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         Hakluyt Richard:     more books (28)
  1. Voyager's Tales - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  2. Discovery of Muscovy - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  3. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 02 - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  4. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 01 - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  5. Voyages in Search of the North-West Passage - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, Henry, 1822-1894 Morley, 2009-07-02
  6. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 04 - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  7. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 11 - Hakluyt, Richard, 1552-1616 by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  8. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation. Vol. XIII. America. Part II. - Hakluyt, Ri by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  9. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 08 Asia, Part I - Hakluyt, Richard by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  10. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, and Discoveries of The English Nation, Vol. XII., America, Part I. - Hakluyt, Ri by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  11. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 09 Asia, Part II - Hakluyt, Richar by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  12. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English NationVolume 10 Asia, Part III - Hakluyt, Richa by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-07-02
  13. A Selection of Principal Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation By Richard Hakluyt 1552-1616 : Set Out with Many Embellishments and a Preface. by Laurence Irving, 1926-01-01
  14. The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques and Discoveries of the English Nation ? Volume 06Madiera, the Canaries, Ancient Asia, Africa, etc. by Richard, 1552-1616 Hakluyt, 2009-10-04

61. The Literary Encyclopedia
1552 Labé, Louise Louise Labé by the Editors. 1582 Hakluyt, Richard RichardHakluyt by Patrick McHenry, Columbus State University.
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62. Salem Press Catalog
See Hispaniola Hakluyt, Richard, 419421 Hamilton, James, 634 Hardwick, Elizabeth . First Act of (1549), 305, 899 Uniformity, Second Act of (1552),

63. Essays: 2nd Year Course
1552. Bartolome de Las Casa, the first priest ordained in the Western hemisphereand chief architect of Richard Hakluyt Discourse of Western Planting
European Voyages of Exploration
Explorations and first Colonies
Colonial America

Early American and Colonial Period


English Rulers:
Elizabeth I

James I

Christopher Columbus sets foot on the "New World" (San Salvador and West Indies). Columbus' Journal
1st Voyage
Christopher Columbus 2nd voyage ... Treaty of Tordesillas between Spain and Portugal. John Cabot explores Greenland, Labrador and Newfoundland Amerigo Vespucci: Account of his 1st voyage Christopher Columbus: 3rd voyage Christopher Columbus: 4th voyage The name "America" is first used in a geography book referring to the New World with Amerigo Vespucci getting credit for the discovery of the continent.

64. Links For 1552
Links for 1552. Public school (UK) Duke of Rutland List of Moldavian rulers Hansvon Aachen John Russell, 1st Earl of Bedford Richard Hakluyt Assyrian Church of
@import url("/stylesheets/AFM.css");
Links for 1552
Albert the Warlike

April 7

List of people by name: X

65. Sir Walter Raleigh - Books, Journals, Articles @ The Questia Online Library
Charles Chester and Richard Hakluyt. Journal article by Matthew Steggle; Late, great geographers Sir Walter Raleigh (15521618) A tale of how a
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- 4268 results More book Results: The Letters of Sir Walter Raleigh (1879-1922) Book by Lady Raleigh Walter Alexander Raleigh ; The Macmillan Company, 1926 Subjects: ExplorersGreat BritainCorrespondence Raleigh, WalterSir1552?-1618Correspondence THE LETTERS OF SIR WALTER RALEIGH 1879-1922 VOLUME II -ii- SIR WALTER RALEIGH , TAKEN AT BURFORD PRIORY THE LETTERS OF SIR WALTER RALEIGH 1879-1922 EDITED BY... Sir Walter Raleigh: His Family and Private Life Book by A. L. Rowse

66. English Literature - Questia Online Library
Accounts by men such as Richard Hakluyt, Samuel Purchas, and Sir Walter Raleigh were Gurton s Needle (c.1552) are considered the first English comedies,

