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41. Name-AZ
William Stanley Braithwaite (18781962) US educator, poet, critic Edgar Watson Howe (1853-1937) US Editor, novelist, essayist
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42. Christopher Morley Collection
Braithwaite, William Stanley Beaumont, 1878 , ed. Anthology of magazine verse John Kieran, Editor; planned and supervised by Dan Golenpaul Associates.
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MANUSCRIPTS Christopher Morley Collection
Manuscript Collection 323 Description:
3.2 cubic ft. (tentative)
Organization: Unarranged.
The Christopher Morley Collection was assembled by Mrs. Elisabeth Post Morrow (1892-1992) of Brooklyn and the hamlet of Brookhaven, Long Island, N.Y., and was donated by the Post-Morrow Foundation, Inc. in 1992.
Print Collection Section 1 . Works by Christopher Morley Morley, Christopher. Andrew McGill's Idea of Happiness. [S.l. s.n., after 1914]. 1 folded sheet ([3] p.); 17 cm. Christmas card from Morley's bibliographer, Alfred P. Lee. McGill Idea reprinted from The bookseller's blue book (N.Y.: Doubleday, Page, 1914-15). Morley, Christopher. Another Letter to Lord Chesterfield. From Samuel Johnson and Christopher Morley. New York: Printed for B. Abramson at the Argus bookshop, 1945. 1st ed. 6 p. 18 cm. A parody on Johnson's famous letter to Chesterfield regarding the former's dictionary. Morley, Christopher. The arrow and two other stories. London: W. Heinemann, 1927. 252 p. 20 cm.

43. Anthology Of Massachusetts Poets By Various - Project Gutenberg Europe
Editor, Braithwaite, William Stanley (18781962). Title, Anthology of Massachusetts Poets. Language, English. LoC Class, PS Language and Literatures
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Anthology of Massachusetts Poets by Various
New Search Help on this page Data Creator Various Editor Braithwaite, William Stanley (1878-1962) Title Anthology of Massachusetts Poets Language English LoC Class PS: Language and Literatures: American literature Subject American Poetry 20th century Subject American Literature Massachusetts Note Contents: Home Bound, by Joseph Auslander America The Beautiful, by Katherine Lee Bates Yellow Clover, by Katherine Lee Bates The Returning, by Sylvester Baxter Two Moods From The Hill, by Ernest Benshimol A Banquet, by Ernest Benshimol EText-No. Release Date No Read this eBook online (experimental feature) Download this eBook Edition Format Encoding Compression Size Download Links Plain text none 118 KB Plain text zip 50 KB If you are located outside of the U.S. you may want to download from a mirror site located near you to improve performance. Select a mirror site.

44. African-American Histories, Biographies, And Fictionalized
William Stanley Braithwaite (18781962) poet William Monroe Trotter (1872-1934) Editor, journalist, political activist
African-American Histories, Biographies, and Fictionalized Biographies for Children and Young Adults A Bibliography [Includes books by non-African-American authors and illustrators] Audrey Thompson Back to 4111 Spring 2001 Syllabus and Biography Project. It should be noted that this is not a "recommended" list; instead, it aspires to be as complete a list as possible, on the assumption that teachers, students, and scholars need to know what kinds of books are available and need to consider what different books are trying to do. Ideally, therefore, teachers and students will compare and contrast different books on the same topic and make their own judgments. Be prepared to find that some of these books are outstanding, others good, still others mediocre, and some truly awful. One or two are almost surreal in their awfulness. Included on this list are books for early readers, middle readers, and advanced readers; in a very few cases I have included books addressed to an adult audience usually because I found that libraries were categorizing these particular books as juveniles. For teachers looking for thumbnail biographical sketches rather than full-length book treatments, the bibliography includes the pages for book chapters and short encyclopedia-type entries as well as the titles of whole books devoted to each biographical subject. The dates and descriptions included with each name are as accurate as I have been able to determine, but in some cases there is no fully reliable information available. As much as possible, I have tried to check the dates against adult biographies, since these are more likely than children's biographies to give the rationale for naming one birth date over another. (For example, Jim Beckwourth gave his birth date as 1798, and Louis Armstrong gave his birth date as 1900, but their recent biographers argue persuasively that these dates are incorrect.) The descriptions of each subject's noteworthy activities can only gesture at their importance and are not intended to be exhaustive.

