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         Hackers The:     more books (99)
  1. Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology: Textbook with Downloadable PDA Software by Neville Hacker, J. George Moore, et all 2004-07-05
  2. Dear Hacker: Letters to the Editor of 2600 by Emmanuel Goldstein, 2010-06-21
  3. Names: Poems by Marilyn Hacker, 2009-11-23
  4. Berek and Hacker's Gynecologic Oncology
  5. The Divided Welfare State: The Battle over Public and Private Social Benefits in the United States by Jacob S. Hacker, 2002-09-09
  6. Rules for Writers, Fifth Edition by Diana Hacker, 2004
  7. CEH: Official Certified Ethical Hacker Review Guide: Exam 312-50 by Kimberly Graves, 2007-02-27
  8. The Bedford Handbook 7e with 2009 MLA Update by Diana Hacker, 2009-06-03
  9. Honeypots: Tracking Hackers by Lance Spitzner, 2002-09-20
  10. The Hacker Ethic by Pekka Himanen, 2002-02-12
  11. A Writer's Reference, Second Edition (A Writer's Reference) by Diana Hacker, 1992
  12. Gray Hat Hacking, Second Edition: The Ethical Hacker's Handbook by Shon Harris, Allen Harper, et all 2007-12-20
  13. Pocket Style Manual 5e with 2009 MLA Update & Oral Presentations in the Composition Course by Diana Hacker, Matthew Duncan, et all 2010-05-24
  14. The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders and Deceivers by Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon, 2005-12-27

41. HACKERS CATALOG - Home For Hackers!
Hackers, hacking, Hackers manual, hacking books, hacker, hacking videos, informationon hacking, books on Hackers, hacking subjects, hacker websites,
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42. HATE (Hackers Against Tyranny Everywhere)
Anarchy, HAcking, Phreaking files for newbies.

43. Computer Security At ITFreaks : Assistance To Stop Unethitical Hackers - Informa
Information, and other resources on computer security, Hackers, Security atITFreaks (ITF) Internet Security Assistance to Stop Unethical Hackers!
Computer Security at ITFreaks (ITF) - Internet Security Assistance to Stop Unethical Hackers! Welcome to (ITF). ITF is a comprehensive website dedicated to information technology and computer security. We assist users by providing them with the information and tools required to increase knowledge in all areas of IT. Additionally, we host an online community of computer security professionals and amateurs, as well as everything in between, who participate in the community on a daily basis. Computer security is the biggest worry for any individual or organization participating in cyberspace today. We are currently expanding our content and services to include more in-depth resources, including solutions to combat such security concerns which are the result of unethical and malicious hacking activities. Home Page
Tutorials Site Map We maintain the highest ethical standards. Using information from our website to contribute to illegal or immoral acts will not be tolerated; nor will attempts at learning how to hack into, damage, attack, or otherwise exploit systems unless you own the system or have verifiable permission from the rightful owner.
ITFreaks (ITF) Bulletin Board Service: The following are the basic guidelines that should help you understand how to behave while you are here:

44. - Ties Tighten Between Hackers And The Law? - July 16, 2001



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

EDITIONS Asia Europe set your edition Languages Time, Inc. People Fortune EW
Ties tighten between hackers and the law?
From... By Deborah Radcliff (IDG) Hackers, computer security managers and law enforcement officials teamed up at last week's Black Hat Briefings conference to discuss their respective roles in securing the Internet and to urge attendees who engage in hacking activities to stay on the right side of the law. INFOCENTER Related Stories Features Visit an IDG site Choose a site: CIO Computerworld Darwin The Industry Standard JavaWorld LinuxWorld Macworld Online Network World Fusion PC World

45. Hackers
Hackers gets into the mindset of those people who push the computer past the The book is in three parts, exploring the canonical AI Hackers of MIT,
Heroes of the Computer Revolution M y first book and probably the most popular, even sixteen years after publication. Hackers gets into the mindset of those people who push the computer past the envelopes of expectionssitting at the keyboard these are artists, pioneers, explorers. It is here that I introduced the concept of The Hacker Ethic Access to computers should be unlimited and total. Always yield to the Hands-On Imperative All information should be free. Mistrust authoritypromote decentralization. Hackers should be judged by their hacking. You can create art and beauty on a computer. Computers can change your life for the better. The book is in three parts, exploring the canonical AI hackers of MIT, the hardware hackers who invented the personal computer industry in Silicon Valley, and the third-generation game hackers in the early 1980s. Penguin, $14.00. You can order Hackers directly from Also available in Japan, UK (Penguin), and Italy. Other books: Artificial Life Insanely Great The Unicorn's Secret and Crypto A more recent book about hackers (in the less delightful sense of the word, meaning people who crack into stuff) is Bruce Sterling's fine