67. Hold And Modify
having mismanaged the royal affairs, Sir Thomas snd sent over in 1552. Your honours most humble alwayes to be commanded Richard Hakluyt Preacher.
Hold And Modify
HAM redirects here. For additional meanings, see Ham (disambiguation) Hold-And-Modify (more commonly know as HAM) is a screenmode of the Amiga micro computer. It works by interpreting the data for a pixel as copy the colour of my neighbour to the left (Hold), then change that colour (Modify). This allowed the computer to use a fairly rich palette, even if there were only a few bits available to indicate the colour. A disadvantage was that rapid colour changes within a row of pixels were not possible, so if you tried to encode such a fast change, you would get artifacting similar to the compression artifacts you sometimes get with the JPEG graphics format. Without close scrutiny a HAM8 picture is indistinguishable from a more traditional 16-bit display, and in many cases looks as good as a 24-bit display. In the early days of multimedia , HAM gave the Amiga a small advantage over competing systems, because it allowed the system to display digitized photographs and rendered 3D images at a much more realistic level. On early Amiga systems, only 6 bits could be used to indicate colours. Most screenmodes worked with indexed colours, and only 5 bits for the colour index, meaning the 2^5 (=32) colours could be displayed at most. Some screenmodes allowed the sixth bit to be used as a half-color (the pixels with this bit set would display with half the luminosity.) The HAM mode used 6 bits, two being used to indicate whether the remaining 4 bits were an index in the color palette (16 colours) or a change in one of the RGB components of the color (e.g.

68. Time1c
c xxxxxxxxx 1552 Richard Hakluyt, English Geographer Historian, born.x xxxxxxxxx 1552 - Antonio de Mendoza, Spanish Colonial Govenor, died.
WHO'S WHEN: A History Timeline compiled by Modar Neznanich 1300 A.D. - 1600 A.D. TIMELINE YEAR x INFORMATION fl - Robert of Gloucester, English chronicler.
1301 - Andrew III, King of Hungary, died.
1302 - Giovanni Cimabue, Florentine Painter, died.
1303 - Boniface VIII, Pope, died.
1304 - Francesco Petrarca, Italian Poet, born.
1304 - Louis I of Nevers, Count of Flanders, born.
1305 - Guy de Dampierre, Count of Flanders, died.
1305 - Juana I, Queen of Navarre, died.
1305 - William Wallace (Sir), Scottish Patriot, died.
1305 - Wenceslaus II of Bohemia, King of Poland, died.
1306 - Wenceslaus III of Bohemia, King of Poland, died. 1306 - Wenceslaus Wenzel of Bohemia, King of Hungary, died. 1307 - Edward I (Edward Longshanks), King of England, died. c 1308 - Albert I of Austria, King of Germany, died. 1308 - Henry (the Child), Landgrave of Hesse, died. 1308 - John Duns Scotus, Scottish Scholastic Theologian, died. 1308 - Stephen Dusan, King/Emperor of the Serbs, born. 1309 - Charles II, King of Naples, died. 1310 - Alonso XI, King of Castile, born.

69. Nicholas Canny And Karen Ordahl Kupperman The Scholarship And
The elder Richard Hakluyt s Notes on Colonization is followed by ed., EdwardWalshe s Conjectures Concerning the State of Ireland 1552, ibid.,
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Notes and Documents
The Scholarship and Legacy of David Beers
Nicholas Canny and Karen Ordahl Kupperman
David Beers Quinn, pursuing his intersecting interests in Tudor Ireland and the European exploration and settlement of North America, transcended the old imperial history and created the field of Atlantic history. As David Dutton observed in a memorial tribute, Quinn was "a historian of immense industry and erudition." His immersion in the sources and his ability to see the large picture combined with an extraordinary interdisciplinary range to compose a body of work that will continue to shape our view of the origins of the European presence in America and its effects.

70. | Table Of Contents | The American Historical Review, Volume 71, Issue 3. | The
Richard Hakluyt. The Principall Navigations Voiages and Discoveries of the Olavus Petri and the Ecclesiastical Transformation in Sweden, 15211552 A
Vol. 71, No. 3 April 1966 Previous Index of JSTOR Issues Next
April 1966
Table of Contents
The following links will direct you to the complete back run of issues of the American Historical Review in JSTOR, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the digital preservation of scholarly journals. If you are affiliated with a participating institution and have access to your campus network, you may have access to full-text content in JSTOR. Individual users and non-affiliated institutions can still view complete tables of content here.
Volume Information
Front Matter Quantification in History By William O. Aydelotte The Middle Class in Western Europe, 1815-1848 By Lenore O'Boyle Winston Churchill versus the Webbs: The Origins of British Unemployment Insurance By Bentley B. Gilbert The History of American ScienceA Field Finds Itself By A Hunter Dupree Great Britain and the African Peace Settlement of 1919 By Wm. Roger Louis
Reviews of Books
Richard Herr Ideas in History: Essays Presented to Louis Gottschalk by his Former Students Reviewed by Franklin L. Baumer

