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         Beach Rex:     more books (15)
  1. Beach, Rex (1877-1949): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by James R. Belpedio, 2000
  2. The silver horde. by Rex Beach. by Beach. Rex. 1877-1949., 1911
  3. The neer-do-well, by Rex Beach ... with four illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy by Rex (1877-1949) Beach, 1911-01-01
  4. The silver horde; a novel, by Rex Beach ... illustrated by Harvey T. Dunn by Rex (1877-1949) Beach, 1909
  5. The neÃ?¯Ã'¿Ã'½er-do-well, by Rex Beach ... with four illustrations by Howard Chandler Christy by Rex (1877-1949) Beach, 1911
  6. "The spoilers," by William W. Morrow 1843-1929 Beach Rex 1877-1949. Spoilers. from old catalog, 1916-12-31
  7. Personal exposures by Rex (1877-1949) Beach, 1941-01-01
  8. The Winds Of Chance by Beach Rex 1877-1949, 2010-09-29
  9. The barrier; a novel by Rex, 1877-1949 Beach, 2009-10-26
  10. Oh. shoot! Confessions of an agitated sportsman. by Rex Beach .. by Beach. Rex. 1877-1949., 1921-01-01
  11. The iron trail; an Alaskan romance. by Rex Beach. by Beach. Rex. 1877-1949., 1913-01-01
  12. The barrier by Rex Beach ; with illustrations by Denman Fink. by Beach. Rex. 1877-1949., 1908-01-01
  13. Too fat to fight .. by Rex, 1877-1949 Beach, 2009-10-26
  14. The net : a novel by Rex, 1877-1949 Beach, 2009-10-26

81. Birth And Death Dates Of Authors
Lee (1859 1929) BAUDELAIRE, Charles (1821 - 1867) BAUM, L. (Lyman) Frank (1856 -1919) BAYNTON, Barbara (1857 - 1929) Beach, Rex (1877 - 1949) BEAGLEHOLE, JC
Project Gutenberg of Australia
a treasure-trove of literature
treasure-trove n treasure found hidden with no evidence of ownership. Home PG Library of Australiana Works in the 'public domain' in Australia Australian Explorers ... Site Map List of birth and death dates The following list shows the birth and death dates of a number of authors. The dates shown may not be accurate, as the list has been compiled from existing sources on the internet, and dates have not been verified by Project Gutenberg of Australia. A comprehensive list of authors and translators, together with birth and death dates, is available from The New General Catalog of Old Books and Authors at the Kingkong web site. Other sites which may be of interest to Project Gutenberg volunteers are listed on the Links page. SURNAME, Christian Name(s) (Born - Died) Home Updated 30 Oct 02

82. Names Index Page
BARNUM, David Beach (21 FEB 18379 MAY 1886) BARNUM, David Burrall (3 NOV 1938-19JUN 1986) BARNUM, Harriet Fidelia Hattie (18 JUL 1877-1949)
Barnum Family Tree Names
A., Fanny (20 MAY 1814-18 NOV 1880)
A., Kate

A., Malinda


ABBETT, Earl Faydell "Bunny"
(11 NOV 1892-)
ABBETT, Gladys Ethylen
(20 MAY 1899-)
ABBETT, Jonathan Thomas
(26 MAY 1849-)
ABBETT, LeRoy Elga
(12 MAY 1896-)
ABBETT, Llewellyn Arthur
(21 DEC 1879-)
ABBETT, Viola Mae
(25 APR 1885-)
ABBEY, Alba L.
(3 MAR 1851-2 FEB 1867) ABBEY, Alice A. ABBEY, Carlista (24 FEB 1841-2 FEB 1867) ABBEY, Charlotte "Lottie" ABBEY, Edwin Lamont ABBEY, Elbert Nelson (6 AUG 1834-6 MAY 1910) ABBEY, George (JUN 1844-) ABBEY, Hiram (6 OCT 1810-29 JAN 1867) ABBEY, Hiram ABBEY, Joseph ABBEY, Levi (JUN 1838-2 FEB 1867) ABBEY, Martha J. (1858-19 MAR 1880) ABBEY, Melvin P. (11 SEP 1846-20 SEP 1857) ABBEY, Philo ABBEY, Robert P. ABBEY, Walter E. (8 AUG 1856-22 SEP 1857) ABBIT, John (ABT 1667-) ABBOTT, Andrew Jackson ABBOTT, Lyman (28 APR 1892-3 SEP 1916) ABBOTT, Raja Albert (29 SEP 1972-) ABBOTT, Wanda Belle ACER, Charlotte Clark ACER, Volney Alonzo (18 NOV 1818-30 JAN 1904) ACKER, Ann ACKERMAN, Jane (-ABT 1880) ACKERMAN, Phoebe Ann (ABT 1824-) ADAIR, J. Myron