46. Laugh Along With GNU - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Designed to provide some laughs to the working Hackers large collection of GNU/programming humor.
Laugh along with GNU
Chinese(Simplified) Chinese(Traditional) English Japanese
Table of contents
This is a web page designed to provide some laughs to the working hackers.
It contains software, documentation, music, poems, etc. submitted by GNU users and collected by GNU contributers over the years. Many of the graphics in the GNU Art Gallery also have humorous twists.
Create More Laughs
Here are some more laughs that could be added here. Humor submissions are welcome and encouraged. Please read Humor Submission Guidelines for details about submitting content for the humor section. Please send us, , your ideas for more laughs to be added to this page and this web site!

47. Hackers Rally Behind Cisco Flaw Finder | CNET
Hackers rally behind Cisco flaw finder Defcon attendees talk of Ciscogate,collect money for Michael Lynn and thrash corporate America. rally behind Cisco flaw finder/2100-1002_3-5812044.h
CNET tech sites: Track thousands of Web sites in one place: Newsburst Security Software flaws
Hackers rally behind Cisco flaw finder
Published: July 30, 2005, 10:15 PM PDT By Joris Evers
Staff Writer, CNET
TrackBack Print E-mail TalkBack LAS VEGASAttendees at the Defcon security event denounced the way Cisco Systems and Internet Security Systems dealt with Michael Lynn after he showed that it is possible to hack Cisco routers. Lynn stirred the Black Hat security conference here Wednesday by quitting his job at ISS, a move taken so that he could demonstrate that he could gain control of a Cisco router by exploiting a security flaw. He did so in defiance of Cisco and ISS, which had agreed to cancel the talk. Cisco and ISS subsequently sued Lynn and the Black Hat organizers , charging public disclosure of illegally obtained proprietary information. While corporate America may frown at Lynn's actions, he is a hero at Defcon, the more informal gathering of security professionals and enthusiasts that follows Black Hat. T-shirts with anti-Cisco prints have been selling well, and hackers have set up a PayPal account to collect money for a legal defense fund. Jennifer Granick, Lynn's lawyer, is being hailed as his savior.

48. India Enlists Teen Hackers As Cyber Cops

49. Microsoft Meets The Hackers | CNET
Microsoft meets the Hackers span class=a2 b class=dr special report /b /span In the name of education, the software giant invites security researchers meets the hackers/2009-1002_3-5747813.html
CNET tech sites: Track thousands of Web sites in one place: Newsburst
"Blue Hat" brought together the world's most powerful software company and the security researchers who pick apart its products. Participants included: Jim Allchin: Jim Allchin is Microsoft's group vice president in charge of the Windows unit. His job is to oversee the development of current and future versions of the operating system. Matt Thomlinson: As Microsoft's director of security engineering, Matt Thomlinson is in charge of making sure programmers throughout the company are up to speed on current and emerging threats. Noel Anderson: Noel Anderson is Microsoft's program manager for wireless, mobility and home networking. He's one of the Windows programmers responsible for managing the ways in which the operating system connects to wireless networks. Dan Kaminsky: Dan Kaminsky's recent research includes looking at the limitations of hashing algorithms, as well as the potential for sending large files via the Internet's Domain Name System. He is currently doing work for Avaya. HD Moore: HD Moore is the creator of Metasploit, a tool that system administrators can use to test whether their systems are safe from intrusion.

50. - Hackers Access's Credit Card Data - November 20, 2001



CNN TV what's on
show transcripts

CNN Headline News

CNN International

EDITIONS Asia Europe ... set your edition Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese Time, Inc. People Fortune EW InStyle Business 2.0
Hackers access's credit card data
NEW YORK (CNN) Computer hackers broke into the Playboy Enterprises' Web site gaining access to the credit card numbers of several customers, a company spokeswoman said Tuesday. The company's technology team discovered the breach last weekend before the hackers sent threatening e-mails to the company's customers, said Playboy spokeswoman Laura Sigman. Consumers began alerting Playboy about the violation Sunday evening. It was not clear how many customers' credit card numbers had been accessed or if the hackers had used the information, Sigman said. The hacker group, operating under the name "ingreslock 1524," identified the customer's name, credit card number, and the card's expiration date in an e-mail sent to each of the victims. EXTRA INFORMATION Timeline: A 40-year history of hacking In the e-mail message obtained by CNNfn the group said it "did have some very big plans" to use the information so that it would result in "over 10 million dollars worth of fraud claims" made to credit card and insurance companies.