14941552), in Italian GIOVANNI LEO or LEONE, usually called LEO AFRICANUS, of Richard Hakluyt (A Geographical Historic of Africa, London, 1600).
LEO, HEINRICH Leo was by nature highly excitable and almost insanely passionate, though at the same time strictly honorable, unselfish, and in private intercourse even gentle. During the last year of his life his mind suffered rapid decay, of which signs had been apparent so early as 1868. He died at Halle on the 24th of April 1878. In addition to the works already mentioned, he left behind an account of his early life (Meine Jugendzeit, Gotha, 1880) which is of interest. See Lord Acton, English Historical Review, i. (1886); I-I. Haupt, Kart Follen ned die Giessener Schwarzen (Giessen, 1907); W. Herbst Deutsch-Evangeliscke Bldtter, Bd. 3; P. Kragelin, H. Leo, vol. i. (1779-1844) (Leipzig, 1908); P. Kraus, Aligemeine Konservativ~ Monatsschrsft, Bd. 50 u. 51; R. M. Meyer, Gestal-ten End Probtemf (1904); W. Schracler, Geschichte tier Fri-edrichs- Universit,jt in Ha1l~ (Berlin, 1894); C. Varrentrapp, Historische Zeitschrift, Bd. 92 LEO, J.LEOBSCHUTZ Geschichte der deutschen Historiographie (1885); G. Wolf, Einfiih-rung in das Studium der neueren Geschichte (1910). Leo's Rectitudines singular-urn personarum nebst einer einleitenden Abhandlung iiber Landsiedelung, Landbau, gutsherrliche und bauerliche Verhiiltnisse der Angelsachsen, was translated into English by Lord Acton (1852). (J. HN.)

72. Discovering Columbus By John Noble Wilford In The New York Times
In 1552, in a ringing assessment that would be repeated time and again, the historian Had they not Columbus to stirre them up, Richard Hakluyt,

73. English Literature For Boys And Girls - H.E. Marshall - Free Online Library
Now it came close to the Revenge and the Captain asked Sir Richard what he shoulddo, **Linschoten s Large Testimony in Hakluyt s Voyages.
Library H.E. Marshall English Literature For Boys And Girls Online Dictionary Spelling Center Chapter L: Raleigh"The Revenge"
When still quite a boy, Walter Raleigh went to Oriel College, Oxford, but we know nothing of what he did there, and the next we hear of him is that he is fighting for the Huguenots in France. How long he remained in France, and what he did there beyond this fighting, we do not know. But this we know, that when he went to France he was a mere boy, with no knowledge of fighting, no knowledge of the world. When he left he was a man and a tried soldier, a captain and leader of men. When next we hear of Raleigh he is in Ireland fighting the rebels. There he did some brave deeds, some cruel deeds, there he lived to the full the life of a soldier as it was in those rough times, making all Ireland ring with his name. But although Raleigh had won for himself a name among soldiers, he was as yet unknown to the Queen; his fortune was still unmade. You have all heard the story of how Raleigh first met the Queen. The first notice we have of this story is in a book from which I have already quoted more than onceThe Worthies of England. "This Captain Raleigh," says Fuller, "coming out of Ireland to the English Court in good habit (his clothes being then a considerable part of his estate), found the Queen walking, till, meeting with a splashy place, she seemed to scruple going thereon. Presently Raleigh cast and spread his new plush cloak on the ground, whereon the Queen trod gently, rewarding him afterwards with many suits for his so free and seasonable tender of so fair a foot cloth."

74. 16th Century In Literature Information
of Abuse Stephen Gosson. 1582 Divers Voyages - Richard Hakluyt; RerumScoticarum Historia - George Buchanan. 1583 The Anatomy of

