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         Toxicology:     more books (100)
  1. Casarett & Doull's Toxicology: The Basic Science of Poisons (Casarett & Doull Toxicology) by Curtis Klaassen, 2007-11-20
  2. Casarett & Doull's Essentials of Toxicology, Second Edition (Casarett and Doull's Essentials of Toxicology) by John B. Watkins III, Curtis Klaassen, 2010-07-12
  3. A Textbook of Modern Toxicology (Hodgson, A Textbook of Modern Toxicology) by Ernest Hodgson, 2010-06-21
  4. Casarett & Doull's Essentials of Toxicology (Casarett and Doull's Essentials of Toxicology) by Curtis Klaassen, John B. Watkins III, 2003-06-26
  5. The Toxicology and Biochemistry of Insecticides by Simon J. Yu, 2008-03-04
  6. Handbook of Small Animal Toxicology and Poisonings by Roger W. Gfeller DVM, Shawn P. Messonnier DVM, 2003-08-05
  7. Principles and Practice of Toxicology in Public Health by Ira S. Richards, 2007-10-05
  8. Principles of Forensic Toxicology, 3rd Edition by Barry Levine, 2010-01-04
  9. Principles and Methods of Toxicology, Fifth Edition
  10. Introduction to Food Toxicology, Second Edition (Food Science and Technology) by Takayuki Shibamoto, Leonard F. Bjeldanes, 2009-04-08
  11. Small Animal Toxicology by Michael E. Peterson DVMMS, Patricia A. Talcott MSDVMPhD DipABVT, 2005-11-11
  12. Mechanistic Toxicology: The Molecular Basis of How Chemicals Disrupt Biological Targets, Second Edition by Urs A. Boelsterli, 2007-03-23
  13. Introduction to Toxicology, Third Edition by John Timbrell, 2001-11-15
  14. Aids to Forensic Medicine and Toxicology by W. G. Aitchison Robertson, 2010-03-06

Searchable system of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas by the National Library of Medicine.
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TOXNET - Databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases.
Select Database
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Portal to environmental health and toxicology resources.
Support Pages
TOXNET FAQ TOXNET Update Status Database Description ... U.S. National Library of Medicine , 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894 National Institutes of Health

The Society of Environmental toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions
The Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) is a nonprofit, worldwide professional society comprised of individuals and institutions engaged in:
  • the study, analysis, and solution of environmental problems
    the management and regulation of natural resources
    environmental education
    research and development
SETAC's mission is to support the development of principles and practices for protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity. SETAC promotes the advancement and application of scientific research related to contaminants and other stressors in the environment, education in the environmental sciences, and the use of science in environmental policy and decision-making.

3. Toxicology Excellence For Risk Assessment
Nonprofit corporation dedicated to the best use of toxicity data for risk assessment. Includes toxicity data, information on risk methodologies, and contacts in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment ( TERA
2300 Montana Avenue, Suite 409, Cincinnati OH 45211
Phone: 513-542-7475
Fax: 513-542-7487
Email: TERA TERA .org
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment
TERA is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation organized for scientific and educational purposes. Our mission is to protect public health by developing and communicating risk assessment information, sponsoring peer reviews and consultations, improving risk methods through research, and educating the public on risk assessment issues. TERA provides sponsors and the public with independent and objective opinions. Specific activities of TERA include:

4. The Regional Laboratory For Toxicology
Information from West Midlands Regional NHS laboratory. Services include clinical, occupational and forensic toxicology.
Amphetamine Trace Elements Phenobarbitone Arsenic Cocaine Solvents Carbamazepine Poisons Ecstasy Lead Phenytoin Codeine Methadone Toxic Metals Ethosuximide Solvents Mercury Introduction TOC Contact Points Specimen Collection and Transport ... Useful Links The Regional Laboratory for Toxicology offers a wide range of specialist services. These include: analytical forensic and occupational toxicology drugs of abuse screening laxative abuse screening screening for unknown drugs ... therapeutic drug monitoring and monitoring of essential and non-essential trace elements
Our Mission To provide an efficient, rapid and high quality service in clinical toxicology.
Contact Information: Please see the relevant entry on the Contacts Points Page
Telephone FAX Postal address
City Hospital NHS Teaching Trust, Dudley Road, Birmingham, B18 7QH. U.K.
Electronic mail
Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: April 13, 2005
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5. Water Testing - Environmental Toxicology Laboratory, LLC
ETL has developed a innovative environmental technology, the Tetramitus Assay. This bioassay detects toxicity in sediment, whole water and other samples.
About The Test
Testing Costs
Licensing Info
Review Patent
Data / Current Studies For a Better Environment...
Environmental Toxicology Laboratory (ETL) is a research, development and testing laboratory; concentrating its efforts on new approaches to toxicity testing. ETL has developed and recently patented a simple, rapid and cost-effective cytotoxicity screen, the Tetramitus Assay. This exciting new test, which measures growth inhibition in the flagellate Tetramitus as an indicator of cytotoxicity, can detect the presence of toxic agents in a variety of biological samples. The Tetramitus Assay has numerous advantages over its competitors and has a wide range of applications. Please continue with your visit to find out more about ETL and our exciting new product.
ETL submits second Testimony to the EPA Expert Panel on WTC Contaminant Monitoring
Click Here

ETL conducts Tetramitus Particle Toxicity Tests on Reference Toxicants used
in the EPA Mouse WTC Inhalation Studies.

