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  1. Histology: A Text and Atlas: With Correlated Cell andMolecular Biology (Histology (Ross)) by Michael H. Ross, Wojciech Pawlina, 2006-07-18
  2. Wheater's Functional Histology: A Text and Colour Atlas, 5th Edition by Barbara Young BScMed Sci(Hons)PhDMBBChirMRCPFRCPA, James S. Lowe BMedSciBMBSDMFRCPath, et all 2006-03-14
  3. Netter'sEssential Histology: with Student Consult Access (Netter Basic Science) by William K. Ovalle PhD, Patrick C. Nahirney PhD, 2007-09-18
  4. BRS Cell Biology and Histology (Board Review Series) by Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, et all 2010-09-03
  5. Anatomy, Histology, & Cell Biology: PreTest Self-Assessment & Review, Fourth Edition (PreTest Basic Science) by Robert Klein, George Enders, 2010-02-18
  6. Color Textbook of Histology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access by Leslie P. Gartner PhD, James L. Hiatt PhD, 2006-11-17
  7. Usmle Road Map: Histology by Harold Sheedlo, 2005-02-23
  8. Ten Cate's Oral Histology: Development, Structure, and Function by Antonio Nanci PhD, 2007-09-26
  9. Basic Histology: Text & Atlas by Luiz Junqueira, Jose Carneiro, 2005-03-21
  10. Histology for Pathologists
  11. diFiore's Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)) by Victor P. Eroschenko, 2007-12-12
  12. Histology: A Text and Atlas by Michael H Ross, Gordon I Kaye, et all 2002-10-15
  13. Color Atlas of Histology by Leslie P. Gartner, James L. Hiatt, 2005-04-21
  14. High-Yield Histology (High-YieldSeries) by Ronald W. Dudek, 2004-01-29

Course syllabus and class resources, including microscopic images, ultrastructural images, 3D models, and labelled diagrams.
    Mammalian Histology-B408
Department of Biological Sciences
    University of Delaware Mammalian Histology (B408) is taught in the fall semester annually and is one of the courses required for the Medical Scholars Program with the Jefferson Medical College. Consequently, it is taught at a comprehensive level and concentrates heavily on human tissues and organ systems. A strong component of this course is tissue structure at the ultrastructural level and how it relates to structure-functional relationships at the light microscopic level. A sizeable collection of color light microscopic images as well as black and white electron microscopic images have been archived and can be accessed by links with this home page. These images files have been produced by: Dr. Roger C. Wagner Professor of Biological Sciences University of Delaware Dr. Fred E. Hossler Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology East Tennessee State University College of Medicine This page was constructed by Anuj Parikh , MSP class of 1998 In addition, labeled illustrations used in lecture have been digitized and may be used for study purposes. Three dimensional models are often useful for understanding the volume structure represented by two dimensional images and several of these are also linked to this page.

2. LUMEN Histology Home Page
Lesson plans with slides and practicals for the Loyola University Medical Education Network histology course.
Zoomified Histology
Cell and Molecular Biology Lessons
Part 1: Epithelium and Simple Glands Practical 1A Practical 1B Part 2: Stains, Cells, and Ultrastructure (EM) ... Practical 13B
Host Defense Lessons
Part 11: Bone Marrow and Hemopoiesis Practical 11A Practical 11B Part 12: Lymphoid Tissues and Organs ... Practical 12B
Function of the Human Body Lessons
Part 5: Blood and Capillaries Practical 5A Practical 5B Part 6: Neural Tissue ... SEARCH © 1998 Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. Allrights reserved.
Please send questions or comments to: John A. McNulty, Ph.D. Updated: Jan 23, 2005
Created: Aug 1, 1995

3. Histology Homepage
Slides arranged by tissue or organ types, for nonhuman mammals and birds. From School of Veterinary Medicine.
View by Tissues(labs 1-11) View by Organ Systems(labs 12-23) Mission statement: This section is a compendium of images from the histology lab sessions. Since they were made from the some of the same kodachromes that were used to make the Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology (Bacha, Wood), many of the images will be the same as seen in the book. It is organized by labs and easy to quickly navigate through, providing a quick and easy reference to the images presented in lab. Credit goes to Dr. Patricia McManus of the University of PA School of Vet. Med. for the slides in the mammalian/avian blood and bone marrow sections. Some pages require the use of the quicktime plug-in

4. Histology Techniques (Microscopy & Imaging, Cellular Imaging Core, SWEHSC)
Contains links to sites with images, protocols and techniques, and general histology resources.

