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  1. Fitzgerald, F. Scott (1896-1940): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Robert C. Sickels, 2000
  2. Tales of the jazz age by F Scott 1896-1940 Fitzgerald, 2010-08-27
  3. F. SCOTT FITZGERALDA Descriptive Bibliography. by F. Scott.1896 - 1940].Bruccoli, Matthew J. [Fitzgerald, 1987
  4. The LETTERS Of F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. Edited, and With an Introduction, by Andrew Turnbull. by F. Scott. 1896 - 1940]. Turnbull, Andrew - Editor. [Fitzgerald, 1963-01-01
  5. The STORIES Of F. SCOTT FITZGERALD. A Selection with Notes by Malcolm Cowley. by F. Scott [1896 - 1940]. Fitzgerald, 1977-01-01
  6. This Side Of Paradise
  7. The beautiful and damned by F Scott 1896-1940 Fitzgerald, 2010-08-27
  8. Flappers and philosophers by F Scott 1896-1940 Fitzgerald, 2010-08-24
  9. This side of paradise by F Scott 1896-1940 Fitzgerald, 2010-08-08
  10. F. SCOTT FITZGERALD A Descriptive Bibliography. by F. Scott. 1896 - 1940]. Bruccoli, Matthew J. [Fitzgerald, 1972
  11. Tender is the night: a romance: Penguin Modern Classics by F. Scott Fitzgerald 1896-1940, 1963
  12. The Diamond As Big As the Ritz: (1896-1940) (Travelman Science Fiction) by F. Scott Fitzgerald, 2000-10
  13. Biography - Fitzgerald, F(rancis) Scott (Key) (1896-1940): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2004-01-01
  14. F. Scott Fitzgerald: 24 September 1896 - 21 December 1940 by Kimberley L. Hamner, 1996-12

1. PAL F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)
Chapter 7 Early Twentieth Century F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) Outside Links FSF Biography FSF Zelda Background Online Lit. Crit.

2. F. Scott Fitzgerald
by birthday from the calendar. Credits and feedback F(rancis) Scott (Key) Fitzgerald (18961940)

3. F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)
F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940) General Resources. F. Scott Fitzgerald Centennial Homepage (U. South Carolina)

4. The Jazz Age Flapper Culture Style
most identified with the roaring 20's is F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 1940). A handsome and gregarious man, Fitzgerald became famous with the

5. Fitzgerald As Novelist Bryant Mangum
Reprinted with permission of FitzroyDearborn Publishers. 416 FITZGERALD, F. Scott (1896-1940) The importance of F. Scott Fitzgerald's

6. Fitzgerald, F. Scott, 1896 - 1940
Occult Philosophy Poetry Religion Romance Sci Fi. Fitzgerald, F. Scott 1896 1940. Writer. Born Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, on

7. Great Books Index - F. Scott Fitzgerald
F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940) An Index to Online Great Books in English Translation

8. F. Scott Fitzgerald Biography And Links To Etext At Owl-Eyes
Francis Scott Fitzgerald (18961940) Click HERE for essays on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels and stories from The Paper Store.

9. F. Scott Fitzgerald - Biography And Works
F. Scott Fitzgerald. Search all of F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940) is best known for his novels and short stories which

10. F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection At
Fitzgerald, F. Scott.

11. F. Scott Fitzgerald - Biography And Works
F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940) is best known for his novels and short storieswhich chronicle the excesses of America s Jazz Age during the 1920s.
Home Author Index Shakespeare The Bible ... F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Great Gatsby
This Side of Paradise
Short Stories
The Offshore Pirate
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Search all of F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) is best known for his novels and short stories which chronicle the excesses of America's 'Jazz Age' during the 1920s.
Born into a fairly well-to-do family in St Paul, Minnesota in 1896 Fitzgerald attended, but never graduated from Princeton University. Here he mingled with the monied classes from the Eastern Seaboard who so obsessed him for the rest of his life. In 1917 he was drafted into the army, but he never saw active service abroad. Instead, he spent much of his time writing and re-writing his first novel This Side of Paradise, which on its publication in 1920 became an instant success. In the same year he married the beautiful Zelda Sayre and together they embarked on a rich life of endless parties.
Dividing their time between America and fashionable resorts in Europe, the Fitzgeralds became as famous for their lifestyle as for the novels he wrote. Fitzgerald once said 'Sometimes I don't know whether Zelda and I are real or whether we are characters in one of my novels'. He followed his first success with The Beautiful and the Damned (1922), and

