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         Microbiology:     more books (100)
  1. Koneman's Color Atlas and Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology (Color Atlas & Textbook of Diagnostic Microbiology) by Elmer W. Koneman, 2005-11-10
  2. Burton's Microbiology for the Health Sciences by Paul G. Engelkirk, Janet Duben-Engelkirk, 2010-02-17
  3. Prescott's Microbiology by Joanne Willey, Linda Sherwood, et all 2010-02-03
  4. Microbiology: An Evolving Science (Second Edition) by Joan L. Slonczewski, John W. Foster, 2010-11-01
  5. Microbiology with Diseases by Body System with The Microbiology Place Website (2nd Edition) by Robert W. Bauman, 2008-01-12
  6. Study Guide for Microbiology: An Introduction by Gerard J. Tortora, Berdell R. Funke, et all 2006-07-29
  7. Introduction to Microbiology: A Case-History Study Approach (with CD-ROM and InfoTrac?) by John L. Ingraham, Catherine A. Ingraham, 2003-04-14
  8. Foundations in Microbiology by Kathleen Park Talaro, 2006-09-11
  9. Mims' Medical Microbiology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access by Richard Goering MDPhD, Hazel Dockrell MD, et all 2007-10-03
  10. Medical Microbiology, 24th edition (Jawetz, Melnick, & Adelberg's Medical Microbiology) by Geo. Brooks, Karen C. Carroll, et all 2007-04-20
  11. Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Tenth Edition (LANGE Basic Science) by Warren Levinson, 2008-05-08
  12. Essentials of Food Microbiology (Hodder Arnold Publication) by John Garbutt, 1997-06-26
  13. Techniques in Microbiology: A Student Handbook by John M. Lammert, 2006-11-03
  14. Photographic Atlas For The Microbiology Lab by Michael J. Leboffe, Michael Leboffe, et all 1999-01

41. NIZO Food Research
Describes expertise in microbiology, process technology and biopolymers, news and recent projects, and services for the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Welcome to NIZO food research
We enable our clients in the international food and pharmaceutical industry to increase their innovative power by providing them with new knowledge and technologies. Uw browser ondersteunt geen frames
De NIZO food research website maakt wel gebruik van frames. Om toch de site te kunnen bezoeken raden wij u aan de meest recente Microsoft browser te downloaden. U kunt deze browser vinden op de site van Microsoft

42. Medical Microbiology: Neal Chamberlain's Look At Microbes!
This site contains medical microbiology and infectious disease lecture notes as well as numerous files designed to help students study for medical
Search WWW Search This Site!
Sister sites:
Suite 101:Microbiology

Baer's Physiology Site
Medical Microbiology
(Neal Chamberlain's look at the Microbial World!)
WHAT'S NEW!! New PDA Downloads! With limits on the geocities file transfers this site might not be available. I have the same site at a KCOM webserver . Please change bookmarks to the KCOM site.
Computerized Teaching Materials Used During Our Infectious Diseases Course at KCOM*
Click here to break out of someone else's frames! Articles will give you information to respond calmly rather than react fearfully to acts of bioterrorism. NEW: Biological Warfare Bioterrorism Handbook
Dr. Chamberlain's Infectious Diseases Lectures 2003-2004:
Lymphoreticular-Hematopoetic, Septic Shock, Upper respiratory tract, Lower respiratory tract, Urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Clinical Cases Developed at KCOM:
Mr. Potter

Sally Kleinfelder

Helen Sparks

Betty White
Photo Gallery of Pathogenic Bacteria
- Some of my pictures of bacteria and bacterial pictures of others found on the Internet.
Estes Clinical Microbiology Images
Computerized Clinical Cases: from here, there, and everywhere.

43. Vienna Biocenter
Umbrella organization amalgamating several nonpublic life science research facilities; affiliated with the University of Vienna. Focusses on advancing and teaching microbiology, biochemistry, and biocomputing.