83. Reviews: July 1984
Rex Malik, ed. Future Imperfect. Science Fact and Science Fiction. Journal desVoyages ( Travel Diaries ), was launched in the 19th century (18771949).
Science Fiction Studies
#33 = Volume 11, Part 2 = July 1984
BOOKS IN REVIEW Cockeyed Optimist John Hollow. Against the Night, the Stars: The Science Fiction of Arthur C. Clarke NY: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1983. 197pp. $14.95 According to John Hollow, 2010: Odyssey Two teaches us "what we learn from all of Clarke's novels: that the ancient legends of the race are in some sense true" (p. 178), confirming, as does Childhood's End , "our ancient view of ourselves as somehow important, as somehow capable of coming to grips with a larger part of the universe" (p. 104). Hollow's book focuses more single-mindedly than does any other sustained treatment on Clarke's fundamental optimism about the ultimate worth of the human endeavor. The results are mixed. The book's nine chapters take up an of Clarke's long fiction and about a quarter of his short fiction in roughly chronological order; however, this is no vade mecum . The frequent reorderings attempt to give each chapter its own thematic flow within the larger (bio)critical essay. The chapter entitled "Against the Night" argues that the young Clarke began his writing career largely in reaction to H.G. Wells the "despairer" (p. 6). "Time's Arrow" (chapter 2) shows Clarke's understanding that the physical and biological laws of nature dictate humanity's inevitable extinction. Nonetheless, our greatest danger lies not in change but in the changelessness of "The Lotus-Eaters" (chapter 3). If we will change, we can become a collective "Prometheus" (chapter 4) "carrying fire back to the heavens" (p. 47). Hollow very interestingly observes in his (5th) chapter called

84. North Carolina Collection-P2: Portrait Collection (List)
Beach, Norton L. SERIES P2. Beale, John. SERIES P2. Beale, Mary Ross. SERIES P2.Beat, Alberta M. SERIES P2 Moss, Eugene Grissom (18771949). SERIES P2
P2: Portrait Collection
Folder List Please note: there are no online images for this collection, except four illustrations of Edward Teach ("Blackbeard the Pirate"). A B C D E ... W X Y Z Abbot, James R. (1813-1851). SERIES P2 Abbot, Sarah Smith Sibley (1813-1888). SERIES P2 Abbott , Edward Lawrence (1869-1899). SERIES P2 Abernethy, Claude Oliver (1880-1940). SERIES P2 Abernethy, Eric Alonzo (1876-1933). SERIES P2 Abney, Robert L. SERIES P2 Ackland, William Hayes (1855-1940). SERIES P2 Adams, Agatha Boyd ( -1950). SERIES P2 Adams, Edward. SERIES P2 Adams, Elie Maynard (1919- ). SERIES P2 Adams, Juliet Aurelia Graves (1858-1951). SERIES P2 Adams, Stonewall Jackson SERIES P2 Adams, Thaddeus Arvasaw (1877- ). SERIES P2 Akers, Susan Grey (1889- ). SERIES P2 Albemarle, Duke of (Coat of Arms). SERIES P2 Albertson, Catherine Fauntleroy Pescund (1826- 1907). SERIES P2 Albright, Charles Alexander (1877-1947). SERIES P2 Albright, Robert Mayne SERIES P2 Alderman, Edwin Anderson (1861-1931). SERIES FP2 Alderman, Edwin Anderson (1861-1931). SERIES P2