6. The Toxicology Of Male Reproduction
A review produced as part of an MSc Thesis.
Follow this link to the ethanol, cannabis, gossypol, sperm, fecundity, fertility, sex, mating, male, reproduction, toxicology, toxins, toxin, toxic, sperm, spermatazoa, spermatazoon, Luteinising Hormone, Follicle Stimulating Hormone, spermatogenesis, testosterone, testes, testis, testicle, testicular, semen, reproductive biology, reproductive toxicology, insemination, inseminate, Sertoli cells, gonads, gonadal, gonadotrophin, lindane, Leydig cells, steroids, epididymus, scrotum, dibromochloropropane, tetrachlorodibenzodioxin, Agent Orange, diethylstilbestrol, organophophorus pesticides

7. Department Of Pharmacology And Toxicology, University Of Puerto Rico
Information on the graduate program and research activities in Pharmacology and toxicology.

8. Society Of Toxicology
Professional organization of scientists from academic institutions, government, and industry representing toxicologists. Includes public outreach, members
Welcome to the Society of Toxicology Web site SOT Vision The Society of Toxicology is the leading global force in advancing science to enhance human, animal, and environmental health. Learn more about the Society's Long-Range Plans, Goals and Strategic Objectives. Spotlight What's New space What is Toxicology? Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of chemical, physical or biological agents on living organisms and the ecosystem, including the prevention and amelioration of such adverse effects. Contact SOT Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Contact the Society of Toxicology Headquarters:

9. ABVT: The American Board Of Veterinary Toxicology Home Page
Certifies veterinary toxicologists in the United States. Features examination information, suggested studies, links, and toxicosis of the month.
The American Board of Veterinary Toxicology (ABVT) Home Page Member Login: User: Password:


Charter Members

Directory of Certified Diplomates
Contact Us
Who We Are
Board certified veterinary toxicologists are a vital link in human and animal health. Veterinary toxicology ranges from biotoxins (natural chemicals produced by plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and phytoplankton) to the toxic effects of pharmaceuticals, feed additives, radiation, and environmental agents on animals and humans.
What We Do
The American Board of Veterinary Toxicology is a group of specially trained veterinarians that strive to inform and educate the public, private practice veterinarians and veterinary medical students about toxicologic hazards to pets, livestock and wildlife.
Potential Candidates for the ABVT Examination
For information or questions concerning eligibility of the ABVT process, please contact the Candidate Coordinator . The Deadline for submission of Application Materials to take the July 17, 2005 ABVT examination in Minneapolis, MN is October 1, 2004. Click

10. Clinical Toxicology Consultants International (CTCI)
Information for businesses, and services for the toxicology, pesticide, and environment industry.
Welcome to Clinical Toxicology Consultants International (CTCI). Everything is a poison; there is none which is not and it is only a matter of dose which separates safe from toxic! Poisons, toxins, medications, nutrients and pollutants affect the health of individuals, families, pets, communities and the environment around the world everyday. They are found in homes, workplaces, communities, or in our backyards. Poisons and/or pollutants come in the air we breathe, the medications we take, the food we eat, or they may be found in soil or building materials. In people, they can impact any single or multiple body systems resulting in asthma, cancer, reproductive failures, or acute death. They may also cause chronic degenerative diseases. Poisons, toxins, medications, nutrients and pollutants may cause similar effects in animals, both domesticated and wildlife. In the latter, poisons and pollutants can affect specific or multiple species which may results in ecosystem changes. © 2005 Qtox, LLC · "In God we Trust"

11. Edintox Home Page
History of the facilities, and archive of online course, from Riccarton Campus of Heriot Watt University, Scotland.
Welcome to The Edinburgh Centre For Toxicology

12. Society Of Toxicology
Society of toxicology Home Page Society of toxicology Home Page. Welcome to the Society of toxicology Web site. SOT Vision

13. What Is Toxicology?
The InterCollegiate Faculty of toxicology at Texas A M University

14. TOXLINE Search More results from The National toxicology Program HomeBackground, factsheets, testing information and study results, grants, NTP Evaluation Centers (including Alternative Toxicological Methods), how regulatory

15. Aquatic Toxicology
An international journal on mechanisms of and responses to toxic agents in the aquatic environment. Available on line with free access to table of contents, abstracts and search.
Home Site map Regional Sites Advanced Product Search ... Aquatic Toxicology Journal information Product description Editorial board Audience Abstracting/indexing ... Peer review policy For Authors Guide for authors Online Submission Subscription information Bibliographic and ordering information Conditions of sale Dispatch dates Journal related information Impact factor Most downloaded articles Other journals in same subject area About Elsevier ... Select your view AQUATIC TOXICOLOGY
M.J. Nikinmaa, D. Schlenk

See editorial board for all editors information
Aquatic Toxicology publishes original scientific papers dealing with the mechanisms of toxicity in aquatic environments and the understanding of responses to toxic agents at community, species, tissue, cellular and subcellular level, including aspects of uptake, metabolism and excretion of toxicants; understanding effects of toxic substances on aquatic ecosystems; toxicant-induced alterations in organisms as evinced, for example, through biochemical and physiological reactions, including adaptive responses; the development of procedures and techniques that significantly advance the understanding of processes and events that produce toxic effects; in-depth studies of human health aspects of aquatic toxicology. Chemical and other identification of toxicants will be considered when related to the understanding of perturbations in life processes. Reports of laboratory and field investigations may be accepted; however, the findings should contribute to the understanding of processes and mechanisms.

16. SOFT
Click here to Download the new AAFS toxicology Section Mass Spectrometry Database

17. Chemical Health And Safety
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Provides access to a cluster of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas.

19. Hardin MD : Toxicology & Poisoning
toxicology sites maintained by Dr. Hardin, at University of Iowa.
A service of the University of Iowa
Site Map

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Diseases Search Hardin MD See also: Home Pharmacology Pathology Envir Health
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20. The National Toxicology Program Home
The National toxicology Program is headquartered on the NIEHS campus in Research Triangle Park, NC.

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