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         Hay Douglas:     more detail
  1. The Airway Epithelium : Physiology, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology - Vol 55 of Lung Biology in Health and Disease by Stephen G. ; Hay, Douglas W. P. (editors) Farmer, 1991

81. Mr. Lincoln And Friends
Douglas L. Wilson and Rodney O. Davis, Editor, Herndon’s Informants, p. 541 (Letterof Jason Duncan to William H. Herndon, late 1866early 1867).

82. A Scandal Below The Radar
Bloggers, of course, are making Hay over the Times disinterest in a story thatcasts Send a letter to the Editor via our email form. Opinions columns
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September 10, 2005
Get Plugged In: A weblog by Arizonans, for Arizonans
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A scandal below the radar Aug. 5, 2005 12:00 AM Especially in media hothouses like New York City, issues develop fast. Usually.
One amazing New York-centric story, however, has been rumbling along the last week or so like a Mack truck in first gear:
The nugget of this story is just astonishing:
According to reports, Cohen was in an advantageous position to secure the loans: In addition to directing Air America, Cohen also served as development director of the Gloria Wise club.
At the same time, it is worth noting, Cohen also secured loans to himself. All told, he borrowed more than $800,000, according to club officials.
In this case, "borrow" seems to be a loose term. The club's president says Cohen made at least one of the Air America loans - $213,000 - without her approval. Cohen no longer works for either the club or the network, and there is some indication that the current owner of Air America, Piquant LLC, may not have been aware of the loans at the time it purchased the network on May 24, 2004. You don't have to be a Columbia School of Journalism grad to sense that this developing story might have legs.

83. LRB | Letters From Vol. 23 No. 5
My tutor at Oxford, Edmund Blunden, told me that Keith Douglas was the best From Editor, London Review . The March on Washington photos mentioned by
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Subscribers to the LRB currently get free access to the full content of the magazine in an online edition. If you are a subscriber and would like to register for online access click here If you are already registered you can log in from our login page If you would like further information about subscribing to the LRB click here LRB Vol. 23 No. 5 dated 8 March 2001
From Vol. 23 No. 5
Cover date: 8 March 2001
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Saving Masud Khan
From Andrew Samuels Wynne Godley's article ( LRB , 22 February Andrew Samuels
Professor of Analytical Psychology, University of Essex From Emma Tennant Wynne Godley's terrifying account of psychoanalysis must serve as a warning to those who fear their handles may be grasped by analysts eager to open doors. Suffering distress, as Godley did, in my early thirties, I was directed to a (highly recommended) psychoanalyst who, after informing me that I should embark on a lengthy and expensive course with him, proceeded to ask, as I left my name and address: 'Do you use the front bit?' Realising that he had researched the 'bit' in question - an Hon., for which title I had as much responsibility as, say, a supernumerary nipple - I ran, never to return. Emma Tennant
London W11
Buy Bolivian?

84. How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, And Artificial Intelligence Will Transfo
Translate this page Douglas Mulhall le da la vuelta al problema citado por aquellos que alertan sobre De hecho parece que en este campo Hay una guerra declarada entre el
Libros Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World
Douglas Mulhall le da la vuelta al problema citado por aquellos que alertan sobre los peligros de la
  • Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World Editor: Douglas Mulhall
    Editorial: Prometheus Books, Amherst, New York, 2002.
    Libros sobre Nanotechnology en Amazon
Comentario Es un argumento fuerza no exento de singularidad a la hora de rebajar las pretensiones neutralizadoras del desarrollo de la nanociencia. Mulhall sugiere; "The relatively calm natural conditions that allowed our technological society to develop during past centuries may be more rare than we thought. They may end. ... a new survival imperative may inspire us to adapt to a universe that now appears more risky than we once thought." De hecho parece que en este campo hay una guerra declarada entre el medioabiente y la tecnología. Este conflicto nos puede distraer de los verdaderos retos del medio ambiente. De hecho afirma que "cuanto más se aprenda de las catástrofes naturales, la prevención de los peligros de de un viaje a la edad molecular nos puede relegar al cubo de basura de la naturaleza",
  • Our Molecular Future: How Nanotechnology, Robotics, Genetics, and Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Our World

85. Pomona College
Before being named executive Editor of The New York Times in July 2003, Verlyn Klinkenborg is the author of Making Hay, The Last Fine Time and The Rural
Alumni Weekend 2005 - Symposium
Alumni Weekend Home Plan Your Trip 2006 Make Your Reunion Gift
The 16th Annual Alumni Symposium - April 29-30, 2005
Headlines and Deadlines: A Conversation with Pomona's Alumni Journalists
  • journalistic ethics; the impact of the Internet and alternative media; the future of the traditional print media; how news is selected, assigned, written and edited; and the education of future journalists.

