hemphill, John Managing Director SPC Holland, Scott Managing Director Cemgraft Ltd
Applegate Directory Ltd Last update: Saturday, September 10, 2005 All Industry Electronics Catalog-on-line Business Services ... Stock-on-Line Promoting the best of Industry, Technology and Manufacturing in the UK and Ireland General Information Home Page About Applegate Add/Edit Information Add to Desktop ... Work for Us News Applegate News Industry News Trade Shows Indexes Company Products Who Sells Who Town/City ... Top Products Sections All Industry Business Services Construction Electronics ... Z Search Top People Index - H
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Top People
A B ... Z Habens, Malcolm: Commercial Director: Datum Electronics Ltd
Hachisu, K: Managing Director: Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd
Hackett, Mike: Managing Director: T and R Test Equipment Ltd
Haddad, Gamil: Managing Director: Spectrum Group
Haddow, Andrew: Managing Director: Parc
Haddow, Andrew: Managing Director: Parc
Hadfield, Jon: Director: Production Design and Supply Ltd
Hadley, Michelle: Commercial Manager: Envirosol Ltd
Haggarty, Hugh: General Manager: Minebea Electronics (UK) Ltd Hagger, Alan: Sales Director: AB Stratos Ltd Hagin, Tony: Managing Director:

63. Composites Past, Present And Future
Scott Hemphill is president of Hardcore Composites (New Castle, Del., USA). He earned a BS in engineering from the University of Delaware and since has
Sourcebook High-Performance Composites Composites Technology Publisher Info ...
Free Subscription HPC CT Newsletter Composites Technology Current Issue Editorial Calendar Archive Article Index ... Subscribe Distributors Directory Sign Up Sourcebook Create New Listing Browse Directory Products / Services Company List A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Location Search Directory Product Line Category Name Company Name City Search Help Articles Publisher's Editorial Industry Overview Organizations Glossary Ray Publishing About Us Back Issues Design Guides Staff Directory ... Toolbar Careful What You Wish For - October 2004 By: Scott Hemphill Scott Hemphill is president of Hardcore Composites (New Castle, Del., U.S.A.). He earned a BS in engineering from the University of Delaware and since has accumulated 24 years of experience in the construction and composites industries. Hemphill holds three composites-related patents and currently has two additional patents pending. Since I became involved in composites in the mid-1990s, it has been the unwavering desire of many companies and individuals that make up our industry to become involved in three areas that appear to have unlimited market potential on the upside, with no downside. The three sectors on our collective wish list civil infrastructure, automotive and wind power tantalizingly beckon our entry into their worlds. This trio of wishes reminds me of a classic story, "The Monkeys Paw" by W.W. Jacobs. For those unfamiliar with the tale, it tells of a man who gets three wishes and the misfortune that befalls him when they are granted. Our company, Hardcore Composites, wished to become the composites industry's leader in the civil infrastructure market, the realization of which resulted in an outcome that we could never have contemplated.

64. INNOCENT - Fighting Miscarriages Of Justice
Mr Hemphill s new counsel, Margaret Scott, told the appeal judges that the conduct of the trial counsel and the original defence solicitors had deprived Mr
John Hemphill Six years
27 April 2001 Appeal court quashes
murder conviction
In only the second case of its kind, a man jailed for murder has had his conviction quashed because of failures in the case prepared by his defence team, which included the leading QC, Donald Findlay. John Hemphill, 35, was found guilty of the murder of his former girlfriend Sarah Jane Cannon in 1995 and has been in prison for almost six years. Mr Hemphill had denied the charges claiming he arrived on the scene after Miss Cannon was shot and cradled her in his arms as she was dying. But in his appeal he accused his defence team of failing to call their own expert witnesses to give evidence. Lord Cameron, who heard the appeal, with Lord Milligan and Lord McCluskey, said they had reached the view that Mr Hemphill had suffered a miscarriage of justice because he was denied a fair trial. Lord Cameron said: "The failure of investigation and preparation of the defence case was so fundamental in the circumstances of this case that it affected the conduct of his defence to such an extent that he did not have the fair trial he to which he was entitled." The ground for appeal that an accused was deprived of his right to a fair trial because of the conduct of his counsel or solicitor was only established in the Scottish courts by a five-judge appeal bench in 1995.