51. The Glider An Appropriate Hacker Emblem
About half the Hackers this idea was alphatested on instantaneously said Wow! But by using this emblem, you express sympathy with Hackers goals,
The Glider: A Universal Hacker Emblem Eric's Home
Emblem FAQs

Translations: Arabic Brazilo-Portuguese French German ... Spanish The Linux folks have their penguin and the BSDers their daemon . Perl's got a camel , FSF fans have their gnu and OSI's got an open-source logo . What we haven't had, historically, is an emblem that represents the entire About half the hackers this idea was alpha-tested on instantaneously said "Wow! Cool!" without needing any further explanation. If you don't know what a glider is, or why it would make a good emblem, or if you're dubious about having an emblem at all, read the FAQs page. I first proposed this emblem in October 2003. It has since entered fairly widespread use, as you can see by the number of international translations over on the left. Not universal, because many hackers object on principle to the idea of having an emblem at all, but it appears to be a successful meme.
What will I be saying if I display it?
conferred by others rather than self-assumed. But by using this emblem, you express sympathy with hackers' goals, hackers' values, and the hacker way of living. See the FAQs page for further discussion.

52. Mac Hacker - Powered By XMB 1.9.1 Nexus
Macintosh Hacking forums from Mac OS X security, development to system modifications.
Last active: Never
Not logged in [ Login Register Search FAQ ... Mac Hacker
You Are Not Registered Or Not Logged In If you are not registered or logged in, you may still be able to view forums and topics, but you will not have access to your member control panel or settings
Forum: Topics: Posts: Last Post: Mac Hacked by ....... Mac NonSecurity
Mac OS and Mac OS X Computer Security Information, Internet Security, Firewalls, and Programs. 6/9/2005 at 07:28 PM
by Wave Mac OS X Hacks
10/9/2005 at 04:33 AM
by Program Announcements
Mac hackers program announcements forum, developers and groups may announce their newly developed applications. 30/8/2005 at 07:07 AM
by gogger Mac Programming for Programmers RealBasic
20/3/2005 at 03:10 AM by firestar Cocoa Never Carbon 20/3/2005 at 02:34 AM by firestar Mac Developers for Hire - Post Project Need to Hire a Macintosh Programmers, post your Mac OS and Mac OS X project and requirements here. 20/3/2005 at 02:42 AM by firestar Web Programming PHP, MySQL, CFM, HTML, CGI, Perl Programming 2/9/2005 at 07:29 PM by nearmyth Mac Chit Chat Worm Hole Discussion forum for everything there is no other place to post it.

53. .: Hackers Center: Internet Security Portal: By Zinho
Hackers Center Internet Security portal and big community. Security Hackertools, texts and papers, Exploits, Patches and Forums with thousands of
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Staff score IMN Dcrab xpert FrozenEye Staff HOME Join Site Stats Members: Online Members: Tools: Texts: Archive: Hackers Center was born in 2000 as a hacking site. After 5 years it is a leading internet security portal in the field of Application and Network security,Wireless Software and Security and Vulnerability management with thousands visitors and a top quality Security research group. Security tools Filemon IA64 OS G-Lock SpamCombat v.2.33 ... Bouncing News resources: Pc World SecurityFocus Us-CERT Tips for Security All Cyber Alert System... ... Windows Security News News Box Top Categories Security Web Security Wireless Networking Security ... Spoofing Poll Would you be interested into earning money from sharing your knowledge on HSC?

54. Gene Hacker's Photo Video - Industry Leader In Camers Sales Rental And Repair
Provide rental, repair and photographic services for the amateur and professional photographer. Hackensack, New Jersey.
Enter our Online Store Pictured above, our new retail location HAS OPENED!! Note our new address and number.
89 West Palisade Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631
Form a relationship with our Corporate Division

55. Slashdot | Hackers Gather In Finland, Netherlands, And Vegas
Hackers Gather in Finland, Netherlands, and Vegas article related to Graphics,Developers, Security, Programming, Hardware Hacking, and Technology.