The Program Friday, April 29
Journalism on the Edge: Ethics, the Internet, and Other Transcendent Issues
Smith Campus Center, Rose Hills Theatre
Smith Campus Center, Rose Hills Theatre
The Power of Storytelling
Smith Campus Center, Room 208
News With a Message: Advocacy Journalism Versus Objective Reporting Smith Campus Center, Rose Hills Theatre Does the Press Matter Any More? Bridges Hall of Music Lyon Garden Symposium Participants Moderator: Steven Koblik, president of the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens and former professor of history at Pomona College (1968-89)

86. The Montanan - The Magazine Of The University Of Montana | Fall 2004
two of whom attained the rank of lieutenant general, John Hay and George Forsyth . Editor’s Note This information was passed on to Jeannie Green,
Fall 2004
Jumping Out of Perfectly Good Airplanes


Emma, Bravo!

Letters to the Editor
Montanan Chat
Editor's Desk
A New Language SEND US YOUR MAIL Montanan Editor
315 Brantly Hall
University of Montana
Missoula, MT 59812
Unfortunately, because of space limitations we are not able to include all letters sent to us. Letters that appear often are edited for length or clarity. While universities are places of discussion where people of good will do not always agree, letters deemed potentially libelous or that malign a person or group will not be published. Opinions expressed in the Montanan do not necessarily reflect those of The University of Montana. Soon music takes the room and pushes its way out cracks of windows and doors into the cold mountain air. There the darkness is deep and long, the snow in mounds, the quiet like ice. Bare maple branches long for the moon. Inside I ponder how wonderful stringed instruments can be. Not only do they travel easily from living room to kitchen, but they can turn exalted warbling into a soulful mourn. I become intrigued with how they move into a song. Someone calls out a song title. Musicians shift in their seats, get that far-off look as they reach back for what they know. Then there's the tapping of feet. A chord here, a riff there, another chord. Out of a sort of hesitant, rambling cacophony of sound, the music gels and off they go, never to look back. How wonderful to be carried on their backs!

87. City Pages - The Barnstormer
Where Ohman once baled Hay, suburban soccer kids now play ball on the and eventually convinced the project s Editor to greenlight the concept.
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Minneapolis/St. Paul
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All of Best of the Twin Cities Articles Ad Index Calendar Movies Restaurants Learn About RSS Feeds Sign Up for Weekly Email Newsletter from CityPages Home News ... Classifieds Twin Cities Reader Summer Books Issue - Volume 26 - Issue 1280 - Cover Story - June 15, 2005
A few years ago, Doug Ohman was a theme-park executive with 600 employees. Today, he photographs barns. What happened?
The Barnstormer
By Paul Demko
Doug Ohman photo by Bill Kelley Doug Ohman is not the kind of man who will brag that he has photographed every barn in the state of Minnesota. It's a big place, and even though Ohman fears that barns may be an endangered species, there are still an awful lot of them. Nonetheless, the fact of the matter is that he has surely tromped around and photographed more barns than anyone else has. Over a decade's worth of rambles on the state's dirt roads and two-lane byways, he has snapped photos of round barns, dairy barns, Yankee barns, gambel-roofed barns, Dutch-style barns, and barns that no longer can be neatly categorized, having collapsed to the ground. Guiding his black Ford pickup truck south on Interstate 35 on a recent weekday afternoon, Doug Ohman points out a massive red barn on the west side of the freeway. The front of the structure is enigmatically emblazoned with a single word: "Sugardale."

88. Zesty Contras Editor Larry Jennings Date_entered 1996-11
Al Olson Lm 2x2 ip ZC n455 A Whimsy for Tony Lynn Douglas Lm 2x2 pp ZC n456 Who sin the Middle? Al Olson Lm 2x2 ip ZC n457 Whoop! Jamboree Cammy Kaynor Lm
Larry Jennings # 2001-11-08 (Correct spelling of "La Bastringue") #

89. Ask The Editors :: Online Ad Classifications; Hunting Query
or 529 Hay, fed, seed) so you can quickly go to what you want to see? Doug Floyd is Editorial page Editor of The SpokesmanReview. blogs Ask The Editors
Online ad classifications; hunting query
Questions: 1. Why isn't there a guide to the want ads listing the various categories (i.e., 481 wood for sale, or 529 hay, fed, seed) so you can quickly go to what you want to see?
2. A couple of months ago the paper solicited hunting stories from their readers. Were they ever published? Rich Hepworth, Spokane Answer 1: Marlene Anderson, who directs advertising on, gave this response: "The first page of the online classifieds lists the major categories. Each category has sub-categories that correspond to the classifications that are listed in the print newspaper. They have the same name but not the classification numbers. For instance, 'wood for sale' is a sub-category of Miscellaneous Merchandise. The advantage of the online classifieds over the print version is that you can also enter a keyword such as 'wood' and find any ad online that has the word 'wood' in it." Answer 2: Posted by Ken 09:25 AM Jan 12
About this blog
Editors Steve Smith, Gary Graham, Ken Sands, Doug Floyd and Carla Savalli answer readers' questions about The Spokesman-Review's editorial decisions and operations.

