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         Hackers The:     more books (99)
  1. Money: Who Has How Much and Why by Andrew Hacker, 1998-04-09
  2. Philosophical Investigations by Ludwig Wittgenstein, 2009-10-20
  3. Hackers' Handbook 3.0 (Expanded, Revised and Updated): Includes WiFi, Identity Theft, Information Warfare and Web 2.0 by Dr. K, 2009-09-01
  4. Presidential Candidate Images (Communication, Media, and Politics) by Kenneth L. Hacker, 2004-11-28
  5. Wittgenstein's Place in Twentieth-Century Analytic Philosophy by P. M. S. Hacker, 1996-11-13
  6. Case of the Cyber-Hacker (Wishbone Mysteries No. 19) by Anne Capeci, Rick Duffield, 2000-02
  7. Human Nature: The Categorial Framework by P. M. S. Hacker, 2010-07-06
  8. The New Hacker's Dictionary - 3rd Edition
  9. Bedford Basics : A Workbook for Writers (3rd ED 98) by Diana Hacker, Wanda Van Goor, 1998-04-15
  10. Democracy's Edges (Contemporary Political Theory)
  11. Hackers Beware: The Ultimate Guide to Network Security by Eric Cole, 2001-08-23
  12. Remaking America: Democracy and Public Policy in an Age of Inequality
  13. Hacker's Challenge 3: 20 Brand New Forensic Scenarios & Solutions (Hacking Exposed) (v. 3) by David Pollino, Bill Pennington, et all 2006-04-25
  14. Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy: Essays for P. M. S. Hacker

101. - Technology - Malaysian Hackers May Face Indefinite Detention - January
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Consumer group: Online privacy protections fall short

Guide to a wired Super Bowl

Debate opens on making e-commerce law consistent


TOP STORIES More than 11,000 killed in India quake Mideast negotiators want to continue talks after Israeli elections MORE BUSINESS ... MORE MARKETS 4:30pm ET, 4/16 DJIA NAS SPORTS Jordan says farewell for the third time ... LOCAL EDITIONS: Europe change default edition MULTIMEDIA: video video archive audio multimedia showcase ... more services E-MAIL: Subscribe to one of our news e-mail lists Enter your address: DISCUSSION: chat feedback CNN WEB SITES: Europe AsiaNow Spanish ... Korean Headlines TIME INC. SITES: Go To ... People Money Fortune EW CNN NETWORKS: CNN anchors transcripts Turner distribution SITE INFO: help contents search ad info ... jobs WEB SERVICES:
Malaysian hackers may face indefinite detention
From... by David Legard (IDG) The Malaysian government is considering using the country's Internal Security Act (ISA) against hackers such as those who defaced the country's parliament Web site in late December, according to the government news agency Berita Nasional Malaysia.

102. H2K Update
H2K HOPE (Hackers on Planet Earth) this case be heard by the public, whensomething on the order of 3000 Hackers will be in town for the conference.

Looking for H2K2? - The HOPE 2002 Conference

July 12-14, 2002 in New York City
Post-Convention H2K VIDEOS NOW AVAILABLE ... See previous HOPE conferences Update: 11/1/00 JELLO BIAFRA H2K KEYNOTE SPEECH NOW ONLINE
It took us long enough but we finally have started sorting through the many hours of H2K material. Over the next few weeks, audio transcripts of many sessions will be posted here . Videos will also be available soon. The Jello Biafra keynote speech took place on Saturday, July 15, 2000. In this historic cultural exchange between the punk rock icon/free speech activist and the hacker community, Jello manages to draw powerful connections despite not having any actual computer experience. He addresses issues such as corporate control of the media, the presidential election, censorship, the future of the Internet, Napster, pirate radio, online activism, and hackers. Excerpts from this speech will be appearing on the new Jello Biafra CD , due out this month. Update: 07/17/00 H2K A SMASHING SUCCESS
We'll post more details as we start to recover but the short story is that the H2K conference exceeded all of our expectations, both in attendance and overall enjoyment. We had more than 2300 attendees, a very well received and varied speaker schedule, a working ethernet and link to the Internet (thanks to and the techs at Bell Atlantic who came through and broke their asses to help us out), and virtually no trouble of any kind either at the conference or the hotel. It's very likely we'll be able to do something like this again sooner rather than later because of all the good that was generated. Look for more details, summations, pictures, etc. as we pull ourselves together (remember, we also have a trial to deal with). Thanks to EVERYONE who helped make H2K happen!