44. Cell Online
Biweekly publication of exceptional research articles in areas including molecular biology, biochemistry, cancer research, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, neurobiology, plant biology, structural biology and virology.
Home Search Archive Subscribe ... Register or Login: Password: Auto-Login Reminder Current Issue Volume 122 Issue 5: September 8, 2005 Next issue: September 22, 2005 In This Issue of Cell:
  • Circadian controls in bone formation Long-sought heme transporter identified Nuclear receptor overlap and the anti-inflammatory response Rethinking the detection of biologically-relevant hormone levels Reconstitution of mismatch repair in vitro Operations of a DNA packaging motor at the single molecule level Tumor suppressors encourage color vision in Drosophila Differences in protein recycling can contribute to asymmetric cell fate decisions Switch in Rabs marks the progress from early to late endosome Balance between methylation and phosphorylation controls protein function
Immediate Early Publication CDKs Promote DNA Replication Origin Licensing in Human Cells by Protecting Cdc6 from APC/C-Dependent Proteolysis Mailand and Diffley Core Transcriptional Regulatory Circuitry in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Boyer et al.

45. The Biology Project: Microbiology & Immunology
Immune system basics, antibody structure, HIV and AIDS. Case studies to test knowledge are provided.
The Biology Project Home Immunology HIV/AIDS Simulate the spread of HIV through a population with virtual fluid exchanges. Results from a computer-simulated ELISA are used for an epidemiological study to determine possible original HIV carriers. The ELISA Assay Understand how an ELISA is performed, learn what serum components are measured in an ELISA, and be able to explain how an ELISA test is used to detect sero-positivity for HIV or any other pathogen. Western Blotting Analysis Learn why a western blot is a confirmatory test for HIV positivity, what serum components are measured in an ELISA, and how a western blot is performed. Introduction to Immunology Learn the basics about the immune system. Antibody Structure Understand how an antibody's physical structure determines its interaction with antigen. HIV and AIDS Learn about HIV's interaction with the immune system and how current treatments interrupt the HIV lifecycle.

46. Molecular Microbiology Home Page
Molecular microbiology journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

47. Microbiologist Seeks Employment
Ph.D., M.S.P.H. Resume and CV. Experience includes all areas of microbiology to include virology (both serology and viral isolation), parasitology, mycology, tuberculosis, and clinical immunology.
Haymarket, Virginia 20169 Email:
I have developed and applied skills in microbiology and infection control , supervised as many as 26 employees in large (500 bed hospitals) reference laboratories. My experience includes all areas of microbiology to include virology (both serology and viral isolation), parasitology mycology tuberculosis , and clinical immunology . I taught in active training programs in these centers for many specialties to include infectious disease pathology , and medical technology . I have been an invited lecturer at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and I am a contributing author to the textbook used in that program.
I have built complex relational databases in Access and Paradox for management of laboratory supply operations. I have designed a laboratory computer system featuring edit checks and conditional branching logic. I was a reviewer at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research - Anti-Infectives at the Food and Drug Administration . I have written many computer applications that improved operations, and cut costs. I have used

48. Environmental Microbiology Home Page
Environmental microbiology journal information, contents lists and abstracts on the Blackwell Publishing website.

49. Pathology And Microbiology
Information about clinical services, education, research and seminars.
Pathology and Microbiology Our Faculty
Clinical Services



Residency Program

Hematopathology Fellowship

Department Seminars

Welcome message from the Chair
Mailing address:
Department of Pathology and Microbiology
983135 Nebraska Medical Center Omaha, NE 68198-3135 Phone: (402) 559-4186 Fax: (402) 559-6018 View the latest Pathology/ Microbiology Newsletter January-June 2005 Contact the Webmaster Our mission: VISION: To be a premier department recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in biomedical education, research and clinical care. MISSION: To develop, convey and apply knowledge to further the science and practice of pathology and microbiology. EDUCATION: Educate and train health professionals in the disciplines of pathology and microbiology and promote lifelong learning and professional growth of faculty, staff and learners. RESEARCH: Foster innovation, creativity and excellence in basic, translational and applied research in the disciplines of pathology and microbiology.

50. Nature Reviews Microbiology
Nature Reviews microbiology is a new website from the nature publishing group featuring microbiology articles and information.
Nature Journals Nature Nature Reviews home page Nature Reviews Nature Reviews Cancer Drug Discovery Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Immunology Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Nature Reviews Neuroscience Nature Biotechnology Nature Cell Biology Nature Genetics Nature Immunology Nature Materials Nature Medicine Nature Neuroscience Nature Structural and Molecular Biology Nature Clinical Practice Cardiovascular Medicine Nature Clinical Practice Nature Clinical Practice Oncology Nature Clinical Practice Urology Gateways Asia Gateway German Gateway Japan Gateway Bioentrepreneur Cancer Update Drug Discovery@ Genome Gateway Materials Update Physics Gateway Signaling Gateway Academic Journals Bone Marrow Transplantation British Dental Journal British Journal of Cancer British Journal of Pharmacology Cancer Gene Therapy EMBO Reports European Journal of Clinical Nutrition European Journal of Human Genetics Evidence-Based Dentistry Eye Gene Therapy Genes and Immunity Heredity International Journal of Impotence Research International Journal of Obesity J of Exposure Analysis and Environmental Epidemiology J of Human Hypertension J of Perinatology Laboratory Investigation Leukemia Modern Pathology Molecular Psychiatry Neuropsychopharmacology Oncogene Prostate Cancer Spinal Cord The EMBO Journal The Hematology Journal The Pharmacogenomics Journal Vital
nature jobs
Search jobs
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Career info


