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         Boswell James:     more books (30)
  1. James Boswell (1740-1795): The Scottish Perspective by Roger Craik, 1996-09
  2. The conversations of Dr. Johnson, selected from the ""Life"" by James Boswell; edited by R. W. Postgate by James (1740-1795) Boswell, 1930
  3. Boswell's life of Johnson. Edited with an introduction by Mowbray Morris. The Globe edition. by James (1740-1795) Boswell, 1898-01-01
  4. Boswell's London journal, 1762-3; prepared for the press with introduction and notes by Frederick A. Pottle, with a preface by Christopher Morley by James (1740-1795) Boswell, 1950
  5. Collecting and recollecting James Boswell, 1740-1795: A bicentenary exhibition from the collections of Yale University and Four Oaks Farm
  6. Collecting and Recollecting James Boswell, 1740-1795 by William Zachs, Mary Eccles, 1995-09-12
  7. Collecting and Recollecting James Boswell 1740-1795. A Bicentenary Exhibition from the Collectors of Yale University and Four Oaks Farm. by James] Grolier Club. [BOSWELL, 1995
  8. COLLECTING AND RECOLLECTING JAMES BOSWELL 1740-1795. by none stated, 1995-01-01
  9. Johnsoniana: by John Wilson Croker 1780-1857 comp Boswell James 1740-1795. Life of Samuel Johnson, 1842-12-31
  10. The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL. D. Comprehending an account of his studies and numerous works, in chronological order; A series of his epistolary correspondence and conversations with many eminent persons; and various original pieces of his composition, never before published: The whole exhibiting a view of literature and literary men in Great-Britain, for near half a century, during which he flourished. In Three Volumes. The second edition, revised and augmented. by James (1740-1795). BOSWELL, 1793-01-01
  11. Boswellïÿýs London journal, 1762-3; prepared for the press with introduction and notes by Frederick A. Pottle, with a preface by Christopher Morley by James (1740-1795) Boswell, 1950-01-01
  12. Boswellïÿýs Journal of a tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, LL.D., now first published from the original manuscript; prepared for the press, with preface and notes, by Frederick A. Pottle and Charles H. Bennett by James (1740-1795) Boswell, 1936-01-01
  13. The Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, with Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. by James (1740-1795) BOSWELL, 1807-01-01
  14. The Journal Of A Tour To The Hebrides, With Samuel Johnson, Ll.d. By James Boswell, .. by Boswell James 1740-1795, 2010-09-30

81. James - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
James Cook (1728–1779), a British explorer and navigator; James Boswell (17401795),a lawyer, diarist, and author born in Edinburgh, Scotland
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James */dʒeɪmz/ is a popular name worldwide, and the most popular name for a male in the United States . During the 1990 US Census, approximately 3.318% of males counted had the first name James. The name is derived from the Hebrew word meaning held by the heel.
Came into English from the French variation Gemmes of the Late Latin Iacomus , dialect variant of Iacobus , from New Testament Greek (Iacōbos), from Hebrew (Yaʻaqov). Cognates include Jacob edit
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Common nicknames for males named James are: edit
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82. London Plaques : Blue Plaques : Research & Conservation : English Heritage
Boswell, James (17401795), Biographer, lived and died in a house on this site.122 Great Portland Street, W1 Westminster 1936
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London Blue Plaques
Actor and writer Stephen Fry poses outside 54 Eaton Square in London - the former home of actress Vivien Leigh - during the launch of 'Handheld History'  Blue plaques are among the most familiar features of the London streetscape. They adorn the fa§ades of buildings in areas as different as Primrose Hill, Soho and Wimbledon; some of these buildings are grand, others look very ordinary, but all are connected by the fact that a remarkable person lived or worked there at some point in history. Blue plaques celebrate great figures of the past and the buildings that they inhabited. They open a window into another time by showing us where the great and the good have penned their masterpieces, developed new technologies, lived or died. Actors, authors, politicians, painters, scientists, sportsmen, campaigners and reformers – people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds – have all been commemorated in this way. The blue plaques scheme has been run by English Heritage since 1986, and continues to grow at a rate of around twenty plaques each year. From 2004, the scheme will be extended across England on a region-by-region basis; there are already blue plaques in Merseyside, Birmingham, Southampton and Portsmouth.