103. - Firms Warned Of 'drive-by Hackers' - November 21, 2001



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Firms warned of 'drive-by hackers'
By CNN's Peter Wilkinson LONDON, England (CNN) Companies that use wireless technology to allow workers to log into networks throughout offices have been warned they could be laying themselves open to hackers. The alert comes ahead of the scheduled signing in Hungary on Friday of a European convention that aims to unite about 30 countries in the fight against cyber-criminals. The warning was made by London-based computer security company Orthus, after it drove around the financial centre of the British capital to see how easy it was to pick up radio signals containing data from wireless networks. Using a laptop and easily obtainable software, Orthus said its experts detected 124 wireless computer systems that allowed them to access 207 different networks. More than two-thirds of these systems were not protected by any form of encryption, it added. Orthus spokesman Richard Hollis said wireless users, expected to grow rapidly in number in the next few years, presented hackers using easily available equipment with an easy target.

104. Hackers Race To Expose Internet Flaw - Spam, Scams & Viruses -
Computer Hackers worked through the weekend to expose a flaw that could allow anattacker to take control of the Cisco Systems Inc. routers that direct
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Hackers race to expose Internet flaw
Cisco router problem already subject of court order
LAS VEGAS - Computer hackers worked through the weekend to expose a flaw that could allow an attacker to take control of the Cisco Systems Inc. routers that direct traffic across much of the Internet. Angered and inspired by Cisco's attempts to suppress news of the flaw earlier in the week, several computer security experts at the Defcon computer-security conference worked past midnight Saturday to discover and map out the vulnerability. "The reason we're doing this is because someone said you can't," said one hacker, who like the others spoke to Reuters on condition of anonymity. Cisco's routers direct traffic across at least 60 percent of the Internet and the security hole has dominated a pair of conferences that draw thousands of security researchers, U.S. government employees and teenage troublemakers to Las Vegas each summer. The hackers said they had no intention of hijacking e-commerce payments, reading private e-mail, or launching any of the other malicious attacks that could be possible by exploiting the flaw.

105. Greyhat Hackers
Offers tutorials, links, and a Macintosh forum.

106. Hacking And Hackers - Computer Security Programs Downloading Search Engines Port
Information security news feeds, advisories, tools and a collection of links.
security security news virus news hacking news hacker trojan underground headlines newsticker security news antivirus exploit denial of service DDoS advisories trojan backdoor sniffer smurfwindows securityXP security security products security books security tips security faq authentication computer security crack crackers crash cryptography denial of service DOS email virus alerts encrypting file system encryption exploits firewall firewalls hack hacks hack files hack links hacked webpages hacker hackers hacking hacking files hacking links hot fixes icmp intruder intrusion detection news ip spoof Kerberos key logger logon microsoft security NT nt security nt server ntsecurity ntshop password password crackers patches permssions phreaking boxes port monitors proxy proxy servers secure security security news security firewalls cryptography vulnerabilities vulnerability news encrypting file system hotfixes authentication password permissions proxy servers antivirus virus system policies smart cards smart cards source route spoofing syn flood system policies texts virii virus viruses vulnerabilities vulnerability wardialers win2k sec win2k security win2k sec windows 2000 security windows 2000 windows windows NT windows nt security

107. Defeating Honeypots: System Issues, Part 1
This twopart paper discusses how Hackers discover, interact with, and sometimes disable honeypots at the system level and the application layer.
Search: Home Bugtraq Vulnerabilities Mailing Lists ... Product Search Defeating Honeypots: System Issues, Part 1
Thorsten Holz, Frederic Raynal
To learn about attack patterns and attacker behavior, the concept of electronic decoys or honeypots are often used. These look like regular network resources (computers, routers, switches, etc.) that are deployed to be probed, attacked, and compromised. This electronic bait lures in attackers and helps with the assessment of vulnerabilities. As honeypots are being deployed more and more often within computer networks, blackhats have started to devise techniques to detect, circumvent, and disable the logging mechanisms used on honeypots. This paper will explain how an attacker typically proceeds as he attacks a honeypot for fun and profit. We will introduce several publicly known (or perhaps unknown) techniques and present some diverse tools which help blackhats to discover and interact with honeypots. The article aims to show those security teams and practitioners who would like to setup or harden their own lines of deception-based defense what the limitation of honeypot-based research currently is. After a brief theoretical introduction, we present several technical examples of different methodologies. This two-part paper will focus on the system world and the application layer, as opposed to our first paper, "Defeating Honeypots: Network Issues," [ ref 1 ] which concentrated purely on network issues.