NPG subject areas
Access material from all our publications in your subject area: Biotechnology Cancer Chemistry Clinical Practice and Research ... Earth Sciences

51. Cantacuzino Institute
Technical and scientific medical unit within the Ministry of Health involved in the development and application of programmes aiming at preventing and controlling infectious diseases.
Welcome to
National Institute of Research and Development for Microbiology and Immunology "Cantacuzino"
in infectious diseases prevention and control

To continue to see the english version of this site, please click here
Pentru a vedea versiunea in romana a acestui sit, va rugam sa apasati aici
Splaiul Independentei 103, Sector 5, Bucharest 050096, ROMANIA
Phone numbers: +40.21.318.44.10, 021.318.44.11

52. Microbiology Articles, Jobs And Information:
microbiology articles and information from the nature publishing group s wide ranging science resources. Nature reviews microbiology, nature jobs,
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This page allows you to find all relevant Nature Publishing Group resources in the field of microbiology
New from NPG
Horizontal gene transfer
Click here to access the web focus on horizontal gene transfer that accompanies the Nature Reviews Microbiology focus issue on HGT
Web Focuses
NPG Journals in microbiology Featured Articles The EMBO Journal Structural basis for the interaction of Bordetella pertussis adenylyl cyclase toxin with calmodulin ... Science jobs
NPG Gateways in microbiology
nature events

53. Laboratory Of Soil Ecology And Microbiology
Research projects and publications (University of Rhode Island, USA).
University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI Home Publications News Research ... Facilities Who are we? The Laboratory of Soil Ecology and Microbiology started in 1994 as a collaboration between Josef Görres and José Amador . There are currently six people associated with the lab: Profs. Amador and Gorres; Research Assistant and M.S. student Erika Nicosia ; M.S. students John Richard and Janet Atoyan , and undergraduate lab assistant Nicole Schwartz
What do we do?
Our research interests span many aspects of soil ecology and microbiology, from a fundamental understanding of the biogeochemistry and ecological interactions among soil fauna and plants, to the microbial ecology of domestic wastewater treatment in leachfield soils. On the education side, our focus is on the use of Problem-Based Learning in soil science, providing experiential learning experiences for undergraduate students in natural resources, and science education reform at the K-12 level. To contact us: Mail: Laboratory of Soil Ecology and Microbiology
024 Coastal Institute in Kingston
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881

54. Applied And Environmental Microbiology
A monthly journal published by the American Society for microbiology.
Select an Issue from the Archive
January 1992 - September 2005
Current Issue:

September 2005 Search for Articles
January 1992 - September 2005 ABOUT AEM INSTR. TO AUTHORS EDITORS SUBSCRIPTIONS ... CDC SELECT AGENT INFO Other ASM Journals that may be of interest:
J. Bacteriol.
Microbiol. Mol. Bio. Review Eukaryot. Cell All ASM Journals document.write(''); For faster access to AEM Online from these locations use this URL:

Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia,
Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK. (More Information) Published by the American Society for Microbiology by the American Society for Microbiology
Online ISSN: 1098-5336 Print ISSN: 0099-2240