12. Biographie: F. Scott Fitzgerald, 1896-1940
Tabellarischer œberblick ¼ber das Leben von Fitzgerald.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
24. September: Francis Scott Fitzgerald wird als Sohn des Angestellten Edward Fitzgerald und dessen Ehefrau Molly (geb. McQuillan) in St. Paul (Minnesotam, USA) geboren.
Literaturstudium an der Princeton University.
Fitzgerald verkehrt in literarischen Kreisen und wird führendes Mitglied des "Triangle Club", einer Theatergruppe der Universität. Er vernachlässigt seine Studien und wird vorübergehend der Universität verwiesen.
Er wird in den Vereinigten Staaten ausgebildet und stationiert.
Juli: Er lernt in Montgomery (Alabama, USA) die Tochter eines Richters, Zelda Sayre (1900-1948), kennen.
"This Side of Paradise" ("Diesseits vom Paradies") wird veröffentlicht. Im Roman verarbeitet Fitzgerald seine Jugend und die Zeit in Princeton. Der erfolgreiche Roman gilt als erstes realistisches Porträt der jungen Generation der um die Jahrhundertwende geborenen Amerikaner und begründet Fitzgeralds Erfolg.
Hochzeit mit Zelda Sayre. Aus der Ehe geht eine Tochter hervor.

13. F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) American Writer.
(18961940) American writer. F. Scott Fitzgerald s novels and short storieschronicled the change in social attitudes during the 1920s, a period dubbed The
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Fitzgerald, F. Scott
(1896-1940) American writer. F. Scott Fitzgerald's novels and short stories chronicled the change in social attitudes during the 1920s, a period dubbed "The Jazz Age." He is perhaps best known for "The Great Gatsby" (1925).
Recent Up a category F.S. Fitzgerald (Francis Scott Fitzgerald) (1896-1940) American writer. F. Scott Fitzgerald is known for "The Great Gatsby" and other novels of the Jazz Age. His wife, Zelda, was also a writer; and he based "Tender is the Night" on her boughts with insanity. Read more about F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald - "the greatest, the gaudiest spree in history"

14. PAL: F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)
Chapter 7 Early Twentieth Century F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940). OutsideLinks FSF Biography FSF Zelda Background Online Lit. Crit.
PAL: Perspectives in American Literature - A Research and Reference Guide - An Ongoing Project Paul P. Reuben Chapter 7: Early Twentieth Century - F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940) FSF Biography Online Lit. Crit. Collection The FSF Society U. of So. Carolina FSF Centenary Page ... Home Page
Source: 1995 US Postal Service Considered today as one of the major prose stylist of the twentieth century, Fitzgerald celebrates the boom of the 1920s and the crash of the 1930s. His themes combine the hollowness of the American worship of riches and the never-ending dream of love, splendor, and glory. Top Primary Works This Side of Paradise Flappers and Philosophers The Beautiful and the Damned Tales of the Jazz Age The Vegetable, Or from the Postman to President (satirical play), 1923; The Great Gatsby All the Sad Young Men Tender is the Night Taps At Reveille The Last Tycoon (unfinished) ed. Edmund Wilson, 1941; The Crack-Up ed. by Edmund Wilson, 1945. Top Selected Bibliography Bruccoli, Matthew J.

15. F. Scott Fitzgerald
F(rancis) Scott (Key) Fitzgerald (18961940). American short-story writer andnovelist, known for his depictions of the Jazz Age (the 1920s).
Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback F(rancis) Scott (Key) Fitzgerald (1896-1940) American short-story writer and novelist, known for his depictions of the Jazz Age (the 1920s). With the glamorous Zelda Sayre (1900-48), Fitzgerald lived a colorful life of parties and money-spending. At the beginning of one of his stories Fitzgerald wrote the rich "are different from you and me". This privileged world he depicted in such novels as THE BEAUTIFUL AND DAMNED (1922) and THE GREAT GATSBY (1925), which is widely considered Fitzgerald's finest novel. "It was my first inkling that he was a writer. And while I like writers - because if you ask a writer anything, you usually get an answer - still it belittled him in my eyes. Writers aren't people exactly. Or, if they're any good, they're a whole lot of people trying so hard to be one person. It's like actors, who try so pathetically not to look in mirrors. Who lean backward trying - only to see their faces in the reflecting chandeliers." (from The Last Tycoon

16. LII - Results For "fitzgerald, F. Scott Francis Scott , 1896-1940"
Results for Fitzgerald, f. Scott francis Scott , 18961940 1 of 1. F. Scott Fitzgerald,Centenary. This searchable site discusses his writings, his life,;query=Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Franc