45. Univ. Of Haifa Library - Electronic Texts List - Index By Authors
Bowen, William H. Memoir of George T. Day, DD minister and Editor 18461875. Braithwaite, William Stanley, 1878-1962. Representative American poetry
  • B., A. G.
    Antony Brade

  • B. B., 19th cent
    The Coast survey : Reply to the official defence of its cost, abuses and power

  • Baader, Franz
    KI 2001 [tbook + electronic text] : advances in artificial intelligence : Joint German/Austrian Conference on AI, Vienna, Austria, September 19-21, 2001 : proceedings

  • Babbitt, James Bradford, 1827-
    Theory of the earth

  • Babson, Joseph Edward, 1830-1875
    Eliana : being the hitherto uncollected writings of Charles Lamb

  • Baca, Murtha Introduction to Metadata : Pathways to Digital Information Abstract : An overview of metadata: what it is, its types and uses, and how it can help to make Web resources more accessible and comprehensible. Contains articles, a glossary, and a list of acronyms relating to metadata.
  • Bacchetta, Philippe Capital funds to emerging markets : liberalization, Overshooting, and volatility
  • Bacchylides Internet classics archive: Greco-Roman authors: [au-c] Abstract : Features the Internet classics archive, a searchable collection of classical Greek and Latin texts compiled by Daniel C. Stevenson and sponsored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) program in writing and humanistic studies. includes Select Chinese, Persian, and other classical works in English translations. allows users to search by keyword. includes readers' comments. links to ot resources on classical literature.
  • Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867
  • 46. This Is The File GUTINDEX.ALL. Most Recently Updated 13 Apr 2005
    4, February 1878, by Various 15331 Editor Mary Mapes Dodge Punch, Vol. Otto Leyland Bohanan; William Stanley Braithwaite; Paul Laurence Dunbar;

    47. The Project Gutenberg EBook Of The Book Of American Negro Poetry
    Braithwaite, William Stanley. Born in Boston, 1878. Editor and compiler of _The Book of Elizabethan Verse, The Book of Georgian Verse,

    48. The Little Book Of Modern Verse, Ed. Rittenhouse By Unknown
    Braithwaite, William Stanley. 18781962 (1) Born at Boston, December 6, 1878. Jessie Rittenhouse is best known as an Editor and for her compilations,
    The Little Book of Modern Verse, ed. Rittenhouse
    by Unknown
    Hypertext Meanings and Commentaries
    from the Encyclopedia of the Self
    by Mark Zimmerman
    The Little Book of Modern Verse A Selection from the work of contemporaneous American poets Edited by Jessie B. Rittenhouse
    [Selections made in 1913.] Foreword "The Little Book of Modern Verse", as its name implies,
    is not a formal anthology. The pageant of American poetry
    has been so often presented that no necessity exists
    for another exhaustive review of the art. Nearly all anthologies, however,
    stop short of the present group of poets, or represent them so inadequately
    that only those in close touch with the trend of American literature know what the poet of to-day is contributing to it. It is strictly, then, as a reflection of our own period, to show what is being done by the successors of our earlier poets, what new interpretation they are giving to life, what new beauty they have apprehended, what new art they have evolved, that this little book has taken form . A few of the poets included have been writing for a quarter of a century, and were, therefore

    49. Author Files I
    Braithwaite, William Stanley Beaumont (18781962). 1 folder 12 letters from, to, 10 folders 803 items, correspondence between author and Editor.