Facility Cores Cellular Imaging
See also:
Fluorescence Techniques Light Microscopy
This page: Histo-technique Immuno/Histo/Cyto-chemistry Internet Resources On-line Images ... Menu General Histo-technique
Histotechnology Tutorials
If you are unfamiliar with the practice of histotechnology, this is an excellent place to start. This series of pages includes a tutorial on general Histotechnique (fixation, tissue processing, sectioning, general staining and slide making information) Special Stains (listed by what types of molecules/tissues that they stain) and examples from their Procedure manuals (note: you will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view the procedure manuals). (WebPath, University of Utah, College of Medicine)
Histopathology Laboratory Protocols
This site has a wealth of technical information about histologic technique. (The University of Nottingham and the Queens Medical Centre, United Kingdom).
Histologic Special Stains Using a Microwave
This page written by Joyce Moore, of the Jefferson Regional Medical Center Histo-Path Laboratories, outlines the use of Microwaves in histologic staining Other interesting pages at this site (WWW site courtesy of EBSciences) Microwave Antigen Retrieval Technique Working Procedures in Microwave Histology and
Laboratory Protocols
An excellent resource with information about: cryostat sectioning histologic fixatives histologic stains peroxidase techniques ... treating slides for "stickiness"

5. Anatomy & Histology, University Of Sydney, Australia
Along with teaching in the Science and Medicine faculties, the department does research in several areas, notably neuroscience, cardiovascular, and vision.
The University of Sydney

Online ...
The department offers a range of courses as part of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees and carries out extensive biomedical research . Major museums and collections are supplemented by a growing range of online learning resources.
Contact Information
Anderson Stuart Building [F-13]
Eastern Avenue
University of Sydney 2006
New South Wales
Enquiries: +61 2 9351 2497
Fax: +61 2 9351 2813
Accounts: +61 2 9351 2493
On Friday, March 4th, 2005 John Mitrofanis left the department to take up the position of Professor of Anatomy at the Australian National University. In early 2005, Luke Henderson was appointed lecturer and formed the Neural Imaging Laboratory. This page: Maintained by Danny Yee Last modified 10 March 2005 About this site


7. Lab Histology And Embryology - ICBAS
Research focusing on histology, cell biology, microscopy, neurobiology, and stereology. From the University of Oporto, Portugal.
Free Web Hosting Provider Web Hosting E-commerce High Speed Internet ... Photo Sharing if(window.ivnRotate) window.ivnRotate1 = new window.ivnRotate('ivnRotate1',0,document.awsSearch1.Keywords) Popular Searches:
Institute of Biomedical Sciences Abel Salazar (ICBAS), Lg. Prof. Abel Slazar no. 2, 4099-003 Porto, Portugal Phone: 351 22 206 22 54 / 20 » Fax: 351 22 206 22 32 » E-mail history This Laboratory was oficially founded along with the ICBAS itself, back in 1975. The first Head of the Lab. was Dr. Daniel Furtado da Silva (MD), up to 1983. From this date, the Head has been Prof. Dr. Rogério Monteiro (MD, PhD), who currently holds the position of Full Professor. Our Laboratory, together with the Cell Biology Lab. and the Cytogenetics Lab., make the "Department of Microscopy". The available facilities and equipment allow studies in the fields of light and transmission electron microscopy, including immunocytochemistry, as well as molecular biology techniques (such as PCR and Northern blot). Hardware and software for performing 3D reconstructions form serial images, image analysis and design-based stereology is also available. Cell culture and karyotype analysis is routinely made in the Department. teaching and technical staff working at the laboratory

histology'S NEW WEBSITE. Home Courses Calendar Curriculum About OCS Academic Programs Search/Links

9. Anatomy And Histology Of Normal Skin - Contents
Anatomy and histology of Normal Skin Contents. Loyola University Medical Center. I. Introduction to the Skin II. Epidermis

Anatomy and Histology of Normal Skin - Contents
I. Introduction to the Skin
II. Epidermis
  • Stratum germinativum
  • Stratum spinosum ... Jason R. Swanson Last Updated: July 12,1996
    Created: January 19, 1996
  • 10. JayDoc HistoWeb
    A comprehensive histology atlas. Highres images, complete descriptions, and easy navigation. Perfect for med students.