85. Goleta Cemetery Headstones
Pocock, Rex B., 19031927 Poe, Marlene Campbell, 1936-1977, mother of Laurie-andDevon Romer, Christian C., 1877-1949, Mary R., 1884-1942
Walker Tompkins in his book "Goleta, the Goodland" reports that
the non-denominational Rafaela Cemetery Association was formed
in 1874 embracing almost 6 acres east of the La Goleta Rancho
and north of Hollister Avenue, serving the same area as the
Rafaela School District. In 1910 this was changed to the Goleta
Public Cemetery District, a County entity, embracing 12 acres
from Ellwood Cooper's ranch on the west to San Roque Creek on
the east.
As near as possible the following list is all headstones
In this cemetery as of February, 1977. Joe Whalen..... Abbott, Rosamond W. 1897-1975 Abel, Alonzo John 1875-1958, Lucretia E. 1873-1951 Abel, Conn L. F2 US Navy, May 25, 1918, May 18, 1975 Abel, John Stewart 1895-1971, Merle 1898 Abrecht, Rudy 1891-1973, Elsie 1890-1972 Ackerman, George M. 1866-1915 Acres, Edwin Clifford 1928-1931 Acres, Lillian Lorine Aug. 2, 1900-Sept. 22, 1962 Adams, Bradford M. 1882-1957, Ernestine D. 1904-1963 Adams, Germaine A. 1902-1941

86. Descendants Of Josias Hendon
Est. 18771949 6 James Robert Hendon b 31 Jul 1868 in Hogansville, Troup Co . +Goldie Edgecomb b 30 Apr 1906 in Okla. d 15 Dec 1981 in Long Beach,
Descendants of Josias Hendon
(Based on Release 2 of the Hendon Master File)
Note: + is prefixed to the names of spouses.

May 6436 SMITH, JAMES Rex Global highlights. Jul 492 News room. Jul 3414SMITH, MILO J. 18771949 Reconstruction of breweries.
(Smetzer - Sz) p. 2644 Smetzer - Smiley, E

88. Index
Narrative Georgia A. (1857). . . Narrative John C. (1833-). . . Narrative. Beach Joseph S. (1877-1949). . . Narrative Laura Elaine (1869-1963).
Ada Ann (1900-1960). . . Narrative
Adaline (1856- ). . . Narrative
Ann (1795- ). . . Narrative
Ann Catherine (1788-1871). . . Narrative
Benedicta ( -1665). . . Narrative
Catherine (1806- ). . . Narrative
Celia (1838- ). . . Narrative
Elen (1857- ). . . Narrative
Elisabeth (1801-1850). . . Narrative
Eliza Jane (1822- ). . . Narrative
Elizabeth (-). . . Narrative Elizabeth (1627- ). . . Narrative Elizabeth (1813- ). . . Narrative Elizabeth (1831-). . . Narrative Eunice W (1880-1909). . . Narrative Eva B. (1903-1979). . . Narrative Isabelle E. (1845- ). . . Narrative Jackson Carr Stewart (1919-). . . Narrative Jan (1831-). . . Narrative Jane (-). . . Narrative Jane S. (1846-1898). . . Narrative Katherine (1604- ). . . Narrative Katherine (1693- ). . . Narrative Kenny (1950-1972). . . Narrative Laura J. (1848- ). . . Narrative Lavinia R. (1840-1895). . . Narrative Letitia ( -1870). . . Narrative Lou Ann (1848- ). . . Narrative Lucy A. (1866- ). . . Narrative Margaret (1613- ). . .

89. Beach
Beach Pronunciation (bech), key —n. 1. Moses Yale, 1800–68, US 2. RexEl•ling•wood Pronunciation (el ingwood ), key 1877–1949, US novelist
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 9, 2005

90. Walton Cemetery, Delaware County NY
Babcock 1894 1952 Budine Sheldon M 1906 - 1950 Beach Charles 1823 - 1894 w, Deliah 1847 - 1920 Carson Stephen 1877 - 1949 w, Eva Hamm 1876
Delaware County, NY Genealogy and History Site transcribed by Les and Dorothy Howland, California please wait while 243K loads The following records are courtesy of the Roxbury Library Associations History Room . Hard Copies of such records are available for viewing and duplication during normal library hours. This compilation is from the notebooks of Amy Gavette and was done in the 1960s . It was manually typed on typing paper. Needless to say some of it is faded and coping it is difficult. If dates don't match you may have to go to the Roxbury Library and see the originals, they too are starting to fade. This is not a public library, they run on support from their patrons and the History room is run by donations, and for such a small room it is packed full of information on the town of Roxbury and some Delaware county information. Vesti Snyder,Roxbury Note Joyce Riedinger
There are 5 columns to this database, the 5th used by only a few of the records. You will need to scroll. Also, because of the gigantic size of this database, it will be broken in many sections. The rest will be put online soon. Letters A - F
Letters G - K