    50. Leila Amos Pendleton, B. 1860. A Narrative Of The Negro
    William Stanley Braithwaite, the greatest living Negro poet, was born in Boston in 1878. William Monroe Trotter is the Editor of the Boston Guardian,

    About Collections Authors ... New Additions
    A Narrative of the Negro:
    Electronic Edition.
    Leila Amos Pendleton, b. 1860
    Funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities
    supported the electronic publication of this title. Text scanned (OCR) by Sarah Reuning
    Images scanned by Sarah Reuning
    Text encoded by Christopher Hill and Natalia Smith
    First edition, 1999
    ca. 400K
    Academic Affairs Library, UNC-CH
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
    Call number 326 P398n (Wilson Annex, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
    Documenting the American South.
            All double right and left quotation marks are encoded as " and " respectively. Library of Congress Subject Headings, 21st edition, 1998 LC Subject Headings:
    • African Americans History. African Americans Biography. Blacks History. Afro-American soldiers. United States Armed Forces African Americans History. United States History Civil War 1861-1865 African Americans. Slavery History.

    51. Volumes Of Poems Published During 1919-1920. William Stanley Braithwaite, Ed. 19
    William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. 1920. Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1920. Editor. A Miscellany of British Poetry, 1919. Harcourt, Brace and Howe.
    Select Search All All Reference Columbia Encyclopedia World History Encyclopedia Cultural Literacy World Factbook Columbia Gazetteer American Heritage Coll. Dictionary Roget's Thesauri Roget's II: Thesaurus Roget's Int'l Thesaurus Quotations Bartlett's Quotations Columbia Quotations Simpson's Quotations Respectfully Quoted English Usage Modern Usage American English Fowler's King's English Strunk's Style Mencken's Language Cambridge History The King James Bible Oxford Shakespeare Gray's Anatomy Farmer's Cookbook Post's Etiquette Bulfinch's Mythology Frazer's Golden Bough All Verse Anthologies Dickinson, E. Eliot, T.S. Frost, R. Hopkins, G.M. Keats, J. Lawrence, D.H. Masters, E.L. Sandburg, C. Sassoon, S. Whitman, W. Wordsworth, W. Yeats, W.B. All Nonfiction Harvard Classics American Essays Einstein's Relativity Grant, U.S. Roosevelt, T. Wells's History Presidential Inaugurals All Fiction Shelf of Fiction Ghost Stories Short Stories Shaw, G.B. Stein, G. Stevenson, R.L. Wells, H.G. Verse Anthologies Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1920 PREVIOUS ... BIBLIOGRAPHIC RECORD William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1920.

    52. Poetry For Fall
    Autumn is here; Skies are gray, but hearts are mellow, —William Stanley Braithwaite, (1878–1962) A Lyric of Autumn, Lyrics of Life and Love (1904)
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
    Daily Almanac for
    Sep 10, 2005

    53. William Dean Howells: Definition And Much More From
    Howells, William Dean, 1837–1920, American novelist, critic, and Editor, b. 1837 in literature William Stanley Braithwaite (author)
    showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Arts Business Entertainment Games ... More... On this page: Dictionary Encyclopedia Works WordNet US History Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping William Dean Howells Dictionary How·ells hou əlz William Dean
    American writer and editor in chief (1871–1881) of the Atlantic Monthly, who encouraged a number of writers, including Mark Twain and Henry James. He also wrote many novels, such as The Rise of Silas Lapham (1885), and books of literary criticism. Encyclopedia Howells, William Dean, 1837–1920, American novelist, critic, and editor, b. Martins Ferry, Ohio. Both in his own novels and in his critical writing, Howells was a champion of realism in American literature. His education was gained by voracious reading as he worked for his father, a town printer in various small towns in Ohio. Howells early turned to writing and to editorial work on the Ohio State Journal (1856–61). He wrote a campaign biography of Lincoln in 1860 and was given an appointment as consul in Venice in 1861. The first of his many travel books, Venetian Life (1866) and Italian Journey (1867), brought recognition. After his return to the United States in 1865, he worked for various periodicals; he was associated with the