90. [ISI Highly Cited Researchers Version 1.1]
Highly Cited Researcher Fearon, Douglas Thomas 19741977, Postdoctoral ResearchFellowship, Helen Hay Whitney Foundation. Bronze Star, Army Commendation

91. Printable Version
Elliot will also market all of Steiger s alfalfa through Hay Markets International, Northern Douglas County normally receives 20 of moisture,
Ken Steiger sets goal of 10-ton/acre alfalfa By ANDREA JOHNSON, Assistant Editor "I know I'm pushing the envelope, but I think it's possible," said Steiger. "I've been an independent crop consultant for 30 years, and everything that I've learned over the last 30 years we're going to put to practice here and see how good it works," said Glanzer. "We're really looking forward to this project." "Most of Frank's ideas have come true," said Glanzer. "Thirty years ago, I couldn't figure out what he was talking about. Now I understand them." Accomplishing goals To raise 10-ton alfalfa, Steiger will start out seeding 120 acres to alfalfa this spring. He will seed another 80 acres to alfalfa in the fall after red potatoes are harvested. Sugarbeet lime, turkey manure and commercial fertilizer will be applied to the flat and sandy Douglas County irrigated fields, according to soil tests results. "It's going to be about 4 tons of turkey litter per acre and whatever fertility the soil tests call for," said Glanzer. Potash - about 60 pounds of K20 - will be applied between cuttings. The alfalfa on the potato ground will be seeded around Aug. 1, with a potential single cutting around Sept. 1-10.

92. La Selección Natural: Cómo Funciona La Evolución Una Entrevista Con Douglas F
Translate this page Primero, que no Hay una diferencia entre los diferentes genotipos o entre los Sobre el autor El Dr. Douglas Futuyma, un científico de renombre mundial,

asuntos críticos de la evolución
La Selección Natural: Cómo funciona la Evolución
Una entrevista con Douglas Futuyma
Una entrevista original de
puntos principales del artículo
La selección natural es un mecanismo eficiente y predecible de la evolución, el cual ilustra:
  • cómo se adaptan las especies a su medio ambiente el éxito reproductivo de una especie el diseño en la naturaleza la evidencia de la evolución en acción, por ejemplo, la resistencia a los antibióticos
artículo ¿Qué es la selección natural y cómo es ella central a la teoría de la evolución?

La selección natural es importante porque es la idea central que surgió de los estudios de Charles Darwin y de Alfred Russel Wallace, y que explica al diseño en la naturaleza. Es el proceso que es responsable por la evolución de las adaptaciones de los organismos a su medio ambiente.

93. Horses Draw Big Crowd At Douglas County Fair |
Kalen was rewarding her horse with some extra Hay between events. Douglas CountyFarm Bureau Movie Night, featuring “Racing Stripes,” dusk,

94. Gamasutra
Letters to the Editor. Letters To The Editor Submit A Letter Posted by RonHay, 01.16.2003. Game Proposal Should Focus On Resources Available To
Letters to the Editor
Letters To The Editor: Submit A Letter
View All Letters

Author ... The Big Debate
Posted by:
Dan Marshall That Hot Topic of Story - Another Viewpoint
Posted by: Ben McCullough Speaking Of Post-Structural...
Posted by: Al Nelson Facade's Excellence Is Not Just 'Technical'
Posted by: Philip Minchin Façade Isn't Intended For Traditional Gamers!
Posted by: Ernest W. Adams Facade's Only Excellence Is Technical.
Posted by: Paige Morgan Games Are Inherently Post-Structural
Posted by: Patrick Dugan On False Sophistication In Storytelling Posted by: Paige Morgan Who’s Afraid of Story Structure? Posted by: John Sutherland Game Story: Plot vs Character Posted by: Kat Richardson Just Say No to Sutherland and Stucturalism! Posted by: Ernest W. Adams On 'Active Storytelling in Games' Posted by: Charles Herold Response to 'Active Storytelling In Games' Posted by: Colby Poulson The Hero's Journey: The Saga Continues Posted by: Tadhg Kelly Response to Tadhg Kelly on the Hero's Journey Posted by: Jil Veugen Reponse to 'On Girls And Video Games' Posted by: Fiz Gig The Hero's Journey Posted by: Tadhg Kelly A Response From The Authors Of 'Top Mythconceptions on Patent Protection of Video Games' Posted by: Steve Chang, Ross Dannenberg

95. The New York Times > Movies > HAY FOOT > Review, Cast And Synopsis
The NY Times review of Hay Foot, a Fred Guiol film starring and . Hay Foot movietrailer, showtimes, tickets and reader reviews are also available.

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