Letters L, M, N

Miranda J. 1877 1949 wife Crosby, Claude E. 1882 - 1964 husband Sprague, 12, 1996 Beach, Venard, Jr. Aug. 20, 1919 - May, Joseph Sylvester Jan.
LAPORTE CEMETERY, MIDLAND, MICHIGAN Located in section 35, Smiths Crossing, Ingersoll Township. It was deeded to the Township in 1868 by Joseph Winslow. A plaque on the Winslow family plot stone reads: "To the everlasting memory of Loring S. Winslow and Mary Brown Winslow who in 1856 obtained from the United States government the original grant to the tract of land on which memorial is erected and in 1866 removed thereto from Vermont with their seven sons; Joseph J., Charles H., Loring S., Curtis J., John E., William G., and Franklin P." The earliest grave is that of Sarah Barnes in 1862. Read cemetery sections from south to north, read rows in same direction, section one lies along the south side of the cemetery, to the south of section three. Read by Margaret Wegner in November of 2000. Margaret Wegner
by by Donna Hoff-Grambau
THIS SITE IS PART OF THE MIGENWEB PROJECT This server space page is provided by Michigan Family History Network genealogical server.

92. Hollis Cemetery, Interment List And Links On The Internet To Cemeteries With Hol
Hollis, Rex D Dec 20, 1935 Jun 29, 1985. Hollis, Samuel Kenneth 19411949 A.(MD) 1877 1949 Uncle Doc (Probably husb of Frances Hollis, Bill); Camp,
Main Giftshop Belt Buckles Bracelets Barettes and Hair Jewelry ... Warner Bros, Characters and other Collectibles In God we trust Hollis
Cemetery Interment
Online list and Links and burial sites
Latest addition: 7/02/2005
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Ancestry-United Kingdom and Ireland
Genealogy.Com, ancestries
Family Tree Maker 2005 All states jump links 4/15/2005 In the process of listing each individual Hollis in Each cemetery, bear with me, may take a while!! AL AK AZ AR ... DE DC FL GA HI ID ... NV NH NJ NM NY NC ... WY If NO HOLLIS found interred in a state it is not colored Submissions-Hollis Burials ALABAMA Join us here with your domain Personal or business

93. Oak Hill Cemetery, Karthaus Township, Clearfield County PA
MOTHER Mary E. 1877 - 1949 FATHER - George B. 1867 - 1939 Beach May 8,1912 -July 16,1992 Lavere Rip Sept.23,1911 - Sept.27,1993. 5. KELLY,
Oak Hill Memorial Cemetery
Karthaus Township
Clearfield County PA
copied March 29, 1998
By : Debbie Orner SECTION A. (all stones were read from driveway to church) 1. Grace Evelyn MOORE 1895 - 1978 2. Daniel T. MOORE born Aug.4, 1856 died Jan.4, 1929 Gracy A. MCGONIGAL wife of D.T. MOORE born May 7, 1858 died Aug.6,1898 3. Sarah MOORE HODENCAMP 1878 - 1906 4. Ella MOORE HAZEL 1891 - 1979 5. Albert J. MOORE 1884 - 1979 SPACE 7. rock 8. rock 9. MOORE Margaret 1860 - 1928 Oliver 1852 - 1917 SPACE 10. GLACE John W. 1844 - 1912 (GAR star , war ) Elizabeth KANE, his wife, 1851 - 1932 Sadie GLACE WALKER 1873 - 1895 Howard GLACE 1885 - 1892 July 13, 1912 - Nov. 19, 1912 12. Wm. KAIN CO. M. SRD PA (GAR star,war) 13. rock 14. rock 15. rock LARGE SPACE (With "L" plot markers) 16.GRENUS Anthony P. 1922 - 1980 (WW II "flag" marker) May A. 1924 - 17. KIRKWOOD Leola 1905 - 1985 wedded Dec.16, 1925 David G. 1902 - 1977 18. WHITE FATHER MOTHER William 1873 - 1954 Alice H. 1880 - 1957 19. Emaline WHITE 1843 - 1925 20. LIVERGOOD