    54. 1913: Information From
    Macy was the literary Editor of the Boston Herald from 1913 to 1914, This annual publication under the Editorship of William Stanley Braithwaite begins.
    showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Arts Business Entertainment Games ... More... On this page: US Literature Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping In the year Astronomy Henry Norris Russell [b. Oyster Bay, New York, October 25, 1877, d. Princeton, New Jersey, February 18, 1957] announces his theory of stellar evolution. Independently discovered by Ejnar Hertzsprung in 1905, this concept is pictured in the famous Hertzsprung-Russell diagram and interpreted as showing how stars change with time. See also 1905 Astronomy Ejnar Hertzsprung becomes the first to use Cepheid variable stars to estimate distances to the stars. See also 1912 Astronomy 1914 Astronomy The Harvard spectral classification of stars developed by Annie Jump Cannon is adopted by the International Solar Union. See also 1911 Astronomy Biology Elmer Verner McCollum [b. near Fort Scott, Kansas, March 3, 1879, d. Baltimore, Maryland, November 15, 1967] and his assistant Marguerite Davis identify a fat-soluble vitamin later called vitamin A to distinguish it from the water-soluble vitamin discovered by Christiaan Eijkman termed vitamin B. See also Alfred Henry Sturtevant reports that double crossing over of genes occurs on chromosomes and that the frequency of this event can be used to determine the order of three genes on a chromosome.

    55. Hardy Catalogue
    Paris, 1878. Bookplate. Charles de Bernard = pseudonym of Pierre Marie Braithwaite, William Stanley, ed. Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1920 and Year
    Thomas Hardy's Library at Max Gate:
    Catalogue of an Attempted Reconstruction
    Michael Millgate
    B., E. P. [i.e., Emil P. Berg]. God the Beautiful: An Artist's Creed. London: Philip Wellby, 1901.
    Bookplate; the few marks and notes apparently not TH's. [Texas] Bacon, Francis. London: J. M. Dent, 1899.
    Bookplate; ELH signature, 1899; lightly marked, evidently by ELH. (Wreden 11/141) [Texas] Moral and Historical Works. Ed. J. Devey. London: Bohn, 1874.
    Bookplate. Vol. in Bohn's Standard Library, first pub. 1852. [Frank Hollings 212/112] Baddeley, M. J. B. The English Lake District. [BL] [Baedeker]. Belgium and Holland: Handbook for Travellers
    TH signature, 'Hardy ', June 1876; annotated and lightly marked, with sketchmap of battle of Quatre Bras. [BL] Belgium and Holland Including the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg: Handbook for Travellers.
    TH signature, 1896; lightly marked and annotated, e.g., sketchmap of battle of Waterloo and 'sept 19 1896 T.H. E.H. ' beside description of Bruges Cathedral. [BL] Great Britain: Handbook for Travellers.
    Lightly marked and annotated, chiefly related to August 1896 tour with ELH to Coventry, Stratford, etc.

    56. Hardy Catalogue
    Braithwaite, William Stanley, ed. Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1920 and Red SCC bookplate; TH signature; pres. ins. from Editor; v. lightly marked
    Thomas Hardy's Library at Max Gate:
    Catalogue of an Attempted Reconstruction
    Michael Millgate
    Abbott, Claude Colleer. Miss Bedell and Other Poems. London, 1924.
    Bookplate; pres. ins. from author. [Maggs Bros. 664/1] Abercrombie, Lascelles. The Epic. London: Martin Secker, n.d. [1914]
    Bookplate; light marking and v. light annotation. (Taylor, Language , 317; Wreden 11/95) [Texas] Interludes and Poems. London: John Lane The Bodley Head, 1908.
    Bookplate; pres. ins. from J. Lane. (MG Sale/217; Maggs 664/2; Holmes 1989 List/1, 40/156; Reese 122/1) [William Reese 134/459] Thomas Hardy: A Critical Study. London: Martin Secker, 1912.
    TH signature. Export 287/64 reports another copy (with pres. ins. from Abercrombie to his mother), but MG provenance doubtful. [DCM] About, Edmond. The Man With the Broken Ear. New York: Holt, 1873.
    TH signature; v. lightly annotated. Trans. by Henry Holt of About's , first pub. 1867; this copy, in Holt's 'Leisure Hour' series, presumably a gift to TH from Holt. [Elkin Mathews Folio 3/31] Adams, Ernest.