65. ... To PostScript Filters
Scott Hemphill s free C code for GIF to PS conversions. With a shell file around it. Email to giftops
... to PostScript filters Last update: Sat Sep 10 00:37:21 EDT 2005
School of Computer Science
McGill University
Montreal, Canada H3A 2K6

Miguel Santana's free program to format an ascii file for Postscript printing.
From the press release by Peter Szabo, its developer: "a2ping is a UNIX command line utility written in Perl that converts many raster image and vector graphics formats to EPS or PDF and other page description formats. Accepted input file formats are: PS (PostScript), EPS, PDF, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, BMP, GIF, LBM, XPM, PCX, TGA. Accepted output formats are: EPS, PCL5, PDF, PDF1, PBM, PGM, PPM, PS, markedEPS, markedPS, PNG, XWD, BMP, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, XPM. a2ping delegates the low-level work to Ghostscript (GS), pdftops and sam2p. a2ping fixes many glitches during the EPS to EPS conversion, so its output is often more compatible and better embeddable than its input."
GNU-license ascii to postscript converter by Akim Demaille and Miguel Santana . One of the best and most versatile such programs around. Mailing list (send "subscribe" in the body).

66. Texas Ornithological Society
Thanks go to Anthony Floyd of Lubbock and Rosemary Scott and the Panhandle (3) 11 November (Barrett Pierce, Rosemary Scott), Lake Marvin, Hemphill Co
(home) Seasonal Reports Fall 2003 Region 1 Geese to Loons Grebes to Hawks Falcons to Sandpipers Gulls to ... Sparrows to Finches Fall August - November 2003
Region 1 - Panhandle
Lorie Black
3334 South 11th Street
Abilene, TX 79605
Much of the region continued to experience drought conditions, resulting in diminished water resources. Perhaps for this reason shorebird and waterfowl migrations were lower than normal. Warblers were present in good variety, but numbers were fairly low. Vireos were low in both number and variety. Sparrows were fairly scarce this fall as well. Fall hummingbirds were present in good numbers in the Lubbock and Amarillo areas. Thanks go to Anthony Floyd of Lubbock and Rosemary Scott and the Panhandle Bird Club of Amarillo for information included in this report.
Geese to Loons
Greater White-fronted Goose: (1) 24 October (Jo-Szu Tsai), near Abernathy, Hale Co; (1) 2 November (Anthony Floyd), Lake Six, Lubbock; (2) 15 November (Anthony Floyd), Canyon Lakes, Lubbock Co; (1) 15 November (Jo-Szu Tsai), Abernathy, Hale Co; (76) 15 November (Jo-Szu Tsai), Floydada, Floyd Co Snow Goose: Scattered reports in Lubbock area – lower than expected numbers Ross’s Goose: (6) 15 November (Anthony Floyd), Leftwich Park, Lubbock; (1) 18 November (Lorie Black), Kirby Lake, Abilene

67. Publications By Darold Hemphill In The Bibliography - Int
Burkhart, Brenda, Hemphill, Darold, Jones, Scott (1994) The Value of a Baseline in Determining Design Success. In Adelson, Beth, Dumais, Susan, Olson,
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Darold Hemphill
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Publications by Darold Hemphill
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, Brenda, Hemphill , Darold, Jones , Scott ( ): The Value of a Baseline in Determining Design Success. In: Adelson , Beth, Dumais , Susan, Olson , Judith S. (ed.): Proceedings of the ACM CHI 94 Human Factors in Computing Systems Conference . April 24-28, , Boston, Massachusetts. p. . Available online + add publication You cannot add additional publications to this author page before an author description and a photo have been submitted and approved. To do so, please click the 'Provide a description' link above.
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68. Joseph Jarman Similar Artists: Air, Anthony Braxton, Julius Hemphill
In 1971, Threadgill was asked to arrange some of Scott Joplin s songs for a Hemphill was best known for his work with the World Saxophone Quartet he
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Joseph Jarman Similar Artists
Joseph Jarman