94. Index
Allen Ralph Wilbur (1913 1913) Rebecca (1862 - ) Rex Lewis (1927 - 1930) Langeneckert Arthur Frederick (1907 - 1993) Simon (1877 - 1949)
B C D ...
Anne McDowell
Edgar Lafayette
Margaret Elizabeth ...
Ruth Shuford
Harry Clinton
Harry Duane
Olive Lane ...
Alice Anita
Arthur Wellington M.D.
Arthur Wellington II
Arthur Wellington III/III ...
Adams Robertson
Margaret W.
M. J.
Henry J.
Wally Emma
Ora May Speelman
Elsie Ann
Archibald Dr./Dr.
Charles ...
Alexander B. ...
William W.
William G.
H. B.
Ida Belle
Cora Lee
Sophia Christina Elisabeth
Isaac William
Sarah B.
Margaret ...
Louis H.
Ephraim McDowell
Frances (Fannie)
Hattie ...
Honorable L. W.
Martha L.

95. Verkoop Van CD's En Liedteksten
Translate this page Beach, Amy Marcy Cheney. 1867-1944 Beachcroft, RO Becker, Reinhold. 1877-1949Weil, Oscar. 1839-1921 Weill, Kurt. 1900-1950 Weinbrenner, A.
De Vereniging Vrienden van het Lied heeft in samenwerking met Soetelieve Studio en een aantal solisten die deel uitmaken van de solistenlijst, een tweetal CD's het licht laten zien. De eerste CD draagt de naam "Hoogtepunten uit het Duitse en Franse liedrepertoire" Op deze CD staan werken van Schubert, Brahms, Wolf, Fauré en Debussy. De tweede CD bevat liederen van Nederlandse componisten uit de periode 1850 -1950. Tot onze spijt zijn beide CD's uitverkocht en na 1 augustus 2001 niet meer leverbaar.
Klik op de CD voor de inhoudsopgave De Vereniging Vrienden van het Lied draagt er zorg voor dat de bezoekers van haar concerten kunnen beschikken over de teksten* van de uitgevoerde werken. Zoekt u liedteksten? Laat schriftelijk of per e-mail weten wat u zoekt! Wendt u tot de hr. D.Buld. Balderikstraat 41, 7581 VS Losser. Tel. 053 5382336, e-mailadres * In een aantal gevallen zijn er aan de teksten rechten verbonden. Deze teksten kunnen wij niet beschikbaar stellen. Aagaard, Thorvald. 1877-1937

96. Fairview Cemetery, Hall County By Gloria B. Mayfield- Cemeteries Of Texas
Daniel, Mary E., 1877, 1949, H 74 3 Daniel, William Melvin, 1902, Apr 23, 1999,I 481 3 Houston, Lowell Rex (WWII), Sep 23, 1913, Nov 25, 1988, W 659 4
Fairview Cemetery
Memphis, Hall County, Cemeteries of Texas
These angels mark the graves of the two wives of Sgt. Will Hawthorn, a WWI vet who rests between them. He married his first wife while stationed in France but she died young. His daughter by his second wife was named for his first wife and has been laid to rest beside her mother.
Photos by Anne Chappell
This cemetery is the newest cemetery in Memphis and is located on the North side of FM 1547 on the East side of Memphis, Texas. The orignal Fairview Cemetery, "The Old Fairview Cemetery" is located on the South side of the road. The cemetery is laid out in 24 sections. In alphabetical order, each section is named for a flower, from Azalea through Zinnia. Most sections consist of 44 blocks with each block containing 8 plots. The letters and numbers at the end of each entry indicate the section name, the block number, and the plot number. This is a complete list of all known graves up through December 31, 2000.