    57. Atlanta-Fulton Public Library - Bibliographies: African-American Writers
    A. House of Falling Leaves B. Lyrics of Life and Love C. The William Stanley Braithwaite Reader Brown, Sterling Allen, 19011989 Poet, critic, Editor,
    Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System "The People's University" African-American Men Writers: A Research Guide To find the location of circulating copies of the titles in the following list, please check the Main Library Catalog . In addition, non-circulating copies of many of these titles are available for use in the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African-American Culture and History. Please check the Auburn Avenue Research Library Catalog
    See also another research guide to the works of several contemporary Black men writers.
    See also African-American Women Writers Back to top of page Pathfinders to more Literature Resources Pathfinders Main Menu ... AFPL System Home Page
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    58. The New Jersey Historical Society
    Braithwaite, William Stanley. 1916. 1933. 1040. Saint James Episcopal Church, Newark, 1878. 1884. 1073. The House of Prayer Episcopal Church, Newark, NJ

    Manuscript Groups 1001-1100
    Morris, Augustus T., businessman Rosedale Cemetery, Essex County, NJ Sabbath School for Coloured People in the Newark Academy, Female Department, Newark, NJ Hoboken Amateur Basket Ball League Craven, W. D. n. d. n. d. Van Horne Family (Communipaw, NJ) Wheeler Family (Newark, NJ) Abeel, C. R. Manning Family (Woodbridge Township, NJ) Sydenham Family (Newark, NJ) Newark, NJ Nichols Family (Newark, NJ) Montclair Fishing Club, Montclair, NJ Pennsylvania General Assembly First Presbyterian Church, Orange, NJ Hutchinson, Charles R. (1838-1927), businessman, local historian New Jersey Music ca. 1811 Daughters of the American Revolution, Nova Caesaria Chapter Manuscript Collection Jouet Family Briggs, Frank O. (1851-1913), U.S. Senator Codington-Stinson Family Fuerstman, Joseph A., lawyer, theatrical promoter Goose, Cornelia F. Livingston, New Jersey Overseers of the Poor Estate of James W. Burnett (1789-1822) Colie, Edward M., lawyer

    59. Finding Aids
    The correspondence files of the Editor, Harold C. Syrett 1913 (MA 1938 and He has edited such books as The William Stanley Braithwaite Reader and The
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    To order material from off-site (click on "Collections Housed Off-Site" above to see list), please use our Off-Site Request Form to request material at least one week prior to your research visit. A
    , Edward
    Diary The Reverend Edward Abbott began his ministry as a congregational pastor in Cambridge, Mass. and was later ordained by the Episcopal Church. He was rector of St. James Church in Cambridge from 1879 to 1906. The diary is a detailed account of Abbott's trip from Sydney, Australia to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, China and Japan. There are numerous pen-and-ink sketches of landscape, architecture, historical sites, and inhabitants, and maps, some in water color. Pasted in the volume are memorabilia such as menus, hotel brochures, postcards, photographs, clippings, calling cards, etc.
    , Theodore Fred

    60. Finding Aids
    1878, d.1949. A New York stockbroker who became a historian. He has edited such books as The William Stanley Braithwaite Reader and The Minority
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    , Edward
    Diary The Reverend Edward Abbott began his ministry as a congregational pastor in Cambridge, Mass. and was later ordained by the Episcopal Church. He was rector of St. James Church in Cambridge from 1879 to 1906. The diary is a detailed account of Abbott's trip from Sydney, Australia to the Philippines, Hong Kong, Macao, China and Japan. There are numerous pen-and-ink sketches of landscape, architecture, historical sites, and inhabitants, and maps, some in water color. Pasted in the volume are memorabilia such as menus, hotel brochures, postcards, photographs, clippings, calling cards, etc.
    , Theodore Fred
    Journal Theodore Abel (Columbia MA, 1924 and Ph.D., 1929) was associate professor of sociology at Columbia from 1929-1950. Recorded are his daily personal and professional life with his comments on local, national and world events.
    , David
    Papers Psychiatrist and author whose specialty is the study of criminal psychology. A native of Norway, Abrahamsen was research associate at Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons from 1944 to 1953 and founded the University's Forum for the Study and Prevention of Crime.

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