    11. JayDoc HistoWeb
    A comprehensive histology atlas from the Kansas University Medical Center.
    This web page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

    12. Quality Histology Products - Rushabh Instruments, LLC
    Provides information about products such as the tissue embedding center and slide stainer as well as contract development and manufacturing capabilities.
    Quality Histology Home About Us Products Specials ... Contact
    RUSHABH Instruments, LLC Tissue Embedding Center
    HistoPro 150
    Histropro 3030
    Special of the month
    TEC at $7,900. Limited time only.

    Click here for details.
    Revised: January 30, 2004

    13. Histology-World!
    Popular Searches histologyWorld! Truly, the words of a hypocrite. Sarah Bellham histology-World!

    14. Histology Lab: PROTOCOL INDEX
    An alphabetical protocol index.
    Histotechnology Technical methods ALPHABETIC INDEX Methods Index Pathology Homepage
    Welcome and Introduction protocols 10% FORMAL SALINE 3-AMINOPROPYLTRIETHOXYSILANE TREATED SLIDES 4% PARAFORMALDEHYDE ACETYL CHOLINESTERASE ... WEIL'S MYELIN STAIN NOTE: No responsibility is assumed by The University of Nottingham or the Queens Medical Centre NHS Trust for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained in the material herein. It is the users responsibilty to ensure that all procedures are carried out according to appropriate Health and Safety requirements. Frontier . Thanks for looking in. Comments to

    15. Welcome To Thermo Electron Corporation
    Equipment and consumables used in pathology applications, including cytology, histology, molecular biology, and immunochemistry, along with trade show listings and lab newsletter.
    and we are introducing a more comprehensive website. Please select one of the links below to be directed to the portion you want to visit. Upon arrival in the new site, we recommend updating your bookmark. Anatomical Pathology visit Thermo's home page
    var SA_ID="thermo;thermpix";

    16. Histology Definition
    Epithelial Tissue

    17. Martindale's Anatomy & Histology Center
    histology section includes exams, courses, techniques and procedures, and tissue preservation resources.
    US/Pacific: Friday, September 16, 2005

    Sydney, Australia: Saturday, September 17, 2005

    File Download Time Calculator

    World Daily Reports (Weather,

    Reproduction Embryology ANATOMY ... Anatomy Associations ANATOMY ATLASES, COURSES, IMAGE DATABASES, TEACHING FILES, MOVIES BY SUBJECT ANATOMY BY SUBJECT: SECTION I ABDOMEN - DIGESTIVE SYSTEM (Kidney, Liver, Stomach Spleen, Colonoscopy, Endoscopy) ... SKIN HISTOLOGY/MICROANATOMY ATLASES, COURSES, IMAGE DATABASES, TEACHING FILES, MOVIES Dental Histology Histology Associations LABORATORY DIAGNOSTICS Clinical Lab Tests, Pathology Laboratory Tests, ... E-Mail Jim Martindale

    18. The Interactive Web-based Histology Atlas
    The histology Atlas is a living source of information. It's existence depends on the submission of images by researchers around the world.

    19. View By Tissue Type
    histology. Tissue Types. Epithelium (lab 1) Mammalian Blood (lab 2) Avian Blood (lab 2) Bone Marrow (lab 3) Connective Tissues (lab 4)
    Histology Tissue Types Epithelium (lab 1) Mammalian Blood (lab 2) Avian Blood (lab 2) Bone Marrow (lab 3) ... Blood Quiz

    20. WCP Laboratories Inc.
    Offering services in immunocytometrics, cytology, histology and surgical pathology. Information is provided on staff, services, billing and transportation.
    2326 Millpark Dr., Maryland Heights, MO 63043 WCP Inc. is a CAP accredited reference pathology laboratory dedicated to providing high quality pathology services to our clients. WCP Histology, Surgical Pathology, Cytology, Cutaneous Pathology, and Immunocytometrics labs use cutting edge technology, insuring the highest quality and the most rapid return times in the pathology laboratory industry.

    ... TRANSPORTATION All of the WCP Pathologists are board certified, and regularly attend classes and seminars to stay current with techniques and equipment used in modern pathology laboratories today. WCP Labs is a CAP accredited pathology laboratory, offering Immunocytometrics, Cutaneous Pathology, Cytology, Histology, and Surgical Pathology for our clients pathology needs. Contact the Web Designer W.T. Lemen
    Surgical Pathology
    Contact Us

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