17. F. Scott Fitzgerald: Biography And Much More From
Works by F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940) Fitzgerald, F. Scott. (1896-1940),novelist, chronicler of the jazz age. Born in St. Paul, Minnesota,
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Arts Business Entertainment Games ... More... On this page: Personalities Dictionary Encyclopedia Works Literature WordNet US History Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping F. Scott Fitzgerald Personalities Source F. Scott Fitzgerald Writer
  • Born: 24 September 1896 Birthplace: St. Paul, Minnesota Died: 21 December 1940 (heart attack) Best Known As: The author of The Great Gatsby
Name at birth: Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald Fitzgerald was one of the best known American authors of the 1920s and '30s and is closely associated with the optimism and excesses of that era's "Jazz Age." Fitzgerald's stories often featured people like himself: middle-American types infatuated with the wealth and status of upper-crust society. In the mid-1920s he lived in Paris where he was friends with Ernest Hemingway and other literary expatriates. Fitzgerald was a popular celebrity of the day and he and his wife, Zelda, became famous for their extravagant lifestyle, drinking bouts and (eventually) erratic behavior. His major published novels include This Side of Paradise The Great Gatsby (1925), and

18. F-scott-fitzgerald”: Web Search Results From
Biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940). F. Scott Fitzgerald. Francis ScottKey Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896, the only son of an”
showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Food Games ... More... Spell Check Did You Mean: F. Scott Fitzgerald (Writer) Mentioned In f-scott-fitzgerald” is mentioned in the following topics: Matthew Bruccoli fiction (Grammar) Perkins, Maxwell Evarts (American editor) The Great Gatsby (Literature) Zelda Fitzgerald (author) Harold Ober Camp Zachary Taylor Hugh Kenner (author) tank up (Idiom) A Moveable Feast Web Search Results of about for f-scott-fitzgerald”. Sponsored Links Fitzgerald Classics Leather-bound Collector Library of F Scott Fitzgerald works. Web Results USC: F Scott Fitzgerald ... Centenary Home Page
and bibliographical information, and much else. A Brief Life of Fitzgerald The dominant influences on F Scott Fitzgerald were aspiration, literature,
Princeton, F Scott Fitzgerald died believing himself a failure. F Scott Fitzgerald F Scott Fitzgerald was born in St Paul, Minnesota of mixed Southern and
F Scott Fitzgerald by A. Turnbull (1962);

19. F. Scott Fitzgerald: Free Web Books, Online
F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940). Biographical note. Fitzgerald is regarded asone of the greatest American writers of the 20th Century.
Project Gutenberg Consortia Center - Project Gutenberg Consortia Center Collection, bringing eBooks from around the world together.
F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)
Biographical note
Fitzgerald is regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th Century. The self-styled spokesman of the "Lost Generation" the Americans born in the 1890s who came of age during World War I crafted five novels and dozens of short stories that treat themes of youth, despair, and age with remarkable emotional honesty.
Biographical note
Short Stories
  • Flappers and Philosophers (1920) [ read download Tales of the Jazz Age (1922) [ read download All the Sad Young Men (1926) Taps at Reveille (1935)
Browse elsewhere for this eBook
Search Help ... Back to top Project Gutenberg Consortia Center Collection

20. F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)
F. Scott Fitzgerald (18961940). Contributing Editors John F. Callahan and JohnAlberti. Classroom Issues and Strategies. Students often tend to identify
F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896-1940)
Contributing Editors:
John F. Callahan and John Alberti
Classroom Issues and Strategies
Students often tend to identify Fitzgerald with the nostalgic sensibility of the protagonist of "Babylon Revisited," Charlie Wales, and have a corollary tendency to view Fitzgerald as a participant in the excesses of the Jazz Age rather than as a writer who cast a critical eye on his generation's experience. Fitzgerald's essays serve as important companions to his fiction. I fall back on the trick of photocopying one or more of the following essays: "Echoes of the Jazz Age"; "My Lost City"; "The Crack Up"; "Sleeping and Waking"; or "Pasting It Together." On the relationship between Fitzgerald and Wales, I focus on the overlay of observation and allusion that gives the story a perspective much deeper than Charlie Wales's rather superficial, self-pitying point of view. Students are very interested in the relationship between Fitzgerald's life and his work and in his sense that the best possibilities of American history are in the past. Their questions include why relationships between men and women seem often bound up with money and social status, and whether or not Fitzgerald maintains a critical detachment from his characters' views of reality.
Major Themes, Historical Perspectives, and Personal Issues

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