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Air (Active in 70s, 80s)
Summary Albums Songs News ... Reviews
Comprised originally of Henry Threadgill on reeds, bassist Fred Hopkins, and drummer Steve McCall, Air emphasized equality of roles by the instruments (without any clear-cut leader) and a smooth mixture of advanced arrangements and free improvisations. In 1971, Threadgill was asked to arrange some of Scott Joplin's songs for a production at... Read More
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avg.: 5.00
Anthony Braxton (Active in 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s)
Summary Albums Songs News ... Reviews Genius is a rare commodity in any art form, but at the end of the 20th century it seemed all but non-existent in jazz, a music that had ceased looking ahead and begun swallowing its tail. If it seemed like the music had run out of ideas, it might be because Anthony Braxton covered just about every conceivable area of creativity during the course... Read More Options: Track this artist Find Similar Score avg.: n/a

69. CERF Executive Program Series
Advanced Materials Changing Our Approach to Construction, Scott Hemphill, Chief Executive and President, Hardcore Composites

Future Executive Program Series'
CAB Application Listing of CAB Members
Past Programs
CAB Executive Program Series The 2003 Fall CERF Executive Program Series was the second of a two-part series held on Technology and Innovation for Productivity Gains, as the result of industry leader feedback on the need to focus on issues of productivity. It was held at the at the Hotel Monaco, Washington, DC. Achieving Interoperability: Tools and Practices, Norbert Young , President, McGraw Hill Construction
3D Modeling
Dr. Pete Carrato, Fellow-Principal Engineer, Bechtel Corporation
International Alliance for Interoperability
David Harris, President, National Institute of Buildings, International Alliance for Interoperability
The U.S. National CAD Standard
David Jordani, President, Jordani Consulting Group
Highlights of CERF Industry Programs
Harvey Bernstein,
Steps to Increase Productivity Through Innovation
Brendan Macken, Vice President Engineering, Fluor Daniel
Steps to Increase Productivity Through Innovation
Joseph Ahearn, Vice Chairman, CH2M Hill Companies

70. 96 INC
David Fedo, Barbara Field, Andrew Glaze, Myles Gordon, Michael Greenstein, Heather Hartley, Stephanie Hemphill, Doug Holder, Scott Holstad, Ward Kelley,

71. Texas Tennis Foundation : Texas Scholars Awarded
Anthony Cahill Elizabeth Field Alejandra Garza Anthony Geisleman Esiquiel Gonzalez, Krystal Harris Scott Hawk Whitnee Hemphill Marrissa Inman Sung Hoon Shin
@import "/meta/template20.css";
Texas Scholars Awarded Texas Tennis Foundation Dollars
9/1/2004 - The Texas Tennis Foundation is excited to announce the recipients of its 2004 college scholarships. The scholarships are awarded to ambitious and worthy students who have an interest in tennis and who have a desire to obtain a higher education, but are in need of financial aid. High school students who will be entering college and college students who are in good standing at their respective college or university, who are U.S. citizens, and who live in Texas are eligible and may apply
The Texas Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame Scholarship was created and funded by the Board of Trustees of the Texas Tennis Museum and Hall of Fame in order to expand the outreach of the museum and Hall of Fame in assisting with the education of a Texas tennis player. The first recipient of this scholarship is Anthony Cahill of Bandera, Texas.
help young people to succeed in life, both on and off the court. The 2004 scholarships are awarded to Alejandra Garza of Zapata, Texas; Esiquiel Gonzalez of Brownsville, Texas; Krystal Harris of Oakwood, Texas; Scott Hawk of Buna, Texas; Whitnee Hemphill of San Angelo, Texas; MarRissa Inman of Pilot Point, Texas; Sung Hoon Shin of Houston, Texas; and Tosha Miller of Streetman, Texas.
Congratulations go out to all the 2004 Texas Tennis Foundation Scholarship Program recipients. A special thanks to the member of the 2004 Scholarship Awards Committee for their time and effort spent during the selection process.