56. Hacker's World Portal
Links to hacking history, cryptology, censorship, international hacking groups, news, publications, security, weekly features.
Hackers World Portal is for informational purposes only. We pride ourselves in the sharing of knowledge. We do not believe in unwarranted malicious attacks, and this is not the place for such activities. SECURITY /ANONYMITY- UPDATES CENSORSHIP PUBLICATIONS ... TOOLS ACCESS SCAN INITIATED
NEWS Some have theorized that this site is merely a front for another organization and have requested info. To those of you, you will be contacted. Some of you have access to our mirror site and you still have the same rights and priviledges. Are all movies about computers lame?- Essay by Jim Leonard Latest Defacements
Cyber Criminals Most Wanted

Instant Hacking with Python
No portion or content of this site may be rewritten, redistributed, republished or used in any manner. CONTACT US HACKERS CHALLENGE
Secure Computing is offering a reward of $50,000 (which goes up one cent every second until it reaches $100,000) to get past their "Sidewinder" firewall and "Safeword" auth server and retrieve a file named 'secret.txt' stored on one of their machines. The winner also receives a Sidewinder leather jacket ("oooh") and bragging rights ("ahhh.."). So far there's been 19839 attacks with no success... more details continue....

57. Dead Hackers Society
Dead Hackers Societys sadest day ever, August 5, 2005. August 1st 2005 willforever be remembered as the darkest in the history of Dead Hackers Society.
Atari Demoscene Atari news and rumors
Online compos

Mailing lists

IRC #atariscne

Atari bulletins Demoscene
Atari Coding

Falcon CT60

Misc (crap)

Scene polls Would you like stronger Atari precense on multi-platform parties such as Assembly? Yes No Yes, if I don't have to go myself Atari parties Outline 2005 H.A.T.Z. 05 Useful files Coding tools Demo creation Chip editors Digital editors ... Centurbo II files Search the Pathfinder Add a news article! Winning Outline 2005 demo available September 6, 2005 One of the most awaited releases so far this year has been the winning demo from Outline 2005 by Paradox called Pacemaker. After long long months of waiting, it's finally here! The demo is made for STe-machines and features a lot of nice effects. Coding is made by Paranoid and RA, graphics by Zweckform and music by 505. Download Pacemaker by Paradox Visit the Paradox site ACE Tracker update September 6, 2005 Thomas of New beat writes: ACE Tracker v0.996 and Replace v0.36 was released with many bugfixes and updates. The tracker update includes: - New function: PFFFF - External mode back on track - CANCEL in file sel. bug fixed

58. Defeating Honeypots : Network Issues, Part 1
Article discussing methods Hackers use to detect honeypots.
Search: Home Bugtraq Vulnerabilities Mailing Lists ... Product Search Defeating Honeypots : Network issues, Part 1
Laurent Oudot, Thorsten Holz
0. Abstract
To delude attackers and improve security within large computer networks, security researchers and engineers deploy honeypots. As this growing activity becomes a new trend in the whitehat community, the blackhats study how to defeat these same security tools. Though not everyone agrees on the power of honeypots, they are effective and are being deployed as tools and blackhats are already working to find ways to exploit and avoid them. The cyber battle continues. The purpose of this paper is to explain how attackers typically behave when they attempt to identify and defeat honeypots. This is not an exhaustive description of all the tools and methods that are publicly known (or unknown), but this article will help security teams who would like to setup or harden their own lines of deception-based defense. After some theoretical considerations, we will discuss some technical examples to emphasize our explanations. This two-part paper will focus on network issues. Further papers will move to the system world and the application layer.
1. Theory

59. - Survey Hackers Target Flawed Backup Software - Jul 25, 2005
Flawed backup software has emerged as the latest target for Hackers looking forcorporate secrets, according to a survey released on Monday.

Noticias, descarga de software y foros de discusi³n.
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Desbordamiento de buffer en IOS Firewall de Cisco
El sistema operativo de Cisco, el IOS, en su versi³n para cortafuegos, presenta un fallo que puede conducir a un desbordamiento de buffer y a la ejecuci³n de c³digo a trav©s del servicio de Telnet y del de FTP.
Un virus censura el porno
Un nuevo virus se ha detectado en la Red. Pero, en vez de instalar un troyano o robar informaci³n, este se preocupa por nuestra moral: cuando se intenta acceder a p¡ginas pornogr¡ficas, aparece un mensaje con versos del Cor¡n.
Ejecuci³n remota de c³digo en PHP4
Tres graves fallos de seguridad en PHP4 se han descubierto esta semana. El riesgo es alto, ya que puede llevar a la escritura de archivos arbitrarios y a la ejecuci³n de c³digo remoto.
Apache vulnerable a DoS
El servidor web m¡s usado, Apache, presenta un fallo que permite que un usuario remoto cause una denegaci³n de servicio.

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