83. James Boswell (1740 - 1795)
Bibliography and links for this Scottishborn author, in particular of The Lifeof Samuel Johnson and Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides.
James Boswell (1740 - 1795)
Hi - I'm Chris Whiley. My main interests have always included 18th century English literature and, in particular, Samuel Johnson and James Boswell. I'm a member of the Johnson Society(Lichfield) . Check out as well the Johnson Society of London.
I've decided to start off by offering a range of links, plus commentary, to sites related to James Boswell, as, on the Net at least, he's the neglected one in the duo. I'll also be putting up a shortish, but fairly comprehensive biography and bibliography . If you find this useful, let me know what else you'd like to see. Just click the picture after you've read the brief summary if you want to visit the site.
  • Links to some bibliographies and citations pulled together as part of the Malaspina Great Books project. But beware, they don't all work and other James Boswells are included Back to top
  • The James Boswell Institute, part of Utrecht University, where JB studied law in the Winter of 1763/64. The background is a nice picture of him (which I am using as my background as well, so a big thank you to them), but so far as I can tell none of the courses are remotely connected with him or his times Back to top
  • An extract from Boswell's journal dealing with his visit to Ferney to meet Voltaire (Boswell on the Grand Tour: Germany and Switzerland 1764, entry for Monday 24 December). Links to some nice contemporary prints of Voltaire
  • 84. James Boswell - Biography
    James Boswell (1740 1795). Bibliography. This bibliography is in two parts;first, books by James Boswell, starting with the most well-known and/or easy
    James Boswell (1740 - 1795)
    This bibliography is in two parts; first, books by James Boswell, starting with the most well-known and/or easy to obtain, and second, a by no means comprehensive list of books about Boswell and aspects of his live and times.
    Books by James Boswell
    The Life of Johnson
    This was, and is, Boswell's masterpiece and undoubtedly one of the greatest biographies, if not books, ever written. The first edition was published on May 16, 1791 in two volumes quarto. A supplementary volume was added in 1794, to be followed almost immediately by a second edition in three volumes octavo,which did not properly incorporate the additional material. The third edition, with all the new materials finally included in their proper places, was completed by Edmond Malone after Boswell's death and published in four volumes octavo in 1799, but it is the fourth edition, published in 1804 under Malone's personal supervision, which is generally accepted as the first accurate and comprehensive version. Malone (1741 - 1812) was a friend of both Johnson and Boswell and a member of The Club. He was the first great Shakespearean editor and also helped Boswell considerably with the preparation of both The Tour of the Hebrides and the Life The next edition of note was the famous, or infamous, one produced by Croker in 1831 and excoriated by Macaulay in one of his much re-printed essays. Then came the attractive Napier edition of 1884, which added to the four volumes of the

    85. Malaspina Great Books - James Boswell (1740)
    Name, James Boswell. Birth Year, 1740. Death Year, 1795. Biographical, Lectures,and Research Books, Music, Art, Books from Alibris James Boswell
    Biography and Research Links:
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    86. James Boswell Life Stories, Books, & Links
    James Boswell (1740 1795). Category Scottish Literature. Born October 29,1740 Edinburgh, Scotland. Died May 19, 1795 London, England. Related authors
    TABLE OF CONTENTS James Boswell - Life Stories, Books, and Links Biographical Information
    Stories about James Boswell

    Selected works by this author

    Selected books about / related to this author
    Recommended links
    BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION James Boswell (1740 - 1795) Category: Scottish Literature Born: October 29, 1740
    Edinburgh, Scotland Died: May 19, 1795
    London, England Related authors:
    Lytton Strachey
    Richard Brinsley Sheridan Samuel Johnson list all writers James Boswell - LIFE STORIES Boswell and Good
    On this day in 1795 James Boswell died, aged fifty-four. Even without his two-decade relationship to Samuel Johnson and the famous books which came from it, Boswell would have a secure place in literary history. This is due to the remarkable stash of journals, letters and personal papers which he kept, and which friends, relatives and negligence kept from the world for over a century. Boswell, Johnson, London

    87. James Boswell - Boswell And Good, And Other Stories
    Today in Literature presents James Boswell Boswell and Good, and other storiesabout the James Boswell (1740 - 1795). Boswell and Good. by Steve King

    88. Scran - Boswell [James Boswell (1740 - 1795)]
    Scran is a UK charity with a learning image service 300000 images, clip art,movies and sounds from museums, galleries, archives and the media;

    89. James Boswell Quotes - The Quotations Page
    James Boswell (1740 1795) Scottish author biographer more author details James Boswell; Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience,
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    James Boswell (1740 - 1795)
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    I have found you an argument; I am not obliged to find you an understanding.
    James Boswell
    Men are wise in proportion, not to their experience, but to their capacity for experience.
    James Boswell Life of Samuel Johnson, 1791 - More quotations on: [ Wisdom Experience
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    90. James Boswell - Author Details And Biography - The Quotations Page
    Quotations by Author. Author Details James Boswell (1740 1795). Full Name,Boswell, James. Biography, Scottish author biographer; wrote Account of Boswell