108. PostgreSQL Support Mailing Lists: Pgsql-hackers
pgsqlHackers. The PostgreSQL developer s team lives here. This list is for thediscussion of To post, send mail to
Search for: Search in: All mailing lists - PostgreSQL lists - PgSQL - Admin PgSQL - Advocacy PgSQL - Announce PgSQL - Benchmarks PgSQL - Bugs PgSQL - Chat PgSQL - Committers PgSQL - Cygwin PgSQL - Docs PgSQL - General PgSQL - Hackers PgSQL - Hackers: Win32 PgSQL - Interfaces PgSQL - JDBC PgSQL - Jobs PgSQL - Novice PgSQL - ODBC PgSQL - Patches PgSQL - Performance PgSQL - PHP PgSQL - Ports PgSQL - SQL PgSQL - WWW - Project lists - pgAdmin - Hackers pgAdmin - Support - Regional lists - PgSQL - General: French PgSQL - General: German PgSQL - General: Spanish PgSQL - General: Turkish PgSQL - General: Turkish User Groups - San Francisco User Groups - Sydney For files modified: anytime in the last day in the last week in the last 2 weeks in the last month in the last 3 months in the last 6 months in the last year in the last 2 years Format: Long Short URL Results/page: Sort By: Date Relevance pgsql-announce Users Lists



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pgsql-es-ayuda pgsql-fr-generale pgsql-ru-general ... pgsql-tr-genel Project Lists pgadmin-hackers pgadmin-support User Groups San Francisco Sydney
  • The PostgreSQL developer's team lives here.

109. CNN - Hackers Can Turn Network Cameras, Microphones On You - April 19, 1999

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Bracing for Cyberwar Hacking Primer Scenes from the 'Hacker Underground' ... Related Sites
Hackers can turn network cameras, microphones on you
April 16, 1999

Web posted at: 12:02 p.m. EDT (1602 GMT)
by Bob Brewin From...
ALSO: Insurgency on the Internet For more computing stories (IDG) Do you have a microphone or video camera connected to your computer or network? If you value your privacy, turn those devices off, a top Army computer protection official warned today. Philip Loranger, chief of the Command and Control Protect Division in the Army's Information Assurance Office, demonstrated how anyone can attack a network and turn on any camera or microphones connected to that network with what he called "not very sophisticated hacker tools" downloaded from the Internet. Loranger, who conducted an attack on a dial-up military network in Columbia, Md., from an Association of U.S. Army Information Assurance symposium in Falls Church, Va., said the .mil system he managed to penetrate and whose identity he would not disclose did not have any intrusion-detection system despite the spurt of recent publicity about an increase in hacker attacks. Using "point and click" hacker tools, Loranger said he cracked three out of seven passwords on the system.

110. CNN - Film Studios File Suit Against Accused DVD Hackers - January 18, 2000

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Film studios file suit against accused DVD hackers
January 18, 2000
Web posted at: 2:19 p.m. EST (1919 GMT) by Terho Uimonen (IDG) Eight major motion picture companies late last week filed injunction complaints in U.S. Federal Court against three alleged hackers to prevent them from publishing an unauthorized DVD (digital versatile disk) de-encryption program on their Web sites. The complaints were filed in the Southern District of New York and the District of Connecticut on behalf of plaintiffs Universal Studios Inc., Paramount Pictures Corp., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc., Tristar Pictures Inc., Columbia Pictures Industries Inc., Time Warner Entertainment Co., Disney Enterprises Inc. and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., according to a statement issued last Friday by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). MORE COMPUTING INTELLIGENCE home page

111. Keep Hackers Out: Part One, Personal Edition
As we rely more on our computers, the potential for Hackers to hurt us throughthem likewise has grown, threatening to expose or destroy our private data,4149,653189,00.asp
All Ziff Davis Sites PC Magazine My Account var jBreadcrumbTitle; jBreadcrumbTitle = "Keep Hackers Out: Part One, Personal Edition"; Home Features Cover Story document.write(jBreadcrumbTitle);
Keep Hackers Out: Part One, Personal Edition
Total posts: 20

By Konstantinos Karagiannis and Matthew D. Sarrel As we rely more on our computers, the potential for hackers to hurt us through them likewise has grown, threatening to expose or destroy our private data and personal records. Current hacker tools are sophisticated, automated, and more difficult to spot. In addition, broadband connections have made us more vulnerable; always-connected computers, typically with static or rarely changing IP addresses (the addresses computers on the Internet use to find you), give would-be attackers unlimited time to discover and exploit system vulnerabilities. With a few tricks and tools, however, you can secure your home or small-office computer against the average hacker searching for the low-hanging fruit. ADVERTISEMENT

112. Movie Database - [TV Guide Online]
Review, cast, and credits.

113. FAQ 4 Hackers
Een FAQ (veel gestelde vragen) over alles wat met hacking te maken heeft, opgezet door de nieuwsgroep

114. Hackers Claim Crack Of Microsoft Genuine Advantage Scan
Just one day after Microsoft enforces its Genuine Advantage program to stopillegal copies of Windows, Hackers say the validation scheme is defeated.,1759,1841497,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

115. [ESpEcIaL[De]^[JaMon]^
Protecciones y atacadores, scripting, mp3, revista de Hackers y crackers, utilitarios, mIRC, y2k, manuales de IRC y scripting.