75. North Carolina Beaches, By Glenn Morris. Introduction.
Hakluyt s report engendered English ambition for the profitable He againrounded up investors, and on April 9, 1585, Sir Richard Grenville,
320 pp., 71/2 x 91/4, 31 illus., 29 charts, 32 maps, 1 fig., append., index $19.95 paper
ISBN 0-8078-5618-5
Published: Spring 2005
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North Carolina Beaches

by Glenn Morris
This book is a companion for a journey along North Carolina's 320-mile-long coast. Whether you are in an armchair in Ohio or Pennsylvania wondering about the Outer Banks, or lazing on the beach at Corolla and curious about the self-proclaimed "golf coast" of Brunswick County, North Carolina Beaches offers an answer to the question, "I wonder what it's like there?" The revised edition has changed a good bit in response to changes along North Carolina's outer coast. While many of these are the result of a growth in tourism, natural forces, such as storms and chronic erosion, have had their impact as well. The first edition emphasized detailed information on public access because it was not widely available then and the public access program was relatively new. Today, most North Carolina coastal communities know that easy-to-find and -use public access makes them a more tourist-friendly destination. They readily provide this information. It is here as well, although the necessity is diminished. North Carolina Beaches still serves as a mile-by-mile guide to the outer coast. It still includes locations for parking (accessways), ferries, federal and state parks and preserves, private preserves open to the public, and other difficult-to-categorize locations that are worth a visit. Where it is available, I have included information, such as addresses, hours of operation, phone numbers, and web addresses, which did not exist at the first publication.

76. Timeline 2: 1300-1599
1552. October Ivan III takes Kazan, “winning for Russia control of the river Richard Hakluyt, Discourse of Western Planting; Letter in Hakluyt’s estate
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Timeline 2: 1300-1599
Timeline 2:
Timeline 1: 25,000 BP to 1299 AD
Timeline 3: 1600- 20th Century

Warning! : I regularly find more things to add to this timeline.
  • Some evidence of Slavs along north coast to Pechora River Outlines of Scandinavia begin to appear on maps of southern Europe The First Novgorod Chronicles mention, in a brief entry, that Novgorodian envoys brought back a treaty they had concluded in Denmark. (Lind: web source Iurii Danilovich, prince of Moscow (Pipes 336) Grand Prince Ivan I (Ivan Kalita “the Moneybag”) of Moscow (also Grand Prince of Vladimir 1328-40) would begin “gathering of the Russian lands” (22); curried favour with the Mongols (now calling themselves the Golden Horde and ruling from a capital they’d built at Sarai (near present-day Volgagrad) and became one of their chief tax collectors and part of that levy “remained in Moscow and he used it to gain the upper hand among his feuding rivals” (23); Ivan’s different from the other rivals because of his close alliance with the Russian Orthodox Church; “the princes of Moscow used their unique combination of wealth, political power, and church power to become the Mongols’ successors as the masters of the Russian land” (23). border between Sweden and Russia fixed across the Finnish peninsula;

77. WU Libraries Special Collections, Online Exhibitions: Terra Incognita
Encouraged by Richard Hakluyt, whom he met in 1587 while traveling in England,Theodor de Bry, a German engraver and publisher, began his own collection of
Terra Incognita: Early Accounts
Early Accounts ~ By Region: North America South America Mexico Caribbean ... Special Collections Home Summario de la generale historia de l' Indie Occidentali cauato da libri scritti dal Signor Don Pietro Martyre del Consiglio delle Indie della Maesta de l'imparadore, et da molte altre particulari relationi
Venegia: [Aurelio Pincio,] 1534
Staden, Hans, c. 1525 - c. 1576
Warhafftige Historia vnnd beschreibung einer Landschafft der Wilden / Nacketen / Grimmigen Menschfresser Leuthen / in der Newen Welt America gelegen vor vnd nach Christi geburt im Land zu Hessen vnbekant / biss auff dise ij. Nechts vergangene ja …
[Colophon:] Gedruckt zu Franckfurdt am Mayn durch Weygandt Han / in der Schnurgassen zum Krug. [1557]
This is Hans Staden's account of his captivity among the Tupinamba from 1547 until 1555. The De Bry Collection of "Great and Small Voyages"
Encouraged by Richard Hakluyt, whom he met in 1587 while traveling in England, Theodor de Bry, a German engraver and publisher, began his own collection of voyage narratives in 1590. The engraved illustrations are taken from a series of water-color paintings executed by John White. Issued in parts, the work was originally published in Latin, German, English and French. However after the publication of Part I only the Latin and German editions were continued. Parts I through VI were published during de Bry's lifetime. After his death in 1598, the work was carried on by his sons, Johann Theodor and Johann Israel, who published Parts VII - VIII in 1599 and Part IX in 1602. Johann revived the series in 1619 -1620 by publishing Parts X and XI. Upon Johann Theodor's death in 1623, Mathew Merian, his son-in-law, published Part XII in 1624 and Part XIII in 1634.