55. Microbiology Products For Food And Beverage Processors From 3M, US
Electronic Pipettor is a selfcalibrating, microprocessor-based system.
Skip Header Worldwide Home Select a Country MSDS Search ... Contact 3M Search Skip Main Navigation Brands Technologies Our Company ... Health Care 3M Microbiology Skip Sub-site Navigation 3M Microbiology Home Page Products Petrifilm Plates Accessories Information Management Online Catalog Where To Buy Buy in North America Buy in Africa/Asia Pacific Buy in Europe Buy in Latin America 3M Microbiology Commitment to Education Markets/Applications Events Resource Library Petrifilm Plates Accessories Information Management Press Releases Contact Microbiology Technical Service Contact Us
3M Microbiology
Leading With Confidence
Welcome to 3M Microbiology!
3M Microbiology is recognized as a trusted leader in the food microbiology industry. We design, manufacture and market a full line of innovative testing and monitoring products that help food and beverage processors, and food service companies worldwide manage microbial risk and improve food quality. We strive to offer uncompromised product quality, performance and reliability to our customers. We are committed to providing superior customer and technical service. We are dedicated to offering products that meet even the most stringent requirements of worldwide reference organizations, regulatory approval agencies, and multinational corporations so that you can be confident in your testing methods. For almost a century, 3M has been helping its customers find solutions to their unique needs. 3M Microbiology provides its customers worldwide with ongoing technical assistance. We are committed to helping our customers succeed. Because of that commitment our customers include 83 of the 100 largest food companies in the world. With almost 100 years of corporate commitment to research and development, and success at product innovation, we look forward to adding to those relationships for many years to come.

56. MicrobeLibrary
Contains visual and curricular resources of use to teachers of microbiology.
Home About Search Submit ... Log In Welcome to the MicrobeLibrary!
Upcoming Submission Deadlines
Oct 1 -
Microbiology Education , Vol 7
Nov 1 - Curriculum Collection Activities
... Winter Issue Recently published in ML
Microbiology Education
, Vol. 6, 2005
Focus on Microbiology Education
, Summer 2005 ...
Thirty-six New Visual Resources
ML in the News
As seen in
Science NetWatch, "Bringing Bugs Into Focus" Join a community of Microbiology Educators
ASM's MICROEDU Listserv and EduAlert List

ASM's Education Home Page

Site Map
Email: © American Society for Microbiology, Washington DC Welcome Guest ! A permanent collection of over 1000 original, peer-reviewed resources for teaching undergraduate microbiology! About the MicrobeLibrary Collections: Articles Visual Curriculum Reviews Microbiology Education Journal Focus on Microbiology Education ASM News ... Reviews of Educational Materials Accessing Resources in MicrobeLibrary Visual Collection - Free to Everyone To access the Visual Collection, LOG IN and enter Username = visual and Password = free Article, Review and Curriculum Collections - Subscription Required

57. Molecular Microbiology, University Of Groningen, The
Research on transport proteins, with emphasis on tranlocation and structurefunction analysis. Introduction to projects, publications, theses and staff at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Fields of research


Online theses

for Molmic members only Please send remarks to webmaster
Last update: 24-01-2004
Molecular Microbiology
University of Groningen The objective of the research in our group is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of bacterial protein export and solute transport. The solute transport systems are studied in bacteria, archaea and lower eukaryotes. The emphasis of the work is on the energetics and kinetics of the translocation processes, and the structure analysis of the proteins; the role of transport processes in the physiology of the micro-organisms is also studied.
Research units with own homepages:
Protein Secretion
Research subunits with project descriptions:
Multi Drug Resistance
Structure and function of secondary transporters

Penicillin secretion
Any comments or questions ? Mail Prof.A.J.M.Driessen; University of Groningen, Dept of Molecular Microbiology, Kerklaan 30, 9751 NN Haren, The Netherlands, fax 0031-50-3632154, tel 0031-50-3632150

58. Welcome To BIOL 230: The Grapes Of Staph Home Page
Dr. Kaiser's microbiology course and laboratory manual are features to help anyone wanting to know more about microbes.

59. Blackwell Synergy - Cookie Absent
Publishes original research and review articles reporting new developments in the genetics, molecular biology and biochemistry of prokaryotic and eukaryotic microorganisms, and covers the most important advances in bacterial pathogenicity.

60. Clinical Microbiology Reviews
Clinical microbiology Reviews. Activate your 2005 online subscription now Published by, the American Society for microbiology the American Society for
Select an Issue from the Archive
January 1992 - July 2005
Current Issue:

July 2005 Search for Articles
January 1992 - July 2005 ABOUT CMR INSTR. TO AUTHORS EDITORS SUBSCRIPTIONS ... CDC SELECT AGENT INFO Other ASM Journals that may be of interest:
document.write(''); For faster access to CMR Online from these locations use this URL:

Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia,
Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, UK. (More Information) Published by the American Society for Microbiology by the American Society for Microbiology
Online ISSN: 1098-6618 Print ISSN: 0893-8512

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