72. Al Barr
PhD 1992, John Platt PhD 1989, Devendra Kalra Ph.D. 1991, Lounette Dyer PhD 1991, Scott Hemphill MS 1991, Bena Currin, David Laidlaw MS 1992, PhD 1995,
Prof. Al Barr
Caltech CS, CNS
Local Information: Honors
  • ACM SIGGRAPH Computer Graphics Achievement Award, for contributions to computer graphics modeling (1988)
  • Inducted as Fellow of the ACM (1995)
Graduate Advisees
  • Current Advisees, CS and CNS: Cindy Ball, Marcel Gavriliu, Dan Fain (CNS), Mark Meyer
  • Previous Graduate Advisees:
    • Lounette Dyer founded Cogit Inc., was subsequently awarded one of the prestigious Caltech Alumni of the Decade Awards for the 1990's, and is now serving on Caltech's Board of Trustees.
    • Dave Kirk is Chief Scientist for NVIDIA corporation
    • Ronen Barzel, Bena Currin, Kurt Fleicher and Adam Woodbury are at Pixar. They received screen credits for their work on "Toy Story," "Bug's Life" and "Toy Story II," Pixar/Disney computer generated full-length feature films.
    • John Snyder and John Platt are at Microsoft Research
    • Denis Zorin is faculty at New York University
    • David Laidlaw is faculty at Brown Univerity
    • The others are involved in startup companies and other types of entrepreneurial activities
    Blobbies with Scales (1995) A simulation of scales growing on a topologically varying surface (from 1 surface to 2), made by Kurt Fleischer et al for his Siggraph 95 talk entitled

73. Church Records
Bennett Franklin Scott. Robert Calvin Scott. Jeremiah Josephus Scott Peyton Riddle Hemphill, SD Nancy Hemphill, 9/12/1861. John Jay Hardin Hodge
Presbyterian Church
Golconda, Pope County, Illinois
Founded 1819
Said to be the oldest Presbyterian Church in Illinois
Records originally copied by Mrs. Scerial Thompson and used by permission of her niece, information for this website extracted by Ginger Hayes
(This is an ongoing project and will be added to as I get time)
Part I - Baptisms
24 Oct 1819 Elenor Lucinda Glass Wm. Alexander Glass 25 Oct 1819 James Thos. Ferguson Emeline Ferguson 18 Mar 1820 Margaret E.L. Hanna Warren B.G. Bogardus 3 June 1820 Joshua S. Hanly Jane Hanly Mary Eliza Glass 5 June 1820 Hannah L. Alcorn (adult) 6 Aug 1821 Berthenia Crawford (adult) Wm. W. Crawford Thos. Owen Crawford Jas. Edward Willis Nancy C. Hodge Jas. E.Y. Hanna 7 Aug 1821 Harrett Glass James C. Glass John Calvin Hanna 27 Nov 1824 Geo. Franklin Hanna Geo. Davis Hodge Wm. S. Hodge Wm. S. Hodge Francis S. Glass James Lapsley Glass James H.C. Hanna 30 Jan 1825 Sarah Cowan Samuel S. Cowan 1 Aug 1825 Francis Knox Hanna Margaret K. Williamson George Williamson Jane Williamson John S. Williamson

74. Aly Funeral Records
OOFPope Co., Il. Hemphill, Alice E.-74-August 22, 1920-Dec. 1916-July 24, 1995-Roland-Pope Co., Il. Hemphill, Scott David-82-July 1, 1910-August 14,
Aly Funeral Records
Records are arranged in the following format
Name, Date of Birth, Date of Death, Cemetery where buried, County Ginger Hayes
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Aly Funeral Records

75. Summary Description Of Hemphill Family Papers
Hemphill FAMILY PAPERS Summary John Hemphill s opinion in the Dred Scott case and an obituary for Hemphill s death; receipts; a biographical sketch of
Manuscripts Department
Library of the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
NOTE: A more complete finding aid for this collection is available at the Southern Historical Collection.
Contact staff at: (919)962-1345 (telephone); (919)962-4452 (FAX);