78. EBook Search Results For American History Documents (e-Book, E-Books, EBooks)
Mendoza, Antonio de, 1492?1552, 1528 A Letter Written by the Most Hakluyt, Richard,1536 Voyage of M. Robert Hore northwest passage; Newfoundland, 1536
nn n n eBooks: American Historical Documents AUTHOR TITLE EDITION FORMAT PRICE PUBORG US Naval History: A Bibliography: Selected Documents of the Civil War (1861-1865) n.d. Html n/c USNavyHst Columbus, Christopher 1492: Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal [Aug.-Nov. 1492] Html n/c MedvSourceBook Columbus, Christopher 1492: Christopher Columbus: Extracts from Journal [Aug.-Oct. 1492] Html n/c MedvSourceBook Columbus, Christopher Graphic n/c WiscHistSoc Html n/c YaleU-Law Columbus, Christopher 1493: Concerning the Islands Recently Discovered in the Indian Sea [Epistola De Insulis Nuper Inventis] 1493 Basel Html n/c USMaine Columbus, Christopher Html n/c UKansas Html n/c YaleU-Law Columbus, Christopher

79. Article About "16th Century In Literature" In The English Wikipedia On 24-Jul-20
1579 Honest Excuses Thomas Lodge; The Schoole of Abuse - Stephen Gosson. 1582Divers Voyages - Richard Hakluyt; Rerum Scoticarum Historia - George Buchanan.
The 16th century in literature reference article from the English Wikipedia on 24-Jul-2004 (provided by Fixed Reference : snapshots of Wikipedia from
16th century in literature
See also: 15th century in literature other events of the 16th century 17th century in literature list of years in literature Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 Events
2 New Books

3 Births

4 Deaths
New Books
The Book of Margery Kempe (posthumous) The Thrissill and the Rois William Dunbar The Passtyme of Pleasure and The Temple of Glass - Stephen Hawes The Goldyn Targe William Dunbar In Praise of Folly Erasmus Fulgens and Lucrece - Henry Medwall - First translation of the Aeneid into English language (Scots dialect) by Gavin Douglas about Utopia by Thomas More Historia Scotorum Hector Boece Huon of Bordeaux - John Bourchier, 2nd Baron Berners The Castel of Helth - Sir Thomas Elyot Historia Scotorum of Hector Boece , translated into vernacular Scots by John Bellenden at the special request of James V of Scotland Baptistes and Jephtha George Buchanan - Edward Hall Toxophilus Roger Ascham about Gammer Gurton's Needle and Ralph Roister Doister , the first comedies written in the English language - The Elizabethan version of the Book of Common Prayer of the Church of England , which remained in use until the mid-17th century and was the first English Prayer Book in America.

80. California Colonial Bibliography
Zaragoza Agustín Millán, 1552. Wagner, 2. The secretary of Fernando Cortés (3) Richard Hakluyt. The Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of
California Colonial Bibliography
The literature relative to the Californias is extraordinarily voluminous and varied in nature and quality, and thus it has been subject to numerous bibliographies. Among the most famous of these is that compiled by the Zamorano Club of Los Angeles denoted The Zamorano 80. —W. Michael Mathes Following is a reprint from the
Historiography of the Californias:
Imprints of the Colonial Period, 1552-1821 By W. Michael Mathes
As a result of its isolation from sailing routes and its resistance to Spanish colonization until the final decades of the eighteenth century, California remained a mysterious region, clouded in the mythology of Queen Calafia who governed an immense island inhabited by women which ended at the entry to the Strait of Anián. This great geographic and psychological distance from the population centers of New Spain attracted foreign corsairs who voyaged in search of Anián to gain passage from the Pacific to the Atlantic and used the bays of California to await the passage of the Manila galleon. The corsairs also drew the curiosity of European and American readers anxious to know the latest news of California, the most remote corner of the globe.
       The colonial period in New Spain underwent extraordinary changes in its historiography. Based upon medieval concepts, history written in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries comprised chronicles and documents printed for diffusion. The former were reports of facts and events, frequently without attention to chronology and intermingled with rumors, based upon contemporary or almost contemporary documents or testimony, and the latter were diaries, memoranda, letters, laws, and relations of merits and services, all primary sources and not necessarily written to serve as historical works. Although of lesser importance as historical sources, short imprints called edifying letters also appeared. These imprints promoted religious vocations by means of historical biography that praised the acts of its subject.

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