    91. James Boswell "On War"
    James Boswell (1740 1795). ON WAR by James Boswell. a battle now istruly nothing else than a huge conflict of opposite engines worked by men,
    James Boswell
    "ON WAR"
    by James Boswell
    "... a battle now is truly nothing else than a huge conflict of opposite engines worked by men, who are themselves as machines directed by a few; and the event is not so frequently decided by what is intentionally done, as by accidents happening in a dreadful confusion. It is as if two towns in opposite territories should be set on fire at the same time, and victory should be declared to the inhabitants of that in which the flames were least destructive." (essay originally written in 1777) W hile viewing, as travelers usually do, the remarkable objects of curiosity at Venice, I was conducted through the different departments of the Arsenal; and as I contemplated the great storehouse of mortal engines, in which there is not only a large deposit of arms, but men are continually employed in making more, my thoughts rebounded , if I may use the expression, from what I beheld; and the effect was, that I was first as it were stunned into a state of amazement, and when I recovered from that, my mind expanded itself in reflections upon the horrid irrationality of war. What those reflections were I do not precisely recollect. But the general impression dwells upon my memory; and however strange it may seem, my opinion of the irrationality of war is still associated with the Arsenal of Venice.

    92. James Boswell Quotes - ThinkExist Quotations
    James Boswell quotes. Popularity James Boswell popularity 6/10 James Boswellquotes. About Mankind quotes. Add to my book
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    All James Boswell Quotations Authors Topics Keywords ... More... Famous people: Name Nationality Occupation Date ... Jal Jam 1-10 Quotations of
    James Boswell quotes
    Scottish Biographer Popularity:
    " I hate mankind, for I think myself one of the best of them, and I know how bad I am " James Boswell quotes About: Mankind quotes Add to my book show_bar(181396,null,'i_hate_mankind-for_i_think_myself_one_of_the_best') " A companion loves some agreeable qualities which a man may possess, but a friend loves the man himself " James Boswell quotes Similar Quotes . About: Friends quotes Add to my book show_bar(190272,null,'a_companion_loves_some_agreeable_qualities_which') " I have discovered that we may be in some degree whatever character we choose. Besides, practice forms a man to anything. " James Boswell quotes Add to my book show_bar(252920,null,'i_have_discovered_that_we_may_be_in_some_degree') " He who has provoked the lash of wit, cannot complain that he smarts from it " James Boswell quotes Add to my book show_bar(192331,null,'he_who_has_provoked_the_lash_of_wit-cannot')

    93. James Boswell Quotes And Quotations Compiled By GIGA
    quotations, statements, excerpts, proverbs, maxims and aphorisms by JamesBoswell. James Boswell. Scottish lawyer and biographer (1740 1795)
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    Scottish lawyer and biographer

    A companion loves some agreeable qualities which a man may possess, but a friend loves the man himself.

    He who has provoked the lash of wit, cannot complain that he smarts from it.
    If venereal delight and the power of propagating the species were permitted only to the virtuous, it would make the world very good. Sex Last Revised: 2005 August 17 The GIGA name and logo are trademarks registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by John C. Shepard. WWW.GIGA-USA.COM Back to Top of Page BUY BOOK ABOUT QUOTATIONS ... JAMES BOSWELL SUPPORT GIGA CLICK TO PURCHASE Amazon Office Depot Target Field's CLICK TO CONTRIBUTE Honor System GIGA QUOTE LINKS Top 100 Quotes Top 50 Quality Quotations Worldwide Topsites GIGA's Best Quote Links

    94. East Ayrshire Council: Tourism: Famous People - Literature
    James Boswell (1740 1795) Born in Edinburgh on the 29th October 1740, JamesBoswell had a career in law mapped out by his father.
    East Ayrshire Council
    CHOOSE A SECTION... AtoZ of Services Find My Nearest Online Services Site Help ... Contact Us Saturday 10th September 2005 Accessibility Tourism Attractions at a Glance Famous People Places of Interest Shopping ... Webcams
    FAMOUS PEOPLE Literature ROBERT BURNS (1759 - 1796) JAMES BOSWELL (1740 - 1795)
    Born in Edinburgh on the 29th October 1740, James Boswell had a career in law mapped out by his father. After education at a private school, Edinburgh University and Glasgow University, he practised law in the capital city. Boswell longed to live in London and lived there for a few months in 1760. It was during another stay in London beginning in 1762, after passing his exams in civil law, that Boswell first met Dr. Samuel Johnson on 16th May 1763. Boswell was fascinated by the mind of Johnson. From 1766 to 1785 Boswell was an advocate in Edinburgh before moving to London permanently c1785. In 1769 he had married his cousin Margaret Montgomerie at Lainshaw. On the death of his father in 1782, James Boswell inherited the family estates at Auchinleck. He became a capable and well-liked Laird. For many years Boswell worked on his famous works "Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, 1785", and "Life of Johnson 1791".