116. Freebsd-hackers Info Page
freebsdHackers Technical Discussions relating to FreeBSD. About freebsd-Hackers Subscribe to freebsd-Hackers by filling out the following form.
freebsd-hackers Technical Discussions relating to FreeBSD About freebsd-hackers English (USA) This is a forum for technical discussions related to FreeBSD. This is the primary technical mailing list. It is for individuals actively working on FreeBSD, to bring up problems or discuss alternative solutions. Individuals interested in following the technical discussion are also welcome. To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the freebsd-hackers Archives Using freebsd-hackers To post a message to all the list members, send email to You can subscribe to the list, or change your existing subscription, in the sections below. Subscribing to freebsd-hackers Subscribe to freebsd-hackers by filling out the following form. You will be sent email requesting confirmation, to prevent others from gratuitously subscribing you. This is a hidden list, which means that the list of members is available only to the list administrator.
    Your email address: Your name (optional): You may enter a privacy password below. This provides only mild security, but should prevent others from messing with your subscription.

117. CNN - Feds Warn Hackers Will Be Prosecuted; Pro-Mitnick Protest Planned - June 2

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Feds warn hackers will be prosecuted; pro-Mitnick protest planned
Hackers train sights on all federal Web sites
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June 2, 1999 Web posted at: 3:27 p.m. EDT (1927 GMT) (CNN) Computer hackers who vandalized five government Web sites are being hunted by the FBI and could face jail time, FBI and Justice Department officials said Tuesday. Officials took a dim view of the hackers who left a note threatening to attack other sites in retaliation for an FBI investigation in Texas into hacking at a corporate Web site. "It's time-consuming and takes a lot of spade work, but we can track down many of these hackers, and that's going on now," FBI spokesman Frank Scafidi said. "We'll catch a few, no matter how deep they hide in their basements. Someone will go to jail for some real time. That will have impact." The White House on Tuesday also warned hackers who targeted federal Internet sites that they would be caught and punished.

118. Hacking The TiVo
The unofficial TiVo Hackers Site To learn all about TiVo and talk with TiVoenthusiasts and Hackers go to the TiVo Underground forum on AVS.
The unofficial TiVo Hackers Site
This site contains information and utilities to use to hack your TiVo. It should be noted that most of the things detailed here will void your TiVo's warranty. You do this at your own risk. Do not come crying if you damage your TiVo. The first thing you should check out is the "Hacking the TiVo FAQ". This contains the most update information on hacking your TiVo and lots of interesting info about the TiVo unit in general. Click to read the TiVo Hacking FAQ To add a second drive to your TiVo you will need the BlessTiVo program. It is available on a standalone Linux bootdisk created by an AVS member named Dlyan. Be sure to read the above FAQ first and the readme included with the BlessTiVo program before attempting this upgrade. Click to download BlessTiVo Version 3 , click to view the readme file (also included in the BlessTiVo archive). If you would like to download the C source code to the BlessTiVo program you can download it here . The code is released under the GPL. If you make any changes to it, feel free to send them to me for inclusion in the official version. If you port the program to another OS or platform please send your changes to me for inclusion into the official version. Also to see many of the latest stuff for hacking the TiVo, check out the following links.

119. - Sci-Tech - U.S., Chinese Hackers Continue Web Defacements - May 2, 200



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EDITIONS Asia Europe set your edition Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Danish Japanese Korean Arabic Time, Inc. People Fortune EW
U.S., Chinese hackers continue Web defacements
From... By Sam Costello (IDG) Two days into what was supposed to be a 'cyberwar' launched by Chinese hackers in retaliation for the death of Chinese pilot Wang Wei, a number of U.S. government Web sites have been defaced. But groups of U.S. hackers have entered the picture as well, hacking Chinese sites., a nonprofit security site which hosts mirrors of defaced Web pages for research purposes, has mirrors of dozens of pages that have been cracked by both U.S. and Chinese hackers in the past two days. Among them are a number of U.S. government and military sites, including the U.S. Geological Survey, Eastern Region, the Hurricane Liaison Team of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the headquarters of the commander of the Naval Surface Force of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. MESSAGE BOARDS Security on the Net China-U.S. relations

120. - 'Car Whisperer' Puts Hackers In The Driver's Seat
Software connects car Bluetooth systems with a remote PC so Hackers can eavesdrop.,aid,122077,pg,1,RSS,RSS,00.asp
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