97. LONE MOUNTAIN CEMETERY This Survey Was Conducted By Linda Sanchez
1980 JOHNSON Mary E. 1907 1961 JOHNSON Orville H. 1889 1957 JOHNSON Rex B. 9 WINTERS Elizabeth 1905 1923 1C19-25 WINTERS Ira Lee 1877 1949 1C-19-26
LONE MOUNTAIN CEMETERY This Survey was conducted by Linda Sanchez

98. Ãðèãîðèé ×õàðòèøâèëè "Ïèñàòåëü è ñàìîóáèéñ
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Íàâåðíîå, "ýíöèêëîïåäèÿ" ñëèøêîì ãðîìêîå íàçâàíèå äëÿ íåáîëüøîãî ñïðàâî÷íèêà, ñîñòîÿùåãî èç òðåõ ñ ïîëîâèíîé ñîòåí êðàòêèõ áèîãðàôè÷åñêèõ ñòàòåé, îäíàêî âåëè÷åñòâåííûé òåðìèí "ëèòåðàòóðèöèä", èçîáðåòåííûé Àðòþðîì Ðåìáî, òðåáóåò àäåêâàòíîãî ñîñåäñòâà. Ïîæàëóé, ýòî âñå-òàêè èìåííî ýíöèêëîïåäèÿ - åñëè íå ïî ìàñøòàáó, òî ïî êîíöåíòðèðîâàííîñòè Ýòî ïðèëîæåíèå ê îñíîâíîìó òåêñòó êíèãè ïî æàíðó ÿâëÿåòñÿ ìàðòèðîëîãîì, ïîýòîìó çäåñü ñîäåðæèòñÿ ìàëî ñâåäåíèé î òâîð÷åñêîì ïóòè òîãî èëè èíîãî ëèòåðàòîðà, óïîð ñäåëàí íà ïðè÷èíàõ è îáñòîÿòåëüñòâàõ òðàãè÷åñêîãî êîíöà. Ñóèöèäíûé ôèíàë - òà ñïåöèôè÷åñêàÿ ïðèçìà, ÷åðåç êîòîðóþ "Ýíöèêëîïåäèÿ ëèòåðàòóðèöèäà" ñìîòðèò íà ïèñàòåëüñêóþ áèîãðàôèþ. Ñþäà âêëþ÷åíû âñå ñêîëüêî-íèáóäü çíà÷èòåëüíûå ñëó÷àè ëèòåðàòóðèöèäà, ïîïàâøèå â ïîëå çðåíèÿ àâòîðà. Ïåðâîíà÷àëüíî "Ýíöèêëîïåäèÿ" áûëà ñóùåñòâåííî îáúåìíåå, îäíàêî íà ñòàäèè ðåäàêòóðû ÿ èñêëþ÷èë èç íåå ïåðñîíàæåé, íå îñòàâèâøèõ çàìåòíîãî ñëåäà â ëèòåðàòóðå. Óáðàë ÿ è òåõ èìåíèòûõ ñàìîóáèéö (Íåðîíà, åááåëüñà èëè äåÿòåëåé ÿïîíñêîé è êèòàéñêîé èñòîðèè), äëÿ êîãî ñî÷èíèòåëüñòâî áûëî âðåìåííûì èëè ìàðãèíàëüíûì çàíÿòèåì. Ðàçìåð ñïðàâêè âîâñå íå îáÿçàòåëüíî ñîîòâåòñòâóåò óñòàíîâèâøåéñÿ ëèòåðàòóðíî-ýíöèêëîïåäè÷åñêîé èåðàðõèè. Íàîáîðîò, õðåñòîìàòèéíûå èñòîðèè, çíàêîìûå âñÿêîìó ÷èòàòåëþ, ìîãóò áûòü èçëîæåíû êîðî÷å, ÷åì îáñòîÿòåëüñòâà ñìåðòè êàêîãî-íèáóäü íå ñëèøêîì èçâåñòíîãî ïèñàòåëÿ - åñëè ýòè îáñòîÿòåëüñòâà ïðåäñòàâëÿþò îñîáåííûé èíòåðåñ äëÿ òåìû êíèãè. Ïîýòîìó, íàïðèìåð, ïðî âåëèêîãî îìåðà (êîòîðîãî, âïðî÷åì, íà ñàìîì äåëå íå áûëî) â "Ýíöèêëîïåäèè" âñåãî íåñêîëüêî ñòðî÷åê, à íåâåëèêîìó Êàíî Àñèõýþ îòâåäåíà öåëàÿ ñòðàíèöà.

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