    95. James Boswell
    James Boswell; A Profile of James Boswell. James Boswell (1740 1795), aBiographer and Traveller. Although a lawyer by profession, Boswell travelled
    Boswell was born in Edinburgh, and educated at the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Utrecht. He was admitted to both the Scottish and English bars and practised law but devoted himself primarily to the pursuit of a literary career. His most important early work was An Account of Corsica (1768), a sympathetic study of the struggle for independence of that island, written after an extended tour of Europe. In 1763 Boswell met the writer Samuel Johnson, and from 1772 until Johnson's death in 1784 the two men were closely associated. In 1773 Boswell was admitted to Johns Literary Club, which included the statesman Edmund Burke, the writer Oliver Goldsmith, the painter Sir Joshua Reynolds, and the actor David Garrick. Thereafter, Boswell devoted much of his time to compiling detailed records of Johnson's activities and conversation. Boswell's accounts covered periods of daily association with Johnson in London and also described a trip that the two friends made through Scotland to the Hebrides in 1773. After the death of Johnson, Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides (1785) and Life of Samuel Johnson (1791) were published. Boswell is best known for the latter work, which is generally considered a masterpiece of biography.

    96. Boswell
    James Boswell (1740 1795). James Boswell made a tour of the border counties ofEngland and Scotland, described in Journal of my Jaunt (1762).
    Myers Literary Guide Centre for Northern Studies JAMES BOSWELL (1740 - 1795) James Boswell made a tour of the border counties of England and Scotland, described in Journal of my Jaunt In the building now called White Knights in Spital Tongues, Newcastle, there was a private asylum where Boswell used to visit his mentally unstable brother, John. According to his journals, Boswell was there in May 1775, and again on 12 March 1776, when he reflected that it was better to have one's mind obscured than to be actively unhappy. John was able to recognise him and asked him for money. He then unexpectedly said: 'Take me with you.' Boswell was moved to tears, though he knew John was well looked-after and was in no anguish of mind or body. Boswell became recorder of Carlisle 1788-90. Return to Index On to next Author

    97. James Boswell - Canongate Home
    James Boswell (1740 1795) , the son of an Ayrshire judge, was also an essayistand a member of Johnson s Literary Club (others included Goldsmith and Adam
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    James Boswell
    James Boswell (1740 -1795) , the son of an Ayrshire judge, was also an essayist and a member of Johnson's Literary Club (others included Goldsmith and Adam Smith). This ambitious and volatile man was certainly an intriguing character and an important portraitist, but is widely recognised as the author of the vivid The Life of Samuel Johnson
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    98. Boswell, James /1740 - 1795/WWW.MLP.CZ
    Mestská knihovna v Prazeoficiální internetové strány.
    Mìstská knihovna v Praze / Municipal library of Prague Seznam autorit / A list of personages
    Boswell, James /1740 - 1795
    Záhlaví: Název OCH Rok Signatura Druh dokumentu Svazky GORDON, Richard: Slavní (a obtížní) pacienti P+ P 6097 kniha svazky IGNATIEFF, Michael: The needs of strangers L 9107 kniha svazky Poslední aktualizace: 12.8.2005; Generováno systémem Perlie 1.2

    99. Overview Of James Boswell
    1740 1795. James Boswell ©1995-2005 Gazetteer for Scotland. James Boswell.Biographer and traveller. Born in Edinburgh, the son of the prominent advocate

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    James Boswell
    James Boswell
    Biographer and traveller. Born in Edinburgh, the son of the prominent advocate Lord Auchinleck, Boswell was educated at the Universities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Utrecht. Although a lawyer by profession, Boswell travelled widely in Europe and is noted for his accounts of these journeys written in his distinctive style. Perhaps his best known work described his travels with Dr. Samuel Johnson to the Scottish Highlands and Islands. On the death of his father in 1782, Boswell inherited the family estates at Auchinleck, East Ayrshire and he moved there to become a capable and well-liked Laird. He spent much of his time there writing the biography of his friend and mentor Johnson, which was published in 1791. If you have found this information useful please consider
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    Supported by: The Robertson Trust, The Royal Scottish Geographical Society,
    The Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh.

    100. Biographie Et Informations Auteur : Boswell, James : - Dicocitations ™

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