76. The Number Pi These Digits Came From Scott Hemphill (see Forwarded
Scott Scott Hemphill !ames!elroy!citvax! Hemphill ***End of Forwarded Messages*** The digits are arranged in groups of

77. Dart Tournament Results: 15th Shoot For The Moon Open
T16Douglas Wizard DiMichele, Benji Hemphill, Bubba Bilbro, Mike Owens, DRAW DOUBLES Cricket Saturday, 174 entries, 1st-Scott Wollaston/Jimmy High
May/June 2004 - V24.03
15th Shoot for the Moon Open
MEN’S SINGLES 301, 98 entries, 1st-Dan Lauby ($320); 2nd-Ian Bryson ($120); T4-Jeff Wair, Steve Hills ($80); T8-Jason Watt, Steve Rogers, Schad Scott, Ron Peterson ($50). MEN’S SINGLES 501, 120 entries, 1st-Roger Carter ($500); 2nd-George Walls ($240); T4-Marty Wiggins, Scott Wollaston ($100); T8-Ralph McCool, Schad Scott, Manuel Lairson, Joey Smith ($60); T16-Garry Green, Todd Bunch, Bruce Cottrell, Chris Shepherd, Marvin Wentz, Douglas Wizard DiMichele, Lance Kent, Bill Davis ($40). MEN’S SINGLES Cricket, 85 entries, 1st-Jason Watt ($420); 2nd-Bill Davis ($240); T4-Dave Feldpusch, Scott Wallaston ($150); T8-Terry Stewart, Tom Williams, Lincoln Toothpick Upton, Russ Lopez ($60); T16-Douglas Wizard DiMichele, Benji Hemphill, Bubba Bilbro, Mike Owens, Marty Wiggins, Eric Blackledge, Ryan Barnett, Manuel Lairson. WOMEN’S SINGLES 301, 40 entries, 1st-Donna Carter ($220); 2nd-Kelly Mears ($120); T4-Cathy Joye, Nita Brasher ($80); T8-Linda Anglin, Wanda Pepper, Jennifer Dardin, Wanda Dorsett ($25).

78. ************The Project Gutenberg Etext Of The Number Pi
These digits came from Scott Hemphill (see forwarded message). Scott Scott Hemphill !ames!elroy!citvax!Hemphill

79. Free EBooks - Alphabetical List - GLOBUSZ PUBLISHING
Hemphill, Scott. Pi. Hemphill, Vivia, 18891934. Down The Mother Lode. Hemyng, Bracebridge, 1841-1901. Jack Harkaway And His Son s Escape From The Brigand s
Search Paper Books
MEMBERSHIP As a Globusz member you will be entitled to free passwords, and have full access to our fastest growing online library!


... Z Hamilton, Anthony
Hardy, Thomas
[Download] Harris, Frank
Harwood, John
Hawthorne, Julian [Download] [Download] [Download] Healy, William and Mary [Download] [Download] Hecker, Justus Friedrich Carl [Download] Hedge-Cheney, Jacquelyn Marie [Download] Hegermann-Lindencrone, Lillie de [Download] Heine, Heinrich [Download] Hemingway, Percy [Download] Hendrick, Burton J. [Download] Henty, George Alfred [Download] Hesse, Hermann [Download] [Download] Hitler, Adolf [Download] [Download] Holmes, Oliver Wendell [Download] Holmes, Thomas [Download] Homer [Download] Honig, Winfried [Download] [Download] [Download] [Download] ... [Download] Hope, Laura Lee [Download] Houdini, Harry [Download] House, Edward Mandell [Download] Howells, William Dean [Download] Hudson, W. H. [Download] Hughes, Thomas [Download] Hugo, Victor

80. The Estate Project
Stephen Harvey Terry Helbing Essex Hemphill Bill Hennessy Scott Heumann Colin Higgins Leland Hickman Paul HidalgoDuran Mike Hippler Leon Hirszman

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